Folk / Country - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
1949545Ace in the holeDon't want to talk it over anymoreD1316-EX20.001979 US; b/w 'Lonliest singer in town'; light warp; few light marks
1040145Vic AkersPut it off until tomorrowRoyal americanRA 40-EX5.00US Promo DJ copy
3481345Eddy ArnoldMake the world go awayRCA victorRCA 1496-EX4.001965 b/w 'The easy way'; small sticker mark on label
2048345Leigh AshfordThe country's got a soul all it's ownHop11001-EX5.001972 US; b/w 'Workin' all day'; few light marks
2294745Chet AtkinsCloudy & coolRCA victorRCA 1441-VG4.001965 'A' label Demo; b/w Travelin'; small sticker mark on label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2606045Chet AtkinsTheme from 'The dark at the top of the stairs'RCARCA 1209-VG4.001960 b/w 'Hocus pocus'; light sticker mark on labels; some light marks - plays well
30913EPChuck AulgurAin't much of a friendWalleye1228EXEX10.00US 4 track EP: Contact details, dedication & signed by Chuck on front cover; light wear on cover
2606145Joan BaezFarewell AngelinaFontanaTF 639-VG3.001965 b/w 'Queen of hearts'; small sticker tear on labels; mild dish warp - plays OK w/some crackles
3728445Joan BaezThere but for fortuneFontanaTF 587-VG3.001964 b/w 'Plaisir d'amour'; small sticker mark on b'side label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2296845Joan BaezWe shall overcomeFontanaTF 564-EX6.001963 Factory sample; b/w Don't think twice, it's alright
4818EPJoan BaezCherry tree carol + 3FontanaTFE 18001EXEX6.001962
34759EPJoan BaezDon't think twice, it's all rightFontanaTFE 18007VGG3.001963 Some marks: side 1 some clicks at start tk1 o/w plays ok w/some crackles; Side 2 plays ok w/some crackles
10995EPJoan BaezFolk songsRouletteVREX 65038EXEX7.00France
1949745Moe BandyDon't anyone make love at home anymoreGRCGRC 2055-EX4.001974 US; b/w 'Somebody that good'
1949645Moe BandyIt was always so easy (to find an unhappy woman)GRCGRC 2036-EX4.001974 US; b/w 'I wouldn't cheat on her if she was mine'
1949845Glenn BarberLove songs just for youCentury 21C21 101-EX5.00US b/w 'Go home little girl'
1643445Bobby Bare500 miles away from homeRCA victorRCA 1366-VG3.001963 some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
1421845Bobby BareA little bit later on down the lineRCA victorRCA 1723-VG4.001968
1830345Bobby BareIt's alrightRCA victor47 8571-VG3.501965 US; b/w 'She picked a perfect day'; warp - plays ok w/some crackles
1949945Randy BarlowLove dies hardPaidPAD 133-EX5.00US b/w 'NY city cowboys/ Deep in the heart of Texas'
1820545Dominic BehanLiverpool LouPiccadilly7N 35172-G1.501964 some marks - plays w/some surface noise
1950045Billy the kidWhat I feel is youCycloneCYS 103-EX4.501979 US; b/w 'Songpainter'
1950145Mike BoydStop & think it overCalliopeCALS 8010-G2.001977 US; b/w 'Chains'; hairline crack - plays EX
1950245Janie BrannonI don't believe you're ever comin' homeHillsideHS 7906-VG3.001979 US; b/w 'I've got a yearning'; warp; few marks - few light crackles o/w plays EX
1950345Tom BreshHome made loveFarrFR 004-EX4.001976 US; b/w 'California old time song' ; warp
2057445Brothers IIIt's alrightAsteroidAR78 001/2EXEX4.00US b/w 'Whiskey wrinkles'
622745Fiddlin' Frenchie Burke & OutlawsBig mamouMusic creekMC 560-VG3.501974 US
1950445Bobby 'Sofine' ButlerCheaper crude or no more foodIBCIBC 0001-EX6.00US White label; b/w 'Bobby's (nervous) breakdown'
