Heavy Rock - Full List
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
1851045AC/DCRock and roll ain't noise pollutionAtlanticK 11630VGVG3.001980 some wear on cover; plays well w/some crackles
672812"AC/DCHeat seekerAtlanticA 9136TEXEX6.001988 a few light marks
3271012"AC/DCLet's get it upAtlanticK 11706 TVGEX8.001981 German; b/w 'Back in black/ TNT (Live Dec '81); some wear on cover; some light marks
2493112"AC/DCRock and roll ain't noise pollutionAtlanticK 11630 TVGEX7.001980 b/w 'Hells bells'
2844112"AC/DCRock 'n' roll damnationAtlanticK 11142VGVG8.001978 b/w 'Sin city'; some marks - plays well
906912"AC/DCShake your foundationsAtlanticA 9474TEXVG6.501986 some light ring wear; some light marks - plays EX
672712"AC/DCThat's the way I wanna rock n rollAtlanticA 9098TEXEX6.501988
167412"AC/DCWhole lotta RosieAtlanticK 11207VGVG10.001978 "limited edition" label & sleeve
32772LPAC/DCBlow up your videoAtlantic781 828-1EXEX8.001988 German; light wear on cover
28440LPAC/DCFlick of the switchAtlantic78 0100 1VGEX8.001983 German; + inner; light wear on cover; 2 small marks on vinyl, plays perfectly
9929CDAC/DCHighway to hellAtlantic815 602EXEX4.5090's CD issue of '79 LP
14503CDAC/DCStiff upper lipEMI72435 25667SealedSealed6.502000
32771LPAcceptBalls to the wallPortraitPRT 25791VGVG8.001983 + insert; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
29406LPAcceptMetal mastersRazorRAZD 11VGVG/VG8.001984 Yellow vinyl; Double; wear + creasing on cover; plays well with a few clicks + crackles
9817LPAcceptMetal mastersRazorRAZD 11VGEX/EX10.001984 Double
1868745AerosmithLove in an elevatorGeffenGEF 63EXVG3.001989 few crackles at start side 1 o/w plays EX
24932LPAerosmithRock in a hard placeCBS85931EXEX10.001982 + insert; light wear on cover; a few light marks
9873CDAerosmithBig onesGeffenGED 24546EXEX4.001994 some marks - plays perfectly
30226CDAerosmithNine livesColumbiaCOL 485020 6EXEX4.001997 a few light marks - plays perfectly
16700CDAerosmithPermanent vacationGeffenGED 24162EXEX4.50CD issue of '87 LP
8160CDAerosmithPumpBMGCD 063EXEX12.002000 Japan
11641CDSAerosmithCrazyGeffenGED 21913EXEX3.501994
11642CDSAerosmithWalk on waterGeffenGED 21969EXEX3.501995
3432345Alice CooperNo more Mr nice guyWarner bros.K 16262-EX10.001973 Green label; solid centre; b/w 'Raped and freezing'; a few light marks - plays well
1818245Alice CooperNo more Mr Nice guyWarner brosK 16262-G1.501973 some crackles
605545Alice CooperSchools outWarner brosGWB 0301-EX3.00US "Back to back hits" issue of 1972 tracks
1096945Alice CooperSchool's outWarner brosK 16188-VG3.001972 writing on label; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2445Alice CooperTeenage lament '74WarnerWB 16344VGVG15.001973 German ; Picture sleeve
1851145Alice CooperTeenage lament '74Warner brosK 16345-EX3.501973 US
2467845Alice CooperYou want it, you got itWarner brosW 17846VGEX4.501981 Spain; b/w 'Who do you think we are'; sale cut + some wear on cover; a few light marks + a couple of crackles
2896LPAlice CooperAlice Cooper show (Live '77)Warner brosWB 56439EXVG5.001977 + inner; some surface noise
17742LPAlice CooperAlice Cooper's greatest hitsWarner bros.WB 56043VGVG5.0080's German issue of '74 compilation; some marks - plays well
32773LPAlice CooperAlice Cooper's greatest hitsWarner bros.K 56043EXVG7.0080's pressing of '74 compilation of '71-74 tracks; a few marks - plays EX
32808LPAlice CooperBillion dollar babiesWarner bros.K 56013VGVG25.001973 Green label; Matrix no.s A-1/B-1; Gatefold sleeve with rounded corners + attatched perforated cards + 1 Billion dolar note; name wol + inside gatefold; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
4907LPAlice CooperGoes to hellWarner brosK 56171EXEX8.001976 + inner
32782LPAlice CooperKillerWarner bros.K 56005GVG20.001971 Green label; Matrix no. A1/B1; Foldout Gatefold sleeve with 1972 calender; perforated spine completely detatched with sellotape mark on edge; '338' wol; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
18055LPAlice CooperSchool daysWarner brosK 66021VGG/G6.001973 Double/Gatefold reissue of 'Pretties for you' + 'Easy action' LP's; wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays w/some clicks + crackles
32807LPAlice CooperSchool's outWarner bros.K 56007VGG10.001972 Green label; Fold-out desk top sleeve with rounded corners; 1 hinge missing b/cover; small sticker tear f/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well w/some crackles
22746LPAlice CooperSchool's outWarner brosK 56007GG8.001972 Green label; Desk top sleeve; 1 support flap missing b/cover o/w VG; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
4326LPAlice CooperWelcome to my nightmareAnchorANCL 2001MintVG7.001975 + inner; plays EX
2252CDAlice CooperHey stoopidEpic4684 162EXEX5.001991
33057CDAlice in chainsFaceliftColumbia467201 2EXEX4.001990
33635CDAlice in chainsMTV UnpluggedColumbiaCK 67703EXEX5.001996 US; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
3388CDAlmightyBlood fire & livePolydor847 1072MintMint6.501990
1491612"Angel witchSweet dangerEMI12EMI 5064-VG8.001980 plain sleeve; some marks - plays well
29734CDAngelzoomAngelzoomNuclear blast27361 13322EXEX7.002004 German; 2 small case marks f/cover
29733CDSAngelzoomFairylandNuclear blast27361 13372EXEX4.002004 German; 5 track CD single
1868845AnthraxAnti-socialIslandIS 409EXEX5.001988 a few light marks + crackles
3217312"AnthraxI'm the man (live)Island12IS 338EXEX7.001987 b/w 'Caught in a mosh/ I am the law (live)'; light wear on cover; some light marks
33514LPAnthraxAmong the livingIslandILPS 9865EXVG8.001986 + inner; Library stamp on label; light wear on cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
32783LPAnthraxFistful of metalMusic f nationsMFN 4VGEX15.001983 light wear on cover
8289CDAnthraxPersistance of timeIslandIMCD 178EXEX4.001990 couple of marks - plays perfectly
9964CDAppend : x9 collapsing emotions (like hate)Fire walkFLAME 5MintMint6.002001 Austria
32775LPArmored saintMarch of the saintChrysalisCHR 1479EXEX10.001984
29735CDAtargatisNovaMassacreMAS DPO561EXEX8.002007 German; Digipak + 16 page booklet;
29736CDAtargatisWastelandMassacreMAS CDO492MintMint7.002006 German
3936LPAxeLiving on the edgeMCAMCA 3224VGEX10.001980 US + inner; a few light surface marks
11643CDBabylon A.DNothing sacredArista07822 18702EXEX5.001992 US
17777LPBabysHead firstChrysalisCHR 1195VGVG6.501979 name f/cover; few light marks - plays EX
9653LPBabysOn the edgeChrysalisCHR 1305EXEX8.001980
3940LPBalanceIn for the countPortraitPRT 85787VGVG8.001982 Dutch reissue of 1973 LP + inner plays EX
11644CDSBarkmarketLardroom EPAmericanARB 5 CDEXEX5.001994
11645CDBig houseBig houseBMG30942 REXEX5.001991 Canada
11381CDBiohazardState of the world addressWarner bros9362 45595EXEX6.001994
8161CDBiohazardUrban disciplineRoad runnerRR 91125EXEX6.501993 Gatefold card sleeve
34155CDBlack label societyMafiaArmouryARMCD 519EXEX5.002005 German
2468045Black SabbathHard roadVertigoSAB 002-EX6.001978 Purple vinyl; b/w 'Sympton of the universe'; a few light crackles
2467945Black SabbathNever say dieVertigoSAB 001VGVG5.001978 b/w 'She's gone'; some wear on top opening of cover; a few light marks - plays EX
3034245Black SabbathParanoidVertigo6059 010-VG8.001970 Swirl label; Large centre hole; b/w 'The Wizard'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2181745Black SabbathSabbath bloody sabbathWWAWWS 002-EX5.001973 b/w Changes
30462LPBlack SabbathSabbath bloody SabbathWWAWWA 005GVG18.001973 Black/Silver label 1st pressing; Matrix 1Y1/2Y1; + Inner; '393' written f/cover; some water damage/ surface tears on bottom edge of cover + inside Gatefold; some light marks - plays well
11149LPBlind illusionThe sane asylumUnder one flagFLAG 18VGVG7.001988 + inner; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
32810LPBlue murderBlue murderGeffen924 212-1VGEX8.001989 German; + inner; some wear on cover; a few light marks
2291345Bon JoviPlease come home for christmasMercuryJOVP 16EXEX10.001994 Picture disc; ltd edition number 2687 of 7500; b/w Back door santa
3123545Bon JoviSomeday I'll be Saturday nightMercuryJOVP 15EXEX5.001995 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve with black card insert; b/w 'Always'
32811LPBonhamThe disregard of timekeepingEpic465 693-1EXVG8.001989 Holland; a few marks - a few crackles at start side1 o/w plays EX
11150LPGraham BonnetLine-upVertigo6302 151VGEX7.001981 + inner; a few light marks
1096845BoxerNo replyEpicHOTS 1VGEX6.001977 PROMO; b/w Crawler - without you babe + Moon - black rooms; a few light marks + crackles
4952LPBoyzzToo wild to tameEpicEPC 82995MintMint10.001978 + insert
31692CDBreathing processIn waking divinityS.O.A.RSOAR CD 009EXEX4.002007 some wear on card slipcase
31693CDBreathing processOdyssey (un)deadS.O.A.RSOAR 029CDEXEX4.002010 some marks on disc
31694CDBridal processionAstronomical dimensionsS.O.A.RSOAR CD 037EXMint4.002010; 2 small case marks on front insert
3091145BronzSend down an angelBronzeBRO 178-EX4.001984 b/w 'Tiger'
16202CDBrutal truthGoodbye cruel worldRelapseRR 64252EXEX/EX7.001999 Double CD
806745BudgieKeeping a rendezvousRCABudge 3EXEX4.001981
