Soundtracks - Albums (LP / 10" / 78)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
30477LPJohn BarryPlay it againPolydor2383 300EXVG8.001974 'Themes from stage, screen & television'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
7453LPJohn BarryReady when you are JBCBS63952EXEX12.001970 orange label; "plays his graet movie hits"
12378LPJohn BarryTheme from the Persuaders (+ others)CBS64816EXVG8.001971 orange label; some wear on cover; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
7565LPElmer BernsteinJohn Wayne - vol 2Varese sara..704 350EXEX8.001986 tracks from shootist/ Big Jake/ Cahil US Marshall; in shrinkwrap
7461LPRoy BuddGreat songs & themes from great filmsPyeNSPL 18373EXVG45.001971warp o/w looks + plays EX
10737LPRoy BuddPlays his music from Soldier blue & other filmsPyeNSPL 18348EXEX45.001970 couple of light marks
8718LPBobby ByrneMagnificent movie themesCommandSCOM 111EXEX12.001966 Gatefold; stereo
28621LPJames DeanSoundtrackWarner bros.BS 2843VGVG10.001975 US Promo; Burbank label; light wear on cover; some marks - plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
1736910"Nelson EddyThrough theatreland with Nelson EddyColumbia33S 1012VGG6.001955 mono; writing b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays w/some clicks + crackles
9153LPWilma FlintstoneWilma Flintsone tells the story of BambiCSP ColumbiaP 13906EXVG8.001977 US plays well with a few clicks + crackles
7482LPHugo FriedhoferThe film music of..DelosDELF 2542EXVG7.001975 US; Richthofen & Brown/ Private parts; a few crackles
10742LPJudy GarlandJudy Garland story - vol 2 - The Hollywood yearsMGMC 887EXVG7.001962 mono; a few marks + crackles
15130LPJohnny GregoryAvengers & other TV themes (the)WingWL 1087VGEX18.0060's reissue of '61 LP; mono; some light wear on cover
11247LPAnita HarrisAnita Harris in JumblelandCBS64258EXVG6.501970 From Thames TV series; small sticker tear f/cover; some marks + a few crackles
11244LPLaurie JohnsonMusic from Avengers, New avengers & ProfessionalsUnicorn KKPM 7009EXEX18.001980 Gatefold; a few light marks
11252LPLaurie JohnsonTop secretGolden guineaBBL 0108VGVG6.501962 mono; some crackles + light distortion in places
7552LPAnton KarasMusica da il terzo uomo Anton KarasRCANL 43890VGVG7.001982 Italy; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
29765LPVirginia MayoCo star: The girl from Jones beachColumbia33SX 1140VGEX8.001959 Mono; 'The record acting game'; script is missing; a few marks
5428LPEthel MermanSongs from "Call me madam"BrunswickLAT 8016EXEX10.001952 mono; a couple of light crackles
15762LPRobert MitchumThat manMonumentLMO 5011EXEX20.001967 mono; light wear on cover
5895LPMarilyn MonroeLa voz y la musica de las Peliculas de..RCA victorPL 42430EXVG7.001974 Spain; Orange label; plays EX
16394LPLeonard NimoyMr Spock presents music form outer spaceRediffusionZS 156EXVG12.001973 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
4600LPOutlawsLos hombres maloArista204 558VGVG6.001982 German + inner; a few light crackles
4451LPSteve RaceDance to the TV themes with..World recordSTP 285EXEX35.001963
28665LPGene RoddenberryInside Star trekCBSS 81610EXEX12.001976 Orange sunburst label; + insert; a few crackles
8722LPRoland ShawThe world of James Bond adventureDeccaSPA 158EXEX10.001971
4067410"SoundtrackCalamity JanePhilipsBBR 8104GVG10.001953 Mono; Doris Day & Howard Keel; repair on large tear across f/cover o/w looks VG+; a few marks (VG+), plays well (EX)
416810"SoundtrackCall me madamBrunswickLA 8603EXVG10.001953 mono; Ethel Merman
2765910"SoundtrackGlenn Miller story (the)BrunswickLA 8647VGVG7.001955 mono; some yellowing b/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
2765810"SoundtrackRoad to BaliBrunswickLA 8578EXVG20.001953 Bing Crosby, Bob Hope & Peggy Lee; mono; plays well w/some crackles
2766010"SoundtrackYoung at heartPhilipsBBR 8040VGG7.501955 Doris Day & Frank Sinatra; mono; some laminate peel on openings of cover; plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
38782LPSoundtrack2001: A space odysseyMGM2315 034VGEX8.001970's reissue of '68 ; yellow spotting on b/cover + labels o/w EX; vinyl is near Mint, plays perfectly
20044LPSoundtrack3 in the atticSidewalkST 5918VGG7.001968 US; Chad & Jeremy; marks/vinyl scruffy - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
856LPSoundtrackA bridge too farUnited artistsUAG 30097EXEX12.001977 Gatefold; John Addison
39362LPSoundtrackA Fistful of DollarsRCA victorRD 7875EXEX20.001967 Mono; Black/Red spot label; laminated f/cover; Ennio Morricone & his orchestra; sellotape stains inside cover near opening edges; just a few light marks - plays well
32192LPSoundtrackA King's storyPhilipsAL 3507EXVG8.001965 Mono; Le Vien films production about the Duke & Duchess of Windsor; small spot of wear on bottom of cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
7446LPSoundtrackAccidental tourist (the)Warner bros925 8461EXEX8.001989 John Williams
7449LPSoundtrackAiport 1975MCA2082SealedSealed12.001974 US sealed in shrinkwrap; John Cacavas
7448LPSoundtrackAirportMCA255 0861EXEX10.00German reissue of '70 LP; light warp; Alfred Newman
27555LPSoundtrackAlfieABC ImpulseIMPL 8050VGEX10.001970's issue of '66 LP; Gatefold; light wear on cover
39864LPSoundtrackAll this and world war IIRivaRVLP 2VGVG/VG8.001976 Double/Gatefold; words & music by Lennon & McCartney; yellow spotting on inners; some marks on both discs - both play well with just a few crackles
29707LPSoundtrackAnastasiaBrunswickLAT 8175VGVG8.001957 Mono; Alfred Newman; a few marks - plays well
7450LPSoundtrackAnne of the 1000 daysDeccaDL 79174EXVG8.001970 US; Georges Delerue; sale hole; a few crackles; b/w music of the Tudor court
12189LPSoundtrackAristocats (the story of the)Disneyland3995EXVG7.001970 US; songs by Phil Harris, narrated by Sterling Holloway + cast; Gatefold + 11 page booklet; small mark f/cover
