Mod / Two tone - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
844845Back to zeroYour side of heavenFictionFICS 004VGVG7.001979 small edge split on cover; some marks - plays EX
845045Bad mannersCan canMagnetMAG 190EXEX3.001981
3388445Bad mannersGot no brainsMagnetMAG 216VGVG4.001982 b/w 'Psychedelic Eric/ Only funkin"; a few marks - plays EX
844645Bad mannersJust a feelingMagnetMAG 187EXEX3.001981 v.light warp
3388345Bad mannersLip up fattyMagnetMAG 175VGVG3.001980 b/w 'Night bus to Dalston'; a few marks - plays EX
844945Bad mannersLorraineMagnetMAG 181EXEX3.001980 v.light warp
862445Bad mannersMy girl lollipopMagnetMAG 232VGVG3.001982 wol; creases on cover
2466945Bad mannersSamson & DelilahMagnetMAG 236VGEX5.001982 Clear vinyl in printed PVC sleeve (botton edge split); b/w 'Good honest man'
845245Bad mannersSpecial brewMagnetMAG 180EXEX3.001980 small writing f/cover; light warp
845145Bad mannersWalking in the sunshineMagnetMAG 197EXEX3.501981
844545BeatBest friendGo-feetFEET 3EXVG3.001980 a few marks + crackles
863045BeatCan't get used to losing you (1983 remix)Go-feetFEET 17EXEX3.001983 a few light marks
2175345BeatDoors of your heartGo feetFEET 9VGEX3.501981 b/w Get a job; some creasing on cover; name b/cover; a few light marks
2175145BeatDrowningGo feetFEET 6-EX4.001981 company sleeve; b/w All out to get you
3388645BeatHands off.. She's mineArista/ Go-feet101.516-VG4.001980 Holland; b/w 'Twist and crawl'; some marks - plays EX
2175245BeatHands off.. She's mineGo feetFEET 1-VG3.001980 company sleeve; b/w Twist & crawl; initials on labels; plays EX
862745BeatHands off.. She's mineGo-feetFEET 1-EX3.001980 company sleeve; wol; a few light marks
862945BeatHit itGo-feetFEET 11EXEX3.001981 light wear on cover
3388545BeatI confessGo-feetFEET 16VGEX4.001982 b/w 'Sole salvation'; some light ring wear
862845BeatMirror in the bathroomGo-feetFEET 2-EX3.501980 company sleeve
1034745BeatTears of a clown2 ToneTT6-EX4.001979 plastic label; large centre hole; company sleeve; v.light warp + a few light marks
862645BeatTears of a clown2 ToneTT 6-G1.501979 company sleeve; some marks + light surface noise
848145BeatToo nice to talk toGo-feetFEET 4-VG3.001980 company sleeve; plays EX
834912"BeatAckee 1-2-3 (Nike mix)Go-feetFEET 1218EXEX6.001983
1866512"BeatCan't get used to losing you (1983 remix)Go feetFEET 1217EXVG5.001983 light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2933112"BeatHands off.. She's mineGo feetFEET 121-VG7.001980 b/w 'Twist and crawl'; Company sleeve; some marks - plays EX
669812"BeatToo nice too talk to (Dubweiser)Go feetFEET 124-VG6.001980
3122945Pauline BlackThrew it awayChrysalisCHS P 2739-EX6.001983 Picture disc; b/w 'I can see clearly now'
3388845BodysnatchersEasy life2 ToneCHS TT 12-EX10.001980 Plastic label; Company sleeve; b/w 'Too experienced'; a few light marks
3388745BodysnatchersLet's do rock steady2 ToneCHS TT 9-VG10.001980 Paper label; Company sleeve; b/w 'Ruder than you'; a few marks - plays EX
130645BodysnatchersLet's do rock steady2 ToneTT 9-EX5.001980; Company sleeve
844245Boogie brothers blues bandTimeShadesSRT6K S819EXVG5.001986 mark + a couple of crackles side 1 o/w plays EX
2175445ChordsIn my streetPolydorPOSP 185VGEX7.001980 b/w I'll keep holding on; name on cover
133545ChordsNow it's gonePolydor2059 141EXEX7.001979
133645ChordsNow it's gonePolydor2059 141-VG3.501979 Company sleeve
1014045ChordsOne more minutePolydorPOSP 270VGEX5.001981 small edge split on cover; a few light marks