1950545Bobby 'Sofine' ButlerCheaper crude or no more foodIBCIBC 0001-EX4.00US b/w 'Bobby's (nervous) breakdown'
1950645C Company featuring Terry NelsonBattle hymn of Lt. CalleyPlantationPL 73-VG3.50US b/w 'Routine patrol'; light warp; few marks - plays EX
2944845Ian Campbell folk groupCome kiss me loveTransatlanticTRA SP6GVG5.001966 b/w 'First time I ever saw your face'; tears, wear + yellowing on cover; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
4097945Johnny Cash & June CarterIf I were a carpenterCBS4574-VG10.001970 White 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Cause I love you; a few marks - plays well (EX)
1830545Johnny CashBlisteredCBS4638-VG2.501969 some marks - a few crackles on b'side
960845Johnny CashIt's just about timeLondonHLS 8789-EX18.001958 tri centre; a few light marks
1537745Johnny CashKaty tooLondonHLS 8928-EX22.001959 1 small mark
1831045Johnny CashLadyCBSSCBS 5564-VG2.001977 some crackles side 1
2618145Johnny CashThe chicken in blackCBSA 4723-EX4.001984 b/w 'Battle of Nashville'
1830945Johnny CashThe last gunfighter balladCBSSCBS 5107-EX3.001977 a few light marks
1830645Johnny CashWhat is truthCBSS 4934-VG2.501970
1836845Johnny CashYou tell meLondonHLS 8979-EX12.001959
18206EPJohnny CashFolsom prison bluesCBSEP 6601EXVG8.001969 sticker mark on label; some marks - plays ok with a few crackles
15942EPJohnny CashJohnny Cash sings Hank WilliamsLondonRES 1193EXEX30.001959 round centre; a few light marks
18304EPJohnny CashLittle Fauss & big Halsy & I walk the lineCBSS 9155VGG3.501971 sticker tear f/cover; sticker mark on label; some light clicks tk1 side 1 o/w plays OK
1831145Tommy CashSo this is loveEpicEPC 7136-G1.501971 no centre; some marks + crackles
2048545Jim ChesnutGet back to loving meABC hickoryAH 54038-G2.001978 US Promo; b/w 'Kinder than the last one'; hairline crack - plays well with a few light crackles
2048445Jim ChesnutShow me a signABC hickoryAH 54033-G2.001978 US Promo; mono + stereo versions; hairline crack - few light crackles o/w plays EX
3803645ChieftainsMorning dewCladdaghCCE 3-VG3.501973 Ireland; b/w 'The tip of the whistle'; dish warp - side1 plays EX; side2 plays OK with 1 click + some crackles
1950745Roy ClarkCome live with meDotDOA 17449-EX4.001973 US; b/w 'Darby's castle'
1950845Roy ClarkSomewhere between love & tomorrowDotDOA 17480-EX4.001973 US; b/w 'I'll paint you a song'
2048645Roy ClarkThe happy daysABCAB 12402-EX5.001978 US Promo; same track both sides
1950945John ConleeBackside of thirtyABCAB 12455-G2.501978 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
1951045Earl Thomas ConleyFire & smokeSunbirdSBR 7561-EX5.00US b/w 'I've loved you girl'
1951145Randy CornorHurt as big as TexasCherryCS 783-EX4.501978 US; b/w 'Maybe you should've been listening'
3507EPCorriesThe Corrie Folk TrioWaverleyELP 129VGG5.001963 Scotland; vinyl scruffy with surface noise
1996045Johnny CottonPlease tellRed jetRJ1-VG5.00Some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
2048745Billy "Crash" CraddockDon JuanABCAB 12384-EX5.001976 US Promo; same track both sides
1831345Billy "Crash" CraddockRobinhoodCapitol4753-VG2.501979 US; warp - plays EX
1831445Billy "Crash" CraddockRub it inMCAD 2712-VG2.501974 US; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
1951245Dane CrawfordI'll love you in the sun or in the rainCRP# 0001-VG3.001980 US; b/w 'You're a honky tonk man'; warp - plays EX
34760EPAdge Cutler & WurzelsScrump & WesternColumbiaSEG 8525VGG4.001967 Some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