858LPSoundtrackAvengers & other TV favouritesMarble archMAL 695EXVG20.001967 mono; Laurie Johnson
7451LPSoundtrackAvengers (the)Varese sara..ASV 95003EXEX10.001981 US Laurie Johnson; + New Avengers/ Professionals; light warp
18694LPSoundtrackBand wagonMCAMCA 25015SealedSealed8.001986 reissue; Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz; sealed in shrinkwrap - small mark bottonm edge of cover
10267LPSoundtrackBarry LyndonWarner borsK 56189EXEX12.001973 Leonard Rosenman; a few light crackles
8108LPSoundtrackBattle of BritainUnited artistsUAS 29019EXEX12.001969 Ron Goodwin; + 34 page booklet; light warp
18695LPSoundtrackBattle of BritainMCAMCA 25008SealedSealed8.001986 US reissue of '68 LP; Ron Goodwin; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut
10729LPSoundtrackBattle of BritainMGMLPMGM 21EXEX8.001990 + other film music; Ron Goodwin; light sticker mark; light warp + a few crackles
10731LPSoundtrackBattlestar GalacticaMCAMCF 2860EXEX10.001978 Stu Phillips/ LA phil orch; some light marks
33816LPSoundtrackBeat streetAtlantic780 154-1VGVG6.001984 German; top edge split; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
27676LPSoundtrackBenny Goodman story - vol 1 (the)BrunswickLAT 8102EXEX10.001956 mono
27675LPSoundtrackBenny Goodman story - vol 2 (the)BrunswickLAT 8103EXEX10.001956 mono; a few light marks
7454LPSoundtrackBest years of our lives (the)EntranceEDP 8101EXEX/VG12.001978 US Hugo Friedhofer; + 8 page booklet + bonus 45 (a few crackles)
7455LPSoundtrackBeyond the forestM Steiner socMS 8EXVG8.00US reissue of '49 LP; Max Steiner; some crackles
15118LPSoundtrackBible (the)StatesideSL 10188EXVG8.001966 mono; Toshiro Mayuzumi; some light wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
10733LPSoundtrackBig country (the)Silva screenFILM 030MintEX8.001988 re recording of '58 s/track by Phil orch/ Tony Bremner; Gatefold
27556LPSoundtrackBirdCBS461002 1VGEX7.501988 wear on cover
9698LPSoundtrackBlack hole (the)Disneyland3821EXVG8.001979 US + 12 page booklet; corner crease on gatefold sleeve; some marks + a few crackles o/w plays EX
7456LPSoundtrackBliss of Mrs Blossom (the)RCANL 43765EXEX8.001982 Spannish reissue of '69 LP as "Los Pecados de la senora Blossom"; Riz Ortolani; warp
860LPSoundtrackBound for gloryUnited artistsUAG 30035EXEX10.001977 Gatefold sleeve
20042LPSoundtrackBoyfriend (the)ColumbiaSCXA 9251EXVG8.001971 Twiggy/ Christopher Gable; Gatefold; light warp - few crackles o/w plays EX
7459LPSoundtrackBrave one (the)AEIAEI 3107EXVG8.001981 US mono reissue; Victor Young; warp; few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
18696LPSoundtrackBrigadoonCBS450 2331EXEX8.001982 Dutch mono issue of '54 recordings; Hollywood collection vol 23; + poster;
27980LPSoundtrackBronco BillyElektraK 52231VGEX8.001980 Butterfly label; Gatefold; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light crackles
9840LPSoundtrackButch Cassidy & the Sundance kidA&MSP 3159EXVG7.00US; Burt Bacharach; some marks - plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
28662LPSoundtrackCalifornia suiteCBS70168VGEX8.001978 Orange sunburst label; Gold Demo stamp b/cover; Neil Simon; music by Claude Bolling; small surface tear top corner b/cover; a few light marks; a few light crackles
28641LPSoundtrackCalifornia suiteColumbiaJS 35727VGEX8.001978 US; Neil Simon; music composed by Claude Bolling; a few light marks
10891LPSoundtrackCan canCapitolSW 1301EXEX10.001960 stereo
7462LPSoundtrackCareful he might hear youVarese sara..STV 81221SealedSealed10.001984 US; Ray Cook; sealed in shrinkwrap
8399LPSoundtrackChampionsIslandISTA 7EXVG7.001984 Carl Davis; a few light crackles o/w EX
7464LPSoundtrackCheyenne autumnLabel XLXSE 1003EXVG8.001983 US reissue of '64 LP; Alex North; a few crackles o/w plays EX
18697LPSoundtrackChiave (La)Dureco Benelux88095EXEX8.001984 Italy; Ennio Morriconi; light warp
7466LPSoundtrackChouansCarrere66538MintEX8.001988 France; Georges Delerue; In shrinkwrap; a few light marks
10738LPSoundtrackCinerama holidyMercuryMG 20059EXEX8.00New Zealand reissue; Morton Gould; a few crackles
33731LPSoundtrackCleopatra20th CenturyFoxFXG 5008EXEX10.001963 Mono; Gatefold; Alex North; a few light marks
8277LPSoundtrackCleopatraStatesideSL 10044EXG6.001963 Alex North; 3 jumps tk1 side2 o/w plays VG w/some crackles; mono
15031LPSoundtrackClockwork orangeWarner brosK 46127EXEX10.001971 Burbank label
9118LPSoundtrackCollector (the)FontanaTL 5259VGG7.001965 mono; Maurice Jarre; some marks + surface noise
8278LPSoundtrackComedians (the)MGMCS 8058EXVG7.001968 Laurence Rosenthal; some clicks + crackles; stereo
7467LPSoundtrackConformista (il)CiakCIA 5044EXEX8.001984 Spain; Georges Delerue
7468LPSoundtrackCounseil de familleMilanA 264EXEX8.00France; Georges Delerue
7470LPSoundtrackCowboyMCA7155EXVG15.001975 Japan; mono; George Dunning; a few light crackles
7471LPSoundtrackCrimes of the heartVarese sara..STV 81298EXEX8.001986 US; Georges Delerue
7473LPSoundtrackDark eyesDRGSBL 12592SealedSealed10.001987 US/Canada; Franis Lai; Sealed in shrinkwrap
4139LPSoundtrackDarling LiliRCA victorSF 8138EXEX15.001970 Gatefold; Henry Mancini & Julie Andrews
7474LPSoundtrackDay of the dolphin (the)AvcoAV 11014VGVG7.001974 US; Georges Delerue; sale hole; warp + some marks & crackles
28663LPSoundtrackDeep (the)CasablancaCAL 2018VGG6.501977 John Barry; some wear on cover; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
18721LPSoundtrackDirty Dozen (the)CBS450 2291EXEX8.001982 reissue of '67 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 19; De Vol; + poster
6751LPSoundtrackDon't knock the twistColumbiaSX 1446GG6.001962 Chubby Checker/ Dovells etc; sellotape on edge splits, looks OK; Surface marks; plays OK with some surface noise
18698LPSoundtrackDraculaMCA0062 135EXVG7.001979 German; John Williams; warp o/w EX
