Heavy Rock - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
1851045AC/DCRock and roll ain't noise pollutionAtlanticK 11630VGVG3.001980 some wear on cover; plays well w/some crackles
672812"AC/DCHeat seekerAtlanticA 9136TEXEX6.001988 a few light marks
3271012"AC/DCLet's get it upAtlanticK 11706 TVGEX8.001981 German; b/w 'Back in black/ TNT (Live Dec '81); some wear on cover; some light marks
2493112"AC/DCRock and roll ain't noise pollutionAtlanticK 11630 TVGEX7.001980 b/w 'Hells bells'
2844112"AC/DCRock 'n' roll damnationAtlanticK 11142VGVG8.001978 b/w 'Sin city'; some marks - plays well
906912"AC/DCShake your foundationsAtlanticA 9474TEXVG6.501986 some light ring wear; some light marks - plays EX
672712"AC/DCThat's the way I wanna rock n rollAtlanticA 9098TEXEX6.501988
167412"AC/DCWhole lotta RosieAtlanticK 11207VGVG10.001978 "limited edition" label & sleeve
1868745AerosmithLove in an elevatorGeffenGEF 63EXVG3.001989 few crackles at start side 1 o/w plays EX
3432345Alice CooperNo more Mr nice guyWarner bros.K 16262-EX10.001973 Green label; solid centre; b/w 'Raped and freezing'; a few light marks - plays well
1818245Alice CooperNo more Mr Nice guyWarner brosK 16262-G1.501973 some crackles
605545Alice CooperSchools outWarner brosGWB 0301-EX3.00US "Back to back hits" issue of 1972 tracks
1096945Alice CooperSchool's outWarner brosK 16188-VG3.001972 writing on label; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3789945Alice CooperSlick black limousineLyntoneLYN 2585-VG3.501973 Flexi disc given away free with NME; b/w 'Extracts from unfinished suite'; plays well with a few crackles
2445Alice CooperTeenage lament '74WarnerWB 16344VGVG15.001973 German ; Picture sleeve
1851145Alice CooperTeenage lament '74Warner brosK 16345-EX3.501973 US
2467845Alice CooperYou want it, you got itWarner brosW 17846VGEX4.501981 Spain; b/w 'Who do you think we are'; sale cut + some wear on cover; a few light marks + a couple of crackles
3856412"Alice CooperPoisonEpic655 0618VGEX5.001989 b/w 'Trash/ Ballad of Dwight Fry'; mild wear on cover; just a few light mars - plays well
1491612"Angel witchSweet dangerEMI12EMI 5064-VG8.001980 plain sleeve; some marks - plays well
1868845AnthraxAnti-socialIslandIS 409EXEX5.001988 a few light marks + crackles
3217312"AnthraxI'm the man (live)Island12IS 338EXEX7.001987 b/w 'Caught in a mosh/ I am the law (live)'; light wear on cover; some light marks
2468045Black SabbathHard roadVertigoSAB 002-EX6.001978 Purple vinyl; b/w 'Sympton of the universe'; a few light crackles
2181745Black SabbathSabbath bloody sabbathWWAWWS 002-EX5.001973 b/w Changes
2291345Bon JoviPlease come home for christmasMercuryJOVP 16EXEX10.001994 Picture disc; ltd edition number 2687 of 7500; b/w Back door santa
3123545Bon JoviSomeday I'll be Saturday nightMercuryJOVP 15EXEX5.001995 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve with black card insert; b/w 'Always'
1096845BoxerNo replyEpicHOTS 1VGEX6.001977 PROMO; b/w Crawler - without you babe + Moon - black rooms; a few light marks + crackles
3091145BronzSend down an angelBronzeBRO 178-EX4.001984 b/w 'Tiger'
806745BudgieKeeping a rendezvousRCABudge 3EXEX4.001981
2911712"Children of BodomIn your faceSpinefarm9876497-EX10.002005 Picture disc; Ltd edition no. 0699; in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'She is beautiful'
2591345ChinatownShort and sweetAirshipAP 138VGEX50.001981 b/w 'How many times'; light wear on cover
1866612"CinderellaShake meVertigoVERX 29VGEX5.001986 wear on cover; a few light marks
1472812"CinderellaShelter meVertigoVERX 51EXEX8.001990 ltd edition poster bag + snakeskin coloured vinyl
2468145CultLil' devilBeggars banquetBEG 188EXEX4.001987 b/w 'Zap city'
3468745CultWild flowerBeggars banquetBEG 195EXEX4.001987 b/w 'Love trooper'; light wear
3468645CultWild hearted son (edit)Beggars banquetBEG 255EXEX4.001991 b/w 'Indian'; light wear on cover
151145CultWildflowerBeggars banquetBEG 195DEXEX/EX6.001987 Double/Gatefold
3279612"CultEdie (ciao baby)Beggars banquetBEG 230TEXVG6.001987 b/w 'Medicine train/ Love removal machine (live)'; some marks - plays EX
