Punk / New wave - Full List
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
25145CDAbrasive wheelsBlack leather girlCaptain OiAHOY CD 47EXEX7.001995 a few light marks
534245Active mindsNational Lotta ELoony tunesTUNE 36MintEX4.001990's
25150CDAdvertsLive and loudLinkLINK CD 159EXEX10.001992
3260445AfflictedOne forty twoBonkAFF 4-VG12.001982 b/w 'Senseless whale stalker'; plain sleeve; lipstick mark on label; plays well w/some light crackles
2455545Alberto y lost trios paranoiasHeads down no nonsense mindless boogieLogoGOD 323VGVG/VG8.001978 Double/Gatefold; b/w 'Thank you/ Fuck you/ Dead meat pt2'; light wear on cover; a few crackles side 4 o/w all play EX
2921745Alien sex fiendDead and buriedAnagramANA 23EXEX8.001984 Red vinyl; b/w 'Attack'; light wear on cover
2921845Alien sex fiendHurricane fighter planePlagueANA 33EXVG5.001987 b/w 'It lives again'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
4165745Alternative TVAction time visionDeptford fun ciDFC 07VGEX18.001978 b/w 'Another coke' (live at 100 club 7/2/78; mild waer + 2 corner creases on cover (VG+); plays well
4165645Alternative TVHow much longerDeptford fun ciDFC 002VGVG12.001977 b/w 'You bastard'; 'S+J' written on side1 label; cover VG+ with small spoy of wear on opening + mild ring wear; vinyl VG+ with a few marks - plays well (EX)
141645Angelic upstartsKid's on the streetZono phoneZ 16VGEX5.001981
134545Angelic upstartsNever 'ad nothin'Warner brosK 17476VGVG3.001979
22145Angelic upstartsTeenage warningWarnerK17426VGEX4.00 
145445Angelic upstartsWe gotta get out of this placeWarner brosK 17586VGVG4.001980 plays EX
25386LPAngelic upstartsLiveEMIZEM 102VGVG8.001981 some marks - plays well
2416LPAngelic upstartsLive & loudLinkLP 040VGEX9.001988
10246LPAngelic upstartsStill from the heartEMIZONO 106VGEX7.001982 factory sample; sticker tear f/cover
33354LPAngelic upstartsTeenage warningWarner bros.K 56717VGVG10.001979 some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
25815CDAngelic upstartsAlternative chartbustersAlt. C/bustersAOK 102EXEX6.001991 France; a few marks
25151CDAngelic upstartsGreatest hits liveStreet linkSTR CD 027EXVG6.501991 a few marks on disc
29598CDAngelic upstartsRaritiesCaptain OiAHOY CD 80VGVG7.001997 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
1788512"AngelsOut of the blueAlbert Prod..AS 37VGEX7.501979 Australia; some ring wear
25154CDAnti nowhere leagueLive animalsStep 1STEP CD 042EXEX6.001994 a few marks on disc
25290CDAnti nowhere leagueThe Best of the Anti nowhere leagueStreet linkSTR CD 013EXVG5.001991 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
1150645Armitage shanksLiving is the best revengeVinyl JapanPAD 15MintMint7.001994
805845BannedLittle girlHarvestHAR 5145-EX4.001977 company sleeve
3702345BannedLittle girlHarvestHAR 5145VGEX4.001977 b/w 'C.P.G.J'S'; writing on side1 label; some ring wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
25156CDBarbed wireThe age that didn't careCaptain OiAHOY CD 59EXVG6.501994 a couple of marks on disc; some light creasing b/cover
2455845BethnalNothing newVertigo6059 213-VG4.001978 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Summer wine'; a few light marks - plays EX
2455745BethnalWe've gotta get out of this placeVertigoBET 1VGEX5.001978 b/w 'The Outcome'; some ring wear on cover
31893LPBethnalDangerous timesVertogo9102 020EXG10.001978 Plain White label test pressing; light wear on one piece rough cut paper sample front & back cover (listed as 9199 537); scratch on side 1 - plays EX
2932412"BlitzTelecommunicationFuture12 FS 3VGVG8.001983 b/w 'Teletron/ White man'; top edge split; a few yellow spots b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
36592LPBlitzSecond empire justiceFutureFL 1GVG25.001983 + Blue inner; mild water stain + 2 small surface tears bottom edge of cover + corner crease; a few marks - plays well (EX) with just a couple of crackles
3971412"Bollock brothersHorror moviesCharlyBOLL 5-VG7.001983 Plain white labels; b/w 'Enchantment'; some marks - plays well (VG+)
3385712"Bollock brothersThe Prince and the showgirlIndiscDID 127700VGEX8.001984 b/w 'The president and the showgirl'; a few light marks
33355LPBollock brothersNever mind the bollocks 1983CharlyBOLL 101VGVG8.001983 some marks - plays EX
33485LPBollock brothersThe Last supperCharlyBOLL 100VGVG/VG10.001983 Double; small tear f/cover; light wear on cover; a few marks on discs - both play EX
2455945Bram TchaikovskyGirl of my dreamsRadarscopeADA 28VGVG/VG8.001979 b/w Come back'; Double/Gatefold inc 45 SAM 96 'Robber/ Whiskey & wine'; a few marks - disc1 plays EX; disc 2 plays well with a few crackles
955CDBusinessThe truth the whole truth & nothing but the truthBurning heartBHR 067EXVG4.001997
239812"BuzzcocksAlive tonight EPPlanet pacificPPAC 3TEXEX8.001991
35600LPBuzzcocksLove bitesEMI FameFA 3174VGVG10.001987 reissue of '78 LP; some marks - plays well (EX) with just a couple of crackles
37487LPBuzzcocksLove bitesUnited artistsUAG 30197VGEX25.001978 + insert (some yellowing on edges); Embossed sleeve; cover VG+ with just some light wear; plays well
28830LPBuzzcocksLove bitesUnited artistsUAG 30197VGVG8.001978 Embossed sleev; no insert; some marks + wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
25106CDBuzzcocksFrenchDojoDOJO CD 237SealedSealed8.001999 sealed in shrinkwrap
25816CDBuzzcocksLive at the Roxy club - April '77Absolutely freeFREE CD 002VGEX8.001989 case mark f/cover; a few light marks on disc
1759CDSBuzzcocksDo itCastleESSX 2031EXEX4.001993; Plug copy
1760CDSBuzzcocksInnocentCastleESSX 2025EXEX3.501993
1758CDSBuzzcocksLibertine angelCastleESSX 2038EXEX4.001994; Plug copy
25292CDCapo regimeSame old storyStep 1STEP CD 055EXVG4.001994 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
3095745Captain SensibleHappy talkA&MCAP 1EXVG3.001982 b/w 'It/I can't stand it'; a few light marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
1873245Carburetor dungSheep farming in MalaysiaHideous-EXEX5.001998