7475LPSoundtrackDrangoLibertyAUSLP 1012EXEX10.00New Zealand reissue; Elmer Bernstein; small edge split
18699LPSoundtrackDuel at DiabloMCAMCA 1436SealedSealed8.001986 US reissue of '66 LP; Neal Hefti; sealed in shrinkwrap; small mark bottom of cover; sale cut
17769LPSoundtrackEasy riderStatesideSSL 5018EXVG7.501969 mark on side 2 - a few crackles o/w plays EX
9841LPSoundtrackEddie & the CruisersScotti brosBFZ 38929EXEX8.001983 Cover stamped Promo; John Cafferty; a few light marks
32220LPSoundtrackEddy Duchin story (the)PhilipsBBL 7081EXVG8.001956 Mono; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well w/some crackles
41984LPSoundtrackElectric horseman (the)CBSSCBS 70177EXEX8.001979 Orange sunburst labels; feat. Songs performed by Willie Nelson; plays well
18700LPSoundtrackElmer GantryMCAMCA 39070SealedSealed10.001986 US reissue; Andre Previn; in shrinkwrap; small sale cut
3574LPSoundtrackEmmanuelleWarner brosK 56084VGVG8.001974 Pierre Bachelet; small tear on opening o/w EX
4089LPSoundtrackETMCAMCF 3160VGVG7.001982 John Williams; some light crackles
28664LPSoundtrackETMCAMCFP 3160-G6.501982 Picture disc; some marks - 1 jump on side 1 o/w plays with some clicks + crackles
7477LPSoundtrackExodusRCANL 83872EXEX8.0080's German reissue of '60 LP; Ernest Gold
18722LPSoundtrackExodusCBS450 2341EXEX8.001982 reissue of '60 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 24; Ernest Gold; + poster
728LPSoundtrackExorcistWarnerK 56071VGEX14.001974
35195LPSoundtrackExperiment in terrorRCANL 45964VGEX18.001985 reissue of '62 LP; Spain; + insert; small sticker mark top corner f/cover; light sticker mark bottom corner b/cover + side 1 label; Vinyl is in near Mint condition - plays perfectly
6637LPSoundtrackFar Pavillions (The)ChrysalisCDL 1464EXEX8.001984 Carl Davis
7478LPSoundtrackFarewell to arms (a)CapitolAUSLP 1014EXEX8.001982 New Zealand reissue of '58 LP; Mario Nascimbene
33461LPSoundtrackFastbreakMotownM7 915R1EXEX8.001979 US; Billy Preston & Syreeta; light wear on textured sleeve; 2 edge splits on inner; a few light marks
36583LPSoundtrackFinian's rainbowWarner bros.WFS 2550EXVG8.001968 stereo; a few small marks - plays well (EX) with just a couple of crackles
3380LPSoundtrackFourth protocolFilmtraxMOMENT 109EXEX10.001987 Lalo Schifrin
7480LPSoundtrackFratello sole sorella lunaOrizzonteORL 8482EXEX8.00Italy; Riz Ortolani
3890LPSoundtrackFrench lieutenant's womanDRGDRG 6106EXVG8.001981 US; a few light crackles o/w EX
7481LPSoundtrackFriendly persuasionVarese sara..STV 81165MintEX8.001982 US reissue of '56 LP; Dimitri Tiomkin; in shrinkwrap
4601LPSoundtrackFunny ladyAristaARTYEXG6.001975 Gatefold; Barbara Streisand; plays well with some clicks & crackles
22780LPSoundtrackGerry Anderson presents TV favouritesMarble archMAL 771VGVG8.001968 mono; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
7483LPSoundtrackGiantCapitolW 773VGVG10.0060's US mono reissue of '57 LP; Dimitri Tiomkin; sellotape on edge split; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
18723LPSoundtrackGigiCBS70277EXEX8.001982 reissue of '58 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 4; + poster
18701LPSoundtrackGolden seal (the)CompleatCSTR 6001SealedSealed10.001983 US; John Barry & Dana Kaproff; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale cut
32193LPSoundtrackGoldfingerUnited artistsULP 1076VGVG50.001964 Mono; Signed by Honor Blackman on front & back cover + index card 20/6/07; some wear on openings of cover; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
8120LPSoundtrackGoldfingerUnited artistsSULP 1076EXVG15.001964 stereo; John Barry; some marks & crackles
7484LPSoundtrackGood morning BabylonVarese sara..STV 81317SealedSealed10.001987 US; Nicola Piovani; sealed in shrinkwrap
7485LPSoundtrackGorillas in the mistMCAMCA 6255SealedSealed10.001988 US; Maurice Jarre; sealed in shrinkwrap
11246LPSoundtrackGraduate (the)CBSS 70042EXEX10.001968 Blue label; a few light marks
8724LPSoundtrackGreat Waldo Pepper (the)MCAMCF 2707EXEX10.001975 Henry Mancini; pen b/cover; a couple of light marks
18702LPSoundtrackGreatest story ever told (the)MCAMCA 39057SealedSealed8.001986 US reissue of '65 LP; in shrinkwrap; sale cut
5695LPSoundtrackGreenbelt live !Marshall MorganMRT 1001EXVG8.001979 Gatefold + insert + 24 page booklet; a few light crackles o/w EX
7487LPSoundtrackGreystoke - The legend of TarzanWarner bros125 120EXEX10.001984 US; John Scott
4448LPSoundtrackHello DollyStatesideSSL 10292EXEX10.001969 Gatefold
35679LPSoundtrackHere we goround the Mulberry bushUnited artistsULP 1186VGVG20.001968 Mono; matrix no.s A-1/B-1; Spencer Davis group & Traffic; some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
11249LPSoundtrackHigh societyCapitolLCT 6116EXVG6.001957 mono; a few marks + some crackles
7488LPSoundtrackHolocaustRCARL 12785EXEX10.001978 Gatefold; Morton Gould
11250LPSoundtrackHomeboyVirginV 2574EXVG6.001989 Eric Clapton; some marks + crackles
22704LPSoundtrackHomerAtlantic2400 137VGEX10.001971 Red/Plum label; new catalogue number (K 40229) sticker b/cover; name on label
15760LPSoundtrackI walk the lineCBS70083VGEX10.001971 Johnny Cash; a few light marks
3314LPSoundtrackI want to live!LondonSAHT 6023VGVG15.001959 Stereo; Gerry Mulligan, Art Farmer + Shelly Manne; some surface marks + light noise
39363LPSoundtrackIl Etait une fois dans l'ouestRCA victor440 751EXEX10.001970 Orange label pressing of '69 LP; France; laminated flipback sleeve; Ennio Morricone; sellotape stains inside cover near openings; plays well
41464LPSoundtrackIn the heat of the nightUnited artistsULP 1181EXEX25.001967 Mono; Black/Silver label with 'Sold in UK' text; Flipback sleeve; small light name stap top corner b/cover; vinyl is near mint (EX+), plays perfectly
18724LPSoundtrackInternational velvetMGM2315 400VGEX8.001978 Francis Lai; sale hole
26335LPSoundtrackInto the nightMCAMCF 3269EXEX8.001985 in shrinkwrap