324345ChordsSomethings missingPolydorPOSP 146VGVG5.001980 edge split
130845ChordsThe British way of lifePolydor2059 258VGVG7.001980
1013945ChordsTurn away againPolydorPOSP 288VGEX5.001981; a few light marks
2175645CrooksModern boysBlue printBLU 2002VGVG7.001979 b/w The beat goes on; some wear on die cut sleeve; light warp - plays EX
2922945GentsRevengePoshPOSH 007VGVG7.001983 b/w 'Girl'; light ring wear on cover o/w EX; a few light marks - plays EX
131045GraduateEver met a dayPrecisionPAR 104VGEX8.001980
2175745The JamAbsolute beginnersPolydorPOSP 350EXVG4.001981 b/w Tales from the riverbank; a few marks - plays EX
845445The JamBeat surrenderPolydorPOSPJ 540EXVG/VG7.001982 Double/Gatefold; disc 1 - warp, plays EX; disc 2 some marks + a few crackles
19245The JamBeat surrenderPolydorPOSPJ 540EXEX/EX6.00Double pack,gatefold sleeve
132745The JamDavid WattsPolydor2059 054VGVG3.001978
250845The JamDown in the tube station at midnightPolydorPOSP 8VGEX3.501978
130745The JamEton riflesPolydorPOSP 83VGVG3.001979
19545The JamFuneral pyrePolydorPOSP 257EXEX4.00 
845345The JamGoing undergroundPolydorPOSPJ 113EXEX/EX8.001980 + Bonus disc "Live at the Rainbow"
19745The JamGoing undergroundPolydorPOSP 113EXVG3.00 
1014145The JamJust who is the 5 o'clock heroPolydor2059 504VGEX4.001982 German
132545The JamStartPolydor2059 266EXVG3.501980
132645The JamStrange townPolydor2059 095VGVG3.001979
844145The JamThat's entertainmentMetronome0030 364EXEX5.001980 German
19445The JamThe bitterest pillPolydorPOSP 505EXVG3.00 
132245The JamTown called malicePolydorPOSP 400VGEX4.001982
19645The JamWhen you're youngPolydorPOSP 69EXEX5.00 
132845The JamWhen you're youngPolydorPOSP 69EXEX5.001979
1012012"The Jam4 Side affectsPolydor2141 392EXVG8.00Australia; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
2892812"The JamBeat surrenderPolydorPOSPX 540VGVG7.001982 light warp; a few marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
835112"The JamJust who is the 5 o'clock heroPolydor2141 55810EXVG6.001982 German; light ring wear; some light marks - plays EX
835012"The JamTown called malicePolydorPOSPX 400-VG5.001982 plain sleeve; some surface marks - plays EX
2467045Mark KjeldsenAre you readyBack doorDOOR 002-VG8.001980 b/w 'Something's happening'; some light marks - plays EX
132145LambrettasAnother dayRocketXPRES 36VGVG3.001980
846545LambrettasD-a-a-anceRocketXPRES 33-VG2.501980 company sleeve; some marks
1014245LambrettasD-a-a-anceRocketXPRES 333-EX5.001980 picture disc; couple of crackles b'side
3082145LambrettasPoison ivyRocketXPRES 25-EX4.001980 Company sleeve; b/w 'Runaround'; a few light marks
2175845Dee C LeeCome hell or waters highCBS6869EXEX4.001986 b/w I don't mess
843245Dee C LeeSee the dayCBSA 6570EXEX3.001985
3123145Dee C LeeSelina wow wowCBSA 4192VGVG4.001983 White 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Hey what do you say'; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
863245MadnessThe Prince2 ToneTT 3-VG5.001979 pen on plastic label; company sleeve; a few light marks - plays EX
2933212"Main T PosseeFickle public speakin'RespondKOBX 703-EX10.001983 b/w Extended version; Company sleeve; a few light marks
131245Makin' timePump it upCountdownVAIN 5MintEX6.001986
2175945Merton parkasGive it to me nowBeggars banquetBEG 30-EX4.001979 b/w Gi'sit; a few light marks
1014545Merton parkasPut me in the pictureBeggars banquetBEG 43EXEX6.001980
846645Merton parkasYou need wheelsBeggars BanqetBEG 22-VG2.501979 a few crackles
