Jazz - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
39499CDAcoustic alchemy33 1/3OnsideCD ONSIDE 03SealedSealed£10.002018 US; Gatefold card sleeve factory sealed in shrinkwrap; all in Mint condition: Unopened/Unplayed
39500CDAcoustic alchemy33 1/3OnsideCD ONSIDE 03SealedSealed£10.002018 US; Gatefold card sleeve factory sealed in shrinkwrap; all in Mint condition: Unopened/Unplayed
39497CDAcoustic alchemyAartHigher octaveHOMCD 11103SealedSealed£10.002001 US; Digipak factory sealed in shrinkwrap with blue Hype sticker; all in Mint condition; Unopened/Unplayed
3196CDAcoustic alchemyAartHigher octaveHOMCD 11103SealedSealed£10.002001 US Sealed digipak
39502CDAcoustic alchemyAmerican / EnglishHigher octave724357 975520SealedSealed£10.002005 US; Factory sealed in shrinkwrap; Unopened/Unplayed
8273CDAcoustic alchemyArcanumGRPGRP 98482MintMint£7.001996
6861CDAcoustic alchemyBlue chipGRPGRP 1402EXEX£6.501993 German CD issue of' 89 LP
3192CDAcoustic alchemyPositive thinkingGRPGRP 99072MintMint£7.001998
9880CDAcoustic alchemyRadio contactHigher octave6178 362MintMint£7.002003 US
3190CDAcoustic alchemyReference pointGRPGRP 9614MintMint£6.501990
39498CDAcoustic alchemyThe beautiful gameHigher octaveHOMCD 48946SealedSealed£10.002000 US: Digipak factory sealed in shrinkwrap with green Hype sticker; all in Mint condition; Unopened/Unplayed
9893CDAcoustic alchemyThe new edgeGRPGRD 9698EXEX£5.001993 US PROMO; some marks - plays perfectly
11709CDAcoustic alchemyThe very best of..GRP589 2382MintMint£6.002002
31788CDAcoustic alchemyThe very best of..GRP589 2382MintMint£6.002002
26900CDCannonball Adderley & Paul ChambersJust friendsCharlyLE JAZZ CD24MintMint£7.001994
26889CDCannonball AdderleyDeep groove: The best of Cannonball AdderleyBlue noteCDP 8307 252EXEX£6.001994
26902CDCannonball AdderleyJazz masters 31Verve522 651-2MintMint£6.001994
27230CDCannonball AdderleyJazz workshop revisitedLandmarkLCD 1303-2EXEX£5.00CD reissue of '62 LP; The Cannonball Adderley collection - volume 3
27229CDCannonball AdderleyJulian Cannonball Adderley and stringsEmarcyEJD 3059EXEX£12.00Japanese CD reissue of '55 LP
26898CDCannonball AdderleyKnow what I mean ?RiversideOJCCD 105-2MintMint£8.00German reissue of '61 LP
26896CDCannonball AdderleyLive: Salle Pleyel - March 27, 1969Europe 1710381EXEX£7.001992 France; 2 case marks on f/cover
26890CDCannonball AdderleyPortrait of CannonballRiversideOJCD 361-2EXEX£7.001989 German issue of '58 LP
27003CDCannonball AdderleyPresenting Cannonball AdderleySavoy jazzCY78989EXEX£10.001995 Japan; 11 track mono reissue; card sleeve; Some light marks on disc
26897CDCannonball AdderleySomethin' elseBlue noteCDP7 46338 2MintMint£6.001987 US reissue of'58 LP
38448CDCannonball AdderleySomethin' elseBlue note07777 46338 26EXEX£4.00CD reissue of '58 LP + 1 Bonus track; 2 case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
26899CDCannonball AdderleySophisticated swing: Emarcy small group sessionsVerve528 408-2MintM/M£8.001995 Double CD
26891CDCannonball AdderleyThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San FranciscoRiversideOJCCD 035-2MintMint£8.001989 German issue of '59 LP
26903CDCannonball AdderleyThis here: 1955-1959Giants of jazzCD 53121MintMint£5.001992
26909CDGerald AlbrightBermuda nightsAtlantic781 919-2EXEX£7.001988 US; 1 case make f/cover
26905CDGerald AlbrightDream come trueAtlantic82087 2MintMint£6.001990 US
26907CDGerald AlbrightGiving myself to youAtlantic jazz82829 2EXEX£7.001995 US; some light marks on disc
26906CDGerald AlbrightLive at Birdland westAtlantic7823 342VGEX£5.001991 US; text on 1 spine has faded + 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
30967CDRalph AlessiBaidaECMECM 2321EXMint£7.002013 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
27223CDAll starsSession at midnight/ Session at RiversideDormouseDMI CDX01EXEX£5.001989 CD reissue of '55 + '56 LP's; a few marks on disc; 1 case mark on f/cover
39247CDAlbert Ammons1936-1946: Alternate takes, radio, home recordingsDocumentDOCD 1008EXEX£7.001997; 2 case marks on front insert; just a few light marks on disc
30971CDArild AndersenCelebrationECMECM 2259EXEX£6.002012 German ; Live in Glasgow October 2010; + Card slipcase
26920CDLouis ArmstrongA musical autobiography - vol 1Jazz unlimitedJUCD 2003EXEX£7.001993 Sweden
26921CDLouis ArmstrongA musical autobiography - vol 2Jazz unlimitedJUCD 2004EXEX£7.001993 Sweden
26922CDLouis ArmstrongA musical autobiography - vol 3Jazz unlimitedJUCD 2005EXEX£7.001993 Sweden
9937CDLouis ArmstrongAt his very bestUniversal9812 425EXEX/EX£4.502003 Double CD compilation; some marks - both play perfectly
38449CDLouis ArmstrongLouis and the good bookMCAMCAD 1300EXEX£5.001992 'Jazz heritage' series reissue of '58 LP
26918CDLouis ArmstrongMasterpieces 1Jazz archives158132MintMint£7.001994 France
26914CDLouis ArmstrongPlays W.C. HandyColumbiaCK 64925MintMint£8.001997
26913CDLouis ArmstrongThe Great Chicago concert - 1956ColumbiaC2K 35119MintM/M£12.001997 2xCD set
26917CDLouis ArmstrongThe very best of Louis ArmstrongVerve543 921-2EXEX/EX£6.002000 2xCD compilation
9881CDChet BakerJazz mastersEMI jazz8557 2623EXEX£3.001995 compilation of '54/5 tracks
1723CDChet BakerOriginal jazz classics collectionFantasyOJCX 001EXEX£4.001997 compilation
9882CDChet BakerStill in a soulful moodMusic clubMCCD 412EXEX£3.001999 issue of Sept '59 recordings
33398CDNik Bartsch's RoninLlyriaECMECM 2178EXEX£7.002010 Promo in card sleeve
39563CDCount Basie & Sarah VaughanCount Basie & Sarah VaughanRoulette jazzCDP 72438 37241EXEX£4.001996 CD reissue of '61 LP + Bonus tracks; mild crease on front insert; disc is in near Mint condition (EX+)
29540CDCount Basie & Joe WilliamsThe GreatestPolygram833 774-2EXEX£6.00CD issue of '57 LP
2253CDCount BasieAtomic BasieGiants of jazz53043MintMint£4.501990 compilation
11710CDPedro BassPedro's whack attackNext step-MintMint£5.00US
33399CDStefano Battaglia & Michele RabbiaPastoraleECMECM 2120EXEX£7.002010 German: some wear on card slipcase o/w all pakaging is Mint
34397CDSidney Bechet & Buck ClaytonIn concert at Brussels fair, 1958Poll winnersPWR 27238VGEX£7.002010: Mild sticker mark on front insert o/w EX
34001CDSidney Bechet & Claude LuterJazz in ParisUniversal159 821-2EXEX£5.002000 'Gitanes jazz productions' series; light wear on digipak; a few light marks
26926CDSidney BechetBlackstick: Sidney Bechet vol 2 1938-50Naxos jazz8120 616EXMint£4.002002; 1 case mark f/cover
26925CDSidney BechetThe Fabulous Sidney BechetBlue note530 6072EXEX£5.002001 reissue of BLP 7020 + BLP 7026 Blue note 10" LP's
11387CDGeorge BensonShape of things to comeA&MCDA 0803EXEX£5.001987
26928CDBrigitte BerahaFlying dreamsF-ireF-IRE CD24MintMint£7.002008
30972CDJudith BerksonOylamECMECM 2121EXMint£5.002010 German; Light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
34291CDChris Biscoe QuartetGone in the air: The music of Eric DolphyTrioTR 578MintMint£12.002008 Sealed in shrinkwrap
33403CDKetil BjornstadEarly piano musicHubroCD 2506VGEX/M£8.002001 Double; mild wear on Gatefold card sleeve; a few light marks on disc 1