18725LPSoundtrackIrma la DouceCBS450 2251EXEX8.001982 reissue of '63 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 18; + poster; Andre Previn
7490LPSoundtrackIrma la douceCBS450 2251EXEX10.001980 reissue of '63 LP; Andre Previn; + poster; small tear on opening
9119LPSoundtrackIs Paris burningCBSBPG 62843EXVG18.001966 mono; Maurice Jarre; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
7491LPSoundtrackIt's a mad mad mad mad worldMCA39076SealedSealed10.001986 US reissue of '63 LP; Ernest Gold; sealed in shrinkwrap
18705LPSoundtrackIt's a mad mad mad mad worldMCAMCA 39076SealedSealed10.001986 US reissue of '63 LP; Ernest Gold; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut
1541LPSoundtrackIt's trad dadColumbia33SX 1412EXVG12.001962 green label; mono
18706LPSoundtrackJaws 2MCAMCF 2847EXEX10.001978 John Williams
36584LPSoundtrackJoanna20th centuryS 4202VGG5.001968 US; stereo; Rod McKuen; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
7494LPSoundtrackJohnny GuitarCitadelCT 7026EXVG10.001981 US reissue; Victor Young; light warp; some crackles
18707LPSoundtrackJudgement at NurembergMCAMCA 39055SealedSealed8.001986 US reissue of '61 LP; Ernest Gold; in shrinkwrap; sale cut
7495LPSoundtrackJulia & JuliaVarese sara..STV 81327SealedSealed10.001988 US; Maurice Jarre; sealed in shrinkwrap
22162LPSoundtrackJust for funDeccaLK 4524VGVG20.001963 mono; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays Ex
7496LPSoundtrackKey (the)CBSLAALP 1008EXEX10.00US reissue of '58 LP; Malcolm Arnold
4140LPSoundtrackKimberley JimRCA victorRD 7781EXVG8.001966 mono; Jim Reeves
18708LPSoundtrackKing Kong livesMCAMCA 6203SealedSealed12.001987 US; John Scott; in shrinkwrap; sale cut
8720LPSoundtrackKings rowChalfontSDG 305EXEX10.00Nat Phil orch rec of '40 film score; US/Japan; Gatefold + insert; Erich Von Korngold; v.light warp
5271LPSoundtrackKismetMGMC 758EXVG8.001959 mono; Howard Keel & Ann Blyth; plays well with some light crackles
18726LPSoundtrackKismetCBS70287VGEX7.001982 reissue of '55 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 14; + poster; mono; small spot ringwear f/cover o/w EX; a few light marks
32221LPSoundtrackKiss me KateMGMC 753EXVG8.0060's pressing of '58 LP; Mono; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
28979LPSoundtrackKnack (and how to get it) [the]United artistsUALA 279 GVGVG12.00US 70's issue of '65 LP; corner sale cut + some wear on top edge of cover; some light marks - plays EX
34357LPSoundtrackKung FuWarner bros.BS 2726VGVG8.001973 US; Music & dialogue from the TV series; Burbank label; + insert; some wear on cover; plays OK w/some clicks tk2 side1
4244LPSoundtrackLandlord (the)United artistsUAS 9120VGVG8.001971 Al Kooper; some light surface noise
7498LPSoundtrackLassiterTERTER 1092EXEX8.001984 Ken Thorne
4571LPSoundtrackLast dragon (The)MotownZL 72363EXEX8.001985
7499LPSoundtrackLast embraceVarese sara..STV 81166EXEX8.001983 US; Miklos Rozsa; b/w "Lydia"; v.light warp
7500LPSoundtrackLast place on earth (the)IslandISTA 8EXVG7.001985 Trevor Jones; warp + some crackles
7501LPSoundtrackLast run (the)MCA25116MintEX12.0080's US reissue of '71 LP; Jerry Goldsmith; in shrinkwrap
15178LPSoundtrackLawrence of ArabiaPye intNPL 28023EXVG7.001963 Maurice Jarre; mono; a few marks - some clicks + crackles
5696LPSoundtrackLet's make loveColumbiaACS 8327EXEX15.001973 US reissue; stickers over "Columbia" on label & cover; Marilyn Monroe etc.
28708LPSoundtrackLion in winter (the)CBSS 70049VGVG10.001968 Blue label; stereo; John Barry; laminated f/cover; light dish warp; a few marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
32222LPSoundtrackLisztomaniaA&MAMLH 64546VGEX8.001975 Rick Wakeman & Roger Daltry
15884LPSoundtrackLittle Fauss & Big HalsyCBS70087EXEX12.001971 Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins; light wear on cover; a few light marks
7502LPSoundtrackLittle romance (A)Varese sara..STV 81109MintEX10.001979 US; Georges Delerue; in shrinkwrap
11256LPSoundtrackLive for life (vivre pour vivre)United artistsUALA 291GEXEX15.001967 US; Francis Lai; corner sale cut
7503LPSoundtrackLiving daylightsWarner bros925 6161EXEX10.001987 John Barry
7504LPSoundtrackLone wolf McQuadeTERTER 1071EXEX8.001983 Francesco de Masi
33732LPSoundtrackLong riders (the)Warner bros.K 56826VGEX8.001980 Ry Cooder; corner crease + mild wear on cover
7505LPSoundtrackLook at MonacoColumbiaCL 2019EXVG10.001963 US PROMO; mono; Percy Faith, narrated by Princess Grace; plays EX
865LPSoundtrackLord JimColpixPXL 521VGG7.001965 mono; Some surface noise
7506LPSoundtrackLoss of innocenceColpixCP 508EXVG10.00US mono; Richard Addinsell; some marks + crackles
41LPSoundtrackLove me or leave mePhillipsBBL 7047VGG8.001955 Doris Day; Side1 Tk1 Small jump + surface noise
20400LPSoundtrackM*A*S*HColumbiaS 32753EXVG7.501973 reissue of '70 LP with Ahmed Jamal's Mash theme; Columbia details blacked out on labels + cover at factory; few crackles o/w plays EX
17771LPSoundtrackMacKenna's goldRCA victorLSP 4096EXEX10.001969 US; composed by Quincy Jones; corner sale cut; a few light marks
7508LPSoundtrackMaking the gradeVarese sara..STV 81204SealedSealed10.001984 US; Basil Poledouris; sealed in shrinkwrap
7509LPSoundtrackMan from snowy river (the)Varese sara..STV 81167SealedSealed10.001982 US; Bruce Rowland; sealed in shrinkwrap
32223LPSoundtrackMan of la ManchaUnited artistsUAS 9906VGEX8.001972 US; Peter O'Toole & Sophia Loren; Corner sale cut on Gatefold sleeve
8721LPSoundtrackMan of la ManchaUnited artistsUAG 29422EXEX10.001972 Gatefold + inner; Mitch Leigh; a few light marks
28644LPSoundtrackMan with the golden gun (the)United artistsUAS 29671EXVG10.001974 John Barry; light wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
7511LPSoundtrackMarjorie MorningstarRCA victorLOC 1044EXEX8.0080's New Zealand reissue of '58 LP; Max Steiner
6602LPSoundtrackMary queen of ScotsMCAMUPS 441EXVG15.001971 John Barry
