Folk / Country - Full List
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
12359LPNathan AbshireGood times killing meSonetSNTF 776EXEX£10.001978
1949545Ace in the holeDon't want to talk it over anymoreD1316-EX£20.001979 US; b/w 'Lonliest singer in town'; light warp; few light marks
8816LPJay boy AdamsFork in the roadAtlanticSD 19195EXEX£10.001978 US; + inner
1040145Vic AkersPut it off until tomorrowRoyal americanRA 40-EX£5.00US Promo DJ copy
14133LPAlabamaAlabamaRCAPL 89247EXEX£8.001984 compilation
14134LPAlabamaChristmasRCA victorASL1 7014EXEX£8.001985 US; sale cut on embossed gatefold sleeve
14152LPAlabamaJust usRCAPL 86495EXEX£8.001987
14153LPAlabamaMountain musicRCARCALP 3071EXEX£7.501982 few creases on cover; a few light marks
10542LPAlabamaMy home is in AlabamaRCAPL 13644EXEX£8.001980
14144LPAlabamaSouthern starRCAPL 88587EXEX£8.001989
14118LPAlabamaThe touchRCAPL 85649EXVG£6.001986 a few marks + crackles
13734CDAlabamaDancin' on the boulevardRCA07863 674 262EXEX£5.001997 US; couple of light marks
13735CDAlabamaLegendary AlabamaBMG74321 911 042EXEX/EX£8.002002 Australia 3 CD compilation; All discs EX; few marks disc 1 - plays perfectly
13951CDAlabamaTwentieth centuryRCA07863 67793SealedSealed£7.001999 sealed - crack on box
14115LPRex AllenThe Hawaiian cowboyBear familyBFX 15192VGEX£10.001986 German; Picture disc; Gatefold; sticker tear f/cover; '35' written b/cover; ex-library LP
14128LPJohn AndersonBlue skies againMCA42037EXEX£7.501987 US; cover promo stamped; light warp
14127LPJohn AndersonEye of a hurricaneWarner bros25099EXEX£7.501984 US; cover promo stamped; edge splits on inner; a few light marks
14226LPJohn AndersonTokyo, OklahomaWarner bros125 211EXEX£8.001985 US + inner; cover Promo stamped
14129LPJohn AndersonWild & blueWarner bros23721EXEX£7.001982 US; a few light marks
13764CDJohn AndersonCountry 'til I dieBNA07863 66417MintMint£6.001994 US
13736CDJohn AndersonParadiseBNA07863 66810MintMint£6.001996 US
22152LPArdoin family orchestra with Dewey BalfaA couple of cajunsSonetSNTF 873-EX£10.00Hand written white label test pressing in plain sleeve
27231CDDexter ArdoinWhat you come to doLouisiana radioCD# 5731MintMint£7.002003 US
26911CDMorris & Dexter ArdoinLouisiana - Cajun creole musicPlaya soundPS 65237MintMint£8.002000 France
8844LPMatt ArmourOn the morning tideSweet folk & coSFA 102EXEX£12.001979 a few light marks
1551LPEddy ArnoldFamous country music makersRCA victorDPS 2024EXEX/EX£12.001972 Double/Gatefold
2616545Toni ArthurBushes & BriarsTrailerLER 1-G£4.001970 b/w 'Lazlo Feher' - Dave & Toni Arthur; marks on vinyl - plays OK with a few clicks + crackles
2048345Leigh AshfordThe country's got a soul all it's ownHop11001-EX£5.001972 US; b/w 'Workin' all day'; few light marks
14143LPAsleep at the wheelAsleep at the wheel 10Epic450 6291EXEX£8.001987
14137LPAsleep at the wheelCollision courseCapitolEST 11726EXVG£7.001978 a few crackles at start side 1 o/w plays EX
14154LPAsleep at the wheelThe wheelCapitolEST 11620EXVG£7.001977 + inner; some light wear on cover; some crackles at start side 1 o/w plays EX
3796CDChet Atkins & Mark KnopflerNeck & neckCBS467 4352EXEX£5.001990
2294745Chet AtkinsCloudy & coolRCA victorRCA 1441-VG£4.001965 'A' label Demo; b/w Travelin'; small sticker mark on label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2606045Chet AtkinsTheme from 'The dark at the top of the stairs'RCARCA 1209-VG£4.001960 b/w 'Hocus pocus'; light sticker mark on labels; some light marks - plays well
10707LPChet AtkinsDown homeRCA camdenSND 5016EXVG£7.001962 stereo; few light stains b/cover; some light marks + crackles
20811LPChet AtkinsHometown guitarRCA victorRD 7986VGVG£7.001969 mono; some marks + crackles
27570LPChet AtkinsTeensvilleRCARD 27168VGG£7.501960 mono; red biro on outline of b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well w/some clicks + crackles
12183LPChet AtkinsThe best of Chet AtkinsRCA victorRD 7664EXVG£6.50Orange label issue of '64 LP; mono; plays well with a few crackles
765LPChet AtkinsTravelin'RCA victorRD 7557VGVG£7.001963 mono
17758LPChet AtkinsYestergroovin'RCA victorLSP 4331VGEX£7.501970 US; writing inside Gatefold; sale cut
30913EPChuck AulgurAin't much of a friendWalleye1228EXEX£10.00US 4 track EP: Contact details, dedication & signed by Chuck on front cover; light wear on cover
9565LPGene AutryHeritage editionCBS25016EXEX£7.001981 comp. of 35-45 tracks; mono; v.light warp
14157LPGene AutryLive from Madison square gardenRepublicRLP 6014EXVG£7.001976 US short click on factory fault tk7 side 2 o/w plays EX
30232CDGene AutryParadise in the moonlightAppreggioARC 004EXEX£4.002001 one light case mark f/cover
16128LPHoyt AxtonA rusty old haloYoungbloodYBLP 800EXEX£8.001980
17137LPHoyt AxtonGreenback dollarStatesideSL 10082VGVG£15.001963 mono; some yellow stains b/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
16368LPHoyt AxtonRoad songsA&MSP 4669VGEX£7.001977 US; small sale cut; a few light marks
2606145Joan BaezFarewell AngelinaFontanaTF 639-VG£3.001965 b/w 'Queen of hearts'; small sticker tear on labels; mild dish warp - plays OK w/some crackles
2349245Joan BaezIt's all over now, baby blueFontanaTF 604-EX£5.001965 b/w 'Daddy you been on my mind'
2296845Joan BaezWe shall overcomeFontanaTF 564-EX£6.001963 Factory sample; b/w Don't think twice, it's alright
4818EPJoan BaezCherry tree carol + 3FontanaTFE 18001EXEX£6.001962
10995EPJoan BaezFolk songsRouletteVREX 65038EXEX£7.00France
30903LPJoan Baez5FontanaTFL 6043VGVG£8.001964 Mono; 'Best wishes Mel & Miles" written on b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
26321LPJoan BaezBlessed are..Vanguard1C 18892 723VGVG/VG£10.00German; Double/Gatefold; name inside g/fold; some wear on cover; some marks - both discs play well with a few crackles
20395LPJoan BaezBlowin' awayPortraitPRT 82011VGEX£7.501977 + inner + insert; light sticker mark f/cover; few light marks
20394LPJoan BaezCome from the shadowsA&MAMLH 64339EXEX£8.001972 Tan label; Gatefold; small sticker mark b/cover; few light marks
20812LPJoan BaezDavid's albumVanguardSVRL 19050VGEX£10.001969 light wear on cover; a few light marks
20814LPJoan BaezDiamonds & rustA&MAMLH 64527EXEX£8.001975 a few light marks
30110LPJoan BaezFarewell, AngelinaVanguardVSD 79200EXVG£8.001970's reissue of '65 LP; light creasing on cover; light warp - plays EX
27786LPJoan BaezGreatest hitsVanguard1C062 93522VGEX£7.001972 compilation; German; a few light crackles
26323LPJoan BaezGulf windsA&MAMLH 64603VGEX£8.001976 + insert; sale hole + corner crease on cover o/w looks EX
30111LPJoan BaezHits/Greatest & othersVanguardVSD 79332EXVG£8.001975 issue of '73 LP; some marks - plays EX
16036LPJoan BaezJoan BaezVanguardVSD 2077EXVG£7.00Canada; in shrinkwrap; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
26319LPJoan BaezJoan Baez 5VanguardSVRL 19034EXVG£8.00Early '70's pressing of '64 LP; stereo; plays OK with a few crackles
16638LPJoan BaezJoan Baez in concertFontanaTFL 6033EXVG£8.001962 mono; address sticker b/cover; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
26320LPJoan BaezJoan Baez in concertVanguardVSD 79112VGVG£7.001971 issue of '69 LP; some marks - plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
20813LPJoan BaezOne day at a timeVanguardVSD 79310VGEX£8.001972 a few light marks
26324LPJoan BaezThe First 10 yearsVanguardVSD 6560/1EXEX/EX£12.001971 Double/Gatefold
30112LPJoan BaezThe Joan Baez ballad bookVanguardVSD 41/42EXVG/VG£8.001976 Double/Gatefold issue of '63 recordings; light wear on cover; some marks + light dish warp on discs - both play well with a few clicks + crackles
26322LPJoan BaezWhere are you now, my sonA&MAMLS 64390EXEX£10.001973 + inner; light wear on cover; a couple of crackles
14487CDJoan BaezBest of Joan C Baez (the)A&M393 2342EXEX£4.50CD reissue of '77 compilation