4165845ChelseaRight to workStep forward2GVG12.001977 Solid centre; b/w 'The Loner'; damage along rear edge of sleeve o/w VG+; sticker tear + 'J+J' written on side1 label; vinyl VG+ with a few marks - plays well (EX)
4165945ChelseaUrban kidsStep forwardSF 8EXEX12.001978 Yellow labels/Solid centre; b/w 'No flowers; plays well
2408LPChelseaAlive & wellPicassoPIK 003EXVG10.001984
2415LPChelseaUnreleased stuffClay101VGEX10.001989
25162CDChelseaLive and wellGt. ExpectationPIP CD 056EXEX7.001993 CD issue of '84 LP
2619745China streetRock against racism (RAR)EMIEMI 2864VGEX10.001978 White label Demo; b/w 'Dubbage'
2456245China streetYou're a ruinCriminalCRM 1-VG6.001978 b/w 'Your M.P'; some light marks - plays well
3697245Christ childLet 'em eat rockBarakBAR 5-EX10.001978 b/w 'Five finger exercise'; a few light marks - plays well
22945ClashShould I stay or should I goEpic14 03061EXEX5.00US issue ; Record stamped DEMO
22845ClashShould I stay or should I goColumbia656667EXEX2.501991 reissue of 1982 single
33056CDClashLondon callingColumbia495347 2EXEX4.001999 CD reissue of '79 LP
25222CDClose shaveOi! Kinnock give us back our rose/ Hard as nailsStep 1STEP CD 001EXEX8.001993 CD reissue of 2 LP's
32700LPCockney rejectsGreatest hits - Vol. 1EMI ZonophoneZONO 101VGEX15.001980 light wear on cover; some light marks
32701LPCockney rejectsGreatest hits - Vol. 2EMI ZonophoneZONO 102VGVG10.001980 + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
32702LPCockney rejectsGreatest hits - Vol. 3 (Live & loud)EMI ZonophoneZEM 101GVG6.001981 Water damage causing large surface tears on top corner of front + back cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well
32703LPCockney rejectsThe Wild onesA.K.A.AKA 1FVG5.001982 Water damage causing damage to cover + creasing on inner; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2591245CompetitionAll string vests & grecianLaserLAS 30-EX6.001980 b/w 'Take me to the hospital'
42010CDCompulsionSafety1 Little IndianTPLP 49MCDEXEX5.001993 6 track EP: 2 small case marks on opening f/inser; a few marks - plays perfectly
3293545Comsat angelsTotal war girlPolydor2059 227EXVG5.001980 b/w 'Waiting for a miricale'/ Home is the range'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
25166CDCondemned 84Battle scarred/ Live & loudStreet punkSP 2001EXEX12.001993 reissue of 2 LP's
2999345Hugh Cornwell(Under her) SpellTrackTRACK 00013CEXEX7.002004 b/w 'No more heroes/ When it blows it stacks'
4166045CortinasFascist dictatorStep forward1VGEX20.001977 b/w 'Television families'; 'S+J' written on side1 label; mild ring wear on cover (VG+); just a couple of light marks - plays well
146145Count BishopsI take what I wantChiswickNS 33-EX3.001978
130045Count BishopsI want candyChiswickNS 376VGVG6.001978; 6" single; mild staining on vinyl - plays well
2457245Wayne County & Electric chairsFuck offSweet faWC 1VGVG10.001977 b/w 'On the crest'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well
4166145Wayne County & Electric chairsStuck on youIllegalIL 002-EX5.001977 as Electric chairs; Red label 33 1/3 3 track EP; b/w 'Paranoia paradise/ The last time'; 'S+J' written on side2 label; some light marks - plays well
2457345Wayne County & Electric chairsStuck on youIllegalIL 002VGVG8.001977 as Electric chairs; b/w 'Paranoia paradise/ The last time'; tear on flipback b/cover; some wear on cover; mild warp; a few marks - plays well
2457145Wayne County & Electric chairsTrying to get on the radioSafariSAFE 9VGVG6.001978 b/w 'Evil minded momma'; light wear on cover; a few crackles on b'side o/w plays EX
7908LPCrampsSmell of femaleBig beatNED 6EXEX10.001983; 45 rpm; light warp
3973845Cuddly toysMadmanFreshFRESH 10/ PURL7EXVG7.001980 b/w 'Join the girls'; light dish warp + a few light marks - plays well with just a few crackles at start of side 2
39715LPCuddly toysGuillotine theatreFreshFRESH LP 1VGEX12.001981 White/Black labels; UK issue with disc manufactured in France; wear on spine; vinyl is near Mint (EX+) plays well
39716LPCuddly toysTrials and crossesFreshFRESH LP 6VGVG8.001982 Gatefold; Imprint of signatures (Sean Purcell, Terry Noakes + 3) on f/cover; a few marks - plays well (EX)
3371712"CultRessurection Joe (long version)Beggars banquetBEG 122TEXEX7.501984 b/w 'Hep cat mix Long version'; Die-cut textured sleeve
2619845Cut-outsD.I.Y.EMIEMI 2984VGEX10.001979 White label Demo; b/w 'We don't wanna hurt oursleves/ Nearly right'; wear on top opening f/cover
534345Jeff Dahl GroupAin't got nothin'Shakin' streetHUP 016MintEX7.001990 France; Blue vinyl
2979545DamnedDozen girlsBronzeBRO 156VGVG5.001982 b/w 'Take that/ Mine's a large one landlord/ Torture me'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
2506745DamnedIn dulce decorumMCAGRIM 8EXEX4.001986 b/w 'Psychomania'
2457945DamnedSmash it upBig beatNS 76VGVG5.001982 issue of '79 45; Red vinyl; b/w 'Burglar'; some wear on cover; mark on side 2 with short click o/w plays well
919212"DamnedAlone again or (mixed again)MCAGRIMT 7EXEX6.501987
2932612"DamnedEloiseMCAGRIMT 4EXEX8.001986 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Beat girl/ Temptation'; a few light marks
33707LPDamnedLive Shepperton 1980Big beatWIKM 27VGG6.001985 reissue of '82 LP; wear on cover; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - a few crackles o/w plays EX
33486LPDamnedStrawberriesDojoDOJOPD 46-G7.001986 Picture disc reissue of '82 LP in plain PVC sleeve; some marks on vinyl - Side 1 small jumps tk3; Side 2, jumps + clicks end tk1/start tk2 o/w plays w/some clicks + crackles
25387LPDamnedThe Black albumChiswick/ AceWIKM2 91EXVG/EX15.0080's Barcoded Double/Gatefold issue of '80 LP; light wrap; a few marks on disc 1 - plays EX
25220CDDamnedDamned bustersLinkSTR CD 034MintMint8.001992
25107CDDamnedDamned but not forgottenDojoDOJOCD 21SealedSealed8.00Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
25169CDDamnedStrawberriesDojoDOJO CD46MintMint8.00France
534445DangerfieldsGlitter song (+2)Weird027-Mint8.001990's France; + 3 by Dogshit sandwich
3260545Dangerous girlsMan in the glassHumanHUM 1VGVG5.001980 b/w 'MO75'; dish warp - plays well w/some crackles