33401CDKetil BjornstadLa NotteECMECM 2300EXMint£6.0020113 German; very ligt wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
33402CDKetil BjornstadThe LightECMECM 2056EXMint£6.002009 German: Some wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is in Mint condition
26930CDHamiet BluiettThe Clarinet family - Live in BerlinBlack saint120 097-2EXEX£6.001987 Italy; light creases on cover; a few light marks on disc
31159CDBoisdale blue rhythm bandYou can't do thatForestBR 01EXMint£6.002 case creases f/cover
26932CDEarl BosticAlto magicKingKCD 597EXEX£4.001987; 2 case marks f/cover
13696CDEarl BosticThe best of Earl BosticKingKCD 500SealedSealed£6.00Sealed in shrinkwrap
13697CDEarl BosticThe chronological Earl Bostic 1949-51Classics5039SealedSealed£7.002002 France; sealed in shrinkwrap
29541CDRuby Braff & Buddy TateWith the Newport all starsBlack lionBLCD 760138EXMint£6.001990 German issue
26935CDBrecker brothersReturn of the Brecker brothersGRPGRP 96842EXEX£4.001992 German; 1 case crease f/cover
34158CDDee Dee BridgewaterEleanora Fagan to Billie with love from ..DDB060252 7241555MintMint£5.002010
34222CDBob BrookmeyerBob Brookmeyer and friendsColumbiaCOL 468413 2EXEX£5.00CD reissue of '65 LP with Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Gary Burton & Elvin Jones
34221CDBob BrookmeyerComplete 1953-54 studio recordings with Stan GetzDefinitiveDRCD 11264EXEX/EX£5.002004 Double; Spain; a couple of light marks disc 2
34400CDClifford Brown & Max RoachJoy springBack up73122EXEX£5.002005 Portugal; Card slip case
34223CDDave Brubeck & Jimmy RushingBrubeck & RushingColumbia legacyCK 65727EXEX£5.001998 CD reissue of '60 LP + bonus track; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
38453CDDave BrubeckBrubeck plays BrubeckColumbia886974 91942EXEX£6.002009 CD reissue of '56 LP; just a couple of light marks on disc
26943CDDave BrubeckConcord on a summer nightConcord jazzCCD 4198EXEX£10.00German CD issue of '82 LP
31393CDDave BrubeckJazz at OberlinFantasyCDRIVM 007EXEX£5.001987 CD reissue of '53 LP; 2 small case marks on front insert
34224CDDave BrubeckJazz at OberlinFantasyOJC20 046-2EXEX£7.001987 German reissue; Digipak
26945CDDave BrubeckJazz at OberlinFantasyOJC20 046-2EXEX£7.001987 German reissue; Digipak
38451CDDave BrubeckJazz impressions of JapanColumbiaCK 65726EXEX£5.002008 CD reissue of '64 LP; just a few light marks on disc
26942CDDave BrubeckMoscow nightConcord jazzCCD 4353EXEX£8.001988 German
26944CDKenny BurrellMidnight blueBlue noteCDP7 46399 2EXEX£7.001987 reissue
34228CDGary BurtonArtist's choiceRCA BluebirdND 86280EXVG£7.001987 Austria; a few small marks on disc
26946CDRay BushRay Bush's BBC jazzJazzologyJCD 284EXEX£7.001997 US
11711CDButchers brewLife in the parkCD rom-EXEX£5.001999
34230CDJackie Cain & Roy KralFull circleFantasyFCD 24768 2EXEX£7.002001 German; just a few light marks on disc
29542CDConte Candoli & Lee MorganDouble or nothin'Fresh soundFSR CD197EXEX£8.001992 Switzerland; 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
33970CDFrank CappJuggernautCocord jazzCCD 4836-2EXEX£7.001998 US; Die-cut card slipcase
40183CDLarry CarltonSapphire blueBluebird82876 576672EXVG£5.002003 US; 1 small corner crease on front insert: a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
26952CDBenny Carter & Oscar PetersonBenny Carter meets Oscar PetersonPabloCD 2310 926EXEX£6.001987 German
26955CDBenny Carter3,4,5 The Verve small group sessionsVerve849 395-2EXEX£12.001991
26954CDBenny CarterA Gentleman and his musicConcord jazzCCD 4285EXEX£10.00German; 1 case mark on f/cover
26950CDBenny CarterAll that jazz - Live at PrincetonLimelight820 841-2EXEX£6.001991
34193CDBenny CarterBenny Carter and the Jazz giantsPabloPCD 60029EXEX£5.001998 German; 2 small case marks on front insert
34232CDBenny CarterCentral city sketchesMusic mastersCIJD 60126EXEX£5.001988 US
34231CDBenny CarterFurther definitionsImpulseIMP 12292EXEX£8.001997 reissue + bonus tracks; Gatefold Digipak + Bonus tracks
26948CDBenny CarterFurther definitionsImpulseIMP 12292EXEX£8.001997 reissue + bonus tracks; Gatefold Digipak + 20 page booklet
38527CDBenny CarterIn the mood for swingLimelight820 806-2EXEX£5.001989 West German issue of 9+12/11/87 recordings; small case marks on opening of front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
26953CDBenny CarterJazz giantContemporaryOJCCD 167-2EXEX£7.001987 German
26949CDBenny CarterNew jazz sounds: The Urbane sessionsVerve531 637-2MintM/M£12.001996 Double CD
34188CDBenny CarterSymphony in riffsASVCD AJA 5075EXMint£6.001990 Issue of '30-37 recordings; mono; 2 small case marks on front insert
34233CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1929-1933Classics522EXEX£7.001990 France; small case mark on opening of front insert
34235CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1937-1939Classics552EXEX£7.001990 France
38454CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1943-1946Classics923EXVG£7.001997 France; marks on disc - plays perfectly
34190CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1948-1952Classics1297EXEX£8.002003 France; 2 small case marks on front insert
34192CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1954Classics1438EXEX£8.002007 France; a few light marks on disc
34184CDBenny CarterThe Radio years 1939-46Jazz unlimited201 2078EXEX£5.002003 German
34194CDRon CarterSan SebastianIn and outIOR CD 77103-9VGM/M£10.002012 German; + Bonus DVD; Crack on clear CD tray o/w Gatefold Digipak is in excellent condition
11712CDKhalil ChahineMektoubBlue orchid2005EXEX£5.001990 US; corner sle cut on booklet
31729CDDon CherryMU (the complete session)CharlyLE JAZZ CD 56EXEX£8.001996; a few light marks on disc
33200CDCharlie ChristianSwing to bopDisques DreyfusFDM 36715 2EXMint£5.002000 France; Gatefold Digipak
38536CDPhilip Clouts quartetThe Hour of pearlPointPCD 026SealedSealed£12.00Sealed in shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
34159CDPhilip Clouts quartetThe hour of pearlPointPCD 026EXEX£8.002013
34402CDAvishai CohenContinuoSunnysideSSC 4603EXEX£8.002006 US: Gatefold Digipak & Disc are in near Mint condition
5139CDJohn ColtraneA love supremeCastlePIESD 183EXEX£4.001999 issue of '65 live recordings
9253CDJohn ColtraneA love supremeMCA ImpulseMCAD 5660EXEX£5.00CD issue of '65 LP
29944CDJohn ColtraneBlue trainBlue noteCDP7 460952EXEX£4.00CD reissue
31378CDJohn ColtraneJazz manifestoDelta leisure26595EXEX£4.002008; 2 case creases on front insert
29544CDBob Cooper quartetFor all we knowFresh soundFSR CD167EXEX£7.001991 Switzerland; Featuring Lou Levy; 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
26966CDHank CrawfordAfter hoursAtlantic782 364-2MintMint£8.00US reissue of '67 LP
26969CDHank CrawfordIndigo blueMilestoneMCD 9119-2EXEX£7.001991 issue of '83 LP
26970CDHank CrawfordNight beatMilestoneMCD 9168-2MintMint£7.001989 US
26967CDHank CrawfordSouth - CentralMilestoneMCD 9201-2MintMint£10.001993 German
26974CDSonny CrissUp, up and awayPrestigeOJCCD 982-2MintMint£8.001998 German reissue of '67 LP
31684CDPat Crumly quartetWeaver of dreams33 records33JAZZ 086MintEX£5.002003 some light marks - plays EX