1643CDJoan BaezFrom the heart- liveSpectrum550 129MintMint£4.001990's issue of 1976 recordings
3214CDJoan BaezGracias a la vida (Here's to life)A&M393 6142MintMint£5.001990's CD issue of 1974 LP
1949745Moe BandyDon't anyone make love at home anymoreGRCGRC 2055-EX£4.001974 US; b/w 'Somebody that good'
1949645Moe BandyIt was always so easy (to find an unhappy woman)GRCGRC 2036-EX£4.001974 US; b/w 'I wouldn't cheat on her if she was mine'
14303LPMoe BandyDevoted to your memoryCBS25552EXEX£7.501983 small sticker tear f/cover
1949845Glenn BarberLove songs just for youCentury 21C21 101-EX£5.00US b/w 'Go home little girl'
14308LPBobby Bare & HillsidersThe English country sideRCA victorLSP 3896VGVG£8.001967 US stereo; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
1643445Bobby Bare500 miles away from homeRCA victorRCA 1366-VG£3.001963 some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
1421845Bobby BareA little bit later on down the lineRCA victorRCA 1723-VG£4.001968
1830345Bobby BareIt's alrightRCA victor47 8571-VG£3.501965 US; b/w 'She picked a perfect day'; warp - plays ok w/some crackles
14354LPBobby Bare20 of the bestRCA intINTS 5187EXEX£7.001982
16369LPBobby Bare500 miles away from homePickwickACL 7003VGVG£6.001975 US 9 track reissue of '64 LP; a few marks - plays EX
14158LPBobby BareAin't got nothin' to loseCBS85504EXEX£8.001982 some creasing on spine
14123LPBobby BareAs isCBS84989EXEX£8.001981
16374LPBobby BareBareCBS82711VGEX£7.001978
14305LPBobby BareBiggest hitsCBS32303EXEX£7.001983 some light wear on cover
14255LPBobby BareDinkin' from the bottle, singin' from the heartCBS25470EXEX£8.001983
14119LPBobby BareDown & dirtyCBS84132EXEX£8.001980
16370LPBobby BareDrunk & crazyCBS84643EXEX£8.001980 light wear on cover; a few light marks
25926LPBobby BareEncoreCBS32095VGVG£8.001981 light sticker mark f/cover; a few marks on side 2 - plays EX
14116LPBobby BareFolsom prison bluesPickwickACL 7045EXEX£8.001977 US 10 track reissue of '69 LP; sale cut
16373LPBobby BareHard times & hungrysRCA victorAPL1 0906EXVG£7.001975 US; small sale cut; warp
16371LPBobby BareHigh & dryIntercordINT 145 031VGEX£7.001979 German compilation of '70-2 tracks; a few light marks
14658LPBobby BareI love countryCBS54950EXEX£6.501985 compilation of '78-83 tracks; a few crackles
14380LPBobby BareLullabys, legends & liesRCANL 89998EXVG£6.001980's reissue of '73 LP; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
16375LPBobby BareMe & McDillRCA victorAPL1 2179VGVG£7.001977 US; sale cut; a few marks - plays EX
14273LPBobby BareSleeper wherever I fallColumbia35645EXEX£8.001978 Canada + insert; a few light marks; sale hole
14306LPBobby BareThe best of Bobby BareColtCOLT 2001EXVG£5.001986 light sticker mark f/cover; some light marks - plays EX
14379LPBobby BareThe Real thingRCA victorLSP 4422VGVG£6.001970 Canada; ring wear f/cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
16372LPBobby BareThe winner & other losersRCA victorAPL1 1786VGVG£7.001976 US; small sale cut + some light wear on cover; warp - plays EX
14126LPBobby BareThis is Bare countryUnited artistsUALA 621GEXVG£6.501976 US; some marks on vinyl - plays well; sale hole
28244CDBobby BareMusic city USAPilz441624 2MintMint£5.001991 German
13738CDBobby BareThe essential..RCA07863 67405MintMint£5.001997
20028LPJack BarlowBaby, ain't that loveDotDLP 25923EXEX£10.00US; sale hole; light wear on cover; few light marks
1949945Randy BarlowLove dies hardPaidPAD 133-EX£5.00US b/w 'NY city cowboys/ Deep in the heart of Texas'
14135LPMax D BarnesRough around the edgesOvationOV 1749EXVG£8.001980 US; light sticker mark f/cover; some light marks + couple of crackles o/w plays EX
26264LPBarrier brothersGolden blue grass hitsPhilipsBBL 7559VGEX£12.001962 mono; some wear on cover
9932CDBattlefield bandNew springTempleCOMD 2045EXEX£5.001991
9933CDBattlefield bandQuiet daysTempleCOMD 2050EXEX£5.001992
4332LPBeausoleilHot chili mamaArhoolie5040EXVG£8.001987 US + inner; a few marks on vinyl; plays EX
20029LPMolly BeeGood golly Ms. MollyPye intNSPL 28206EXVG£7.001974 few crackles o/w plays EX
1820545Dominic BehanLiverpool LouPiccadilly7N 35172-G£1.501964 some marks - plays w/some surface noise
14309LPBellamy brothersWhen we were boysElektraEI 60099VGVG£6.001982 US; small sticker mark b/cover o/w EX; some marks - plays EX
13739CDBellamy brothersLet your love flowStartSCD 32MintMint£6.001998
13740CDBellamy brothersLonely planetStartSCD 34EXEX£5.001999
13741CDBellamy brothersReggae cowboys (the)StartSCD 33EXEX£5.001998
8812LPSteve BenbowOf situations & predicamentsDeccaLK 4881EXEX£15.001967 Unboxed Decca; mono
11222LPRoy BerkeleyRoy Berkeley with Tim WoodbridgeGreen LinnetSIF 1007EXVG£8.001977 US; a few crackles o/w plays EX
13742CDBenny BerrySome things never changeHawkHAW 171EXEX£6.501991
1950045Billy the kidWhat I feel is youCycloneCYS 103-EX£4.501979 US; b/w 'Songpainter'
13932CDClint BlackKillin' timeRCAPD 90443EXEX£4.001989
31661CDMary BlackThe Best of mary Black 1991-2001GrapevineGRACD 324EXEX/EX£5.002001 Double inc. disc Bonus "Hidden harvest"; creases on front insert; a few light marks on disc 1
23928LPEric BogleSomething of valueSonetSNTF 1004EXVG£8.001988 light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
14131LPEddie BondMusic is contagiousMagnum forceMFLP 057EXEX£8.001988 a few light marks
14111LPEddie BondOriginal early recordingsWhite labelWLP 8876VGVG£7.00Holland;ex-library LP; wobc; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
12810CDEddie BondRockin' daddyStomper timeSTCD 1MintMint£7.501992 'Rockin' daddy from Memphis, Tennesse sings classic Memphis rockabilly/ country'
6619LPPeter BondIt's all right for someTrailerLER 2108EXVG£8.001977 a few crackles
1950145Mike BoydStop & think it overCalliopeCALS 8010-G£2.001977 US; b/w 'Chains'; hairline crack - plays EX
13743CDBR5-49BR5-49Arista07822 18818MintMint£6.001996
12114CDBR5-49Coast to coastArista07822 18909EXEX£6.002000 US; live; Promo
12115CDBR5-49Live from Robert'sArista07822 10800EXEX£5.001996 US; 6 track mini LP
29967CDBrandywine bridgeThe Grey ladyKissing spellKSCD 949MintMint£7.002004 CD reissue of '77 LP
1950245Janie BrannonI don't believe you're ever comin' homeHillsideHS 7906-VG£3.001979 US; b/w 'I've got a yearning'; warp; few marks - few light crackles o/w plays EX
10258LPBrass monkeyBrass monkeyTopic12TS 431EXEX£10.001983
10257LPBrass monkeySee how it runsTopic12TS 442EXEX£8.001986 + insert; a few light marks
1950345Tom BreshHome made loveFarrFR 004-EX£4.001976 US; b/w 'California old time song' ; warp
13745CDBrooks & DunnBrooks & Dunn 3Arista07822 18765MintMint£6.501994
13746CDBrooks & DunnSteers & stripesArista74321 84325EXEX£6.002001
13747CDBrooks & DunnTight ropeArista07822 18895EXEX£6.001999
31182CDGarth BrooksFresh horsesCapitolCDGB 1MintMint£4.001995
18035CDGarth BrooksThe ultimate hitsPearl/ Sony88697 195 522EXEX/EX£8.002007 triple set 2xCD + 1DVD
28646LPBrothers fourCross-country concertCBSBPG 62142VGG£7.001963 mono; sellotape stains on edges b/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) w/some crackles
2057445Brothers IIIt's alrightAsteroidAR78 001/2EXEX£4.00US b/w 'Whiskey wrinkles'
14122LPEd BruceEd BruceUnited artistsUALA 613GEXVG£5.001975 US; warp - plays OK w/some crackles; sale hole
14159LPJimmy BryantContry cabin jazzStetsonHAT 3078EXVG£7.5080's German reissue of '60 LP; mono; few marks f/cover; some marks - plays EX
6449LPBuckwheat zydecoTaking it homeIslandILPS 9917EXEX£8.001988
8847LPBud & TravisNaturallyLibertyLRP 3295EXVG£7.00US mono; some light wear on cover; a few marks + clicks/crackles
17594LPBud & TravisPerspective on Bud & TravisLibertyLRP 3341EXEX£15.001964 US; mono
20672LPBuffaloShut up 'n playHookfarmHLS 77-1VGEX£8.001977 Denmark; + insert
