Soundtracks - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
8192CDJohn BarryThe Classic film music of John Barry - vol 2Silva screenFILM CD169EXEX5.001996 some marks - plays perfectly
16208CDJohn BarryThe music of John BarryColumbia494 5072EXEX4.501999 compilation
8181CDLouis DeFunesBandes originales des films - vol 2Play timeARC 331EXEX6.501998 France; in card slipcase; number 62 of 2000
11271CDTony HancockBlood donor/ Radio hamPulsePLSCD 219SealedSealed4.501997 reissue; sealed in shrinkwrap
16708CDMadonnaI'm breathlessSire7599 26209EXEX3.501990 music from & inspired by 'Dick Tracy'; a few marks - plays perfectly
2623CDEnnio MorriconeVery best ofVirginCDV 2929MintMint6.002000 collection of film soundtracks
25337CDMichael NymanThe very best of: Film music 1980-2001VirginCDVED 957EXM/M5.002001 Double; light wear on card slipcase
8191CDNino RotaMusic for filmSonySK 63359EXEX4.501997 some marks - plays perfectly
16710CDSoundtrack24 hour party peopleLondon0927 44930EXEX5.002002
38495CDSoundtrackA Broke down melodyBrushfire1712 520SealedSealed5.002006 Gatefold card sleeve sealed in Shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
11344CDSoundtrackAbout a boyXLTNXL CD152EXEX5.002002 Badly drawn boy; in card slipcase
41329CDSoundtrackAshes to ashes - Series 1Sony/ EMI TV886972 90762EXEX4.002008 light wear on Digipak; plays perfectly
41330CDSoundtrackAshes to ashes - Series 2Sony/ EMI TV886975 24832EXEX4.002009 light wear on Digipak; plays perfectly
41331CDSoundtrackAshes to ashes - Series 3Sony/ EMI TV886976 75222EXEX4.002010 Digipak; just a few marks - plays perfectly
38494CDSoundtrackAtonementUniversal/ UCJ476 6195MintMint5.002007 Dario Marianelli feat. Jean-Yves Thibaudet
16709CDSoundtrackAustin Powers: The spy who shagged meMaverick947 3482EXEX4.501999
1003CDSoundtrackBatmanWarner bros925 936EXEX4.001989 Prince
9265CDSoundtrackBeachesAtlantic781 9332EXEX4.501988 Georges Delerue/ vocals by Bette Midler
16707CDSoundtrackBig Lebowski (the)Mercury536 9032EXEX5.001998
2857CDSoundtrackBill & ted's bogus journeyInterscopeIND 91725EXEX5.001991
2858CDSoundtrackBlue chipsMCAMCACD 10925EXEX5.001994 US; reviewers copy
2859CDSoundtrackBoomerangLaface260 062MintMint5.001992
2860CDSoundtrackBoys on the sideArista187 482MintEX5.001995
11390CDSoundtrackCharlie's angelsColumbia498 4782EXEX4.502000
31797CDSoundtrackCider house rules (the)Sony classicalSK 89031EXEX7.001999 US; case crease on front insert; a few light marks on disc
13727CDSoundtrackCowboy way (the)Epic4768 222EXEX5.001994
15832CDSoundtrackCraft (the)ColumbiaCK 67626MintMint6.001996 US
9266CDSoundtrackCrazy/ beautifulHollywood424 072EXEX5.002001
33599CDSoundtrackDirty dancingRCABD 86408EXEX4.001987 German
15833CDSoundtrackDisturbing behaviorTrauma78864 74007MintMint6.001998 US
3198CDSoundtrackDouble dragonMilan254 632SealedSealed6.501994
2861CDSoundtrackDumb & dumberRCA480 592MintMint5.001997
2608CDSoundtrackDying youngArista261 952MintMint5.001991
14634CDSoundtrackEverestArk 21ELDCD 003EXEX5.001998 score & arrangements by Steve Wood & Daniel May
9267CDSoundtrackEvitaWarner bros464 322EXEX5.001996 Madonna
11391CDSoundtrackFor your eyes onlyRykoRCD 10751EXEX5.00US reissue of '81 soundtrack