3279012"CultGo west (crazy spinning circle)Beggars banquetBEG 115TEXVG5.001984 b/w 'Sea & sky/ Brothers Grimm'; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279512"CultLove removal machine (Extended version)Beggars banquetBEG 182TEXEX7.001987 b/w 'Love removal machine/ Wolf child's blues'; a few light marks
3279312"CultRainBeggars banquetBEG 147TEXVG5.001985 b/w 'Little face/ (Here comes) the rain'; light wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279112"CultRessurection Joe (Long version)Beggars banquetBEG 122TEXG4.001984 b/w 'Hep cat mix Long version'; light wear on die-cut sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279412"CultRevolution EPBeggars banquetBEG 152TEXVG5.001985 'Revolution/ All souls avenue/ Judith/ Sunrise'; marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279212"CultShe sells sanctuary (Howling mix)Beggars banquetBEG 113TPVGG4.001985 b/w 'Assualt on Sanctuary'; mild wear on cover; some marks - small jump near start side1 o/w plays EX
3278912"CultSpiritwalkerSituation twoSIT 33TEXVG6.001984 b/w 'A flower in the desert/ Bone bag'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3279712"CultSun kingBeggars banquetBEG 235TEXEX7.001989 b/w 'Edie (ciao baby)/ She sells sanctuary'; Die-cut sleeve; a few marks
978412"Danger dangerMonkey businessEpic6577 518EXVG6.501991 Picture disc - die cut sleeve; plays EX
3281412"DareReal loveA&MAMP 824-EX8.001991 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Killer love/ Rideaway/ Run to me'
2015645DarknessChristmas time (don't let the bells end)WarnerDARK 02SealedSealed8.002003 ltd edition shaped picture disc; b/w 'Love you 5 times'; sealed in pvc sleeve
3008145DarknessLove is only a feelingAtlanticDARK 03SealedSealed10.002004 Picture disc with unopened seal along top edge of PVC sleeve; Corner crease on card insert; b/w 'Planning permission'
2612445Death CultGods zooSituation 2SIT 29EXEX6.001983 b/w 'God's zoo (these times)'; a few light marks
3279812"Death CultBrothers GrimmSituation twoSIT 23TEXVG8.001983 b/w 'Ghost dance/ Horse nation/ Christians'; some marks - plays EX
3966812"Death CultBrothers GrimmSituation twoSIT 23TVGVG7.001983 b/w 'Ghost dance/ Horse nation/ Christians'; waer along bottom edge of cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
3279912"Death CultGods zooSituation twoSIT 29TEXVG8.001983 b/w 'Gods zoo (these times)'; a few marks
2169645Deep purpleBlack nightHarvestHAR 5210-VG2.501970 b/w Speed king; plays well with a few crackles
3012245Deep purpleFireballHarvest1C006 92988VGG6.001971 German b/w 'Demon's eye'; 'S.L' written on label + b/cover; some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some crackles
3293945Deep purpleFireballHarvest1C006 92988-VG4.001971 German; b/w 'Demon's eye'; 'Mark Stewart' written on label; plays well
2468345Deep purpleNever beforePurplePUR 102-EX5.001972 b/w 'When a blind man cries'
2181845Deep purpleNever beforePurplePUR 102-VG3.501972 b/w When a blind man cries; name on label; plays well with a few crackles
2169745Deep purpleNew live & rare - vol 3: Smoke on the waterHarvestSHEP 101VGVG5.001980 b/w Bird has flown/ Grabsplatter; some wear on cover; 1 click at very start side 1 o/w plays EX
1851245Deep purpleNew live & rare: Black night (live version)PurplePUR 135-G1.501977 b/w 'Painted horse'/ 'When a blind man cries'; mark + clicks on b'side
1487545Deep purpleSmoke on the waterPurplePUR 132-VG3.001977 reissue of '72-3 tracks; b/w 'Woman from Tokyo' + 'Child in time'; some crackles on b'side
1492112"Deep purpleBlack nightHarvest12HAR 5178VGVG5.001978 issue of '70 + 71 tracks b/w 'Strange kind of woman'; edge split; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3972012"Deep purpleSmoke on the waterHarvest12 HAR 5236VGG5.001985 b/w 'Child in time/ Woman from Tokyo'; Hype sticker f/cover; sticker mark b/cover + some mild wear; some marks - plays OK with some clicks + crackles
2595412"Deep purpleStrange kind of womanHarvest12HAR 5234VGVG6.501985 issue of '71 tracks; b/w 'I'm alone' + 'Highway star'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
