Jazz - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
3196CDAcoustic alchemyAartHigher octaveHOMCD 11103SealedSealed10.002001 US Sealed digipak
8273CDAcoustic alchemyArcanumGRPGRP 98482MintMint7.001996
6861CDAcoustic alchemyBlue chipGRPGRP 1402EXEX6.501993 German CD issue of' 89 LP
3192CDAcoustic alchemyPositive thinkingGRPGRP 99072MintMint7.001998
9880CDAcoustic alchemyRadio contactHigher octave6178 362MintMint7.002003 US
37363CDAcoustic alchemyRadio contactHigher octaveHOMCD 84285SealedSealed10.002003 US; Factory sealed in shrinkwrap: Unopened/Unplayed
3190CDAcoustic alchemyReference pointGRPGRP 9614MintMint6.501990
9893CDAcoustic alchemyThe new edgeGRPGRD 9698EXEX5.001993 US PROMO; some marks - plays perfectly
31788CDAcoustic alchemyThe very best of..GRP589 2382MintMint6.002002
11709CDAcoustic alchemyThe very best of..GRP589 2382MintMint6.002002
26900CDCannonball Adderley & Paul ChambersJust friendsCharlyLE JAZZ CD24MintMint7.001994
26889CDCannonball AdderleyDeep groove: The best of Cannonball AdderleyBlue noteCDP 8307 252EXEX6.001994
26902CDCannonball AdderleyJazz masters 31Verve522 651-2MintMint6.001994
27230CDCannonball AdderleyJazz workshop revisitedLandmarkLCD 1303-2EXEX5.00CD reissue of '62 LP; The Cannonball Adderley collection - volume 3
27229CDCannonball AdderleyJulian Cannonball Adderley and stringsEmarcyEJD 3059EXEX12.00Japanese CD reissue of '55 LP
26898CDCannonball AdderleyKnow what I mean ?RiversideOJCCD 105-2MintMint8.00German reissue of '61 LP
26896CDCannonball AdderleyLive: Salle Pleyel - March 27, 1969Europe 1710381EXEX7.001992 France; 2 case marks on f/cover
26890CDCannonball AdderleyPortrait of CannonballRiversideOJCD 361-2EXEX7.001989 German issue of '58 LP
27003CDCannonball AdderleyPresenting Cannonball AdderleySavoy jazzCY78989EXEX10.001995 Japan; 11 track mono reissue; card sleeve; Some light marks on disc
38448CDCannonball AdderleySomethin' elseBlue note07777 46338 26EXEX4.00CD reissue of '58 LP + 1 Bonus track; 2 case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
26897CDCannonball AdderleySomethin' elseBlue noteCDP7 46338 2MintMint6.001987 US reissue of'58 LP
26899CDCannonball AdderleySophisticated swing: Emarcy small group sessionsVerve528 408-2MintM/M8.001995 Double CD
26891CDCannonball AdderleyThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San FranciscoRiversideOJCCD 035-2MintMint8.001989 German issue of '59 LP
34394CDCannonball AdderleyThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet PlusRiversideOJCCD 3062EXEX7.001987 West German reissue of '61 LP; Cover & Disc both in near Mint condition
26903CDCannonball AdderleyThis here: 1955-1959Giants of jazzCD 53121MintMint5.001992
26909CDGerald AlbrightBermuda nightsAtlantic781 919-2EXEX7.001988 US; 1 case make f/cover
26905CDGerald AlbrightDream come trueAtlantic82087 2MintMint6.001990 US
26907CDGerald AlbrightGiving myself to youAtlantic jazz82829 2EXEX7.001995 US; some light marks on disc
26906CDGerald AlbrightLive at Birdland westAtlantic7823 342VGEX5.001991 US; text on 1 spine has faded + 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
30967CDRalph AlessiBaidaECMECM 2321EXMint7.002013 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
27223CDAll starsSession at midnight/ Session at RiversideDormouseDMI CDX01EXEX5.001989 CD reissue of '55 + '56 LP's; a few marks on disc; 1 case mark on f/cover
30971CDArild AndersenCelebrationECMECM 2259EXEX6.002012 German ; Live in Glasgow October 2010; + Card slipcase
26920CDLouis ArmstrongA musical autobiography - vol 1Jazz unlimitedJUCD 2003EXEX7.001993 Sweden
26921CDLouis ArmstrongA musical autobiography - vol 2Jazz unlimitedJUCD 2004EXEX7.001993 Sweden
26922CDLouis ArmstrongA musical autobiography - vol 3Jazz unlimitedJUCD 2005EXEX7.001993 Sweden
9937CDLouis ArmstrongAt his very bestUniversal9812 425EXEX/EX4.502003 Double CD compilation; some marks - both play perfectly
38449CDLouis ArmstrongLouis and the good bookMCAMCAD 1300EXEX5.001992 'Jazz heritage' series reissue of '58 LP
26918CDLouis ArmstrongMasterpieces 1Jazz archives158132MintMint7.001994 France
26914CDLouis ArmstrongPlays W.C. HandyColumbiaCK 64925MintMint8.001997
26913CDLouis ArmstrongThe Great Chicago concert - 1956ColumbiaC2K 35119MintM/M12.001997 2xCD set
26917CDLouis ArmstrongThe very best of Louis ArmstrongVerve543 921-2EXEX/EX6.002000 2xCD compilation
38450CDChet Baker, John Barry & Chris BottiPlaying by heartDecca289 466275-2VGEX6.001999 Soundtrack; Card slipcase; crease + small tear on front insert; a few mild marks on disc
9881CDChet BakerJazz mastersEMI jazz8557 2623EXEX3.001995 compilation of '54/5 tracks
1723CDChet BakerOriginal jazz classics collectionFantasyOJCX 001EXEX4.001997 compilation
9882CDChet BakerStill in a soulful moodMusic clubMCCD 412EXEX3.001999 issue of Sept '59 recordings
33398CDNik Bartsch's RoninLlyriaECMECM 2178EXEX7.002010 Promo in card sleeve
29540CDCount Basie & Joe WilliamsThe GreatestPolygram833 774-2EXEX6.00CD issue of '57 LP
2253CDCount BasieAtomic BasieGiants of jazz53043MintMint4.501990 compilation
11710CDPedro BassPedro's whack attackNext step-MintMint5.00US
33399CDStefano Battaglia & Michele RabbiaPastoraleECMECM 2120EXEX7.002010 German: some wear on card slipcase o/w all pakaging is Mint
34397CDSidney Bechet & Buck ClaytonIn concert at Brussels fair, 1958Poll winnersPWR 27238VGEX7.002010: Mild sticker mark on front insert o/w EX
34001CDSidney Bechet & Claude LuterJazz in ParisUniversal159 821-2EXEX5.002000 'Gitanes jazz productions' series; light wear on digipak; a few light marks
26926CDSidney BechetBlackstick: Sidney Bechet vol 2 1938-50Naxos jazz8120 616EXMint4.002002; 1 case mark f/cover
26925CDSidney BechetThe Fabulous Sidney BechetBlue note530 6072EXEX5.002001 reissue of BLP 7020 + BLP 7026 Blue note 10" LP's
11387CDGeorge BensonShape of things to comeA&MCDA 0803EXEX5.001987
26928CDBrigitte BerahaFlying dreamsF-ireF-IRE CD24MintMint7.002008
30972CDJudith BerksonOylamECMECM 2121EXMint5.002010 German; Light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
34291CDChris Biscoe QuartetGone in the air: The music of Eric DolphyTrioTR 578MintMint12.002008 Sealed in shrinkwrap
33403CDKetil BjornstadEarly piano musicHubroCD 2506VGEX/M8.002001 Double; mild wear on Gatefold card sleeve; a few light marks on disc 1
33401CDKetil BjornstadLa NotteECMECM 2300EXMint6.0020113 German; very ligt wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
33402CDKetil BjornstadThe LightECMECM 2056EXMint6.002009 German: Some wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is in Mint condition
34398CDArt Blakey's Jazz messengersUgetsuRiversideOJCCD 0902MintMint6.001989 German; reissue of '63 LP; recorded live at Birdland NYC 16/6/63
26930CDHamiet BluiettThe Clarinet family - Live in BerlinBlack saint120 097-2EXEX6.001987 Italy; light creases on cover; a few light marks on disc