33205CDJimmy BuffetHavana daydreamin'MCAMCAD 31093EXEX£4.00US CD reissue of '76 LP; small pen mark on front insert; a few light marks on disc
622745Fiddlin' Frenchie Burke & OutlawsBig mamouMusic creekMC 560-VG£3.501974 US
14114LPJames BurtonJames BurtonA&MSP 4293VGVG£30.00US white label promo; stickered sleeve; edge split, sale hole + some wear on cover; Warp + some marks - plays well with a couple of clicks + a few crackles
13765CDJames BurtonThe guitar sounds of James BurtonA&M540 5532EXEX£5.001997 issue of '71 LP
1950445Bobby 'Sofine' ButlerCheaper crude or no more foodIBCIBC 0001-EX£6.00US White label; b/w 'Bobby's (nervous) breakdown'
1950545Bobby 'Sofine' ButlerCheaper crude or no more foodIBCIBC 0001-EX£4.00US b/w 'Bobby's (nervous) breakdown'
13748CDTracy ByrdLove lessonsMCAMCAD 11242MintMint£6.001995 US
13817CDTracy ByrdThe truth about menRCA07863 67073EXEX£4.502003 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
28655LPJulie ByrneRamblin' roundFolk heritageFHR 079EXEX£10.001976 signed by Julie Byrne & whloe band on b/cover; a few light marks
1950645C Company featuring Terry NelsonBattle hymn of Lt. CalleyPlantationPL 73-VG£3.50US b/w 'Routine patrol'; light warp; few marks - plays EX
25539LPCajun bluesLes bleus du bayouBlue moonBMLP 1.045EXEX£10.001987 issue of 24/7/66 recordings; a few marks on b/cover; a few light marks
2944845Ian Campbell folk groupCome kiss me loveTransatlanticTRA SP6GVG£5.001966 b/w 'First time I ever saw your face'; tears, wear + yellowing on cover; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
8874LPIan Campbell folk groupPresenting the..Contour2870 314EXVG£7.0070's reissue of '64 LP; a few clicks o/w plays EX
1860LPIan Campbell folk groupSomething to sing aboutPyePKL 5506EXVG£10.001972
17595LPAlex CampbellAlex CampbellXtraXTRA 1014VGVG£12.001965 mono; 'IT' written b/cover; plays well with a few crackles
10708LPAlex CampbellAt his bestBoulevard4073EXEX£18.001972
3586LPAlex CampbellLiveSagaEROS 8028EXVG£7.001968
5547LPGlen CampbellAstounding 12 string guitar of..CapitolSM 2023EXEX£8.00'80's US 10 track reissue
27787LPGlen CampbellNo more nightWordWSTR 9653EXEX£8.001985
1809LPIan CampbellAnd folk group with Dave SwarbrickMFPSMFP 1349EXVG£8.001969
8875LPHenson CargillOn the roadBuckboardBBS 1012EXVG£8.00US; sellotape on edge split; a few crackles o/w plays EX
8876LPCarter family20 of the bestRCA intNL 89369EXEX£7.001984 compilation; sellotape on small spine split
27788LPCarter familyKeep on the sunny sideColumbiaCL 2152VGEX£12.001963 US mono; with special guest Johnny Cash; 2 small sticker tears f/cover
13889CDCarlene CarterLittle love lettersGiant74321 15606MintMint£5.001993
8857LPMartin Carthy & Dave SwarbrickLife & limbSpecial del.SPD 1030EXEX£10.001990
8828LPPeter CasePeter CaseGeffen924 1051EXEX£8.001986 + inner
27859LPJohnny Cash & June CarterJohnny & JuneCBS Bear familyBFX 15030VGEX£8.001978 German issue of '60's recordings; mono; small top edge split o/w EX
27962LPJohnny Cash & Waylon JenningsHeroesColumbiaFC 40347EXEX£8.001986 US
27805LPAndre Kostelanetz with Johnny CashGrand canyon suite: GrofeColumbia m/workMS 7425VGVG£10.001970 US grey 360 sound stereo label; Johnny Cash narrates 'A day in the Grand canyon'; light wear on cover; a couple of clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
14433LPJohnny Cash, JL Lewis & Carl PerkinsThe Survivors (live in Stuttgart)CBS85609EXEX£8.001982
14434LPJ Cash, JL Lewis, R Orbison, C PerkinsClass of '55: Memphis rock & roll homecomingAmerica/ smashUSAH 1EXEX£8.001989 a few light marks
14315LPJohnny Cash/ Jerry Lee LewisSunday down southSun/ GustoSUN 119EXEX£7.00US; 1 side each
1830745Johnny CashA thing called loveCBSS 7797-VG£2.001972 some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
1830545Johnny CashBlisteredCBS4638-VG£2.501969 some marks - a few crackles on b'side
960845Johnny CashIt's just about timeLondonHLS 8789-EX£18.001958 tri centre; a few light marks
1537745Johnny CashKaty tooLondonHLS 8928-EX£22.001959 1 small mark
1831045Johnny CashLadyCBSSCBS 5564-VG£2.001977 some crackles side 1
2618145Johnny CashThe chicken in blackCBSA 4723-EX£4.001984 b/w 'Battle of Nashville'
1830945Johnny CashThe last gunfighter balladCBSSCBS 5107-EX£3.001977 a few light marks
1830645Johnny CashWhat is truthCBSS 4934-VG£2.501970
1836845Johnny CashYou tell meLondonHLS 8979-EX£12.001959
18206EPJohnny CashFolsom prison bluesCBSEP 6601EXVG£8.001969 sticker mark on label; some marks - plays ok with a few crackles
1117EPJohnny CashIt ain't me babeCBSEP 6061VGVG£6.001965
15942EPJohnny CashJohnny Cash sings Hank WilliamsLondonRES 1193EXEX£30.001959 round centre; a few light marks
18304EPJohnny CashLittle Fauss & big Halsy & I walk the lineCBSS 9155VGG£3.501971 sticker tear f/cover; sticker mark on label; some light clicks tk1 side 1 o/w plays OK
15800LPJohnny CashA believer sings the truthCBS84123EXEX£8.001979
27814LPJohnny CashA believer sings the truthCachetCL3 9001VGVG/EX£12.001979 US Double/Gatefold; light wear on textured sleeve; light dish warp; a few marks disc1 - both discs play EX
8787LPJohnny CashA boy named SueCBS embassy31827EXEX£6.501980 compilation of '59-78 tracks
15796LPJohnny CashA thing called loveCBS64898VGVG£7.001972 orange label; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
27815LPJohnny CashAdventures of Johnny CashColumbiaFC 38094VGEX£8.001982 US; some ring wear; a few light marks
15797LPJohnny CashAny old wind that blowsCBS65431EXEX£10.001973 orange label
15751LPJohnny CashBallads of the American indian: Their thoughts..HarmonyKH 32388VGEX£8.001973 US
3582LPJohnny CashBallads of the true West - Vol 1CBSSBPG 62538EXVG£7.001965 Orange label; stereo; some surface noise
10259LPJohnny CashBallads of the true west - vol 2CBSBPG 62591VGVG£7.001966 orange label; pen on b/cover; some marks + crackles
27818LPJohnny CashBelieve in himWord nashvilleWR 8333EXEX£10.001985 US; light wear on cover
27793LPJohnny CashBitter tearsCBSBPG 62463VGVG£8.00Late '60's non flipback sleeve pressing of '64 LP; mono; light wear on cover; Dish warp - plays EX
15748LPJohnny CashBitter tears: Ballads of the American indianColumbiaCL 2248EXVG£8.00US mono issue of 1964 LP; light wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
27791LPJohnny CashBlood, sweat and tearsCBSBPG 62119VGVG£8.001962 Orange label; mono; sticker tear b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
27228LPJohnny CashBoy from Arkansas (the)MIB80201 - 80701VGVG/EX£50.006 LP collection of rare + mostly unavailable material; Black EX/ Red EX/ Green EX/ White VG/ Blue VG/ Yellow EX/ labels in identical colour coded covers; all discs play well with just a few crackles; some wear + yellow spotting on covers
27792LPJohnny CashChristmas spirit (the)CBSBPG 62284VGVG£8.001963 Orange label mono; a few crackles o/w plays EX
15874LPJohnny CashChristmas spirit (the)CBS cameo460 4611EXEX£8.0080's reissue of '63 LP; a few crackles
27806LPJohnny CashChristmas: The Johnny Cash familyColumbiaKC 31754VGEX£10.001972 US; Gatefold
27959LPJohnny CashClassic ChristmasColumbiaJC 36866VGEX£8.001980 US; corner creases on cover; some light marks
27809LPJohnny CashDestination Victoria stationColumbia CSPVS 150VGVG£15.001975 US; some ring wear f/cover; some yellow spotting b/cover; a few marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
15750LPJohnny CashEverybody loves a nutCBS62717EXEX£8.0070's orange label pressing of '66 LP; a few light marks
15792LPJohnny CashFabulous Johnny Cash (the)ColumbiaLE 10063EXEX£8.00US reissue of '59 LP; all record company details blacked out at factory; a few light marks
27800LPJohnny CashFrom sea to shining seaCBS62972EXVG£8.001967 Orange label; Dish warp + a few marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