2592145Dandy & Doolittle bandWho were you thinkin' ofColumbia1-11355-EX4.001980 US Demo; same track both sides
2048845Tommy DeeAdd another fool to the stringSincereBB 833 17-EX4.00US b/w 'Then I'll go home'; few light crackles
140645Big Pete DeucherIt comes & goesFontanaTF 423-VG4.001963
3796245Little Jimmy DickensMay the bird of paradise fly up your noseCBS201969-VG4.001965 b/w 'My eyes are jealous'; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
2296945Roy DicksonBridgit Teresa O'Reilly O'TooleFontanaTF 677-EX5.001966 b/w Three cheers for king Billy; a few light marks
1951345Don DrummBedroom eyesChurchillCR 7704-G2.00US b/w 'Stoney'; hairline crack - plays EX
1142045DublinersAll for me grogMajor minorMM 521-VG3.001967 some crackles
1557345Johnny DuffyGalway bayFontanaEH 315-EX3.501961 Ireland
18540EPCousin Emmy & KinfolkKentucky mountain ballads - vol 2BrunswickOE 9259VGVG10.001956 tri centre; some laminate peel; plays ok w/some crackles
1951445Jim FaganThe last encoreWebcorWv 101-VG3.50US b/w 'The night my lady learned to love'; warp - plays EX
2297045Barbara Fairchildteddy bear songCBSCBS 1419-EX5.001972 White 'A' label Promo; b/w (You make me feel like) Singing star; light sticker mark on label
1951545Donna FargoLittle girl goneDotDOA 17476-VG2.501973 US; b/w 'Just call me'; few clicks on b'side
3460545Julie Felix(El condor pasa) If I couldRAKRAK 101-VG35.501970 b/w 'Alone'; some marks - plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
2048945Narvel FeltsOne run for the rosesABCAB 12414-EX4.001978 US Promo; same track both sides
1951645Freddie FenderToday's your weddingInstant3332-EX6.001976 US; b/w 'Some people say'; light warp
2057345FlatbushSnug as a bug in a rugDenimDR 103EXEX6.00US b/w 'Loaded'; a few marks
1099645Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy mountain breakdownCBS3038-VG3.001967
1836945Lester FlattBack to BirminghamRCA victor74 0680-EX4.001972 US; b/w 'You're still mine tonight'; 'C&W' written on label
2606245Tennessee Ernie FordThe little drummer boyCapitolCL 15426-EX5.001965 Factory sample; b/w 'Sing we now of Christmas'
1951745Micki FuhrmanGoodbye darling I'm over youLouisiana hay..RPA 7626-VG3.501977 US; b/w 'Cowboy'; warp o/w EX
1557445Bridie GallagherMoonlight in MayBeltonaBE 2711-EX3.501959 Ireland; b/w 'In the heart of Donegal'
1526645Don GibsonBlue blue dayRCARCA 1073-EX15.001958 tri centre
1526745Don GibsonSea of heartbreakRCARCA 1243-EX8.001961
1951845Mickey GilleyCity lightsPlayboyP 6015-VG2.501974 US; b/w 'Fraulein'; some light marks - plays EX
1611245Terry GregoryI can't say goodbye to youHandshakeWS9 02563-EX3.001981 US Promo - same track both sides
1611145Terry GregoryI never knew the devil's eyes were blueHandshakeWS9 02736-EX3.001982 US stamped Demo; b/w 'I need another lover'; light warp
1611445Terry GregoryI'm takin' a heart breakHandshakeWS9 02959-EX3.001982 US Promo - same track both sides
1611345Terry GregoryYou don't own meHandshakeWS4 03262-EX3.001982 US Promo - same track both sides
1716645George Hamilton IVI know where I'm goin'HMVPOP 505-VG5.001958 writing on label; plays well with a few light crackles
1537845George Hamilton IVWhy don't they understandHMVPOP 429-EX10.001957
1951945Dallas HarmsThe legend of the DukeCon brioCBK 157-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'In the loving arms of my Marie'