34415CDCuriosHiddenJazzizitJITCD 0744EXVG£6.002007 a few marks on disc
33406CDCyminologyAs NeyECMECM 20845EXMint£6.002009 German; some wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is in Mint condition
11713CDJerald DaemyonThinking about youGRPGRD 9829EXEX£5.001995 US; promo sticker f/cover
3390CDJerald DaemyonThinking about youGRP98292MintMint£6.501995
26977CDEddie DanielsThis is nowGRPGRP 9635-2EXEX£7.001991; 3 small case marks on f/cover
26979CDJacqui DankworthAs the sun shines down on meCandidCCD 79788EXEX£4.502003 a few light marks on disc
31685CDJacqui DankworthNew perspevtives - Housman settingsSpotliteSPJ CD 559EXEX£6.001996 a few small marks on disc - plays perfectly
26980CDKenny DavernMy inspirationMusic masters65077 2EXEX£7.001992 US; a few light marks on disc
27233CDMiles Davis'58 Sessions featuring Stella by starlightColumbia467918 2EXEX£4.001991
27234CDMiles DavisA kind of blueColumbiaCK 64935EXEX£4.001997 CD reissue; 1 case crease on f/cover
27232CDMiles DavisBirth of the coolCapitol jazz792 8622EXEX£4.001989 CD reissue; small crease on f/cover
26983CDMiles DavisCookin'/ Relaxin'Presitge/ AceCDJZD 003EXEX£5.001991 reissue of 2 LP's
34195CDMiles DavisJATP 1960 - StockholmTaxTAX CD 3716-2EXMint£8.001995 Sweden; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
29945CDMiles DavisKind of blueColumbia legacyCK 64935MintMint£4.001997 CD reissue with bonus track; stickered case
30229CDMiles DavisKind of blue/ Porgy & Bess/ Sketches of SpainColumbia legacy503159 2EXM/M£8.001997 3 CD set in Black box with obi strp; all discs are in Mint condition
31394CDMiles DavisPorgy and BessColumbia legacyCK 65141MintMint£4.001997 CD reissue with 2 Bonus tracks
26981CDMiles DavisSeven steps to heavenColumbia466970 2MintMint£5.001992 reissue
29946CDMiles DavisSketches of SpainColumbia legacyCK 65142EXEX£4.001997 CD reissue of '60 LP with 3 bonus tracks; stickered case
27001CDBuddy De Franco & Oscar PetersonPlay GershwinVerveMGN 1016EXEX£7.00CD reissue of '55 LP; Gatefold Digipak; some light marks on disc
26988CDBuddy De FrancoBorn to swingHindsightHCD 701EXEX£4.001993 Canada
27559CDBuddy De FrancoComplete Verve recordings of Quartet/QuintetMosaicMD4 117VGEX/EX£15.00US; 4xCD box set in 12x12" box; BOOKLET is MISSING; lid has come off on hinge of box; all discs are EX, a few light marks on disc4
26992CDBuddy De FrancoFive notes of bluesMusidisc500302EXEX£7.001992 France; a few light marks on disc
27235CDJohn Denman & Buddy De FrancoWhirligigBisSW 2252CDMintMint£8.001995 US
27004CDWilbur De ParisDr Jazz series - vol 7StoryvilleSTCD 6047EXEX£8.001994 a couple of light marks on disc
26995CDWilbur De ParisOver & over againCollectablesCOL CD 6622MintM/M£10.002000 US; 2 LP's on 2 CD's; with Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart "Live at the Roosevelt grill"
34197CDPaul Desmond & Modern jazz quartetLive on December 25 1971 at Town hall NYCRed baron474984 2EXMint£7.001993; 1 light case mark on front insert
34200CDPaul DesmondEast of the sunDiscoveryDSCD 840EXMint£15.001986 US issue of '59 recordings; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
27005CDPaul DesmondEasy livingRCA/ BluebirdND 82306EXEX£8.001990 a few light marks
27236CDPaul DesmondFeeling blueCamden74321 400552EXMint£3.501996
27237CDPaul DesmondLike someone in loveTelarchiveCD 83319EXVG£4.001992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
34196CDPaul DesmondPolka dots and moonbeamsRCA Bluebird61066-2VGEX£5.001992 US; 3 case creases on front insert; light mark on disc
27009CDPaul DesmondPure DesmondCBSZK 40806MintMint£6.00US 10 track reissue of '75 LP
34199CDPaul DesmondPure DesmondCBSZK 40806MintMint£5.00US CD reissue of '75 LP + 2 Bonus tracks
27006CDPaul DesmondSkylarkCBSZK 44170EXMint£5.001998 US reissue of '74 LP: some fading on tesxt of spine
27008CDPaul DesmondTake tenRCA/ Bluebird07863 66146 2EXEX£5.001993 German; 2 small case marks on f/cover
27249CDRay D'InvernoRay Dinverno's 60th birthday concert--EXEX£5.00CD-R with printed label sold in aid of Mencap; featuring Andy Sheppard
34406CDDixie StompersStock yard strutDelmarkDE 229MintMint£7.001995 US
8165CDDollar brandAfrican marketplaceDiscovery710 162EXEX£4.00CD issue of 1980 LP; some marks - plays perfectly
16205CDEric DolphyHot, cool & latinBlue moonBMCD 3057EXEX£12.001996 issue of 59-60 recordings
33201CDEric DolphyIn Europe - vol. 3PrestigeOJCCD 416 2MintEX£6.001989 German issue of September '61 recordings
27011CDEric DolphyThe Essential Eric Dolphy on PrestigePrestigeFCD 60-022EXEX£5.001986 German
34202CDArne DomnerusFavourite groups 1949-1950DragonDRCD 358MintMint£7.002001 Sweden
27150CDLou DonaldsonThe Righteous reed: The best of Poppa LouBlue note830 7212EXEX£5.001994
27144CDPaquito D'RiveraHavana caféCheskyJD 60EXEX£6.001992 US; a few marks on disc; 2 case marks on f/cover
27143CDPaquito D'RiveraLa Habana-Rio conexionMessidar15820 2EXEX£7.001992 German
31733CDKent DuChaineLookin' backCadillacCAD 1313EXEX£15.001993 US; case crease on front insert
11343CDCandy DulferSaxualityRCAPD 75111EXEX£5.001989
11714CDSCandy DulferPick up the piecesAriola148 702EXEX£3.501993
33441CDMathias EickSkalaECMECM 2187EXMint£6.002001 Promo in card sleeve; light wear on sleeve
30491CDDuke Ellington & Johnny HodgesBack to backVerve521 404-2EXEX£5.001997 'Verve Master Edition' series CD reissue of '63 LP; Gatefold Digipak + bookley
27018CDDuke Ellington & Johnny HodgesPlay the blues back to backVerve823 637-2MintMint£6.00German CD reissue of '63 LP
29591CDDuke Ellington1945 vol. 2Classics951EXEX£10.001997 France; 2 case marks f/cover; light creasing b/cover
29546CDDuke EllingtonBlack, brown and beigeColumbiaCOL 468401 2EXMint£7.00France; CD reissue of '58 LP featuring Mahalia Jackson
27239CDDuke EllingtonDuke Ellington and his orchestra 1941-1951Giants of jazzCD 53057EXEX£4.001990 Italy
38455CDDuke EllingtonEllington at Newport 1956 (complete)ColumbiaC2K 64932EXEX/EX£4.001999 Double CD reissue with previously unreleased tracks; a few marks on discs
14478CDDuke EllingtonGreatest hitsColumbiaCK 65419EXEX£4.501997
31730CDDuke EllingtonIn a mellotoneRCA74321 13029 2EXEX£5.001993 German reissue of '57 recordings; 2 case creases on front insert
29545CDDuke EllingtonIn the beginningNew sound 2000NFM 018EXEX£4.002003
27022CDDuke EllingtonJubilee stompRCA/ Bluebird74321 101532EXEX£6.001992 German: Volume 3 of a definitive collection of early Ellington (1938-34)
38456CDDuke EllingtonSuch sweet thunderColumbiaCK 65568EXEX£4.001999 CD reissue of '57 LP + Bonus tracks; crease on front insert; some mild marks on disc
27238CDDuke EllingtonThe essence of Duke EllingtonDelta music33302MintM/M£4.001996 Double CD in card slipcase
27023CDDuke EllingtonThe Great Ellington unitsRCA/ BluebirdND 86751EXEX£5.001988 Rex Stewart/ Barney Bigard/ Johnny Hodges: 1 case mark on f/cover
28297CDDuke EllingtonThe Intimacy of the bluesFantasy000252 1866 242MintMint£5.001991 11 track reissue of '67 + 70 tracks
34414CDRay EllingtonThe Three bearsAvidAMSC 697EXEX£5.002000 Compilation: Cover & Disc are near Mint condition
29547CDHerb EllisTexas swingsJusticeJR 1002-2MintMint£7.001992 US
