Mod / Two tone - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
844845Back to zeroYour side of heavenFictionFICS 004VGVG7.001979 small edge split on cover; some marks - plays EX
845045Bad mannersCan canMagnetMAG 190EXEX3.001981
3388445Bad mannersGot no brainsMagnetMAG 216VGVG4.001982 b/w 'Psychedelic Eric/ Only funkin"; a few marks - plays EX
844645Bad mannersJust a feelingMagnetMAG 187EXEX3.001981 v.light warp
844945Bad mannersLorraineMagnetMAG 181EXEX3.001980 v.light warp
862445Bad mannersMy girl lollipopMagnetMAG 232VGVG3.001982 wol; creases on cover
3732545Bad mannersRunawayMagnetMAGL 5043EXVG3.001981 Single sided Flexi-disc issued free with Record mirror; light wear on die cit sleeve; plays OK w/some crackes
2466945Bad mannersSamson & DelilahMagnetMAG 236VGEX5.001982 Clear vinyl in printed PVC sleeve (botton edge split); b/w 'Good honest man'
845245Bad mannersSpecial brewMagnetMAG 180EXEX3.001980 small writing f/cover; light warp
845145Bad mannersWalking in the sunshineMagnetMAG 197EXEX3.501981
844545BeatBest friendGo-feetFEET 3EXVG3.001980 a few marks + crackles
2175345BeatDoors of your heartGo feetFEET 9VGEX3.501981 b/w Get a job; some creasing on cover; name b/cover; a few light marks
2175145BeatDrowningGo feetFEET 6-EX4.001981 company sleeve; b/w All out to get you
3388645BeatHands off.. She's mineArista/ Go-feet101.516-VG4.001980 Holland; b/w 'Twist and crawl'; some marks - plays EX
862745BeatHands off.. She's mineGo-feetFEET 1-EX3.001980 company sleeve; wol; a few light marks
2175245BeatHands off.. She's mineGo feetFEET 1-VG3.001980 company sleeve; b/w Twist & crawl; initials on labels; plays EX
862945BeatHit itGo-feetFEET 11EXEX3.001981 light wear on cover
3388545BeatI confessGo-feetFEET 16VGEX4.001982 b/w 'Sole salvation'; some light ring wear
862645BeatTears of a clown2 ToneTT 6-G1.501979 company sleeve; some marks + light surface noise
834912"BeatAckee 1-2-3 (Nike mix)Go-feetFEET 1218EXEX6.001983
1866512"BeatCan't get used to losing you (1983 remix)Go feetFEET 1217EXVG5.001983 light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2933112"BeatHands off.. She's mineGo feetFEET 121-VG7.001980 b/w 'Twist and crawl'; Company sleeve; some marks - plays EX
669812"BeatToo nice too talk to (Dubweiser)Go feetFEET 124-VG6.001980
3122945Pauline BlackThrew it awayChrysalisCHS P 2739-EX6.001983 Picture disc; b/w 'I can see clearly now'
844245Boogie brothers blues bandTimeShadesSRT6K S819EXVG5.001986 mark + a couple of crackles side 1 o/w plays EX
2175445ChordsIn my streetPolydorPOSP 185VGEX7.001980 b/w I'll keep holding on; name on cover
133645ChordsNow it's gonePolydor2059 141-VG3.501979 Company sleeve
1014045ChordsOne more minutePolydorPOSP 270VGEX5.001981 small edge split on cover; a few light marks
324345ChordsSomethings missingPolydorPOSP 146VGVG5.001980 edge split
130845ChordsThe British way of lifePolydor2059 258VGVG7.001980
1013945ChordsTurn away againPolydorPOSP 288VGEX5.001981; a few light marks
2175645CrooksModern boysBlue printBLU 2002VGVG7.001979 b/w The beat goes on; some wear on die cut sleeve; light warp - plays EX
2922945GentsRevengePoshPOSH 007VGVG7.001983 b/w 'Girl'; light ring wear on cover o/w EX; a few light marks - plays EX
131045GraduateEver met a dayPrecisionPAR 104VGEX8.001980
2175745The JamAbsolute beginnersPolydorPOSP 350EXVG4.001981 b/w Tales from the riverbank; a few marks - plays EX
845445The JamBeat surrenderPolydorPOSPJ 540EXVG/VG7.001982 Double/Gatefold; disc 1 - warp, plays EX; disc 2 some marks + a few crackles
130745The JamEton riflesPolydorPOSP 83VGVG3.001979
3721545The JamFuneral pyrePolydorPOSP 257VGVG4.001981 b/w 'Disguises'; mild wear on cover; some marks on b'side - plays well (EX)
132645The JamStrange townPolydor2059 095VGVG3.001979
19645The JamWhen you're youngPolydorPOSP 69EXEX5.00 