206145Bobby HelmsStanding at the end of my worldBrunswick102969-VG18.001957; 1 sided pink label DEMO
34761EPHogiau'r WyddfaHogiau'r WyddfaWrenWRE 104VGG4.001968 Sellotape on all edges of cover; a few marks - side 1 plays with some clicks, crackles + surface noise in places; Side 2 plays VG with a few crackles
1545245Don Holiman & Sky pilot choirLetter to HanoiIPIIPI 1-VG3.50US; plays ok w/some distortion
1952245Terri HollowellIt's too soon to say goodbyeCon brioCBK 156-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'Holding it gack, letting you go'
1952145Terri HollowellMay ICon brioCBK 150-EX4.001978 US; b/w 'I wasn't there'; light warp
1952345David HoustonHere's to all the hard working husbandsDerrickDRC 127-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'Next Sunday I'm gonna be saved'; light warp + mark
2416345HumblebumsSaturday roundabout SundayBig TBIG 122-VG5.001969 b/w 'Bed of mossy green'; small tear on b'side label; a few marks - plays well
3079545Ian & SylviaFour strong windsFontanaTF 426-G5.001963 Handwritten white label sample record; b/w 'Long lonesome road'; sticker mark on a'side label; some marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
2668545Burl IvesA little bitty tearBrunswick05863-VG5.001960 Red label Demo; b/w 'Shanghied'; pen mark on label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3083645Burl IvesCall my nameBrunswick05930-VG3.001965 b/w 'My gal Sal'; mild dish warp o/w looks + plays EX
1557545Burl IvesFunny way of laughin'Brunswick05868-VG3.001962 a few crackles
1426545Sonny JamesHeaven says helloCapitol2155-VG4.001968 US; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1426445Sonny JamesHere comes Honey againCapitol3174VGEX6.001971 US; sale hole
1426745Sonny JamesI'll keep holding on (just to your love)Capitol5375-VG3.501965 US
1426645Sonny JamesIt's the little thingsCapitol5987-EX5.001967 US
70745Jamie's peopleEverybody wants to get to heavenGeminiGMS 015-EX5.001970
39917EPBert JanschNeedle of deathTransatlanticTRA EP 145-VG25.001966 Handwritten white label; plain white sleeve; solid centre side1 has been painted yellow with 'J3' written on it; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + some crackles
2608745Waylon JenningsNever been to SpainRCA victorRCA 2322-VG3.001973 b/w 'Sure didn't take him long'; release date + 'A' written on label o/w looks + plays EX
1634545Waylon JenningsThe race is onA&M753-EX20.001964 US Promo; '77' written on label
1952445Sammy JohnsRag dollGRCGRC 2062-EX4.001973 US; b/w 'Friends of mine'
1538145George Jones & Elvis CostelloStranger in the houseEpicEPC 8560EXEX4.001981
2424445George JonesWho shot SamMercuryAMT 1058-VG15.001959 b/w 'Into my arms again'; some marks
2311745Johnny KellyBlack velvet bandPye7N 17322-G2.501967 Yellow 'A' label Promo; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
1952545KendallsPut it off until tomorrowOvationOV 1154-EX4.001980 US; b/w 'Gone away'
2206745John KerrAt home in DonegalPye7N 17788-EX7.001969 Yellow 'A' label Promo; b/w The hills of old Tirconaill
1952645Merle KilgorePacking & unpackingAshleyA 6000-EX7.00US b/w 'Beyond my conscience & the door'
1952745Claude KingCotton DanTrueT 103-EX5.001977 US; b/w 'I'll spend my lifetime loving you'
1836545Claude KingWolverton mountainCBSAAG 108-EX10.001962
1953045Don KingI've got country music in my soulCon brioCBK 153-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'She's the girl of my dreams'