7512LPSoundtrackMauriceRCABL 86618EXEX8.001987 Richard Robbins; light warp
7513LPSoundtrackMe & the colonelRCA victorNL 45994EXVG7.0080's Spain - reissue of '58 LP; George Duning; few light maks - plays EX
7514LPSoundtrackMehmed my hawkTERTER 1088EXEX8.001984 Manos Hadjidakis
34378LPSoundtrackMermaidsEpic467 874-1EXEX8.001990
18727LPSoundtrackMerry widow (the)CBS450 2311EXEX8.001982 reisssue of '53 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 21; + poster; mono; few spots of ringwear
33462LPSoundtrackMidnight cowboyUnited artistsUAS 29043EXEX10.001969 Orange/Pink label; light wear on cover; a few marks
41559LPSoundtrackMidnight expressCasablancaCAL 2030VGVG7.001978 Bogart label; Giorgio Moroder; some creases along spine/edges; some marks - plays well with just a few crackles
4449LPSoundtrackMoment by momentRSORSD 5004EXEX8.001979 various artists
7515LPSoundtrackMoon over ParadorMCAMCA 6249SealedSealed10.001988 US; Maurice Jarre; sealed in shrinkwrap
28391LPSoundtrackMore American graffitiMCAMCSP 303EXEX/EX12.001979 Double/Gatefold
3451LPSoundtrackMosesPye intNSPH 28503MintVG7.001976 Ennio Morricone; some light surface noise
7516LPSoundtrackMosquito coast (the)LondonLONLP 30EXEX10.001986 Maurice Jarre
3450LPSoundtrackMother jugs & speedA&MAMLH 64590VGEX8.001976 issue of '73 soundtrack
27981LPSoundtrackNed KellyLibertyUAC 5096EXEX10.001980's Australian reissue of '70 LP; Gatefold; light wear on cover
18804LPSoundtrackNight hawksMCA203 453 320VGEX7.501981 German; light wear on cover; some marks
7517LPSoundtrackNine hours to RamaLondonL25P 5004EXEX20.001983 Japan + insert; mono; Malcolm Arnold
5701LPSoundtrackNo way outVarese SarabandSTV 81334MintEX8.001987 US; Maurice Jarre
18805LPSoundtrackO lucky manWarner brosK 46227EXVG10.001973 Burbank label; Alan Price; light wear on Gatefold; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
29668LPSoundtrackOh, RosalindaPye nixaNLP 18001VGVG10.001958 Mono; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
7519LPSoundtrackOld man & the sea (the)CBS83123EXEX10.0080's France - reissue of '58 LP; Dimitri Tiomkin
4450LPSoundtrackOn a clear day you can see for everCBSAS 30086MintEX12.001970 US Gatefold; Barbara Streisand
29766LPSoundtrackOn the townColumbiaSCX 3281VGEX10.001959 Stereo; Famous film series no.1
7520LPSoundtrackOne flew over the cuckoo's nestFantasyFTA 3004EXEX10.001975 Gatefold; Jack Nitzsche; couple of light crackles
7521LPSoundtrackOut of AfricaMCAMCF 3310EXEX10.001985 John Barry; a few light crackles
18710LPSoundtrackOutlandWarner brosHS 3551SealedSealed10.001981 US; Jerry Goldsmith; sealed in shrinkwrap; corner sale cut
10894LPSoundtrackPajama game (the)PhilipsBBL 7197EXVG7.001957 mono; Doris Day; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
18679LPSoundtrackParis, TexasWarner bros925 2701VGEX7.001985 Ry Cooder; light wear on cover; a few crackles
7522LPSoundtrackPascali's islandVirginV 2557EXEX8.001988 Loek Dikker; light warp
7523LPSoundtrackPassage to India (A)EMIEJ240 3021EXVG7.001984 Maurice Jarre; light warp + some crackles
29339LPSoundtrackPerformanceWarner bros.BS 2554EXVG10.0080's issue of '70 LP; Canada; small spot of wear on opening f/cover; a few marks - plays EX
12190LPSoundtrackPeter PanDisneylandDQ 1206EXEX8.00Canada; some light marks
7524LPSoundtrackPeyton placeEntracteERS 6515EXEX8.001979 US reissue of '58 LP; Franz Waxman; light warp
822LPSoundtrackPink panther strikes againUnited artistsUAS 30012EXEX10.001976; Henry Mancini
12379LPSoundtrackPipe dreamsBuddahBDS 5676 STEXEX8.001976 US; Gladys Knight & Pips
7526LPSoundtrackPride & the passion (the)CapitolAUSLP 1005MintEX8.001981 New Zealand reissue of '57 LP; George Antheil; in shrinkwrap
7527LPSoundtrackPrince of tides (the)Columbia468 7351EXVG7.001991 James Newton Howard; + inner; a few crackles
18712LPSoundtrackPsycho IIMCAMCA 6119SealedSealed12.001983 US; Jerry Goldsmith; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut
7530LPSoundtrackRobe (the)MCAMCA 2052VGVG8.00US reissue of '54 LP; Alfred Newman; small tear on text b/cover; light warp + a few crackles
18649LPSoundtrackRocky horror picture showOdeOSV 21653VGEX7.501975 US; a few light marks
3218LPSoundtrackRocky horror picture showOde21653EXVG7.001975 Canada; some surface noise
5444LPSoundtrackRocky horror picture show audience participationOdeODE 1032EXEX/EX15.001983 Double/Gatefold + inners; rec live 8th St playhouse New York
15761LPSoundtrackRollerballUnited artistsUAS 29865EXEX10.001975 Andre Previn & LSO; light warp - a few light crackles
29114LPSoundtrackRootsA&MAMLH 64626VGVG8.001977 Quincy Jones; sticer mark f/cover; sale hole on cover; a few light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
1548LPSoundtrackRoots: Saga of an American familyA & MAMLH 64626VGVG7.001977 + insert; By Quincy Jones
27557LPSoundtrackRound midnightCBS70300EXEX8.001986 Holland; in shrinkwrap
18728LPSoundtrackRoyal wedding/ In the good old summertimeCBS450 2301EXEX8.001982 reissue of '51 + 49 recordings; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 20; + 2 posters; + inner; mono; a few light marks
7534LPSoundtrackRun wild, run freeSGCSD 5003EXVG8.001969 US; David Whitaker; a few crackles o/w plays EX
7533LPSoundtrackRunner stumbles (the)20th century-SealedSealed10.001979 Ernest Gold; sealed in shrinkwrap
7535LPSoundtrackSaint JoanCapitol05426 06171EXEX8.001985 Spain - reissue; Mischa Spoliansky; warp
5541LPSoundtrackSandpiper (The)MercuryMCL 20065EXEX18.001965 mono; Johnny Mandel (Liz Taylor & Richard Burton)
7536LPSoundtrackSands of Iwo JimaCitadelCT 7027EXEX10.001981 US reissue; Victor Young; b/w "The sun shines bright"
38991LPSoundtrackSaturday night feverRSO2658 123VGVG/VG8.001977 Double/Gatefold; + insert (1 crease); matrix no.s A-3/B-1/ A-3/B-2; mild wear on cover; Disc1, a few marks - plays well with a few crackles; Disc2, a couple of marks - plays EX with just a few crackles