32813LPBudgiePower supplyActive/ RCAACT LP1VGVG12.001980 + insert; 'RCA LP 3046' catalogue sticker b/cover; small top edge split; a few light marks - a couple of clicks o/w plays EX
2911712"Children of BodomIn your faceSpinefarm9876497-EX10.002005 Picture disc; Ltd edition no. 0699; in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'She is beautiful'
2591345ChinatownShort and sweetAirshipAP 138VGEX50.001981 b/w 'How many times'; light wear on cover
1866612"CinderellaShake meVertigoVERX 29VGEX5.001986 wear on cover; a few light marks
1472812"CinderellaShelter meVertigoVERX 51EXEX8.001990 ltd edition poster bag + snakeskin coloured vinyl
18591LPCinderellaNight songsVertigoVERH 37EXG5.001986 some marks - 1 jump tk1 side 2 o/w plays EX
11382CDCoal chamberCoal chamberRoad runnerRR 88632EXEX5.001997
23920LPCold chiselBreakfast at sweetheartsElektra600042VGVG8.001979 Australia; Butterfly label; stickered laminated sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
32787LPConey hatchFrictionVertigoVERL 23VGVG8.001985 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2468145CultLil' devilBeggars banquetBEG 188EXEX4.001987 b/w 'Zap city'
3468745CultWild flowerBeggars banquetBEG 195EXEX4.001987 b/w 'Love trooper'; light wear
3468645CultWild hearted son (edit)Beggars banquetBEG 255EXEX4.001991 b/w 'Indian'; light wear on cover
151145CultWildflowerBeggars banquetBEG 195DEXEX/EX6.001987 Double/Gatefold
3279612"CultEdie (ciao baby)Beggars banquetBEG 230TEXVG6.001987 b/w 'Medicine train/ Love removal machine (live)'; some marks - plays EX
3279012"CultGo west (crazy spinning circle)Beggars banquetBEG 115TEXVG5.001984 b/w 'Sea & sky/ Brothers Grimm'; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279512"CultLove removal machine (Extended version)Beggars banquetBEG 182TEXEX7.001987 b/w 'Love removal machine/ Wolf child's blues'; a few light marks
3279312"CultRainBeggars banquetBEG 147TEXVG5.001985 b/w 'Little face/ (Here comes) the rain'; light wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279112"CultRessurection Joe (Long version)Beggars banquetBEG 122TEXG4.001984 b/w 'Hep cat mix Long version'; light wear on die-cut sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279412"CultRevolution EPBeggars banquetBEG 152TEXVG5.001985 'Revolution/ All souls avenue/ Judith/ Sunrise'; marks on vinyl - plays EX
3279212"CultShe sells sanctuary (Howling mix)Beggars banquetBEG 113TPVGG4.001985 b/w 'Assualt on Sanctuary'; mild wear on cover; some marks - small jump near start side1 o/w plays EX
3278912"CultSpiritwalkerSituation twoSIT 33TEXVG6.001984 b/w 'A flower in the desert/ Bone bag'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3279712"CultSun kingBeggars banquetBEG 235TEXEX7.001989 b/w 'Edie (ciao baby)/ She sells sanctuary'; Die-cut sleeve; a few marks
32788LPCultElectricBeggars banquetBEGA 80EXEX10.001987 Gatefold + inner; a few light marks
33716LPCultLoveBeggars banquetBEGA 65EXEX10.001985 Gatefold + inner; light wear on cover
11646CDCultPure cult - For rockers, ravers, lovers & sinnersBeggars banquetBEGA 130CDEXEX5.00Compilation os '84-92 tracks
9965CDCynical smileStupasOrg35 CDEXEX6.001997
978412"Danger dangerMonkey businessEpic6577 518EXVG6.501991 Picture disc - die cut sleeve; plays EX
11647CDDanzigDanzigDef american924 2082EXEX6.001988
2628CDDanzig 4M4BHP0American236 812EXEX6.501994 Gatefold card cover + insert
3281412"DareReal loveA&MAMP 824-EX8.001991 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Killer love/ Rideaway/ Run to me'
2015645DarknessChristmas time (don't let the bells end)WarnerDARK 02SealedSealed8.002003 ltd edition shaped picture disc; b/w 'Love you 5 times'; sealed in pvc sleeve
3008145DarknessLove is only a feelingAtlanticDARK 03SealedSealed10.002004 Picture disc with unopened seal along top edge of PVC sleeve; Corner crease on card insert; b/w 'Planning permission'
16701CDDarknessOne way ticket to hell & backWarner50510 11121 821EXEX4.502005
9966CDDBHUnwilling to explainDedicatedDEDCD 028SEXEX7.001997 in metal tin
2612445Death CultGods zooSituation 2SIT 29EXEX6.001983 b/w 'God's zoo (these times)'; a few light marks
3279812"Death CultBrothers GrimmSituation twoSIT 23TEXVG8.001983 b/w 'Ghost dance/ Horse nation/ Christians'; some marks - plays EX
3279912"Death CultGods zooSituation twoSIT 29TEXVG8.001983 b/w 'Gods zoo (these times)'; a few marks
14708LPDeath trashThe 10,000 RPM groove orgyPigs earPIG 001EXEX10.001988 + inner; + 18 page press release
3468845Deep purpleBlack nightHarvestHAR 5020-EX5.001970 b/w 'Speed king'; a few marks
2169645Deep purpleBlack nightHarvestHAR 5210-VG2.501970 b/w Speed king; plays well with a few crackles
1814345Deep purpleFireballHarvestHAR 5045-VG3.001971 light stains on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
3293945Deep purpleFireballHarvest1C006 92988-VG4.001971 German; b/w 'Demon's eye'; 'Mark Stewart' written on label; plays well
3012245Deep purpleFireballHarvest1C006 92988VGG6.001971 German b/w 'Demon's eye'; 'S.L' written on label + b/cover; some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some crackles
3034345Deep purpleHushParlophoneR 5708-VG20.001968 b/w 'One more rainy day'; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2468345Deep purpleNever beforePurplePUR 102-EX5.001972 b/w 'When a blind man cries'
2181845Deep purpleNever beforePurplePUR 102-VG3.501972 b/w When a blind man cries; name on label; plays well with a few crackles
2169745Deep purpleNew live & rare - vol 3: Smoke on the waterHarvestSHEP 101VGVG5.001980 b/w Bird has flown/ Grabsplatter; some wear on cover; 1 click at very start side 1 o/w plays EX
1851245Deep purpleNew live & rare: Black night (live version)PurplePUR 135-G1.501977 b/w 'Painted horse'/ 'When a blind man cries'; mark + clicks on b'side
2844945Deep purplePerfect strangersPolydorPOSP 719VGVG15.001984 Signed on front cover by Jon Lord + Ian Paice (14/9/06); b/w 'Son of Alerik'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1487545Deep purpleSmoke on the waterPurplePUR 132-VG3.001977 reissue of '72-3 tracks; b/w 'Woman from Tokyo' + 'Child in time'; some crackles on b'side
1492112"Deep purpleBlack nightHarvest12HAR 5178VGVG5.001978 issue of '70 + 71 tracks b/w 'Strange kind of woman'; edge split; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2595412"Deep purpleStrange kind of womanHarvest12HAR 5234VGVG6.501985 issue of '71 tracks; b/w 'I'm alone' + 'Highway star'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
29352EPDeep purpleNew live & rarePurplePUR 135VGVG7.001977 Purple vinyl; 'Black night (live)/ Painted horse/ When a blind man cries'; plays OK w/some crackles
34689EPDeep purpleNew live & rare - vol IIPurplePUR 137-VG4.001976 Plain white sleeve; 'Burn/ Coronarias redig/ Mistreated'; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
32821LPDeep purple24 Carat PurpleEMI FameFA 413 1321EXEX8.001985 reissue of '75 compilation; light wear on cover
32820LPDeep purple24 Carat PurplePurpleTPSM 2002VGVG8.001975 Fully laminated sleeve; a few small marks f/cover; a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
32802LPDeep purpleConcerto for group and orchestraHarvestSHVL 767VGVG12.001970 2nd pressing; EMI logo on label; Matrix no.s A-1/B-1; Laminated Gatefold sleeve; 2 small spots of wear inside Gatefold; a few crackles o/w plays EX
32852LPDeep purpleDeepest Purple: The very best of Deep purplePurple1A062 63928EXEX8.001980 compilation of '70-74 tracks; Holland
32818LPDeep purpleFireballEMI FameFA 41 3093 1VGEX8.0080's reissue of '71 LP'; some creasing along spine
32817LPDeep purpleIn rockEMI FameFA 3011VGEX8.001982 reissue of '70 LP; some wear on cover
32815LPDeep purpleIn rockHarvestSHVL 777VGVG45.001970 1st pressing; no EMI box logo on label/ 'Gram co' text; Matrix no.s A-2/B-1; Laminated Gatefold sleeve; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
32803LPDeep purpleIn rockHarvestSHVL 777VGG25.001970 1st pressing; 'Gram co' text; No EMI logo on label; Matrix no.s A-2/B-1; Laminated Gatefold sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) with a couple of clicks + a few crackles
32819LPDeep purpleMachine headPurpleTPSA 7504VGVG20.001972 Matrix no.s A-1U/B-1U; Laminated Gatefold sleeve; fold-out lyric insert (VG,some creasing); light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
3464LPDeep purpleMade in EuropePurpleTPSA 7517EXEX10.001976 Gatefold
11032LPDeep purpleMade in JapanPurpleTPSP 351EXEX/EX12.001972 Double/Gatefold; corner crease on cover; light warp disc1
32822LPDeep purpleThe Mark 2 Purple singlesPurpleTPS 3514EXEX15.001979 compilation; Purple vinyl; light wear on cover
32823LPDeep purpleWho do we think we arePurple1C062 94140VGVG8.001973 German; some wear on Gatefold + insert; a couple of marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
17743LPDeep purpleWho do we think we arePurpleTPSA 7508EXVG7.501973 Gatefold + insert; light wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
30227CDDeep purpleIn rockWarner bros.1877-2EXEX4.00US CD reissue of '70 LP; some marks - plays perfectly
2826CDDeep purpleThe battle rages onRCA154 202MintMint7.001993 reviewers copy
2229CDSDeep purple"The battle rabes on" - Album samplerRCADP 001MintMint12.001993; 4 track PROMO