29352EPDeep purpleNew live & rarePurplePUR 135VGVG7.001977 Purple vinyl; 'Black night (live)/ Painted horse/ When a blind man cries'; plays OK w/some crackles
34689EPDeep purpleNew live & rare - vol IIPurplePUR 137-VG4.001976 Plain white sleeve; 'Burn/ Coronarias redig/ Mistreated'; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
2371545Def leppardHello AmericaVertigoLEPP 1VGEX7.001980 b/w 'Good morning freedom'; bottom edge split; tear + wear on opening of cover; light warp; a few light marks
3076245Def leppardHysteriaPhonogramLEP 3EXEX5.001987 b/w 'Ride into the sun'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - a few light crackles
3076345Def leppardPour some sugar on mePhonogramLEP 2EXVG4.001987 b/w 'I wanna be your hero'; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2468445Def leppardWastedVertigo6059 247VGVG7.001979 b/w 'Hello America'; edge split + wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
1062312"DemonHeart of our time (+4)ClayPLATE 8VGVG6.001985 France; edge split on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1814045Diamond headIn the heat of the nightMCADHM 102 MSAM 23VGEX/VG6.001982 Double pack; 2 paint marks inside Gatefold; few light marks - some crackles on side 4
923045Bruce DickinsonAll the young dudesEMIEM 142EXVG3.001990 reviewers copy; some light marks - plays EX
414712"DictatorsSearch & destroyAsylumK 13091EXEX8.001977 some light surface marks
2011945DisturbedRememberRepriseW 596EXMint5.002002 US; Purple vinyl
601545DownsetDownsetAbsract soundsABS 108MintEX4.001994
1818345Dumpys rusty nutsBoxhill or bustCool KingCK 008-EX8.00Issued as 'Dumpy's rusty bolts'; signed by Dumpy on label + plain white sleeve
486745Dumpys rusty nutsJust for kicksCool kingCNK 006EXVG5.001981 light warp; plays EX
923345Electric boysAll lips 'n' hipsVertigoVER 48EXVG3.001990 reviewers copy; warp o/w EX
535345Electric boysMary in the mystery worldVertigoVER 65MintMint3.001992
1818445EmperorReverenceCandle lightCANDLE 100EXEX6.001997
2063EPEnergyConquer the worldGRN1-EX100.001981 issued without sleeve
2938012"EuropeHalfway to heavenEpic657 851 6VGEX7.501992 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Yesterdays news'; light wear on cover
2940712"EuropeI'll cry for you (album version)Epic657 6976-VG7.501991 Picture disc; b/w 'Break free/ I'll cry for you (acoustic)'; plays well with a few crackles
3380412"FishCredoPolydorFISHX 2EXEX6.001991 b/w 'Credo (7" mix)/ Tongues (Demo version)'
3696845Lita FordKiss me deadlyRCAPB 49575VGEX8.001988 Signed in Gold pen by Lita Ford on front cover (smudged); b/w 'Broken dreams'; sticker tear f/cover; plays well
609245Fruit tumorSainTumorTUMA 1EXEX6.001994
1800645G ForceYouJetJET 194-EX8.001980 pen on label; a few light marks
2468545GammaThunder and lightningElektraK 12459VGVG4.001979 b/w 'Razor king'; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
2468745Gaye bykers on acidAll hung upVirginVS 1027VGVG4.501987 b/w 'Afternoon tea with Dave Greenfield'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2468645Gaye bykers on acidHot thingVirginVS 1165EXVG4.501989 b/w 'Rad dude'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
606045GillanHigher & higherLyntoneLYN 10599-VG4.001981 1 sided blue Flexi; kink on disc; plays EX
1851345GillanLiving for the cityVirginVSY 519-G2.501982 Picture disc; some marks - plays w/some clicks + crackles
605745GillanLiving in the cityVirginVS 519EXEX3.501982
606145GillanMutually assured destructionVirginVSK 103EXVG5.001980 Gatefold + 10 page booklet; couple of crackleso/w EX
2491645GillanNew OrleansVirginVS 406EXVG3.501981 b/w 'Take a hold of yourself'; light wear on cover; dish warp - plays EX
635145GillanNightmareVirginVS 441EXVG3.001981 plays EX
635345GillanNo easy wayVirginVS 362EXEX4.001980
605845GillanRestlessVirginVS 465EXVG3.501981 Poster sleeve; a few light crackles on b'side
635245GillanSleeping on the jobViginVS 355EXEX4.001980
605645GillanTroubleVirginVS 377EXVG/VG5.001980 Double/Gatefold; click at atart of side C o/w all play EX