34137LPDead boysLiver than you'll ever bePerfect beatPB 004VGEX/EX15.001988 West German; Red vinyl; Double/Gatefold; sticker mark f/cover
791112"Dead KennedysIn god we trust, inc.StatikSTAT EP2EXVG5.001981; 2 small jumps tk1 side 2 o/w plays EX
18040CDDeathkillerNew England is sinkingScream8882 402SealedSealed6.502007 sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
25219CDDemented are goThe day the earth spat blood/ Go go dementedLinkLCS CD 002MintMint10.001992 CD reissue of 2 LP's
2171845DepressionsMessing with your heartBarn2014 119VGVG8.001978 b/w Street kid; some ring wear; some light marks - Plays EX
2934510"Diagram brothersDiscordo 45New hormonesORG 21VGVG8.001982 'Discordo/ My diner/ Fondue soiree/ Cherry blossom'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
129945DickiesBanana splitsA & MAMS 7431EXEX6.001979 Yellow vinyl
3702445DickiesEve of destructionA&MAMS 7373VGVG12.001978 b/w 'Doggie do'; some wear on top opening of cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
25172CDDisciplineRejects of societyCaptain OiAHOY CD 219EXEX6.502003 some creasing on front cover
534545Dog on a ropeRope rageWhisperBAN 2MintMint7.001990's
608645Dog on a ropeYob cultureFlat earthBAN 1MintEX6.001990's
2458745Doll by dollThe Palace of loveAutomaticK 17330VGVG5.001979 b/w 'The fountain is red, the fountain is white'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays OK w/some crackles
35356LPDoll by dollRememberAutomaticK 56618VGVG8.001979 some wear on cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
2458845DronesBone idolValerVRS 1VGVG12.001977 Fold-out sleeve; b/w 'I just wanna be myself'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
3721045Eddie & Hot rodsI might be lyingIslandWIP 6388-VG4.001977 b/w 'Ignore them'; 'Rich' written on labels; some marks - plays well (EX)
3720945Eddie & Hot rodsTeenage depressionIslandWIP 6354-VG4.001976 b/w 'Shake'; 'Rich' written on side1 label; light marks - plays well (EX)
3802745Eddie & Hot rodsWooly bullyIslandWIP 6306-EX4.001975 4-prong centre; plain black sleeve; b/w 'Horseplay (weary of the schmaltz)'; plays well
38028EPEddie & Hot rodsLive at the marqueeIslandIEP 2VGEX7.001976 '96 tears/ Get out of Denver/ Gloria/ Satisfaction'; '2' written on b/cover; some ring wear; a few light marks - plays well
37025EPEddie & Hot rodsLive at the marqueeIslandIEP 2VGVG5.001976 sellotape stain along top edges of cover; 'Rich' written on labels + b/cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
25761LPEddie & Hot rodsFish 'n' chipsEMIEMC 3344VGEX10.001981 some wear on cover
8327LPEddie & Hot rodsLife on the lineIslandILPS 9509VGVG8.001977 US Gatefold; corner sale cut; some light marks - plays EX
25762LPEddie & Hot rodsThrillerIslandILPS 9563VGEX12.001979 + Poster; some wear on cover
2459145EdgeDownhillHurricaneFIRE 3VGEX10.001979 White vinyl; b/w 'American excess'; some wear on cover
25178CDEjectedThe best of the EjectedCaptain OiAHOY CD 112EXEX8.001999 some creasing b/cover
32851LPEnglish dogsWhere legend beganUnder one flagFLAG 4EXEX15.001986 Gatefold + inner + merchandise insert
25662CDExploitedApocalypse tour 1981Limited editionLTD EDT 2CDEXEX10.00Limited edition no. 010
25193CDExploitedLive and loudAnagramCD PUNK 18MintMint8.001993
25192CDExploitedLive lewd lustStep 1STEP CD 035EXEX7.001994
25183CDExploitedSingles collectionStreet linkSTR CD 018EXEX8.001991
3702645ExpressosKiss you all overWEAK 18736EXVG5.001981 b/w 'The End'; some marks - plays well (EX)
2459245ExpressosTango in monoWEAK 18431VGEX6.001980 b/w 'Thumbs on the ground'; some wear on cover
18041CDFabulous disasterLove at first fightScream8882 002SealedSealed7.002007 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale hole b/cover
2459445Charlie FawnBlue skiesWarner brosK 17385VGVG5.001979 b/w 'Dreamworld'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
1096145FingerprintzTough luckVirginVS 278EXEX6.001979
2459545Patrik FitzgeraldAll sewn upPolydor2059 091VGVG6.001979 b/w 'Hammersmith Odeons'; sticker tear back + front covers; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
25186CD4 SkinsA fistful of 4 skinsCaptain OiAHOY CD 8VGMint7.001993 reissue; crease on front cover
2459645Stanley FrankS'cool daysPower exchangePX 247VGEX5.001977 b/w 'On a line'; some wear on cover; light warp
3260645FrankiesYo yoHumanHUM 2VGEX5.001980 b/w 'Holiday magic'; light stain b/cover
9603EPFridgesLin freezeInk inkII 01EXVG5.001980 some marks
3989745Fulham furiesThese boots are made for walkingGMGMS 9050-VG15.001978 b/w 'Under pressure'; some marks on side2 - plays well (EX)
6522EPFuneral orationThe more we knowLoony tunesTUNE 16MintEX4.00 
36598LPF-WordLike it or not livePosh boyPBS 101FEX8.001978 Red vinyl; limited edition no. 0475 sticker f/cover; water damage + fading on cover; a few light marks - plays well
28402LPGasEmotional warfarePolydorPOLS 1052VGEX10.001981 + insert; some marks f/cover + some wear; a few light marks
32859LPGBHA fridge too farRough justiceJUST 13EXEX15.001989 + inner
32550LPGBHCity baby attacked by ratsClayCLAY LP4VGVG15.001982 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
3293645Generation XYour generationChrysalisCHS 2165VGVG5.001977 b/w 'Day by day'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackes
24599EPGeneration XDancing with myselfChrysalisCHS 2488VGVG4.001981 b/w 'Untouchables/ Rock on/ King rocker'; wear on cover; some marks - plays well
600545GlueballMillenium domeNaked dogNAKE 007MintEX5.001999
25121CDGoldbladeRebel songsCaptain OiAHOY CD 252SealedSealed8.002005 sealed in shrinkwrap
130245Dave GoodmanJustifiable homicideThe LabelTLR 008EXG3.001978 red vinyl; Click on B'side
2460145GorillasShe's my galChiswickS 4EXEX10.001975 b/w 'Why wait 'til tomorrow'; light wear on cover; 'Pb' written on label
2922045Guana batzLoan sharkIDEYE 12-G2.501986 b/w 'Radio sweetheart'; some staining on vinyl; edge warp causing some surface noise at start of both sides o/w plays OK
25196CDGuana batz1985-1990Street linkSTR CD 020EXEX10.001991 compilation
25217CDGuana batzElectra glide in blue/ Rough edgesSloganSLOG CD3EXEX8.001992 reissue of 2 LP's