1952945Don KingLive entertainmentCon brioCBK 149-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'I must be dreaming'
1952845Don KingYou were worth waiting forCon brioCBK 142-EX4.001978 US; b/w 'Don't get around much'
2606345Kingston trioAlly ally oxen freeCapitolCL 15327-EX5.001963 Factory sample; b/w 'Marcell Vahine'; sticker mark on label
1557645Kingston trioWhere have all the flowers goneCapitolCL 15242-EX4.001961
32322EPKingston trioGreenback dollarCapitolEAP1 20460VGG4.001963 Mono; some marks - plays well with a few clicks on side 1
118EPKingston trioHere we go again !CapitolEAP3 1258VGVG5.00 
1953145Benny Kubiak & his fiddlesTulsa on a Saturday nightHomaBK 1-EX4.001974 US; b/w 'Country concerto'
1953345Christy LaneI just can't stay married to youLSLS 169-EX4.001978 US; b/w 'Rainsong'
1953245Christy LanePenny arcadeLSGRT 167-VG2.501978 US; b/w 'Somebody's baby'; warp o/w EX
1953445Christy LaneSimple little wordsLSLS 172-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'He believes in me'; light warp
1953545LeGardes (Tom & Ted)I can almost touch the feelin'4 Star77 090-EX4.001979 US; Promo - same track both sides
1929945LettermenHurt so badCapitol2482-VG3.501969 US; b/w 'Catch the wind'; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
3073445LettermenThe way you look tonoghtCapitolCL 15222-VG3.001961 b/w'That's my desire'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1953645Bobby LewisWhat a difference a day madeRPARPA 7622-EX4.001977 US; b/w 'I can feel it'
1421945Linda Gail LewisTurn back the hands of timeSmashS 2193-EX5.001968 US
10997EPA L LloydEngland her folk songsCollectorJEB 8EXVG7.001962 a few crackles
3294545Hank LocklinPlease help me, I'm fallingRCARCA 1188-EX4.001960 b/w 'My old home town'
1557745Hank LocklinWe're gonna go fishin'RCA victorRCA 1305-VG3.001962 a few crackles
11414EPHank LocklinIrish songs, country styleRCA victor(E)RCX 7150EXVG7.001964 Irish disc issued in UK sleeve; some marks + crackles
11416EPLudlowsThe sea around usPyeNEP 24252EXVG5.001966 some ring wera on cover; some marks + crackles
1953745Rebecca LynnMinstrel manScorpionSC 0559-EX4.00US b/w 'He loves me all to pieces'
1792445Josh MacRaeDo it yourselfPye7N 15384-EX4.001961
2548745Josh MacRaeMessing about on the riverPye7N 15319-VG3.501961 b/w 'High class feeling'; 'Richard' written on label; some marks - plays well
1953845Maines BrothersAmarillo highwayCountry roadsCRE 004-EX3.001981 b/w 'That's alright mama'
2049045Barbara MandrellTonightABCAB 12362-G2.001977 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
2206845Margo & KeynotesOnce a dayPye7N 17758-EX8.001969 Yellow 'A' label Promo; b/w The old house
1953945Dale McBrideGet your hands on me babyCon brioCBK 158-EX4.00US b/w 'I know the feeling'
1954045Dale McBrideGetting over you againCon brioCBK 151-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'She makes love feel good'; light warp
2485445Delbert McClinton???? PeopleTrident--G10.00Acetate; some damage to labels (titles unreadable); a few marks - plays OK w/some surface noise
1954245Ronnie McDowellAnimalScorpionSC 0553-EX5.001978 US; with The Jordanaires; b/w 'I just wanted you to know'
1954145Ronnie McDowellHere comes the reason I liveScorpionGRT 159-EX5.001978 US; b/w 'Travelin' wanderin' man'
1422045Ronnie McDowellThis is a hold upScorpionSC 0560-VG3.001978 US; a few marks -plays EX
1954345Ronnie McDowellThis is a holdupScorpionSC 0560-EX5.001978 US; b/w 'The bridge washed out'; light warp'