3740312"The JamA town called malice (Live)PolydorPOSPX 400VGVG7.001982 Live Hammersmith palais 14/12/81; Purple/Black die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Precious (extended version)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
2892812"The JamBeat surrenderPolydorPOSPX 540VGVG7.001982 light warp; a few marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
835112"The JamJust who is the 5 o'clock heroPolydor2141 55810EXVG6.001982 German; light ring wear; some light marks - plays EX
2467045Mark KjeldsenAre you readyBack doorDOOR 002-VG8.001980 b/w 'Something's happening'; some light marks - plays EX
132145LambrettasAnother dayRocketXPRES 36VGVG3.001980
846545LambrettasD-a-a-anceRocketXPRES 33-VG2.501980 company sleeve; some marks
1014245LambrettasD-a-a-anceRocketXPRES 333-EX5.001980 picture disc; couple of crackles b'side
3082145LambrettasPoison ivyRocketXPRES 25-EX4.001980 Company sleeve; b/w 'Runaround'; a few light marks
2175845Dee C LeeCome hell or waters highCBS6869EXEX4.001986 b/w I don't mess
843245Dee C LeeSee the dayCBSA 6570EXEX3.001985
3123145Dee C LeeSelina wow wowCBSA 4192VGVG4.001983 White 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Hey what do you say'; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3697845MadnessThe Prince2-ToneCHS TT3-VG4.001979 Silver plastic label; b/w 'Madness'; some marks - plays OK with a few crackles
2933212"Main T PosseeFickle public speakin'RespondKOBX 703-EX10.001983 b/w Extended version; Company sleeve; a few light marks
131245Makin' timePump it upCountdownVAIN 5MintEX6.001986
2175945Merton parkasGive it to me nowBeggars banquetBEG 30-EX4.001979 b/w Gi'sit; a few light marks
846645Merton parkasYou need wheelsBeggars BanqetBEG 22-VG2.501979 a few crackles
1014445Merton parkasYou need wheelsBeggars banquetBEG 22EXVG5.001979 some light marks - plays EX
1014645Mo-dettesPaint it blackDeramDETR 1EXVG/VG5.001980 kink on bonus flexi disc; insert
133045Mo-dettesPaint it blackDeramDET R1VGEX4.001980
1266459 Below zeroAin't coming backA & MAMS 8127EXEX6.001981 PROMO
29230459 Below zeroHelenA&MAMS 8136VGVG5.001981 b/w 'You can't please all the people all the time'; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays well
10147459 Below zeroHomeworkA&MAMS 7558VGVG4.001980 PROMO; some wear on opening; plays EX
10149459 Below zeroSugar beatA&MAMS 8224EXEX5.001982 a few light marks
10148459 Below zeroWipe away your kissA&MAMS 8210EXEX5.001982 some light marks
469545PrisonersWhenever I'm goneCountdownVain 4EXEX7.001986
131445PrisonersWhenever I'm goneCountdownVAIN 4VGEX7.001986
1015145Purple heartsJimmyFictionFICS 9EXVG8.001980 some light marks - plays EX
70845RemaynsFirst EPBam carusoNRIC 029EXEX7.001985; Multi coloured vinyl
1015645Secret affairDo you knowI-spySEE 10-EX8.001981 keyhole company sleeve; paper label
132045Secret affairLet your heart danceI-spySee 3VGEX4.001979
19945Secret affairLet your heart danceI-SpySEE 3-EX2.50 
1015545Secret affairLost in the night (Mac the knife)I-spySEE 11EXEX8.001982 some ring wear on cover
846745Secret affairMy worldI-spySEE 5-VG2.501980 some marks + crackles
846845Secret affairSound of confusionI-spySEE 8-VG3.001980
1015445Secret affairSound of confusionI-spySEE 8EXEX5.001980 some light ring wear on cover; some light marks
2467145Secret affairTime for actionI-SpySEE 1VGEX5.001979 Black sleeve/ Plastic labels b/w 'Soho strut'; some wear on cover
998445SelecterThe whisperChrysalisCHS S1-EX5.001980 plastic label
847045SelecterThree minute hero2 ToneTT 8-VG3.001980 company sleeve; some crackles
3371112"SelecterTrain to skaville (extended version)ChrysalisCHS 12 S1VGVG8.001980 b/w 'The whisper/ Street feeling'; wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2467345SpeedometorsDisgraceMascotNICE 1-VG6.001977 Plain sleeve; b/w 'Work'; Sticker mark on label; warp; some marks - a few clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