1140145Head caseMTV hate awardsTrash citySMUT 002EXEX7.001996 red vinyl
3075745HeadboysThe shape of things to comeRSORSO 40VGVG5.001979 b/w 'The mood I'm in'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
534645HeadcaseOnce againTrash citySMUT 003MintEX5.001997 + insert
3260745HermineTortureHumanHUM 3VGVG5.001980 b/w 'Veiled woman/ Foxes will/ Born a woman'; small tear f/cover; plays well with a few crackles
2460345HitmenOuija (bring it back to me)CBSA 1591VGVG4.001981 b/w 'Shade in, fade out'; some wear on cover; a few marks - a few clicks at start side 1 o/w plays EX
2460445HitmenShe's all mineUrgentPRONT 01-G3.50b/w 'Slay me with your 45'; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some crackles
2460545Holly & ItaliansI wanna go homeVirginVS 411VGEX12.001981 b/w 'Fanzine'; sticker tear f/cover; some wear on cover
2460645IdolsYouOrkNYC 2VGVG7.001979 b/w 'Girl that I love'; a few light marks - plays EX
25216CDInfasSound & furyCaptain OiAHOY CD 49VGEX5.001995 a few light marks; some creasing on front cover
608745Instant agonyThink of EnglandWeird028-EX5.00France
1167LPJagsNo tie like a presentIslandILPS 9655EXEX10.001981 Light creasing on cover
23745Jilted JohnJilted JohnEMIINT 567-VG2.50Company sleeve
2460845JumpTomorrow's mineRewindREWIND 4-EX7.00b/w 'Love in the park'; some light marks
2460945Klark KentDon't careA&MAMS 7376VGEX6.001978 Green vinyl; b/w 'Thrills/ Office girls'; some wear on cover
3468245Killing jokeAmericaEGEGO40EXEX5.001988 b/w 'Jihad'; light wear on cover
147345Killing jokeLet's all go (to the fire dances)EGEGO 11EXEX4.001983
2922245King KurtAmericaPolydorKURT 1EXVG4.001986 b/w 'High and mighty'; light ring wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
2922445King KurtDestination Zulu landStiffBUY 189EXVG3.501983 b/w 'She's as hairy'; some staining on vinyl + light dish warp - plays EX
2922145King KurtSlammersStiffBUY 235EXVG4.001985 b/w 'Ape hour'; some light marks - plays EX
33802LPKing KurtOoh wallah wallahStiffSEEZ 52EXVG8.001983 light wear on cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3466845KnackGood girls don'tCapitol4771-VG3.001979 US b/w 'Frustrated'; a few marks - plas well
4171545KnackMy SharonaCapitolCL 16087VGEX4.001979 b/w 'Let me out'; some ring wear on die-cut sleeve; plays well with just a few crackles
25364LPKnackGet the knackCapitolEST 11948VGEX10.001979 + inner; a few light marks
38426CDKnock offSame shit different city--EXEX12.002014; light creases on rear insert; disc is in near Mint condition
2461045Laughing dogsGet 'im outa townCBSCBS 7811-EX8.001979 White 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Get outa my way
2461145Leyton BuzzardsSaturday night beneath the plastic palm treesChrysalisCHS 2288VGEX6.001979 b/w 'Through with you'; 'PB' written on label; a few light marks
32583LPLeyton BuzzardsJellied eels to record dealsChrysalisCHR 1213VGEX12.001979 Listed as 'The Buzzards'; sticker mark f/cover o/w EX
20365LPLeyton BuzzardsJellied eels to record dealsChrysalis6307 689VGVG8.001979 German; as 'The Buzzards'; sticker tear f/cover + some wear; some light marks - plays EX
4212LPLightning strikeLightning strikeRCAPL 90239EXEX12.001988 + inner; small sticker tear
4166245LinesWhite nightLinearSJP 782-EX20.001978 b/w 'Barbican'; Plain white unstamped sleeve; plays well
3619LPLittle Bo BitchLittle Bo BitchCobraCBR 1002VGEX10.001979 DEMO
2461245Little roostersI need a witnessAmiAIS 107-VG7.001980 Promo; b/w 'Age of reason' a few marks - plays well
2880212"LondonSummer of loveMCA12MCA 319EXEX12.001977 b/w 'No time/ Friday on my mind/ Sioxsie Sue'; light wear on cover; a few light crackles
147645LurkersAin't got a clueBeggars banquetBEG 6EXVG/VG6.001978 + gold flexi disc; all play EX
2461345LurkersI don't need to tell herBeggars banquetBEG 9VGEX6.001978 b/w 'Pills'; some wear on cover; 'PB' written on label
147945LurkersJust thirteenBeggars banquetBEG 14VGEX5.001978
2461445LurkersNew guitar in townBeggars banquetBEG 28-EX4.001979 b/w 'Little ole wine drinker me'; a few light marks
157845LurkersOut in the darkBeggars banquetBEG 19EXVG5.001979
25229CDLurkersGreatest hits liveStreet linkSTR CD 009EXVG7.001991 some marks on disc - plays perfectly; 1 small case mark f/cover
25341CDLurkersTotally LurkeredDojoDOJO CD 74VGVG4.501992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly; 3 case marks on f/cover
25205CDMajor accidentClockwork heroesCaptain OiAHOY CD 16EXEX7.001994
25206CDMajor accidentMassacred melodies/ A clockwork legionCaptain OiAHOY CD 27VGMint6.501994; 2 case creases on openings of front cover o/w EX
466845MarinesLonely catFirst waveFW 001EXEX5.001982
2461545Patrick D MartinI like 'lectric motorsDeramDMR 432VGVG4.001979 b/w 'Time'; some wear on openings; some light marks - plays well
25215CDMembersUprhythm, downbeatCaptain OiAHOY CD 280MintMint7.002005 reissue
601345Mercyless kopNothing from nothingWeird021-EX6.00Warp; plain sleeve
4730LPMeteorsStampedeMad pigCHOP 1EXVG8.001984 plays EX
25804CDMeteorsWreckin' crewStreet linkSTR CD 021EXEX7.001991 France; light creasing b/cover; a few light marks
23945Steve Miro & EyesDreams of desireObject musicOM 10-VG4.00Some surface noise
4166345ModelsFreezeStep forward3GEX15.001977 'Models/Freeze' on labels; no production credits on b/cover; b/w 'Man of the year'; 'S+J' written on side1 label; heavy wear along bottom edge/corner of cover o/w VG+; just a few light marks - plays well
3721245Murder inc.Sounds so falseMIL-VGVG15.001980 b/w 'Polythene dream/ Nobody cares'; mild wear on top openings of cover; a few marks - plays well with just a couple of crackles
2462145Nash the slash19th Nervous breakdownDindiscDIN 29VGEX8.001981 b/w 'Danger zone'; some wear on cover
24045Neon heartsPopular musicSatrilSAR 139-G1.00Surface noise
2462245999EmergencyUnited artistsUP 36399EXEX6.001978 b/w 'My street stinks'; light wear on cover
2619045999Lil red riding hoodAlbionION 1017VGVG5.001981 Plain black sleeve + 999 stencil; b/w 'Wait for your number to be called/ I ain't gonna tell ya'; a few marks - a few clicks on b'side o/w plays EX