33408CDPeter ErskineYou never knowECMECM 1497MintMint£8.001993 German
6857CDKevin EubanksPromise of tomorrowGRPGRD 9604MintMint£6.501990 US
6855CDKevin EubanksThe heat of the nightGRPGRD 9552MintMint£6.501987 US
6856CDKevin EubanksThe SearcherGRPGRD 9580MintMint£6.501989 US
34423CDBill Evans & Jim HallUndercurrentLibertyTOCJ 9337EXEX£25.002001 Japan; reissue of '62 LP; Gatefold card sleeve, foldout insert & Disc are all in near Mint condition
27024CDBill EvansEverybody digs Bill EvansRiversideOJCCD 068-2EXMint£5.00German 11 track CD reissue of '59 LP
30493CDBill EvansPortrait in jazzRiversideOJC20 286-2EXMint£4.00German; CD reissue of '60 LP with 2 Bonus tracks
30494CDBill EvansWaltz for DebbyRiversideOJC20 210-2EXEX£5.00German; CD reissue of '61 LP with 4 Bonus tracks; Light wear on Gatefold Digipak
34422CDGil EvansComplete Pacific jazz sessions (the)Blue note094635 829921EXEX£6.002006 issue of '58/59 recordings
30498CDArt FarmerBlame it on my youthContemporaryCCD 140422EXEX£6.001988 US; Crease on front cover
30499CDArt FarmerPh.D.ContemporaryCCD 140552MintEX£8.001989 US; a few light marks on disc
33410CDPierre FavreFleuveECMECM 1977EXMint£7.002000 German; light wear on card slipcase
33411CDPierre FavreTamiaECMECM 1446EXVG£5.001992 German; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert; some marks on disc - Fully play tested - Plays perfectly
27028CDIrving FazolaFazASV/ living eraCD AJA 5279MintMint£7.001998 mono
34429CDFieldworkDoorPIPI 26VGEX£6.002008 US: Mild wear on Digipak
11716CDFingerprintsFingerprintsM&NMN 001EXEX£5.00US; signed by Roy Machado
8228CDFishbelly blackFishbelly blackBack beatBBCD 72107EXEX£5.001993 US; couple of marks - plays perfectly
29606CDElla FitzgeraldElla swings gently with NelsonVerve519 348-2MintMint£4.001993 CD reissue + bonus tracks; with Nelson Riddle
8169CDElla FitzgeraldGoldVerve0654 842EXEX/EX£5.002003 2xCD compilation
27243CDElla FitzgeraldThe Best of the song booksVerve519 804-2EXMint£4.001993 3 case marks on f/cover
34419CDElla FitzgeraldThe Chronogical 1950Classics1195EXEX£6.002001 France
5978CDAntonio ForcioneDedicatoNaimCD 013EXMint£6.50 
27029CDPete FountainAt Piper's opera houseJazzologyJCD 217EXEX£5.001993 US CD issue of '83 LP; a few light marks on disc
14479CDFourplayYes pleaseWarner bros2A 47694 BEXEX£6.002000 US advance Promo in stickered plastic wallet
33997CDErroll GarnerConcert by the seaCBSCBS 451042 2EXVG£3.00'CBS Jazz masterpieces' CD reissue of '69 LP
31128CDErroll GarnerConcert by the seaColumbia jazzCOL 451042 2MintMint£4.00CD reissue of '69 LP
31129CDErroll GarnerMoon glowTraditionTCD 1010EXEX£5.001996 mono
14480CDNils GessingerDucks 'n' cookiesGRPGRP 98302MintMint£6.001995
29953CDStan Getz & Bob BrookmeyerRecorded fall 1961Verve549 369-2EXEX£8.002002 CD reissue of '61 LP; Gatefold Digipak
34430CDStan Getz & Albert DaileyPoetryBlue note724352 867127MintMint£7.002001 CD reissue of '84 LP
27052CDStan Getz & Bill EvansBut beautifulJazz DoorJD 1208EXEX£5.001991 a few light marks on disc
27042CDStan Getz & Joao GilbertoGetz / GilbertoVerve810 048-2EXEX£4.00German CD reissue of '64 LP; 2 case marks on f/cover
34991CDStan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie & Sonny StittFor Musicians onlyVerve837 435-2EXEX£5.001989 reissue of '57 LP with 1 Bonus track; 1 case mark on front insert: a couple of light marks on disc
27244CDStan GetzAnniversaryEmarcy838 769-2EXEX£4.001989 live in Copenhagen 6/7/87; a few light marks on disc; 2 small case marks on f/cover
34997CDStan GetzAt Carneigie hall 1952 & 1959Fresh soundFSCD 1003EXEX£8.001991 Switzerland; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
35006CDStan GetzBaubles, bangles and beadsGet backGET 2032EXEX£6.002007 Italy; Live Newport 3/7/61 + West Germany 6/11/66; Light mark on front of Digipak; couple of light marks on disc
27041CDStan GetzBest of the West coast sessionsVerve537 084-2EXEX£5.001997
34440CDStan GetzBirdland sessions 1952Fresh soundFSRCD 149EXEX£8.001991 light crease on front insert
35004CDStan GetzEast of the sun: The west coast sessionsVerve314 531 935-2VGVG/VG£8.001996 US 3xCD set; some wear on spine of Gatefold card cover; some marks on discs 1+3 (VG/EX/VG)
34436CDStan GetzGetz in Boston vol 1: Live at the Hi-Hat 1953Fresh soundFSCD 1014VGEX£7.001993
34435CDStan GetzGetz in Boston vol 2: Live at the Hi-Hat 1953Fresh soundFSCD 1015EXEX£7.001993
35040CDStan GetzHeart placeHigh def. jazzHDJ 325EXEX£10.001999 Portugal; Live 23/1/80
3186CDStan GetzHighlights (best of)Verve847 4322EXEX/EX£7.501990 Double CD issue of 1952-71 recordings + 16 page booklet
1725CDStan GetzLiveHallmark311 332EXEX£4.001999
29955CDStan GetzSerenityUniversal838 7702EXEX£4.002003 CD reissue; live in Copenhagen 6/7/87; Gatefold Digipak
34441CDStan GetzSoft swing (the)VervePOCJ 2721EXMint£12.00Japanese Mono CD reissue of '59 LP: + inser bt NO obi strp
34442CDStan GetzSoul eyesConcord jazzCCD 4783-2EXEX£6.001997 US
27049CDStan GetzSpring is hereConcord jazzCCD 4500EXEX£6.001992 German
34437CDStan GetzStan Getz at NalenRiverside recs.RRCD 139EXEX£7.002011 Sweden; Live in Stockholm Nov '59
34432CDStan GetzStan's partySteeple chaseSDCCD 37021 /22EXEX/EX£12.001996 Double CD issue of '77 LP 'Live at Montmartre' + 2 bonus tracks
35003CDStan GetzThe Girl from Ipanema: The Bossa nova yearsVerve823 611-2EXEX/EX£15.001989 German 4xCD (EX+/EX/EX/EX+) compilation + 24 page booklet in fatbox
34998CDStan GetzVolume 2: Teenage Stan 1946-1947Media 7MJCD 144EXMint£8.001999 France; 1 case crease on top edge of front insert
26990CDTerry Gibbs & Buddy De FrancoChicago fireContemporaryCCD 14036 2EXEX£7.001987 US
26993CDTerry Gibbs & Buddy De FrancoHoliday for swingContemporaryCCD 14097 2EXMint£8.001988 US; sale hole front + back cover
26986CDTerry Gibbs, Buddy De Franco & Herb EllisKings of swingContemporaryCCD 14067-2EXEX£8.001992 US
26991CDTerry Gibbs, Buddy De Franco & Herb EllisMemories of youContemporaryCCD 140662EXEX£5.001991 a few light marks on disc
34993CDDizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzDiz and GetzVerve833 559-2MintMint£6.00German CD reissue of '55 LP
27054CDDizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzDiz and GetzVerve833 559-2MintMint£6.00CD reissue of '55 LP
27058CDDizzy Gillespie & Sonny StittDiz meets StittMoonMCD 036-2EXEX£8.001992 Italian issue of '74 LP
27057CDDizzy Gillespie & Sonny StittThe Bop sessionSonet/ Vogue600039EXEX£8.00German reissue of '75 LP; with John Lewis, Hank Jones, Percy Heath, Max Roach
27055CDDizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt & Sonny RollinsSonny side upVerve825 674-2MintMint£7.001986 German reissue of 58 LP
27059CDDizzy GillespieA portrait of Duke EllingtonVerve840 824-2EXEX£8.00Reissue of '58 LP + 2 bonus tracks
27056CDDizzy GillespieDizzy for presidentDouglasADC1EXEX£9.001997
27053CDDizzy GillespieJambo caribeVerve557 492-2EXEX£7.001998 issue of '65 LP; Digipak
35012CDDizzy GillespieNorth sea jazz: Legendary concertsNorth sea jazzBCCD 13.007EXEX/EX£22.002013 CD & DVD set in Gatefold Digipak + 16 page booklet; Just a few light marks on DVD