7537LPSoundtrackSayonaraEntracteERS 6513SealedSealed10.0080's US reissue of '58 LP; Franz Waxman; sealed in shrinkwrap
18713LPSoundtrackScalphunters (the)MCAMCA 25042SealedSealed8.001986 US reissue of '68 LP; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut
7538LPSoundtrackSearch for paradiseRCALOC 1034EXEX10.0080's New Zealand reissue of '57 LP; Dimitri Tiomkin; couple of light marks
7539LPSoundtrackSecret of Santa Vittoria (the)MCA25034EXEX8.001986 US reissue; Ernest Gold
7540LPSoundtrackSecret placesVirginV 2312EXEX8.001984 Michael Legrand
10895LPSoundtrackSerpicoParamountSPFL 296VGVG12.001973 Mikis Theodorakis; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
7541LPSoundtrackSette Uomini D'oroCAMORL 8412EXEX10.001980 Italy; Armando Trovajoli; a few light marks
18714LPSoundtrackSeven brides for seven brothersCBS450 2321VGEX7.501982 reissue of '54 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 22; + Poster; mono
7542LPSoundtrackSeventh dawn (the)United artistsUAL 4115VGVG10.001964 US; Riz Ortolani; mono; sellotape on edge splits
9120LPSoundtrackSeventh voyage of Sinbad (the)United artistsUAS 29763EXEX25.001974 issue of '58 Bernard Herrmann s/track
6583LPSoundtrackShaftStaxSXSP 301EXEX/EX14.00'80's reissue of '71 Isaac Hayes LP; Double/Gatefold
16650LPSoundtrackShaftStaxSTXD 4004EXEX/EX15.001974 reissue of '71 LP; Isaac Hayes; sticker tear on label; light wear on cover; a few light marks
7544LPSoundtrackShip of foolsRCA victorLM 2817EXEX10.001965 US mono; Ernest Gold; corner crease
18716LPSoundtrackShoes of the fisherman (the)MCAMCA 25130SealedSealed10.001986 US reissue of '68 LP; Alex North; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale cut
4452LPSoundtrackShort eyesCurtomCU 5017EXVG10.001977 US Curtis Mayfield; a few crackles o/w plays EX; sale cut
3887LPSoundtrackSicilian (The)VirginV 2487EXEX10.001987
7545LPSoundtrackSignore & signoriCAMORL 8411EXVG7.001980 Italy; Carlo Rustichelli; plays EX
30965LPSoundtrackSilencers (the)RepriseR 6211EXVG10.001966 Mono; Dean Martin as Matt Helm; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
8723LPSoundtrackSilent movieUnited artistsUAS 30009EXEX8.001976 John Morris
36619LPSoundtrackSilk road IIPolydor817 532-1VGEX8.001980 Holland; by Kitaro; mild wear on cover; plays well
18729LPSoundtrackSilk stockingsCBS70290EXEX8.001982 reissue of '57 LP; Holland; Hollywood collection vol 17; + poster; mono; Cole Porter
7546LPSoundtrackSodoma y GomorraRCANL 43755EXEX10.001981 Spain - reissue of '72 LP; Miklos Rozsa
29767LPSoundtrackSome came runningCapitolLCT 6180VGVG8.001959 Rainbow rim label; Mono; Elmer Bernstein; some yellowing b/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
34379LPSoundtrackSome like it hotUnited artistsUAS 30226VGVG8.001979 Mono reissue of '59 soundtrack; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
28143LPSoundtrackSons of Katie Elder (the)CBSSBPG 62558VGVG8.001965 Stereo; Orange label; some light surface noise tk1 side2 o/w plays EX
8112LPSoundtrackSophie's choiceSouthern crossSCRS 1002SealedSealed8.001983 US; Marvin Hamlisch; sealed in shrinkwrap
17577LPSoundtrackSparkleAtlanticSD 18176VGVG6.001976 Aretha Franklin; some wear on edges of cover; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
7547LPSoundtrackSpirit of St. Louis (the)EntracteERS 6507EXEX8.001977 US reissue of '57 LP; Franz Waxman; light warp
7548LPSoundtrackSpy who came in from the cold (the)RCANL 43768EXEX12.001982 Spain - reissue of '72 LP; listed as "El espia que surgio del frio"; Sol Kaplan
2492LPSoundtrackSpy who loved meUnited artistsUAG 30098EXVG7.001977 Gatefold; some surface noise
28841LPSoundtrackSpy who loved me (the)United artistsUAG 30098EXVG8.001977 Gatefold; 2 creases on spine; small mark tk3 side 1 causing short click o/w plays well with a few crackles
7549LPSoundtrackStanley & IrisVarese sara..VS 5255EXVG7.001990 German; John Williams; warp - plays EX
4315LPSoundtrackStarStaesideSSL 10233EXEX10.001968 Julie Andrews - Lennie Hayton
10896LPSoundtrackStar trekCBS70174VGEX10.001979 edge split on inner; + insert; Jerry Goldsmith; some light marks
18356LPSoundtrackSun also rises (the)AEIAEI 3109EXVG8.001981 US mono reissue of '57 LP; Hugo Friedhofer; light warp; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
3584LPSoundtrackSweet charityMCAMUCS 133EXVG18.001969 Gatefold; Shirley MacLaine & Sammy Davis jnr; some marks - few crackles o/w plays EX
39528LPSoundtrackS'Wonderful, S'Marvelous, S'GershwinDaybreak2932 004EXEX8.001972 Original cast recording, Fred Astaire, Jack Lemmon, leslie Uggams, Peter Nero; all in near Mint condition (EX+/EX+), plays perfectly
800LPSoundtrackThe deepCasablancaCAL 2018VGEX10.001977; John Barry
27677LPSoundtrackThere's no business like show businessBrunswickLAT 8059EXEX10.001955 mono; a few light marks + crackles
7553LPSoundtrackThibaud - the crusaderPrometheusPST 502EXEX10.001988 Belgium; Georges Delerue
7554LPSoundtrackThirty six hoursVarese sara..VC 81071MintEX10.00US reissue of '78 LP; Dimitri Tiomkin; in shrinkwrap
7555LPSoundtrackThis earth is mineVarese sara..VC 81076VGEX10.001978 US reissue; Hugo Friedhofer; sticker tear f/cover
7556LPSoundtrackThousand & one Arabian nightsVarese sara..STV 81138EXVG8.001980 US; starring near sighted Mr Magoo; George Duning; light warp; couple of crackles o/w plays EX
28842LPSoundtrackThree tough guysEnterpriseENS 7504VGVG10.001974 US; Isaac Hayes; Small sale cut on top edge of Gatefold cover; a few marks - plays EX
22045LPSoundtrackThunderbirds are goEMIGOPD 2041EXEX15.001992 Picture disc; Barry Gray/ Cliff & Shadows; light warp; couple of crackles
17144LPSoundtrackTom SawyerUnited artistsUALA 057FEXEX12.001973 US; Foldout sleeve + inner; Readers digest presents..; corner sale cut
18717LPSoundtrackTom SawyerUnited artistsUAS 29469EXEX12.001973 Gatefold; Readers Digest presents..