15849LPJohnny CashGone girlCBS83323EXEX£8.001978
27957LPJohnny CashGospel road (the)CBS66243VGVG/EX£10.001973 Orange labels' Double/Gatefold + 4 page glued insert; light wear on cover; light dish warp; some marks side1 - plays EX
15756LPJohnny CashGreatest hits - vol 3Columbia35637EXEX£8.001978 US; in shrinkwrap
27798LPJohnny CashHappiness is youCBSSBPG 62760VGEX£10.001966 Orange label; stereo; some yellowing b/cover
15798LPJohnny CashHello, I'm Johnny CashCBS63796VGEX£8.00Orange label; light wear on cover; light warp
27801LPJohnny CashHymns by Johnny CashColumbiaCS 8125VGEX£15.00Late '60's US red 360 sound stereo label with white print issue of '59 LP
27804LPJohnny CashHymns from the heartColumbiaCS 8522VGEX£12.00Late '60's US red 360 sound stereo label with white print issue of '62 LP
27817LPJohnny CashI believe..ArrivalNU 3870EXEX£8.001984 US; small stain along bottom edge of cover; a couple of light marks
27794LPJohnny CashI walk the lineCBSS 62371EXVG£8.00Smooth Orange label issue of '64 LP; stereo; Dish warp - plays EX
15754LPJohnny CashI would like to see you againCBSKC 35313EXVG£7.001978 Canada; sale hole; light warp + a few marks - plays EX
27956LPJohnny CashInternational superstarCBS67284EXEX/EX£12.001972 Holland; Double/Gatefold; Orange labels; light wear on cover
8877LPJohnny CashItchy feet - 20 foot tappin' greatsCBS10009MintEX£7.501978 compilation; in shrinkwrap
15851LPJohnny CashJohnny 99CBS25471EXEX£8.001983 some creases along spine
15808LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash at the country storeCountry storeCST 011EXEX£7.001985 compilation; corner crease
27808LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash children's albumColumbiaC 32898VGVG£8.001975 US; light wear on cover; some light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
8710LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash is coming to townMercuryMERH 108EXEX£8.001987 a few light marks
27807LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash pa OsterakerCBS65308VGVG£8.001974 Orange label; Holland; wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
8940LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash portrait - His greatest hits vol 2CBSS 64506EXEX£7.001972 orange label; a few light marks
8830LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash show (the)CBSS 64089EXVG£7.001970 orange label; some wear on b/cover; some marks - plays EX
15745LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash show (the)CBS64089VGEX£7.501970 orange label; a few light marks
27810LPJohnny CashJohnny Cash sings precious memoriesColumbiaC 33087EXEX£10.001975 US; light wear on cover; a few marks
15752LPJohnny CashJunkie & the juicehead minus me (the)CBS80347EXVG£8.001974 orange label; a few crackles tk1 side 2 o/w plays EX
27816LPJohnny CashKoncert v Praze (In Prague live)CBS Supraphon1113 3278 ZDEXVG£10.001983 Czech issue of 11/4/78 live recordings; a few marks - plays EX
19336LPJohnny CashLast gunfighter ballad (the)CBS81566VGEX£7.001977 a few light marks
27795LPJohnny CashLonesome meLondonHAS 8253VGEX£15.00Late '60's Black label pressing of '65 LP; mono; light wear on cover; a few light marks
15806LPJohnny CashMore of old golden throatBear family CBSBFX 15073EXEX£10.001982 Holland
27821LPJohnny CashMore of Old golden throatCBS63521VGEX£8.001969 compilation of '58-67 recordings; Orange label; mono; some yellowing b/cover
27819LPJohnny CashMystery of lifeMercury848 051-1EXEX£12.001991
15743LPJohnny CashNow there was a songCBSBPG 62028EXEX£12.0060's reissue of '60 LP; mono; a few marks
27803LPJohnny CashNow, there was a songColumbiaCS 8254VGEX£15.00Late '60's US red 360sound stereo label with white print issue of '60 LP; light wear on cover; some light marks
27820LPJohnny CashOld golden throatCBSM 63316VGVG£8.001969 compilationn of '59-67 tracks; Orange label; mono; small spine split; some yellowing b/cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
6458LPJohnny CashOld golden throatCharlyCR 300 005EXEX£8.00'80's compilation of '55-60 tracks; mono
15805LPJohnny CashOld golden throatBear family CBSBFX 15072EXEX£10.001981 Holland
8709LPJohnny CashOne piece at a timeCBS32016EXEX£8.001976
8878LPJohnny CashOriginal golden hits - vol 1Sun6467 001EXEX£7.001969 "Golden treasure" series; a few light marks
27790LPJohnny CashOriginal Sun soundLondonHAS 8220VGVG£12.001964 Plum label; mono; some yellowing b/cover; sellotape tear bottom corner b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
15460LPJohnny CashRagged old flagCBS80113EXVG£7.001974 orange label; light wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
27961LPJohnny CashRainbowColumbia5C 39951EXEX£10.001985 US
8834LPJohnny CashRambler (the)CBS82156EXEX£8.001977
27796LPJohnny CashRide this trainCBSBPG 62575VGVG£8.001965 Orange label reissue of '60 LP; mono; small tear on opening f/cover; some marks - plays EX
14310LPJohnny CashRide this trainPhilipsBBL 7417VGVG£12.001960 mono; plays well with some crackles
8938LPJohnny CashRing of fire - The best of..CBSSBPG 62171EXVG£7.00Smooth orange label issue of '63 LP; a few clicks + crackles
8832LPJohnny CashRockabilly bluesCBS84607VGEX£7.001980 + insert
4131LPJohnny CashShowtimeSun6467 016EXVG£7.001969 plays EX
27813LPJohnny CashSilverColumbiaJC 36086VGVG£7.501979 US; a few marks - plays EX
16639LPJohnny CashSings the songs that made him famousLondonHAS 2157EXEX£50.001959 mono
27960LPJohnny CashSings with B.C Goodpasture christian schoolGoodpasture CS79 CHSVGEX£10.001979 US + poster
15793LPJohnny CashSongs of our soilColumbiaCS 8148EXEX£20.00US stereo issue of '59 LP; some light ring wear f/cover
27802LPJohnny CashSound of Johnny Cash (the)ColumbiaCS 8602VGEX£15.00Late '60's US red 360 sound stereo label with white print issue of '62 LP; some ring wear; a few light marks
15807LPJohnny CashSound of Johnny Cash (the)CBS embassy31508EXEX£6.00Issue of '74LP
27811LPJohnny CashStrawberry cakeCBS81211EXEX£10.001976 light wear on cover
27823LPJohnny CashTall manCBS Bear familyBFX 15033 13613VGEX£8.001979 Holland; some wear on cover
1690LPJohnny CashThe man, the world, his musicSun664 1008EXEX/EX£12.001974 Double/Gatefold
27812LPJohnny CashUnissued Johnny Cash (the)CBS Bear familyLSP 13443VGEX£10.001978 Holland; some wear on cover
15744LPJohnny CashWalls of a prison (the)CBS52825EXEX£10.001970 Holland; small mark f/cover
8712LPJohnny CashWater from the wells of homeMercury834 7781EXEX£8.001988
33974CDJohnny CashAmerican III: Solitary manAmerican51011 2794-2EXEX£4.002000 light crease on back insert; a few light marks on disc
13750CDJohnny CashAmerican IV: The man comes aroundAmerican063 3392EXEX£5.002002
6843CDJohnny CashAmerican recordingsAmerican491 7972MintMint£6.001994
30233CDJohnny CashAt Folson prisonColumbia legacy495244 2EXEX£4.001999 CD reisue of '68 recording with bonus tracks
13953CDJohnny CashJC is coming to town today/ Boom chicka boomMercury088 170 2832SealedSealed£5.002003 sealed - crack on case
12811CDJohnny CashLifeColumbia515 1362MintMint£6.502004 compiltion; vol 4 to Love, God, Murder trilogy
13954CDJohnny CashMurderColumbia489 6432SealedSealed£6.502000 compilation; digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
13749CDJohnny CashSilverColumbia5094 132MintMint£6.002002 issue of'79 LP
13766CDJohnny CashWater from the wells of homeMercury834 7782EXEX£4.501988
8941LPRosanne CashHits 1979-1989ColumbiaOC 45054EXEX£8.001989 edge splits on inner; cover stamped "promo"
8942LPRosanne CashKing's record shopCBS450 9161EXEX£8.001987 + insert; cover stamped "demo"
14268LPRosanne CashRhythm & romanceCBS26366EXEX£7.001985 + insert
27963LPRosanne CashSomewhere in the starsColumbiaFC 37570VGEX£8.001982 US; edge splits on inner
1831145Tommy CashSo this is loveEpicEPC 7136-G£1.501971 no centre; some marks + crackles
