Punk / New wave - Albums (LP / 10" / 78)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
32229LPAlien sex fiendWho's been sleeping in my bedAnagramGRAM 10VGVG10.001983 + inner; top edge split; some marks - plays EX
25386LPAngelic upstartsLiveEMIZEM 102VGVG8.001981 some marks - plays well
2416LPAngelic upstartsLive & loudLinkLP 040VGEX9.001988
10246LPAngelic upstartsStill from the heartEMIZONO 106VGEX7.001982 factory sample; sticker tear f/cover
33354LPAngelic upstartsTeenage warningWarner bros.K 56717VGVG10.001979 some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
31893LPBethnalDangerous timesVertogo9102 020EXG10.001978 Plain White label test pressing; light wear on one piece rough cut paper sample front & back cover (listed as 9199 537); scratch on side 1 - plays EX
33355LPBollock brothersNever mind the bollocks 1983CharlyBOLL 101VGVG8.001983 some marks - plays EX
33485LPBollock brothersThe Last supperCharlyBOLL 100VGVG/VG10.001983 Double; small tear f/cover; light wear on cover; a few marks on discs - both play EX
2411LPBuzzcocksLive at the Roxy clubAbsolutely freeLP 002EXEX20.001989 recorded April '77
28830LPBuzzcocksLove bitesUnited artistsUAG 30197VGVG8.001978 Embossed sleev; no insert; some marks + wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2408LPChelseaAlive & wellPicassoPIK 003EXVG10.001984
2415LPChelseaUnreleased stuffClay101VGEX10.001989
32549LPClashGive 'em enough ropeCBS82431GEX10.001978 Orange sunburst label; cover has some damage to spine o/w VG
32700LPCockney rejectsGreatest hits - Vol. 1EMI ZonophoneZONO 101VGEX15.001980 light wear on cover; some light marks
32701LPCockney rejectsGreatest hits - Vol. 2EMI ZonophoneZONO 102VGVG10.001980 + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
32702LPCockney rejectsGreatest hits - Vol. 3 (Live & loud)EMI ZonophoneZEM 101GVG6.001981 Water damage causing large surface tears on top corner of front + back cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well
32703LPCockney rejectsThe Wild onesA.K.A.AKA 1FVG5.001982 Water damage causing damage to cover + creasing on inner; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
31036LPConflictThe Ungovernable forceHataapuHATA 18EXEX10.002013 reissue of '86 LP; Finland; A few marks on front of Gatefold sleeve; + inner
31035LPConflictThere's no power without controlMalokaMALO 40VGEX10.002003 France; Light wear on Gatefold sleeve; a few light marks - a few crackles at very start side 2
20364LPCount BishopsThe Count bishopsChiswickCWK 3006VGVG8.001977 light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
7908LPCrampsSmell of femaleBig beatNED 6EXEX10.001983; 45 rpm; light warp
1119LPCrampsSongs the lord taught usIllegalILP 005VGVG7.001980
33707LPDamnedLive Shepperton 1980Big beatWIKM 27VGG6.001985 reissue of '82 LP; wear on cover; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - a few crackles o/w plays EX
28801LPDamnedMachine gun etiquetteChiswick0067 068VGVG10.00German issue of '79 LP; some marks - plays well
33486LPDamnedStrawberriesDojoDOJOPD 46-G7.001986 Picture disc reissue of '82 LP in plain PVC sleeve; some marks on vinyl - Side 1 small jumps tk3; Side 2, jumps + clicks end tk1/start tk2 o/w plays w/some clicks + crackles
25387LPDamnedThe Black albumChiswick/ AceWIKM2 91EXVG/EX15.0080's Barcoded Double/Gatefold issue of '80 LP; light wrap; a few marks on disc 1 - plays EX
34137LPDead boysLiver than you'll ever bePerfect beatPB 004VGEX/EX15.001988 West German; Red vinyl; Double/Gatefold; sticker mark f/cover
2934510"Diagram brothersDiscordo 45New hormonesORG 21VGVG8.001982 'Discordo/ My diner/ Fondue soiree/ Cherry blossom'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
