Punk / New wave - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
534245Active mindsNational Lotta ELoony tunesTUNE 36MintEX£4.001990's
239912"AdvertsThe Peel sessionsStrange fruitSFPS 034EXEX£8.001987; 5 tracks
3260445AfflictedOne forty twoBonkAFF 4-VG£12.001982 b/w 'Senseless whale stalker'; plain sleeve; lipstick mark on label; plays well w/some light crackles
2455545Alberto y lost trios paranoiasHeads down no nonsense mindless boogieLogoGOD 323VGVG/VG£8.001978 Double/Gatefold; b/w 'Thank you/ Fuck you/ Dead meat pt2'; light wear on cover; a few crackles side 4 o/w all play EX
2921745Alien sex fiendDead and buriedAnagramANA 23EXEX£8.001984 Red vinyl; b/w 'Attack'; light wear on cover
2921845Alien sex fiendHurricane fighter planePlagueANA 33EXVG£5.001987 b/w 'It lives again'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
2455645Alternative TVHow much longerDeptford fun ciDCF 002VGVG£7.001977 b/w 'You bastard'; 'PB' written on label; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
141645Angelic upstartsKid's on the streetZono phoneZ 16VGEX£5.001981
134745Angelic upstartsMurder of Liddle TowersRough tradeSW 001VGVG£3.501978
134545Angelic upstartsNever 'ad nothin'Warner brosK 17476VGVG£3.001979
206745Angelic upstartsOut of controlWarner brosK 17558VGVG£3.501980
22145Angelic upstartsTeenage warningWarnerK17426VGEX£4.00 
145445Angelic upstartsWe gotta get out of this placeWarner brosK 17586VGVG£4.001980 plays EX
1788512"AngelsOut of the blueAlbert Prod..AS 37VGEX£7.501979 Australia; some ring wear
1150645Armitage shanksLiving is the best revengeVinyl JapanPAD 15MintMint£7.001994
805845BannedLittle girlHarvestHAR 5145-EX£4.001977 company sleeve
2455845BethnalNothing newVertigo6059 213-VG£4.001978 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Summer wine'; a few light marks - plays EX
2455745BethnalWe've gotta get out of this placeVertigoBET 1VGEX£5.001978 b/w 'The Outcome'; some ring wear on cover
2932412"BlitzTelecommunicationFuture12 FS 3VGVG£8.001983 b/w 'Teletron/ White man'; top edge split; a few yellow spots b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
3385712"Bollock brothersThe Prince and the showgirlIndiscDID 127700VGEX£8.001984 b/w 'The president and the showgirl'; a few light marks
141745BombersI'm a liar, babyThe LabelTLR 006VGEX£5.001978
2455945Bram TchaikovskyGirl of my dreamsRadarscopeADA 28VGVG/VG£8.001979 b/w Come back'; Double/Gatefold inc 45 SAM 96 'Robber/ Whiskey & wine'; a few marks - disc1 plays EX; disc 2 plays well with a few crackles
239812"BuzzcocksAlive tonight EPPlanet pacificPPAC 3TEXEX£8.001991
240612"BuzzcocksThe early years liveReceiver3013EXVG£7.001990 Blue vinyl; stickered sleeve
3095745Captain SensibleHappy talkA&MCAP 1EXVG£3.001982 b/w 'It/I can't stand it'; a few light marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
1873245Carburetor dungSheep farming in MalaysiaHideous-EXEX£5.001998
129545ChelseaRight to workStep forwardSF 2VGVG£7.001977
134645ChelseaUrban kidsStep forwardSF 8EXEX£7.001978
2619745China streetRock against racism (RAR)EMIEMI 2864VGEX£10.001978 White label Demo; b/w 'Dubbage'
2456245China streetYou're a ruinCriminalCRM 1-VG£6.001978 b/w 'Your M.P'; some light marks - plays well
2456545Clash(White man) In Hammersmith palaisCBSCBS 6383VGVG£7.001978 b/w 'The Prisoner'; tear on blue die cut sleeve; writing on label; a few marks - plays EX
23145ClashClash city rockersCBS5834-EX£3.00 
2456845ClashI fought the lawCBSCLASH 1EXVG£4.001988 issue of 79 + 77 tracks; b/w 'City of the dead'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
2456945ClashReturn to BrixtonCBS656 0727EXEX£5.001990 b/w 'The guns of Brixton'