1014445Merton parkasYou need wheelsBeggars banquetBEG 22EXVG5.001979 some light marks - plays EX
1014645Mo-dettesPaint it blackDeramDETR 1EXVG/VG5.001980 kink on bonus flexi disc; insert
133045Mo-dettesPaint it blackDeramDET R1VGEX4.001980
1266459 Below zeroAin't coming backA & MAMS 8127EXEX6.001981 PROMO
29230459 Below zeroHelenA&MAMS 8136VGVG5.001981 b/w 'You can't please all the people all the time'; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays well
10147459 Below zeroHomeworkA&MAMS 7558VGVG4.001980 PROMO; some wear on opening; plays EX
10149459 Below zeroSugar beatA&MAMS 8224EXEX5.001982 a few light marks
10148459 Below zeroWipe away your kissA&MAMS 8210EXEX5.001982 some light marks
469545PrisonersWhenever I'm goneCountdownVain 4EXEX7.001986
131445PrisonersWhenever I'm goneCountdownVAIN 4VGEX7.001986
1015145Purple heartsJimmyFictionFICS 9EXVG8.001980 some light marks - plays EX
1015245Purple heartsMillions like usFictionFICS 003VGEX8.001979 small tear on opening; some light marks
1015045Purple heartsMy life's a jigsawSafariSAFE 30VGVG8.001980 some light marks - plays EX
132345QuadsThere's never been a nightBig bearBB 24VGVG4.001979
3389145Roddy Radiation & SpecialsBraggin' & tryin' not to lie2 ToneTT 999-VG7.001980 Paper label; Company sleeve; b/w 'Rude boys outa jail (version)' Neville Staples; mild dish warp; some marks - plays EX
70845RemaynsFirst EPBam carusoNRIC 029EXEX7.001985; Multi coloured vinyl
3388945Rhoda & Special AKAThe Boiler2 ToneCHS TT 18VGVG8.001982 Paper label; b/w 'Theme from the boiler'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3389045Rico & Special AKAJungle music2 ToneCHS TT 19GG6.001982 Plastic label; b/w 'Rasta call you'; wear + creasing on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) with a few crackles
1015645Secret affairDo you knowI-spySEE 10-EX8.001981 keyhole company sleeve; paper label
19945Secret affairLet your heart danceI-SpySEE 3-EX2.50 
132045Secret affairLet your heart danceI-spySee 3VGEX4.001979
1015545Secret affairLost in the night (Mac the knife)I-spySEE 11EXEX8.001982 some ring wear on cover
846745Secret affairMy worldI-spySEE 5-VG2.501980 some marks + crackles
846845Secret affairSound of confusionI-spySEE 8-VG3.001980
1015445Secret affairSound of confusionI-spySEE 8EXEX5.001980 some light ring wear on cover; some light marks
2467145Secret affairTime for actionI-SpySEE 1VGEX5.001979 Black sleeve/ Plastic labels b/w 'Soho strut'; some wear on cover
20145SelecterMissing words2-ToneCHS TT10-EX4.00Company sleeve
846945SelecterOn my radio2 ToneTT 4-VG3.001979 company sleeve; large centre hole
998445SelecterThe whisperChrysalisCHS S1-EX5.001980 plastic label
847045SelecterThree minute hero2 ToneTT 8-VG3.001980 company sleeve; some crackles
3389245SelecterThree minute hero2 ToneCHS TT 8-VG7.001980 Paper label; Company sleeve; b/w 'James Bond'; a few marls - plays EX
3371112"SelecterTrain to skaville (extended version)ChrysalisCHS 12 S1VGVG8.001980 b/w 'The whisper/ Street feeling'; wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2176045Smart AlecScooter boysB&CBCS 20VGEX80.001979 b/w Soho; some wear on cover; 'Scooter boys' written on opening b/cover; a few light marks
2977445SpecialsA message to you Rudy2 ToneTT 5-EX5.001979 Plastic label; Company sleeve; b/w 'Nite klub'
3389345SpecialsDo nothing2 ToneCHS TT 16VGG3.001980 Paper label; laminated f/cover; flipback sleeve; b/w 'Maggie's farm'; 'G.Mason' written on b'side label + b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) with a few clicks + crackles