37819LPSoundtrackTommyPolydor2657 014VGEX/EX10.001975 Double/Gatefold + inners; matrix no.s A1/B1/A1/B1; mild sticker mark top corner f/cover; a few light marks on discs - both play well
4170LPSoundtrackTrial of Billy JackABCABCD 853EXVG8.001974 US; small sale hole
5493LPSoundtrackTrial of Billy JackABCABCD 853SealedSealed12.001974 US sealed in shrinkwrap
7218LPSoundtrackTrip (The)EdselED 211EXEX10.001987 reissue of '67 LP; Electric flag; light warp; marks on f/cover
7558LPSoundtrackUnder fireWarner bros923 9651EXEX8.001983 German; Jerry Goldsmith; small sticker mark
9843LPSoundtrackUp jumped a swagmanColumbiaSX 1751EXVG7.501965 mono; Frank Ifield; a few crackles o/w plays EX
18718LPSoundtrackV.I.P.s (the)MCAMCA 25001SealedSealed8.001986 US reissue; Miklos Rozsa; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut
7559LPSoundtrackVertigoMercurySRI 75117EXEX8.0080's Dutch reissue of '58 LP; Bernard Herrmann; light warp
7560LPSoundtrackView to kill (A)ParlophoneBOND 1EXVG7.001985 John Barry; warp; few crackles o/w plays EX
7562LPSoundtrackWalk with love & death (A)CitadelCT 6025EXVG8.00US issue of '69 LP; Georges Delerue; a few crackles o/w plays EX
7563LPSoundtrackWall Street/ SalvadorTERTER 1154EXEX7.001987 Stewart Copeland/ Georges Delerue; couple of light crackles
8100LPSoundtrackWar & peacePhilipsBBL 7135EXVG8.001957 Nino Rota; mono; some laminate peel; a few crackles
7564LPSoundtrackWar lord (the)MCADL 9149EXVG8.0080's US reissue of '66 LP; Jerome Moross; a few clicks + crackles
36287LPSoundtrackWattstax: The living worldStax2628 010VGVG/EX12.001972 German; Double/Gatefold; light wear on cover; disc1, marks + a few clicks tk1 o/w plays well (EX); disc 2, plays well with just a few crackles
18719LPSoundtrackWay west (the)MCAMCA 25045SealedSealed8.001980's US reissue of '67 LP; Bronislaw Kaper; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut; corner crease
28667LPSoundtrackWhat's new pussycat?United artistsULP 1096VGEX15.001965 mono; small tear on opening f/cover; a few light marks
41510LPSoundtrackWhite nightsAtlantic781 273-1VGEX8.001985 German; thin line of fading along spine; plays well
4453LPSoundtrackWhite rockA&MAMLH 64614EXVG7.001977 Rick Wakeman
5800LPSoundtrackWho's afraid of Virginia Woolf ?Warner brosW 1656EXVG18.001967 mono; Alex North; a few light crackles o/w EX
18720LPSoundtrackWild roversMCAMCA 25141SealedSealed10.001986 US reissue of '71 LP; Jerry Goldsmith; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale cut
37820LPSoundtrackWoman in red (the)MotownZL 72285EXEX6.001984 West German; Stevie Wonder; Gatefold; a few light marks - plays well with just a couple of crackles
7567LPSoundtrackWoman next door (the)DRGSL 9507EXEX10.001981 US; Georges Delerue; a few light marks
7568LPSoundtrackWonderful countryUnited artistsUASF 5050EXEX10.001978 French reissue of '59 LP; Alex North; light warp
7569LPSoundtrackWorld of Suzie Wong (the)RCANL 43759VGVG8.001981 Spain - reissue of '60 LP listed as "El mundo de Suzie Wong"; George Duning; a few marks + couple of clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
9844LPSoundtrackYou only live twiceUnited artistsUALA 289GEXEX20.001967 US; John Barry; a few light marks
7570LPSoundtrackYoung lovers (the)ColumbiaOL 7010VGVG8.00US mono; Sol Kaplan; warp; some marks + crackles
7571LPSoundtrackZCBS70057EXVG8.001969 Mikis Theodorakis; a few marks + crackles
26336LPSoundtrackZabriski pointMGM235040EXEX18.0070's reissue of '70 LP; a couple of crackles
4536LPSoundtrackZachariahProbeSPB 1026EXEX12.001971 Country Joe McDonald + others
20398LPSoundtrackZuluEmberNR 5012EXG6.5070's pressing of '64 LP; John barry; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some crackles
1736710"StageshowBoyfriend (the)HMVDLP 1078VGEX10.001954 mono; some wear on openings; a few light marks + crackles
1736810"StageshowCan canParlophonePMD 1017VGVG8.001955 Original London production; mono; sellotape mark b/cover; plays ok w/some crackles
41289LPStageshowA funny thing happened on the way to the forumCapitolWAO 1717EXEX10.001962 US; Mono; Original Broadway cast; Rainbow rim label; Gatefold; mild wear on cover; some mild marks - plays well
5909LPStageshowAct (The)DRGMRS 701MintEX8.001978 US; in shrinkwrap; couple of light crackles
40796LPStageshowBarnumChrysalisCDL 1348EXEX8.001981Original London cast with Michael Crawford; Gatefold has light wear; vinyl EX+, plays perfectly
10788LPStageshowBeatlemaniaAristaAL 8501SealedSealed15.001978 US Double/Gatefold sealed in shrinkwrap
23808LPStageshowBlack nativityJoyJOY 117VGVG8.001968 Original Broadway cast; mono; a few crackles o/w plays EX
10734LPStageshowBlues in the nightFirst nightSCENE 9EXEX10.001987 London cast - Donmar warehouse theatre
10735LPStageshowBoyfriend (the)ParlophonePCS 7044EXVG8.001968 Black/White label; some light marks - plays EX
10736LPStageshowBrigadoonPhilipsBBL 7257EXVG7.001958 Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy; mono; some crackles
31915LPStageshowBubbling brown sugarH&L9109 011EXEX12.001976 Plain White label test pressing; Gatefold; Original Broadway cast recording
15028LPStageshowBuddy - The Buddy Holly storyFirst nightQUEUE 1EXEX/EX12.001989 Double/Gatefold
5507LPStageshowCanterbury talesDeccaLK 4956EXEX10.001968 unboxed Decca label; mono; Wilfred Brambell
29667LPStageshowCrooked mile (the)HMVCLP 1298EXEX10.001959 Mono; Book + lyrics Peter Wildeblood/ Music Peter Greenwell/ Directed Jean Meyer; light wear on cover
1171LPStageshowDestry rides againDeccaDL 9075VGVG10.001959 US only; Spine split
10739LPStageshowDream girlsGeffenGEF 85578EXVG7.001982 Broadway cast; Gatefold + insert; a few crackles o/w plays EX
31327LPStageshowFade out - Fade inABC ParamountABC OC-3VGEX10.001964 US; Mono; some mild wear on Gatefold cover; a few light marks
10741LPStageshowFings ain't wot they used t'beDeccaLK 4346EXEX10.001960 mono; a few light marks + crackles
29708LPStageshowFree as airOrioleMG 20016VGVG8.001957 Mono; sellotape stain on opening f/cover; some laminate peel; a few marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
8719LPStageshowGood companionsEMIEMC 3042EXEX8.001974 London cast + insert; couple of light marks
11248LPStageshowHello, DollyRCA victorLOC 1087EXVG7.001964 Broadway cast; US; Gatefold; mono; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
5825LPStageshowI remember mamaTERTER 1102EXVG7.001985 Gatefold; Cast recording; short click at start of side 1 o/w EX
38780LPStageshowJesus Christ SuperstarMCAMCX 501VGEX/EX8.001974 Double/Gatedfold reissue of '70 LP + 12 Page booket (some yellow spotting); Black rainbow labels; Oct '70 Studio recording with Ian Gillan, Mike D'Abo, Murray Head etc; small sticker tear f/cover; both discs play well with just a few crackles on disc2
3943LPStageshowKismetRCA victorRD 7747EXVG7.001966 Lincoln centre production; mono; ring wear on back cover; some surface noise