22945ClashShould I stay or should I goEpic14 03061EXEX£5.00US issue ; Record stamped DEMO
22845ClashShould I stay or should I goColumbia656667EXEX£2.501991 reissue of 1982 single
2883112"ClashLondon callingCBS12 8087VGVG£8.001979 some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
1866412"ClashStraight to hellCBSA13 2646VGEX£8.001982 double A side b/w "Should I stay or should I go"; some light marks
2591245CompetitionAll string vests & grecianLaserLAS 30-EX£6.001980 b/w 'Take me to the hospital'
3293545Comsat angelsTotal war girlPolydor2059 227EXVG£5.001980 b/w 'Waiting for a miricale'/ Home is the range'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2999345Hugh Cornwell(Under her) SpellTrackTRACK 00013CEXEX£7.002004 b/w 'No more heroes/ When it blows it stacks'
146145Count BishopsI take what I wantChiswickNS 33-EX£3.001978
130045Count BishopsI want candyChiswickNS 376VGVG£6.001978; 6" single
2457245Wayne County & Electric chairsFuck offSweet faWC 1VGVG£10.001977 b/w 'On the crest'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2457345Wayne County & Electric chairsStuck on youIllegalIL 002VGVG£8.001977 as Electric chairs; b/w 'Paranoia paradise/ The last time'; tear on flipback b/cover; some wear on cover; mild warp; a few marks - plays well
2457145Wayne County & Electric chairsTrying to get on the radioSafariSAFE 9VGVG£6.001978 b/w 'Evil minded momma'; light wear on cover; a few crackles on b'side o/w plays EX
146245CrampsCan your dog do the pussyBig beatNS 110VGEX£4.001985 small sticker tear
2457645CrampsFaster pussy catNew roseNEW 28VGVG£5.001984 b/w 'You got good taste'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2504445CrassNagasaki nightmareCrass412984/5VGEX£8.001980 b/w 'Big litte A'; seam split + some wear on Foldout sleeve; a few light crackles
3371712"CultRessurection Joe (long version)Beggars banquetBEG 122TEXEX£7.501984 b/w 'Hep cat mix Long version'; Die-cut textured sleeve
2619845Cut-outsD.I.Y.EMIEMI 2984VGEX£10.001979 White label Demo; b/w 'We don't wanna hurt oursleves/ Nearly right'; wear on top opening f/cover
534345Jeff Dahl GroupAin't got nothin'Shakin' streetHUP 016MintEX£7.001990 France; Blue vinyl
2979545DamnedDozen girlsBronzeBRO 156VGVG£5.001982 b/w 'Take that/ Mine's a large one landlord/ Torture me'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
2506745DamnedIn dulce decorumMCAGRIM 8EXEX£4.001986 b/w 'Psychomania'
146445DamnedLove songChiswickCHIS 112VGVG£3.001979 Black vinyl
2457945DamnedSmash it upBig beatNS 76VGVG£5.001982 issue of '79 45; Red vinyl; b/w 'Burglar'; some wear on cover; mark on side 2 with short click o/w plays well
919212"DamnedAlone again or (mixed again)MCAGRIMT 7EXEX£6.501987
2932612"DamnedEloiseMCAGRIMT 4EXEX£8.001986 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Beat girl/ Temptation'; a few light marks
534445DangerfieldsGlitter song (+2)Weird027-Mint£8.001990's France; + 3 by Dogshit sandwich
3260545Dangerous girlsMan in the glassHumanHUM 1VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'MO75'; dish warp - plays well w/some crackles
2458145Dead KennedysCalifornia uber allesFast productF 12VGVG£6.001980 b/w 'Man with the dogs'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2504645Dead KennedysHoliday in CambodiaCherry redCHERRY 13VGVG£5.001980 France; Bomber sleeve; b/w 'Police truck'; some marks - plays EX
791012"Dead KennedysBleed for meAlt. TentaclesVIRUS 23EXEX£7.001982 + inner; couple of crackles
791112"Dead KennedysIn god we trust, inc.StatikSTAT EP2EXVG£5.001981; 2 small jumps tk1 side 2 o/w plays EX
2213012"Dead KennedysToo drunk to fuckCherry red12 CHERRY 24EXEX£10.001981 France; b/w The Prey
