Miscellaneous - Full List
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
14773LPAchorHosanna to the son of DavidDoveDOVE 54VGVG£15.001978 writing b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
11674CDWill AckermanSound of wind driven rainWindham hill01934 11250MintMint£6.001998
8224CDWilliam AckermanPassageWindham hillCDW 1014EXEX£5.00CD issue of '81 LP - Pieces for guitar
2378245Cliff AdamsThe official Action man marchLyntoneGAL 005/6VGVG£8.00b/w 'Battle sounds'; sticker tear f/cover + sale hole; plays well with a few crackles
39000LPKing Sunny AdeAuraIslandILPS 9746GEX£7.001984 surface tear/damage top of b/cover; plays well
38512CDAlter egoMusic in shape of a squareStradivariusSTR 33602EXMint£12.002001 Italy; Perform the music of Philip Glass;
2302545Arsenal 1st team squadGood old ArsenalPye7N 45067VGVG£5.001971 b/w The boys from Highbury; light wear on cover; number sticker on label; some light marks - plays EX
3080845Arsenal 1st team squadSuper Arsenal FCUnited artistsUP 36518VGEX£5.001979 for Wembly cup final 1979; b/w 'Sing with the Gunners'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3291645BBC Sound effectsTennisBBCEC 24BEXVG£7.00In printed plastic BBC sleeve; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3291745BBC Sound effectsWimbledon tennis 1964BBCEC 24AVGEX£7.00In printed plastic BBC sleeve
23828LPSir John BetjemanBetjeman's Banana blushCharismaCHC 26EXVG£10.0080's reissue of '74 LP; Music by Jim Parker; light wear on cover; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
23829LPSir John BetjemanLate flowering loveCharismaCAS 1096EXEX£40.001974 Hatter label; music by Jim Parker; light wear on cover; a few crackles
12196LPArthur BlessittThe Jesus witnessWordSAC 5052EXEX£10.001972
12580LPBobbie DunbarRangers - we are the peopleOutletLP 7003EXEX£20.001968 mono; a few light marks
8931LPFrank BoggsDown a new roadSacredSAC 5083EXEX£8.001975 some ring wear; a couple of crackles
4457LPLiona BoydThe guitar artistry of..LondonSLA 6334EXVG£8.001978 Japan; some surface noise
3981LPBernard BresslawReads from Hans Christian AndersonDavjonDJ 1004MintEX£12.001968 mono
5038LPDavid BurgeLe Piano moderneCBSS346 1171EXEX£12.001970's France music of our time series + insert; Berio, Boulez, Krenek, Dallapiccola, stockhausen; a few light crackles
40789LPJulian ByzantinePlays guitar music of Villa-LobosEMI CFPCFP 40209EXEX£7.001975 plays well
37828LPWalter CarlosSwitched-on BachCBSS 63501VGEX£7.00Orange label issue of '68 LP; Holland; sticker mark top corner f/cover; plays well
38737LPWalter CarlosSwitched-on BachCBSS 63501EXVG£6.001970's Orange label issue of '68 LP; non laminated cover; some marks on sode1 - plays OK with a few clicks on side1
1294LPWinston ChurchillThe voice of..DeccaLXT 6200VGVG£8.001965 mono
6590LPContinental singersLook insideMyrrhMST 6504EXEX£8.001972 a few light marks
8403LPAndrae Crouch & DisciplesThis is another dayDJMDJF 20496EXEX£12.001976 Gatefold + inner; a few crackles
23308EPEllabelle DavisWere you thereDeccaDFE 8618EXVG£6.001965 light sticker mark on label; plays well with a few crackles
8266CDDivine oracleTouched by the lightGolden light-MintMint£5.002002 US; music by Michael Hammer
1676LPDylan ThomasAn evening with..CaedmonTC 1157SealedSealed£25.001963 US sealed in shrinkwrap
22058LPDylan ThomasReading - vol 3CaedmonTC 1043SealedSealed£18.00US sealed in shrinkwrap; some fading along spine; light ringwear