27061CDJimmy GiuffreThe Jimmy Giuffre 3Atlantic jazz7567 90981-2EXEX£5.001988 German reissue; 2 small case marks on f/cover
31131CDNat GoneliaThe Jazz side of NatCedarRAJCD 882EXEX£4.001996 24 track issue; 2 small case marks on front insert
27246CDBenny GoodmanEssential jazzColumbia467151 2EXMint£3.501994 2 case marks on f/cover
35018CDBenny GoodmanIn Stockholm 1959PhontasticNCD 8801EXEX£5.001988 Live 18/10/59; 'King of swing series vol.1'; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert; Disc is near Mint
31592CDBrian GreenThe Brian Green jazz and blues bandParrotPARCD 506EXVG£7.00Some marks on disc - plays perfectly
1638CDGrant GreenThe Latin bitBluenote837 645MintMint£6.501996 Dutch issue of 1962 LP
38537CDMark C GridleyJazz styles: Demonstration compact discPrentice hall262429 XSealedSealed£10.00US: Jazz styles Demo CD; sealed in shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
35017CDJohnny GriffinIntroducing Johnny GriffinBlue noteCDP746536 2EXEX£6.001987 US CD reissue of '56 LP; Mono; all in near Mint condition
11717CDGroove collectiveGroove collectiveReprise945 5412EXEX£5.001994 US
6852CDDave GrusinCollectionGRPGRD 9579MintMint£6.501989 US
39560CDDave GrusinHomage to DukeGRPGRP 97222VGEX£5.001993 German; some wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is in Excellent condition; just a few very light marks on disc
6853CDDave GrusinTwo for the roadGRPGRD 9865MintMint£6.501997 US
6848CDDave & Don GrusinSticks & stonesGRPGRD 9562MintMint£6.501988 US
6849CDDon GrusinNo boardersGRPGRD 9576MintMint£6.501992 US
6851CDDon GrusinZephyrGRPGRD 9644MintMint£6.501991 US Promo
38458CDJim Hall & Ron CarterAlone togetherMilestoneVDJ 1033EXEX£10.001986 CD reissue of '73 LP; Japan; NO obi strip; light wear on cover; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31758CDBob HallWhat goes roundSPV/ Blue labelSPV 42572 CDSealedSealed£7.002008 German; Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap with small sale cut on spine
29550CDJim HallConciertoCBSZK 40807EXEX£7.00US reissue of '75 LP; case creases f/cover
33971CDChico HamiltonWith strings attached/ The three faces of ChicoWarner jazz93624 78742VGMint£6.002000 CD reissue of '59 LP's; wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
35026CDScott HamiltonRadio cityConcord jazzCCD 4428EXEX£5.001990 all in near Mint condition
30230CDLionel HamptonEssential masters of jazzProperEMCD 07EXEX£4.00Light wear on Gatefold Digipak
35028CDLionel HamptonHot mallets - vol 1RCA BluebirdND 86458EXEX£5.001987; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
1637CDHerbie HancockHead HuntersColumbia65123MintMint£6.001997 issue of 1973 LP
29592CDGene HarrisTribute to Count BasieConcord jazzCCD 4337EXEX£5.001988 German; 2 case marks f/cover
28267CDJohnny HartmanI just dropped by to say helloImpulseMCAD 39105EXEX£8.00US CD reissue of '64 LP; some light marks - plays perfectly
30190CDColeman Hawkins/ Ben Webster/ Benny CarterThree great swing saxophonesRCA/BMGND 90405MintMint£4.001989 compilation with 7-8 tracks each
29554CDColeman HawkinsThe Genius of Coleman HawkinsVerve539 065-2EXEX£5.001997 reissue of '57 LP with bonus tracks: light wear on Gatefold Digipak; + 12 page booklet; a few light marks on disc
38459CDTubby HayesThe Swinging giant - volume 1JasmineJASCD 610EXEX£5.002000 issue of July '55 recordings; Mono; all is in near Mint condition with just a couple of light marks on disc
2254CDHeadhuntersReturn of the..Verve539 0282EXEX£6.001998
27070CDJoe HendersonLush lifeVerve511 779-2EXEX£5.001992 the music of Billy Strayhorn
29588CDJoe HendersonThe Best of Joe HendersonBlue noteCDP 7 95627 2EXEX£4.001991 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly; 2 case maks on f/cover
30507CDWoody HermanBlues on paradeGRP/ MCAGRP 16062EXEX£3.001991 20 track issue; 2 small case marks f/cover
35030CDWoody HermanThe V Disc years- vols 1 & 2: 1944-46HepHEPCD 2/3435EXEX/EX£6.001992 Double CD; all in near Mint condition
29555CDAl HibblerStarring Al Hibbler/ Here's HibblerJasmineJASCD 605EXEX£5.001996 reissue of 2 LP's; Mono; 2 case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
27072CDJohnny HodgesUsed to be kingVerve849 394-2EXEX£5.001991 reissue of '54 LP; case mark on f/cover
39561CDFreddie HubbardHub-tonesBlue note72434 99008 20EXEX£5.001999 CD reissue of '62 LP + 3 Bonus tracks: light crease on front insert; just a few very light marks on disc
8148CDIncognitoTribes vibes & scribesTalkin' loud512 3632EXEX£4.501992 some marks - plays perfectly
27076CDIrakereEn vivoJavelinPSC CD 1005EXEX£3.501995
13408CDWillis 'Gator tail' JacksonOn my ownWhiskey women &RBD 705EXEX£6.00Czech; some marks - plays perfcetly
33642CDAhmad JamalChicago revisited: Live at Joe Segal'sTelard jazzCD 83327MintVG£5.001993 US; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
6847CDBob JamesRestlessWarner bros945 5362MintMint£7.001994 US
30512CDKeith JarrettBridge of lightECMECM 1450MintMint£6.001994 German
2460CDKeith JarrettSilenceImpulseGRD 117MintMint£6.001992 US CD issue of 1977 LP
27080CDKeith JarrettWhisper notECMECM 1724/ 25EXEX/EX£8.002000 German; with Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette; + card slipcase
39423CDJazz at the PhilharmonicThe First concertVerve521 646-2EXEX£4.001994 German; Cover is near Mint; a few mild marks on disc
31759CDJazzmossJazzmossGlobal fusionGFMA 001SealedSealed£7.002007 Sealed in shrinkwrap
39252CDJJ Johnson & Kai WindingAn afternoon at BirdlandLone hill jazzLHJ 10218EXEX£6.002005 issue of '54 + '56 recordings; all in near Mint condition
30231CDQuincy JonesBack on the blockQwest/ Warner926 020-2EXEX£4.001989 a few light marks on disc
8170CDRonny JordanThe AntidoteIsland510 8832EXEX£5.001992
11719CDSJustice systemSummer in the cityMCAMCASP 3068MintMint£5.001994 US PROMO
27247CDStan KentonIntermission riff : 1952-1956Giants of jazzCD 53109EXEX£3.501996
27122CDKing OliverDippermouth bluesASVCD AJA 5218EXEX£6.001996 mono
31395CDPeter KingTamburelloMiles musicMM CD 083EXEX£6.001995; 1 case crease on front insert
27096CDRoland KirkBlacknussRhino8122 71408 2EXEX£8.001993 CD reissue of '72 LP
29556CDLee KonitzSound of surpriseRCA victor743216 93092MintMint£7.001999
11720CDSteve Lacy & Mal WaldronHot houseRCA novusPD 83098MintMint£5.001991
33962CDPokey LafarageMiddle of everywhereContinentalCSCCD 1075EXEX£7.002011 Holland
11721CDT Lavitz & Bad habitzT Lavitz & the Bad habitzIntima773 5122MintMint£5.001989 US corner sale cut b/cover
27102CDGeorge LewisThe Spirit of New Orleans 1Music MeccaCD 1014-2EXMint£6.001961 recordings
14502CDTrevor Lines quintetThe cats hide under my bed..Wriggly pigWPIG 002SealedSealed£7.001999 sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
27103CDIvan LinsA Doce presenca de Ivan LinsVelas11-V065EXMint£10.001994 Brasil; case mark on f/cover; a few light marks on disc
30557CDCharles LloydSangamECMECM 1976EXEX£7.002006 Promo in card sleeve; with Zakir Hussain & Eric Harland
11389CDLouisiana shakersPlaying toughBlack marketBMM 2862EXEX£5.002004 Australia
31984CDHumphrey LytteltonTake it from the topBlack lionBLCD 760516MintMint£10.001995 German issue of 23/6/75 recordings