31159CDBoisdale blue rhythm bandYou can't do thatForestBR 01EXMint6.002 case creases f/cover
26932CDEarl BosticAlto magicKingKCD 597EXEX4.001987; 2 case marks f/cover
13696CDEarl BosticThe best of Earl BosticKingKCD 500SealedSealed6.00Sealed in shrinkwrap
13697CDEarl BosticThe chronological Earl Bostic 1949-51Classics5039SealedSealed7.002002 France; sealed in shrinkwrap
29541CDRuby Braff & Buddy TateWith the Newport all starsBlack lionBLCD 760138EXMint6.001990 German issue
26935CDBrecker brothersReturn of the Brecker brothersGRPGRP 96842EXEX4.001992 German; 1 case crease f/cover
34158CDDee Dee BridgewaterEleanora Fagan to Billie with love from ..DDB060252 7241555MintMint5.002010
34222CDBob BrookmeyerBob Brookmeyer and friendsColumbiaCOL 468413 2EXEX5.00CD reissue of '65 LP with Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Gary Burton & Elvin Jones
34221CDBob BrookmeyerComplete 1953-54 studio recordings with Stan GetzDefinitiveDRCD 11264EXEX/EX5.002004 Double; Spain; a couple of light marks disc 2
34400CDClifford Brown & Max RoachJoy springBack up73122EXEX5.002005 Portugal; Card slip case
34223CDDave Brubeck & Jimmy RushingBrubeck & RushingColumbia legacyCK 65727EXEX5.001998 CD reissue of '60 LP + bonus track; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
38453CDDave BrubeckBrubeck plays BrubeckColumbia886974 91942EXEX6.002009 CD reissue of '56 LP; just a couple of light marks on disc
26943CDDave BrubeckConcord on a summer nightConcord jazzCCD 4198EXEX10.00German CD issue of '82 LP
26945CDDave BrubeckJazz at OberlinFantasyOJC20 046-2EXEX7.001987 German reissue; Digipak
34224CDDave BrubeckJazz at OberlinFantasyOJC20 046-2EXEX7.001987 German reissue; Digipak
31393CDDave BrubeckJazz at OberlinFantasyCDRIVM 007EXEX5.001987 CD reissue of '53 LP; 2 small case marks on front insert
38451CDDave BrubeckJazz impressions of JapanColumbiaCK 65726EXEX5.002008 CD reissue of '64 LP; just a few light marks on disc
26942CDDave BrubeckMoscow nightConcord jazzCCD 4353EXEX8.001988 German
38452CDDave BrubeckTime outColumbiaCK 65122EXEX4.001997 CD reissue of '59 LP; mild fading on one spine of cover o/w all is in near Mint condition
26944CDKenny BurrellMidnight blueBlue noteCDP7 46399 2EXEX7.001987 reissue
34228CDGary BurtonArtist's choiceRCA BluebirdND 86280EXVG7.001987 Austria; a few small marks on disc
34229CDGary BurtonDepartureConcordCCD 4749-2EXEX5.001997 US
26946CDRay BushRay Bush's BBC jazzJazzologyJCD 284EXEX7.001997 US
11711CDButchers brewLife in the parkCD rom-EXEX5.001999
34230CDJackie Cain & Roy KralFull circleFantasyFCD 24768 2EXEX7.002001 German; just a few light marks on disc
29542CDConte Candoli & Lee MorganDouble or nothin'Fresh soundFSR CD197EXEX8.001992 Switzerland; 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
33970CDFrank CappJuggernautCocord jazzCCD 4836-2EXEX7.001998 US; Die-cut card slipcase
26952CDBenny Carter & Oscar PetersonBenny Carter meets Oscar PetersonPabloCD 2310 926EXEX6.001987 German
26955CDBenny Carter3,4,5 The Verve small group sessionsVerve849 395-2EXEX12.001991
26954CDBenny CarterA Gentleman and his musicConcord jazzCCD 4285EXEX10.00German; 1 case mark on f/cover
26950CDBenny CarterAll that jazz - Live at PrincetonLimelight820 841-2EXEX6.001991
34193CDBenny CarterBenny Carter and the Jazz giantsPabloPCD 60029EXEX5.001998 German; 2 small case marks on front insert
34232CDBenny CarterCentral city sketchesMusic mastersCIJD 60126EXEX5.001988 US
34231CDBenny CarterFurther definitionsImpulseIMP 12292EXEX8.001997 reissue + bonus tracks; Gatefold Digipak + Bonus tracks
26948CDBenny CarterFurther definitionsImpulseIMP 12292EXEX8.001997 reissue + bonus tracks; Gatefold Digipak + 20 page booklet
38527CDBenny CarterIn the mood for swingLimelight820 806-2EXEX5.001989 West German issue of 9+12/11/87 recordings; small case marks on opening of front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
26953CDBenny CarterJazz giantContemporaryOJCCD 167-2EXEX7.001987 German
26949CDBenny CarterNew jazz sounds: The Urbane sessionsVerve531 637-2MintM/M12.001996 Double CD
34188CDBenny CarterSymphony in riffsASVCD AJA 5075EXMint6.001990 Issue of '30-37 recordings; mono; 2 small case marks on front insert
34233CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1929-1933Classics522EXEX7.001990 France; small case mark on opening of front insert
34235CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1937-1939Classics552EXEX7.001990 France
38454CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1943-1946Classics923EXVG7.001997 France; marks on disc - plays perfectly
34190CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1948-1952Classics1297EXEX8.002003 France; 2 small case marks on front insert
34192CDBenny CarterThe Chronogical 1954Classics1438EXEX8.002007 France; a few light marks on disc
34184CDBenny CarterThe Radio years 1939-46Jazz unlimited201 2078EXEX5.002003 German
34194CDRon CarterSan SebastianIn and outIOR CD 77103-9VGM/M10.002012 German; + Bonus DVD; Crack on clear CD tray o/w Gatefold Digipak is in excellent condition
11712CDKhalil ChahineMektoubBlue orchid2005EXEX5.001990 US; corner sle cut on booklet
31729CDDon CherryMU (the complete session)CharlyLE JAZZ CD 56EXEX8.001996; a few light marks on disc
33200CDCharlie ChristianSwing to bopDisques DreyfusFDM 36715 2EXMint5.002000 France; Gatefold Digipak
38536CDPhilip Clouts quartetThe Hour of pearlPointPCD 026SealedSealed12.00Sealed in shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
34159CDPhilip Clouts quartetThe hour of pearlPointPCD 026EXEX8.002013
34402CDAvishai CohenContinuoSunnysideSSC 4603EXEX8.002006 US: Gatefold Digipak & Disc are in near Mint condition
9253CDJohn ColtraneA love supremeMCA ImpulseMCAD 5660EXEX5.00CD issue of '65 LP
5139CDJohn ColtraneA love supremeCastlePIESD 183EXEX4.001999 issue of '65 live recordings
29944CDJohn ColtraneBlue trainBlue noteCDP7 460952EXEX4.00CD reissue
31378CDJohn ColtraneJazz manifestoDelta leisure26595EXEX4.002008; 2 case creases on front insert
29544CDBob Cooper quartetFor all we knowFresh soundFSR CD167EXEX7.001991 Switzerland; Featuring Lou Levy; 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
26966CDHank CrawfordAfter hoursAtlantic782 364-2MintMint8.00US reissue of '67 LP
26969CDHank CrawfordIndigo blueMilestoneMCD 9119-2EXEX7.001991 issue of '83 LP
26970CDHank CrawfordNight beatMilestoneMCD 9168-2MintMint7.001989 US
26967CDHank CrawfordSouth - CentralMilestoneMCD 9201-2MintMint10.001993 German
26974CDSonny CrissUp, up and awayPrestigeOJCCD 982-2MintMint8.001998 German reissue of '67 LP
31684CDPat Crumly quartetWeaver of dreams33 records33JAZZ 086MintEX5.002003 some light marks - plays EX
34415CDCuriosHiddenJazzizitJITCD 0744EXVG6.002007 a few marks on disc
33406CDCyminologyAs NeyECMECM 20845EXMint6.002009 German; some wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is in Mint condition
11713CDJerald DaemyonThinking about youGRPGRD 9829EXEX5.001995 US; promo sticker f/cover