2371545Def leppardHello AmericaVertigoLEPP 1VGEX7.001980 b/w 'Good morning freedom'; bottom edge split; tear + wear on opening of cover; light warp; a few light marks
3076245Def leppardHysteriaPhonogramLEP 3EXEX5.001987 b/w 'Ride into the sun'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - a few light crackles
3076345Def leppardPour some sugar on mePhonogramLEP 2EXVG4.001987 b/w 'I wanna be your hero'; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2468445Def leppardWastedVertigo6059 247VGVG7.001979 b/w 'Hello America'; edge split + wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
32825LPDef leppardOn through the nightVertigo9102 040EXVG8.001980 Spaceship label; + inner; light wear on cover; small mark tk1 side1 - plays EX
11649CDDef leppardHysteriaMercury830 6752EXEX4.001987
11315CDDef leppardOn through the nightMercury822 533 2M1EXEX4.50couple of marks - plays perfectly
5160LPDellamorteUglier & more disgustingOsmoseKRON H09LPMintEX10.001997 France; Gatefold
1062312"DemonHeart of our time (+4)ClayPLATE 8VGVG6.001985 France; edge split on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1814045Diamond headIn the heat of the nightMCADHM 102 MSAM 23VGEX/VG6.001982 Double pack; 2 paint marks inside Gatefold; few light marks - some crackles on side 4
923045Bruce DickinsonAll the young dudesEMIEM 142EXVG3.001990 reviewers copy; some light marks - plays EX
2937912"Bruce DickinsonAccident of birthRaw powerRAWT 1042EXVG7.001997 Red vinyl; Card title sleeve in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Ghost of Cain/ Accident of bith (demo)'some staining on side1 vinyl caused by PVC cover - plays well
414712"DictatorsSearch & destroyAsylumK 13091EXEX8.001977 some light surface marks
31695CDDioLock up the wolvesVertigo846 033-2EXEX4.001990 a few light marks on disc
2011945DisturbedRememberRepriseW 596EXMint5.002002 US; Purple vinyl
30186CDDisturbedTen thousand fistsReprise09364 49433-2EXEX4.002005
15951CDDog fashion discoAnarchists of good tasteSpitfireEAG 3392EXEX5.002001 a few marks - plays perfectly
32863LPDon DokkenUp from the ashesGeffen7599 24301 1VGVG8.001990 German; + inner; some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
33803LPDomainBefore the stormFront row246 289-1 ASVGEX8.001989 German; + inner; light wear on cover
601545DownsetDownsetAbsract soundsABS 108MintEX4.001994
11651CDDream theaterWhen dream & day uniteMCAMCD 42259EXEX5.001989
4655CDDrownProduct of a two faced worldSlipdisc633 1312EXEX6.001998
15825CDDry kill logicThe darker side of noiseRoadrunnerRR 84792EXEX6.002001
1818345Dumpys rusty nutsBoxhill or bustCool KingCK 008-EX8.00Issued as 'Dumpy's rusty bolts'; signed by Dumpy on label + plain white sleeve
486745Dumpys rusty nutsJust for kicksCool kingCNK 006EXVG5.001981 light warp; plays EX
7917LPDumpys rusty nutsGet out on the roadMetal mastersMETA LP118EXEX10.001987
923345Electric boysAll lips 'n' hipsVertigoVER 48EXVG3.001990 reviewers copy; warp o/w EX
535345Electric boysMary in the mystery worldVertigoVER 65MintMint3.001992
32864LPElectric boysFunk-o-metal carpet rideVertigo846 055-1EXVG8.001990 Sweden; edge split on inner; some light marks - plays EX
18594LPElectric boysGroovus maximusVertigo512 2551EXVG6.001992 + inner; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1818445EmperorReverenceCandle lightCANDLE 100EXEX6.001997
2063EPEnergyConquer the worldGRN1-EX100.001981 issued without sleeve
2938012"EuropeHalfway to heavenEpic657 851 6VGEX7.501992 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Yesterdays news'; light wear on cover
2940712"EuropeI'll cry for you (album version)Epic657 6976-VG7.501991 Picture disc; b/w 'Break free/ I'll cry for you (acoustic)'; plays well with a few crackles
33991CDFaith no moreAngel dustSlash / LibTVD 93378EXEX/EX6.001993 + Bonus 4 track CD 'Free concert in the park'; a few light marks on disc1
3824CDFaith no moreAngel dustSlash828 4012EXEX4.501992
5112CDFaith no moreLive at Brixton acadamySlash828 2382MintMint5.001991 recorded 28/4/90
15058LPFastwayAll fired upCBS25958EXEX8.001984 + insert; cover Demo stamped
14467CDFear factoryDigimortalRoad runnerRR 85615EXEX6.002001 Gatefold digipak
3380412"FishCredoPolydorFISHX 2EXEX6.001991 b/w 'Credo (7" mix)/ Tongues (Demo version)'
1027CDFishSuitsDick Bros4 CDEXEX4.001994
24935LPFistTurn the hell onMCAMCF 3082VGEX12.001980
3825CDFlotsam & jetsamCuatroMCAMCAD 10678MintMint6.001992
32866LPFMIndiscreetPortraitPRT 26827VGEX8.001986 + inner
33013LPFMTough it outEpic465 589-1EXEX10.001989 + inner; small sticker mark top corner b/cover
32095LPFour horsemenNobody said it was easyDef American510047 1EXG15.001991 German; light wear on cover; Warp o/w looks + plays EX
609245Fruit tumorSainTumorTUMA 1EXEX6.001994
4656CDFuel 238SunburnSony 550493 2232EXEX6.001998
22139LPFugaziFugaziDischordDISCH 30EXVG7.001988 France; 7 track mini LP; in shrinkwrap; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
11159LPFugaziFugaziDischordDISCH 30EXVG7.001988 France + inner; 7 track mini LP; marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some crackles
11160LPFugaziMargin walkerDischordDISCH 35EXVG7.001989 France + inner; 6 track EP; some marks - plays EX
1800645G ForceYouJetJET 194-EX8.001980 pen on label; a few light marks
2461CDGalactic cowboysSpace in your faceGeffenGED 24524EXEX6.001993
2468545GammaThunder and lightningElektraK 12459VGVG4.001979 b/w 'Razor king'; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
33015LPGammaGamma 2Elektra6E 288EXEX10.001980 US; + inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks
33016LPGammaGamma 3ElektraK 52355EXG6.001982 light wear on cover; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2468745Gaye bykers on acidAll hung upVirginVS 1027VGVG4.501987 b/w 'Afternoon tea with Dave Greenfield'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2468645Gaye bykers on acidHot thingVirginVS 1165EXVG4.501989 b/w 'Rad dude'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
33363LPGaye bykers on acidPernicious nonsenseNaked brainNBX 002EXEX12.001990 + A4 merchandise insert
606045GillanHigher & higherLyntoneLYN 10599-VG4.001981 1 sided blue Flexi; kink on disc; plays EX
1851345GillanLiving for the cityVirginVSY 519-G2.501982 Picture disc; some marks - plays w/some clicks + crackles
605745GillanLiving in the cityVirginVS 519EXEX3.501982
606145GillanMutually assured destructionVirginVSK 103EXVG5.001980 Gatefold + 10 page booklet; couple of crackleso/w EX
2491645GillanNew OrleansVirginVS 406EXVG3.501981 b/w 'Take a hold of yourself'; light wear on cover; dish warp - plays EX
635145GillanNightmareVirginVS 441EXVG3.001981 plays EX
635345GillanNo easy wayVirginVS 362EXEX4.001980
605845GillanRestlessVirginVS 465EXVG3.501981 Poster sleeve; a few light crackles on b'side
635245GillanSleeping on the jobViginVS 355EXEX4.001980
1487645GillanTroubleVirginVS 377EXVG4.001980 Poster sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays EX
605645GillanTroubleVirginVS 377EXVG/VG5.001980 Double/Gatefold; click at atart of side C o/w all play EX
643745GillanVengenceAcrobatBAT 12VGVG4.001979 bottom edge split on cover; plays EX
6059EPGillanNo laughing in heavenVirginVS 435EXEX4.001981 a few light marks
33017LPGillanFuture shockVirginOVED 74EXEX8.0080's reissue of '81 LP
5788LPGillanFuture shockVirginUK 2196EXEX10.001981 Gatefold + 16 page booklet
33122LPGillanGlory roadVirginVIL 12171VGVG8.001980 Italy; + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX with a few crackles at start side 2
14923LPGillanGlory roadVirginV 2171VGEX/VG10.001980 + bonus LP 'For Gillan fans only'; + inners; stickered embossed sleeve; some light marks - both discs play EX
3659LPGillanMagicVirginV 2238EXEX8.001982 Gatefold + inner
33121LPGillanMr UniverseEMI fameFA 3057EXEX8.001980's reissue of '79 LP; small corner crease on cover
25957LPGillanMr UniverseAcrobatACRO 3VGEX8.001979 + inner; light wear on cover
22691LPIan GillanChild in timeOyster2490 136VGEX12.001976 Gatefold; light wear on cover
25955LPIan GillanChild in timeOysterOY1 1602VGEX12.001976 Gatefold; shop stamp on label
14621CDIan GillanDreamcatcherArk 21CRMCD 001EXEX6.001997
2468845GirlHollywood teaseJetJET 176GVG4.001980 b/w 'You really got me'; tape on tears + edge splits; plays EX
24936LPGirlWasted youthJetJETLP 238EXEX10.001982 + inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3091245GirlschoolBurning in the heatBronzeBRO 176VGEX4.001983 b/w 'Surrender'; 3 light sellotape marks on f/cover; a few light marks
354645GirlschoolHit & runBronzeBRO 118EXEX4.001981 wear on opening
1851545GirlschoolRace with the devilBronzeBRO 100VGVG3.001980 some wear on opening; some light marks - plays EX
9244EPGirlschoolWildlife EPBronzeBRO 144EXEX5.001982 Red vinyl
15415LPGirlschoolDemolitionBronzeBRON 525EXEX8.001980
24937LPGirlschoolHit and runBronze203 556 320EXEX10.001981 German; light wear on cover
15413LPGirlschoolPlay dirtyBronzeBRON 548EXEX8.001983
15414LPGirlschoolScreaming blue murderBronzeBRON 541VGEX7.001982 + insert; small sticker mark f/cover
3469045GlasgowSecrets in the darkZero four one041-7VGEX4.001987 b/w 'Meet me halfway'; some creases on cover
3469145Green jellyThree little pigs (edit)Zoo74321 151427EXEX6.001993 Pink vinyl; b/w 'Obey the cowgod'; light wear on cover; a few light crackles
