Heavy Rock - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
40186CDAC/DCHigh voltageEPICEPC 510759 2VGEX4.002003 EU Enhanced remastered reissue of '76 LP; + 16 page booklet; marks on front of Digipak where Hype sticker has been removed; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
9929CDAC/DCHighway to hellAtlantic815 602EXEX4.5090's CD issue of '79 LP
14503CDAC/DCStiff upper lipEMI72435 25667SealedSealed6.502000
9873CDAerosmithBig onesGeffenGED 24546EXEX4.001994 some marks - plays perfectly
40125CDAerosmithGet a gripGeffenGED 24444EXEX4.001993 EU issue; 1 case crease on bottom edge of front insert
30226CDAerosmithNine livesColumbiaCOL 485020 6EXEX4.001997 a few light marks - plays perfectly
16700CDAerosmithPermanent vacationGeffenGED 24162EXEX4.50CD issue of '87 LP
40114CDAerosmithPumpGeffenGFLD 19255MintMint4.001990's UK CD reissue of '89 LP; all in Mint condition
8160CDAerosmithPumpBMGCD 063EXEX12.002000 Japan
11641CDSAerosmithCrazyGeffenGED 21913EXEX3.501994
11642CDSAerosmithWalk on waterGeffenGED 21969EXEX3.501995
2252CDAlice CooperHey stoopidEpic4684 162EXEX5.001991
33057CDAlice in chainsFaceliftColumbia467201 2EXEX4.001990
3388CDAlmightyBlood fire & livePolydor847 1072MintMint6.501990
29734CDAngelzoomAngelzoomNuclear blast27361 13322EXEX7.002004 German; 2 small case marks f/cover
29733CDSAngelzoomFairylandNuclear blast27361 13372EXEX4.002004 German; 5 track CD single
8289CDAnthraxPersistance of timeIslandIMCD 178EXEX4.001990 couple of marks - plays perfectly
9964CDAppend : x9 collapsing emotions (like hate)Fire walkFLAME 5MintMint6.002001 Austria
29735CDAtargatisNovaMassacreMAS DPO561EXEX8.002007 German; Digipak + 16 page booklet;
29736CDAtargatisWastelandMassacreMAS CDO492MintMint7.002006 German
11643CDBabylon A.DNothing sacredArista07822 18702EXEX5.001992 US
11644CDSBarkmarketLardroom EPAmericanARB 5 CDEXEX5.001994
11645CDBig houseBig houseBMG30942 REXEX5.001991 Canada
11381CDBiohazardState of the world addressWarner bros9362 45595EXEX6.001994
8161CDBiohazardUrban disciplineRoad runnerRR 91125EXEX6.501993 Gatefold card sleeve
34155CDBlack label societyMafiaArmouryARMCD 519EXEX5.002005 German
40126CDBon JoviBounceMercury063 395-2EXEX3.002002 Special edition with exclusive video footage; 2 case marks on opening of front insert; just a few light marks on disc
40128CDBon JoviHave a nice dayMercury210355 6EXEX3.002005 EU; a few light marks on disc
40127CDBon JoviLost highwayIslandB0008 902-02EXEX3.002007 US; just a few light marks on disc
31692CDBreathing processIn waking divinityS.O.A.RSOAR CD 009EXEX4.002007 some wear on card slipcase
31693CDBreathing processOdyssey (un)deadS.O.A.RSOAR 029CDEXEX4.002010 some marks on disc
31694CDBridal processionAstronomical dimensionsS.O.A.RSOAR CD 037EXMint4.002010; 2 small case marks on front insert
16202CDBrutal truthGoodbye cruel worldRelapseRR 64252EXEX/EX7.001999 Double CD
11382CDCoal chamberCoal chamberRoad runnerRR 88632EXEX5.001997
11646CDCultPure cult - For rockers, ravers, lovers & sinnersBeggars banquetBEGA 130CDEXEX5.00Compilation os '84-92 tracks
9965CDCynical smileStupasOrg35 CDEXEX6.001997
11647CDDanzigDanzigDef american924 2082EXEX6.001988
2628CDDanzig 4M4BHP0American236 812EXEX6.501994 Gatefold card cover + insert
16701CDDarknessOne way ticket to hell & backWarner50510 11121 821EXEX4.502005