2171845DepressionsMessing with your heartBarn2014 119VGVG£8.001978 b/w Street kid; some ring wear; some light marks - Plays EX
129945DickiesBanana splitsA & MAMS 7431EXEX£6.001979 Yellow vinyl
534545Dog on a ropeRope rageWhisperBAN 2MintMint£7.001990's
608645Dog on a ropeYob cultureFlat earthBAN 1MintEX£6.001990's
2458745Doll by dollThe Palace of loveAutomaticK 17330VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'The fountain is red, the fountain is white'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays OK w/some crackles
2458845DronesBone idolValerVRS 1VGVG£12.001977 Fold-out sleeve; b/w 'I just wanna be myself'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
299945Drongos for EuropeDeaths a careerInfernoHELL 3EXVG£7.001982 plays EX
2458945John Du CannDon't be a dummyVertigo6059 241VGEX£5.001979 b/w 'If I'm Makin'; some wear on cover
112112"EaterLock it upThe LabelTLR 004/12"EXVG£8.001977
2459145EdgeDownhillHurricaneFIRE 3VGEX£10.001979 White vinyl; b/w 'American excess'; some wear on cover
2895145EmbryoI'm differentRampantRAM 001EXEX£25.001980 b/w 'You know he did'; signed by band to Joy f/cover; light wear on cover
2459245ExpressosTango in monoWEAK 18431VGEX£6.001980 b/w 'Thumbs on the ground'; some wear on cover
2459445Charlie FawnBlue skiesWarner brosK 17385VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Dreamworld'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
1096145FingerprintzTough luckVirginVS 278EXEX£6.001979
2459545Patrik FitzgeraldAll sewn upPolydor2059 091VGVG£6.001979 b/w 'Hammersmith Odeons'; sticker tear back + front covers; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
804545FlysName droppingEMI2936VGVG£4.001979 Green vinyl; Factory sample
23645FlysWaikiki beach refugeesEMI2867-EX£7.00DEMO ; issued in company sleeve
29219454 SkinsYesterdays heroesSecretSHH 125EXEX£10.001981 b/w 'Justice get out of my life'; light wear on cover; some light marks
2459645Stanley FrankS'cool daysPower exchangePX 247VGEX£5.001977 b/w 'On a line'; some wear on cover; light warp
3260645FrankiesYo yoHumanHUM 2VGEX£5.001980 b/w 'Holiday magic'; light stain b/cover
9603EPFridgesLin freezeInk inkII 01EXVG£5.001980 some marks
6522EPFuneral orationThe more we knowLoony tunesTUNE 16MintEX£4.00 
2460045Generation XKing rockerChrysalisCHS 2261VGVG£5.001979 Bob Andrew picture sleeve; b/w 'Gimme some truth'; a few marks - plays EX
3293645Generation XYour generationChrysalisCHS 2165VGVG£5.001977 b/w 'Day by day'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackes
24599EPGeneration XDancing with myselfChrysalisCHS 2488VGVG£4.001981 b/w 'Untouchables/ Rock on/ King rocker'; wear on cover; some marks - plays well
600545GlueballMillenium domeNaked dogNAKE 007MintEX£5.001999
130245Dave GoodmanJustifiable homicideThe LabelTLR 008EXG£3.001978 red vinyl; Click on B'side
2460145GorillasShe's my galChiswickS 4EXEX£10.001975 b/w 'Why wait 'til tomorrow'; light wear on cover; 'Pb' written on label
2922045Guana batzLoan sharkIDEYE 12-G£2.501986 b/w 'Radio sweetheart'; some staining on vinyl; edge warp causing some surface noise at start of both sides o/w plays OK
1140145Head caseMTV hate awardsTrash citySMUT 002EXEX£7.001996 red vinyl
3075745HeadboysThe shape of things to comeRSORSO 40VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'The mood I'm in'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
534645HeadcaseOnce againTrash citySMUT 003MintEX£5.001997 + insert
2460245Richard Hell & VoidoidsThe kid with the replaceable headRadarscopeADA 30EXVG£7.001979 b/w 'I'm your man'; light warp; a few light marks - plays EX
404812"Richard Hell & VoidoidsThe blank generationSire6078 608VGEX£10.001977 water stains on cover