11723CDMichael MansonThe bottom lineA440 music21254 40112MintMint£6.002002 US
30515CDMichael MantlerThe school of understandingECMECM 1648/49EXMint£6.001997 German; Card slipcase
34448CDBrandford MarsalisMetamorphosenMarsalis music0874946001 106EXEX£6.002009 Cover & Disc are both in near Mint condition
30516CDWynton MarsalisMarsalis standard time - vol 1ColumbiaCOL 4687 132EXEX£4.001987
29594CDWarne MarshUnissued 1975 Copenhagen studio recordingsStoryvilleSTCD 8259EXEX£10.001997 case marks f/cover
27108CDMazeltonesMeshugge for youGlobal villageCD 137EXEX£7.001989 US; 2 small case marks on front cover
27166CDJohn McCabePiano music by Erik SatieSaga classicsSCD 9041EXEX£8.00Holland
27109CDLes McCannOn the soul sideLimelight522 431-2MintMint£7.001994
27110CDLes McCannThe Best of Les McCann LtdPacific jazz72438 52216 20MintEX£8.001996 a few light marks on disc
1636CDJohn Mclaughlin & Mahavishnu orchestraBirds of fireColumbia468 224MintMint£5.001991 issue of 1973 LP
34980CDCarmen McRaeA whole lot of human feelingGroove merchantCD 2625 062EXEX£5.001990 Holland all in near Mint condition
34981CDCarmen McRaeMiss JazzGroove MerchantCD 2625 022EXMint£5.001990 Holland; fading on one spine
39559CDMeet me in St louisVariations on swingBig scary monstBSM 048EXEX£6.002007 (EX+/EX+) all in near Mint condion
33983CDBrad MehldauLive in TokyoNonesuch79853 2EXEX£5.002004 US; mild wear on card slipcase; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
33060CDChucho MerchanExtreme music library: JazzExtreme musicXCD 023EXEX£8.00'Smokin' hip cool note vibes'
34968CDMetheny & MehldauMethent MehldauNonesuch7559 79664 2EXEX£5.002006 some mild wear on plastic slipcase
9883CDMikkelborg - Knudsen - PedersenHeart to heartStoryvilleSTCD 4114EXEX£6.001986
30989CDGlenn MillerThe Essential Glenn MillerMetro doublesMETRDCD 505EXEX/M£4.002002 Double CD compilation; Card slipcase
25334CDMarcus MillerThe sun don't liePRAFDM 36560EXEX£6.001993 some light marks on disc
2255CDCharlie MingusBlack saint & the sinner ladyInpulseIMP 11742EXMint£7.001995 issue of1963 LP; Foldout card sleeve + booklet
34142CDCharlie MingusMingus ah umColumbia legacyCK 65512EXEX£5.001999 US CD reissue of '59 LP with bonus tracks
27113CDCharlie MingusNew Tijuana moodsRCA/ BluebirdND 85644EXEX£5.001987 CD reissue
27115CDCharlie MingusOh yeahAtlantic jazz790 667-2MintMint£6.001988
29960CDModern Jazz quartetDjangoPrestigeOJC20 057-2MintMint£5.00German CD reissue; Digipak
8171CDModern Jazz quartetDjangoPrestigeOJCCD 0572EXEX£5.001987 German CD issue 53-55 tracks
29961CDModern Jazz quartetModern Jazz quartet & OrchestraWEA Atlantic8122 73320 2EXEX£5.00CD reissue of '60 LP; Digipak
29965CDModern Jazz quartetPyramidWEA Atlantic81227 3679-2EXMint£4.00CD reissue of '60 LP; Digipak
29964CDModern Jazz quartetThe SheriffWEA Atlantic8122 73520-2MintMint£5.00CD reissue of '64 LP; Digipak
29595CDThelonious Monk & John ColtraneThelonious Monk with John ColtraneFantasyOJCCD 039-2EXEX£5.001987 German reissue; case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
31379CDThelonious MonkMidnight MonkPrimoPRMCD 6011EXM/M£4.002006 Czech republic; Double; 1 case mark on front insert
29613CDThelonious MonkStraight no chaser/ Underground/ Criss crossColumbia51869 12001EXEX/EX£12.002004 3 CD box 'Trios' series reissue of 3 LP's; light shelf wear on box
30523CDWes MontgomeryFingerpickin'Pacific jazz72438 37987 28EXMint£5.001996 CD reissue of '58 LP
27116CDJames MoodyMoody's partyTelarcCD 83382EXEX£6.001995 Live at the Blue note celebrating his 70th birthday
27119CDLee MorganCandyBlue noteCDP 7465 082EXEX£8.001987 US reissue; 3 small case marks on front cover
2256CDLee MorganThe sidewinderBluenote784 1572MintMint£6.501989 issue of 1964 LP
27117CDJelly Roll MortonAnthologie 15EncyclopediaEN 515EXEX£8.001995 issue of '26-39 recordings; France
6846CDJelly Roll MortonMasters of Jelly Roll MortonMasters of jazzCD 0100MintMint£4.00 
30525CDPaul MotianGarden of EdenECMECM 1917EXMint£7.002006 German; Light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
30524CDPaul MotianLe VoyageECMECM 1138MintEX£15.00German CD reissue of '79 LP
34971CDGerry MulliganThe Fabulous Gerry Mulligan sextetFresh soundFSR 417EXEX/EX£20.002006 Spain 3xCD set in Box + 16 page booklet; all in near Mint condtion; Complete studio sessions '55-56 & The San Diego concert '54
11724CDAmani A.W MurrayAmani A.W MurrayGRPGRD 9633MintMint£5.001991 US promo
34458CDWolfgang Muthspiel & Brian BladeFriendly travelers liveMaterialMRE 20EXEX/VG£10.002006 CD + DVD issue; Light wear on Gatefold Digipak; CD in Excellent condition; some marks on DVD
29614CDFats NavarroThe Small group sessionsBrilliant jazz8525EXM/M£15.003 CD compilation; Gatefold digipak; Discs M/M/M
33424CDMiki N'DoyeTukiECMECM 1971EXEX£7.002006 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
29551CDNew Orleans legacy ensembleSpirits of Congo squareCandidCCD 79759EXMint£7.002000 sale hole on barcode b/cover
27248CDNot just saxLiveBurning media-EXEX£6.00Live at 'Champions' Bournmouth
33425CDOregonEcotopiaECMECM 1354EXEX£5.002008 German reissue of '87 LP; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve
33426CDOregonOregonECMECM 1258EXEX£5.002008 German CD reissue of '83 LP; light wear on Gatefold card slipcase
17069CDPeter Oxley's New Noakes quartetThrough green & pleasant lands3333 JAZZ 004EXEX£6.001991
11725CDMakoto OzoneStarlightJVCJD 3323MintMint£5.001990 US
27123CDCharlie Parker & Chet BakerLive at the Trade winds June 16, 1952Charly Le jazzLE JAZZ CD 48EXMint£5.002 case marks on f/cover; some fading on 1 spine
33202CDCharlie Parker & Dizzy GillespieBird meets DizCharlyLE JAZZ CD 21EXEX£7.001994
29557CDCharlie ParkerBe-bop genius: 1947 'Bird of paradise'Jazz rootsCD 56029EXEX£4.001996
39424CDCharlie ParkerCharlie Parker with strings: Complete master takesVervePOCJ 2078EXEX£10.001992 Japan; Mono; + obi strip; cover is near Mint; just a few light marks on disc
39562CDCharlie ParkerWashington concertsBlue note72435 22626 25EXEX£5.002001CD issue of '52-'53 live recordsings; EX+/EX+ all in near Mint condition
30528CDEvan ParkerBoustrophedonECMECM 1873EXMint£6.002008 German; Card slipcase; light crease on front cover
33984CDMaceo ParkerMo' rootsVerve314 511 068-2EXEX£6.001991 US; 2 case marks on opening of front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
11726CDMichael PauloFuseboxGRPGRD 9623MintMint£5.001990 US promo
27133CDArt PepperArt Pepper meets the Rhtyhm sectionFantasyOJC20 338-2EXEX£5.00German reissue of '57 LP; Digipak
38460CDArt PepperMeets the rhythm sectionOJC/ Contemp.OJC20 338-2EXEX£5.00German CD reissue of '56 LP; Digipak + insert; some mild mars on disc
27132CDArt PepperThe Savoy recordingsBrilliant jazz8009EXEX/EX£5.00Double CD in Gatefold Digipak
34459CDOscar Peterson & Ben WebsterDuring this timeMIGMIG 80212EXEX/EX£10.002014 German CD & DVD issue: Gatefold Digipak, Booklet & CD are in near Mint condtion: a few small markks on DVD
29558CDOscar PetersonMotions & emotionsMPS821 289-2EXEX£7.00German reissue of '69 LP