10268LPStageshowKwa ZuluPhilips6355 031EXEX8.001975 a few light marks
28208LPStageshowLittle mePyeNPL 18107VGVG8.001964 mono; Bruce Forsyth; light sticker mark on label; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
11255LPStageshowLittle shop of horrorsGeffenGEF 70244EXEX8.001982 oringinal cast + insert; couple of marks
2754LPStageshowLock up ypur daughtersDeccaSKL 4070VGVG8.001959 Mermaid theatre; stereo; some surface noise
5910LPStageshowMan of la ManchaMCAMUP 334EXEX10.001968 London cast - Keith Mitchell & Joan Diener; Gatefold; mono; small tear on spine corner; few light surface marks
9842LPStageshowMan of la ManchaLondonSHR 8362EXEX8.001967 couple of crackles
28407LPStageshowMarch of the falsettosDRGSBL 12581EXVG8.001981 US; Original cast; Gatefold + 8 page booklet; some marks - plays EX
5919LPStageshowMr CindersTERTER 1069EXEX8.001983 Revival London cast
28224LPStageshowMy fair ladyCBSSEPG 68001EXVG8.001959 Stereo; Orange label; Feb 1 1959 London Origanal cast recording; Gatefold; a few light marks - plays well
29709LPStageshowMy fur ladyMcGillMRS LPM 5VGVG10.001957 Canada; Mono; Graduates society of McGill university; some yellowing on cover; some marks - plays well w/some crackles
30662LPStageshowNo stringsDeccaLK 4576VGVG8.001964 London cast recording; mono; 'ATV music library' sticker f/cover + label; black pen b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well w/some crackles
33874LPStageshowNo stringsDeccaLK 4576EXEX10.001964 London cast recording; music & lyrics by Richard Rodgers; light wear on cover; a few light marks - a few crackles
28392LPStageshowOh boy !PyeN 109EXVG7.501979 a few light marks - plays well
33493LPStageshowOne over the eightDeccaLK 4393VGEX12.001961 Mono; Kenneth Williams/ Original cast recording; wear + some laminate peel on cover; a few light crackles
3344LPStageshowPhil the fluterPhillipsSBL 7916EXVG20.001969 plays EX
10743LPStageshowPins & needlesCBS/ CSPAOS 2210EXEX8.00US reissue of '62 LP (25th anniv. Of 1937 prod.) Barbara Streisand; Gatefold; a few crackles
37940LPStageshowPippinT/MotownSTMA 8014GVG7.001972 Gatefold; surface tear along top edge b/cover + 2 on f/cover; some marks + mild dish warp - plays well with just a few crackles
18711LPStageshowPoint (the)MCAMCF 2826SealedSealed12.001977 Mermaid theatre; Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones; sealed in shrinkwrap
18814LPStageshowPrivates on paradeEMIEMC 3233EXEX8.001978 Royal Shakespeare company; a few light crackles
5034LPStageshowPromises, promisesUnited artistsUAS 29011EXVG8.001969 some light surface marks; plays EX
5429LPStageshowRocky horror picture showOde9009EXEX10.001974 Tim Curry - US Roxy cast; Gatefold + inner
5917LPStageshowRocky horror showUKUKAL 1015EXEX10.001973 London cast
18806LPStageshowSay, darlingRCA victorLOC 1045EXVG12.001958 US; original cast recording; mono; a few marks - plays ok w/some crackles
28666LPStageshowSmikePyeNSPL 18423EXEX10.001973 from BBC TV production; + Gatefold insert; a few light marks - a few crackles at start of side 2
5702LPStageshowStop the world I want to get offDeccaLK 4408EXEX12.001961 mono; Anthony Newley + cast at Queens theatre London 20/7/61
3370LPStageshowSugar babiesB*WayBE 8302RSealedSealed8.00Broadway cast inc. Mickey Rooney; Gatefold; Sealed in shrinkwrap
17772LPStageshowSweet charityCBSSPRG 70035EXVG7.501967 London cast recording; light warp + some marks - plays EX
10327LPStageshowTwelfth nightArgoD159 D3EXEX/EX20.001979 Triple LP in box (all EX) + foldout insert; Old Vic company
5811LPStageshowUnderneath the archesTERTERX 1015EXEX8.001982 Roy Hudd, Christopher Timothy & London cast
41290LPStageshowWait a minim !LondonAMS 88002SealedSealed10.001966 US; Stereo; Leon Gluckman; Broadway cast recording; Gatefold; Factory sealed in shrinkwrap; some mild yellow spotting on cover under shrinkwrap; Unopened/Unplayed
37770LPTangerine dreamSorcererMCAMCF 2806VGG5.001977 Tangerine dream; Black/Rainbow label; matrix no.s A-2/B-1; light wear on cover; some marks on vinyl; light dish warp - plays OK (VG) w/some mild clicks + crackles
10748LPDimitri TiomkinThe western film world of..UnicornDKP 9002EXEX8.001981 Holland; Gatefold; conducted by Laurie Johnson
33473LPTV SeriesDoctor Who sound effects no.19BBCREC 316EXEX10.001978 Mono; Laminated f/cover; a few creases along spine
33472LPTV SeriesDoctor Who: Genesis of the DaleksBBCREH 364EXEX8.001979 Mono; a few marks
8111LPTV SeriesInspector MorseVirginVTLP 2EXVG7.001991 a few crackles
37939LPTV SeriesMot alle vindarFritunaFRLP 157NEXVG8.001978 Norway; Jon English & Mario Millo; + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
38852LPTV SeriesOn the big hillSilvertoneORELP 501VGVG7.001988 From the Granada TV series; Brendan Croker + Guy Fletcher; some creasing on b/cover; some marks - plays well (EX) with just a few crackles
5915LPTV SeriesOpera sauvagePolydor2490 161VGVG7.001981 issue of '76 recordings; Vangelis; small tear on opening; short click at end of side 1 + a few light crackles
6705LPTV SeriesPorridgeBBCREB 270EXEX8.001977 mono; "an evening in" + "Heartbreak hotel"
7529LPTV SeriesRich man, poor manMCAMCF 2767EXEX8.001976 Alex North
7531LPTV SeriesRobinson Crusoe & man FridayPrometheusPST 501EXEX10.001980 Belgium listed as "Vendredi ou la vie sauvage"; Maurice Jarre
20399LPTV SeriesSaturday scenePhilips9299 270EXVG7.501974 Gatefold; Sally James interviews; few light crackles o/w plays EX
4993LPTV SeriesWorld at warDeccaSPA 325EXVG6.001973 a few light cracles o/w plays EX
33099LPDennis WeaverDennis WeaverDJMDJF 20504EXEX10.001977 + Promo photo + A4 Biog; light wear on cover
39539LPEric Weissberg & Steve MandellDueling banjosWarner bros.K 46214EXG5.001973 Burbank label; matrix no.s A-1/B-2; 'Soundtrack of Deliverance + additional music'; 'Dobells' new price shop sticker b/cover; Heavy staining on side1 vinyl caused by poly inner - plays well (EX)
20045LPEric WinstoneEric Winstone plays 007AvenueAVINT 1005EXEX10.001973 light ring wear b/cover; few light marks
9845LPZero zero seven bandJames Bond thrillersGolden guineaGGL 0326VGVG8.001965 mono; sellotape on opening tear; light warp + few crackles
7469LPVarious artistsConquista del west (la)RCANL 33217EXEX8.001981 Italy; tracks from Mackennas gold/ high noon/ Rio bravo etc
30478LPVarious artistsGreat war film themesUnited artistsUAS 29074EXEX8.0070's compilation of '60-69 recordings; light wear on cover; a few light marks
7572LPVarious artistsOmen & other themes (the)Silva screenFILM 017EXEX7.001988 Nat phil orch (1978) + Hammer city orch (1974); couple of light crackles
9846LPVarious artistsTop BBC TV themesBBCREH 310EXVG7.001978 a few crackles
11040LPVarious artistsWonderful show songsHMVCLP 1311VGVG7.001960 mono; some laminate peel; a few marks + clicks + crackles

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