2462345999ObsessedAlbionION 1011VGVG5.001981 b/w 'Change/ Lie lie lie'; some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2618945999TroublePolydorPOSP 99VGVG4.001980 b/w 'Made a fool of you'; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
233212"999Wild sunAlbion12 ION 1033VGEX7.001982 Yellow vinyl; cover edge split
35452LP999The biggest prize in sportPolydorPOLS 1013VGEX10.001980 Gold Promo stamp b/cover; some creasing on cover; vinyl is in near Mint condition, plays well
25652CD999Live and loudLinkLINK CD 107EXEX8.001990 a few light marks on disc
34014CDNOFXSelf/entitledFat wreck chordFAT 777-2EXEX6.002012 US; light wear on Digipak
34012CDNOFXSo long and thanks for all the shoesEpitaph6518-2EXMint6.001997 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
34141CDNOFXThe war on errorismFat wreck chordFAT 657-2EXEX4.002003 US
38431CDNOFXWolves in wolves' clothingFat wreck chordFAT 711-2EXEX/EX7.002006 US Double CD; small case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc 2
2462445Ian NorthHollywood babylonAutraAUS 115VGEX5.001980 b/w 'No sound from 25'; some wear on cover; a few light marks
29623CDNoxious toysToybox--SealedSealed10.00Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
4152012"Only onesLovers of todayVengeanceVEN 001VGEX12.001977 Plain white sleeve with pasted black + white photo; b/w 'Peter an the pets'; a few light marks - plays well
25233CDOppressedDead & buried/ Fatal blowCaptain OiAHOY CD 42EXEX7.001995 reissue of 2 LP's
1096245OthersBirmingham reggaeCityNIK 4VGEX7.001978 France; red vinyl
2371245John Otway & Wild Willy BarrettReally freePolydor2058 951-VG4.001977 b/w 'Beware of the flowers'; company sleeve; plays EX
3352445John Otway & Wild Willy BarrettReally freePolydor2058 951VGVG6.001977 b/w 'Beware of the flowers'; some wear/creasing on cover; light warp - plays well with a few crackles
28075LPJohn OtwayWhere did I go rightPolydor2383 532EXEX12.001979
6014EPPanicYou smell like a brewery EPHectic-MintMint5.00 
3467245PassionsThe SwimmerPolydorPOSP 325VGEX4.001981 b/w 'Some fun'; wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
23425LPPassionsMichael & MirandaFictionFIX 003VGEX10.001980 some wear on cover
3468345Payola$China boysIRSPFP 1001VGVG6.001980 b/w 'Rose'; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
33358LPPeligroPeligroAlt. tentaclesVIRUS 165EXEX12.001995 + insert; light wear on cover
24145PenetrationCome in to the openVirginVS 268EXVG4.00 
1805412"PenetrationDanger signsVirginVS 25712VGVG7.001979 some wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
32705LPPenetrationMoving targetsVirginV 2109EXEX15.001978 Luminous vinyl; light wear on cover
7912LPPeter & Test tube babiesPissed & proudNo futurePUNK 3EXEX15.001982 + insert; light warp
25632CDPeter & Test tube babiesTotally test tubedDojoDOJO CD 63EXVG6.001992 France; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
36021LPPhotosThe PhotosEpicPHOTO 5VGVG10.001980 + Bonus LP 'The Blackmail tapes'; some wear on cover; some marks - both play well (EX)
18767EPPigsYouthanasiaNew BristolNBR 01VGG5.001978 stains + some wear on cover; plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
28809LPPlasmaticsMetal priestessStiffWOW 666VGVG15.001981 US 6 track mini LP; + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
24245Plastic BertrandLe petit tortillardVogue45 X 119EXEX6.00French issue
24445Plummet airlineIt's hardStateSTAT 66EXEX5.00Promo
825612"Public heirsWhat's going on ?QuietQST 012VGEX8.001986
3351112"Public Image LtdDon't ask meVirginVST 1231VGVG6.501990 b/w 'Rules and regulations/ Warrior'; some marks - plays EX
32551LPPublic Image LtdAlbumVirginV 2366VGEX8.001986 sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks
23449LPPublic Image LtdThe flowers of romanceVirginV 2189VGVG8.001981 sticker tear f/cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
11634CDPublic Image LtdThe greatest hits, so farVirginCDV 2644EXEX4.001990 compilation of '78-90 tracks; marks on disc - plays perfectly
18403LPPunishment of luxuryLaughing academyUnited artistsUAG 30258EXEX15.001979 Gatefold + inner
6088EPPussy crushGet a life !La di da030MintEX5.001993 France; Clear vinyl
2462845RadiatorsKitty RickettsChiswickCHS 115VGVG15.001979 b/w 'Ballad of the faithful departed'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2463045Radio StarsDirty picturesChiswickPROMO 2-VG10.001977 Promo; b/w 'No Russians in Russia'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
299645Radio StarsNervous wreckChiswickNS 23-EX4.001977
24629EPRadio StarsStop itChiswickSW 17VGVG10.001977 'No Russians in Russia/ Box 29/ Johnny Mekon/ Sorry I'm tied up'; some marks - plays well
28432LPRadio StarsSongs for swinging loversChiswickWIK 5VGEX12.001977 some wear on cover
36068LPRainbowDifficult to curePolydorSPELP 76EXEX8.001984 reissue of '81 LP; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays perfectly
18022CDRamonesIt's aliveSire9362 46045EXEX5.001990 CD issue of '78 LP
38427CDRancidAnd out come the wolvesEpitaph7441-2EXEX10.002015 all in near Mint condition
28237CDRancidRancidHellcat0427-2EXEX6.002000 Light wear on Digipak; + foldout poster
3389CDRancidRancidHellcat0427-2MintMint7.002000 Digipak + foldout poster
587912"Red beatDreamManic machineRB 003VGVG6.50spine split
2463145Regents7 teenRialtoTREB 111VGVG5.001979 b/w 'Hole in the heart'; some wear on cover + tear on opening; some light marks - plays well
5348EPRestartsLegacy of bigotry (+1)DeadDFI 0011-EX5.00b/w 2 tracks by Left for dead
36084LPRevillosRev-upVirginOVED 53EXVG10.001984 reissue of '80 LP; Red/Green labels; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well (EX)
2463345RezillosI wanna be your manSensibleFAB 1VGEX12.001977 b/w 'I can't stand my baby'; some wear on cover + opening; a few light marks
2463445RezillosI wanna be your manSensibleFAB 1 (MARK 2)VGVG6.001979 reissue of '77 45; b/w 'I can't stand my baby' - 'Come back John lennon' in run out groove; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2463545RezillosTop of the popsSireSIR 4001EXVG7.001978 b/w '20,000 Rezillos under the sea'; light wear on cover'; some marks - plays EX