33014LPGuns n' rosesUse your illusion IIGeffenGEF 24420VGVG/EX18.001991 German; Double + inners; small spine split; some marks on disc 1 - plays EX
31639CDGuns n' rosesGreatest hitsGeffen060249 621080EXEX4.002004 a few marks on Digipak; a few light marks on disc
14468CDGuns n' rosesLive era '87-93Geffen490 5142EXEX/EX5.001999 Double CD; few light marks disc 1 - plays perfectly
11586CDSGuns n' rosesYesterdaysGeffenGED 21770EXEX3.501992
33132LPHagar, Schon, Aaronson, ShrieveThrough the fireGeffenGEF 25893EXEX10.001984 Holland; + inner; a few light marks
33127LPSammy HagarAll night longCapitolEST 11812VGVG7.001978 small sticker mark f/cover + some wear; a few marks - Side 1 plays EX; some clicks tk2 side 2
14924LPSammy HagarLoud & clearCapitolEST 25330EXEX10.001980 red vinyl + inner
5022LPSammy HagarLoud & clearCapitolEST 25330EXEX8.001979 + inner
33126LPSammy HagarMusical chairscapitolEST 11706VGEX8.001977
26297LPSammy HagarSammy HagarCapitolGO 2007VGEX8.0080's 'Green light' series reissue of '77 LP; light wear on cover
33131LPSammy HagarSammy HagarGeffenGHS 24144EXEX10.001987 US; in shrinkwrap; stickered sleeve; + inner
33129LPSammy HagarStanding HamptonGeffenGHS 2006EXEX8.001981 US; + inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks
17811LPSammy HagarStanding hamptonGeffen85456VGEX7.001981 Holland; + inner; a few light marks
33128LPSammy HagarStreet machineCapitolST 11983VGVG7.501979 US; edge splits on 3 sides of inner; a few marks - plays EX
33130LPSammy HagarThree lock boxGeffen902 021-1VGEX8.001982 German; small sale cut; small sticker mark on label; a few light marks
17784LPSammy HagarThree lock boxGeffenGHS 2021EXEX7.501982 US; sale cut + light wear on cover; a few light marks
20368LPSammy HagarVOAGeffenGHS 24043SealedSealed8.001984 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut
31856LPHanoi rocksTwo steps from the movieCBS26066VGVG7.001984 + inner; some creasing on edges of cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well w/some crackles
5975CDHead like a holeFlik y'self off y'selfModern musicN 02252MintMint6.001995
16702CDHellnationYour chaos days are numberedSound pollutionPOL 041EXEX6.001997 US
11384CDHelloweenKeeper of the seven keys - part 1NoiseN 0061EXEX6.001987
11383CDHelloweenKeeper of the seven keys - part 2NoiseN 01173EXVG4.001988 marks on disc - plays perfectly
9969CDHiperkorePierdo Luego existoSlide chorusSCM 06EXEX5.002001 Spain
32861LPDoc HollidayDoc HollidayA&MSP 4847VGVG7.501981 US; marks on vinyl - plays EX
32862LPDoc HollidayDoc Holliday rides againA&MAMLH 64882VGVG7.501981 Holland; + company inner; some marks - plays EX
9786LPDoc HollidaySong for the outlawLoopLOPL 504VGEX7.001989 Gatefold
9787LPHolocaustNo mans landPhoenixPSPLP 5EXVG12.001984 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2304845HustlerLittle PeopleFireflyAMS 5002-EX5.001975 b/w Who d'yer think yer foolin'; light warp; a few light marks
9970CDIceburnFironVictoryVR 08EXEX6.001992 US
33637CDInbredsGroove drenched warfareAnticultureACCD 02EXEX5.002004; 2 case creases on f/insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
31982CDINMEOvergrown EdenMusic f nationsCDMFN 275EXEX4.002003 a few light marks on disc
1519145Iron maidenBe quick or be deadEMIEM 229EXEX3.001992 small sticker mark f/cover
1851745Iron maidenCan I play with madnessEMIEM 49EXVG3.001988 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1851645Iron maidenFlight of IcarusEMIEMI 5378VGEX3.001983 a few light marks
2169845Iron maidenThe number of the beastEMIEMI 5287VGVG2.501982 b/w Remember tomorrow; some wear on cover; plays ok w/some crackles
2491845Iron maidenTwilight zoneEMIEMI 5145VGEX10.001981 b/w 'Wrathchild'
2491745Iron maidenWomen in uniformEMIEMI 5105VGEX10.001980 b/w 'Invasion'; a few light marks
2494112"Iron maidenWomen in uniformEMI12EMI 5105VGEX10.001980 b/w 'Phantom of the opera/ Invasion'; light wear on cover; some light marks
31672CDIron maidenDance of deathEMI592 3402EXEX4.002003
33194CDIron maidenRock in RioEMI538 6430EXM/M5.002002 light wear on custom slipcase
3660LPIronhorseIronhorseScotti brosK 50598EXEX10.001979 a few light marks on vinyl
401312"JackbootRemember (walking in the sand)Response12SR 505VGEX7.001977 stain on cover
11652CDSJagged edgeOut in the coldPolydorPZCD 105EXEX4.001990 numbered (0424) gatefold card sleeve + poster; some marks - plays perfectly
931845Judas PriestUnitedCBS8897EXEX8.001980 poster sleeve
1492612"Judas PriestEvening starCBS12 7312EXG5.001979 clear vinyl; heavy warp - light rumble at very start both sides o/w plays EX
33805LPJudas PriestStained glassCBS82430VGEX10.001978 + inner; sticker tear f/cover; some creasing along spine; a few light marks
11319CDJudas PriestPainkillerCBS467 2902EXEX4.001990 some marks - plays perfectly
535445KerbdogDry riserVertigoVERR 83MintEX8.001994 PROMO; Clear vinyl
1868945Kingdom comeGet it onPolydorKCS 1VGVG3.501988 light wear on cover; plays EX
18667LPKing's XGretchen goes to NebraskaMegaforceWX 279VGEX7.001989 German; edge split on inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks + couple of crackles
22692LPKissDestroyerCasablancaCBC 4008EXEX18.001976 Blue 'Bogart' label; + inner
31640CDKornFollow the leaderImmortal /Epic491221 2EXEX4.001998
11282CDKornKornImmortal478 0802MintMint5.001994
31558CDKornThe Path of totality: Special editionRoadrunnerRR 7728-5EXEX/EX6.002011 Special edition with bonus DVD: Light wear on Gatefold Digipak
16203CDKornUntouchablesEpic501 7700EXEX5.002002 a few light marks - plays perfectly
26298LPKrokusHeadhunterArista205 255VGEX10.001983 German; + inner; some wear on cover
3872LPKrokusMetal rendez-vousAriolaARL 5056EXEX10.001980
24942LPKrokusOne vice at a timeAristaSPART 1189EXEX10.001982 + insert; light wear on cover
33636CDKyussBlues for the red sunDali3705 61340 2EXEX4.001992; 3 case marks on front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
11332CDLA GunsAmerican hardcoreCMC int06076 86205SealedSealed6.501996 in shrinkwrap; crack on rear of box
11385CDLA GunsCocked & loadedVertigo838 5922EXEX5.001989 a few light marks
15861CDLabratRuining it for everyoneVisible noiseTORM 26CDMintMint6.002002
2491945LegendHideawayLegendLEG 1VGVG50.001981 b/w 'Heaven sent'; light warp; some light marks - plays EX
3203945Limp bizkitBehind blue eyes (album version)Flip Interscope981 4743EXEX8.002003 b/w 'Just drop dead'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3208545Limp bizkitEat you alive (album version)Flip Interscope981 1758MintEX6.002003 Orange vinyl; Ltd ed no. 2165; new price shop sticker f/cover
11653CDLimp bizkitChocolate starfish & the hot dog flavoured waterFlip490 7592VGEX/EX4.002000 + bonus CD; title spines are missing on cover
3204045Linkin parkFaintWarner bros.W 610EXEX7.002003 US; Picture disc; b/w 'Lying from you (live)'
9247CDLinkin parkHybrid theoryWarner bros477 552EXEX5.002000
2886312"Little angelsToo much too youngPolydorLTX 12EXEX7.501992 Gatefold; b/w 'First cut is the deepest/ Young gods'; light wear on cover
31726CDLittle angelsJamPolydor517 676-2EXEX/EX5.001992 + Bonus disc 'Live Jam' (JAMCD 1); a few light marks on discs
14729LPLunatics without skateboards inc.Welcome to the asylumAaarrg08 2666EXVG8.001989 Holland; + inner + 2 A4 press releases; few creases on cover; some marks - plays EX
1818545Phil LynottOld townVertigoSOLO 5EXVG3.001982 some marks - plays well w/some crackles
23432LPPhil LynottThe Phil Lynott albumVertigo6359 117VGVG8.001982 + inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
1818645MachetazoRise aboveDecayDECAY 004-EX6.00 
31641CDMachine headHellaliveRoadrunnerRR 84372EXEX4.002003
31711CDMachine headThe burnin redRoadrunnerRR 86512 2EXEX4.001999 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
1818745MagnumLonely nightPolydorPOSPG 798EXEX/EX6.001986 Double/Gatefold; light warp
1814145MagnumMagnum liveJetJET 175VGEX/EX6.001980 Double pack; a few light marks
1869045MagnumStart talking lovePolydorPOSP 920VGEX3.001988 couple of crackles
24943LPMagnumChase the dragonJetJETLP 235EXEX10.001982 light wear on cover; some light marks
33268LPMagnumVigilantePolydorPOLD 5198VGVG7.501986 + inner; light sticker mark f/cover; a few marks - plays EX
14689LPMagnumWings of heavenPolydor835 2771SealedSealed8.001988 sealed in shrinkwrap
10247LPYngwie MalmsteenTrilogyPolydorPOLD 5204VGVG6.501986 light sticker mark f/cover; some light marks - plays EX
1042845Mamas boysHigher groundJiveMBOY 1EXEX/EX8.001987 Double/Gatefold signed by keith Murrell; a few light marks
1042745Mamas boysWaiting for a miracleJive152EXEX6.001987 signed by Keith Murrell b/cover; a few light marks
869312"Mamas boysOne last chanceZomba/ JiveHIP 24-EX12.001985 Picture disc; b/w interview
8694LPMamas boysMamas boysJiveJV 6612EXEX10.001984 Canada; a couple of light marks
8692LPMamas boysPower & passionJiveHIP 24EXEX10.001985 + tour insert; light sticker mark f/cover
2632CDMarilyn MansonSmells like childrenNothing inter.INTD 92641SealedSealed7.001995 US; sealed
1818845MarillionLavenderEMIMARIL 4EXVG1.501985 plays well with a few crackles
1818945MarillionSugar miceEMIMARILP 7EXVG6.001987 Picture disc + poster in PVC sleeve; warp - a few crackles
3380712"MarillionCover my eyes (pain and heaven)EMI12 MARIL 13VGEX7.001991 + Poster; b/w 'How can it hurt/ The party'; light wear on cover; light edge warp