3390CDJerald DaemyonThinking about youGRP98292MintMint6.501995
26977CDEddie DanielsThis is nowGRPGRP 9635-2EXEX7.001991; 3 small case marks on f/cover
26979CDJacqui DankworthAs the sun shines down on meCandidCCD 79788EXEX4.502003 a few light marks on disc
31685CDJacqui DankworthNew perspevtives - Housman settingsSpotliteSPJ CD 559EXEX6.001996 a few small marks on disc - plays perfectly
26980CDKenny DavernMy inspirationMusic masters65077 2EXEX7.001992 US; a few light marks on disc
27233CDMiles Davis'58 Sessions featuring Stella by starlightColumbia467918 2EXEX4.001991
27234CDMiles DavisA kind of blueColumbiaCK 64935EXEX4.001997 CD reissue; 1 case crease on f/cover
27232CDMiles DavisBirth of the coolCapitol jazz792 8622EXEX4.001989 CD reissue; small crease on f/cover
26983CDMiles DavisCookin'/ Relaxin'Presitge/ AceCDJZD 003EXEX5.001991 reissue of 2 LP's
34195CDMiles DavisJATP 1960 - StockholmTaxTAX CD 3716-2EXMint8.001995 Sweden; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
29945CDMiles DavisKind of blueColumbia legacyCK 64935MintMint4.001997 CD reissue with bonus track; stickered case
30229CDMiles DavisKind of blue/ Porgy & Bess/ Sketches of SpainColumbia legacy503159 2EXM/M8.001997 3 CD set in Black box with obi strp; all discs are in Mint condition
31394CDMiles DavisPorgy and BessColumbia legacyCK 65141MintMint4.001997 CD reissue with 2 Bonus tracks
26981CDMiles DavisSeven steps to heavenColumbia466970 2MintMint5.001992 reissue
29946CDMiles DavisSketches of SpainColumbia legacyCK 65142EXEX4.001997 CD reissue of '60 LP with 3 bonus tracks; stickered case
27001CDBuddy De Franco & Oscar PetersonPlay GershwinVerveMGN 1016EXEX7.00CD reissue of '55 LP; Gatefold Digipak; some light marks on disc
26988CDBuddy De FrancoBorn to swingHindsightHCD 701EXEX4.001993 Canada
27559CDBuddy De FrancoComplete Verve recordings of Quartet/QuintetMosaicMD4 117VGEX/EX15.00US; 4xCD box set in 12x12" box; BOOKLET is MISSING; lid has come off on hinge of box; all discs are EX, a few light marks on disc4
26992CDBuddy De FrancoFive notes of bluesMusidisc500302EXEX7.001992 France; a few light marks on disc
27235CDJohn Denman & Buddy De FrancoWhirligigBisSW 2252CDMintMint8.001995 US
27004CDWilbur De ParisDr Jazz series - vol 7StoryvilleSTCD 6047EXEX8.001994 a couple of light marks on disc
26995CDWilbur De ParisOver & over againCollectablesCOL CD 6622MintM/M10.002000 US; 2 LP's on 2 CD's; with Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart "Live at the Roosevelt grill"
34197CDPaul Desmond & Modern jazz quartetLive on December 25 1971 at Town hall NYCRed baron474984 2EXMint7.001993; 1 light case mark on front insert
34200CDPaul DesmondEast of the sunDiscoveryDSCD 840EXMint15.001986 US issue of '59 recordings; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
27005CDPaul DesmondEasy livingRCA/ BluebirdND 82306EXEX8.001990 a few light marks
27236CDPaul DesmondFeeling blueCamden74321 400552EXMint3.501996
27237CDPaul DesmondLike someone in loveTelarchiveCD 83319EXVG4.001992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
34196CDPaul DesmondPolka dots and moonbeamsRCA Bluebird61066-2VGEX5.001992 US; 3 case creases on front insert; light mark on disc
34199CDPaul DesmondPure DesmondCBSZK 40806MintMint5.00US CD reissue of '75 LP + 2 Bonus tracks
27009CDPaul DesmondPure DesmondCBSZK 40806MintMint6.00US 10 track reissue of '75 LP
27006CDPaul DesmondSkylarkCBSZK 44170EXMint5.001998 US reissue of '74 LP: some fading on tesxt of spine
27008CDPaul DesmondTake tenRCA/ Bluebird07863 66146 2EXEX5.001993 German; 2 small case marks on f/cover
27249CDRay D'InvernoRay Dinverno's 60th birthday concert--EXEX5.00CD-R with printed label sold in aid of Mencap; featuring Andy Sheppard
34406CDDixie StompersStock yard strutDelmarkDE 229MintMint7.001995 US
8165CDDollar brandAfrican marketplaceDiscovery710 162EXEX4.00CD issue of 1980 LP; some marks - plays perfectly
16205CDEric DolphyHot, cool & latinBlue moonBMCD 3057EXEX12.001996 issue of 59-60 recordings
33201CDEric DolphyIn Europe - vol. 3PrestigeOJCCD 416 2MintEX6.001989 German issue of September '61 recordings
27011CDEric DolphyThe Essential Eric Dolphy on PrestigePrestigeFCD 60-022EXEX5.001986 German
34202CDArne DomnerusFavourite groups 1949-1950DragonDRCD 358MintMint7.002001 Sweden
27150CDLou DonaldsonThe Righteous reed: The best of Poppa LouBlue note830 7212EXEX5.001994
27144CDPaquito D'RiveraHavana cafCheskyJD 60EXEX6.001992 US; a few marks on disc; 2 case marks on f/cover
27143CDPaquito D'RiveraLa Habana-Rio conexionMessidar15820 2EXEX7.001992 German
31733CDKent DuChaineLookin' backCadillacCAD 1313EXEX15.001993 US; case crease on front insert
11343CDCandy DulferSaxualityRCAPD 75111EXEX5.001989
11714CDSCandy DulferPick up the piecesAriola148 702EXEX3.501993
33441CDMathias EickSkalaECMECM 2187EXMint6.002001 Promo in card sleeve; light wear on sleeve
30491CDDuke Ellington & Johnny HodgesBack to backVerve521 404-2EXEX5.001997 'Verve Master Edition' series CD reissue of '63 LP; Gatefold Digipak + bookley
27018CDDuke Ellington & Johnny HodgesPlay the blues back to backVerve823 637-2MintMint6.00German CD reissue of '63 LP
29591CDDuke Ellington1945 vol. 2Classics951EXEX10.001997 France; 2 case marks f/cover; light creasing b/cover
29546CDDuke EllingtonBlack, brown and beigeColumbiaCOL 468401 2EXMint7.00France; CD reissue of '58 LP featuring Mahalia Jackson
27239CDDuke EllingtonDuke Ellington and his orchestra 1941-1951Giants of jazzCD 53057EXEX4.001990 Italy
34412CDDuke EllingtonEllington at NewportCBS450986 2MintMint6.001987 issue of 7/7/56 live recordings
38455CDDuke EllingtonEllington at Newport 1956 (complete)ColumbiaC2K 64932EXEX/EX4.001999 Double CD reissue with previously unreleased tracks; a few marks on discs
14478CDDuke EllingtonGreatest hitsColumbiaCK 65419EXEX4.501997
31730CDDuke EllingtonIn a mellotoneRCA74321 13029 2EXEX5.001993 German reissue of '57 recordings; 2 case creases on front insert
29545CDDuke EllingtonIn the beginningNew sound 2000NFM 018EXEX4.002003
27022CDDuke EllingtonJubilee stompRCA/ Bluebird74321 101532EXEX6.001992 German: Volume 3 of a definitive collection of early Ellington (1938-34)
38456CDDuke EllingtonSuch sweet thunderColumbiaCK 65568EXEX4.001999 CD reissue of '57 LP + Bonus tracks; crease on front insert; some mild marks on disc
27238CDDuke EllingtonThe essence of Duke EllingtonDelta music33302MintM/M4.001996 Double CD in card slipcase
27023CDDuke EllingtonThe Great Ellington unitsRCA/ BluebirdND 86751EXEX5.001988 Rex Stewart/ Barney Bigard/ Johnny Hodges: 1 case mark on f/cover
28297CDDuke EllingtonThe Intimacy of the bluesFantasy000252 1866 242MintMint5.001991 11 track reissue of '67 + 70 tracks
34414CDRay EllingtonThe Three bearsAvidAMSC 697EXEX5.002000 Compilation: Cover & Disc are near Mint condition
29547CDHerb EllisTexas swingsJusticeJR 1002-2MintMint7.001992 US
33408CDPeter ErskineYou never knowECMECM 1497MintMint8.001993 German
