Soundtracks - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
873745Ronnie Aldrich & DreamersThe singer not the songDeccaF 11310-VG5.001960 DEMO plays EX
940845Herb AlpertCasino royaleA&MAMS 700VGVG3.501967 edge split on cover; some marks
2985045Herb AlpertThird man themePye int.7N 25319-EX7.001965 b/w 'A taste of honey'; a few light marks
2300745Julie AndrewsA spoonful of sugarHMVPOP 1363-VG4.001964 Factory sample; b/w Chim chim cheree; tracks from 'Mary Poppins'; a few marks - plays EX
2799745Edwin AstleyDanger manRCA victorRCA 1492-F8.001965 Green 'A' label Demo; b/w 'The Saint'; writing on b'side label; marks on vinyl (scruffy), plays with some clicks + crackles
2436445John Barry007EmberEMBS 181VGVG12.001963 b/w 'From Russia with love'; sellotape mark b/cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
276045John BarryJames Bond themeColumbiaDB 4898-EX6.001962 black label
940745John BarryJames Bond themeCoumbiaDB 4898-VG4.001962 Green label; plays EX
3044945John BarryTheme from the PersuadersCBSCBS 7469-EX4.001971 b/w 'The girl with the sun in her hair'
3729845BBC Radiophonic workshopDoctor WhoBBCRESL 11VGVG12.001973 b/w 'Reg'; name + number stickers b/cover; small writing bottom corner b/cover + a'side label; some light marks - plays well (EX)
537745BBC Radiophonic workshopDoctor WhoBBCRESL 80EXVG5.001980 b/w "Astronauts" Tom Baker cover
477545Nick BennettSixteen going on seventeenColumbiaDB 4645-VG4.001961 White "A" label DEMO from sound of music
2301145Elmer BernsteinHallelujah trailUnited artistsUP 1099-EX6.001965 Factory sample; b/w Stand up, we'll march to Denver; from the film 'Hallelujah trail'
2301045Elmer BernsteinThe Magnificent seven (from 'Return of the seven')United artistsUP 1163-EX10.001966 Factory sample; b/w Return of the seven; number sticker on label; a few light marks
877545Harry BettsTheme from "Dr Kildare"MGMMGM 1176-VG5.001962 "A" label DEMO; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
2301345Georgia BrownAs long as he needs meDeccaDRF 27312-VG6.001 sided Demo; from Original cast LP; sticker mark on label; a few marks - plays EX
2301245Georgia BrownOom-pah-pahDeccaDRF 27317-VG6.00I sided Demo; from Original cast LP; sticker mark on label; warp - plays EX
3483445Bud & TravisBallad of the AlamoLondonHLG 9211-EX4.001960 from the film 'The Alamo'; b/w 'The green leaves of summer'; a few light marks
2613945Bud & TravisBallad of the AlamoLondonHLG 9211-G2.001960 b/w 'The green leaves of summer'; mark + name on label; marks on vinyl - plays w/some clicks + crackles; scruffy copy
876845Cambridge stringsDeath marchDeccaF 11429-EX4.001962 DEMO; from film "Sleepwalkers"
2301445Glen CampbellTrue gritCapitolCL 15615-EX4.001969 From the film; b/w Hava nagila; a few light marks
3483545Diahann CarrollThe Big countryLondonHLT 8788-EX5.001958 from the film; Round centre; b/w 'Guiding light'
878145Frank ChacksfieldMy special dreamDeccaF 11782-EX4.001963 DEMO; theme from "The victors"; couple of light crackles
3483645Frank ChacksfieldThe Lawrence themeDeccaF 11565-EX4.001963 from the film 'Lawrence of Arabia'; b/w 'the parakeets of Paraguay'; light sticker mark on label; a few light marks
878045Frank ChacksfieldTheme from "A new kind of love"DeccaF 11755-EX4.001963 DEMO
2301545Trevor ChanceWhere do we go from herePhilips6006 014-VG4.001970 from film 'One more time'; b/w I can see it now; small sticker mark on label; a few clicks on b'side o/w plays EX
3483745Clebanoff stringsThe Green leaves of summerSummerAMT 1115-EX4.001960 from the film 'The Alamo; b/w ' Where the hot wind blows'; light sticker mark on label; a few light marks
4815EPDon Costa & Melina MercouriNever on a SundayUnited artists7EG 8701EXVG4.001970 a few crackles