3260745HermineTortureHumanHUM 3VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'Veiled woman/ Foxes will/ Born a woman'; small tear f/cover; plays well with a few crackles
2460345HitmenOuija (bring it back to me)CBSA 1591VGVG£4.001981 b/w 'Shade in, fade out'; some wear on cover; a few marks - a few clicks at start side 1 o/w plays EX
2460445HitmenShe's all mineUrgentPRONT 01-G£3.50b/w 'Slay me with your 45'; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some crackles
2460545Holly & ItaliansI wanna go homeVirginVS 411VGEX£12.001981 b/w 'Fanzine'; sticker tear f/cover; some wear on cover
2460645IdolsYouOrkNYC 2VGVG£7.001979 b/w 'Girl that I love'; a few light marks - plays EX
608745Instant agonyThink of EnglandWeird028-EX£5.00France
23745Jilted JohnJilted JohnEMIINT 567-VG£2.50Company sleeve
23845Jonny RubbishLiving in NW3 4JRUnited artistsUP 36405EXEX£6.00 
2460845JumpTomorrow's mineRewindREWIND 4-EX£7.00b/w 'Love in the park'; some light marks
2460945Klark KentDon't careA&MAMS 7376VGEX£6.001978 Green vinyl; b/w 'Thrills/ Office girls'; some wear on cover
147245Killing jokeEightiesEGEGO 16EXEX£4.001984
147345Killing jokeLet's all go (to the fire dances)EGEGO 11EXEX£4.001983
2922245King KurtAmericaPolydorKURT 1EXVG£4.001986 b/w 'High and mighty'; light ring wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
2922445King KurtDestination Zulu landStiffBUY 189EXVG£3.501983 b/w 'She's as hairy'; some staining on vinyl + light dish warp - plays EX
2922145King KurtSlammersStiffBUY 235EXVG£4.001985 b/w 'Ape hour'; some light marks - plays EX
2922345King KurtZulu beatThin slicedTSR 2EXEX£30.001982 Big deal edition Green marbled vinyl; b/w 'Rockin' Kurt'
2461045Laughing dogsGet 'im outa townCBSCBS 7811-EX£8.001979 White 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Get outa my way
2461145Leyton BuzzardsSaturday night beneath the plastic palm treesChrysalisCHS 2288VGEX£6.001979 b/w 'Through with you'; 'PB' written on label; a few light marks
2461245Little roostersI need a witnessAmiAIS 107-VG£7.001980 Promo; b/w 'Age of reason' a few marks - plays well
2880212"LondonSummer of loveMCA12MCA 319EXEX£12.001977 b/w 'No time/ Friday on my mind/ Sioxsie Sue'; light wear on cover; a few light crackles
147645LurkersAin't got a clueBeggars banquetBEG 6EXVG/VG£6.001978 + gold flexi disc; all play EX
147545LurkersAin't got a clueBeggars banquetBEG 6VGEX/EX£6.001978 + clear vinyl picture flexi disc
147745LurkersFreak showBeggars banquetBEG 2VGMint£5.001977
147845LurkersFree admission/ Freak showBeggars banquetBack 1VGVG/VG£6.001979 reissue of 1st 2 '45's Double/gatefold
2461345LurkersI don't need to tell herBeggars banquetBEG 9VGEX£6.001978 b/w 'Pills'; some wear on cover; 'PB' written on label
147945LurkersJust thirteenBeggars banquetBEG 14VGEX£5.001978
2461445LurkersNew guitar in townBeggars banquetBEG 28-EX£4.001979 b/w 'Little ole wine drinker me'; a few light marks
157845LurkersOut in the darkBeggars banquetBEG 19EXVG£5.001979
467845MagazineShot by both sidesVirginVS 200EXVG£4.001978 paper sleeve; some surface marks
466845MarinesLonely catFirst waveFW 001EXEX£5.001982
2461545Patrick D MartinI like 'lectric motorsDeramDMR 432VGVG£4.001979 b/w 'Time'; some wear on openings; some light marks - plays well
148045MembersSound of the suburbsVirginVS 242EXVG£4.001979
825512"MembersOffshore banking accountVirginVS 24812VGEX£6.001979; sticker tear f/cover
601345Mercyless kopNothing from nothingWeird021-EX£6.00Warp; plain sleeve
23945Steve Miro & EyesDreams of desireObject musicOM 10-VG£4.00Some surface noise
2461845ModelsThe FreezeStep forwardSF 3VGEX£15.001977 b/w 'Man of the year'; wear on cover; sellotape marks on edges; a few light marks