28298CDOscar PetersonOscar Peterson for loversVerve06024 9862 1479MintMint£5.002004
29616CDMichel PetruccianiGreat sessionsBlue note352 7282EXM/M£10.003 CD reissue of 'Michel plays Petrucciani/ Power of three/ Playground' LP's; Discs M/M/M; light wear on card slipcase
40137CDCourtney PineJourney to the urge withinIslandCID 9846EXEX£4.001986 just a few light marks on disc
34456CDBill Potts big jazz bandThe Jazz soul of Porgy & BessCapitol jazzCDP7 95132 2MintEX£6.001991 US CD reissue of '59 LP; Disc is in near Mint condition
27134CDBaden PowellPersonalidadePhilips642 289-2VGEX£6.501990 Brazil; a few light marks on disc; some wear on cover
27135CDBud PowellSwingin' with BudRCA74321 13041 2VGEX£7.001993 German reissue of '58 LP; wear on foldout f/cover
27139CDPucho & Latin soul brothersRip a dipMilestoneMCD 9247-2EXEX£7.00German
27138CDPucho & Latin soul brothersThe best of Pucho & his Latin soul brothersPrestigePRCD 24175 2EXMint£7.001996 German; 1 samll case mark on f/cover
27154CDBernard PurdieBernard Purdie's jazz groove sessions: In TokyoLexingtonLCD 1001EXVG£10.001993 Japan; Gatefold Digipak: some marks on disc - plays perfectly
27140CDIke QuebecHeavy soulBlue note72438 302026MintEX£7.001995 reissue of '62 LP; a few light marks on disc
11727CDNelson RangellNelson RangellGRPGRD 9624EXEX£5.001990 US
11728CDNelson RangellTurning night into dayGRPGRD 9864EXEX£5.001997 US; promo sticker f/cover
34923CDJoshua RedmanCompassNonesuch7559 799230EXEX£6.002009 Small crease on front insert
39558CDBuddy RichQuiet riotProperINTRO CD 2054SealedSealed£6.002004 compilation; Digipak Factory sealed in shrinkwrap; all in Mint condition; Unopened/Unplayed
40190CDLee Ritenour & Larry CarltonLarry & LeeGRPGRP 98172MintVG£4.001995 EU issue; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
40205CDLee Ritenour6 String theoryConcord088807 2319110EXEX£5.002010 EU; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
30487CDMax Roach & Clifford BrownClifford Brown & Max Roach at Basin streetVerve589 826-2EXEX£7.002002 CD reissue with 6 Bonus tracks: Tri-fold Digipak + Booklet; a few light marks on disc
38461CDSonny Rollins & Modern jazz quartetSonny Rollins with the Modern jazz quartetOJC/ Prestige000252 181111 2EXEX£8.001988 CD reissue of '56 LP ('51+53 recordings); just a few light marks on disc
27155CDSonny RollinsDearly belovedJazz timeJTMMintMint£5.001998 Portugal
38462CDSonny RollinsFour Classic albumsAvid jazzAMSC 965EXEX/EX£5.002008 Double CD reissue of 'Plus 4/ Vol 1/ Vol 2/ Saxophone colossus'; just a few light marks on discs
30531CDSonny RollinsSaxophone colossusPrestigeOJC20 291-2EXEX£5.00German CD reissue of '56 LP; Corner crease on insert; a few light marks on disc
34925CDSonny RollinsSonny RollinsPrestige98.318EXVG£5.001988 EU issue of '51-56 recordings; 2 small caes marks on opening of front insert: a few mild marks on Disc
27146CDSonny RollinsTenor madness / Saxophone colossusPrestige/ AceCDJZD 002EXEX£6.001991 reissue of 2 LP's; a few small marks on disc; 1 case mark on f/cover
27159CDPee Wee Russell & Coleman HawkinsJazz reunionCandidCCD 7920EXEX£7.00German reissue of '61 LP; a few light marks on disc
30535CDTerje RypdalDouble concerto/ 5th SymphonyECMECM 1567EXEX£7.002000 German; light wear on card slipcase
11730CDSergio SalvatoreSergio SalvatoreGRPGRD 9720EXEX£5.001993 US promo
5135CDDavid SanbornClose upReprise925 7152EXEX£5.001988
9254CDDavid SanbornInsideElektra623 462MintMint£6.001999
27160CDDavid SanbornUpfrontElektra7559 61272 2EXEX£4.001992
27163CDPoncho SanchezEl MejorConcord picanteCCD 4519EXEX£10.001992
31180CDArturo SandovalJourney to Chateau de la FuentePrometheus-EXEX£12.002005 light wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
3189CDArturo SandovalNo problemR.S Jazz houseJHCD 001MintMint£6.501991 issue of 1986 live recording at Ronnie Scotts
1633CDMongo SantamariaMongo explodes/ Watermelon manFantasyBGPD 062MintMint£7.001993 issue of '63 & '64 LP's
11731CDTom SchumanExtremitiesGRPGRD 9625MintMint£6.001990 US promo
30537CDLouis SclavisDans la nuitECMECM 1805EXMint£8.002002 German; Light crease on front insert
4661CDJohn ScofieldUberjamVerve589 3562MintMint£6.502002
11732CDScorpion2nd AvenueRPMCDMGS 64EXEX£5.001996 a couple of marks - plays perfectly
27168CDTony Scott & Bill EvansA day in New YorkJazz doorJD 1236/ 1237EXEX/EX£12.001993 Double CD; a few light marsks on discs
11734CDTom ScottBorn againGRPGRD 9675MintMint£5.001992 US promo
11733CDTom ScottThem changesGRPGRD 9613MintMint£5.001990 US
27167CDTony ScottBoth sides of Tony ScottRCA74321 611202EXMint£12.001998 1 small case mark on f/cover
27165CDArtie ShawThe last recordingsMusic masters01612 65071 2EXEX/EX£8.001992 US Double CD; small crack on back of case
34928CDGeorge Shearing with Brian TorffBlues alley jazz: Live in Washington D.C.Concord jazzCCD 4110VGMint£8.001989 issue of October '79 live recording; 2 case marks on opening of front insert
33429CDYeahwon ShinLua yaECMECM 2337EXMint£7.002013 German; very light wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
11729CDSatoru ShionoyaSaltAriolaBVCR 615EXEX£6.001993 Japan
34930CDWayne ShorterFootprintsColumbiaCOL 518 6962EXEX/EX£6.002004 Double CD compilation; 'The life and music of Wayne Shorter'; a few marks on discs
27177CDHorace SilverPencil packin' papaColumbia476979 2EXEX£6.001994
27171CDHorace SilverSix pieces of silverBlue noteCDP7 81539 2MintMint£6.001997 CD reissue
27176CDHorace SilverSong for my fatherBlue noteCDP 7 84185 2EXEX£6.001989 reissue
30194CDNina SimoneReleasedRCA Camden74321 4311552SealedSealed£4.001996 compilation: Sealed in shrinkwrap
27179CDZoot SimsZoot Sims & the Gershwin brothersPabloOJCCD 444-2MintMint£5.001990 CD reissue of '75 LP
34931CDJimmy SmithCool bluesBlue noteCDP7 84441 2MintMint£7.001990 US reissue
34000CDMugsy SpanierThe Classic yearsPrestigeCDSGP 0171EXEX£5.001995 light mark on front insert; a few light marks on disc
34933CDSpirits of rhythmThe Spirits of rhythm 1933-34JSPCD 307MintMint£8.001988 featuring Teddy Bunn
2590CDSpyro GyraHeart of the nightGRP98492MintMint£6.501996
27187CDSpyro GyraMorning danceMCADMCL 1788EXEX£5.00CD reissue of '79 LP
17830CDSpyro GyraThe very best of Spyro GyraGRP543 5952EXEX£5.002002 compilation of '88-98 tracks
34935CDRex StewartFinesseAffinityCD AFS 1029EXMint£7.001992; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
27255CDSonny StittModer jazz archiveMembran221963 306EXEX/EX£6.002004 Double CD; some wear on Long case Digipak
27189CDSonny StittSoul classicsPrestigeOJCCD 6003-2EXEX£6.001998 German; 2 small case marks on f/cover
34936CDAnthony StrongGuaranteedGuaranteed-EXMint£6.002009 light wear on Gatefold Digipak
34937CDStan SulzmannThe JigsawBashoSRCD 10-2VGEX£6.002004 some wear on Digipak; Disc is near Mint
34938CDRalph SuttonAt St. Georges church, Brandonhill Bristol EnglandArborsARCD 19336EXEX/EX£5.002006 US: Double CD; all in near Mint condition
34970CDArt TatumThe QuintessenceFremeaux assoc.FA 217EXEX/EX£12.001996 France; New York - Los Angeles 1933-1945; Douuble CD in fatbox + 24 page booklet; All in near Mint condition