2301645Chris CrosbyImagineMGMMGM 1250-EX5.001964 Factory sample; from film 'Flippers new adventure'; b/w Always
10409EPDan DaileyViva Las VegasMGMEP 560EXVG5.001956 a few marks + clicks
2610145Johnny DankworthAvengers themeColumbiaDB 4695-VG10.001961 from TV series; b/w 'Chano'; BBC radio library stamped on labels o/w EX
18552EPDoris DayLove me or leave mePhilipsBBE 12011VGVG5.001955 songs from the film; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3791145Yvonne Elliman / Murray HeadEverything's alright / SuperstarMCAMMKS 5077-VG3.501971 b/w 'I don't know how to love him/ Heaven on their minds'; from 'Jesus Christ superstar'; plays well with just a few crackles; plain white sleeve
3080145E.T.E.T. SpeaksUniversal cityET 1EXVG8.001982 Conversations from the movie with ET & his friends; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
297045Lee EvansI feel prettyCapitolCL 15259-VG3.001962 from "West side story"
3483945Percy FaithThe theme from 'A summer place'PhilipsPB 989-EX3.501959 b/w 'Go-go-po-go'; sticker mark on a'side label
24861EPJulie FelixSongs from the Frost report - Part 2FontanaTE 17494EXEX10.001967 'Early morning rain/ Who will buy/ I'm just a country girl/ 100 men'; a couple of crackles
2602645Ferrante & TeicherLove theme from "One eyed Jacks"United artistsPOP 888-EX4.001961 b/w 'Tara's theme from gone with the wind'; light sticker mark on label
2602745Ferrante & TeicherThe Greatest story ever toldUnited artistsUP 1084-EX4.001965 Factory sample; b/w 'To spring'
2602845Ferrante & TeicherThe Seventh dawnUnited artistsUP 1061-EX5.001964 Factory sample; b/w 'You're too much'; a few light marks
1737545Ferrante & TeicherTheme from ExodusLondonHLT 9298-VG3.001960 name on label; plays ok w/some light crackles
2602945Bud FlanaganFriendly streetColumbiaDB 4565-EX6.001961 White 'A' label Demo; from the film "Young at heart'; b/w 'Just for laughs'; some light marks
3080245FlintstonesSongs of the FlintstonesGalaGG 25VGVG6.001962 6" Orange vinyl 78 rpm disc; some wear on cover; plays OK
944745Peter FondaOutlaw bluesCapitol4465VGEX7.001977 US; edge split on cover
874045Gordon Franks & OrchOutbreak of murderParlophoneR 4929-EX15.001962 "A" label DEMO; Theme from TV series
11019EPAustin GaffneyBoys of WexfordFontanaTE 17436EXVG6.001962 TV theme from "Profiles in courage"; a few crackles
23307EPJudy GarlandSings Lionel Bart's Maggie MayCapitolEAP-1 20630EXEX8.001964 Factory sample; a few light marks
1824345Ron Goodwin633 SquadronParlophoneR 5146-VG3.001964 a few light marks - plays EX
2985145Graham GouldmanSunburnMercurySUNNY 1VGVG3.501979 From the film; large centre hole; b/w ' Think about it'; some light marks - plays well
1140445Ron GrainerHappy JoePye7N 15411-VG4.001962 from comedy playhouse; b/w "Old Ned"; couple of crackles o/w plays EX
4097445Barry Gray orchestraThunderbirdsPye7N 17016-G5.001965 From ATV series; Pink labels; b/w 'Parker - well done'; marks on vinyl - plays OK (VG) with a few clicks + crackles
877345George GreeleyTheme from "Mutiny on the Bounty"Warner brosWB 81-EX5.001962 PROMO; a few light marks
1036245John GregoryRoute 66FontanaH 341-VG4.001961 from TV series; b/w "M-squad"; sticker mark on label; some marks + a few crackles
2415045Chico HamiltonCarol's walk (from film 'Repulsion')HMVPOP 1451-G4.001965 White 'A' label Demo; b/w 'Chic chic Chico'; some marks - plays OK with a few spots of distortion
3353145Lynne HamiltonOn the inside (Theme from Prisoner cell block H)A1A1 311EXVG4.001989 b/w 'Love theme from Prisoner cell block H' William Motzing orchestra; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
1547445Ronnie HarrisI love Paris (from 'Can can')ColumbiaSCM 5139-EX6.001954 a few marks