2462045Modern EnglishGathering dust4ADAD 15VGVG£4.501980 b/w 'Tranquility of a summer moment'; some wear on cover; some light marks - some crackles on b'side
2461945MolestersDisco loveSmall wonderSMALL 15VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Commuter man'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well w/some crackles on b'side
2462145Nash the slash19th Nervous breakdownDindiscDIN 29VGEX£8.001981 b/w 'Danger zone'; some wear on cover
2935145Neon heartsPopular musicSatrilSAT 139VGVG£7.001979 b/w 'Pretty as a picture'; light wear on cover; light warp - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
24045Neon heartsPopular musicSatrilSAR 139-G£1.00Surface noise
2462245999EmergencyUnited artistsUP 36399EXEX£6.001978 b/w 'My street stinks'; light wear on cover
2619045999Lil red riding hoodAlbionION 1017VGVG£5.001981 Plain black sleeve + 999 stencil; b/w 'Wait for your number to be called/ I ain't gonna tell ya'; a few marks - a few clicks on b'side o/w plays EX
2462345999ObsessedAlbionION 1011VGVG£5.001981 b/w 'Change/ Lie lie lie'; some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2618945999TroublePolydorPOSP 99VGVG£4.001980 b/w 'Made a fool of you'; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
233212"999Wild sunAlbion12 ION 1033VGEX£7.001982 Yellow vinyl; cover edge split
2462445Ian NorthHollywood babylonAutraAUS 115VGEX£5.001980 b/w 'No sound from 25'; some wear on cover; a few light marks
2371145Only onesLovers of todayVengeanceVEN 001-VG£6.001977 b/w 'Peter & the pets'; plays OK w/some crackles
1096245OthersBirmingham reggaeCityNIK 4VGEX£7.001978 France; red vinyl
2371245John Otway & Wild Willy BarrettReally freePolydor2058 951-VG£4.001977 b/w 'Beware of the flowers'; company sleeve; plays EX
3352445John Otway & Wild Willy BarrettReally freePolydor2058 951VGVG£6.001977 b/w 'Beware of the flowers'; some wear/creasing on cover; light warp - plays well with a few crackles
6014EPPanicYou smell like a brewery EPHectic-MintMint£5.00 
24145PenetrationCome in to the openVirginVS 268EXVG£4.00 
1805412"PenetrationDanger signsVirginVS 25712VGVG£7.001979 some wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
18767EPPigsYouthanasiaNew BristolNBR 01VGG£5.001978 stains + some wear on cover; plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
24245Plastic BertrandLe petit tortillardVogue45 X 119EXEX£6.00French issue
24445Plummet airlineIt's hardStateSTAT 66EXEX£5.00Promo
2506845ProfessionalsThe magnificentVirginVS 456VGVG£5.001981 b/w 'Just another dream'; some marks - plays EX
825612"Public heirsWhat's going on ?QuietQST 012VGEX£8.001986
1034645Public Image LtdRiseVirginVS 841EXEX£4.001986
3351112"Public Image LtdDon't ask meVirginVST 1231VGVG£6.501990 b/w 'Rules and regulations/ Warrior'; some marks - plays EX
2932812"Public Image LtdThis is not a love songVirginVS 529-12EXVG£7.001983 b/w 'Blue water/ This is not a love song (remix)/ Public image'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
6088EPPussy crushGet a life !La di da030MintEX£5.001993 France; Clear vinyl
2462845RadiatorsKitty RickettsChiswickCHS 115VGVG£15.001979 b/w 'Ballad of the faithful departed'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2463045Radio StarsDirty picturesChiswickPROMO 2-VG£10.001977 Promo; b/w 'No Russians in Russia'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
299645Radio StarsNervous wreckChiswickNS 23-EX£4.001977
24629EPRadio StarsStop itChiswickSW 17VGVG£10.001977 'No Russians in Russia/ Box 29/ Johnny Mekon/ Sorry I'm tied up'; some marks - plays well
587912"Red beatDreamManic machineRB 003VGVG£6.50spine split