9966CDDBHUnwilling to explainDedicatedDEDCD 028SEXEX7.001997 in metal tin
30227CDDeep purpleIn rockWarner bros.1877-2EXEX4.00US CD reissue of '70 LP; some marks - plays perfectly
2826CDDeep purpleThe battle rages onRCA154 202MintMint7.001993 reviewers copy
2229CDSDeep purple"The battle rabes on" - Album samplerRCADP 001MintMint12.001993; 4 track PROMO
11649CDDef leppardHysteriaMercury830 6752EXEX4.001987
11315CDDef leppardOn through the nightMercury822 533 2M1EXEX4.50couple of marks - plays perfectly
31695CDDioLock up the wolvesVertigo846 033-2EXEX4.001990 a few light marks on disc
30186CDDisturbedTen thousand fistsReprise09364 49433-2EXEX4.002005
15951CDDog fashion discoAnarchists of good tasteSpitfireEAG 3392EXEX5.002001 a few marks - plays perfectly
11651CDDream theaterWhen dream & day uniteMCAMCD 42259EXEX5.001989
4655CDDrownProduct of a two faced worldSlipdisc633 1312EXEX6.001998
15825CDDry kill logicThe darker side of noiseRoadrunnerRR 84792EXEX6.002001
38435CDElixirAll hallows eveCold townCTR 002MintMint8.002010
38436CDElixirThe son of OdinCold townCTR 003EXMint12.002011 crease on front insert
33991CDFaith no moreAngel dustSlash / LibTVD 93378EXEX/EX6.001993 + Bonus 4 track CD 'Free concert in the park'; a few light marks on disc1
3824CDFaith no moreAngel dustSlash828 4012EXEX4.501992
5112CDFaith no moreLive at Brixton acadamySlash828 2382MintMint5.001991 recorded 28/4/90
14467CDFear factoryDigimortalRoad runnerRR 85615EXEX6.002001 Gatefold digipak
1027CDFishSuitsDick Bros4 CDEXEX4.001994
3825CDFlotsam & jetsamCuatroMCAMCAD 10678MintMint6.001992
4656CDFuel 238SunburnSony 550493 2232EXEX6.001998
2461CDGalactic cowboysSpace in your faceGeffenGED 24524EXEX6.001993
14621CDIan GillanDreamcatcherArk 21CRMCD 001EXEX6.001997
38437CDIan GillanGillan's innImmergent284 120-2EXVG4.002006; Dualdisc - CD b/w DVD; a few marks on disc
31639CDGuns n' rosesGreatest hitsGeffen060249 621080EXEX4.002004 a few marks on Digipak; a few light marks on disc
14468CDGuns n' rosesLive era '87-93Geffen490 5142EXEX/EX5.001999 Double CD; few light marks disc 1 - plays perfectly
11586CDSGuns n' rosesYesterdaysGeffenGED 21770EXEX3.501992
5975CDHead like a holeFlik y'self off y'selfModern musicN 02252MintMint6.001995
16702CDHellnationYour chaos days are numberedSound pollutionPOL 041EXEX6.001997 US
11384CDHelloweenKeeper of the seven keys - part 1NoiseN 0061EXEX6.001987
11383CDHelloweenKeeper of the seven keys - part 2NoiseN 01173EXVG4.001988 marks on disc - plays perfectly
9969CDHiperkorePierdo Luego existoSlide chorusSCM 06EXEX5.002001 Spain
38438CDHollywood undeadAmerican tragedyA&M/ Octone06025 762 1425EXEX3.002011 all in near Mint condition
9970CDIceburnFironVictoryVR 08EXEX6.001992 US
33637CDInbredsGroove drenched warfareAnticultureACCD 02EXEX5.002004; 2 case creases on f/insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
31982CDINMEOvergrown EdenMusic f nationsCDMFN 275EXEX4.002003 a few light marks on disc
31672CDIron maidenDance of deathEMI592 3402EXEX4.002003
33194CDIron maidenRock in RioEMI538 6430EXM/M5.002002 light wear on custom slipcase
39491CDIron maidenThe X factorCMC int.CMC 8003EXEX8.001995 US Club edition
11652CDSJagged edgeOut in the coldPolydorPZCD 105EXEX4.001990 numbered (0424) gatefold card sleeve + poster; some marks - plays perfectly