1487645GillanTroubleVirginVS 377EXVG4.001980 Poster sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays EX
643745GillanVengenceAcrobatBAT 12VGVG4.001979 bottom edge split on cover; plays EX
6059EPGillanNo laughing in heavenVirginVS 435EXEX4.001981 a few light marks
3091245GirlschoolBurning in the heatBronzeBRO 176VGEX4.001983 b/w 'Surrender'; 3 light sellotape marks on f/cover; a few light marks
354645GirlschoolHit & runBronzeBRO 118EXEX4.001981 wear on opening
1851545GirlschoolRace with the devilBronzeBRO 100VGVG3.001980 some wear on opening; some light marks - plays EX
9244EPGirlschoolWildlife EPBronzeBRO 144EXEX5.001982 Red vinyl
3469045GlasgowSecrets in the darkZero four one041-7VGEX4.001987 b/w 'Meet me halfway'; some creases on cover
3469145Green jellyThree little pigs (edit)Zoo74321 151427EXEX6.001993 Pink vinyl; b/w 'Obey the cowgod'; light wear on cover; a few light crackles
3686712"Guns n' rosesLive and let die (LP version)GeffenGFST 17VGEX15.001991 Orange vinyl in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Live version'; light wear on cover; plays well
2304845HustlerLittle PeopleFireflyAMS 5002-EX5.001975 b/w Who d'yer think yer foolin'; light warp; a few light marks
1519145Iron maidenBe quick or be deadEMIEM 229EXEX3.001992 small sticker mark f/cover
4171745Iron maidenThe TrooperEMIEMI 5397VGEX8.001983 Paper labels; 4-prong centre; b/w 'Cross eyed Mary'; some mild ring wear on cover; some light marks - plays well
3710712"Iron maiden2 Minutes to midnightEMI12EMIP 5489-EX15.00194 Picture disc in PVC sleeve with warning sticker; b/w 'Rainbow's gold/ Mission from 'Arry'; plays well
3742512"Iron maidenMaiden JapanEMI12 EMI 5219VGVG25.001981 Signed on f/cover by future drummer Nicko McBrain; wear on cover with 2 small sticker tears f/cover; bottom edge split; some marks on vinyl - plays well (EX)
3710812"Iron maidenRunning freeEMI12EMI 5532EXEX10.001985 Purple labels; b/w 'Sanctuary/ Murders in the rue morgue'; plays well
3742612"Iron maidenThe Clairvoyant/ Infinite dreamsEMIIRN 10VGVG/VG35.001990 Signed on f/cover by drummer Nicko McBrain; Double/Gatefold; sellotape along bottom edges of cover; disc1, some marks - plays EX; disc2, some marks - plays well with just a couple of crackles
3710912"Iron maidenThe evil that men doEMI12 EM 64EXEX10.001988 b/w 'Prowler '88/ Charlotte the Harlot '88'; plays well
2494112"Iron maidenWomen in uniformEMI12EMI 5105VGEX10.001980 b/w 'Phantom of the opera/ Invasion'; light wear on cover; some light marks
401312"JackbootRemember (walking in the sand)Response12SR 505VGEX7.001977 stain on cover
931845Judas PriestUnitedCBS8897EXEX8.001980 poster sleeve
1492612"Judas PriestEvening starCBS12 7312EXG5.001979 clear vinyl; heavy warp - light rumble at very start both sides o/w plays EX
3711012"Judas PriestLiving after midnightCBS12-8379VGVG7.001980 b/w 'Delivering the goods/ Evil fantasies'; mild wear on cover; a few marks - plays well (EX)
3711112"Judas PriestTake on the worldCBS12-6915VGEX8.001978 Orange sunburst labels; b/w 'White heat, red hot/ Starbreaker'; surface tear bottom corner b/cover; a few mild marks - plays well
535445KerbdogDry riserVertigoVERR 83MintEX8.001994 PROMO; Clear vinyl
1868945Kingdom comeGet it onPolydorKCS 1VGVG3.501988 light wear on cover; plays EX
3711212"KissCrazy crazy nightVertigoKISS 712VGVG5.001987 b/w 'No, no, no/ Lick it up/ Uh ! All night'; mild wear on cover; some marks - plays well
3697945KrokusBedside radioAriolaARO 225VGEX4.001980 b/w 'Back seat rock n roll'; 31 Mar 1980 release date stamp f/cover; a few light marks - plays well
2491945LegendHideawayLegendLEG 1VGVG50.001981 b/w 'Heaven sent'; light warp; some light marks - plays EX
2886312"Little angelsToo much too youngPolydorLTX 12EXEX7.501992 Gatefold; b/w 'First cut is the deepest/ Young gods'; light wear on cover
1818545Phil LynottOld townVertigoSOLO 5EXVG3.001982 some marks - plays well w/some crackles
1818645MachetazoRise aboveDecayDECAY 004-EX6.00 
3698045MagnumChangesJetJET 188VGEX4.001980 b/w 'Everybody needs/ Changes (live)'; plays well