33806LPMarillionThe Thieving magpie (La gazza ladra)EMIMARL 1EXVG/VG10.001988 Double/Gatefold + inners; light wear on cover; some marks on discs - a few mild clicks at very start tk1 side1 o/w both discs play EX
11654CDMarillionReal to reelEMICDFA 3142EXEX4.00CD issue of '84 LP; marks on disc - plays perfectly
9788LPMarseilleMarseilleMountainTOPS 125VGVG6.001979 some damage to opening of cover; a few marks - plays EX
3476745Dean MartinGentle on my mindRepriseRS 23343-EX4.001968 b/w 'That old time feelin"
11320CDMary beats JaneMary beats JaneMCAMCD 11135MintMint6.001994
18628LPBrian May & FriendsStar fleet projectEMISFLT 1078 061EXVG8.001983 mini LP; + inner; some light marks - plays EX
2899545Brian MayToo much love will kill youParlophoneR 6320EXVG10.001992 Signed by Brian May f/cover; b/w 'I'm scared'; plays OK w/some crackles
33967CDMeat loafBat out of hellEpic legacyEK 90678EXEX5.002003 US remastered issue of '77 LP
14469CDMeat loafBat out of hellEpicCDX 82419EXEX4.00 
15955CDMeat loafBat out of hell 3Mercury170 7641EXEX4.502006
5117CDMeat loafDead ringerEpicEPC 83645EXEX4.00CD issue of 1981 LP
651612"MegadethSymphony of destructionCapitol12CLS 662EXEX8.001992 Clear vinyl; poster sleeve
1024CDMegadethCountdown to extinctionCapitol798 531EXEX4.001992
31712CDMegadethPeace sells.. But who's buyingCapitol724359 862422EXEX4.002004 CD reissue of '86 LP with 4 Bonus tracks; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
6850CDMerauderFive deadly venomsCentury media772 042EXEX6.501999
14470CDMeryzReal good troubleRCA74321 39930MintMint6.001996
11317CDMetal churchBlessing in disguiseElektra960 8172EXEX5.001989 some marks - plays perfectly
922645Metal gurusMerry x-mas everybodyPhonogramGURU 1EXEX4.001990 reviewers copy; a few light marks
2936312"MetallicaThe Unnamed feelingVertigo981 5661-EX10.002003 Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Leper messiah (live)'
31741CDMetallicaLoadVertigo532 618-2EXVG3.001996 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31750CDMetallicaMaster of puppetsVertigo838 141-2VGVG3.50CD reissue of '86 LP; 2 case creases on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
14471CDMind heavy mustardChemicals, cigarettes & LA womenNoiseNO 2482EXEX6.001996
11322CDMinistryKeianhhoSire7599 26727EXEX5.001992
2468945MissionTower of strengthMercuryMYTH 4VGVG3.001988 b/w 'Fabienne/ Breathe'; light wear on cover; a couple of marks on b'side - plays EX
2469045MissionWastelandPhonogramMYTH B2VGEX/EX12.001987 2x45's in box; ltd ed no. 7021; + 4 badges + 5 photos + 1 insert + 2 x christmas cards; light warp + some light marks on disc 1
11323CDMonster magnetDopes to infinityA&M540 3152MintMint6.501995
11324CDMonster magnetSuper judgeA&M540 0792MintMint7.001993
353145MontroseSpace station no. 5Warner brosHM 9EXEX5.001980 issue of '73 songs
250745Gary MooreAfter the warVirginGMS 1EXEX4.001988
2506945Gary MooreHold on to love10TEN 13VGVG5.001983 b/w 'Devil in her heart'; some wear + small sticker tear on Poster sleeve; some light marks - plays EX
922545Gary MooreStill got the blues (for you)VirginVS 1267EXVG3.001990 reviewers copy; couple of crackles o/w plays EX
2469145Gary MooreThe Loner10TEN 178VGVG4.001987 b/w 'Johnny boy'; some wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
1473112"Gary MooreToo tiredVirginVST 1306EXVG5.001990 featuring Albert Collins; some marks - plays EX
10849LPGary MooreAfter the warVirginV 2575EXVG7.001989 + inner; some light marks - plays EX
28197LPGary MooreBack on the streetsMCAMCF 2853EXVG8.001978 stickered sleeve: + inner; some light marks - plays EX
33245LPGary MooreDirty fingersJetJETLP 241VGEX8.001984 light wear on cover; a few light marks
8408LPGary MooreWild frontier10 recordsDIX 56EXEX8.001987 + inner
8216CDGary MooreDark days in paradiseVirginCDV 2826EXEX6.001997
16703CDGary MooreVictims of the futureVirginDIXCD 2EXEX4.50CD issue of '83 LP
31983CDMortiisThe GrudgeEaracheMOSH 280 CDLEXEX5.002004 Limited edition PVC sleeve
3380812"Motley crueDr FeelgoodElektraEKR 97TEXEX8.001989 b/w 'Sticky sweet/ All in the name of..'
3204145MotorheadAce of spadesSanctuarySMUSE 318EXEX8.002005 reissue of '79 45 b/w 'Dirty love'; a few light marks
606445MotorheadBomberBronzeBRO 85EXEX4.001979
1819045MotorheadMotorheadBronzeBROP 124-VG5.001981 Picture disc; light warp
1819145Motorhead & GirlschoolSt Valentines day masacreBronzeBRO 116EXEX4.501981
31509CDMurderdollsBeyond the valley of the MurderdollsRoadrunnerRR 8426-2MintMint5.002002
2603CDMuzza ChunkaFishy pantsRowdy370 032EXEX6.001993 US
14472CDMy sister's machineWallflowerChameleon3705 61512EXEX5.001993 a few light marks
1819245NazarethBroken down angelMooncrestMOON 1-VG2.001973 writing on label; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
2309945NazarethCarry our feelingsMountainTOP 8-VG3.501976 b/w Lift the lid; initials + number sticker on labels; a few marks - plays well
3034445NazarethMay the sunshineMountainNAZ 003VGEX4.001979 b/w 'Expect no mercy'; '457' written on front cover; light warp
1642245NazarethMy white bicycleNazarethNAZ 10-VG2.501975 some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
1097145NazarethMy white bicycleMooncrestMOON 47-EX4.001975
1851445NazarethShanghai'd in ShanghaiMooncrestMOON 22-VG2.501974 light stains on vinyl - plays EX
1851845NazarethThis flight tonightMooncrestMOON 14-VG2.501973 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
18193EPNazarethHot tracksMountainNAZ 001VGVG3.501979 issue of '73-5 tracks; a few crackles o/w plays EX
5024LPNew EnglandNew EnglandInfinityINS 2005EXEX8.001979 + inner
11656CDN.E.X.TThe return of NEXT - Being live concert 2SKCDYCD 1048EXEX6.50Korea; Gatefold card sleeve + 22 page booklet; sale hole
10850LPTed NugentCat scratch feverEpicEPC 82010EXEX8.001977 Gatefold; 2 small marks on cover
4924LPTed NugentFree for allCBSEPC 32065EXEX8.001976
24945LPTed NugentScream dreamEpicEPC 86111EXEX8.001980 + insert; light wear on cover; a few light marks
15872LPTed NugentTed NugentEpicEPC 81196VGEX7.501975 yellow label; light wear on cover; a few light marks
33809LPTed NugentTed NugentEpicEPC 32028VGVG7.0080's Blue label reissue of '75 LP; light wear on cover; mark on side 2 - plays EX
24944LPTed NugentWeekend warriorsEpicEPC 83036VGEX8.001978 light wear on cover
1834CDTed NugentGreat gonzo's; Best ofEpicEK 37667EXEX4.001980's US
1819445ObsessionRunningObsessa308 080XEXEX6.001982 + insert; light warp
33269LPObusEl que masMausoleumSKULL 8347VGVG10.001984 Belgium; some wear/creasing on cover; a few marks - plays EX
3232545Offspring(Can't get my) Head around youColumbia674826 7-EX7.002004 Picture disc in limited edition no. (0094) stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Gotta get away (live)'
3241645OffspringHit thatColumbia674 547-7-EX7.002003 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w '(can't get my) Head around you (live)'
11318CDOffspringConspiracy of oneColumbiaCK 61419EXEX4.502000
1867012"OnslaughtLet there be rockLondonLONX 224VGVG5.001989 some light marks - plays EX
4657CDOpethBlacwater parkMusic for nat..CDMFN 264MintMint6.502001
3469245Ozzy OsbourneSo tiredEpicDA 4452VGEX/EX6.001984 Double pack; Gatefold; some wear on cover
3381012"Ozzy OsbourneMama I'm coming homeEpic657 6170VGEX6.001991 b/w 'Don't blame me/ I don't know/ Crazy train'; light wear on cover
15826CDPanicFactMetal bladeZORRO 60EXEX5.001993
34006CDPassengerPassengerCentury media77415 2EXMint7.002003 German; light crease on spine of Gatefold Digipak
3662LPHenry Paul bandFeel the heatAtlanticSD 19273EXVG8.001980 US; plays EX
3739LPGlenn Phillips bandDark lightsShow starSS 3EXVG8.001980 US; small indent on vinyl; plays EX
3351512"Robert PlantHeaven knowsEs paranzaA 9373 TEXVG5.001988 German; b/w 'Walking towards paradise/ Big log'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3351612"Robert PlantTall cool one (extended version)Es paranzaA 9348 TEXEX6.501988 b/w 'Tall cool one (original version)/ White, clean and neat'; light wear on cover
3327012"PlaygroundSureDirter proms.12 DPROMS 3EXEX10.001991 Blue vinyl + A4 insert; b/w 'Form & function/ Perfect love/ Sure (remix)'
3240245P.O.D.Boom (album version)AtlanticATO 135EXEX4.002002 Picture disc in die-cut Gatefold sleeve; + sticker; b/w 'Set it off (Tweaker remix)/ Hollywood (live)'
3240145P.O.D.Sleeping awakeMaverickW 608EXEX4.002003 b/w 'Bruises' - Unloco; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
3381112"PoisonEvery rose has it's thornCapitol12CLG 520EXVG6.001988 Gatefold; b/w 'Gotta face the hangman/ back to the rocking horse'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
14690LPPoisonFlesh & bloodCapitolEST 2126SealedSealed8.001990 sealed in shrinkwrap
3826CDPoorboysPardon meHollywoodHR 609972MintMint6.001992
3031745Cozy PowellDance with the devilRAKRAK 164-EX4.001973 b/w 'And then there was skin'
1851945Cozy PowellHeidi goes to townAriolaARO 222EXEX4.001980
29408LPCozy PowellOver the topAriolaARL 5038VGVG7.501979 + obi strip + merchandise insert; marks on vinyl - a few crackles o/w plays EX
809145Praying mantisPraying mantisGEMGEMS 36EXVG4.001980 a few light marks - plays EX
1033CDPrimusBrown albumInterscope90126EXEX5.001997 + card slipcase
