Punk / New wave - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
25145CDAbrasive wheelsBlack leather girlCaptain OiAHOY CD 47EXEX7.001995 a few light marks
25150CDAdvertsLive and loudLinkLINK CD 159EXEX10.001992
25815CDAngelic upstartsAlternative chartbustersAlt. C/bustersAOK 102EXEX6.001991 France; a few marks
25151CDAngelic upstartsGreatest hits liveStreet linkSTR CD 027EXVG6.501991 a few marks on disc
29598CDAngelic upstartsRaritiesCaptain OiAHOY CD 80VGVG7.001997 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
25154CDAnti nowhere leagueLive animalsStep 1STEP CD 042EXEX6.001994 a few marks on disc
25290CDAnti nowhere leagueThe Best of the Anti nowhere leagueStreet linkSTR CD 013EXVG5.001991 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
25156CDBarbed wireThe age that didn't careCaptain OiAHOY CD 59EXVG6.501994 a couple of marks on disc; some light creasing b/cover
955CDBusinessThe truth the whole truth & nothing but the truthBurning heartBHR 067EXVG4.001997
25106CDBuzzcocksFrenchDojoDOJO CD 237SealedSealed8.001999 sealed in shrinkwrap
25816CDBuzzcocksLive at the Roxy club - April '77Absolutely freeFREE CD 002VGEX8.001989 case mark f/cover; a few light marks on disc
1759CDSBuzzcocksDo itCastleESSX 2031EXEX4.001993; Plug copy
1760CDSBuzzcocksInnocentCastleESSX 2025EXEX3.501993
1758CDSBuzzcocksLibertine angelCastleESSX 2038EXEX4.001994; Plug copy
25292CDCapo regimeSame old storyStep 1STEP CD 055EXVG4.001994 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
25162CDChelseaLive and wellGt. ExpectationPIP CD 056EXEX7.001993 CD issue of '84 LP
33056CDClashLondon callingColumbia495347 2EXEX4.001999 CD reissue of '79 LP
25222CDClose shaveOi! Kinnock give us back our rose/ Hard as nailsStep 1STEP CD 001EXEX8.001993 CD reissue of 2 LP's
42010CDCompulsionSafety1 Little IndianTPLP 49MCDEXEX5.001993 6 track EP: 2 small case marks on opening f/inser; a few marks - plays perfectly
25166CDCondemned 84Battle scarred/ Live & loudStreet punkSP 2001EXEX12.001993 reissue of 2 LP's
25220CDDamnedDamned bustersLinkSTR CD 034MintMint8.001992
25107CDDamnedDamned but not forgottenDojoDOJOCD 21SealedSealed8.00Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
25169CDDamnedStrawberriesDojoDOJO CD46MintMint8.00France
18040CDDeathkillerNew England is sinkingScream8882 402SealedSealed6.502007 sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
25219CDDemented are goThe day the earth spat blood/ Go go dementedLinkLCS CD 002MintMint10.001992 CD reissue of 2 LP's
25172CDDisciplineRejects of societyCaptain OiAHOY CD 219EXEX6.502003 some creasing on front cover
25178CDEjectedThe best of the EjectedCaptain OiAHOY CD 112EXEX8.001999 some creasing b/cover
25662CDExploitedApocalypse tour 1981Limited editionLTD EDT 2CDEXEX10.00Limited edition no. 010
25193CDExploitedLive and loudAnagramCD PUNK 18MintMint8.001993
25192CDExploitedLive lewd lustStep 1STEP CD 035EXEX7.001994
25183CDExploitedSingles collectionStreet linkSTR CD 018EXEX8.001991
18041CDFabulous disasterLove at first fightScream8882 002SealedSealed7.002007 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale hole b/cover
25186CD4 SkinsA fistful of 4 skinsCaptain OiAHOY CD 8VGMint7.001993 reissue; crease on front cover
25121CDGoldbladeRebel songsCaptain OiAHOY CD 252SealedSealed8.002005 sealed in shrinkwrap
25196CDGuana batz1985-1990Street linkSTR CD 020EXEX10.001991 compilation
25217CDGuana batzElectra glide in blue/ Rough edgesSloganSLOG CD3EXEX8.001992 reissue of 2 LP's
25216CDInfasSound & furyCaptain OiAHOY CD 49VGEX5.001995 a few light marks; some creasing on front cover
38426CDKnock offSame shit different city--EXEX12.002014; light creases on rear insert; disc is in near Mint condition
25229CDLurkersGreatest hits liveStreet linkSTR CD 009EXVG7.001991 some marks on disc - plays perfectly; 1 small case mark f/cover
25341CDLurkersTotally LurkeredDojoDOJO CD 74VGVG4.501992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly; 3 case marks on f/cover
25205CDMajor accidentClockwork heroesCaptain OiAHOY CD 16EXEX7.001994
25206CDMajor accidentMassacred melodies/ A clockwork legionCaptain OiAHOY CD 27VGMint6.501994; 2 case creases on openings of front cover o/w EX
25215CDMembersUprhythm, downbeatCaptain OiAHOY CD 280MintMint7.002005 reissue
25804CDMeteorsWreckin' crewStreet linkSTR CD 021EXEX7.001991 France; light creasing b/cover; a few light marks
25652CD999Live and loudLinkLINK CD 107EXEX8.001990 a few light marks on disc
34014CDNOFXSelf/entitledFat wreck chordFAT 777-2EXEX6.002012 US; light wear on Digipak