6857CDKevin EubanksPromise of tomorrowGRPGRD 9604MintMint6.501990 US
6855CDKevin EubanksThe heat of the nightGRPGRD 9552MintMint6.501987 US
6856CDKevin EubanksThe SearcherGRPGRD 9580MintMint6.501989 US
34423CDBill Evans & Jim HallUndercurrentLibertyTOCJ 9337EXEX25.002001 Japan; reissue of '62 LP; Gatefold card sleeve, foldout insert & Disc are all in near Mint condition
27024CDBill EvansEverybody digs Bill EvansRiversideOJCCD 068-2EXMint5.00German 11 track CD reissue of '59 LP
30493CDBill EvansPortrait in jazzRiversideOJC20 286-2EXMint4.00German; CD reissue of '60 LP with 2 Bonus tracks
30494CDBill EvansWaltz for DebbyRiversideOJC20 210-2EXEX5.00German; CD reissue of '61 LP with 4 Bonus tracks; Light wear on Gatefold Digipak
34422CDGil EvansComplete Pacific jazz sessions (the)Blue note094635 829921EXEX6.002006 issue of '58/59 recordings
30498CDArt FarmerBlame it on my youthContemporaryCCD 140422EXEX6.001988 US; Crease on front cover
30499CDArt FarmerPh.D.ContemporaryCCD 140552MintEX8.001989 US; a few light marks on disc
38457CDDennis FarnonCaution ! Men swinging / The Enchanted woodsVocalionCDNJT 5312MintEX8.002010 CD reissue of '56 + '59 LP's; disc is near Mint with just a few light marks
33410CDPierre FavreFleuveECMECM 1977EXMint7.002000 German; light wear on card slipcase
33411CDPierre FavreTamiaECMECM 1446EXVG5.001992 German; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert; some marks on disc - Fully play tested - Plays perfectly
33412CDPierre FavreWindow stepsECMECM 1584MintMint7.001996 German
27028CDIrving FazolaFazASV/ living eraCD AJA 5279MintMint7.001998 mono
34429CDFieldworkDoorPIPI 26VGEX6.002008 US: Mild wear on Digipak
11716CDFingerprintsFingerprintsM&NMN 001EXEX5.00US; signed by Roy Machado
8228CDFishbelly blackFishbelly blackBack beatBBCD 72107EXEX5.001993 US; couple of marks - plays perfectly
29606CDElla FitzgeraldElla swings gently with NelsonVerve519 348-2MintMint4.001993 CD reissue + bonus tracks; with Nelson Riddle
8169CDElla FitzgeraldGoldVerve0654 842EXEX/EX5.002003 2xCD compilation
27243CDElla FitzgeraldThe Best of the song booksVerve519 804-2EXMint4.001993 3 case marks on f/cover
34419CDElla FitzgeraldThe Chronogical 1950Classics1195EXEX6.002001 France
5978CDAntonio ForcioneDedicatoNaimCD 013EXMint6.50 
27029CDPete FountainAt Piper's opera houseJazzologyJCD 217EXEX5.001993 US CD issue of '83 LP; a few light marks on disc
14479CDFourplayYes pleaseWarner bros2A 47694 BEXEX6.002000 US advance Promo in stickered plastic wallet
34425CDRed GarlandWhen there are grey skiesPrestigeOJCCD 704-2EXEX6.001992 US CD reissue of '62 LP + Bonus track; Cover & Disc near Mint condition
33997CDErroll GarnerConcert by the seaCBSCBS 451042 2EXVG3.00'CBS Jazz masterpieces' CD reissue of '69 LP
31128CDErroll GarnerConcert by the seaColumbia jazzCOL 451042 2MintMint4.00CD reissue of '69 LP
31129CDErroll GarnerMoon glowTraditionTCD 1010EXEX5.001996 mono
14480CDNils GessingerDucks 'n' cookiesGRPGRP 98302MintMint6.001995
29953CDStan Getz & Bob BrookmeyerRecorded fall 1961Verve549 369-2EXEX8.002002 CD reissue of '61 LP; Gatefold Digipak
34430CDStan Getz & Albert DaileyPoetryBlue note724352 867127MintMint7.002001 CD reissue of '84 LP
27052CDStan Getz & Bill EvansBut beautifulJazz DoorJD 1208EXEX5.001991 a few light marks on disc
27042CDStan Getz & Joao GilbertoGetz / GilbertoVerve810 048-2EXEX4.00German CD reissue of '64 LP; 2 case marks on f/cover
34991CDStan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie & Sonny StittFor Musicians onlyVerve837 435-2EXEX5.001989 reissue of '57 LP with 1 Bonus track; 1 case mark on front insert: a couple of light marks on disc
27244CDStan GetzAnniversaryEmarcy838 769-2EXEX4.001989 live in Copenhagen 6/7/87; a few light marks on disc; 2 small case marks on f/cover
34997CDStan GetzAt Carneigie hall 1952 & 1959Fresh soundFSCD 1003EXEX8.001991 Switzerland; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
35006CDStan GetzBaubles, bangles and beadsGet backGET 2032EXEX6.002007 Italy; Live Newport 3/7/61 + West Germany 6/11/66; Light mark on front of Digipak; couple of light marks on disc
27041CDStan GetzBest of the West coast sessionsVerve537 084-2EXEX5.001997
34440CDStan GetzBirdland sessions 1952Fresh soundFSRCD 149EXEX8.001991 light crease on front insert
35004CDStan GetzEast of the sun: The west coast sessionsVerve314 531 935-2VGVG/VG8.001996 US 3xCD set; some wear on spine of Gatefold card cover; some marks on discs 1+3 (VG/EX/VG)
34436CDStan GetzGetz in Boston vol 1: Live at the Hi-Hat 1953Fresh soundFSCD 1014VGEX7.001993
34435CDStan GetzGetz in Boston vol 2: Live at the Hi-Hat 1953Fresh soundFSCD 1015EXEX7.001993
35040CDStan GetzHeart placeHigh def. jazzHDJ 325EXEX10.001999 Portugal; Live 23/1/80
3186CDStan GetzHighlights (best of)Verve847 4322EXEX/EX7.501990 Double CD issue of 1952-71 recordings + 16 page booklet
1725CDStan GetzLiveHallmark311 332EXEX4.001999
29955CDStan GetzSerenityUniversal838 7702EXEX4.002003 CD reissue; live in Copenhagen 6/7/87; Gatefold Digipak
34441CDStan GetzSoft swing (the)VervePOCJ 2721EXMint12.00Japanese Mono CD reissue of '59 LP: + inser bt NO obi strp
34442CDStan GetzSoul eyesConcord jazzCCD 4783-2EXEX6.001997 US
27049CDStan GetzSpring is hereConcord jazzCCD 4500EXEX6.001992 German
34437CDStan GetzStan Getz at NalenRiverside recs.RRCD 139EXEX7.002011 Sweden; Live in Stockholm Nov '59
34432CDStan GetzStan's partySteeple chaseSDCCD 37021 /22EXEX/EX12.001996 Double CD issue of '77 LP 'Live at Montmartre' + 2 bonus tracks
35002CDStan GetzSweet rainVerve815 054-2MintMint7.00West German CD reissue of '67 LP
35003CDStan GetzThe Girl from Ipanema: The Bossa nova yearsVerve823 611-2EXEX/EX15.001989 German 4xCD (EX+/EX/EX/EX+) compilation + 24 page booklet in fatbox
34998CDStan GetzVolume 2: Teenage Stan 1946-1947Media 7MJCD 144EXMint8.001999 France; 1 case crease on top edge of front insert
26990CDTerry Gibbs & Buddy De FrancoChicago fireContemporaryCCD 14036 2EXEX7.001987 US
26993CDTerry Gibbs & Buddy De FrancoHoliday for swingContemporaryCCD 14097 2EXMint8.001988 US; sale hole front + back cover
26986CDTerry Gibbs, Buddy De Franco & Herb EllisKings of swingContemporaryCCD 14067-2EXEX8.001992 US
26991CDTerry Gibbs, Buddy De Franco & Herb EllisMemories of youContemporaryCCD 140662EXEX5.001991 a few light marks on disc
34993CDDizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzDiz and GetzVerve833 559-2MintMint6.00German CD reissue of '55 LP
27054CDDizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzDiz and GetzVerve833 559-2MintMint6.00CD reissue of '55 LP
27058CDDizzy Gillespie & Sonny StittDiz meets StittMoonMCD 036-2EXEX8.001992 Italian issue of '74 LP
27057CDDizzy Gillespie & Sonny StittThe Bop sessionSonet/ Vogue600039EXEX8.00German reissue of '75 LP; with John Lewis, Hank Jones, Percy Heath, Max Roach