2463145Regents7 teenRialtoTREB 111VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Hole in the heart'; some wear on cover + tear on opening; some light marks - plays well
5348EPRestartsLegacy of bigotry (+1)DeadDFI 0011-EX£5.00b/w 2 tracks by Left for dead
2463245RevillosMotor bike beatDindiscDIN 5GVG£3.501980 b/w 'No such luck'; a few marks - plays EX
2463445RezillosI wanna be your manSensibleFAB 1 (MARK 2)VGVG£6.001979 reissue of '77 45; b/w 'I can't stand my baby' - 'Come back John lennon' in run out groove; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2463345RezillosI wanna be your manSensibleFAB 1VGEX£12.001977 b/w 'I can't stand my baby'; some wear on cover + opening; a few light marks
2463545RezillosTop of the popsSireSIR 4001EXVG£7.001978 b/w '20,000 Rezillos under the sea'; light wear on cover'; some marks - plays EX
2172145Rich kidsRich kidsEMIEMI 2738VGEX£5.001978 b/w Empty words; 'Rich kids' written b/cover; some ring wear
142245Jonathan RichmanBuzz buzz buzzBeserkleyBZZ 25VGVG£4.001978
24745Jonathan RichmanEgyptian reggaeBeserkley6 12217EXEX£7.00German issue ; Different cover
24845Jonathan RichmanRoadrunnerBeserkleyBZZ 1-VG£2.00 
534945Rong'unsSocial controlWeird026-Mint£6.00 
535045Runnin' riotDivided loyaltiesPunk shit03MintEX£5.00 German; warp
3293745RutsBabylon's burningVirginVS 271EXEX£8.001979 b/w 'Society'
1096345RutsDifferent viewVirginVS 396EXEX£5.001981
2463645RutsStaring at the rude boysVirginVS 327VGVG£5.001980 Small tear on Gatefold Crossword competition sleeve; Initials on label; a few light marks - plays well
2463745SaintsThe Perfect dayharvestHAR 5130-VG£4.001977 b/w 'L-I-E-S'; a few marks - plays EX
2463845Sanitary inspectorsE.S.PTeen age kicksKICK 011EXEX£8.001995 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'Fast cars'; light wear on cover
6004EPScreaming williesKill superman EPWeird018-EX£6.00France; in plain sleeve
2932912"Sex gang childrenMauritia MayerClay12CLAY 27VGVG£8.001983 b/w 'Children's prayer'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2464045Sex pistolsAnarchy in the UKGlitterbest640 112VGVG£18.001977 France; b/w 'I wanna be me'; tears on a'side label; tear on opening; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
1556045Sex pistolsC'mon everybodyVirginVS 272VGG£2.501979 some marks - clicks + crackles on b'side
2463945Sex pistolsGod save the queenVirginSEX 1-1VGVG£6.001980 from 'The Pistols pack' set; b/w 'Pretty vacant'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3251345Sex pistolsHolidays in the sunVirginVS 191EXEX£10.002007 180 gram reissue of '77 45 b/w 'Satellite'
2843412"Sex pistolsAnarchy in the UKGlitterbest740 501GEX£10.001977 France; b/w 'I wanna be me'; 2 tears b/cover o/w looks OK
2843512"Sex pistolsThe Biggest blow (a punk prayer by Ronald Biggs)VirginVS 22012EXEX£15.001978 b/w 'My way'; light wear on cover
2342912"Sham 69Hersham boysPolydorPOSPX 64VGEX£8.001979 b/w "Roundhouse tapes"; light wear on cover
25345SincerosTake me to your leaderEpicEPC 7367VGVG£4.00Green vinyl
25445Siouxsie & BansheesFireworksPolydorPOSPG 450EXEX£5.00Gatefold sleeve
3352545Siouxsie & BansheesHong Kong gardenPolydor2059 052VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Voices'; some wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
2464845Siouxsie & BansheesThe Staircase (mystery)PolydorPOSP 9-EX£3.001979 Company sleeve; b/w '20th Century boy'; a few light marks
833412"Siouxsie & BansheesCities in dustPolydorSHEX 9EXVG£5.001985 small sticker mark f/cover; a few crackles
833312"Siouxsie & BansheesDear prudencePolydorSHEX 4EXEX£5.001983
833512"Siouxsie & BansheesSlowdivePolydorPOSPX 510EXEX£6.001982