2411245Ronnie HarrisI love you Paris (from 'Can can')ColumbiaSCM 5139-G3.001954 Purple/Gold label; b/w 'I still believe'; light mark on label; marks on vinyl - plays w/some surface noise
2314045Laurence HarveyCamelot (from the show 'Camelot')HMVPOP 1329-EX4.001964 Factory sample; b/w How to handle a woman
2486245Neal HeftiBatman themeRCA victorRCA 1521-VG18.001966 b/w 'Batman chase'; some marks - plays well
877145Leroy HolmesTheme from "Bridge to the sun"MGMMGM 1140-EX3.501961 couple of light marks
3229045Frank IfieldI guess (from film 'Up jumped a swagman')ColumbiaDB 7772-EX4.001965 Factory sample; b/w 'Then came she'; a few light marks
267445Jamie's peopleHand me down that can o' beansGeniniGMS 005-Mint5.001970 paint your wagon
875645Pepe JaramilloMaria (CCC)ParlophoneR 4965-EX4.001963 "A" label DEMO; from Westside story; a few light marks
1011445Laurie JohnsonSucu sucuPye7N 15383-EX4.001961 theme from 'Top secret'; b/w 'echo four two'; a few light marks
2324145Laurie JohnsonTheme from the TV series "The Avengers"Pye7N 17015-VG15.001965 b/w Minor bossa nova; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2610245Quincy JonesMacKenna's goldRCA victorRCA 1850-VG5.001969 'A' label Demo; b/w 'Soul full of gold'; a few marks - plays EX
561345Tom JonesThunderballDeccaF 12292-EX5.001965
3229145John KeatingTheme from the Onedin lineCubeBUG 17-EX4.001971 Demo; from the BBC TV series; b/w 'Taransay lullaby'; '965' number sticker on labels
3484045Johnny KeatingTheme from Z carsPiccadilly7N 35032-EX5.001962 b/w 'Lost patrol'
17160EPJohnny KeatingZ carsPiccadillyNEP 34011VGVG7.001962 laminate has peeled; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
874145Stan KentonTheme from "Splendour in the grass"CapitolCL 15239-EX6.001961 "A" label DEMO; a few light marks
1792745Frankie LaineRawhidePhilipsPB 965-VG3.001959 from TV series; initials on label; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
3080345Laurel & HardyTheme songGalaGG 48VGG4.001963 6" Orange vinyl 78 rpm disc; some marks - plays OK w/some surface noise
3484145Joe LossThe Maigret themeHMVPOP 995-VG3.001962 from BBC TV series; b/w 'Along the boulevard'; sticker mark/tear on label o/w looks & plays EX
3701245Geoff LoveSteptoe and sonColumbiaDB 4881-VG3.001962 From the TV series; b/w 'Over the backyard fence'; 'X' written on labels; mild dish warp; some marks - plays well
1559745Vera LynnRememberingColumbiaDB 8992-VG5.001973 Green 'A' label Demo; Theme from 'England made me'; a few crackles
2942312"Patrick MacNee & Honor BlackmanKinky bootsCherry red12 CHERRY 62VGVG7.5080's French issue of '64 + 66 tracks; mono; b/w 'Let's keep it friendly/ The Avengers theme (Roland Shaw)'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
21742EPMagic roundaboutDougal & the blue catMFPFP1 0006VGVG3.501972 picture has been coloured in b/cover; plays well with a few crackles
2610345Henry ManciniA shot in the darkRCA victorRCA 1431-EX5.001964 b/w' Dear heart'; a few light marks
876545Henry ManciniDear heartRCARCA 1431-VG6.001965 DEMO; b/w "A shot in the dark"; warp o/w EX
482445Henry ManciniTheme from "Hatari"VictorSS 1313EXVG18.001962 Japan; plays EX
3503EPHenry ManciniBreakfast at Tiffany'sRCARCX 205EXVG10.001961 mono
3136EPHenry ManciniPink panther themeRCA victorRCX 7136EXVG7.001964 some surface noise
40993EPMary Martin & Ezio PinzaHits from South PacificPhilipsBBE 12185VGVG4.001959 some laminate peel on front opening; plays well with a few crackles
1406645Dean MartinRio BravoCapitolCL 15015-VG10.001959 plays well with a few crackles
3045045Ray MartiinNever on SundayRCARCA 1205-EX4.001960 From the film; b/w 'Never on Sunday' Marty Gold; a few light marks
3484245Johnny MathisThe best of everythingFontanaH 218-VG3.001959 from the film; b/w 'Cherie'; plays EX