31588CDPrimusPork sodaInterscope7 99257 2VGVG3.001993 US; some wear on Digipak; marks on disc - plays perfectly
1034CDPrimusSailing the sea of cheeseInterscope91659EXEX5.001991
643845ProfessionalsLittle boys in blueSounds freebieNO. 2EXEX4.001981 1 sided flexi; with Gillan "I'll rip your spine out"
3240345Puddle of muddAway from meFlawless Geffen981 481-1EXMint5.002003 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Life ain't fair'; new price shop sticker f/cover; light wear on cover
3240445Puddle of muddControl (album version)Interscope497 658-7EXMint5.002002 Brown vinyl; b/w 'Abrasive'
12597CDPuddle of muddCome cleanInterscope493 2472EXEX4.002002 some marks - plays perfectly
9971CDPulkasGreedEaracheMOSH 190CDEXEX6.001998
1493312"QuartzSatan's serenadeReddingtonsDAN 5VGEX12.001980 red vinyl; small tear on openings of cover
14932LPQuartzDeletedJetJETLP 233VGVG12.001979 reissue of 1st LP in brown paper bag + insert (creased); a few light crackles o/w plays EX
14931LPQuartzStand up & fightMCAMCF 3080EXEX25.001980 + insert; light wear on cover
2507145QueenBody languageEMIEMI 5293VGVG3.501982 b/w 'Life is real'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
1819645QueenCrazy little thing called loveEMIEMI 5001VGVG3.001979 name on cover + label; plays EX
1852145QueenDon't stop me nowEMIEMI 2910VGVG3.001978 some wear on cover; a few crackles on b'side
1852245QueenFlashEMIEMI 5126VGVG2.001980 light wear on cover; light warp + some marks - plays EX
2507245QueenI want it allParlophoneQUEEN 10EXVG3.501989 b/w 'Hang on in there'; some light marks - plays EX
3469345QueenI want to break freeEMIQUEEN 2VGVG4.001984 'Freddie' p/s with white lettering; b/w 'Machines (or back to humans)'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a couple of crackles
1852345QueenIt's a hard lifeEMIQUEEN 3EXVG3.501984 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1819545QueenKiller QueenEMIEMI 2229-VG3.001974 some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3076545QueenLas palabras de amorEMIEMI 5316VGVG4.001982 b/w 'Cool cat'; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3389545QueenOne visionEMIQUEEN 6VGVG4.001985 + inner; b/w 'Blurred vision'; light ring wear; a few marks - plays EX
2801545QueenRadio ga gaEMIQUEEN 1VGEX4.501984 b/w 'I go crazy'; light wear on cover
2507045QueenSeven seas of RhyeEMIEMI 2121-EX4.501974 b/w 'See what a fool I've been'; a few light marks
486845QueenSpread your wingsEMIEMI 2757EXVG4.001978 a few light crackles
2918945QueenStormtroopers in stilettosIsland2765780EXG5.002011 Pink vinyl in printed PVC sleeve; b/w 'Stone cold crazy'; Staining on vinyl caused by PVC sleeve - plays well with a couple of spots of light surface noise
2925945QueenThank god it's ChristmasEMI1A 01620 04347VGEX6.001984 Holland; b/w 'Man on the prowl/ Keep passing the open windows'
2507345QueenThe invisible manParlophoneQUEEN 12EXEX5.001989 b/w 'Hijack my heart'
206445QueenWe are the championsEMI2708VGEX5.001977
3288945QueenWho wants to live foreverEMIQUEEN 9VGVG4.001986 b/w 'Killer Queen'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
1859712"QueenA kind of magicEMI12 QUEEN P7-EX30.001986 Picture disc
1227512"QueenWho wants to live foreverEMI12 QUEEN 9EXVG7.501986 a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
18197EPQueenQueen's first EPEMIEMI 2623VGVG4.501974 short click start side 2 o/w plays well with a few crackles
30677LPQueenA day at the racesEMIEMTC 104VGG10.001976 Matrix no.s YAX 5245-4U/ YAX 5246-1U; Gatefold + die cut inner; wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) w/some crackles
29409LPQueenInterview picture discBaktabakBAK 2014EXVG8.001987 Picture disc in die-cut company sleeve; Brian May interview; light wear on cover; dish warp - plays well w/some crackles
28077LPQueenJazzEMIEMA 788VGEX15.001978 Gatefold + inner + fold-out insert; wear on cover; a few light marks
32849LPQueenSheer heart attackEMI2C066 96.025VGVG10.001978 French reissue of '74 LP; Gatefold; some marks - plays EX
31589CDQueenGreatest hits IIEMICDPMTV 2EXEX4.001991; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
18632LPQueensrycheRage for orderEMI americaAML 3105EXVG7.001986 edge splits on inner; in shrinkwrap; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
151245QuireboysThere she goes againParlophoneR 6267EXEX4.001989
1867412"QuireboysSeven o'clockParlophone12RP 6230VGEX8.001989 + double sided poster; light stain bottom edge of cover; a few light marks
11657CDQuireboysA bit of what you fancyParlophone793 1772VGEX3.501990 water stain on cover
9195LPTrevor RabinFace to faceChrysalisCHR 1221EXEX8.001979
246945RainbowCan't happen herePolydorPOSP 251EXVG3.001981 plays EX
1852445RainbowLA connectionPolydor2066 968EXVG5.001978 red vinyl; plays ok w/some crackles
24946LPRainbowDifficult to curePolydorPOLD 5036EXEX10.001981 + inner + merchandise insert
8098LPRank & fileRank & fileRhinoRNLP 70830EXEX8.001987 US + insert
979045RavenNothing exceeds like excessUnder one flagFLAG 28EXEX10.001988 edge split on inner; + 2 page A4 press release; couple of marks
2418LPRavenWiped outRC revisitedRC 93861EXEX10.001990's Dutch issue of 1982 LP; 1 extra track
3938LPRed riderAs far as SiamCapitolEST 12145VGVG7.001981 sticker tear
15827CDReignEmbraceMausoleum904 0162EXEX5.001994
2494712"RenegadeLonely roadWhite witchWIT 1VGVG60.001980 signed b/cover; + insert; light wear on cover; heat stains on side 2 - plays EX
3801LPRiotBorn in AmericaQualityQUS 1008EXEX10.001983 Canada
5025LPRiotNaritaCapitolEST 12081EXEX10.001979
15091LPLee RitenourBanded togetherElektra960 3581EXEX8.001984 light wear on cover
5169LPRocking dildos on speedRocking dildos on speedOsmoseKRON H05LPMintMint8.001997
2979745RodsToo hot to stopAristaARIST 484VGEX5.001982 b/w 'Power love (live)'; light wear on cover
14474CDHenry RollinsThe end of silenceImagoPD 90641EXEX6.001992
11592CDDavid Lee RothA little ain't enoughWarner bros75992 64772EXEX5.001991
11593CDDavid Lee RothEat 'em & smileWarner bros75992 54702EXEX5.001986
11658CDDavid Lee RothYour filthy little mouthReprise9362 45391EXEX5.001994
2469245RunawaysCherry bombNercury6167 392-VG6.001976 b/w 'Blackmail'; some light marks - plays well
31896LPRunawaysQueens of noiseMercury9100 032EXEX30.001977 Plain White label test pressing; light wear on one piece rough cut sample front & back cover; some light marks
2426LPRunawaysWaitin' for the nightMercury9100 047EXEX10.001977
2169945RushCloser to the heartMercuryRUSH 1VGEX3.501981 b/w The trees; some wear on cover
1852545RushSpirit of the radioMercuryRADIO 7VGG2.501980 some wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays w/some clicks + crackles
2272610"RushThe Body electricVertigoRUSH 1110VGEX10.001984 Red vinyl; stickered sleeve; small sticker tear b/cover
18676LPRushA show of handsVertigo836 3461EXEX/EX10.001989 Double/Gatefold; light wear on cover
33467LPRushAll the world's a stageMercury6672 015VGVG/VG12.001976 Double/Gatefold; Disc 1 some marks - plays EX; Disc 2 - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3640LPRushExit .. stage leftMercury6619 053EXEX/EX12.001981 Double/Gatefold
3982LPRushFly by nightMercuryPrice 19EXEX8.001983 reissue of '75 LP: light sticker mark
33465LPRushHemispheresMercury9100 059VGVG15.001978 Gatefold; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
33466LPRushSignalsMercury6337 243EXVG8.001982 + inner; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
30228CDRush2112Mercury534 626-2EXEX4.00CD reissue of '76 LP
938CDRushA farewell to kingsMercury822 546EXEX4.001977
937CDRushA show of handsMercury534 637EXEX4.001989
943CDRushGrace under pressureMercury818 476EXEX4.001984
942CDRushMoving picturesMercury534 631EXEX4.001981
939CDRushPermanent wavesMercury822 548EXEX4.001980
946CDRushRoll the bonesAtlantic7567 82293EXEX4.001991
945CDRushSignalsMercury534 633EXEX4.001982
3327512"SagaTake a chance (remix)PortraitTX 6840VGVG6.501985 b/w 'Dub mix/ You and the night'; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
33273LPSagaIn transitPolydor2374 200VGVG7.501982 West German; + inner; sticker mark f/cover; some marks on vinyl - a few crackles o/w plays EX
33274LPSagaWorlds apartPortraitFR 38246EXVG8.001982 US; + inner (completely split in to 2 halves); in shrinkwrap; a few marks - plays EX
979112"Saigon kickFreedomSamSAM 1009-VG7.00PROMO; light warp - plays EX
1852645SamsonLosing my gripPolydorPOSP 471VGVG3.001982 some wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
1852745SamsonRed skiesPolydorPOSP 554VGVG3.001982 wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
979212"SamsonAre you readyPolydorPOSPX 670VGVG5.001984 sticker + mark f/cover; a few light marks - plays EX
14935LPSamsonSurvivorsLaserLAP 1EXEX12.001979 a few light marks
11594CDJoe SatrianiNot of this earthRelativity462 9722EXEX5.001986
1831CDJoe SatrianiSurfing with the alienRelativity462 973EXEX4.501987
1819845SaxonAnd the bands played onCarrereCAR 180EXVG2.501981 light warp - plays EX
1852845SaxonPower & the gloryCarrereSAXON 1VGVG3.001983 some wear on cover; plays EX
3381245SaxonRide like the windEMIEMP 43-VG8.001988 Shaped Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Red alert'; a few marks - plays EX