3722145MagnumKingdom of madnessJetSJET 116-VG4.001978 'A' label Promo; b/w 'In the beginning'; some marks - plays well
1818745MagnumLonely nightPolydorPOSPG 798EXEX/EX6.001986 Double/Gatefold; light warp
1814145MagnumMagnum liveJetJET 175VGEX/EX6.001980 Double pack; a few light marks
1869045MagnumStart talking lovePolydorPOSP 920VGEX3.001988 couple of crackles
1042845Mamas boysHigher groundJiveMBOY 1EXEX/EX8.001987 Double/Gatefold signed by keith Murrell; a few light marks
1042745Mamas boysWaiting for a miracleJive152EXEX6.001987 signed by Keith Murrell b/cover; a few light marks
869312"Mamas boysOne last chanceZomba/ JiveHIP 24-EX12.001985 Picture disc; b/w interview
1818845MarillionLavenderEMIMARIL 4EXVG1.501985 plays well with a few crackles
1818945MarillionSugar miceEMIMARILP 7EXVG6.001987 Picture disc + poster in PVC sleeve; warp - a few crackles
3380712"MarillionCover my eyes (pain and heaven)EMI12 MARIL 13VGEX7.001991 + Poster; b/w 'How can it hurt/ The party'; light wear on cover; light edge warp
3984512"Meat loafModern girl (extended version)AristaARIST 12585EXEX6.001984 Gatefold; b/w 'Take a number (extended version)'; just a few marks - plays well
651612"MegadethSymphony of destructionCapitol12CLS 662EXEX8.001992 Clear vinyl; poster sleeve
922645Metal gurusMerry x-mas everybodyPhonogramGURU 1EXEX4.001990 reviewers copy; a few light marks
353145MontroseSpace station no. 5Warner brosHM 9EXEX5.001980 issue of '73 songs
250745Gary MooreAfter the warVirginGMS 1EXEX4.001988
2506945Gary MooreHold on to love10TEN 13VGVG5.001983 b/w 'Devil in her heart'; some wear + small sticker tear on Poster sleeve; some light marks - plays EX
922545Gary MooreStill got the blues (for you)VirginVS 1267EXVG3.001990 reviewers copy; couple of crackles o/w plays EX
2469145Gary MooreThe Loner10TEN 178VGVG4.001987 b/w 'Johnny boy'; some wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
1473112"Gary MooreToo tiredVirginVST 1306EXVG5.001990 featuring Albert Collins; some marks - plays EX
3380812"Motley crueDr FeelgoodElektraEKR 97TEXEX8.001989 b/w 'Sticky sweet/ All in the name of..'
3698145MotorheadLouie LouieBronzeBRO 60VGEX12.001978 b/w 'Tear ya down'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
1819045MotorheadMotorheadBronzeBROP 124-VG5.001981 Picture disc; light warp
3790045NazarethBad bad boyMooncrestMOON 9-VG3.001973 b/w 'Hard living/ Spinning top'; small mark causing 7 clicks at very start of side1 o/w plays EX
1819245NazarethBroken down angelMooncrestMOON 1-VG2.001973 writing on label; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
2309945NazarethCarry our feelingsMountainTOP 8-VG3.501976 b/w Lift the lid; initials + number sticker on labels; a few marks - plays well
3034445NazarethMay the sunshineMountainNAZ 003VGEX4.001979 b/w 'Expect no mercy'; '457' written on front cover; light warp
1097145NazarethMy white bicycleMooncrestMOON 47-EX4.001975
1642245NazarethMy white bicycleNazarethNAZ 10-VG2.501975 some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
1851445NazarethShanghai'd in ShanghaiMooncrestMOON 22-VG2.501974 light stains on vinyl - plays EX
18193EPNazarethHot tracksMountainNAZ 001VGVG3.501979 issue of '73-5 tracks; a few crackles o/w plays EX
4174545Nightime flyerOut with a vengeanceRed eyeEYE 2-VG18.001980 b/w 'Heavy metal rules'; plain black sleeve; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles on b'side
3232545Offspring(Can't get my) Head around youColumbia674826 7-EX7.002004 Picture disc in limited edition no. (0094) stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Gotta get away (live)'
3241645OffspringHit thatColumbia674 547-7-EX7.002003 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w '(can't get my) Head around you (live)'
1867012"OnslaughtLet there be rockLondonLONX 224VGVG5.001989 some light marks - plays EX
3381012"Ozzy OsbourneMama I'm coming homeEpic657 6170VGEX6.001991 b/w 'Don't blame me/ I don't know/ Crazy train'; light wear on cover