2172145Rich kidsRich kidsEMIEMI 2738VGEX5.001978 b/w Empty words; 'Rich kids' written b/cover; some ring wear
142245Jonathan RichmanBuzz buzz buzzBeserkleyBZZ 25VGVG4.001978
24745Jonathan RichmanEgyptian reggaeBeserkley6 12217EXEX7.00German issue ; Different cover
24845Jonathan RichmanRoadrunnerBeserkleyBZZ 1-VG2.00 
22132LPJonathan RichmanRock 'n' roll with the Modern loversBeserkleyBSERK 9VGVG7.001977 some wear on cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
534945Rong'unsSocial controlWeird026-Mint6.00 
25657CDRose tattooThe Best of Rose tattooStreet linkSTR CD 024MintMint7.001991
535045Runnin' riotDivided loyaltiesPunk shit03MintEX5.00 German; warp
3293745RutsBabylon's burningVirginVS 271EXEX8.001979 b/w 'Society'
1096345RutsDifferent viewVirginVS 396EXEX5.001981
2463645RutsStaring at the rude boysVirginVS 327VGVG5.001980 Small tear on Gatefold Crossword competition sleeve; Initials on label; a few light marks - plays well
2463845Sanitary inspectorsE.S.PTeen age kicksKICK 011EXEX8.001995 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'Fast cars'; light wear on cover
6004EPScreaming williesKill superman EPWeird018-EX6.00France; in plain sleeve
2932912"Sex gang childrenMauritia MayerClay12CLAY 27VGVG8.001983 b/w 'Children's prayer'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2464045Sex pistolsAnarchy in the UKGlitterbest640 112VGVG18.001977 France; b/w 'I wanna be me'; tears on a'side label; tear on opening; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3251345Sex pistolsHolidays in the sunVirginVS 191EXEX10.002007 180 gram reissue of '77 45 b/w 'Satellite'
2843512"Sex pistolsThe Biggest blow (a punk prayer by Ronald Biggs)VirginVS 22012EXEX15.001978 b/w 'My way'; light wear on cover
25389LPSex pistolsFlogging a dead horseVirginV 2142VGVG10.001979 compilation; some marks - plays EX
25767LPSex pistolsSome productVirginVR 2VGEX8.001979 sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks
8285LPSex pistolsThe great rock 'n' roll swindleVirginVD 2510VGVG/VG25.001979 Double/Gatefold; no insert; lists & plays "Watcha gonna do about it"; some marks + a few crackles on both discs
25768LPSex pistolsThe Original Pistols - LiveEMI FameFA 4131 491EXVG8.001985 issue of 1976 live at Burton on Trent recordings; some marks - plays well with a couple of clicks + crackles
25661CDSex pistolsBetter live than deadDojoDOJO CD 73EXEX5.001992; 2 small case marks on openings of front cover
16398CDSex pistolsKiss this - Limited edition 2 CD setVirginCDVX 2702VGEX/EX8.001992 bonus disc 'Live in Trondheim 21/7/77'; tear on card slipcase o/w EX
25660CDSex pistolsLive and loudLinkLINK CD 063EXEX5.001989 some light marks on disc; 2 small case marks on front cover
25817CDSex pistolsLive at Chelmsford prisonDojoDOJO CD 66EXEX8.001992 France; 2 case marks f/cover; a few marks on disc
31671CDSex pistolsNever mind the bollocksVirginCDV 2086EXEX5.00CD reissue of '77 LP; a few light marks on disc
31555CDSex pistols vs Bollock brothersBattle of the punk giantsMBC2140018MintMint8.001996
31388CDSex pistols vs Bollock brothersBattle of the punk giantsMBC2140018MintMint8.001996
2342912"Sham 69Hersham boysPolydorPOSPX 64VGEX8.001979 b/w "Roundhouse tapes"; light wear on cover
36141LPSham 69Tell us the truthPolydor2383 491VGEX10.001978 small top edge split on cover; some light marks - plays well
28436LPSham 69That's lifePolydorPOLD 5010EXEX10.001979 Gatefold; a few light marks
25769LPSham 69The GamePolydorPOLD 5033VGEX10.001980 small sticker tear f/cover o/w EX
25818CDSham 69The Cpmplete collectionSanctuarySMETD 021EXEX/EX12.00Sanctuary records Reference CD's; 3 x Gold CD's with 3 printed Sanctuary studios inserts in plain cases;
25345SincerosTake me to your leaderEpicEPC 7367VGVG4.00Green vinyl
25445Siouxsie & BansheesFireworksPolydorPOSPG 450EXEX5.00Gatefold sleeve
3352545Siouxsie & BansheesHong Kong gardenPolydor2059 052VGVG5.001979 b/w 'Voices'; some wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3697645Siouxsie & BansheesIsraelPolydorPOSP 205VGG1.501980 b/w 'Red over white'; Gold die-cut sleeve; marks on side1 - plays with clicks + crackles
4032212"Siouxsie & BansheesCandymanWonderlandSHEX 10VGEX6.001986 b/w 'Lullaby/ Umbrella'; light wear on cover (VG+); just a few light marks - plays well
833412"Siouxsie & BansheesCities in dustPolydorSHEX 9EXVG5.001985 small sticker mark f/cover; a few crackles
833312"Siouxsie & BansheesDear prudencePolydorSHEX 4EXEX5.001983
4030412"Siouxsie & BansheesKiss them for me (Snapper mix)WonderlandSHEX 19EXEX15.001991 Gatefold + plain black card inner; b/w 'Staring back/ Return'; EX+/EX+ all in near Mint condition - plays perfectly
4031112"Siouxsie & BansheesSwimming horsesWonderlandSHEX 6EXEX8.001984 b/w 'Let's go/ The humming wires'; '99p Special purchase' new price shop sticker on front cover; light wear on cover; vinyl is near Mint (EX+), plays perfectly
4032312"Siouxsie & BansheesThis wheel's on fire (Incendiary mix)WonderlandSHEX 11EXVG5.001987 b/w 'Shooting sun/ Sleepwalking (on the high wire)'; light wear on cover; a few marks (VG+), plays well (EX)
3970812"Skeletal familyPromised landRed rhinoREDT 54EXEX10.001985 b/w 'Stand by me/ Just a friend'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
322112"Skeletal familySo sureRed rhinoRED T 43EXEX10.001984
2213312"Skeletal familySo sureRed rhinoREDT 43EXVG8.001984 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
1150745SkewbaldGrand unionDischordDIS 50VEXEX8.001991 issue of '81 Tracks; France; I sided; clear vinyl; PROMO
2464945SkidsCharadeVirginVS 288VGVG4.001979 b/w 'Grey parade'; wear on cover; plays EX
3697745SkidsMasqueradeVirginVS 262VGVG3.001979 b/w 'Out of town'; mild wear on cover; some marks - plays well with just a few crackles
251045SkidsWoman in winterVirginVSK 101EXVG4.001981 comic book cover
32552LPSkidsDays in EuropaVirginV 2138EXEX10.001979 Black cover; 2nd issue
22134LPSkidsFanfareVirginVM 2VGVG7.001982 some wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