38439CDJudas PriestLiving after midnightColumbia487242 9EXVG3.002002 CD reissue of '97 LP; 2 small case creases on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11319CDJudas PriestPainkillerCBS467 2902EXEX4.001990 some marks - plays perfectly
31640CDKornFollow the leaderImmortal /Epic491221 2EXEX4.001998
11282CDKornKornImmortal478 0802MintMint5.001994
31558CDKornThe Path of totality: Special editionRoadrunnerRR 7728-5EXEX/EX6.002011 Special edition with bonus DVD: Light wear on Gatefold Digipak
16203CDKornUntouchablesEpic501 7700EXEX5.002002 a few light marks - plays perfectly
33636CDKyussBlues for the red sunDali3705 61340 2EXEX4.001992; 3 case marks on front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
11332CDLA GunsAmerican hardcoreCMC int06076 86205SealedSealed6.501996 in shrinkwrap; crack on rear of box
11385CDLA GunsCocked & loadedVertigo838 5922EXEX5.001989 a few light marks
15861CDLabratRuining it for everyoneVisible noiseTORM 26CDMintMint6.002002
11653CDLimp bizkitChocolate starfish & the hot dog flavoured waterFlip490 7592VGEX/EX4.002000 + bonus CD; title spines are missing on cover
9247CDLinkin parkHybrid theoryWarner bros477 552EXEX5.002000
31726CDLittle angelsJamPolydor517 676-2EXEX/EX5.001992 + Bonus disc 'Live Jam' (JAMCD 1); a few light marks on discs
31641CDMachine headHellaliveRoadrunnerRR 84372EXEX4.002003
31711CDMachine headThe burnin redRoadrunnerRR 86512 2EXEX4.001999 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
2632CDMarilyn MansonSmells like childrenNothing inter.INTD 92641SealedSealed7.001995 US; sealed
11654CDMarillionReal to reelEMICDFA 3142EXEX4.00CD issue of '84 LP; marks on disc - plays perfectly
11320CDMary beats JaneMary beats JaneMCAMCD 11135MintMint6.001994
33967CDMeat loafBat out of hellEpic legacyEK 90678EXEX5.002003 US remastered issue of '77 LP
14469CDMeat loafBat out of hellEpicCDX 82419EXEX4.00 
15955CDMeat loafBat out of hell 3Mercury170 7641EXEX4.502006
5117CDMeat loafDead ringerEpicEPC 83645EXEX4.00CD issue of 1981 LP
1024CDMegadethCountdown to extinctionCapitol798 531EXEX4.001992
31712CDMegadethPeace sells.. But who's buyingCapitol724359 862422EXEX4.002004 CD reissue of '86 LP with 4 Bonus tracks; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
6850CDMerauderFive deadly venomsCentury media772 042EXEX6.501999
14470CDMeryzReal good troubleRCA74321 39930MintMint6.001996
11317CDMetal churchBlessing in disguiseElektra960 8172EXEX5.001989 some marks - plays perfectly
31741CDMetallicaLoadVertigo532 618-2EXVG3.001996 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31750CDMetallicaMaster of puppetsVertigo838 141-2VGVG3.50CD reissue of '86 LP; 2 case creases on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
14471CDMind heavy mustardChemicals, cigarettes & LA womenNoiseNO 2482EXEX6.001996
11322CDMinistryKeianhhoSire7599 26727EXEX5.001992
11323CDMonster magnetDopes to infinityA&M540 3152MintMint6.501995
11324CDMonster magnetSuper judgeA&M540 0792MintMint7.001993
40124CDGary MooreAfter hoursVirginCDV 2684EXEX4.001992; 1 case crease on bottom edge of front insert
8216CDGary MooreDark days in paradiseVirginCDV 2826EXEX6.001997
16703CDGary MooreVictims of the futureVirginDIXCD 2EXEX4.50CD issue of '83 LP
40123CDGary MooreWild frontier10 recordsDIXCD 56EXEX4.001987
31983CDMortiisThe GrudgeEaracheMOSH 280 CDLEXEX5.002004 Limited edition PVC sleeve
31509CDMurderdollsBeyond the valley of the MurderdollsRoadrunnerRR 8426-2MintMint5.002002