1677LPDylan ThomasReading vol 2CaedmonTC 1018SealedSealed£20.001960's US sealed in shrinkwrap
2507945England world cup squadThis time (we'll get it right)EnglandER 1P-VG£5.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'We'll fly the flag'; light warp - a few clicks at start side1 o/w plays EX
2612345England world cup squadThis time (we'll get it right)EnglandER 1VGEX£4.001982 Red vinyl; b/w 'England, we'll fly the flag'; a couple of crackles
1856445England world cup squadThis time (we'll get it right)EnglandER 1VGVG£2.501982 plays EX
27678LPEngland world cup squad 1986World cup partyColumbiaSCX 6703VGEX£7.001986 NO poster; corner crease
20047LPDale EvansFaith hope & charityWordWDS 3006EXVG£7.001973 mono; small stain b/cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
9913CDHelen FieldingBidget Jonses diaryMacMillan903 536EXEX/EX£7.001997 4 CD set; read Tracie Bennett
28656LPFisherfolkSing the word with the FisherfolkCelebrationCR 1011EXEX£8.001980 a few light crackles
28657LPFisherfolkSongs from fresh soundsClebrationCR 1006EXVG£8.001976 some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
14775LPFisherfolkSound of living watersCelebration2002EXVG£7.00plays well w/some crackles
14774LPFisherfolkWorship with the FisherfolkCelebrationCR 1007EXVG£8.001976 light ring wear b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
10784LPFree spiritThey'll know we are christians.. by our lovePilgrimJLPS 193EXVG£7.001974 light warp - a few crackles
17145LPFrom West to EastFrom West to EastEchoECR 301EXEX£10.00 
3993445Fulham football teamYou lucky peopleEpicSEPC 3288-EX£4.001975 b/w 'Fulham stomp'; Yellow label/Solid centre; plays well
4456LPSeverino GazzelloniLa Flute modernCBSS34 61133EXVG£10.00France "music of our time series" Fukushima Henze Martinu Petrassi; a few light crackles
3080945Ulf GoranPlay guitarOxford uni presOUP 115-VG£4.001974 a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
1813LPAmy GrantAmy GrantMyrrhMSB 6586EXEX£12.001977 US + inner
15644LPKeith GreenNo compromiseSparrowBIRD 118EXEX£10.001979 Gatefold
15763LPKeith GreenSongs for the shepherdSparrowBird 140EXEX£8.001982 + insert
12197LPGeorge GruntzPercussion profilesJapoJAPO 60025EXEX£10.001978 German
40790LPAlec GuinnessA personal choiceRCA victor30,303VGVG£8.001965 South Africa; Mono; new price sticker f/cover; mild wear on cover; plays well with just a few clicks + crackles
1856545Hampden's heroesScotland bonnie ScotlandStateSTAT 73EXEX£3.001978 light wear on cover; date written on label; light warp + a few light marks
33737LPRichard HarrisJonathan Livingston SeagullDunhillDSD 50160VGVG£7.001973 US; music by Terry James; company inner; small sale hole; light staining on vinyl from inner; a few crackles o/w plays EX
32197LPJac HolzmanAuthentic sound effects - vol 13ElektraEKS 7263VGG£7.001964 US; Stereo; 'The Sounds of London'; Warp; some marks - plays well (VG) with a few crackles
35042CDAlex JacobowitzThe art of xylosArte nova74321 91300 2EXEX£5.002002 just a few light marks on disc
3096045Johnny Johnston orchestraThe Galaxy themeCBS/ Mars ltdD 273/4VGVG£4.00b/w 'Galaxy bossa nova'; some yellowing on cover; plays well w/some crackles
39774LPHerbert Von KarajanTchaikovsky - Romeo & Juliet/ Strauss - Don JuanDeccaSXL 2269VGVG£12.00Mid '60's non flipback repress of '61 LP; Black/Silver ffss labels; 'Alderson' written near top edge b/cover + shop sticker b/cover o/w EX; a few marks on side 1 (VG+) - plays well with just a few crackles