3857512"Ozzy OsbourneSo tiredEpicTA 4452VGVG6.001984 'Free patch' sticker f/cover but NO Patch; b/w 'Waiting for darkness/ Bark at the moon/ suicide solution/ Paranoid (live)'; mild wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with just a few crackles
3351512"Robert PlantHeaven knowsEs paranzaA 9373 TEXVG5.001988 German; b/w 'Walking towards paradise/ Big log'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3351612"Robert PlantTall cool one (extended version)Es paranzaA 9348 TEXEX6.501988 b/w 'Tall cool one (original version)/ White, clean and neat'; light wear on cover
3327012"PlaygroundSureDirter proms.12 DPROMS 3EXEX10.001991 Blue vinyl + A4 insert; b/w 'Form & function/ Perfect love/ Sure (remix)'
3240245P.O.D.Boom (album version)AtlanticATO 135EXEX4.002002 Picture disc in die-cut Gatefold sleeve; + sticker; b/w 'Set it off (Tweaker remix)/ Hollywood (live)'
3240145P.O.D.Sleeping awakeMaverickW 608EXEX4.002003 b/w 'Bruises' - Unloco; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
3381112"PoisonEvery rose has it's thornCapitol12CLG 520EXVG6.001988 Gatefold; b/w 'Gotta face the hangman/ back to the rocking horse'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
809145Praying mantisPraying mantisGEMGEMS 36EXVG4.001980 a few light marks - plays EX
643845ProfessionalsLittle boys in blueSounds freebieNO. 2EXEX4.001981 1 sided flexi; with Gillan "I'll rip your spine out"
3240345Puddle of muddAway from meFlawless Geffen981 481-1EXMint5.002003 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Life ain't fair'; new price shop sticker f/cover; light wear on cover
3240445Puddle of muddControl (album version)Interscope497 658-7EXMint5.002002 Brown vinyl; b/w 'Abrasive'
1493312"QuartzSatan's serenadeReddingtonsDAN 5VGEX12.001980 red vinyl; small tear on openings of cover
4174745QueenBohemian rhapsodyEMIEMI 2375-G2.501975 b/w 'I'm in love with my car'; staining/dulling on a'side vinyl causing some light surface noise o/w plays well
1819645QueenCrazy little thing called loveEMIEMI 5001VGVG3.001979 name on cover + label; plays EX
4174645QueenKiller QueenEMIEMI 2229-VG3.001974 4-prong centre; b/w 'Flick of the wrist'; some marks - plays well with just a few crackles
2925945QueenThank god it's ChristmasEMI1A 01620 04347VGEX6.001984 Holland; b/w 'Man on the prowl/ Keep passing the open windows'
4174845QueenWe are the championsEMIEMI 2708-G2.001977 4-prong centre; b/w 'We will rock you'; sticker mark on side1 label; plays OK w/some surface noise
1859712"QueenA kind of magicEMI12 QUEEN P7-EX30.001986 Picture disc
4036512"QueenHammer to fall (the Headbangers mix)EMI12 QUEEN 4VGVG8.001984 Red sleeve; b/w 'Tear it up'; very small tear on front of sleeve near the spine with a corresponding small mark on the vinyl - plays well (EX) with just a few light crackles
3686812"QueenI want to break free (extended mix)EMI12 QUEEN 2VGEX8.001984 Red cover with black text; b/w 'Machines (or back to humans)'; '35' written on top corner f/cover; plays well
151245QuireboysThere she goes againParlophoneR 6267EXEX4.001989
1867412"QuireboysSeven o'clockParlophone12RP 6230VGEX8.001989 + double sided poster; light stain bottom edge of cover; a few light marks
246945RainbowCan't happen herePolydorPOSP 251EXVG3.001981 plays EX
979045RavenNothing exceeds like excessUnder one flagFLAG 28EXEX10.001988 edge split on inner; + 2 page A4 press release; couple of marks
2494712"RenegadeLonely roadWhite witchWIT 1VGVG60.001980 signed b/cover; + insert; light wear on cover; heat stains on side 2 - plays EX
2979745RodsToo hot to stopAristaARIST 484VGEX5.001982 b/w 'Power love (live)'; light wear on cover
3698345RunawaysSchool daysMercury6167 587VGVG8.001977 b/w 'Wasted'; sticker mark top corner f/cover + some wear; some marks on vinyl - plays well (EX)
2169945RushCloser to the heartMercuryRUSH 1VGEX3.501981 b/w The trees; some wear on cover
1852545RushSpirit of the radioMercuryRADIO 7VGG2.501980 some wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays w/some clicks + crackles
4150312"RushSpirit of radioMercuryRADIO12EXEX8.001980 b/w 'The trees/ Working man'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