1557845Rod McKuenSoldiers want to be heroesWarner brosWB 8013-EX4.001970
1831545Roger MillerKing of the roadPhilipsBF 1397-VG2.501965 some crackles
2206945Roger MillerYou don't want my loveRCA victorRCA 1454-VG5.001965 issue of '60/1 tracks; green 'A' label Demo; b/w Every which-a-way; marks on vinyl - a few crackles o/w plays EX
1954545Price Mitchell & Jerri KellySavin' it all for youGRTGRT 029-EX6.001975 US; b/w 'Mr & Mrs untrue'
1954645Lorrie & George MorganI'm completely satisfied with you4 StarCS 1040/ 1001-VG3.001979 US; collector series; b/w 'From this moment on'; warp o/w EX
3263545Mr FoxLittle womanBig TBIG 135-EX8.001970 b/w 'Join us in our game; a few light marks
1954845Anne MurrayLove songCapitol3776-EX2.501973 US; b/w 'You can't go back'
1954745Anne MurrayYou won't see meCapitol3867-VG2.501974 Canada; b/w 'He thinks I still care'; few light marks + crackles o/w plays EX
3079645Bill NashReady to take my chancesEarthriderE 278-VG4.00US b/w 'I still remember singing rock 'n' roll'; a few marks - plays well
3700845New Christy minstrelsGreen greenCBSAAG 160-VG3.001962 b/w 'The Banjo'; 'X' written on labels; some marks - plays well (EX)
2311845New Christy minstrelsRun wild, run freeCBS4369-VG5.001969 White 'A' label Demo; b/w My girl; number sticker on labels; light warp; a few light marks - plays EX
4176245New Christy minstrelsWhere did our love goCBS3430-VG10.001968 White 'A' label Demo; b/w 'Stop in the name of love'; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2049145Oakridge boysCome on inABCAB 12434-G2.001978 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
2049245Oakridge boysCryin' againABCAB 12397-G2.001978 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
1557945Buck OwensSam's placeCapitolCL 15501-G3.001967 'A' label Demo; light sticker mark on label; marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some surface noise
1954945Dolly PartonBaby I'm burnin'RCAPB 11420-EX3.001978 US; b/w 'I really got the feeling'; plain stickers over dog logo on labels
18207EPLes Paul & Mary FordWhither thou goestCapitolEAP 1559VGVG18.00US; writing b/cover; plays well with a few crackles
2802145Tom PaxtonThe last thing on my mindMAMMAM 153-VG4.001976 Demo; b/w 'Saturday night'; a few light marks - plays OK w/some crackles
18542EPEddie PeabodyThe man with the banjoLondonRED 1034VGVG6.001955 tri centre; tears on opening; plays ok w/some crackles
3995245PentangleLight flightBig TBIG 128-VG4.001969 Solid centre; b/w 'Cold mountain'; wear/damage on labels; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1008945Peter Paul & MaryBlowin' in the windWarner brosWB 104-VG3.001963 some surface noise
1009045Peter Paul & MaryI dig rock & roll musicWarner brosWB 7067-EX4.001967 a few crackles on b'side
206245Peter Paul & MaryLeaving on a jet planeWarner brosWB 7340-VG3.001969 Click on 'B side
2311945Peter Paul & MaryOh, rock my soulWarner brosWB 136-EX4.001964 b/w Pt.2; a few light marks
1008845Peter Paul & MaryThe house songWarner brosWB 5798-VG3.001967
21734EPPeter Paul & MaryPeter, Paul & MaryWarner brosWEP 6114EXEX6.001963
1955045Ray PriceMisty morning rainMonument45-290-VG2.501979 US; b/w 'We can't build a fire in the rain'; warp - plays EX
1955145Charley PrideIs anybody goin' to San Antone'RCA447 0867-EX3.0070's US 'Gold standard series' reissue of '69/70 tracks; b/w 'Wonder if I could live there anymore'; few light marks