32615LPSkidsScared to danceVirginVV-33 017VEXEX10.001979 Portugal; + insert
32584LPSkidsThe absolute gameVirginV 2174VGEX8.001980 + insert; Embossed sleeve; light wear on cover
25770LPSkidsThe Absolute gameVirginV 2174VGEX/VG12.001980 Double inc. Bonus LP 'Strength through joy' (VDJ 33); + insert; a few light marks - a few crackles disc 2 o/w plays EX
12509CDSkullsBeyond warpedimmergent284 3012SealedSealed7.002005 US; 2 sided CD/DVD disc; sealed in shrinkwrap
3260845SlitsAnimal spaceHumanHUM 4VGVG8.001980 b/w 'Animal spacier'; light dish warp - plays well with a few crackles
2465345Slow childrenStaring at the ceilingJetJET 142GVG5.001979 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'That statue moved'; sellotape on edge splits + openings; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
36613LPSlow childrenSlow childrenEnsignENVY 501VGEX8.001981 + insert; 'Paul' written on side2 label, insert + b/cover; wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
1096545The SmithHere comes my babyRarnRARN 1SVGG30.001981 light stain b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles; sticks in run out groove side 2
22135LPSnuffSnuff said but gorblimey guv stone me..Workers playt..PLAY LP10EXVG8.001989 + inner + 2 inserts; some marks - plays EX
2465445Sore throatKamakaze kidHurricaneFIRE 2-VG4.001979 b/w 'Crackdown'; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
20645Spherical objectsSeventies romanceObjectOM 04-G1.50Some surface noise
328045Spherical objectsThe knotObject musicOM 01VGVG4.001978
2169345SpizzenergiWhere's captain KirkRough tradeRTSO 4VGVG3.501979 b/w Amnesia; some wear on opening; a few light marks - plays EX
470145Stiff little fingersAt the edgeChrysalisCHS 2406EXVG4.001980
327545Stiff little fingersGotta gettawayRough tradeRT 015VGVG4.001979
134045Stiff little fingersJust fade awayChrysalisCHS 2510MintVG3.501981
1862712"Stiff little fingersThe Peel sessionsStrange fruitSFPS 004VGEX7.501986 issue of '78 recordings; surface tear b/cover + top edge split; a few light marks
10966EPStiff little fingersListen (+3)ChrysalisCHS 2580EXEX5.001982 pen on label
25390LPStiff little fingersGo for itChrysalisCHR 1339EXVG8.001981 + inner; some marks + heat stains on vinyl - plays well
5431LPStiff little fingersLive & loud !LinkLP 026EXEX/EX12.001988 Double/Gatefold
38521CDStiff little fingersAll the bestEMICDS7 977412EXVG/VG5.001991 Double CD compilation in Fatbox; some marks on disc1
25820CDStiff little fingersLiveE2ETDCD 015EXEX5.001998
29632CDStiff little fingersLive and loudLinkLINK CD 026VGVG5.001990 marks on disc - plays perfectly; case marks on f/cover
25819CDStiff little fingersNow thenCaptain OiAHOY CD 152VGVG4.002000 reissue of 1982 LP + 5 bonus tracks; case marks on f/cover; a few marks on disc - plays perfctly
3352745Stranglers(Get a) Grip (on yourself)United artistsUP 36211VGEX6.001977 b/w 'London lady'; tears on top opening + some wear on cover; a few light marks
3468445StranglersNo mercyEpicA 4921VGEX4.001984 b/w 'In one door'; some wear on cover
2172345StranglersSomething better changeUnited artistsUP 36277-EX3.001977 b/w Straighten out
3352645StranglersWalk on byUnited artistsUP 36429VGVG5.001978 b/w 'Old codger/ Tank'; some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2978812"StranglersHeaven or hellChinaWOKT 2025VGVG6.501992 b/w 'Disappear/ Brainbox (live)/ Hanging around (live)'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2539112"StranglersMidnight summer dreamEpicA13 3167VGEX7.001983 b/w 'Vladimir & Olga'; light wear on cover
8338LPStranglers10Epic4554 831EXEX8.001990 + inner
31955LPStranglersAural sculptureEpicEPC 26220EXEX8.001984 light wear on cover; a few marks on insert
36204LPStranglersAural sculptureEpic4504 481VGEX8.001980's 'Nice price' series reissue of '84 LP; mild wear on cover; plays well
36811LPStranglersBlack and whiteUnited artistsUAK 30222GVG7.001978 Plain black inner; sticker tear/stain f/cover; marks/wear on cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
29330LPStranglersDreamtimeEpicEPC 26648EXEX10.001986 + inner; light wear on cover
36203LPStranglersDreamtimeEpicEPC 26648EXEX10.001986 + inner; light wear on cover; plays perfectly
25772LPStranglersFelineEpicEPC 25237VGEX8.001982 + insert; some wear on embossed cover
36520LPStranglersNo more heroesUnited artistsUAG 30200EXEX10.001977 + inner; light wear on cover; plays well
36202LPStranglersNo more heroesUnited artistsUAG 30200VGEX10.001977 matrix no.s A-1U/B-1U; + inner; mild wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well with just a couple of crackles
32707LPStranglersThe Collection 1977-1982LibertyLBG 30353EXEX8.001982 in shrinkwrap; corner crease; a few light marks
36786LPStranglersThe RavenUnited artistsUAG 30262VGVG8.001979 Matrix no.s A-3U/B-1U; + inner; Fully laminated sleeve; sticker tear f/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well with just a few mild clicks
31637CDStranglersThe Collection 1977 - 1982LibertyCDP7 46066 2EXEX4.00CD reissue of '82 compilation
149745StrapsJust can't take it anymoreDonut1GEX4.001980
16715CDSubhumansWorld's apartBluurgFISH 12CDEXEX6.00CD issue of '85 LP; couple of marks - plays perfectly
2465645SussexWith a girl like youMercurySUSS 1VGVG6.001980 b/w 'What can I say'; mild dish warp; a few crackles o/w plays EX
30964LPRachel SweetFool aroundStiffSEEZ 12VGVG10.001978 White vinyl; + inner; a few clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
3075945Switch 7You winNoisyHISS 1-EX35.001980 b/w 'Credit cards; a few light marks - a couple of crackles
2371445TableDo the standing still (classics illustrated)VirginVS 176-G4.001977 b/w 'The magical melon of the tropics'; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
2465745TelephoneHygiaphoneColumbia2C008 14585GVG5.001978 France; b/w 'Anna'; damage to openings; a few marks - plays well
33118LPTelephoneTelephoneColumbia2C066 14506VGVG10.001977 France; some marks - plays EX
2465845Tenpole tudorReal funKorovaKOW 4VGEX5.001980 b/w 'What's in a word'; a few light marks