3327512"SagaTake a chance (remix)PortraitTX 6840VGVG6.501985 b/w 'Dub mix/ You and the night'; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
979112"Saigon kickFreedomSamSAM 1009-VG7.00PROMO; light warp - plays EX
1852645SamsonLosing my gripPolydorPOSP 471VGVG3.001982 some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
1852745SamsonRed skiesPolydorPOSP 554VGVG3.001982 wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
979212"SamsonAre you readyPolydorPOSPX 670VGVG5.001984 sticker + mark f/cover; a few light marks - plays EX
1819845SaxonAnd the bands played onCarrereCAR 180EXVG2.501981 light warp - plays EX
1852845SaxonPower & the gloryCarrereSAXON 1VGVG3.001983 some wear on cover; plays EX
3381245SaxonRide like the windEMIEMP 43-VG8.001988 Shaped Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Red alert'; a few marks - plays EX
1852945SaxonWheels of steelCarrereCAR 143VGVG3.001980 wear on opening + some ring wear; plays well with a few crackles
2494812"SaxonSuzie hold onCarrereCAR 165T-EX7.001980 b/w 'Judgement day (live version)'
247145ScorpionsIs there anybody there?HarvestHAR 5185EXVG3.001979 plays EX
475345ScorpionsLove driveHarvestHAR 5188VGEX4.001979
4174945ScorpionsWind of changeVertigoVER 54VGVG4.001990 b/w 'Restless nights'; light ring wear on cover (VG+); plays well
169512"ScorpionsAll night longRCAPC 9402VGEX6.001979; 4 track EP
176212"ScorpionsIs there anybody thereHarvestSHSP 4097EXEX10.001979 Factory sample
176112"ScorpionsLovedriveHarvestHAR 5188VGEX20.001979 Red vinyl Factory sample; Light ringwear on cover
644045ShogunHigh in the skyAttackATA 913EXEX20.001986
2807912"SilverfishDamn fine EPCreationCRE 138TEXEX7.501993 'Damn fine woman/ Scrub me mama/ Peta l+ f.s.w.t.g.a'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2807812"SilverfishFuckin' drivin' or what.. EPCreationCRE 113TEXEX7.501991 'Big bad baby pig sequel/ Puppy truck/ Texas tea' light wear on cover; some light marks
1563945Skid rowMonkey businessAtlanticA 7673EXEX4.001991
577212"Skid rowYouth gone wild (+3)AtlanticA 7444TEXEX8.001992 + poster
998645SlaughterUp all nightChrysalisCHS 3556EXEX3.001990 corner crease on cover; a few light marks
609345Sonar nationSleepthick voicesAbsract soundsABS 109MintEX4.001994
609445Sonar nationThrill me said the thinkerAbstract soundsABS 111MintMint4.001994
2504745Southern death cultFatmanSituation 2SIT 19VGVG12.001982 b/w 'Moya'; sticker tear + some wear on wrap around picture sleeve; a few marks - plays EX
3236945StaindPrice to play (album version)FlipE 7417MintEX5.002003 Ltd edition no. 2074; b/w 'Can't believe (MTV unplugged)'
570912"StarfightersPower crazyJiveJIVE T6VGVG6.501981 plays EX
979412"State trooperShe got the lookNeatNEAT 52-12VGVG6.001985 sticker mark f/cover; some light marks - plays EX
979512"Suicidal tendenciesTrip at the brainVirginVST 1127EXEX6.001988 couple of creases on cover; some light marks
1820045TerraplaneTalking to myselfEpicA 6584EXVG2.501985 light wear on opening; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3381312"TeslaEdison's medicineGeffenGFST 13EXEX6.501991 b/w 'Had enough (LP version)/ Rock the nation (previously unreleased)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2492045Thin LizzyChinatownVertigoLIZZY 6VGVG4.001980 b/w 'Sugar blues'; some light marks - plays EX
3722345Thin LizzyDedicationVertigoLIZZY 14VGEX4.001991 b/w 'Cold sweat'; mild wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
1853245Thin LizzyDo anything you want toVertigoLIZZY 004EXVG3.001979 light wear on cover; some stains on vinyl - plays EX
1814245Thin LizzyKiller on the looseVertigoLIZZY 77EXVG/VG6.001980 Double pack; a few crackles o/w both play EX
2291445Thin LizzyRandolph's tangoDeccaF 13402-VG8.001973 side 1 matrix no. ZCPDR 53312; b/w Broken dreams; number sticker on label; a few marks - plays EX
206545Thin LizzySarahVertigoLIZZY 5EXEX6.001979 corner crease
2405045Thin LizzyThe rockerDeccaF 13467-EX25.001973 Demo; b/w 'Here I go again' a few light marks
1853045Thin LizzyThe rockerDeccaF 13467-VG3.001973 initials on label; plays ok w/some crackles