27055CDDizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt & Sonny RollinsSonny side upVerve825 674-2MintMint7.001986 German reissue of 58 LP
27059CDDizzy GillespieA portrait of Duke EllingtonVerve840 824-2EXEX8.00Reissue of '58 LP + 2 bonus tracks
27056CDDizzy GillespieDizzy for presidentDouglasADC1EXEX9.001997
27053CDDizzy GillespieJambo caribeVerve557 492-2EXEX7.001998 issue of '65 LP; Digipak
35012CDDizzy GillespieNorth sea jazz: Legendary concertsNorth sea jazzBCCD 13.007EXEX/EX22.002013 CD & DVD set in Gatefold Digipak + 16 page booklet; Just a few light marks on DVD
27061CDJimmy GiuffreThe Jimmy Giuffre 3Atlantic jazz7567 90981-2EXEX5.001988 German reissue; 2 small case marks on f/cover
35014CDBenny GolsonGroovin' with GolsonPresige/ OJCOJCCD 226-2MintMint8.001993 US CD reissue of '59 LP
31131CDNat GoneliaThe Jazz side of NatCedarRAJCD 882EXEX4.001996 24 track issue; 2 small case marks on front insert
27246CDBenny GoodmanEssential jazzColumbia467151 2EXMint3.501994 2 case marks on f/cover
35018CDBenny GoodmanIn Stockholm 1959PhontasticNCD 8801EXEX5.001988 Live 18/10/59; 'King of swing series vol.1'; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert; Disc is near Mint
31592CDBrian GreenThe Brian Green jazz and blues bandParrotPARCD 506EXVG7.00Some marks on disc - plays perfectly
1638CDGrant GreenThe Latin bitBluenote837 645MintMint6.501996 Dutch issue of 1962 LP
38537CDMark C GridleyJazz styles: Demonstration compact discPrentice hall262429 XSealedSealed10.00US: Jazz styles Demo CD; sealed in shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
35017CDJohnny GriffinIntroducing Johnny GriffinBlue noteCDP746536 2EXEX6.001987 US CD reissue of '56 LP; Mono; all in near Mint condition
11717CDGroove collectiveGroove collectiveReprise945 5412EXEX5.001994 US
6852CDDave GrusinCollectionGRPGRD 9579MintMint6.501989 US
6853CDDave GrusinTwo for the roadGRPGRD 9865MintMint6.501997 US
6848CDDave & Don GrusinSticks & stonesGRPGRD 9562MintMint6.501988 US
6849CDDon GrusinNo boardersGRPGRD 9576MintMint6.501992 US
6851CDDon GrusinZephyrGRPGRD 9644MintMint6.501991 US Promo
38458CDJim Hall & Ron CarterAlone togetherMilestoneVDJ 1033EXEX10.001986 CD reissue of '73 LP; Japan; NO obi strip; light wear on cover; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31758CDBob HallWhat goes roundSPV/ Blue labelSPV 42572 CDSealedSealed7.002008 German; Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap with small sale cut on spine
29550CDJim HallConciertoCBSZK 40807EXEX7.00US reissue of '75 LP; case creases f/cover
33971CDChico HamiltonWith strings attached/ The three faces of ChicoWarner jazz93624 78742VGMint6.002000 CD reissue of '59 LP's; wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
35026CDScott HamiltonRadio cityConcord jazzCCD 4428EXEX5.001990 all in near Mint condition
30230CDLionel HamptonEssential masters of jazzProperEMCD 07EXEX4.00Light wear on Gatefold Digipak
35028CDLionel HamptonHot mallets - vol 1RCA BluebirdND 86458EXEX5.001987; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
1637CDHerbie HancockHead HuntersColumbia65123MintMint6.001997 issue of 1973 LP
29592CDGene HarrisTribute to Count BasieConcord jazzCCD 4337EXEX5.001988 German; 2 case marks f/cover
28267CDJohnny HartmanI just dropped by to say helloImpulseMCAD 39105EXEX8.00US CD reissue of '64 LP; some light marks - plays perfectly
30190CDColeman Hawkins/ Ben Webster/ Benny CarterThree great swing saxophonesRCA/BMGND 90405MintMint4.001989 compilation with 7-8 tracks each
29554CDColeman HawkinsThe Genius of Coleman HawkinsVerve539 065-2EXEX5.001997 reissue of '57 LP with bonus tracks: light wear on Gatefold Digipak; + 12 page booklet; a few light marks on disc
38459CDTubby HayesThe Swinging giant - volume 1JasmineJASCD 610EXEX5.002000 issue of July '55 recordings; Mono; all is in near Mint condition with just a couple of light marks on disc
2254CDHeadhuntersReturn of the..Verve539 0282EXEX6.001998
27070CDJoe HendersonLush lifeVerve511 779-2EXEX5.001992 the music of Billy Strayhorn
29588CDJoe HendersonThe Best of Joe HendersonBlue noteCDP 7 95627 2EXEX4.001991 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly; 2 case maks on f/cover
30507CDWoody HermanBlues on paradeGRP/ MCAGRP 16062EXEX3.001991 20 track issue; 2 small case marks f/cover
35030CDWoody HermanThe V Disc years- vols 1 & 2: 1944-46HepHEPCD 2/3435EXEX/EX6.001992 Double CD; all in near Mint condition
29555CDAl HibblerStarring Al Hibbler/ Here's HibblerJasmineJASCD 605EXEX5.001996 reissue of 2 LP's; Mono; 2 case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
27072CDJohnny HodgesUsed to be kingVerve849 394-2EXEX5.001991 reissue of '54 LP; case mark on f/cover
8148CDIncognitoTribes vibes & scribesTalkin' loud512 3632EXEX4.501992 some marks - plays perfectly
27076CDIrakereEn vivoJavelinPSC CD 1005EXEX3.501995
13408CDWillis 'Gator tail' JacksonOn my ownWhiskey women &RBD 705EXEX6.00Czech; some marks - plays perfcetly
33642CDAhmad JamalChicago revisited: Live at Joe Segal'sTelard jazzCD 83327MintVG5.001993 US; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
6847CDBob JamesRestlessWarner bros945 5362MintMint7.001994 US
30512CDKeith JarrettBridge of lightECMECM 1450MintMint6.001994 German
2460CDKeith JarrettSilenceImpulseGRD 117MintMint6.001992 US CD issue of 1977 LP
27080CDKeith JarrettWhisper notECMECM 1724/ 25EXEX/EX8.002000 German; with Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette; + card slipcase
31759CDJazzmossJazzmossGlobal fusionGFMA 001SealedSealed7.002007 Sealed in shrinkwrap
30231CDQuincy JonesBack on the blockQwest/ Warner926 020-2EXEX4.001989 a few light marks on disc
8170CDRonny JordanThe AntidoteIsland510 8832EXEX5.001992
11719CDSJustice systemSummer in the cityMCAMCASP 3068MintMint5.001994 US PROMO
27247CDStan KentonIntermission riff : 1952-1956Giants of jazzCD 53109EXEX3.501996
27122CDKing OliverDippermouth bluesASVCD AJA 5218EXEX6.001996 mono
31395CDPeter KingTamburelloMiles musicMM CD 083EXEX6.001995; 1 case crease on front insert
27096CDRoland KirkBlacknussRhino8122 71408 2EXEX8.001993 CD reissue of '72 LP
29556CDLee KonitzSound of surpriseRCA victor743216 93092MintMint7.001999
11720CDSteve Lacy & Mal WaldronHot houseRCA novusPD 83098MintMint5.001991
33962CDPokey LafarageMiddle of everywhereContinentalCSCCD 1075EXEX7.002011 Holland
11721CDT Lavitz & Bad habitzT Lavitz & the Bad habitzIntima773 5122MintMint5.001989 US corner sale cut b/cover
27102CDGeorge LewisThe Spirit of New Orleans 1Music MeccaCD 1014-2EXMint6.001961 recordings
14502CDTrevor Lines quintetThe cats hide under my bed..Wriggly pigWPIG 002SealedSealed7.001999 sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
27103CDIvan LinsA Doce presenca de Ivan LinsVelas11-V065EXMint10.001994 Brasil; case mark on f/cover; a few light marks on disc
30557CDCharles LloydSangamECMECM 1976EXEX7.002006 Promo in card sleeve; with Zakir Hussain & Eric Harland
11389CDLouisiana shakersPlaying toughBlack marketBMM 2862EXEX5.002004 Australia