34012CDNOFXSo long and thanks for all the shoesEpitaph6518-2EXMint6.001997 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
34141CDNOFXThe war on errorismFat wreck chordFAT 657-2EXEX4.002003 US
38431CDNOFXWolves in wolves' clothingFat wreck chordFAT 711-2EXEX/EX7.002006 US Double CD; small case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc 2
29623CDNoxious toysToybox--SealedSealed10.00Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
25233CDOppressedDead & buried/ Fatal blowCaptain OiAHOY CD 42EXEX7.001995 reissue of 2 LP's
25632CDPeter & Test tube babiesTotally test tubedDojoDOJO CD 63EXVG6.001992 France; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11634CDPublic Image LtdThe greatest hits, so farVirginCDV 2644EXEX4.001990 compilation of '78-90 tracks; marks on disc - plays perfectly
18022CDRamonesIt's aliveSire9362 46045EXEX5.001990 CD issue of '78 LP
38427CDRancidAnd out come the wolvesEpitaph7441-2EXEX10.002015 all in near Mint condition
3389CDRancidRancidHellcat0427-2MintMint7.002000 Digipak + foldout poster
28237CDRancidRancidHellcat0427-2EXEX6.002000 Light wear on Digipak; + foldout poster
25657CDRose tattooThe Best of Rose tattooStreet linkSTR CD 024MintMint7.001991
25661CDSex pistolsBetter live than deadDojoDOJO CD 73EXEX5.001992; 2 small case marks on openings of front cover
16398CDSex pistolsKiss this - Limited edition 2 CD setVirginCDVX 2702VGEX/EX8.001992 bonus disc 'Live in Trondheim 21/7/77'; tear on card slipcase o/w EX
25660CDSex pistolsLive and loudLinkLINK CD 063EXEX5.001989 some light marks on disc; 2 small case marks on front cover
25817CDSex pistolsLive at Chelmsford prisonDojoDOJO CD 66EXEX8.001992 France; 2 case marks f/cover; a few marks on disc
31671CDSex pistolsNever mind the bollocksVirginCDV 2086EXEX5.00CD reissue of '77 LP; a few light marks on disc
31388CDSex pistols vs Bollock brothersBattle of the punk giantsMBC2140018MintMint8.001996
31555CDSex pistols vs Bollock brothersBattle of the punk giantsMBC2140018MintMint8.001996
25818CDSham 69The Cpmplete collectionSanctuarySMETD 021EXEX/EX12.00Sanctuary records Reference CD's; 3 x Gold CD's with 3 printed Sanctuary studios inserts in plain cases;
12509CDSkullsBeyond warpedimmergent284 3012SealedSealed7.002005 US; 2 sided CD/DVD disc; sealed in shrinkwrap
38521CDStiff little fingersAll the bestEMICDS7 977412EXVG/VG5.001991 Double CD compilation in Fatbox; some marks on disc1
25820CDStiff little fingersLiveE2ETDCD 015EXEX5.001998
29632CDStiff little fingersLive and loudLinkLINK CD 026VGVG5.001990 marks on disc - plays perfectly; case marks on f/cover
25819CDStiff little fingersNow thenCaptain OiAHOY CD 152VGVG4.002000 reissue of 1982 LP + 5 bonus tracks; case marks on f/cover; a few marks on disc - plays perfctly
31637CDStranglersThe Collection 1977 - 1982LibertyCDP7 46066 2EXEX4.00CD reissue of '82 compilation
16715CDSubhumansWorld's apartBluurgFISH 12CDEXEX6.00CD issue of '85 LP; couple of marks - plays perfectly
25262CDUK SubsDown on the farm: a collection of the less obviousStreet linkSTRCD 017EXEX7.001991
25813CDVarious artists29 Commandments of OiStep 1STEP CD 034EXEX10.001994 29 track compilation
25810CDVarious artistsBest of Oi - vol 3 (the)DojoDOJO CD 207EXVG5.001995 some marks - plays perfectly; 2 case marks f/cover
14642CDVarious artistsGenerations I - A punk look at human rightsArk 2161868 10000SealedSealed6.501997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut on spine
25142CDVarious artistsHigh voltage Oi & punkStep 1STEPCD 044SealedSealed6.001995 sealed in shrinkwrap
953CDVarious artistsOi ! The demo'sCaptain Oi !CD 81EXEX6.001997 Compilation
25667CDVarious artistsOi! It's a world invasionStep 1STEP CD 054MintMint6.501994
25668CDVarious artistsOi! It's a world leagueStep 1STEP CD 009VGMint6.001993 some creasing on cover
25664CDVarious artistsOi! The rarities - vol 2Captain OiAHOY CD 46EXEX7.001995 a few light marks on disc
25275CDVarious artistsOi! The singles collection - vol 4Captain OiAHOY CD 71MintMint7.001997
25666CDVarious artistsOi! This is dynamiteStep 1STEP CD 052EXEX6.501994; Zakarrak/ Moped lads/ Templars/ Funeral dress; 2 case marks on front cover
38433CDVarious artistsPretty vacant: The history of punkEMI gold371 8922EXVG/EX4.002006; CD + DVD; some marks on CD - plays perfectly
33450CDVarious artistsPunk in Sunderland - volume 1StretchSTRETCH CD003MintMint8.002002 compilation
12110CDVarious artistsPunk o rama #5Epitaph65882EXEX5.002000
25277CDVarious artistsUnited kingdom of punk and Oi! (the)Step 1STEP CD 037EXEX6.001994

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