1852945SaxonWheels of steelCarrereCAR 143VGVG3.001980 wear on opening + some ring wear; plays well with a few crackles
2494812"SaxonSuzie hold onCarrereCAR 165T-EX7.001980 b/w 'Judgement day (live version)'
15154LPSaxonCrusaderCarrereCAL 200EXVG6.501984 Gatefold; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
15155LPSaxonDenim & leatherCarrereCAL 128EXEX7.501981 light wear on cover; a few light marks
14936LPSaxonSaxonCarrereCAL 110EXVG7.001979 some light marks - plays EX
15097LPSaxonSolid ball of rockVirginLPVIR 4VGVG6.001990 German; + inner; small tear on opening; a few marks - plays EX
15156LPSaxonStrong arm metalCarrereCAL 212EXEX8.001985 compilation of '79-81 tracks
15095LPSaxonStrong arm of the lawCarrereCAL 120EXVG6.001980 Gatefold; some light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
15096LPSaxonThe eagle has landedEMIEMS 1166VGVG6.0080's reissue of live '82 LP; a few marks -plays EX
15142LPSaxonWheels of steelCarrereCAL 115EXEX7.501980 some light wear on cover; a few light marks
15839CDScalplockSpread the germs.. over the human wormsCacophonousNIHIL 36CDSealedSealed6.50Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
15157LPMcAuley Schenker GroupSave yourselfEMIEMC 3567VGVG6.501989 + inner; pin holes on corners of cover; a few marks - plays EX
2469345Michael Schenker GroupArmed and readyChrysalisCHS 2455VGEX3.501980 b/w 'Bijou pleasurette'; some wear on cover; a few light marks
3469445Michael Schenker GroupCry for nationsChrysalisCHS 2471VGVG3.001980 b/w 'Into the arena (live)'; plays ok w/some crackles
15124LPMichael Schenker GroupOne night at BudokanChrysalisWWS 67159 60EXEX/EX18.001981 Japan Double/Gatefold insert + poster
15159LPMichael Schenker GroupRock will never dieChrysalisCUX 1470EXVG6.001984 Live Hammersmith 22-3/10/83; crease on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
247145ScorpionsIs there anybody there?HarvestHAR 5185EXVG3.001979 plays EX
475345ScorpionsLove driveHarvestHAR 5188VGEX4.001979
169512"ScorpionsAll night longRCAPC 9402VGEX6.001979; 4 track EP
176212"ScorpionsIs there anybody thereHarvestSHSP 4097EXEX10.001979 Factory sample
176112"ScorpionsLovedriveHarvestHAR 5188VGEX20.001979 Red vinyl Factory sample; Light ringwear on cover
16031LPScreaming jetsAll for oneRoo Art848 4411EXEX8.001991 + inner; some light marks
644045ShogunHigh in the skyAttackATA 913EXEX20.001986
2807912"SilverfishDamn fine EPCreationCRE 138TEXEX7.501993 'Damn fine woman/ Scrub me mama/ Peta l+ f.s.w.t.g.a'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2807812"SilverfishFuckin' drivin' or what.. EPCreationCRE 113TEXEX7.501991 'Big bad baby pig sequel/ Puppy truck/ Texas tea' light wear on cover; some light marks
1563945Skid rowMonkey businessAtlanticA 7673EXEX4.001991
577212"Skid rowYouth gone wild (+3)AtlanticA 7444TEXEX8.001992 + poster
4042CDSkid rowSlave to the grindAtlantic782 2422EXEX5.001991 some marks on disc plays perfectly
998645SlaughterUp all nightChrysalisCHS 3556EXEX3.001990 corner crease on cover; a few light marks
33196CDSlayerSeasons in the abyssAmerican50 51011 603822MintMint5.001990
31673CDSlayerSouth of heavenAmerican886971 128862EXEX5.001988; 2 smak case marks on front insert
31390CDSlipknotSlipkontRoadrunnerRR 8655 9EXEX5.001999 Light wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
12111CDSolefaldPills against the ageless illsCentury media77395EXEX6.002001 digipak
609345Sonar nationSleepthick voicesAbsract soundsABS 109MintEX4.001994
609445Sonar nationThrill me said the thinkerAbstract soundsABS 111MintMint4.001994
31377CDSound and furySound and furyRebel youth676868 167423EXMint5.002008 US: some light wear on die cut card slipcase; Gatefold digipak; reviewers copy with info sticker on b/cover
4185LPSound barrierSpeed of lightEnigma21141EXEX10.001986
2504745Southern death cultFatmanSituation 2SIT 19VGVG12.001982 b/w 'Moya'; sticker tear + some wear on wrap around picture sleeve; a few marks - plays EX
15143LPBilly SquierThe tale of the tapeCapitolEST 12062EXEX8.001980
3236945StaindPrice to play (album version)FlipE 7417MintEX5.002003 Ltd edition no. 2074; b/w 'Can't believe (MTV unplugged)'
9870CDStaindBreak the cycleFlip/ Elektra626 642EXEX4.502001
11595CDStaindDysfunctionElektra75596 23562EXEX4.501999
570912"StarfightersPower crazyJiveJIVE T6VGVG6.501981 plays EX
15101LPStarzAttention shoppersCapitolST 11730VGEX8.001978 Canada; + inner; sale hole; a few light marks
3657LPStarzColiseum rockCapitolEST 11861EXVG7.001978 plays EX
15100LPStarzViolationCapitolSW 11617EXEX8.001977 US; + inner; a few light marks
979412"State trooperShe got the lookNeatNEAT 52-12VGVG6.001985 sticker mark f/cover; some light marks - plays EX
11596CDSSteriogramGoEMI72438 70853EXEX3.002005
11597CDStickHeavy bagArista18726EXEX5.001993 US; small sale hole on cover
3737LPStraight eightStraight to the heartLogoLOGO 1032EXEX10.001980
15125LPStryperSoldiers under commandEnigma2077 1EXEX8.001985 Holland
979512"Suicidal tendenciesTrip at the brainVirginVST 1127EXEX6.001988 couple of creases on cover; some light marks
5977CDSuicidal tendenciesF.N.GVirginCDVM 9003EXEX6.001992
11598CDSven GaliIn wireAriola74321 23136EXEX4.001996 Canada; marks on disc - plays perfectly
33197CDSystem of a downHypnotizeAmerican82876 726112EXEX4.002005 Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
15840CDSystem of a downMezmerizeAmerican519 0002SealedSealed7.002005 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
33638CDSystem of a downToxicityAmericanCOL 501534 2EXEX4.002001 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
15103LPTeazeOne night standsEurodisc913 272VGEX7.001979 France; + inner; tear on opening + sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks
15162LPTeazeTeazeEurodisc913 138VGEX8.001977 France; a few light marks
15163LPTeazeTour of JapanAquariusAOR 520VGEX10.001978 Canada; Gatefold
1820045TerraplaneTalking to myselfEpicA 6584EXVG2.501985 light wear on opening; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3751LPTerraplaneBlack & whiteEpicEPC 26439EXEX10.001985
3381312"TeslaEdison's medicineGeffenGFST 13EXEX6.501991 b/w 'Had enough (LP version)/ Rock the nation (previously unreleased)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
15144LPTeslaThe great radio controversyGeffenGHS 24224EXEX8.001989 US; + inner; sale cut; a few light marks
2492045Thin LizzyChinatownVertigoLIZZY 6VGVG4.001980 b/w 'Sugar blues'; some light marks - plays EX
1853245Thin LizzyDo anything you want toVertigoLIZZY 004EXVG3.001979 light wear on cover; some stains on vinyl - plays EX
1814245Thin LizzyKiller on the looseVertigoLIZZY 77EXVG/VG6.001980 Double pack; a few crackles o/w both play EX
2291445Thin LizzyRandolph's tangoDeccaF 13402-VG8.001973 side 1 matrix no. ZCPDR 53312; b/w Broken dreams; number sticker on label; a few marks - plays EX
206545Thin LizzySarahVertigoLIZZY 5EXEX6.001979 corner crease
2405045Thin LizzyThe rockerDeccaF 13467-EX25.001973 Demo; b/w 'Here I go again' a few light marks
1853045Thin LizzyThe rockerDeccaF 13467-VG3.001973 initials on label; plays ok w/some crackles
247445Thin LizzyThings ain't working out down at the farmDeccaTHIN 1VGEX7.001978
247845Thin LizzyWaiting for an alibiVertigoLIZZY 003EXVG4.001979 + cartoon lyric sheet
1853145Thin LizzyWhisky in the jarDeccaF 13355-VG4.001972 plays well with a few crackles
869812"Thin LizzyCold sweatVertigoLIZZY 1112EXEX8.001983
1514012"Thin LizzyDedicationVertigoLIZZY 114VGVG5.001991 a few marks f/cover; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1514112"Thin LizzyThe boys are back in townVertigoLIZZY 115EXVG6.501991 + poster; some light marks - plays EX
3067812"Thin LizzyThe boys are back in townVertigoLIZP 115VGVG8.001991 Picture disc with card insert issued in stickered PVC sleeve (edge split); b/w 'Johnny the fox/ Black boys on the corner/ Me and the boys'; some light marks - plays well
869712"Thin LizzyThunder & lightningVertigoLIZZY 1212EXEX8.001983
26791LPThin LizzyBlack roseVertigo9102 032VGEX8.001979 Spaceship label; + inner; light wear on cover
15169LPThin LizzyCollection (the)CastleCCSLP 117EXVG/VG8.001985 Double/Gatefold compilation of '71-79 tracks; some marks - a few crackles o/w both discs play EX
17056LPThin LizzyContinuing saga of the ageing orphansDeccaSKL 5298VGVG7.001979 compilation of '71-4 tracks; light warp - plays EX
2499LPThin LizzyJailbreakVertigoACBR 252VGVG7.001976 spacehip label; Die cut gatefold sleeve
8695LPThin LizzyLife - LiveVertigoVERD 6EXEX/EX12.001983 Double/Gatefold
32696LPThin LizzyLive and dangerousVertigo9199 645EXEX/EX18.001978 Double/Gatefold + inners; light wear on cover
22834LPThin LizzyRememberingNova628 377VGEX/EX10.001976 German Double/Gatefold compilation of '71-4 tracks
15165LPThin LizzyRemembering - part 1DeccaSKL 5249VGVG7.001976 plays well with a few crackles
15136LPThin LizzyThe adventures of Thin LizzyVertigoLIZTV 1VGEX6.001981 'The hit single compilation'; + inner; top edge split; a few light marks
15677LPThin LizzyThunder & lightningVertigoVERL 3VGEX7.001983 light warp
15164LPPhil Lynott & Thin LizzySoldier of fortune: The best of..TelstarSTAR 2300EXEX6.001987 compilation of '73-85 tracks