18568EPDanny KayeChildren's favouritesBrunswickOE 9022EXEX£4.50a few light marks + crackles
3588LPJohn KeatsKeatsArgoPLP 1043EXEX£10.001963 mono
28716LPJohn F KennedyThe Presidential years 1960-63: Original speechesPickwickPIC 4169EXEX£12.001964 mono; some light marks
40067CDNigel KennedyLet looseEMICDP7 469112EXEX£7.001987 Cover & Disc are in near Mint condition
33094LPKop choirLiverpool club's own football soundHallmarkSHM 794EXEX£8.001972 New price shop sticker f/cover; laminated f/cover
11677CDRichard LaForgeMotion in season (guitar solos & duets)LairdRLCD 202EXEX£10.001991 US
5535LPLandrat - Lucas - SchuleJubilaums konzerte 1981CON10946EXEX£8.001981 German; Leverkusen - Opladen
28264CDSergei Leiferkus & Semion SkiginMussorgsky songs - volume 3Conifer classic75605 51265 2SealedSealed£10.001996 New; card slipcase + booklet sealed in shrinkwrap
5039LPGyorgy LigetiAdventures - Nouvelles adventuresCandieCE 31009EXVG£8.00US + insert; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
8932LPLiving soundThe living soundLightLS 7005VGVG£7.001973 sellotape on 2 tears on opening; a few crackles o/w plays EX
31918LPLondon Philharmonic OrchestraShostakovitch: Symphonies no.s 5 & 15CharismaCAS 1128EXEX£8.001977 Plain White label test pressing; Light wear on one piece rough cut sample front & back cover; 'Charisma 20th Century classics' series
31919LPLondon Philharmonic OrchestraStravinsky: Rite of spring/ Petroushka/ FirebirdCharismaCAS 1129EXVG£8.001977 Plain White label test presssing; One piece rough cut sample front & back cover; 'Charisma 20th Century classics' series; a few light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
20539LPLord TavernersBest of Test match specialHavenHAV 1017EXEX£15.001984 Signed by Brian Johnston; Gatefold; a few light crackles
5224LPTeo MaceroQuarts de tonCBSS34 61143EXVG£10.00France "music of our time" series; Ives/ Macero/ Hampton/ Lybbert
2508045Manchester unitedOfficial Manchester united fan clubMU fan clubMU 061-VG£5.001983 White vinyl; a few crackles
3993645Man on the moonThe story of the Apollo 11 landing - July 20, 1969Philips88457 DEEXEX£12.001969 Mono; 2 piece laminated fold-out cover + insert + privilege coupon; small 'M23' written on inside page of f/cover; very light dish warp - plays perfectly
859545MartiniThe right one - Martini theme songSound industrySFI 65-VG£4.001 sided; a few crackles
11520EPJimmie McDonaldSongs by Jimmie McDonaldBilly GrahamBG 101EXVG£7.001966
17146LPJimmie McDonaldDown by the river sidePilgrimJLP 133VGG£7.501966 mono; 1 jump tk2 side 2 o/w plays ok w/some crackles
12198LPMetropolisThe European suiteHavoc houseHH 01VGEX£10.001985 signed by Bryan Daley b/cover + label; ltd no. 26/1000; large stain f/cover
2314645MichaelMary's boy childColumbiaDB 7161-EX£4.001963 Factory sample; b/w The little shepherd king
33649CDMinistries without bordersWe see your gloryM.W. BordersSOWMCD 5MintEX£5.002010 some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
22784LPEdward R MurrowA reporter remembers volume 1: The war yearsColumbiaO2L 332VGEX/EX£15.00US; Double LP in Box; mono 360o sound; a few light marks + crackles
2807LPMax NeuhausElectronique et percussionCBSS34 61063EXVG£12.00France music of our time series; Brown, Feldman, Bussotti, Cage, Stockhausen
6594LPJimmy Owens' Come together singersTell the world in '73LightLS 7011EXVG£8.001973 a few crackles o/w plays EX