2213312"Skeletal familySo sureRed rhinoREDT 43EXVG£8.001984 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
322112"Skeletal familySo sureRed rhinoRED T 43EXEX£10.001984
1150745SkewbaldGrand unionDischordDIS 50VEXEX£8.001991 issue of '81 Tracks; France; I sided; clear vinyl; PROMO
2464945SkidsCharadeVirginVS 288VGVG£4.001979 b/w 'Grey parade'; wear on cover; plays EX
251045SkidsWoman in winterVirginVSK 101EXVG£4.001981 comic book cover
2465145Slaughter & the dogsCranked up really highRabidTOSH 101VGVG£15.001977 b/w 'The Bitch'; some wear on openings; a few marks - plays EX
3260845SlitsAnimal spaceHumanHUM 4VGVG£8.001980 b/w 'Animal spacier'; light dish warp - plays well with a few crackles
2465345Slow childrenStaring at the ceilingJetJET 142GVG£5.001979 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'That statue moved'; sellotape on edge splits + openings; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1096545The SmithHere comes my babyRarnRARN 1SVGG£30.001981 light stain b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles; sticks in run out groove side 2
2465445Sore throatKamakaze kidHurricaneFIRE 2-VG£4.001979 b/w 'Crackdown'; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
20645Spherical objectsSeventies romanceObjectOM 04-G£1.50Some surface noise
328045Spherical objectsThe knotObject musicOM 01VGVG£4.001978
2169345SpizzenergiWhere's captain KirkRough tradeRTSO 4VGVG£3.501979 b/w Amnesia; some wear on opening; a few light marks - plays EX
3119845Splodgeness aboundsTwo little boysDeramROLF 1VGVG£4.001980 b/w 'Saying goodbye to his horse/ Sox/ The butterfly song'; some wear on cover; plays well
470145Stiff little fingersAt the edgeChrysalisCHS 2406EXVG£4.001980
327545Stiff little fingersGotta gettawayRough tradeRT 015VGVG£4.001979
134045Stiff little fingersJust fade awayChrysalisCHS 2510MintVG£3.501981
1862712"Stiff little fingersThe Peel sessionsStrange fruitSFPS 004VGEX£7.501986 issue of '78 recordings; surface tear b/cover + top edge split; a few light marks
10966EPStiff little fingersListen (+3)ChrysalisCHS 2580EXEX£5.001982 pen on label
3352745Stranglers(Get a) Grip (on yourself)United artistsUP 36211VGEX£6.001977 b/w 'London lady'; tears on top opening + some wear on cover; a few light marks
2172345StranglersSomething better changeUnited artistsUP 36277-EX£3.001977 b/w Straighten out
3352645StranglersWalk on byUnited artistsUP 36429VGVG£5.001978 b/w 'Old codger/ Tank'; some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2978812"StranglersHeaven or hellChinaWOKT 2025VGVG£6.501992 b/w 'Disappear/ Brainbox (live)/ Hanging around (live)'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2539112"StranglersMidnight summer dreamEpicA13 3167VGEX£7.001983 b/w 'Vladimir & Olga'; light wear on cover
149745StrapsJust can't take it anymoreDonut1GEX£4.001980
2050245Suburban studsNo faithPogoPOG 001-EX£4.001977 b/w 'Questions'; few light marks
2465645SussexWith a girl like youMercurySUSS 1VGVG£6.001980 b/w 'What can I say'; mild dish warp; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3075945Switch 7You winNoisyHISS 1-EX£35.001980 b/w 'Credit cards; a few light marks - a couple of crackles
2371445TableDo the standing still (classics illustrated)VirginVS 176-G£4.001977 b/w 'The magical melon of the tropics'; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
2465745TelephoneHygiaphoneColumbia2C008 14585GVG£5.001978 France; b/w 'Anna'; damage to openings; a few marks - plays well
3351212"TelevisionFoxholeElektraK 12287VGVG£10.001978 Red vinyl in blue sleeve; Butterfly label; b/w 'Careful'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
2465845Tenpole tudorReal funKorovaKOW 4VGEX£5.001980 b/w 'What's in a word'; a few light marks