1955245Jeanne PruettPlease sing satin sheets for meIBCIBC 0002-EX4.00US b/w '(I'm gonna) Love all the leavin' out of you'
1634645Curly PutmanMy elusive dreamsABC10934-VG3.001967 US; some light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2612745Jim ReevesA letter to my heartRCARCA 1293-G3.001962 Green label Demo; b/w 'Adios amigo'; mark + writing on label; marks on vinyl - plays OK with a few spots of light distortion on b'side
1800845ReiversDown in the minesTop rankJAR 283-EX5.001960 a few light marks
4104545Charlie RichMohair SamMercuryMF 1109-VG4.001969 reissue of '65 45; large centre hole; b/w 'I washed my hands in muddy water'; lots of marks on vinyl - plays well
1955345Tex RitterThe Americans (a Canadians opinion)Capitol3814-VG3.001974 US; b/w 'He who is without sin'; plays well with a few crackles
41757EPTex RitterDeck of cardsCapitolEAP1 1323VGVG5.001960 original shop sticker bottom corner b/cover + mild wear; a few mild marks - plays well with a few crackles
2313845Jimmie Rodgers(My friends are gonna be) StrangersDotDS 16694-EX6.001965 Advance 'A' label Promo copy; b/w Bon soir mademoiselles; number stickers on label; a few light marks
1955545Johnny RodriguezLove put a song in my heartMercury73715-EX3.001975 US; b/w 'Steppin' out on you'; 2 sale holes; a few light marks
1955445Dann RogersLooks like love againIAIAS 500-EX4.001978 US; b/w 'Lucy'; warp
2057245Sally RogersGone too farD1317-EX5.00US b/w 'Night life'
3224945SeekersA world of our ownColumbiaDB 7532-EX4.001965 Factory sample; b/w ;'Sinner man'
3224845SeekersThe carnival is overColumbiaDB 7711-VG3.501965 Torn Factory sample sticker on label; b/w 'We shall not be moved'; some marks - plays EX
8577EPSeekersHits from the SeekersColumbiaSEG 8496EXVG3.501966 a few crackles
8576EPSeekersThe SeekersColumbiaSEG 8425EXEX5.001965
2057145Bobby SmithDo you wanna make loveAutumnRPA 7623-EX4.001977 US; b/w 'Too turned on'
2057645Sammi SmithThe letterCycloneCYS 104-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'It's a day for sad songs'; light warp
2057545Sammi SmithWhat a lieCycloneCYS 100-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'It's not my way'
3069145Hank SnowOld ShepRCARCA 1151-VG5.001959 b/w 'The last ride'; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
18208EPHank SnowCountry guitar - vol 4RCARCX 116GVG4.501958 tri centre; sellotape repair on 2 tears on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
18209EPHank SnowCountry guitar - vol 7RCARCX 142VGVG7.001959 tri centre; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
37285EPSong spinnersSongs of the gold diggersKiwiM31-2VGEX10.001960 New Zealand; 'Songs of early New Zealand -2'; + insert; cat no. written on top corner b/cover; light sticker mark b/cover; plays well with just a couple of crackles
37286EPSong spinnersSongs of the Gum diggersKiwiEA 58VGEX10.001974 New Zealand + inserr; library stamp + cat no. written on b/cover o/w EX; plays well
1422145Jo-el SonnierTear stained letterRCA83047 RA-EX5.001987 US Promo - same track both sides
2057745Red SovineColorado cool-aidGustoGTE 101-EX5.001979 US; b/w 'The days of you & me'
2174845Red SovineTeddy bearStardaySD 142-VG2.501981 b/w Daddy; plays well with a few crackles
1955645Joe StampleyI'm still loving youDotDOA 17485-EX5.001973 US; b/w 'The weatherman'
1955745Joe StampleySoul songDotDOA 17442-VG3.001972 US; b/w 'Not too long ago'; a few marks - plays EX