843545SpecialsDo nothing2 ToneTT 16-EX4.001980 large centre hole; company sleeve
847245SpecialsGangsters2 ToneTT1/ TT2-VG5.001979 name written on paper label; some marks - plays EX b/w Selecter
843845SpecialsGhost town2 ToneTT 17EXEX4.001981 a few light marks
843945SpecialsNelson Mandela2 ToneTT 26EXEX5.001984
3389445SpecialsRat raceChrysalis101.995VGVG7.001980 Netherlands; b/w 'Rude boys outta jail' (misprint 'Rude buoys' on label); light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
843745SpecialsStereotype2 ToneTT 13-EX5.001980 plastic label; company sleeve
2933312"SpecialsGhost town2-ToneCHS TT 1217VGVG8.001981 b/w 'Why/ Friday night, Saturday morning'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
21761EPSpecialsThe Special A.K.A. live2 ToneTT 7VGVG4.001980 plastic label; some wear + name b/cover; light warp - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2467345SpeedometorsDisgraceMascotNICE 1-VG6.001977 Plain sleeve; b/w 'Work'; Sticker mark on label; warp; some marks - a few clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
133845SquireThe face of the youth todayI-spySee 4-EX6.001979 Company sleeve
847145SquireWalking down the Kings roadI-spySEE 2-VG6.001979 plain sleeve; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
847445StepTears that I cryDirectionDIR 9311VGVG4.001980 PROMO; wear on cover; some crackles
847645Style councilA ParispolydorTSC 3EXVG4.001983 a few marks + a couple of light crackles o/w plays EX
843445Style councilA solid bond in your heartPolydorTSC 4EXEX4.001983
847745Style councilA solid bond in your heartPolydorTSC 4EXVG3.001983 Gatefold; large centre hole; light click side 2 tk1
846345Style councilCome to Milton KeynesPolydorTSC 9EXVG3.001985 a few clicks
2934245Style councilHave you ever had it bluePolydorCINE 1EXEX5.001986 with printed PVC sleeve; b/w 'Mr Cool's dream'
845545Style councilIt didn't matterPolydorTSC 12EXEX4.001987
845845Style councilLife at a top peoples health farmPolydorTSC 15EXEX3.001988 in orange sleeve; a few light marks
535145Style councilLodgersPolydorTSC 10EXVG3.001985
1642145Style councilLong hot summer 89PolydorLHS 1EXEX4.001989 reviewers copy; b/w 'Everybodys on the run'
844445Style councilMoney go roundPolydorTSC 2EXEX4.001983
843345Style councilMy ever changing moodsPolydorTSC 5EXEX4.001984
847845Style councilShout to the topPolydorTSC 7EXVG3.501984 a few crackles on b'side
847545Style councilSpeak like a childPolydorTSC 1EXEX4.001983
845645Style councilWaitingPolydorTSC 13EXEX4.001987 reviewers copy; a couple of crackles
2467445Style councilWalls come tumbling downPolydorTSC 8EXVG3.501985 b/w 'The Whole point II/ Blood sports'; mild warp o/w EX
845745Style councilWantedPolydorTSC 14EXEX4.001987 reviewers copy
844745Style councilYou're the best thingPolydorTSC 6EXEX4.001984 v.light warp
836312"Style councilA Paris EPPolydorTSCX 3EXEX6.501983 couple of light marks
291512"Style councilGroovin'PolydorTSCX 6EXVG6.001984 plays EX
837012"Style councilHave you ever had it bluePolydorCINEX 1EXEX6.501986
836812"Style councilIt didn't matterPolydorTSCX 12EXEX6.501987 Die cut rear sleeve
836912"Style councilLife at a top peoples health farmPolydorTSCX 15EXVG6.501988 + inner; a few light marks - plays EX
836412"Style councilMoney go roundPolydorTSCX 2VGVG5.001983 v.light warp; a few light marks - plays EX