25761LPEddie & Hot rodsFish 'n' chipsEMIEMC 3344VGEX10.001981 some wear on cover
8327LPEddie & Hot rodsLife on the lineIslandILPS 9509VGVG8.001977 US Gatefold; corner sale cut; some light marks - plays EX
25762LPEddie & Hot rodsThrillerIslandILPS 9563VGEX12.001979 + Poster; some wear on cover
32851LPEnglish dogsWhere legend beganUnder one flagFLAG 4EXEX15.001986 Gatefold + inner + merchandise insert
32858LPExtreme noise terrorA holocaust in your headHead eruptionHURT 1EXEX20.001988 + inner; light wear on cover
33356LPFeeliesCrazy rhythmsStiffSEEZ 20VGVG15.001980 + inner; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
28402LPGasEmotional warfarePolydorPOLS 1052VGEX10.001981 + insert; some marks f/cover + some wear; a few light marks
32859LPGBHA fridge too farRough justiceJUST 13EXEX15.001989 + inner
32550LPGBHCity baby attacked by ratsClayCLAY LP4VGVG15.001982 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
22057LPGeneration XThe best of Generation XChrysalisCHM 1521EXVG7.001985 compilation of '77-81 tracks; light wear on cover; light warp; a few light marks - plays EX
12272LPGuttersnipesHairy on the insideViceHABIT 002LPEXEX10.001991 + inner
8328LPHeartbreakersLive at Max's Kansas cityBeggars banquetBEGA 9EXVG7.001979 + inner; some marks + crackles
1167LPJagsNo tie like a presentIslandILPS 9655EXEX10.001981 Light creasing on cover
33802LPKing KurtOoh wallah wallahStiffSEEZ 52EXVG8.001983 light wear on cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
25364LPKnackGet the knackCapitolEST 11948VGEX10.001979 + inner; a few light marks
31850LPLastL.A. ExplosionLondon/ BompSHZ 8540EXEX15.001979 some wear on insert
32583LPLeyton BuzzardsJellied eels to record dealsChrysalisCHR 1213VGEX12.001979 Listed as 'The Buzzards'; sticker mark f/cover o/w EX
20365LPLeyton BuzzardsJellied eels to record dealsChrysalis6307 689VGVG8.001979 German; as 'The Buzzards'; sticker tear f/cover + some wear; some light marks - plays EX
4212LPLightning strikeLightning strikeRCAPL 90239EXEX12.001988 + inner; small sticker tear
3619LPLittle Bo BitchLittle Bo BitchCobraCBR 1002VGEX10.001979 DEMO
7892LPMagazineAfter the factVirginVM 1EXEX10.001982 issue of '78-81 tracks
7891LPMagazinePlayVirginV 2184EXEX10.001980
33357LPMagazineReal lifeVirginOVED 62VGEX12.0080's Red/Green label reissue of '78 LP; some wear on cover; a few light marks
4730LPMeteorsStampedeMad pigCHOP 1EXVG8.001984 plays EX
23424LPNew York dollsNew York dollsMercurySRM 1675VGEX25.001973 US; edge splits all aound inner; some wear on cover; a few light marks
29327LPNips / Nipple erectorsBops, babes, booze & bovverBig beatWIKM 66EXEX12.001987 compilation; Side1 as Nipple erectors - Side2 as Nips; light wear on cover; a few light marks
28075LPJohn OtwayWhere did I go rightPolydor2383 532EXEX12.001979
23425LPPassionsMichael & MirandaFictionFIX 003VGEX10.001980 some wear on cover
33358LPPeligroPeligroAlt. tentaclesVIRUS 165EXEX12.001995 + insert; light wear on cover
32705LPPenetrationMoving targetsVirginV 2109EXEX15.001978 Luminous vinyl; light wear on cover
7912LPPeter & Test tube babiesPissed & proudNo futurePUNK 3EXEX15.001982 + insert; light warp
28832LPPlasmaticsCoup d'etatCapitolEST 12237VGEX10.001982 small tear on opening f/cover
28809LPPlasmaticsMetal priestessStiffWOW 666VGVG15.001981 US 6 track mini LP; + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
8275LPPlastic BertrandAn 1Sire9103 258EXEX12.001978 Gatefold
28403LPPlasticsWelcome backIslandILPS 9627VGVG/EX12.001981 + Bonus flexi disc "Pate/ Last train to Clarksville"; + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
32551LPPublic Image LtdAlbumVirginV 2366VGEX8.001986 sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks
33359LPPublic Image LtdFirst issueVirginV 2114VGG8.001978 Matrix nos. A2E/B2E; + inner; Black/White labels; some marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) with a few clicks + crackles
23449LPPublic Image LtdThe flowers of romanceVirginV 2189VGVG8.001981 sticker tear f/cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
18403LPPunishment of luxuryLaughing academyUnited artistsUAG 30258EXEX15.001979 Gatefold + inner
28432LPRadio StarsSongs for swinging loversChiswickWIK 5VGEX12.001977 some wear on cover
22132LPJonathan RichmanRock 'n' roll with the Modern loversBeserkleyBSERK 9VGVG7.001977 some wear on cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
25765LPRutsGrin & bear itVirginV 2188VGEX10.001980 light sellotape marks on corners of cover; a few light marks
8329LPRutsRhythm collisionBohemianBOLP 4VGVG7.001982 wear on cover; some surface marks + crackles
8257LPSerious drinkingStranger then tannadiceWorkers play..PLAY LP14EXEX10.001990 compilation of '82-85 tracks; + beermat
25389LPSex pistolsFlogging a dead horseVirginV 2142VGVG10.001979 compilation; some marks - plays EX
28433LPSex pistolsNever mind the bollocksVirginV 2086VGVG20.001977 Blue label; Pink rear sleeve with track listing; some light marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
25766LPSex pistolsNever mind the bollocksVirginOVED 136VGG7.0080's Grey label/ Barcoded cover issue of '77 LP; some marks on vinyl - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
25767LPSex pistolsSome productVirginVR 2VGEX8.001979 sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks
8285LPSex pistolsThe great rock 'n' roll swindleVirginVD 2510VGVG/VG25.001979 Double/Gatefold; no insert; lists & plays "Watcha gonna do about it"; some marks + a few crackles on both discs
25768LPSex pistolsThe Original Pistols - LiveEMI FameFA 4131 491EXVG8.001985 issue of 1976 live at Burton on Trent recordings; some marks - plays well with a couple of clicks + crackles
28436LPSham 69That's lifePolydorPOLD 5010EXEX10.001979 Gatefold; a few light marks
25769LPSham 69The GamePolydorPOLD 5033VGEX10.001980 small sticker tear f/cover o/w EX
32552LPSkidsDays in EuropaVirginV 2138EXEX10.001979 Black cover
22134LPSkidsFanfareVirginVM 2VGVG7.001982 some wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
32615LPSkidsScared to danceVirginVV-33 017VEXEX10.001979 Portugal; + insert
32584LPSkidsThe absolute gameVirginV 2174VGEX8.001980 + insert; Embossed sleeve; light wear on cover
25770LPSkidsThe Absolute gameVirginV 2174VGEX/VG12.001980 Double inc. Bonus LP 'Strength through joy' (VDJ 33); + insert; a few light marks - a few crackles disc 2 o/w plays EX
22135LPSnuffSnuff said but gorblimey guv stone me..Workers playt..PLAY LP10EXVG8.001989 + inner + 2 inserts; some marks - plays EX
25771LPStiff little fingersAll the bestChrysalisCTY 1414VGEX/EX12.001983 Double/Gatefold; sticker tear f/cover
25390LPStiff little fingersGo for itChrysalisCHR 1339EXVG8.001981 + inner; some marks + heat stains on vinyl - plays well
32706LPStiff little fingersHanx !ChrysalisCHR 1300EXEX10.001980 light wear on cover; a few light crackles
8260LPStiff little fingersInflamable materialEMIEMC 3554EXVG8.001989 digital remaster of '79 LP + inner; light sticker mark b/cover; v. light warp; plays EX
5431LPStiff little fingersLive & loud !LinkLP 026EXEX/EX12.001988 Double/Gatefold
8338LPStranglers10Epic4554 831EXEX8.001990 + inner
31955LPStranglersAural sculptureEpicEPC 26220EXEX8.001984 light wear on cover; a few marks on insert
29330LPStranglersDreamtimeEpicEPC 26648EXEX10.001986 + inner; light wear on cover
25772LPStranglersFelineEpicEPC 25237VGEX8.001982 + insert; some wear on embossed cover