431145Billy MayMan with the golden armCapitolCL 14551-VG6.001956
15475EPMelina MercouriIlissionsBarclay70340EXEX7.00France; from 'Jamais le Dimanche'
3087145MGM studio orchestraLara's themeMGMMGM 1417-EX4.001966 from Dr Zhivago; b/w 'Sventyski's waltz'; small sticker marks on labels
15476EPMGM studio orchestraSlaughter on tenth avenueMGMEP 550VGVG4.00b/w 'Broadway ballet'; some laminate peel; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
2174745Hayley MillsLet's get togetherDeccaF 21396-EX4.501961 from 'The Parent trap'; b/w Cobbler cobbler; a few light marks
1801445Hayley MillsLet's get togetherDeccaF 21396-EX4.001961 from 'The Parent trap'; some light marks
2945145Missa LubaSanctusPhilipsBF 1732EXVG4.001968 issue of '58 recordings b/w 'Kyrie'; From the film 'If'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
1824445Matt MonroFrom Russia with loveParlophoneR 5068-EX4.001963 light warp
1843EPMatt MonroFrom Russia with loveParlophoneGEP 8889EXEX12.001963 From the Bond film
141345Hugo MontenegroThe good the bad & the uglyRCA victorRCA 1727-EX4.001968
2486345Ennio MorriconeIl Piguino (from 'Companeros')Barclay061481VGG4.00France b/w 'Vamos a matar'; some wear on cover; name written on b/cover; some marks - plays Ok with a few spots of light distortion
2378145Ennio MorriconeSpiel mir das lied vom tod (once upon a time..)Ariola14 440 AUVGVG7.00German b/w 'Das lied vom tod'; wear + edge splits on cover; plays well
2928145Mike Morton congregationBurning bridgesPlexiumPXM 19-VG7.001970 From 'Kelly's heroes'; b/w 'You gotta be mine'; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
144345Nashville fiveSome other loveDeccaF 11484-VG3.001962 from the TV play; mild surface noise
4176345Kevin NeillThe Harry Lime themeEMIEMI 2201-VG3.001974 b/w 'Black eyes'; some marks - 4 clicks near start b'side o/w plays well
875345Cyril OrnadelSong without endMGMMGM 1090-VG4.001960 DEMO; a few crackles
874245Cyril OrnadelTheme from "King of kings"MGMMGM 1141-EX6.001961 a few light marks; b/w "El Cid"
3395745John PertweeWho is the doctorPurplePUR 111-G6.001972 b/w 'Pure mystery'; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some crackles
32912EPPinky & PerkyPinky and Perky's palsColumbiaSEG 8201VGVG4.001962; 'No 779 QMH' written on b/cover; '779' stickers on labels; some marks - plays well
3229245QuillerQuiller (from BBC TV series)BBCRESL 25-VG4.001975 b/w 'General direction'; some light marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
1771645Steve RaceFaraway musicParlophoneR 4840-VG3.001961 theme from the TV play; b/w 'Paris by candlelight'; plays well with a few crackles
2670045Frankie RandallAll (theme from 'Run for your wife')RCA victorRCA 1574-VG5.001966 Green 'A' label Demo; b/w 'Yellow haired woman'; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
3484445Les ReedSpanish armadaFontanaTF 455-EX4.001964 from ITV production 'People in London'; b/w 'Madrid'; light sticker mark on a'side label
874345Les ReedTheme from "Dr Finlays casebook"Piccadilly7N 35080-EX7.001962 b/w "The Saint" a few light marks
3087245Debbie ReynoldsFrom where I sitHMVPOP 1463-VG4.001965 b/w 'The sweetheart tree'; a few marks - plays EX
3736045Nelson RiddleLolita ya yaCapitolCL 15253-EX15.001962 White 'A' label Demo; from the film Lolita; b/w 'Route 66 theme'; from TV show; plays well
3735945Nelson RiddleNaked city themeCapitolCL 15274-EX10.001962 White 'A' label Demo; from TV show; b/w 'The Defenders theme' from TV show; plays well
32913EPPaul RobesonSanders of the riverHMV7EG 8185VGVG4.001957 from the Film; plays well with a few crackles
482945Robinson crewTaxiDeccaF 11706-VG4.001963 from BBC TV series; plays EX
874445David Rose & OrchestraTheme from "Carnival"MGMMGM 1186-EX10.001963 "A" label DEMO; from David Merrick stage prod.; couple of light crackles