2603CDMuzza ChunkaFishy pantsRowdy370 032EXEX6.001993 US
14472CDMy sister's machineWallflowerChameleon3705 61512EXEX5.001993 a few light marks
11656CDN.E.X.TThe return of NEXT - Being live concert 2SKCDYCD 1048EXEX6.50Korea; Gatefold card sleeve + 22 page booklet; sale hole
1834CDTed NugentGreat gonzo's; Best ofEpicEK 37667EXEX4.001980's US
11318CDOffspringConspiracy of oneColumbiaCK 61419EXEX4.502000
4657CDOpethBlacwater parkMusic for nat..CDMFN 264MintMint6.502001
40136CDOzzy OsbourneUnder coverEpic828767 4314 2VGEX3.002005 small tear on top + bottom edges of the front insert
15826CDPanicFactMetal bladeZORRO 60EXEX5.001993
3826CDPoorboysPardon meHollywoodHR 609972MintMint6.001992
1033CDPrimusBrown albumInterscope90126EXEX5.001997 + card slipcase
31588CDPrimusPork sodaInterscope7 99257 2VGVG3.001993 US; some wear on Digipak; marks on disc - plays perfectly
1034CDPrimusSailing the sea of cheeseInterscope91659EXEX5.001991
12597CDPuddle of muddCome cleanInterscope493 2472EXEX4.002002 some marks - plays perfectly
9971CDPulkasGreedEaracheMOSH 190CDEXEX6.001998
41324CDQueenGreatest hits I, II & IIIParlophone529 8832EXEX/VG6.002000 EU 3xCD reissue in fatbox + card slipcase; a few marks on discs (EX/VG/EX), all 3 play perfectly
31589CDQueenGreatest hits IIEMICDPMTV 2EXEX4.001991; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
40138CDQueenInnuendoParlophoneCDP79 5887 2VGEX4.001991 crease on front insert o/w all packaging EX
38441CDQueenLive at Wembley stadiumParlophone72435 91095 27EXEX/EX6.002003 Remastered Double CD reissue of 1990 LP; a few marks on discs
40139CDQueenQueen rocksParlophone823 0912EXEX4.001997 Embossed CD tray; Hype sticker on front of case
38524CDQueenReturn of the championsParlophone009463 36979 28VGEX/EX4.002005 Double CD; with Paul Rodgers on vocals; mild crease on back page of front insert; fading on 1 spine; a few marks on discs
38440CDQueenThe MiracleParlophoneCDP 79 2357 2EXEX3.50CD issue of '89 LP; 2 case creases on front insert; a few light marks on disc
11657CDQuireboysA bit of what you fancyParlophone793 1772VGEX3.501990 water stain on cover
15827CDReignEmbraceMausoleum904 0162EXEX5.001994
14474CDHenry RollinsThe end of silenceImagoPD 90641EXEX6.001992
11592CDDavid Lee RothA little ain't enoughWarner bros75992 64772EXEX5.001991
11593CDDavid Lee RothEat 'em & smileWarner bros75992 54702EXEX5.001986
11658CDDavid Lee RothYour filthy little mouthReprise9362 45391EXEX5.001994
30228CDRush2112Mercury534 626-2EXEX4.00CD reissue of '76 LP
938CDRushA farewell to kingsMercury822 546EXEX4.001977
937CDRushA show of handsMercury534 637EXEX4.001989
39490CDRushFeedbackAtlantic7567 83728 2EXEX5.002004 Gatefold card sleeve is in near Mint condition: just a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
943CDRushGrace under pressureMercury818 476EXEX4.001984
942CDRushMoving picturesMercury534 631EXEX4.001981
939CDRushPermanent wavesMercury822 548EXEX4.001980
946CDRushRoll the bonesAtlantic7567 82293EXEX4.001991
945CDRushSignalsMercury534 633EXEX4.001982
11594CDJoe SatrianiNot of this earthRelativity462 9722EXEX5.001986
1831CDJoe SatrianiSurfing with the alienRelativity462 973EXEX4.501987
15839CDScalplockSpread the germs.. over the human wormsCacophonousNIHIL 36CDSealedSealed6.50Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