31984CDHumphrey LytteltonTake it from the topBlack lionBLCD 760516MintMint10.001995 German issue of 23/6/75 recordings
11723CDMichael MansonThe bottom lineA440 music21254 40112MintMint6.002002 US
30515CDMichael MantlerThe school of understandingECMECM 1648/49EXMint6.001997 German; Card slipcase
34448CDBrandford MarsalisMetamorphosenMarsalis music0874946001 106EXEX6.002009 Cover & Disc are both in near Mint condition
30516CDWynton MarsalisMarsalis standard time - vol 1ColumbiaCOL 4687 132EXEX4.001987
29594CDWarne MarshUnissued 1975 Copenhagen studio recordingsStoryvilleSTCD 8259EXEX10.001997 case marks f/cover
27108CDMazeltonesMeshugge for youGlobal villageCD 137EXEX7.001989 US; 2 small case marks on front cover
27166CDJohn McCabePiano music by Erik SatieSaga classicsSCD 9041EXEX8.00Holland
27109CDLes McCannOn the soul sideLimelight522 431-2MintMint7.001994
27110CDLes McCannThe Best of Les McCann LtdPacific jazz72438 52216 20MintEX8.001996 a few light marks on disc
1636CDJohn Mclaughlin & Mahavishnu orchestraBirds of fireColumbia468 224MintMint5.001991 issue of 1973 LP
34980CDCarmen McRaeA whole lot of human feelingGroove merchantCD 2625 062EXEX5.001990 Holland all in near Mint condition
34981CDCarmen McRaeMiss JazzGroove MerchantCD 2625 022EXMint5.001990 Holland; fading on one spine
33983CDBrad MehldauLive in TokyoNonesuch79853 2EXEX5.002004 US; mild wear on card slipcase; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
33060CDChucho MerchanExtreme music library: JazzExtreme musicXCD 023EXEX8.00'Smokin' hip cool note vibes'
34968CDMetheny & MehldauMethent MehldauNonesuch7559 79664 2EXEX5.002006 some mild wear on plastic slipcase
9883CDMikkelborg - Knudsen - PedersenHeart to heartStoryvilleSTCD 4114EXEX6.001986
30989CDGlenn MillerThe Essential Glenn MillerMetro doublesMETRDCD 505EXEX/M4.002002 Double CD compilation; Card slipcase
25334CDMarcus MillerThe sun don't liePRAFDM 36560EXEX6.001993 some light marks on disc
2255CDCharlie MingusBlack saint & the sinner ladyInpulseIMP 11742EXMint7.001995 issue of1963 LP; Foldout card sleeve + booklet
34142CDCharlie MingusMingus ah umColumbia legacyCK 65512EXEX5.001999 US CD reissue of '59 LP with bonus tracks
27113CDCharlie MingusNew Tijuana moodsRCA/ BluebirdND 85644EXEX5.001987 CD reissue
27115CDCharlie MingusOh yeahAtlantic jazz790 667-2MintMint6.001988
34460CDBlue MitchellBlues on my mindRiversideOJCCD 6009-2EXEX5.001988 US CD issue of '58-59 recordings; a few light marks on Disc
8171CDModern Jazz quartetDjangoPrestigeOJCCD 0572EXEX5.001987 German CD issue 53-55 tracks
29960CDModern Jazz quartetDjangoPrestigeOJC20 057-2MintMint5.00German CD reissue; Digipak
29961CDModern Jazz quartetModern Jazz quartet & OrchestraWEA Atlantic8122 73320 2EXEX5.00CD reissue of '60 LP; Digipak
29965CDModern Jazz quartetPyramidWEA Atlantic81227 3679-2EXMint4.00CD reissue of '60 LP; Digipak
29964CDModern Jazz quartetThe SheriffWEA Atlantic8122 73520-2MintMint5.00CD reissue of '64 LP; Digipak
29595CDThelonious Monk & John ColtraneThelonious Monk with John ColtraneFantasyOJCCD 039-2EXEX5.001987 German reissue; case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
31379CDThelonious MonkMidnight MonkPrimoPRMCD 6011EXM/M4.002006 Czech republic; Double; 1 case mark on front insert
29613CDThelonious MonkStraight no chaser/ Underground/ Criss crossColumbia51869 12001EXEX/EX12.002004 3 CD box 'Trios' series reissue of 3 LP's; light shelf wear on box
30523CDWes MontgomeryFingerpickin'Pacific jazz72438 37987 28EXMint5.001996 CD reissue of '58 LP
34451CDWes MontgomeryImpressions: The Verve jazz sidesVerve521 690-2EXEX/EX6.001995 Double; Cover & both discs in near Mint condition
27116CDJames MoodyMoody's partyTelarcCD 83382EXEX6.001995 Live at the Blue note celebrating his 70th birthday
27119CDLee MorganCandyBlue noteCDP 7465 082EXEX8.001987 US reissue; 3 small case marks on front cover
2256CDLee MorganThe sidewinderBluenote784 1572MintMint6.501989 issue of 1964 LP
27117CDJelly Roll MortonAnthologie 15EncyclopediaEN 515EXEX8.001995 issue of '26-39 recordings; France
6846CDJelly Roll MortonMasters of Jelly Roll MortonMasters of jazzCD 0100MintMint4.00 
30525CDPaul MotianGarden of EdenECMECM 1917EXMint7.002006 German; Light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
30524CDPaul MotianLe VoyageECMECM 1138MintEX15.00German CD reissue of '79 LP
34966CDPaul MotianTime and time againECMECM 1992EXEX7.002007 German; some wear on card slipcase o/w all is in near Mint condition
34971CDGerry MulliganThe Fabulous Gerry Mulligan sextetFresh soundFSR 417EXEX/EX20.002006 Spain 3xCD set in Box + 16 page booklet; all in near Mint condtion; Complete studio sessions '55-56 & The San Diego concert '54
11724CDAmani A.W MurrayAmani A.W MurrayGRPGRD 9633MintMint5.001991 US promo
34458CDWolfgang Muthspiel & Brian BladeFriendly travelers liveMaterialMRE 20EXEX/VG10.002006 CD + DVD issue; Light wear on Gatefold Digipak; CD in Excellent condition; some marks on DVD
29614CDFats NavarroThe Small group sessionsBrilliant jazz8525EXM/M15.003 CD compilation; Gatefold digipak; Discs M/M/M
33424CDMiki N'DoyeTukiECMECM 1971EXEX7.002006 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
29551CDNew Orleans legacy ensembleSpirits of Congo squareCandidCCD 79759EXMint7.002000 sale hole on barcode b/cover
27248CDNot just saxLiveBurning media-EXEX6.00Live at 'Champions' Bournmouth
33425CDOregonEcotopiaECMECM 1354EXEX5.002008 German reissue of '87 LP; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve
33426CDOregonOregonECMECM 1258EXEX5.002008 German CD reissue of '83 LP; light wear on Gatefold card slipcase
17069CDPeter Oxley's New Noakes quartetThrough green & pleasant lands3333 JAZZ 004EXEX6.001991
11725CDMakoto OzoneStarlightJVCJD 3323MintMint5.001990 US
27123CDCharlie Parker & Chet BakerLive at the Trade winds June 16, 1952Charly Le jazzLE JAZZ CD 48EXMint5.002 case marks on f/cover; some fading on 1 spine
33202CDCharlie Parker & Dizzy GillespieBird meets DizCharlyLE JAZZ CD 21EXEX7.001994
29557CDCharlie ParkerBe-bop genius: 1947 'Bird of paradise'Jazz rootsCD 56029EXEX4.001996
30528CDEvan ParkerBoustrophedonECMECM 1873EXMint6.002008 German; Card slipcase; light crease on front cover
33984CDMaceo ParkerMo' rootsVerve314 511 068-2EXEX6.001991 US; 2 case marks on opening of front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
11726CDMichael PauloFuseboxGRPGRD 9623MintMint5.001990 US promo
27133CDArt PepperArt Pepper meets the Rhtyhm sectionFantasyOJC20 338-2EXEX5.00German reissue of '57 LP; Digipak
38460CDArt PepperMeets the rhythm sectionOJC/ Contemp.OJC20 338-2EXEX5.00German CD reissue of '56 LP; Digipak + insert; some mild mars on disc
27132CDArt PepperThe Savoy recordingsBrilliant jazz8009EXEX/EX5.00Double CD in Gatefold Digipak
34459CDOscar Peterson & Ben WebsterDuring this timeMIGMIG 80212EXEX/EX10.002014 German CD & DVD issue: Gatefold Digipak, Booklet & CD are in near Mint condtion: a few small markks on DVD