14160LPTommy CashThe American way of lifeEpic30860VGEX£8.001971 US
33555LPCeltic fringeCeltic fringeBlackwater folkPPO 3244EXEX£25.001987 + Blackwater folk club insert; a few light marks
25411LPBryan ChalkerBryan Chalker's new frontierChapter oneCMS 1010VGVG£10.001972 sellotape marks along top + bottom edges of cover; some light marks - plays well with a few spots of light distortion
8848LPBryan ChalkerThe hanging of Samuel HallAvenueAVE 071VGG£10.001971 as "New frontier" some surface marks - plays well w/some crackles
29678LPLen ChandlerTo be a manCBSBPG 62951VGVG£12.001966 Orange label; Mono; some wear + creasing on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
13751CDKenny ChesneyEverywhere we goBNA07863 67655EXEX£5.001999 US
2048545Jim ChesnutGet back to loving meABC hickoryAH 54038-G£2.001978 US Promo; b/w 'Kinder than the last one'; hairline crack - plays well with a few light crackles
2048445Jim ChesnutShow me a signABC hickoryAH 54033-G£2.001978 US Promo; mono + stereo versions; hairline crack - few light crackles o/w plays EX
13767CDKathy ChiavolaLabor of loveRagged but..RBRCD 1002EXEX£6.001993
7429LPChieftainsBallad of the Irish horseCladdaghCCF 15SealedSealed£8.001985 sealed in shrinkwrap
8395LPChieftainsChieftains in China (The)CladdaghCC 42EXEX£8.001984 Ireland; Gatefold
8849LPChieftainsThe Chieftains 3CladdaghCC 10EXVG£8.001971 Ireland; a few crackles o/w plays EX
6505LPChieftainsThe Chieftains 5IslandILPS 9334EXEX£8.001975 Gatefold
8820LPChieftainsThe Chieftains 8CBS83262EXEX£8.001978 a few light marks
8843LPChieftainsThe Chieftains 9 - Boil the breakfat earlyCBS84081VGVG£7.001979 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
8879LPChieftainsThe Chieftains live !IslandILPS 9501VGVG£7.001977 a few light marks - plays EX
15956CDChieftainsTears of stoneRCA victor689 682EXEX£6.001999
4334CDChieftainsThe Celtic harpRCA victor614 902EXEX£6.001993
11688CDSChieftains & CorrsI know my loveRCA victor09026 63449EXEX£3.001999
8943LPClancy brothersFlowers in the valleyCBSS 63923EXVG£6.501969 surface marks - plays well w/some crackles; 2 small pen marks b/cover
8945LPClancy brothers & Tommy MakemHearty & hellishCBSSBPG 62020EXEX£10.00Smooth orange label issue of '62 LP
8946LPClannadIn concertOghamBLB 5001EXEX£12.001978 Ireland; Gatefold
9089LPClannadMacallaRCAPL 70894EXEX£7.501985 + inner; a few light marks
9007LPClannadMagical ringRCAPL 70003EXEX£8.001983
3950CDClannadBanbaBMG139 612MintMint£6.001993 reviewers copy
9975CDClannadDulamanGael LinnCEF CD058EXEX£6.00CD issue of '76 LP
3949CDClannadLandmarksBMG560 072MintMint£6.001998
3930CDClannadLore / Themes & dreams (bonus disc)BMG359 752MintM/M£8.001996
30234CDClannadMagical ringRCAND 71473EXEX£3.50German CD reissue of '83 LP; 2 small case marks f/cover
11689CDClannadPast presentRCAPD 74074EXEX£5.001989
3928CDClannadThe Ultimate collectionBMG486 742MintMint£6.001997
14139LPGuy ClarkBetter daysWarner bros123 880VGVG£6.501983 US; 3 small cuts on opening; a few light marks - plays EX
8850LPGuy ClarkGreatest hitsRCA victorAHL1 4871EXEX£10.001983 US; v.small sale cut
8822LPGuy ClarkTexas cookin'RCA victorRS 1097EXEX£10.001976 light stains on vinyl
14121LPGuy ClarkThe best of Guy ClarkRCA intINTS 5196EXEX£7.001982 compilation of '75-6 tracks; some marks
1950745Roy ClarkCome live with meDotDOA 17449-EX£4.001973 US; b/w 'Darby's castle'
1950845Roy ClarkSomewhere between love & tomorrowDotDOA 17480-EX£4.001973 US; b/w 'I'll paint you a song'
2048645Roy ClarkThe happy daysABCAB 12402-EX£5.001978 US Promo; same track both sides
20030LPRoy ClarkThe best of Roy ClarkDotDOS 25986VGEX£7.001971 US
31703CDTerry ClarkeCall up a hurricaneMinidokaMICD 001EXEX£10.001990
8836LPJack ClementAll I want to do in lifeElektra6E 122EXEX£10.001978 US; couple of light marks
12361LPPatsy ClineAlways..MCAMUP 350EXVG£7.501969 issue of '64 LP; mono; some light ring wear; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
15018LPPatsy ClineWalking after midnightEmberCW 134EXEX£8.0070's pressing of '68 LP; a few light marks
13890CDPatsy ClineHer first recordings - vol 2: Hungry for loveRhinoR2 70048EXEX£3.501989 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
13891CDPatsy ClineHer first recordings - vol 3: The rockin' sideRhinoR2 70050EXEX£4.001989 US
31744CDPatsy ClineThe Definitive Patsy Cline 1932-1963ArcadeARC 94992EXEX/EX£4.001992 Double CD compilation; light creases on front insert; a few light marks on disc 1
4996LPCloudHallowed groundKingswayKMR 369EXEX£10.001982
16640LPCloudWatered gardenKingswayDOVE 44EXVG£18.001976 Gatefold; some marks - plays ok w/some light clicks + crackles
8881LPCommander Cody & lost planet airmenTales from the ozoneWarner brosK 56158VGEX£8.001975 small sticker tear f/cover
8950LPDavid Allan CoeCastles in the sandCBS25346EXEX£8.001983 cover stamped "demo"
8948LPDavid Allan CoeD.A.CColumbiaFC 38093EXEX£8.001982 edge splits on inner; a few light marks
8947LPDavid Allan CoeHello in thereColumbiaFC 38926EXVG£7.001983 US; cover stamped "promo"; a few marks + light warp - plays EX
14162LPDavid Allan CoeI've got something to sayColumbiaJC 36489EXVG£6.501980 US; edge splits on inner; a few marks - plays EX
14163LPDavid Allan CoeJust divorcedCBS26012EXVG£6.001984 cover Demo stamped; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
8952LPDavid Allan CoeSon of the southColumbiaFC 40346EXEX£8.001986 US; cover stamped "promo"; light warp
16376LPDavid Allan CoeTennessee whiskeyColumbiaAL 37454VGVG£6.001981 US; a few marks - plays EX
16037LPDavid Allan CoeTexas moonCharlyCRL 5006EXVG£7.501977 a few crackles o/w plays EX
13752CDDavid Allan CoeSuper hitsColumbiaCK 53311MintMint£4.501993 US; sale hole back cover
9829LPBrian Coll & PlattermenBrian Coll's IrelandEmerald gemGES 1081EXVG£7.00Reissue of '66 LP; biro by titles b/cover; some crackles
3127245Judy CollinsSomeday soonElektraEKSN 45053-VG£3.001968 b/w 'My father'; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
16039LPTommy CollinsCowboys get lucky some of the timeGWGW105EXEX£8.001980
16038LPTommy CollinsWords & music country styleStetsonHAT 3050EXEX£10.0080's reissue of '57 LP; mono
8852LPColt 45Live like a hoboOmega int444 092-GEXEX£8.001976 Holland
8851LPJessi ColterJessiCapitolST 11477EXEX£8.001976 US; edge split on inner; a few light marks
13768CDConfederate railroadConfederate railroadAtlantic7823 352EXEX£5.001992 US
13770CDConfederate railroadUnleashedAudium8137MintMint£6.002001 US
13769CDConfederate railroadWhen & whereAtlantic07567 82774MintMint£6.001995
1950945John ConleeBackside of thirtyABCAB 12455-G£2.501978 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
17899LPJohn ConleeGreatest hits - volume 2MCAMCA 5642EXEX£7.501985 US; a few light marks
1951045Earl Thomas ConleyFire & smokeSunbirdSBR 7561-EX£5.00US b/w 'I've loved you girl'
8882LPLloyd "Cowboy" Copas & Harold "Hawkshaw" HawkinsIn memoryKing/ StardaySLP 835EXVG£8.001975 US compilation
1951145Randy CornorHurt as big as TexasCherryCS 783-EX£4.501978 US; b/w 'Maybe you should've been listening'
3507EPCorriesThe Corrie Folk TrioWaverleyELP 129VGG£5.001963 Scotland; vinyl scruffy with surface noise
10877LPCorriesA little of what you fancyColumbiaSCX 6546VGEX£8.001973
3998LPCorriesDawning of the dayDaraPA 040EXEX£10.001982 short click track 1 side 1
3412LPCorriesIn retrospectTalismanSTAL 5005EXVG£8.001970 as Corrie folk trio with Paddy Bell
4167LPCorriesKishmul's galleyFontanaSTL 5465EXEX£12.001968 a couple of light crackles
9090LPCorriesLive at the Lyceum theatre EdinburghEMI noteNTS 109EXVG£7.00Reissue of '71 LP; some light ring wear; some marks + a few crackles
766LPCorriesLive from Scotland - vol 1DaraPA 002EXVG£9.001974
4045LPCorriesLive from Scotland - vol 2Pan audioPA 008EXEX£10.001975 recorder on tour 1974/5