133845SquireThe face of the youth todayI-spySee 4-EX6.001979 Company sleeve
847145SquireWalking down the Kings roadI-spySEE 2-VG6.001979 plain sleeve; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
847445StepTears that I cryDirectionDIR 9311VGVG4.001980 PROMO; wear on cover; some crackles
847745Style councilA solid bond in your heartPolydorTSC 4EXVG3.001983 Gatefold; large centre hole; light click side 2 tk1
2934245Style councilHave you ever had it bluePolydorCINE 1EXEX5.001986 with printed PVC sleeve; b/w 'Mr Cool's dream'
836312"Style councilA Paris EPPolydorTSCX 3EXEX6.501983 couple of light marks
291512"Style councilGroovin'PolydorTSCX 6EXVG6.001984 plays EX
3741012"Style councilHave you ever had it blue (Uncut version)PolydorCINEX 1EXEX6.501986 b/w 'Cut version/ Mr Cool's dream'; 1 mark f/cover + light wear; a few light marks - plays well
836812"Style councilIt didn't matterPolydorTSCX 12EXEX6.501987 Die cut rear sleeve
836912"Style councilLife at a top peoples health farmPolydorTSCX 15EXVG6.501988 + inner; a few light marks - plays EX
836412"Style councilMoney go roundPolydorTSCX 2VGVG5.001983 v.light warp; a few light marks - plays EX
3740912"Style councilMy ever changing moodsPolydorTSCX 5VGEX6.501984 b/w 'Spring, summer, autumn'; light wear on cover; plays well
836512"Style councilShout to the topPolydorTSCX 7EXEX6.501984
2933412"Style councilSoul deepPolydorMINE X1EXVG7.001984 b/w 'A miners point'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles on b'side
836612"Style councilThe LodgersPolydorTSCX 10EXEX7.001985 + insert
837112"Style councilWalls come tumbling downPolydorTSCX 8EXVG6.001985 a couple of light crackles o/w plays EX
836712"Style councilWantedPolydorTSCX 14EXEX7.001987 + inner; a couple of light marks
2467545James Taylor quartetBreak outUrbanURB 38VGVG5.001989 b/w 'Down by the river'; light wear on cover'; a few light marks - plays well with a few light crackles
1096045Time UKPlayground of privilegeAristaARIST 597EXEX4.001985
837212"Time UKThe CabaretRed busTIME 123EXVG6.001983 some marks - plays EX
845945TruthA step in the right directionFormationTRUTH 2EXEX5.001983
848045TruthException of loveIRSIRM 103EXEX4.00b/w "Out of the darkness"
846045TruthException of loveIRSIRS 115VGVG3.001984 b/w "If you ever find love"; some creases + edge split on cover
846145TruthGod gave rock & roll to youIRSEIRS 119EXEX3.001989 as Dennis Greaves & the Truth
2923145TruthNo stone unturnedWEAYZ1VGVG3.001984 Single sleeve issue; b/w 'Flesh & fantasy'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
847945TruthNo stone unturnedFormationYZ 1FEXVG3.501984 Gatefold; a few crackles on b'side
3256612"TruthA step in the right directionFormationTRUTH 2TVGVG12.001983 Signed by the band f/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
3256512"TruthConfusion (hits us everytime)FormationTRUTH 1TVGVG5.001983 some marks on vinyl + light edge warp - plays EX
868312"TruthNo stone unturnedWEAYZ 1TEXVG5.001984 plays EX
846245UntouchablesFree yourselfStiffBUY 221EXVG3.501984 plays EX
2933512"UntouchablesFree yourselfStiffBUYIT 221EXVG6.501984 b/w 'Lebanon/ Stepping stone'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
867812"UntouchablesI spy for the FBIStffBUYIT 227EXVG6.001985 couple of crackles o/w plays EX
341312"UntouchablesWhat's gone wrongStiffBUY IT 240EXEX7.001985
2279645VIP'sThe Quarter moonGemGEMS 39-VG4.001980 'A' label advance copy; b/w Hippy hippy shake; plays EX
2918245Paul WellerAll I wanna do (is be with you)Island1781133EXEX7.002008 Pink 'Eye' label; b/w 'Pretty flamingo'
24677EPWipeoutThe Four trackerM&LMNL 2EXEX15.001982 'Baby please don't go/ 2-0-5/ Crawdaddy/ Should a known better'; light wear on cover; a few light marks

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