2819812"ThunderEverybody wants her (preacher fade)EMI12 EMPD 249VGEX8.001992 Picture disc; b/w 'Dangerous rhythm/ Higher ground (accoustic)'; in stickered shrinkwrap causing some creasing to die cut sleeve
2938112"ThunderLove walked in (LP version)EMI12EMPD 175VGEX7.501991 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Flawed to perfection (demo)/ Until my dying day (live)'; light wear on cover; a couple of light clicks on side2
2870CDToolOpiate (6 track EP)Zoo110 272MintMint5.001992
3396CDToolUndertowZoo110 522MintMint6.501993
11599CDTora ToraWild AmericaA&M75021 53712EXEX5.001992 US; Promo
1097245Bernie Torme bandI'm not readyJetJET 126EXEX5.001978
15104LPTorontoGet it on creditNetwork60153EXEX8.001982 US; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
3389845TortureLast postWildebeestWILD 1-VG30.001981 Plain black sleeve; b/w 'Lucky/ Finding my way home'; some marks- a few mild clicks side 2
30650LPTransverseTransverseLightningLR 831GVG10.001983 US; water damage causing creasing + stain; some light marks - plays EX
3678LPPat TraversMakin' magicPolydor2383 436EXVG7.001977 + inner; a few light light o/w EX
3904LPPat TraversPutting it straightPolydor2383 471VGEX8.001977 a few light surface marks
24949LPPat TraversRadio activePolydor2391 499VGVG7.501981 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2979845TriumphA world of fantasyRCARCAP 319-EX5.00Picture disc; b/w 'Too much thinking'; light warp
17097LPTriumphJust a gameRCAINTS 5154EXVG8.001979 Gatefold; some light marks - plays EX
14937LPTriumphTriumphRCA victorPL 12982EXVG7.001978 some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
31973CDTriviumAscendancyRoadrunnerRR 8251-2EXMint4.002005
24950LPTrustRepressionCBS84958VGVG8.001980 + insert; light wear on cover; some marks - click at very start side 1 o/w plays EX
10851LPTSALiveTonpressSXT 11EXEX10.001982 Poland; a few light marks
12195LPTSATSAPoltonPLP 002GVG7.001982 Poland; some marks - plays well with a few crackles; Gatefold cover split in 2 along edges
11601CD21 GunsSaluteRCA07863 61017MintMint5.001992
24951LPTygers of pan tangWild catMCAMCF 3075VGVG8.001980 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
15828CDType O negativeThe least worst ofRoadrunnerRR 85105VGEX5.002000 sticker tear front & back of Gatefold digipak
247345UFODoctor, doctorChrysalisCHS 2287EXEX6.001979 Clear vinyl
246345UFOShoot, shootChrysalisCHS 2318EXEX5.001979 clear vinyl
4431LPUFOC'mon everybodyTele funken6248 36APEXEX8.001981 German issue of 1970/71/73 tracks
26304LPUFOForce itChrysalisCHR 1074EXEX8.001975
7921LPUFOHeadstone - The best of UFOChrysalisCTY 1437EXEX/VG10.001983 Issue of '74-81 tracks Double/Gatefold a few marks + crackles disc1 o/w plays EX
26303LPUFOLive in JapanAKAAKA 2EXVG8.001982 a few marks - plays EX
22830LPUFOMaking contactChrysalisCHR 1402EXEX8.001983 + inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3935LPUFOMechanixChrysalisCHR 1360EXEX8.001982
24952LPUFONo place to runChrysalisCHR 1239VGEX8.001980 US; corner sale cut
26305LPUFOObsessionsChrysalisCDL 1182EXEX8.001978 corner crease on cover
12276LPUFOPhenomenonChrysalisCHR 1059EXEX8.00Blue/White label issue of '74 LP
14940LPUFOSpace metalNova628 363VGVG/VG8.001976 German; Double/Gatefold issue of tracks from 'UFO 1' + 'UFO live'; sticker tear f/cover; a few marks + light crackles o/w both play EX
22699LPUFOThe wild, the willing & the innocentChrysalisCHR 1307EXEX8.001981
15722LPUKNight after nightPolydorPOLD 5026VGEX8.001979 a few crackles
3294045UrchinShe's a rollerDJMDJS 10850VGVG170.001978 b/w 'Long time no woman'; '65 P' written on inside edge of top opening; Bottom edge split; some light marks
18678LPVan HalenOU812Warner brosWX 177VGEX7.001988 German; edge split on inner; light wear on cover
24953LPVan HalenWomen & children firstWarner brosK 56793VGEX10.001980 + Poster (VG:some creasing bottom corner); light wear on cover; a few light marks
33594CDVan HalenDiver downWarner bros.9362 47718 2EXEX4.502000 HDCD reissue of '82 LP; 2 small case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
15105LPJohnny Van Zant bandThe last of the wild onesPolydorPD 16355EXVG7.001982 US; + inner; some light marks - plays EX
3750LPVandenbergHeading for a stormAtco790 1211EXVG7.001983 plays EX
24954LPVardis100 M.P.HLogoMOGO 4012EXEX15.001980 light wear on cover
11152LPVardisQuo VardisLogoLOGO 1034EXVG/VG8.001982 + bonus 7" EP; some marks on vinyl - both play well - 7" sticks in run out groove side 2
15106LPVardisThe world's insaneLogoLOGO 1026VGEX8.001981 a few light marks
24955LPVardisThe world's insaneLogoLOGO 1026VGEX12.001981 top edge split + some creasing on cover; light warp; a few light marks
9797LPVendettaGo & live.. Stay & dieCombat88561 82121VGEX8.001987 US; edge splits on inner; sticker mark + wear on cover; a few light marks
5170LPVoorhees13Armed w/ angerAWA 013MintMint8.001999
33362LPVow wowLivePassportPBL 102VGEX10.001987 light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
24956LPWarheadMoreAtlanticK 50775VGVG8.001981 some wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
11602CDWarrior soulChill pillGeffenGED 24608MintMint6.001993
11325CDW.A.S.PLive.. in the rainCapitol748 0532EXEX4.001987 US; some marks - plays perfectly
11603CDZe WatchmainFreako bimbo goonsHelpTUECD 901MintMint6.00 
15060LPMax WebsterUniversal juvenilesMecury6337 144VGVG7.001980 + inner; some marks - plays EX
3271212"White lionWhen the children cryAtlanticA 9015 TVGEX7.001989 b/w 'Lady of the valley/ Tell me (live)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX with a few light crackles
14939LPWhite spiritWhite spiritMCAMCF 3079EXEX15.001980 + insert; light wear on cover
12112CDWhite zombieAstro creep : 2000GeffenGED 24806EXEX5.001995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
33814LPWhitesnakeSlip of the tongueEMIEMD 1013EXVG7.001989 + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few light clicks
24958LPWhitesnakeSnakebiteSunburst5C062 61290VGEX10.001978 Holland; light wear on cover
24957LPWhitesnakeTroubleEMI int.INS 3022VGVG8.001978 Textured sleeve; + inner; small sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks - plays EX
22700LPWidow makerWidow makerJetJETLP 15VGEX10.001976
9798LPWidowmakerToo late to cryUnited artistsUAG 30038EXEX12.001977 Gatefold; light wear on cover
24959LPWild horsesWild horsesEMIEMC 3326VGVG8.001980 edge splits on inner; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
239345WildheartsAnthemMushroomMUSH 6SMintEX4.001997
3239645WildheartsSo into youGut7 GUT 49EXMint5.002003 Red vinyl; b/w ;Dancin' (inst)/ Return to zero'; light wear on cover
11604CDWildheartsEarth vs. the WildheartsEast west45099 48592EXEX4.001993 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
5138CDWildheartsPhugEast west104 372EXEX7.501995 in velvet box outer case
15131LPWingerIn the heart of the youngAtlantic7567 82103VGEX7.501990 + inner; small spine split
15170LPWingerWingerAtlantic781 8671EXEX8.001988 + inner
2911812"WolfmotherWomanModularMODVL 054EXEX10.002006 'MSTRKRFT/ JD Twwitch optimo/ Avalanches Millstrem/ Original remixes'
33120LPY & TEarthshakerA&MAMLH 64867VGEX8.001981 wear on cover; some light marks
24960LPY & TMeanstreakA&MAMLX 64960VGVG8.001983 sew on patch sticker f/cover - NO Patch; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
3089145ZZ TopFranceneLondonHLU 10376-EX25.001972 Demo; b/w 'Down Brownie'; a few light marks
2620245ZZ TopRough boyWarner brosW 2003EXEX3.001985 b/w 'Delirious'; light wear on cover
3269812"ZZ TopGimme all your lovin'Warner bros.W 9693TVGEX6.001983 b/w 'Jesus just left Chicago/ Arrested for driving while blind/ Heard it on the X'
2630612"ZZ TopMy head's in MississippiWarner bros.W 0009TVGEX7.501991 issue of '90/75/79 tracks; b/w 'Fool for your stockings/ Blue jean blues'; Gatefold; light sticker mark f/cover
22831LPZZ TopThe best of ZZ Topwarner brosWB 56598EXEX7.5080's German 10 track compilation of '73-7 tracks
17057LPZZ TopTres hombresWarner brosWB 56603VGEX7.0080's German reissue of '73 LP + inner; some wear on cover; some light marks
2830CDZZ TopAntennaRCA118 2602MintEX6.501994 reviewers copy
2629912"Various artistsMutha's prideEMI12EMI 5074VGVG12.001980 4 track EP Wildfire/ Quartz/ White spirit/ Baby Jane; Factory sample; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
15139LPVarious artistsHell comes to your houseMusic for nat..MFN 30VGVG8.001984 small tear on opening; some light marks - plays EX
8375LPVarious artistsMetal for muthasEMIEMC 3318EXEX12.001980 a couple of crackles
15107LPVarious artistsRock machine still turns you on - vol 1 (the)EpicEPC 2228EXEX7.501983
14941LPVarious artistsSounds/CBS: The heavy metal albumCBSSS 4VGVG7.001979 plays EX
3225LPVarious artistsWelcome to the metal zoneMusic for nat..MFN 49EXEX/EX15.001985 Double/Gatefold
29730CDVarious artistsDarken my fire: A gothic tribute to the DoorsCleopatraCLP 07822EXEX7.002000 US; a few light marks on disc
2453CDVarious artistsHeavy metal Arista styleAristaASCD 2534SealedSealed15.001993 PROMO sampler; Sealed
15829CDVarious artistsMetallic assault: A tribute to MetallicaEagleEAGCD 129EXEX5.002000
31423CDVarious artistsNo more blackMetal hammerMFNHAMMER 1VGEX4.001996 12 track compilation; creasing on front insert

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