3997LPCorriesLive from Scotland - vol 3Pan audioPA 015EXEX£10.00Recorded in 1975 on tour
4004LPCorriesPeat fire flameDaraPA 024EXEX£10.001977
3352LPCorriesScottish love songsFontanaACB 00191EXEX£10.001970 Gatefold
767LPCorriesStrings & thingsColumbiaSCX 6442EXEX£10.001970
4088LPBob CortEskimo NellDeccaLKEXEX£25.001959 mono
1996045Johnny CottonPlease tellRed jetRJ1-VG£5.00Some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
8883LPCountry cousinsCousinsDJM silverlineDJSL 035EXEX£10.001974
33975CDRiley Crabtree1955-1963BACMCDD 567EXEX£7.00A few light marks on disc
2048745Billy "Crash" CraddockDon JuanABCAB 12384-EX£5.001976 US Promo; same track both sides
1831345Billy "Crash" CraddockRobinhoodCapitol4753-VG£2.501979 US; warp - plays EX
1831445Billy "Crash" CraddockRub it inMCAD 2712-VG£2.501974 US; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
14164LPBilly "Crash" CraddockCrash CraddockMCA39054VGEX£6.501986 US; some wear on Promo stamped cover
14166LPBilly "Crash" CraddockMr country rockABCABCX 788EXEX£10.001973 US; a few creases f/cover
14165LPBilly "Crash" CraddockStill thinkin' bout youABCABCD 875VGEX£8.001975 US; corner sale cut; sticker tear f/cover
1951245Dane CrawfordI'll love you in the sun or in the rainCRP# 0001-VG£3.001980 US; b/w 'You're a honky tonk man'; warp - plays EX
8801LPRodney CrowellAin't living long like thisWarner brosBSK 3228EXEX£8.001978 US + inner; a few light marks
14311LPRodney CrowellRodney CrowellWarner brosK 56934EXEX£8.001981 + inner; some light wear on cover
14227LPRodney CrowellStreet languageCBS57021EXEX£8.001986 + insert
13772CDRodney CrowellRodney Crowell collection (the)Warner bros9259 652EXEX£4.501989 US; a few marks
13775CDRodney CrowellSuper hitsColumbia480 7132EXEX£3.501995 10 track compilation
26779LPSonny CurtisLove is all aroundElektra6E 283VGVG£8.001980 US; sale cut; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
13892CDBilly Ray CyrusCover to cover: The best of..Mercury534 8372MintMint£4.501997
14225LPLacy J DaltonHard timesCBS32769EXEX£8.001980
14124LPLacy J DaltonTakin' it easyCBS85048VGVG£6.001981 some light marks + crackles
8823LPDick DamronLost in the musicRCA victorPL 42490EXEX£8.001978
2592145Dandy & Doolittle bandWho were you thinkin' ofColumbia1-11355-EX£4.001980 US Demo; same track both sides
8956LPCharlie Daniels BandA decade of hitsEpicEPC 25587EXEX£8.001983 light sticker mark f/cover
8957LPCharlie Daniels BandFull moonEpicXFE 36571EXEX£8.001980 Canada
8955LPCharlie Daniels BandMe & the boysEpicEPC 26700EXEX£8.001985 cover stamped "demo"
8958LPCharlie Daniels BandMillion mile reflectionsEpicJE 35751EXEX£8.001979 US; cover sramped "promo"; edge splits on inner
8959LPCharlie Daniels BandWindowsEpicEPC 85443EXEX£8.001982 Holland + inner; cover stamped "demo"; a few light marks
13818CDCharlie Daniels BandAmerica, I believe in youLibertyC2 80477VGVG£3.501993 US Promo; wear on digipak; marks on disc - plays perfectly
29651LPSkeeter Davis & Bobby BareTunes for twoRCA victorRD 7711EXEX£15.001965 Mono; Black/Red spot label; light wear on cover
28387LPMac DavisAll the love in the worldCBS80587EXEX£8.001975 Orange label
3655LPMac DavisBaby don't get hooked on meCBS65231EXEX£8.001972 Orange label
28385LPMac DavisBurnin' thingCBS80864EXEX£8.001975 Orange sunburst label; sleeve printed in Holland
22044LPMac DavisMidnight crazyCasablanca6480 057VGEX£7.501981 top edge split o/w EX
28386LPMac DavisTexas in my rear view mirrorCasablancaNBLP 7239EXEX£8.001980 US; + inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks
22041LPMac DavisThunder in the afternoonCBS81562VGEX£8.001977 light wear on cover
13753CDBilly DeanBilly DeanCapitol7967 282MintMint£6.001991 US
2048845Tommy DeeAdd another fool to the stringSincereBB 833 17-EX£4.00US b/w 'Then I'll go home'; few light crackles
8176CDJohn DenverAnnies song - The unplugged collectionUniversalCD 204EXEX£10.002001 Japan
8855LPNigel DenverWearing of the greenAce of clubsSCL 1271EXEX£12.001969 mild yellowing of edges of b/cover
140645Big Pete DeucherIt comes & goesFontanaTF 423-VG£4.001963
9598LPDevils in disguiseRevealedGet movingGET 1EXEX£10.001988
2296945Roy DicksonBridgit Teresa O'Reilly O'TooleFontanaTF 677-EX£5.001966 b/w Three cheers for king Billy; a few light marks
14167LPDillardsCountry tracks: The best of..ElektraK 52035EXVG£10.001976 signed by Doug Dillard; small sticker mark + '9' written f/cover; some marks - plays EX
2878LPDillardsRoots & branchesAnthemANS 5901VGVG£8.001972 US Gatefold; sale cut
8960LPJerry Donahue & Doug MorterBrief encountersFunFUN 005EXEX£10.001990 Gatefold
17760LPMichael DoucetDit beausoleilArhoolie5025EXVG£8.001982 US; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
27825LPJimmie DriftwoodSongs of Billy Yank and Johnny RebRCANL 89994EXEX£8.0080's reissue of '61 LP; German; light wear on cover; a few light marks
1951345Don DrummBedroom eyesChurchillCR 7704-G£2.00US b/w 'Stoney'; hairline crack - plays EX
26800LPRoy DruskyRoy Drusky's greatest hitsMercury135 991 MCYEXEX£10.00Factory sample; Holland; 'Country & western aces' series; laminated f/cover
1142045DublinersAll for me grogMajor minorMM 521-VG£3.001967 some crackles
1715445DublinersSeven drunken nightsHMVPOP 2010-EX£3.5080's HMV Golden greats series b/w 'Whiskey on a Sunday'
2419LPDublinersA parcel of roguesPolydor2383 387EXVG£7.001976
32767LPDublinersBest of the Dubliners (the)Trans atlanticTRA 2-158EXEX/EX£12.001972 German; Double/Gatefold; a few light marks on discs
9093LPDublinersFinnegan wakesTrans atlanticTRA 139VGVG£8.001966 mono; a few marks + crackles
3359LPDublinersProdigal sonPolydorPOLD 5079EXEX£8.001983 Promo
8961LPDublinersSeven deadly sinsEMI starlineSRS 5101EXVG£6.5070's issue of '68 LP; some wear on b/cover; a few marks + crackles
8928LPDublinersThe town I loved so wellPolydor2384 119EXVG£6.5080's issue of '73 LP; a few crackles o/w plays EX
8922LPDublinersTogether againChymeCHLP 1012EXVG£7.001979 Ireland; a few clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
1557345Johnny DuffyGalway bayFontanaEH 315-EX£3.501961 Ireland
28085LPStoney EdwardsDown home in the countryCapitolST 834EXEX£12.001971 US; Red label; in shrinkwrap
14168LPJoe ElyDig all nightDemonFiend 130EXEX£7.501988 small sticker mark f/cover
14171LPJoe ElyHi-ResMCAMCA 5480EXEX£8.001984 US + inner;a few light marks
14170LPJoe ElyMusta notta gotta lottaMCAMCF 3099VGEX£6.501981 a few light marks
14174LPJoe ElyWhatever happened to MariaSun stormSSAD 07EXVG£6.501989
13894CDJoe ElyLive shotsMCAMCAD 10816EXEX£5.00US CD issue of '80 LP; sale hole back cover
18540EPCousin Emmy & KinfolkKentucky mountain ballads - vol 2BrunswickOE 9259VGVG£10.001956 tri centre; some laminate peel; plays ok w/some crackles
13934CDTy EnglandTy EnglandRCA74321 28593MintMint£5.001995
29679LPTerry EwersAnother wanted manPolydor583 028VGVG£8.001968 Stereo; 'Salvage' stamped on label + b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
1951445Jim FaganThe last encoreWebcorWv 101-VG£3.50US b/w 'The night my lady learned to love'; warp - plays EX
2297045Barbara Fairchildteddy bear songCBSCBS 1419-EX£5.001972 White 'A' label Promo; b/w (You make me feel like) Singing star; light sticker mark on label
1951545Donna FargoLittle girl goneDotDOA 17476-VG£2.501973 US; b/w 'Just call me'; few clicks on b'side
23866LPJulie FelixThe Second albumDeccaLK 4724VGVG£10.001965 Unboxed Decca label; mono; small tear on opening f/cover; some yellowing b/cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2048945Narvel FeltsOne run for the rosesABCAB 12414-EX£4.001978 US Promo; same track both sides
14117LPNarvel FeltsInside loveABCAY 1080EXVG£7.001978 US; light sticker mark f/cover promo stamped; a few light marks + crackles
14224LPNarvel FeltsNarvel the marvelABC dotDOSD 2033EXEX£7.501976 US corner sale cut; a few light marks