520412"Johnny ThundersIn cold bloodNew roseNEW 31EXVG£7.001983 France; plays EX
3293845TriarchySave the KhanTriarchy/ SRTSRTS79/ CUS 599-VG£40.001979 Plain sleeve; b/w 'Juliet's tomb'; a few marks - plays EX
2465945TuniksFavourite positionsLogoGO 386VGEX£6.001980 b/w 'Do whatever you do'; some wear on cover
466345UK SubsParty in ParisGEMGEMS 42EXEX£5.001980 Yellow vinyl
2466145UK SubsTomorrows girlsGemGEMS 10VGEX£6.001979 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Scum of the earth/ Telephone numbers'; name written on inside of cover; some light marks
469645UK SubsWarheadGEMGEMS 23VGVG£3.001980 some light surface noise
1227312"UK SubsFor export onlyGemGEMEP 1EXVG£6.501979 a few crackles o/w plays EX
577012"UK SubsFor export onlyGEMGEM EP1GVG£5.001979 water stain on cover
24660EPUK SubsShe's not thereGemGEMS 14VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Kicks/ Victim/ The same thing'; wear on openings; some marks - plays EX
2466345UndertonesIt's going to happenArdeckARDS 8VGVG£4.001981 b/w 'Fairly in the money now'; a few crackles on b'side o/w plays EX
2466445UndertonesYou've got my number (why don't you use it)SireSIR 4024VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Let's talk about girls'; small tear on label; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
826212"UndertonesThe Peel sessionsStrange fruitSFPS 016VGVG£7.001986 issue of 5/2/79 live session; some water damage b/cover; couple of light crackles o/w plays EX
2619945UrgeBobbyConsumer diskARIST 382VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'Teach yourself Dutch'; a couple of marks - plays EX
609045UseAnd then ?Shakin' streetHUP 014MintEX£5.001990
2466545Venus & RazorbladesI wanna be where the boys areSparkSRL 1153VGVG£8.001977 b/w 'Dog food'; edge split + wear/tear on openings; some light marks - plays well w/some crackles
1096745Venus & RazorbladesPunk a ramaBompBOMP 107-VG£5.001977 US; "31" scratched on to vinyl - plays well
150745VirusStepping stone5th columnFC 1VGMint£7.001980
474945Wreckless EricReconnez cherieStiffBUY 25VGVG£4.001978
834512"Wreckless EricHit & miss JudyStiffS12 BUY49EXEX£8.001979 Orange vinyl; die cut sleeve; couple of marks
21745X-Ray spexHighly inflammableEMIINT 583-VG£2.00 
2504945X-Ray spexIdentityEMIINT 563VGVG£5.001978 b/w 'Let's submerge'; light wear on cover; some heat stains on vinyl - plays EX
3351312"X-Ray spexOh bondage up yoursVirginVS 18912-VG£8.001977 b/w 'I am a cliché'; wear on company sleeve; some marks - plays OK with a couple of clicks + a few crackles
2466845XTCGenerals & majorsVirginVS 365GVG/VG£5.001980 Gatefold Double pack; damage/tear b/cover; some marks on vinyl - some crackles side 1 o/w plays well
2922745XTCGreat fireVirginVS 553VGEX£5.001983 b/w 'Gold'; light warp
1642045XTCLove on a farm boys wagesVirginVS 613VGVG/VG£5.001983 Double/Gatefold; some marks - both play ok w/some crackles
3231345XTCMaking plans for NigelVirginVS 282VGG£2.001979 b/w 'Bushman president/ Pulsing pulsing'; name + wear on top opening of cover; marks on vinyl - some clicks tk 1 side 2 o/w plays well
251245XTCMayor of SimpletonVirginVS 1158EXEX£4.001989
22045XTCThis is pop ?VirginVS 209VGEX£4.00"80" written on sleeve
2922545XTCThis world overVirginVS 721VGEX£8.001984 Six Postacards attatced to f/cover; b/w 'Blue overall; a few light marks
2922645XTCThugs in our houseVirginVS 490VGVG£6.001982 Gatefold Theatre sleeve + Insert; b/w 'Chain of command/ Over rusty water
82312"XTC3D EPVirginVS 18812EXEX£8.001977
964712"XTCSenses working overtimeVirginVS462 12EXVG£5.001982 short click at start of side 1 o/w plays EX

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