734812"Style councilMy ever changing moodsPolydorTSCX 5EXEX6.501984
836512"Style councilShout to the topPolydorTSCX 7EXEX6.501984
2933412"Style councilSoul deepPolydorMINE X1EXVG7.001984 b/w 'A miners point'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles on b'side
836612"Style councilThe LodgersPolydorTSCX 10EXEX7.001985 + insert
837112"Style councilWalls come tumbling downPolydorTSCX 8EXVG6.001985 a couple of light crackles o/w plays EX
836712"Style councilWantedPolydorTSCX 14EXEX7.001987 + inner; a couple of light marks
2467545James Taylor quartetBreak outUrbanURB 38VGVG5.001989 b/w 'Down by the river'; light wear on cover'; a few light marks - plays well with a few light crackles
1096045Time UKPlayground of privilegeAristaARIST 597EXEX4.001985
837212"Time UKThe CabaretRed busTIME 123EXVG6.001983 some marks - plays EX
845945TruthA step in the right directionFormationTRUTH 2EXEX5.001983
846045TruthException of loveIRSIRS 115VGVG3.001984 b/w "If you ever find love"; some creases + edge split on cover
848045TruthException of loveIRSIRM 103EXEX4.00b/w "Out of the darkness"
846145TruthGod gave rock & roll to youIRSEIRS 119EXEX3.001989 as Dennis Greaves & the Truth
2923145TruthNo stone unturnedWEAYZ1VGVG3.001984 Single sleeve issue; b/w 'Flesh & fantasy'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
847945TruthNo stone unturnedFormationYZ 1FEXVG3.501984 Gatefold; a few crackles on b'side
3256612"TruthA step in the right directionFormationTRUTH 2TVGVG12.001983 Signed by the band f/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
3256512"TruthConfusion (hits us everytime)FormationTRUTH 1TVGVG5.001983 some marks on vinyl + light edge warp - plays EX
868312"TruthNo stone unturnedWEAYZ 1TEXVG5.001984 plays EX
846245UntouchablesFree yourselfStiffBUY 221EXVG3.501984 plays EX
2933512"UntouchablesFree yourselfStiffBUYIT 221EXVG6.501984 b/w 'Lebanon/ Stepping stone'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
867812"UntouchablesI spy for the FBIStffBUYIT 227EXVG6.001985 couple of crackles o/w plays EX
341312"UntouchablesWhat's gone wrongStiffBUY IT 240EXEX7.001985
2279645VIP'sThe Quarter moonGemGEMS 39-VG4.001980 'A' label advance copy; b/w Hippy hippy shake; plays EX
2918245Paul WellerAll I wanna do (is be with you)Island1781133EXEX7.002008 Pink 'Eye' label; b/w 'Pretty flamingo'
3076145Paul WellerFast car / Slow trafficIsland275 0646EXEX12.002010 White vinyl ltd edition low number (0026); b/w 'The Primal scream remix'; small spot of wear top corner f/cover
2467645Paul WellerShadow of the sunGo discsPNME 1-EX5.001994 given away with NME; b/w 'Sunflower/ Wild wood'; a few light marks
2893012"Paul WellerHung upGo discsGODX 111VGEX8.001994 b/w 'Foot of the mountain (live)/ The loved/ Kosmos (Lynch mob)'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - a couple of crackles
400012"Paul WellerInto tomorrowFreedom highFHPT 1EXVG12.001991 a few light crackles
2911512"Paul WellerSunflowerGo discsGODX 102EXEX10.001993 stock copy with promo sticker b/cover + label; b/w 'Kosmos SXDUB 2000/ Bull-rush/Magic bus/ That spiritual feeling (new mix)'; very light dish warp
29183EPPaul WellerAs is nowSolid bondVVR 5036267MintEX8.002006 'Blink and you'll miss it/ From the floorboards up/ Here's the good news/ Come on, let's go'
24677EPWipeoutThe Four trackerM&LMNL 2EXEX15.001982 'Baby please don't go/ 2-0-5/ Crawdaddy/ Should a known better'; light wear on cover; a few light marks

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