1951645Freddie FenderToday's your weddingInstant3332-EX£6.001976 US; b/w 'Some people say'; light warp
8854LPFive hand reelFive hand reelRCA victorPL 25065VGVG£7.001976 + insert; some crackles
2057345FlatbushSnug as a bug in a rugDenimDR 103EXEX£6.00US b/w 'Loaded'; a few marks
1099645Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy mountain breakdownCBS3038-VG£3.001967
22153LPLester Flatt & Earl ScruggsChangin' timesCBSS 63251VGVG£8.001968 Orange label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
28949LPLester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFlatt & ScruggsCBS25018EXEX£8.001982 compilation of '52-59 recordings; 'CBS historic edition' series; mono
9095LPLester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy montain breakdownPhilips6336 255EXVG£6.00'70's issue of '63 compilation of '48-51 tracks; warp - plays EX
31911LPLester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy mountain breakdownPhilips6336 255EXEX£8.001977 Plain White label test pressing; a few light marks
1836945Lester FlattBack to BirminghamRCA victor74 0680-EX£4.001972 US; b/w 'You're still mine tonight'; 'C&W' written on label
9096LPLester FlattFoggy mountain breakdownRCA victorLSA 3136VGEX£8.001972 couple of crackles
29680LPRed Foley & Ernest TubbRed and ErnieBrunswickLAT 8206GG£8.001957 Mono; sellotape on top edge tears; '540' written on b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few spots of light distortion
27454LPAllen Fontenot & Country cajunsOld fais do do songsDeltaDLP 1123VGVG£10.001980 US; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
15114LPTennessee Ernie Ford & JordanairesSwing wide your golden gateWordWST 9588VGEX£8.001979 small edge split; a few light marks
2606245Tennessee Ernie FordThe little drummer boyCapitolCL 15426-EX£5.001965 Factory sample; b/w 'Sing we now of Christmas'
1735210"Tennessee Ernie FordThis lusty landCapitolLC 6825EXVG£12.001956 mono; light wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
27826LPTennessee Ernie FordSing a hymn with meCapitolST 1332EXEX£8.0070's issue of '60 LP; light wear on cover
27827LPTennessee Ernie FordSings civil war songs of the NorthCapitolSM 1539VGEX£8.001980's US yellow label issue of '61 LP; a few light marks
27828LPTennessee Ernie FordSings civil war songs of the SouthCapitolSM 1540VGEX£8.001980's US yellow label issue of '61 LP; bottom edge split
27031CDKeith FrankWhat's his nameMaison de soulMDS 1053-2MintMint£8.001994 US
14780LPRon FraserI'm gonna sing my songPye intNSPL 28202EXVG£7.501974 a few crackles o/w plays EX
6620LPFrogmortonAt lastPhilips6308 261VGVG£10.001976
5233LPFinbar FureyTraditional Irish pipe musicXtraXTRA 1077EXVG£10.001969 warp; plays EX
33457LPFinbar & Eddie FureyThe Lonesome boatmanTransaltlanticTRA 191VGVG£10.001969 shop stamp b/cover; sellotape tear along bottom edge b/cover; a few marks - plays EX with a few crackles
1951745Micki FuhrmanGoodbye darling I'm over youLouisiana hay..RPA 7626-VG£3.501977 US; b/w 'Cowboy'; warp o/w EX
4569LPGaberlunzieFreedoms swordRevivalRVS 1010EXVG£8.001974
1557445Bridie GallagherMoonlight in MayBeltonaBE 2711-EX£3.501959 Ireland; b/w 'In the heart of Donegal'
8853LPDick GaughanCall it freedomCeltic musicCM 041EXEX£8.001988 + inner
1526645Don GibsonBlue blue dayRCARCA 1073-EX£15.001958 tri centre
1526745Don GibsonSea of heartbreakRCARCA 1243-EX£8.001961
9100LPDon GibsonI love you so much it hurtsRCA intINTS 1024EXVG£7.001969 some marks + a few crackles
10710LPDon GibsonI wrote a songRCASF 7576EXVG£7.0070's orange label issue of '63 LP; some marks + a few crackles o/w plays EX
14083LPDon GibsonI'm the lonliest manHickoryH3G 4519EXEX£8.001975 US; corner sale cut; a few light marks
14085LPDon GibsonKing of country soul (the)RCA victorRD 7985EXEX£10.001969 mono; a few light crackles
14087LPDon GibsonMore country soulRCA victorSF 8005EXVG£8.001969 a few crackles o/w plays EX
14381LPDon GibsonSample kissesHarmonyH 31765VGEX£6.001972 US
14088LPDon GibsonSnap your fingersHickoryH3F 4509VGEX£8.001974 US; sale cut + sticker mark on cover; couple of marks
9101LPDon GibsonThe best of Don GibsonRCA victorLSA 3003EXVG£7.001970 some light marks - plays EX
14086LPDon GibsonTouch the morning/ That's what I'll doHickoryHR 4501VGVG£6.001973 US; sale cut + some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with some crackles
14084LPDon GibsonYou win againSundownSDLP 023VGEX£6.001985 sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks
13778CDVince GillLet's make sure we kiss goodbyeMCA170 0982MintMint£6.002000
13780CDVince GillThe essential Vince GillRCA07863 66535MintMint£5.001995
13781CDVince GillThe keyMCAUMD 80523MintMint£5.001998
13777CDVince GillWhen love finds youMCAMCD 11078EXEX£5.001994
1951845Mickey GilleyCity lightsPlayboyP 6015-VG£2.501974 US; b/w 'Fraulein'; some light marks - plays EX
13784CDJimmy Dale GilmoreSpinning around the sunElektra7559 61502EXEX£5.001993 small sale cut
31956LPGinger jug bandThe Ginger jug bandGJBGJB 001EXVG£18.001972 mono; light wear on cover; mark tracks 1+2 side 1 - plays well with a few crackles
4133LPGlorylandersAbout timeIBASECC 1205EXEX£10.001973
23871LPGlorylandersVolume oneIBASECC 1203VGEX£12.001969 light wear on cover; some light marks
8824LPJohn GoodluckMonday's childeTraditionTSR 028EXEX£20.001977
14089LPVern GosdinThere is a seasonCompleatCPL1 1008EXEX£8.001984 US
4134LPGrandpa JonesGrandpa liveMonumentSMO 5041EXVG£8.001970 plays EX
12184LPJack GreeneYou are my treasureMCAMUPS 339EXEX£8.001968 couple of marks
1611245Terry GregoryI can't say goodbye to youHandshakeWS9 02563-EX£3.001981 US Promo - same track both sides
1611145Terry GregoryI never knew the devil's eyes were blueHandshakeWS9 02736-EX£3.001982 US stamped Demo; b/w 'I need another lover'; light warp
1611445Terry GregoryI'm takin' a heart breakHandshakeWS9 02959-EX£3.001982 US Promo - same track both sides
1611345Terry GregoryYou don't own meHandshakeWS4 03262-EX£3.001982 US Promo - same track both sides
34028LPDavid GrismanThe David Grisman albumRounder0069VGEX£10.001976 Canada; some light marks
4312LPChuck GuilloryGrand TexasArhoolie5039MintEX£10.001988 US; in shrinkwrap; sale cut
769LPWoody GuthrieColumbia river collectionTopic12T 448MintEX£8.001988; In shrinkwrap
14450LPMerle Haggard & George JonesA taste of yesterdays wineEpicEPC 25012EXEX£8.001982
6494LPMerle Haggard & George JonesA taste of yesterdays wineEpicEPC 25012EXEX£8.001982
14097LPMerle Haggard & Willie NelsonPoncho & LeftyEpicEPC 85754EXVG£6.001982 + insert; some light marks - plays well with a few light crackles
6600LPMerle Haggard & Willie NelsonSeashores of old MexicoEpicFE 40293EXEX£8.001987 US
27872LPMerle Haggard & Bonnie OwensJust between the two of usStetsonHAT 3073EXEX£8.0080's reissue of '66 LP; corner crease; a few light marks
14414LPMerle Haggard & Leona WilliamsHeart to heartMercuryMERL 29VGEX£6.501983 sticker tears f/cover
27850LPMerle Haggard5:01 bluesEpic465 1841VGEX£7.501989 light wear on cover
14382LPMerle HaggardA friend in CaliforniaEpicFE 40286EXEX£8.001986 US
27833LPMerle HaggardA portrait of Merle HaggardCapitolST 319VGEX£10.001969 Lime green label; US; light wear on cover
27837LPMerle HaggardA Tribute to the best damn fiddle player in worldCapitolST 638EXVG£10.001970 US Lime green label; Salute to Bob Willis; light wear on cover; light warp; a few light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
8886LPMerle HaggardA working man can't get nowhere todayCapitolEST 11693EXVG£7.001977 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
27848LPMerle HaggardAmber waves of grainEpicEPC 26811VGEX£7.501985 2 small sticker marks f/cover; a couple of crackles
8861LPMerle HaggardBack to the barroomsMCAMCF 3089EXVG£6.501980 edge warp - plays EX