22741LPArvo PartArbosECMECM 1325EXG£6.001987 German; + 12 page booklet; some light marks - plays with a few clicks + some crackles
1957145PatriotsThe captured fiftyAuroraCF 1217-VG£3.501979 US; b/w 'The president Jimmy Carter march'; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
3096145PavarottiNessun dormaDeccaPAVO 3EXEX£4.001990 BBC world cup theme; b/w 'O sole mio'
17831CDPenguin café orch.Broadcasting from homeVirginEEGCD 38EXEX£6.00CD issue of '84 LP
9271CDPenguin café orch.Preludes airs & yodelsVirginAMBT 15EXEX£6.001996 compilation of '76-93 tracks
29770LPJJ Perrey & G KingsleySpotlight on the Moog: Kaleidescopic vibrationsVanguardVSD 6625EXVG£8.001971 marks on vinyl - plays EX
22783LPJean Jaques PerreyMoog indigoVanguardVSD 6549VGEX£15.001972 light wear on cover; light warp; a few light marks
29671LPPortsmouth sinfoniaPlays the popular classicsTransatlanticTRA 275VGVG£30.001973 small sale through cover + disc (label); a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3993545Tony Rees & CottagersViva el FulhamSonetSON 2059-EX£5.001975 b/w 'Rainbow'; solid centre; plays well
5144CDSteve ReichDrummingNonesuch979 1702MintMint£6.501987
5145CDSteve ReichEarly worksNonesuch979 1692MintMint£6.501987 issue of '65/6/7 + 72 recordings
5143CDSteve ReichMusic for 18 musiciansNonesuch794 482MintMint£6.501998
8935LPRoger & JanQuestionPilgrimJLPS 201EXEX£8.001974 warp
10322LPAnthony Rooley & James TylerMy lute awakeL'oiseau lyreSOL 336EXEX£8.001974 No insert; in shrinkwarp
5449LPErik SatieTrois petites pieces montees & 6 othersCandieCE 31018EXVG£8.00US + insert; a few light crackles
3454245Scotland world cup squadEasy easyPolydor2058 452-EX£4.001974 b/w 'Scotland Scotland'; a few light marks
1856745Scottish world cup squadWe have a dreamWEAK 19145VGVG£2.501982 + insert; some light marks - plays EX
2641LPAlexander ScriabinTwo tone poems: Ecstasy/ FireCandieCE 31039EXEX£12.00US Played by Dallas Symphony orch
5826LP2nd Chapter of actsIn the volume of the bookMyrrhMYRA 1026EXEX£10.001975 + inner
5834LP2nd Chapter of actsWith footnotesMyrrhMYR 1011EXEX£10.001974 + insert
8936LPSound purposeTwinkling of an eyeWordWST 9516EXEX£8.001974
18781LPKarlheinz StockhausenCeylon/ Bird of passageChrysalisCHR 1110EXEX£12.001975 a few light marks
18458LPKarlheinz StockhausenStimmungDeutsche gram.2543 003EXEX£15.001970 a few light crackles
38250LPRichard StraussDon QuixoteHMVASD 326VGVG£100.001960 Stereo; Rudolf Kempe; + 'Till Eulenspiegel'; some yellowing on b/cover; just a few marks on vinyl - plays well with just a few clicks + crackles
1930045Sam (the man) Taylor(Eulogy to Martin Luther King) Every 100 yearsRolyatR 203/4-VG£4.00US b/w 'Mass Roylat nocturne'; warp - plays ok w/some crackles
12483LPTequila Mockingbird chamber ensembleOpus 1IslandILPS 9529EXVG£7.501978 blue label issue; some light ring wear; some crackles
37831LPTomitaFirebirdRCA red sealARL1 1312EXEX£8.001976 laminated f/cover; plays well
37830LPTomitaKosmosRCA red sealRL 42652EXEX£8.001978 laminated sleeve; plays well
30664LPTomitaPictures at an exhibitionRCAPL 80838EXEX£8.0080's German Black label reissue of '75 LP; new shop price sticker f/cover; in shrinkwrap
30663LPTomitaPictures at an exhibitionRCA red sealARL1 0838VGEX£8.001975 some creasing f/cover o/w EX
30665LPTomitaThe Bermuda triangleRCA red sealRL 12885EXEX£8.001979 Gatefold; light creasing f/cover; a few light marks