3799CDSoundtrackFour weddings & a funeralVertigo516 7512EXEX5.001994
14643CDSoundtrackGentlemen don't eat poetsPangea61868 10002SealedSealed6.501997 US; Score by Anne Dudley; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut on spine
6841CDSoundtrackGhostbustersArista258 720MintMint4.501984
31160CDSoundtrackGladiatorDecca467 094-2EXEX4.002000 music by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard; a few light marks on disc
17832CDSoundtrackGoSonyOK 69851EXEX5.001999 a few light marks - plays perfectly
9268CDSoundtrackGodfather - part II (the)MCAMCD 10232EXEX5.00CD issue of '74 LP; Nino Rota
14013CDSoundtrackHoneymoon in VegasEpic471 9252EXVG3.501992 marks on disc - plays perfectly
11392CDSoundtrackHulkDecca475 0982SealedSealed6.002003 in shrinkwrap; Danny Elfman
2862CDSoundtrackIn the name of the fatherIsland183 772MintMint5.001994
15863CDSoundtrackInsider (the)Columbia496 4582MintMint6.001999 Lisa Gerraerd & Pieter Bourke
14646CDSoundtrackJudgement nightEpic474 1832SealedSealed6.501993 sealed in shrinkwrap
4520CDSoundtrackJungle feverMotownZD 72750EXEX6.001991 Stevie Wonder
15866CDSoundtrackKill BillMaverick93624 85882EXEX5.002003
2598CDSoundtrackLA confidentialRestless525 962MintMint5.001997 various artists
31762CDSoundtrackMad loveZoo72445 11111 21SealedSealed7.501995 US; Sealed in shrinkwrap; Small drill hole on back of case
2863CDSoundtrackMad loveZoo111 112MintMint7.501995 US
15834CDSoundtrackMask of Zorro (the)SonySK 60627MintMint6.001998 James Horner
14644CDSoundtrackMighty (the)Pangea61868 10028SealedSealed6.501998 US; Score by Trevor Jones; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut on spine
2597CDSoundtrackMiracle milePrivate260 016MintMint6.501989 By Tangerine dream; Reviewers copy
8187CDSoundtrackMission impossibleMotherMUM 9603EXEX5.001996
2864CDSoundtrackMo' moneyPerspective28968 1004MintMint5.001992 US PROMO
30195CDSoundtrackMoulin Rouge 1&220th century493 259-2SealedSealed5.002002 Collector's edition; Double CD sealed in shrinkwrap
14491CDSoundtrackNotting HillIsland546 4282EXEX4.501999 a few light marks
5932CDSoundtrackParis, TexasWarner bros252 702EXEX5.001985 Ry Cooder
9942CDSoundtrackPeople vs. Larry Flynt (the)Angel72438 57115EXEX5.001996
33207CDSoundtrackPhantom of the opera (the)Really usefulS2K 93522EXEX/EX5.002004 US Special edition; Double CD in Hardback cover with 28 page booklet; a few light marks on discs
3402CDSoundtrackPhiladelphiaSony474 9982EXEX5.001993
29506CDSoundtrackPlymouth adventureMembran int.221817 207SealedSealed8.002004 with Plastic slipcase sealed in shrinkwrap: Miklos Rozsa
2865CDSoundtrackPosseA&M540 0812MintMint6.001993
2866CDSoundtrackPretty in pinkA&MCDMID 157MintMint5.001986
31974CDSoundtrackPulp fiction: Collectors editionMCA113 043-2MintMint4.002002
14014CDSoundtrackRage in Harlem (A)Sire7599 26617EXEX4.501991 some marks - plays perfectly
2867CDSoundtrackReality bitesRCA633 642MintMint5.001994 reviewers copy
1614CDSoundtrackReservoir dogsMCAMCD 10793MintMint4.001992
2868CDSoundtrackReservoir dogsMCAMCAD 10541MintMint5.001992 US
2869CDSoundtrackS.F.WA&M540 2462MintMint6.001994 US
14492CDSoundtrackScooby dooLavaCD 83543EXEX5.002002
5934CDSoundtrackShe's the oneWarner bros462 852EXEX5.001996 Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