29558CDOscar PetersonMotions & emotionsMPS821 289-2EXEX7.00German reissue of '69 LP
28298CDOscar PetersonOscar Peterson for loversVerve06024 9862 1479MintMint5.002004
29616CDMichel PetruccianiGreat sessionsBlue note352 7282EXM/M10.003 CD reissue of 'Michel plays Petrucciani/ Power of three/ Playground' LP's; Discs M/M/M; light wear on card slipcase
34456CDBill Potts big jazz bandThe Jazz soul of Porgy & BessCapitol jazzCDP7 95132 2MintEX6.001991 US CD reissue of '59 LP; Disc is in near Mint condition
27134CDBaden PowellPersonalidadePhilips642 289-2VGEX6.501990 Brazil; a few light marks on disc; some wear on cover
27135CDBud PowellSwingin' with BudRCA74321 13041 2VGEX7.001993 German reissue of '58 LP; wear on foldout f/cover
27139CDPucho & Latin soul brothersRip a dipMilestoneMCD 9247-2EXEX7.00German
27138CDPucho & Latin soul brothersThe best of Pucho & his Latin soul brothersPrestigePRCD 24175 2EXMint7.001996 German; 1 samll case mark on f/cover
27154CDBernard PurdieBernard Purdie's jazz groove sessions: In TokyoLexingtonLCD 1001EXVG10.001993 Japan; Gatefold Digipak: some marks on disc - plays perfectly
27140CDIke QuebecHeavy soulBlue note72438 302026MintEX7.001995 reissue of '62 LP; a few light marks on disc
11727CDNelson RangellNelson RangellGRPGRD 9624EXEX5.001990 US
11728CDNelson RangellTurning night into dayGRPGRD 9864EXEX5.001997 US; promo sticker f/cover
33428CDEnrico RavaThe pilgrim and the starsECMECM 1063EXMint5.002008 German CD reissue of '75 LP; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve
34923CDJoshua RedmanCompassNonesuch7559 799230EXEX6.002009 Small crease on front insert
30487CDMax Roach & Clifford BrownClifford Brown & Max Roach at Basin streetVerve589 826-2EXEX7.002002 CD reissue with 6 Bonus tracks: Tri-fold Digipak + Booklet; a few light marks on disc
38461CDSonny Rollins & Modern jazz quartetSonny Rollins with the Modern jazz quartetOJC/ Prestige000252 181111 2EXEX8.001988 CD reissue of '56 LP ('51+53 recordings); just a few light marks on disc
27155CDSonny RollinsDearly belovedJazz timeJTMMintMint5.001998 Portugal
38462CDSonny RollinsFour Classic albumsAvid jazzAMSC 965EXEX/EX5.002008 Double CD reissue of 'Plus 4/ Vol 1/ Vol 2/ Saxophone colossus'; just a few light marks on discs
30531CDSonny RollinsSaxophone colossusPrestigeOJC20 291-2EXEX5.00German CD reissue of '56 LP; Corner crease on insert; a few light marks on disc
34925CDSonny RollinsSonny RollinsPrestige98.318EXVG5.001988 EU issue of '51-56 recordings; 2 small caes marks on opening of front insert: a few mild marks on Disc
27146CDSonny RollinsTenor madness / Saxophone colossusPrestige/ AceCDJZD 002EXEX6.001991 reissue of 2 LP's; a few small marks on disc; 1 case mark on f/cover
27159CDPee Wee Russell & Coleman HawkinsJazz reunionCandidCCD 7920EXEX7.00German reissue of '61 LP; a few light marks on disc
30535CDTerje RypdalDouble concerto/ 5th SymphonyECMECM 1567EXEX7.002000 German; light wear on card slipcase
11730CDSergio SalvatoreSergio SalvatoreGRPGRD 9720EXEX5.001993 US promo
5135CDDavid SanbornClose upReprise925 7152EXEX5.001988
9254CDDavid SanbornInsideElektra623 462MintMint6.001999
27160CDDavid SanbornUpfrontElektra7559 61272 2EXEX4.001992
27163CDPoncho SanchezEl MejorConcord picanteCCD 4519EXEX10.001992
31180CDArturo SandovalJourney to Chateau de la FuentePrometheus-EXEX12.002005 light wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
3189CDArturo SandovalNo problemR.S Jazz houseJHCD 001MintMint6.501991 issue of 1986 live recording at Ronnie Scotts
1633CDMongo SantamariaMongo explodes/ Watermelon manFantasyBGPD 062MintMint7.001993 issue of '63 & '64 LP's
11731CDTom SchumanExtremitiesGRPGRD 9625MintMint6.001990 US promo
30537CDLouis SclavisDans la nuitECMECM 1805EXMint8.002002 German; Light crease on front insert
4661CDJohn ScofieldUberjamVerve589 3562MintMint6.502002
11732CDScorpion2nd AvenueRPMCDMGS 64EXEX5.001996 a couple of marks - plays perfectly
27168CDTony Scott & Bill EvansA day in New YorkJazz doorJD 1236/ 1237EXEX/EX12.001993 Double CD; a few light marsks on discs
11734CDTom ScottBorn againGRPGRD 9675MintMint5.001992 US promo
11733CDTom ScottThem changesGRPGRD 9613MintMint5.001990 US
27167CDTony ScottBoth sides of Tony ScottRCA74321 611202EXMint12.001998 1 small case mark on f/cover
27165CDArtie ShawThe last recordingsMusic masters01612 65071 2EXEX/EX8.001992 US Double CD; small crack on back of case
34928CDGeorge Shearing with Brian TorffBlues alley jazz: Live in Washington D.C.Concord jazzCCD 4110VGMint8.001989 issue of October '79 live recording; 2 case marks on opening of front insert
33429CDYeahwon ShinLua yaECMECM 2337EXMint7.002013 German; very light wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
11729CDSatoru ShionoyaSaltAriolaBVCR 615EXEX6.001993 Japan
34930CDWayne ShorterFootprintsColumbiaCOL 518 6962EXEX/EX6.002004 Double CD compilation; 'The life and music of Wayne Shorter'; a few marks on discs
34929CDWayne ShorterWithout a netBlue note50999 9795 1629EXEX7.002013 Argentina; all in near Mint condition
27177CDHorace SilverPencil packin' papaColumbia476979 2EXEX6.001994
27171CDHorace SilverSix pieces of silverBlue noteCDP7 81539 2MintMint6.001997 CD reissue
27176CDHorace SilverSong for my fatherBlue noteCDP 7 84185 2EXEX6.001989 reissue
30194CDNina SimoneReleasedRCA Camden74321 4311552SealedSealed4.001996 compilation: Sealed in shrinkwrap
27179CDZoot SimsZoot Sims & the Gershwin brothersPabloOJCCD 444-2MintMint5.001990 CD reissue of '75 LP
34931CDJimmy SmithCool bluesBlue noteCDP7 84441 2MintMint7.001990 US reissue
34932CDJimmy SmithPrayer meetingBlue noteCDP7 84164 2MintMint6.001988 US reissue of '64 LP with Stanley Turrentine
34000CDMugsy SpanierThe Classic yearsPrestigeCDSGP 0171EXEX5.001995 light mark on front insert; a few light marks on disc
34933CDSpirits of rhythmThe Spirits of rhythm 1933-34JSPCD 307MintMint8.001988 featuring Teddy Bunn
2590CDSpyro GyraHeart of the nightGRP98492MintMint6.501996
27187CDSpyro GyraMorning danceMCADMCL 1788EXEX5.00CD reissue of '79 LP
17830CDSpyro GyraThe very best of Spyro GyraGRP543 5952EXEX5.002002 compilation of '88-98 tracks
34935CDRex StewartFinesseAffinityCD AFS 1029EXMint7.001992; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
27255CDSonny StittModer jazz archiveMembran221963 306EXEX/EX6.002004 Double CD; some wear on Long case Digipak
27189CDSonny StittSoul classicsPrestigeOJCCD 6003-2EXEX6.001998 German; 2 small case marks on f/cover
34936CDAnthony StrongGuaranteedGuaranteed-EXMint6.002009 light wear on Gatefold Digipak
34937CDStan SulzmannThe JigsawBashoSRCD 10-2VGEX6.002004 some wear on Digipak; Disc is near Mint
34938CDRalph SuttonAt St. Georges church, Brandonhill Bristol EnglandArborsARCD 19336EXEX/EX5.002006 US: Double CD; all in near Mint condition