4042CDSkid rowSlave to the grindAtlantic782 2422EXEX5.001991 some marks on disc plays perfectly
33196CDSlayerSeasons in the abyssAmerican50 51011 603822EXEX5.001990 all in near Mint condition
31673CDSlayerSouth of heavenAmerican886971 128862EXEX5.001988; 2 smak case marks on front insert
31390CDSlipknotSlipkontRoadrunnerRR 8655 9EXEX5.001999 Light wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
12111CDSolefaldPills against the ageless illsCentury media77395EXEX6.002001 digipak
31377CDSound and furySound and furyRebel youth676868 167423EXMint5.002008 US: some light wear on die cut card slipcase; Gatefold digipak; reviewers copy with info sticker on b/cover
9870CDStaindBreak the cycleFlip/ Elektra626 642EXEX4.502001
11595CDStaindDysfunctionElektra75596 23562EXEX4.501999
11596CDSSteriogramGoEMI72438 70853EXEX3.002005
11597CDStickHeavy bagArista18726EXEX5.001993 US; small sale hole on cover
5977CDSuicidal tendenciesF.N.GVirginCDVM 9003EXEX6.001992
11598CDSven GaliIn wireAriola74321 23136EXEX4.001996 Canada; marks on disc - plays perfectly
33197CDSystem of a downHypnotizeAmerican82876 726112EXEX4.002005 Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
15840CDSystem of a downMezmerizeAmerican519 0002SealedSealed7.002005 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
38443CDThunderRip it upEar music0211841 EMUVGEX/EX7.002017 3 x CD (Album + 2 discs 'Live at the 100 club'; wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few mild marks on discs
2870CDToolOpiate (6 track EP)Zoo110 272MintMint5.001992
3396CDToolUndertowZoo110 522MintMint6.501993
11599CDTora ToraWild AmericaA&M75021 53712EXEX5.001992 US; Promo
31973CDTriviumAscendancyRoadrunnerRR 8251-2EXMint4.002005
11601CD21 GunsSaluteRCA07863 61017MintMint5.001992
15828CDType O negativeThe least worst ofRoadrunnerRR 85105VGEX5.002000 sticker tear front & back of Gatefold digipak
33594CDVan HalenDiver downWarner bros.9362 47718 2EXEX4.502000 HDCD reissue of '82 LP; 2 small case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
38444CDVenomThe Seven gates of hell - The singles '80-'85Castle SanctuarCMRCD 632EXMint7.002003 cover is in near Mint condition
11602CDWarrior soulChill pillGeffenGED 24608MintMint6.001993
11325CDW.A.S.PLive.. in the rainCapitol748 0532EXEX4.001987 US; some marks - plays perfectly
11603CDZe WatchmainFreako bimbo goonsHelpTUECD 901MintMint6.00 
12112CDWhite zombieAstro creep : 2000GeffenGED 24806EXEX5.001995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11604CDWildheartsEarth vs. the WildheartsEast west45099 48592EXEX4.001993 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
5138CDWildheartsPhugEast west104 372EXEX7.501995 in velvet box outer case
2830CDZZ TopAntennaRCA118 2602MintEX6.501994 reviewers copy
40141CDZZ TopGreatest hitsWarner bros.7599 26846 2EXEX3.001992 EU issue; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
29730CDVarious artistsDarken my fire: A gothic tribute to the DoorsCleopatraCLP 07822EXEX7.002000 US; a few light marks on disc
2453CDVarious artistsHeavy metal Arista styleAristaASCD 2534SealedSealed15.001993 PROMO sampler; Sealed
15829CDVarious artistsMetallic assault: A tribute to MetallicaEagleEAGCD 129EXEX5.002000
31423CDVarious artistsNo more blackMetal hammerMFNHAMMER 1VGEX4.001996 12 track compilation; creasing on front insert

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