478145Steeleye spanAll around my hatChrysalisCHS 2078-EX3.001975
1151745Steeleye spanSails of silverChrysalisCHS 2479EXEX4.001980 a few light marks
477845Steeleye spanSomewhere in LondonFlutterbyFLUT 1VGVG4.001988 plays EX
2197445John StewartJuly, you're a womanCapitolCL 15589-VG5.001969 Green 'A' label Demo; b/w Shackles & chains; plays ok w/some crackles
2377845Nat StuckeyMental revengePaula1230-VG6.001970 US; b/w 'Waitin' in your welfare line'; small sticker mark on label; a few marks - plays EX
1955845Peggy SueThe love song & the dream belong to meDoor knobDK9 102-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'Rainy day lovin"
1812745Billy SwanI can helpMonumentSMNT 2752-VG2.001974 large centre hole; writing on labels; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2799645Billy SwanI can helpMonumentMNT 2752EXEX4.001975 Italy; b/w 'Ways of a woman in love'; light wear on cover
3997245Billy SwanI can helpMonumentMT 2752-EX3.501974 Canada; solid centre; b/w 'Ways of a woman in love' light dish warp - plays well
2602045Tartan ladsSon of a Scottish soldierWaverleySLP 547-EX5.001973 Demo; b/w 'Here's to the Gordons'
3457545Hank ThompsonRockin' in the CongoCapitolCL 15877-VG3.501976 reissue of '57 tracks b/w 'I was the first one'; a few marks - plays EX
1955945Paul ThompsonThe old manCamilleRW 82003-EX4.00US b/w 'What's happened to true love'
1956045Tanya TuckerI'm the singer, you're the songMCAMCA 508-Mint3.001979 b/w 'Not fade away'
2049345Conny Van DykeI'll never make it easyABC DotDOA 17524-VG3.001974 US Promo; b/w 'He's my lover'; plays well with a few crackles
1956145Kin VassyMakes me wonder if I ever said goodbyeIAIAS 502-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'Fort worth featherbed'; light warp'
2251345Josie WaleMy special prayerJammys2243/4-VG7.001987 Jamaica; b/w Version; gold pen on run out groove + label side 1; plays EX
2432845Jerry Jeff WalkerLA FreewayMCAMUS 1205-VG3.501973 b/w 'Charlie Dunn'; a few marks - some crackles on b'side
2049445Jerry WallaceI wanna go to heaven4 star5 1035-VG2.501978 US; b/w 'After you'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2057845Jerry WallaceYours love4 Star5 1036-EX4.001979 US; b/w 'There she goes'
1956245Gene WatsonListen they're playing our songStoneway1165-EX7.00US b/w 'I'm not strong enough'
194545Bobby WayneRiver manPye int7N 25315-EX20.001965 white label PROMO
10999EPWeaversTravelling with the Weavers - no.1Top rankJKP 2005EXVG6.001959 a few crackles
2297245Houston WellsAnna MarieParlophoneR 5099-EX12.001964 Factory sample; b/w Moon watch over my baby
2297345Houston WellsBlue of the nightParlophoneR 5226-EX8.001965 Factory sample; b/w Coming home
2297445Houston WellsTeach me little childrenCBS3572-EX10.001968 White 'A' label Demo; b/w Does my ring hurt your finger; writing on label; sticker tear; a few light marks
32250EPHouston WellsRamonaParlophoneGEP 8914EXVG40.001964 Factory sample; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
1422245Hank Williams JrThe American dreamElektra769 960W-EX3.001982 US
40973EPHank WilliamsThe Authentic sound of the country hitsMGMMGM EP 770VGG4.001963 'Pat D' written on labels in pencil; mild wear on cover (VG+); marks on vinyl - mark tk1 side2 causing clicks o/w plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
1956345Steve YoungSeven bridges roadCountry roadsCRE 005-EX3.501981 b/w 'Don't think twice'

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