34970CDArt TatumThe QuintessenceFremeaux assoc.FA 217EXEX/EX12.001996 France; New York - Los Angeles 1933-1945; Douuble CD in fatbox + 24 page booklet; All in near Mint condition
38463CDArt TatumThe Tatum group masterpiecesPabloCD 2310 735EXEX5.00German CD reissue of '56 LP 'Presenting.. The Art Tatum trio'; 2 case marks on front insert; disc is in near Mint condition
27191CDArt TatumThe Tatum group masterpieces - vol 7Pablo2405 430-2EXEX7.001990 US issue of 6/2/56 recordings; a few light marks on disc
35047CDMartin TaylorChange of heartLinnAKD 016MintMint6.001991
35048CDMartin TaylorDon't fretLinnAKD 014MintMint6.001990
27192CDMartin TaylorKiss and tellColumbia495387 2EXEX5.001999 a few light marks on disc; 3 case marks on f/cover
35049CDMartin TaylorSpirit of DjangoLinnAKD 030EXEX6.001994 all in near Mint condition
33998CDTemperance seven33 Not outUpbeatURCD 103EXEX5.001990 crease on opening of front insert; a few light marks on disc
33999CDTemperance sevenPasadena & the lost cylindersLakeLACD 77VGVG4.001997 Crease on front insert; a few marks on disc
27193CDJoe TemperleyDouble dukeNaxos jazz86032 2MintMint6.001999 German
35051CDJoe TemperleyDouble dukeNaxos jazz86032 2EXMint5.001999 German; 1 very small case mark on opening of front insert o/w all in Mint condition
38528CDJoe TemperleyEasy to rememberHepCD 2083EXMint8.00200; 2 small case marks on front insert
35050CDJoe TemperleyWith every breath..Hep jazzCD 2073EXEX5.001998 a few light marks on disc
2258CDThe 3 SoundsBlack orchidBluenote21289MintMint6.501998issue of 1962 LP
11735CDRene ToledoThe dreamerGRPGRD 9677MintMint5.001992 Uspromo
38464CDMel Torme & George ShearingMel & George do world war IIConcord jazzCCG 4471EXMint4.001991 German
31396CDClark Tracey QuintetThe CallingTen to tenTTT CDS 750MintMint6.002003
38465CDStan TraceyWe still love you madlyMole jazzCD MOLE 13EXMint7.001989; 2 case marks on front insert
38466CDLennie TristanoLennie Tistano / The new TristanoRhino8122 71595 2EXMint7.001994 German 'Atlantic jazz gallery' series reissue of '56 + '62 LP's
38467CDLennie TristanoLennie Tristano / The new TristanoRhino8122 71595 2EXEX5.001994 German CD reissue of '56 + '62 LP's; just a few light marks on disc
27198CD29th Street saxophone quartetUndergroundAntilles422 848 415-2EXMint7.001991 US; 2 small case marks on f/cover
38470CDMcCoy TynerQuartetHalf noteHN 4533EXEX8.002007 US/EU issue; light wear on Gatefold Digipak; disc is in near Mint condition
38469CDMcCoy TynerThe Real McCoyBlue note72434 97807 29EXEX5.001999 'RVG' edition CD reissue of '67 LP; just a few light marks on disc
31002CDSarah VaughanSarah VaughanVerve543 305-2EXMint6.002000 CD reissue of '55 LP; light wear on Gatefold digipak; + 8 page booklet
31001CDSarah VaughanSnowbound/ The lonely hoursEMICTMCD 109MintEX5.001997 CD reissue of '63/64 LP's; a few light marks on disc
30540CDMiroslav VitousUniversal syncopationsECMECM 1863EXEX5.002003 German; light wear on card slipcase; a few light marks on disc
30542CDMiroslav VitousUniversal syncopations IIECMECM 2013EXMint5.002007 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
38529CDFats WallerThe Joint is jumpin'RCA bluebirdND 86288EXEX4.001987 west German; 2 small case marks on front insert
33435CDChristian WallumrodOutstairsECMECM 2289MintMint7.002013 German; + card slipcase
27206CDGrover Washington JnrNext exitColumbia469088 2MintEX4.001992 a few light marks on disc
27207CDGrover Washington JnrWinelightElektra7559 60338 2EXEX4.00German CD reissue of '80 LP
29561CDWeather reportBlack marketColumbiaCOL 468210 2EXEX5.001991 CD reissue of '76 LP; 2 case marks f/cover
38472CDBen Webster & Sweets EdisonBen and sweetsCBS4606 132EXMint4.001987 CD reissue of '62 LP 'Wanted to do one together'; 2 small case marks on front insert
38474CDBen WebsterStormy weatherBlack lionBLCD 760 108MintMint5.001988 German issue of 30/1/65 recordings
38475CDBen WebsterThe Soul of Ben WebsterVerve527 475-2EXEX/M6.001995 Double CD compilation; very small case mark on front insert
27212CDAlex WelshDixieland to Duke/ The Melrose folioLakeLACD 92EXEX8.001998 CD reissue of '57 + '58 LP's
29597CDAlex WelshLive at the Royal Festival hall 1954/55LakeLACD 8EXEX10.002000 a few light marks on disc
38477CDMagni WentzelPorgy & BessHot clubHCRCD 2006MintMint8.002000 Norway
38473CDRandy WestonJazz a la BohemiaOJC/ RiversideOJCCD 1747-2EXEX8.001990 US CD reissue of '56 LP; just a few light marks on disc
38478CDKenny WheelerAngel songECMECM 1067EXEX8.001997 with Lee Konitz, Dave Holland & Bill Frisell; mild wear on card slipcase o/w all in near Mint condition
11736CDPeter WhiteExcusez moiCGRCGD 1802EXEX5.001992 US; sale hole on booklet
38480CDBob Wilber & Kenny DavernSoprano summit: Live at Concord '77Concord jazzCCD 4052EXEX4.001990 German resissue of '78 LP; 2 small case marks on front insert; disc is in near Mint condition
34973CDBob Wilber & Kenny DavernSummit reunionChiaroscuroCRD 311EXEX5.001990 US; 1 mild case crease on front insert
27220CDTeddy WilsonCole Porter classicsBlack lionBLCD 760166EXEX7.00German CD reissue of '78 LP; a few light marks on disc
27221CDTeddy WilsonEasy living: A jazz hour with Teddy WilsonIMCJHR 73510MintMint5.001989 Portugal
29617CDLester YoungThe Complete Aladdin recordingsBlue note832 7872EXM/EX10.00Double
11737CDVarious artistsAcoustic jazzGRPGRD 97772EXEX5.001994
27257CDVarious artistsBoogie woogie: Great original performances 1928-41CDSRPCD 601EXVG5.001992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
34975CDVarious artistsFrom spirituals to swingDefinitiveDRCD 11182EX8.002001; Complete legendary Carnegie hall concerts 1938-1939; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
31791CDVarious artistsJazz legends: DivasColumbia504292 9MintM/M7.002002 Double CD 33 track compilation
14676CDVarious artistsMusic without frontiers - vol 2VirginCDVES 30EXVG4.001989 marks on disc - plays perectly
8267CDVarious artistsNew Orleans mastersRounderCD 11514EXEX5.001988
34976CDVarious artistsNew Orleans, Chicago, New York & Hot townJazz ClassicsRP3CD 612VGVG10.001993 4xCD set; cracks on back of fatbox; some marks on disc 1 o/w all EX (VG/EX/EX/EX)
9255CDVarious artistsRebirth of cool (the)4th B'wayBRCD 563EXEX4.501991 some marks
31397CDVarious artistsRonnie remembered: A tribute to Ronnie ScottJazzizitJITCD 0535MintMint5.002004
28240CDVarious artistsSoho bopCool note30373 00067EXEX/EX6.001996 Double CD
14482CDVarious artistsSummer of loveWarner brosPROCD 100 215EXEX6.002000 US Promo 9 track sampler in plastic wallet
34977CDVarious artistsToo hot: The best of mainstream British jazzCastleCMETD 992EXEX/EX10.002004 3xCD Box set + 12 page booklet all in near Mint condition
27250CDVarious artistsVery best of Latin jazz (the)GlobalRADCD 96EXEX/EX4.501998 Double CD; a few light marks on discs; 1 case mark on f/cover
27251CDVarious artistsVery best of Latin jazz 2 (the)GlobalRADCD 118EXEX/EX4.501999 Double CD

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