3080445Royal Philharmonic orchestraBBC World cup GrandstandBBCRESL 116EXEX4.001982 composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber; b/w 'Strung 2"; light wear on cover; a few light marks
298845Lalo SchifrinJawsCTICTSP 005-EX4.001976
874545SempriniRosannaHMVPOP 1071-VG4.001963 "A" label DEMO; a few crackles; from "To a young man"
28458EPSoundtrackBig valleyABCABCS 527VGVG8.00US some yellow spotting on plain white back cover; plays well
9989EPSoundtrackBundle of joyHMV7EG 8207EXVG5.001956 Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds; no centre; a few crackles o/w plays EX
34843EPSoundtrackExcerpts from 'My fair lady' - volume 2PhilipsBBE 12252EXEX5.001958
18340EPSoundtrackGuys & dollsBrunswickOE 9241VGVG5.001957 Marlon Brando & Jean Simmons; tri centre; plays ok w/some crackles
17588EPSoundtrackMy UncleFontanaTFE 17175VGVG5.001958 starring Jaques Tati; writing b/cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
40985EPSoundtrackShow boatMGMMGM-EP 603VGVG4.001958 Orange sleeve; Kathryn Grayson, Ava Gardner, Howard Keel; some laminate peel on openings; plays well with a few crackles
34838EPSoundtrackThe Eddie Duchin story - part 2BrunswickOE 9271EXEX4.001956 Tri-centre; some light marks
32951EPSoundtrackThe good companionsParlophoneGEP 8604EXEX5.001957 light wear on cover
32915EPSoundtrackZorba the GreekStatesideSE 1035VGVG4.001965 Music by Mikis Theodorakis; '75A' written on b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
3484545Johnnie SpenceThe Dr Kildare themeParlophoneR 4872-EX4.001962 b/w 'The Midnight theme'; sticker mark/tear on a'side label
3045245StageshowIpi TombiGalaxyGY 100-EX4.001975 South African cast recording; b/w 'Nadia'; a few light marks
1102145StageshowPhil the fluterPhilipsPF 162EXG5.001969 Palace theatre Sampler; Gatefold; some marks - some clicks + crackles
17262EPStageshowExcerpts from Pickwick no.2PhilipsBE 12554EXEX5.001964 Harry Secombe; light warp
32911EPStageshowPickwick No. 2PhilipsBE 12554EXEX5.001963 Harry Secombe/ Original London cast; '1963' written on b/cover; a few light crackles
18342EPStageshowSalad days: The pick of..OrioleEP 7028VGVG6.001960 issue of '54 Bristol Old Vic production; plays well with a few crackles
34851EPJohnny StandleyIt's in the bookCapitolEAP 1020VGVG4.001956 some marks - plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
7394EPTommy SteeleThe Duke wore jeansDeccaDFE 6472EXVG7.001958 from the film; tri centre; some crackles
2603045Ken ThorneTheme from "The Richard Boone show"HMVPOP 1278-EX5.001964 Factory sample; b/w 'Petticoat junction'
32914EPLola TsakiriZorba's themeDeccaDFE 8634EXEX5.001965 a few light maks + light crackles
18339EPTV SeriesDrumbeatFontanaTFE 17146VGG12.001959 name b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some crackles
23142EPAdam WadeFour film songsColumbiaSEG 8316EXG5.001964 Factory sample; name written on b/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
1824545Jeff WayneJubilation (theme from the Big match)EpicEPC 8941VGVG2.501980 light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
32296EPVarious artistsGreat film hits - vol 4DeccaDFE 8572EXEX6.001964 'Move over darling/ Dr Strangelove/ The Heroes/ Captain Newman'; light sticker mark on side1 label; a few light marks; light dish warp
17048EPVarious artistsThemes from James Bond filmsCBS spec prodWEP 1126VGVG7.001967 mail order via Carr's sports biscuits; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles; John Barry/ Mertens/ P Faith
32297EPVarious artistsTV themesDeccaDFE 8661EXEX7.001966 'The Liars/ Crossroads/ Marriage lines/ Peyton place'

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