247445Thin LizzyThings ain't working out down at the farmDeccaTHIN 1VGEX7.001978
247845Thin LizzyWaiting for an alibiVertigoLIZZY 003EXVG4.001979 + cartoon lyric sheet
1853145Thin LizzyWhisky in the jarDeccaF 13355-VG4.001972 plays well with a few crackles
869812"Thin LizzyCold sweatVertigoLIZZY 1112EXEX8.001983
1514012"Thin LizzyDedicationVertigoLIZZY 114VGVG5.001991 a few marks f/cover; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3067812"Thin LizzyThe boys are back in townVertigoLIZP 115VGVG8.001991 Picture disc with card insert issued in stickered PVC sleeve (edge split); b/w 'Johnny the fox/ Black boys on the corner/ Me and the boys'; some light marks - plays well
1514112"Thin LizzyThe boys are back in townVertigoLIZZY 115EXVG6.501991 + poster; some light marks - plays EX
869712"Thin LizzyThunder & lightningVertigoLIZZY 1212EXEX8.001983
36984EPThin LizzyLive killersVertigoLIZZY 8VGEX4.001981 'Are you ready/ Dear Miss lonely hearts/ Bad reputation'; some wear on cover; plays well
2819812"ThunderEverybody wants her (preacher fade)EMI12 EMPD 249VGEX8.001992 Picture disc; b/w 'Dangerous rhythm/ Higher ground (accoustic)'; in stickered shrinkwrap causing some creasing to die cut sleeve
4036712"ThunderLove walked in (LP version)EMI12 EMPD 175VGEX10.001991 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Flawed to perfection (demo)/ Until my dying day (live)'; wear + crease on openings of cover; a few light marks - plays perfectly
2938112"ThunderLove walked in (LP version)EMI12EMPD 175VGEX7.501991 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Flawed to perfection (demo)/ Until my dying day (live)'; light wear on cover; a couple of light clicks on side2
1097245Bernie Torme bandI'm not readyJetJET 126EXEX5.001978
3389845TortureLast postWildebeestWILD 1-VG30.001981 Plain black sleeve; b/w 'Lucky/ Finding my way home'; some marks- a few mild clicks side 2
2979845TriumphA world of fantasyRCARCAP 319-EX5.00Picture disc; b/w 'Too much thinking'; light warp
4171845UFOShoot out the lightsChrysalisCHS 2318VGEX4.001979 Clear vinyl; b/w 'Only you can rock me/ I'm a loser'; mild sticker stain side1 label; some ring wear; plays well
3294045UrchinShe's a rollerDJMDJS 10850VGVG170.001978 b/w 'Long time no woman'; '65 P' written on inside edge of top opening; Bottom edge split; some light marks
4040212"W.A.S.PSchool dazeCapitol12CL 344VGEX10.001984 b/w 'Paint it black'; a few creases + mild wear on cover; plays well
3271212"White lionWhen the children cryAtlanticA 9015 TVGEX7.001989 b/w 'Lady of the valley/ Tell me (live)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX with a few light crackles
3698545WhitesnakeLong way from homePolydorDPQ 6174EXEX25.001979 Japan; signed by Neil Murray on front cover; b/w 'Walking in the shadow ot the blues'; plays well
239345WildheartsAnthemMushroomMUSH 6SMintEX4.001997
3239645WildheartsSo into youGut7 GUT 49EXMint5.002003 Red vinyl; b/w ;Dancin' (inst)/ Return to zero'; light wear on cover
3710212"WolfmotherWomanModularMODVL 054VGVG8.002006 'MSTRKRFT/ JD Twwitch optimo/ Avalanches Millstrem/ Original remixes'; a few creases on cover; some light marks - plays well (EX)
2911812"WolfmotherWomanModularMODVL 054EXEX10.002006 'MSTRKRFT/ JD Twwitch optimo/ Avalanches Millstrem/ Original remixes'
3089145ZZ TopFranceneLondonHLU 10376-EX25.001972 Demo; b/w 'Down Brownie'; a few light marks
4036645ZZ TopGimme all your lovin' (edit)Warner bros.W 9693P-EX25.001983 Car shaped Picture disc; in stickered PVC sleeve which has been folded to height of the record and has 2 bottom edge splits; plays well
2620245ZZ TopRough boyWarner brosW 2003EXEX3.001985 b/w 'Delirious'; light wear on cover
3269812"ZZ TopGimme all your lovin'Warner bros.W 9693TVGEX6.001983 b/w 'Jesus just left Chicago/ Arrested for driving while blind/ Heard it on the X'
2629912"Various artistsMutha's prideEMI12EMI 5074VGVG12.001980 4 track EP Wildfire/ Quartz/ White spirit/ Baby Jane; Factory sample; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX

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