25838CDSoundtrackShinePhilips454 710-2SealedSealed5.001996 sealed in shrinkwrap
9269CDSoundtrackSleepless in SeattleEpic4735 942EXEX4.501993
9886CDSoundtrackSnatchUniversal524 9992EXEX4.502000
38497CDSoundtrackSomewhere in timeBGOBGOCD 222MintMint8.001994 John Barry
11272CDSoundtrackSpirit - Stallion of the CimarronA&M493 3042SealedSealed6.002002 Hans Zimmer & Bryan Adams; sealed in shrinkwrap
11694CDSoundtrackSueno de Ibiza (el)DRO east west09274 49825EXEX5.002002
947CDSoundtrackTaxi driverArista258 774EXEX4.001976 Music by Bernard Herrmann
9912CDSoundtrackTitanicSonySK 63213EXEX4.001997 James Horner
14493CDSoundtrackTitusSonySK 89171EXEX5.002000 US; Elliot Goldenthal; small sale hole b/cover
15836CDSoundtrackTwin peaks - Fire walk with meWarner bros9362 45019EXEX5.001992 Angelo Badalamenti
11695CDSoundtrackTwin peaks (music from)Warner bros7599 26316EXEX5.001990 couple of marks - plays perfectly
9270CDSoundtrackWhite SquallHollywood162 0402EXEX5.001996
14489CDStageshowBuffy the vampire slayer: Once more with feeling20th cent fox11661 90582EXEX5.002002 Canada; a few marks - plays perfectly; corner scuff on booklet
17789CDStageshowChicago - the musicalRCA victor09026 68727SealedSealed6.001997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale hole
13729CDStageshowGood rockin' toniteFirst nightCAST CD26EXEX5.001992 original London cast recording
14490CDStageshowJerry Springer - the operaSony514 7922EXEX/EX7.002003 double CD
29575CDStageshowOnly the lonely (the Roy Orbison story)First nightCASTCD 51MintMint6.001995 Original cast recorded live Picadilly theatre London 13/5/95
33977CDStageshowPaint your wagonRCA victorGD 60243EXEX6.00German; Original cast of the 1951 Broadway production
38496CDStageshowRocky horror show: The whole storyChrysalisCCD 1811EXEX5.001990 'Special studio recording - includes dialogue'; 2 small case marks on front insert; just a few light marks on disc
9934CDStageshowShowboatColumbiaSMK 61877EXEX5.002000 issue of '62 studio cast recording + 4 bonus tracks
38498CDStageshowSweet charityColumbiaSMK 60960EXVG4.001999 CD reissue of '66 LP + Bonus tracks; Original Broadway casr; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
17071CDStageshowWoman in white (the)EMI72435 57938EXEX/EX7.002004 2xCD in card slipcase; crease on corner of 54 page booklet
9264CDTV SeriesAlly McBeal - Heart & soul - new songs from..Sony4950 912EXEX4.501999 featuring Vonda Shepard
9263CDTV SeriesAlly McBeal - songs fromSony4911 242EXEX4.501998 featuring Vonda Shepard
1722CDVarious artistsBest of BondCapitol523 942MintMint4.501999 all the classic title tunes
3201CDVarious artistsBest of James Bond (30th anniversary collection)EMI7984 132EXEX4.001992
11696CDVarious artistsBistro - erotica ItaliaArista74321 54193EXEX7.001997
31381CDVarious artistsBMG: SoundtracksBMGJOSEPH 1EXEX5.001996 Promo 11 track CD; light wear on card cover; a few light marks on disc
11697CDVarious artistsBollywood funkOutcasteCASTE 8CDEXEX5.002000 compilation; a few marks - plays perfectly
8190CDVarious artistsHollywood tough guysSilva treasurySILV 3506EXEX4.501997 in slipcase

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