38463CDArt TatumThe Tatum group masterpiecesPabloCD 2310 735EXEX£5.00German CD reissue of '56 LP 'Presenting.. The Art Tatum trio'; 2 case marks on front insert; disc is in near Mint condition
27191CDArt TatumThe Tatum group masterpieces - vol 7Pablo2405 430-2EXEX£7.001990 US issue of 6/2/56 recordings; a few light marks on disc
35047CDMartin TaylorChange of heartLinnAKD 016MintMint£6.001991
35048CDMartin TaylorDon't fretLinnAKD 014MintMint£6.001990
27192CDMartin TaylorKiss and tellColumbia495387 2EXEX£5.001999 a few light marks on disc; 3 case marks on f/cover
35049CDMartin TaylorSpirit of DjangoLinnAKD 030EXEX£6.001994 all in near Mint condition
33998CDTemperance seven33 Not outUpbeatURCD 103EXEX£5.001990 crease on opening of front insert; a few light marks on disc
33999CDTemperance sevenPasadena & the lost cylindersLakeLACD 77VGVG£4.001997 Crease on front insert; a few marks on disc
35051CDJoe TemperleyDouble dukeNaxos jazz86032 2EXMint£5.001999 German; 1 very small case mark on opening of front insert o/w all in Mint condition
27193CDJoe TemperleyDouble dukeNaxos jazz86032 2MintMint£6.001999 German
38528CDJoe TemperleyEasy to rememberHepCD 2083EXMint£8.00200; 2 small case marks on front insert
35050CDJoe TemperleyWith every breath..Hep jazzCD 2073EXEX£5.001998 a few light marks on disc
2258CDThe 3 SoundsBlack orchidBluenote21289MintMint£6.501998issue of 1962 LP
11735CDRene ToledoThe dreamerGRPGRD 9677MintMint£5.001992 Uspromo
38464CDMel Torme & George ShearingMel & George do world war IIConcord jazzCCG 4471EXMint£4.001991 German
31396CDClark Tracey QuintetThe CallingTen to tenTTT CDS 750MintMint£6.002003
38465CDStan TraceyWe still love you madlyMole jazzCD MOLE 13EXMint£7.001989; 2 case marks on front insert
38466CDLennie TristanoLennie Tistano / The new TristanoRhino8122 71595 2EXMint£7.001994 German 'Atlantic jazz gallery' series reissue of '56 + '62 LP's
38467CDLennie TristanoLennie Tristano / The new TristanoRhino8122 71595 2EXEX£5.001994 German CD reissue of '56 + '62 LP's; just a few light marks on disc
27198CD29th Street saxophone quartetUndergroundAntilles422 848 415-2EXMint£7.001991 US; 2 small case marks on f/cover
38469CDMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoyBlue note72434 97807 29EXEX£5.001999 'RVG' edition CD reissue of '67 LP; just a few light marks on disc
31002CDSarah VaughanSarah VaughanVerve543 305-2EXMint£6.002000 CD reissue of '55 LP; light wear on Gatefold digipak; + 8 page booklet
31001CDSarah VaughanSnowbound/ The lonely hoursEMICTMCD 109MintEX£5.001997 CD reissue of '63/64 LP's; a few light marks on disc
30540CDMiroslav VitousUniversal syncopationsECMECM 1863EXEX£5.002003 German; light wear on card slipcase; a few light marks on disc
30542CDMiroslav VitousUniversal syncopations IIECMECM 2013EXMint£5.002007 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
38529CDFats WallerThe Joint is jumpin'RCA bluebirdND 86288EXEX£4.001987 west German; 2 small case marks on front insert
33435CDChristian WallumrodOutstairsECMECM 2289MintMint£7.002013 German; + card slipcase
27206CDGrover Washington JnrNext exitColumbia469088 2MintEX£4.001992 a few light marks on disc
27207CDGrover Washington JnrWinelightElektra7559 60338 2EXEX£4.00German CD reissue of '80 LP
29561CDWeather reportBlack marketColumbiaCOL 468210 2EXEX£5.001991 CD reissue of '76 LP; 2 case marks f/cover
38472CDBen Webster & Sweets EdisonBen and sweetsCBS4606 132EXMint£4.001987 CD reissue of '62 LP 'Wanted to do one together'; 2 small case marks on front insert
38474CDBen WebsterStormy weatherBlack lionBLCD 760 108MintMint£5.001988 German issue of 30/1/65 recordings
27212CDAlex WelshDixieland to Duke/ The Melrose folioLakeLACD 92EXEX£8.001998 CD reissue of '57 + '58 LP's
29597CDAlex WelshLive at the Royal Festival hall 1954/55LakeLACD 8EXEX£10.002000 a few light marks on disc
38477CDMagni WentzelPorgy & BessHot clubHCRCD 2006MintMint£8.002000 Norway
38478CDKenny WheelerAngel songECMECM 1067EXEX£8.001997 with Lee Konitz, Dave Holland & Bill Frisell; mild wear on card slipcase o/w all in near Mint condition
11736CDPeter WhiteExcusez moiCGRCGD 1802EXEX£5.001992 US; sale hole on booklet
38480CDBob Wilber & Kenny DavernSoprano summit: Live at Concord '77Concord jazzCCD 4052EXEX£4.001990 German resissue of '78 LP; 2 small case marks on front insert; disc is in near Mint condition
34973CDBob Wilber & Kenny DavernSummit reunionChiaroscuroCRD 311EXEX£5.001990 US; 1 mild case crease on front insert
27220CDTeddy WilsonCole Porter classicsBlack lionBLCD 760166EXEX£7.00German CD reissue of '78 LP; a few light marks on disc
27221CDTeddy WilsonEasy living: A jazz hour with Teddy WilsonIMCJHR 73510MintMint£5.001989 Portugal
39212CDKai Winding & JJ JohnsonNuf saidBethlehem20 40062EXEX£5.001992 US reissue of '55 LP; some mild marks on disc
39211CDKai Winding & JJ JohnsonThe Great Kai & J.J.ImpulseIMP 12252EXMint£5.001997 EU reissue of '61 LP; light wear on Gatefold Digipak
39422CDJimmy YanceyComplete recorded works: vol 1:May 1939 - Feb 1940DocumentDOCD 5041EXEX£7.001991 EU; mild crease front insert; a few light marks on disc
39568CDLarry YoungUnityBlue note72434 97808 28EXEX£5.001999 US 'RVG' remastered edition reissue of 66 LP: NO card slipcase; EX+/EX+ all in near Mint condition
29617CDLester YoungThe Complete Aladdin recordingsBlue note832 7872EXM/EX£10.00Double
11737CDVarious artistsAcoustic jazzGRPGRD 97772EXEX£5.001994
27257CDVarious artistsBoogie woogie: Great original performances 1928-41CDSRPCD 601EXVG£5.001992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
39421CDVarious artistsCan't stop playing that boogie woogieJasmineJASMCD 2581EXEX£5.002001 compilation; Mono
34975CDVarious artistsFrom spirituals to swingDefinitiveDRCD 11182EX£8.002001; Complete legendary Carnegie hall concerts 1938-1939; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
31791CDVarious artistsJazz legends: DivasColumbia504292 9MintM/M£7.002002 Double CD 33 track compilation
14676CDVarious artistsMusic without frontiers - vol 2VirginCDVES 30EXVG£4.001989 marks on disc - plays perectly
8267CDVarious artistsNew Orleans mastersRounderCD 11514EXEX£5.001988
34976CDVarious artistsNew Orleans, Chicago, New York & Hot townJazz ClassicsRP3CD 612VGVG£10.001993 4xCD set; cracks on back of fatbox; some marks on disc 1 o/w all EX (VG/EX/EX/EX)
9255CDVarious artistsRebirth of cool (the)4th B'wayBRCD 563EXEX£4.501991 some marks
31397CDVarious artistsRonnie remembered: A tribute to Ronnie ScottJazzizitJITCD 0535MintMint£5.002004
28240CDVarious artistsSoho bopCool note30373 00067EXEX/EX£6.001996 Double CD
14482CDVarious artistsSummer of loveWarner brosPROCD 100 215EXEX£6.002000 US Promo 9 track sampler in plastic wallet
34977CDVarious artistsToo hot: The best of mainstream British jazzCastleCMETD 992EXEX/EX£10.002004 3xCD Box set + 12 page booklet all in near Mint condition
27250CDVarious artistsVery best of Latin jazz (the)GlobalRADCD 96EXEX/EX£4.501998 Double CD; a few light marks on discs; 1 case mark on f/cover
27251CDVarious artistsVery best of Latin jazz 2 (the)GlobalRADCD 118EXEX/EX£4.501999 Double CD

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