32617LPStranglersLa FolieLibertyLBG 30342VGVG8.001981 + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3492LPStranglersLive (x cert)United artistsUAG 30224EXEX10.001979 + inner
32616LPStranglersNo more heroesUnited artistsUAG 30200EXEX10.001977 + inner
32618LPStranglersStranglers IV: Rattus NorvegicusUnited artistsUAG 30045EXEX10.001977 + inner; a few light marks
32707LPStranglersThe Collection 1977-1982LibertyLBG 30353EXEX8.001982 in shrinkwrap; corner crease; a few light marks
2410LPSuburban studsSlamPogoPOW 001EXEX18.001978
30964LPRachel SweetFool aroundStiffSEEZ 12VGVG10.001978 White vinyl; + inner; a few clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
33118LPTelephoneTelephoneColumbia2C066 14506VGVG10.001977 France; some marks - plays EX
33339LPTelevisionMarquee moonElektraK 52046VGVG20.001977 Butterfly label; Quotation marks around title f/cover; wear on cover; imprint of writing b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
12440LPJohnny ThundersQue sera, seraJungleFREUD 9EXEX10.001985
23450LPTurbinesLast dance before highwayBig timeBTA 007VGEX12.001985
7998LPUK SubsDiminised responsibilitiesGEMLP 112EXEX10.001981 + inner; couple of light marks
2421LPUK SubsHuntington beachRevolverLP 150EXEX10.001990 issue of 1986 recordings
2417LPUK SubsJapan todayFall outLP 045MintEX10.001987
32622LPUndertonesPositive touchArdeckARD 103VGEX10.001981 Embossed sleeve
32620LPUndertonesThe UndertonesArdeckARDM 1647 391VGVG8.001986 reissue of '79 LP; + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
5405LPVibratorsAlaska 127CarrereCAL 205EXEX10.001984
8343LPVibratorsMeltdownRevolverREV LP121EXVG8.001988 a few light marks - plays EX
33361LPVibratorsPure maniaColumbiaJC 35038GG7.001977 US; wear on cover; sticker mark f/cover; some marks - some surface noise at start tk1 side1 o/w plays well (VG)
2402LPVibratorsRechargedRevolverLP 101VGVG8.001988 plays EX
2405LPVibratorsVicious circleRevolverLP 135EXEX12.001989
2409LPVibratorsVolume 10RevolverLP 159EXEX12.001990
8344LPVice squadLast rockers: The singlesAbstractAABT 805VGVG8.001991 issue of 80-2 tracks; France; creasing from water on cover + inner; some surface marks - plays EX
32623LPVice squadNo cause for concernRiot cityZEM 103VGEX12.001981 some wear on cover
7914LPVice squadStand strong, stand proudRiot cityZEM 104VGVG8.001982 + inner; a few crackles o/w plays EX
12441LPWirePlay popPink labelPINKY 7EXVG7.501986 mini LP; light sticker mark f/cover + some wear bottom edge; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
28439LPVarious artistsGeef voor new waveAriola25541 ETVGVG10.001977 Holland; + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few light crackles
25871LPVarious artistsHope & Anchor front row festivalWarner bros.K 66077EXEX/EX12.001978 Burbank label; Double/Gatefold; small tear on insert; a few light marks
34026LPVarious artistsIndie scene 1977 (the)Connoisseur colIBM LP 77GVG/EX10.001991 Double Gatefold; 'The story of British independent music'; some water damage top edge of cover o/w looks EX; a few crackles disc 1 o/w plays EX
8347LPVarious artistsLive Stiffs liveStiffGET 1EXEX10.001978
22137LPVarious artistsNew waveVertigo6300 902EXVG8.001977 compilation of '74-77 tracks; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
5771LPVarious artistsNew waveVertigo6300 902EXEX12.001977 light sticker mark f/cover
24985LPVarious artistsPersonality crisisAction replayARLP 101EXVG8.001984 light wear on cover; warp - plays EX
11148LPVarious artistsVinyl solution (the)CastleDOJO LP17EXVG6.501985 comp. of '77-81 tracks; some light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles

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