37829LPTomitaThe PlanetsRCA red sealRL 11919EXEX£8.001976 laminated f/cover; plays well
30666LPTomitaTomita's Greatest hitsRCA red sealRL 43076VGVG£7.001979 Demo stamped b/cover; light wear on cover; a couple of clicks o/w plays EX
2170345Tottenham hotspurOssie's dreamShelfSHELF 1EXVG£4.001981 b/w Glory glory Tottenham hotspur; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
2508245Tottenham hotspurTottenham TottenhamShelfSHELF 2EXEX£4.001982; 1981/2 FA cup final squad; b/w 'Spurs medley'
2508145Tottenham hotspurTottenham TottenhamShelfSHELX 2-EX£7.001982 Picture disc; 1981/2 FA cup final squad; b/w 'Spurs medley'; light warp
4172945Unknown artistSounds from Marlboro countrySonopress-EXVG£3.001976 Marlboro Promotional Flexi disc; 4 Western film theme songs; plays well with a few crackles
6605LPValley of AchorA door of hopeDovetailDOVE 18EXEX£20.001975 Gatefold
34990LPAndreas VollenweiderBehind the gardens behind the wall under the treeCBSCBS 85545EXVG£7.001981 Holland; light wear on cover; heat stain on outer edge of side2 - plays well (EX)
34989LPAndreas VollenweiderCaverna magica (under the tree - in a cave..)CBSCBS 25980VGG£5.001983 Orange sunburst label; mild wear on cover; marks on vinyl (scruffy), plays well with just a couple of mild clicks side 2
2509545Walt DisneyPeter and the wolfDisneyland321EXVG£6.001978 US; Gatefold + 24 page read along book; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
37043LPDarryl WayConcerto for electric violinIslandILPS 9550VGEX£8.001978 light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
10787LPJohn WilliamsPlays PaganiniCBS73745EXVG£6.001978 couple of clicks + a few crackles o/w plays EX
10323LPJohn WilliamsRodrigo guitar concertoSt Michael2094 2003EXEX£8.001978 reissue of '66 LP; b/side Castelnuovo Tedesco guitar concerto no.1
40521LPVaughan WilliamsLark ascending/ Symphony no6/ Fantasia..Warner classics5054197 152542EXM/VG£20.002022 Double; Tasmin Little/ BBC symphony orch/ Andrew Davis; cover is near Mint (EX+) in opened shrinkwrap with a small top corner crease; disc 1 plays perfectly; disc 2 plays well with a few clicks on side 3
15645LPWine of LebanonThe Wine of LebanonDovetailDOVE 46EXEX£25.001976
5705LPGeorge WinstonAutumn - Piano solosWindham hill371 0121MintEX£9.001980 + insert
5796LPGeorge WinstonDecember - Piano solosWindham hill371 0251MintVG£7.001982 + insert; a few light crackles o/w EX
11676CDGeorge WinstonSelections from other recordingsWindham hillGW 001EXEX£4.501997 PROMO; 8 track sampler
5450LPIannis XenakisMedia/ Syrmos/ PolytopeCandieCE 31049EXEX£12.00US + insert
17903LPVarious artistsGuitar solos 3RiftRIFT 1VGEX£8.001979 some yellow spotting to cover
12393LPVarious artistsJammy music library - vol 1 (the)JammyJRML 01EXEX£10.001984 + insert; a few light marks
12581LPVarious artistsSound bites from the counter cultureAtlantic7820 881EXEX£12.001990 US; edge split on inner; small sale cut
13731CDVarious artistsHappy daysSound stageAVF 110CDEXEX£7.00Sound stage music library 110
9976CDVarious artistsLaidback acousticChappell /BMGCHAP 306MintMint£7.002004 Digipak
33606CDVarious artistsMusic for the Williamson tunnelsCantaudio029EXEX/EX£15.002008 Double CD; 'A collection of the sound of dripping water'; light wear on Gatefold Digipak; Ltd ed no. 597/1000
14686CDVarious artistsWindham hill sampler: Soul of the machineWindham hill01934 11062EXEX£6.001987

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