41664453rd MenYou're so fashionableSchoolSCH 001EXEX40.001979 Solid centre; b/w 'Robot age'; light wear on cover; very light dish warp - plays perfectly
520412"Johnny ThundersIn cold bloodNew roseNEW 31EXVG7.001983 France; plays EX
12440LPJohnny ThundersQue sera, seraJungleFREUD 9EXEX10.001985
3468545Toy dollsNellie the elephantVolumeVOL 11VGVG4.001984 b/w 'Fisticuffs in Frederick street'; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
3293845TriarchySave the KhanTriarchy/ SRTSRTS79/ CUS 599-VG40.001979 Plain sleeve; b/w 'Juliet's tomb'; a few marks - plays EX
2465945TuniksFavourite positionsLogoGO 386VGEX6.001980 b/w 'Do whatever you do'; some wear on cover
23450LPTurbinesLast dance before highwayBig timeBTA 007VGEX12.001985
466345UK SubsParty in ParisGEMGEMS 42EXEX5.001980 Yellow vinyl
2466145UK SubsTomorrows girlsGemGEMS 10VGEX6.001979 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Scum of the earth/ Telephone numbers'; name written on inside of cover; some light marks
469645UK SubsWarheadGEMGEMS 23VGVG3.001980 some light surface noise
1227312"UK SubsFor export onlyGemGEMEP 1EXVG6.501979 a few crackles o/w plays EX
577012"UK SubsFor export onlyGEMGEM EP1GVG5.001979 water stain on cover
24660EPUK SubsShe's not thereGemGEMS 14VGVG5.001979 b/w 'Kicks/ Victim/ The same thing'; wear on openings; some marks - plays EX
7998LPUK SubsDiminised responsibilitiesGEMLP 112EXEX10.001981 + inner; couple of light marks
25262CDUK SubsDown on the farm: a collection of the less obviousStreet linkSTRCD 017EXEX7.001991
2466345UndertonesIt's going to happenArdeckARDS 8VGVG4.001981 b/w 'Fairly in the money now'; a few crackles on b'side o/w plays EX
826212"UndertonesThe Peel sessionsStrange fruitSFPS 016VGVG7.001986 issue of 5/2/79 live session; some water damage b/cover; couple of light crackles o/w plays EX
32622LPUndertonesPositive touchArdeckARD 103VGEX10.001981 Embossed sleeve
2619945UrgeBobbyConsumer diskARIST 382VGVG5.001980 b/w 'Teach yourself Dutch'; a couple of marks - plays EX
609045UseAnd then ?Shakin' streetHUP 014MintEX5.001990
2466545Venus & RazorbladesI wanna be where the boys areSparkSRL 1153VGVG8.001977 b/w 'Dog food'; edge split + wear/tear on openings; some light marks - plays well w/some crackles
1096745Venus & RazorbladesPunk a ramaBompBOMP 107-VG5.001977 US; "31" scratched on to vinyl - plays well
5405LPVibratorsAlaska 127CarrereCAL 205EXEX10.001984
8343LPVibratorsMeltdownRevolverREV LP121EXVG8.001988 a few light marks - plays EX
2402LPVibratorsRechargedRevolverLP 101VGVG8.001988 plays EX
2405LPVibratorsVicious circleRevolverLP 135EXEX12.001989
2409LPVibratorsVolume 10RevolverLP 159EXEX12.001990
32623LPVice squadNo cause for concernRiot cityZEM 103VGEX12.001981 some wear on cover
150745VirusStepping stone5th columnFC 1VGMint7.001980
3999145WireMap ref 41degrees N 93 degrees WHarvestHAR 5192VGEX35.001979 b/w 'Go ahead'; some mild ring wear/general wear on cover; plays well
474945Wreckless EricReconnez cherieStiffBUY 25VGVG4.001978
834512"Wreckless EricHit & miss JudyStiffS12 BUY49EXEX8.001979 Orange vinyl; die cut sleeve; couple of marks
2466845XTCGenerals & majorsVirginVS 365GVG/VG5.001980 Gatefold Double pack; damage/tear b/cover; some marks on vinyl - some crackles side 1 o/w plays well
2922745XTCGreat fireVirginVS 553VGEX5.001983 b/w 'Gold'; light warp
1642045XTCLove on a farm boys wagesVirginVS 613VGVG/VG5.001983 Double/Gatefold; some marks - both play ok w/some crackles
22045XTCThis is pop ?VirginVS 209VGEX4.00"80" written on sleeve
2922545XTCThis world overVirginVS 721VGEX8.001984 Six Postacards attatced to f/cover; b/w 'Blue overall; a few light marks
2922645XTCThugs in our houseVirginVS 490VGVG6.001982 Gatefold Theatre sleeve + Insert; b/w 'Chain of command/ Over rusty water
82312"XTC3D EPVirginVS 18812EXEX8.001977
28439LPVarious artistsGeef voor new waveAriola25541 ETVGVG10.001977 Holland; + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few light crackles
25871LPVarious artistsHope & Anchor front row festivalWarner bros.K 66077EXEX/EX12.001978 Burbank label; Double/Gatefold; small tear on insert; a few light marks
34026LPVarious artistsIndie scene 1977 (the)Connoisseur colIBM LP 77GVG/EX10.001991 Double Gatefold; 'The story of British independent music'; some water damage top edge of cover o/w looks EX; a few crackles disc 1 o/w plays EX
22137LPVarious artistsNew waveVertigo6300 902EXVG8.001977 compilation of '74-77 tracks; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
5771LPVarious artistsNew waveVertigo6300 902EXEX12.001977 light sticker mark f/cover
25813CDVarious artists29 Commandments of OiStep 1STEP CD 034EXEX10.001994 29 track compilation
25810CDVarious artistsBest of Oi - vol 3 (the)DojoDOJO CD 207EXVG5.001995 some marks - plays perfectly; 2 case marks f/cover
14642CDVarious artistsGenerations I - A punk look at human rightsArk 2161868 10000SealedSealed6.501997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut on spine
25142CDVarious artistsHigh voltage Oi & punkStep 1STEPCD 044SealedSealed6.001995 sealed in shrinkwrap
953CDVarious artistsOi ! The demo'sCaptain Oi !CD 81EXEX6.001997 Compilation
25667CDVarious artistsOi! It's a world invasionStep 1STEP CD 054MintMint6.501994
25668CDVarious artistsOi! It's a world leagueStep 1STEP CD 009VGMint6.001993 some creasing on cover
25664CDVarious artistsOi! The rarities - vol 2Captain OiAHOY CD 46EXEX7.001995 a few light marks on disc
25275CDVarious artistsOi! The singles collection - vol 4Captain OiAHOY CD 71MintMint7.001997
25666CDVarious artistsOi! This is dynamiteStep 1STEP CD 052EXEX6.501994; Zakarrak/ Moped lads/ Templars/ Funeral dress; 2 case marks on front cover
38433CDVarious artistsPretty vacant: The history of punkEMI gold371 8922EXVG/EX4.002006; CD + DVD; some marks on CD - plays perfectly
33450CDVarious artistsPunk in Sunderland - volume 1StretchSTRETCH CD003MintMint8.002002 compilation
12110CDVarious artistsPunk o rama #5Epitaph65882EXEX5.002000
25277CDVarious artistsUnited kingdom of punk and Oi! (the)Step 1STEP CD 037EXEX6.001994

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