27832LPMerle HaggardBranded manCapitolST 2789VGEX£12.001968 US Rainbow rim issue of '67 LP; sellotape mark on top corner of spine
8962LPMerle HaggardBranded manCapitolEG260 5291EXEX£7.001985 compilation of '65-71 tracks; factory sample; light sticker mark f/cover; a few crackles
14411LPMerle HaggardChill factorEpic460 7831EXEX£8.001987
14412LPMerle HaggardEleven winnersCapitolST 11745EXEX£8.001978 US; a couple of crackles
14436LPMerle HaggardEpic collection - recorded live (the)EpicEPC 25806EXEX£7.001983 light wear on cover; a few light marks + crackles
27835LPMerle HaggardFightin' side of me (the)CapitolST 541VGVG£8.001970 US; Lime green label; some wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
27846LPMerle HaggardGoin' home for ChristmasEpicFE 38307EXEX£8.001982 US; in shrinkwrap; corner crease
27847LPMerle HaggardGoing where the lonely goEpicEPC 25024VGVG£7.001982 light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
14385LPMerle HaggardGreatest hitsMCAMCA 5386EXVG£5.001982 US 10 track compilation of '77-81 tracks; some light marks - plays EX
27838LPMerle HaggardHagCapitolSM 11825VGVG£6.501980's US 10 track reissue of '71 LP; sellotape marks on corners of cover; some yellow spotting; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
14356LPMerle HaggardI love Dixie bluesCapitolEST 11200EXVG£7.001973 a few marks + light crackles o/w plays EX
8860LPMerle HaggardIf we make it through DecemberCapitolST 11276VGVG£6.501974 US; a few crackles o/w plays EX
27831LPMerle HaggardI'm a lonesome fugitiveSee for milesSEE 49EXEX£10.001985 reissue of '67 LP
8862LPMerle HaggardI'm always on a mountain when I fallMCAMCF 2848EXEX£8.001978
14093LPMerle HaggardIt's all in the gameEpicEPC 26069EXEX£7.001984 some light wear on cover
14092LPMerle HaggardIt's all in the moviesCapitolEST 11483EXEX£8.001976 a few light marks
27840LPMerle HaggardIt's not love (but it's not bad)CapitolST 11127VGVG£7.001972 US; sale hole; date written on f+b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
14383LPMerle HaggardKeep movin' onCapitolEST 11365VGVG£6.001975 plays EX
14095LPMerle HaggardKern riverEpicFE 39602EXEX£8.001985 US; Cover stamped promo; a few light marks
15757LPMerle HaggardLegend of Bonnie & ClydeCapitolST 2912EXEX£12.001968 '28' written on b/cover
27841LPMerle HaggardLet me tell you about a songCapitolST 882VGEX£12.001972 US; Red label with purple target; some mild ring wear; a few light marks
14096LPMerle HaggardMerle Haggard at the country storeStar blendCST 015EXEX£6.001985 compilation
27844LPMerle HaggardMerle Haggard's Christmas presentCapitolSM 11230EXEX£8.001979 US reissue of '73 LP; sale cut on spine; in shrinkwrap
25880LPMerle HaggardMy farewell to ElvisMCAMCA 2314VGEX£8.001977 US; in shrinkwrap; corner sale cut
14091LPMerle HaggardMy farewell to ElvisMCAMCF 2818EXVG£7.001977 some light marks + couple of crackles o/w plays EX
16378LPMerle HaggardMy love affair with trainsCapitolST 11544VGEX£7.001976 Canada
27836LPMerle HaggardOkie from MuskogeeCapitolST 384VGVG£8.00Mid '70's US Orange label issue of '70 LP; Live in Muskogee; sticker tear f/cover; some stains b/cover; light dish warp - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
27849LPMerle HaggardOut among the starsEpicFE 40107VGEX£7.501986 US; Gold Promo stamp b/cover; pin hole top edge of cover + some wear; a few light crackles
27842LPMerle HaggardPresenting his 30th albumCapitolST 11331VGEX£8.001974 US; edge split on inner; light sticker mark f/cover; light dish warp
14355LPMerle HaggardPresents his 30th albumCapitolST 11331EXEX£8.001974 US
12564LPMerle HaggardPride in what I amCapitolSKAO 168EXVG£7.50US some light ring wear on Gatefold sleeve; light warp - a few crackles o/w plays EX
27845LPMerle HaggardRainbow stew: Live at Anaheim stadiumMCAMCA 5216EXEX£8.001981 US; light wear on cover; a couple of crackles
16125LPMerle HaggardRamblin' feverMCAMCF 2805EXEX£8.001977 light mark f/cover
14413LPMerle HaggardServing 190 proofMCAMCF 3002VGVG£6.001979 a few crackles o/w plays EX
27829LPMerle HaggardStrangersCapitolST 2373VGVG£8.00Late '60 Rainbow rim label issue of '65 LP; sellotape stain along bottom edge of cover; '369' written b/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays EX
14090LPMerle HaggardSwinging doorCapitolSM 2585EXVG£7.0070's US 10 track reissue of '66 LP; couple of crackles o/w plays EX
27830LPMerle HaggardSwinging doorsSee for milesSEE 68VGEX£8.001986 reissue of '66 LP; a few marks on f/cover
14435LPMerle HaggardThat's the way love goesEpicEPC 25537VGVG£5.001983 some crackles
8825LPMerle HaggardThe roots of my raisingCapitolEST 11586EXEX£8.001976 a few light marks
14094LPMerle HaggardThe way I amMCAMCF 3072EXEX£8.001980
27843LPMerle HaggardThe way it was in '51CapitolSW 11839VGEX£8.001978 US issue of '73-78 tracks; sticker f/cover; sale hole
14384LPMerle HaggardTo all the girls I've loved beforePremierPMP 1003EXEX£7.001986 compilation of '81-85 tracks; couple of crackles
6835CDMerle HaggardFor the recordBNA678 442EXEX/EX£7.001999 US Promo Double CD
16382LPTom T HallA soldier of fortuneRCAPL 13685EXEX£8.001980 some wear on cover
16380LPTom T HallEverything from Jesus to Jack DanielsMercuryMERL 31VGVG£6.501983 Holland; some marks - plays EX
16381LPTom T HallFaster horsesMercurySRM 1076VGVG£7.001976 US; corner sale cut; a few marks - plays EX
14357LPTom T HallFor the people in the last hard townMercury6338 441EXEX£10.001974
16127LPTom T HallNatural dreamsMercuryMERL 47EXEX£8.001984
16383LPTom T HallOl' T's in townRCAPL 13495VGVG£6.501980 warp - plays EX
16379LPTom T HallThe magnificent music machineMercurySRM1 1111VGEX£7.001976 US; small sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
1716645George Hamilton IVI know where I'm goin'HMVPOP 505-VG£5.001958 writing on label; plays well with a few light crackles
1537845George Hamilton IVWhy don't they understandHMVPOP 429-EX£10.001957
13755CDWayne HancockA town bluesBloodshotBS 080EXEX£6.502001 US
14622CDWayne HancockThat's what daddy wantsEl DoradoELDCD 002MintMint£6.501998
13785CDWayne HancockThat's what daddy wantsArk 21D2 10016 21V-EX£6.001997 US advance promo; disc in plain case; couple of marks - plays perfectly
13756CDWayne HancockThunderstorms & neon signsArk 2161868 10015EXEX£6.001998 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
13786CDWayne HancockWild free & recklessArk 21157 3412EXEX£6.001999 a few light marks - plays perfectly
13893CDHank FlamencoHank FlamencoGiant924 5132MintMint£6.001994 US
9199LPHarmony & slideHow many's in you duo?LookLKLP 6057EXEX£12.001976 a few light crackles
1951945Dallas HarmsThe legend of the DukeCon brioCBK 157-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'In the loving arms of my Marie'
27853LPEmmylou HarrisAngel bandWarner bros.25585 1EXVG£7.501987 US; in shrinkwrap; a couple of marks on side1 - plays well
8963LPEmmylou HarrisBlue Kentucky girlWarner brosK 56627EXVG£6.001979 + inner; some surface marks + a few crackles
14387LPEmmylou HarrisBluebirdReprise925 7761EXEX£8.001989 + inner
14358LPEmmylou HarrisCimarronWarner brosWB 56955EXEX£8.001981 + inner; sale cut
27854LPEmmylou HarrisDuetsReprise7599 257911EXEX£8.001990 German; light wear on cover
33870LPEmmylou HarrisElite hotelRepriseK 54060EXVG£7.001976 name written on label + b/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
14417LPEmmylou HarrisEvangelineWarner brosK 56880VGVG£6.001981 + inner; sticker tear f/cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
27852LPEmmylou HarrisLast dateWarner bros.1 23740VGVG£6.501982 US; sellotape on edge splits on inner; surface tear along bottom edge of cover; marks on vinyl - plays well with some crackles
27851LPEmmylou HarrisLight of the stable: The Christmas albumWarner brosBSK 3484VGEX£8.001980 US; sale cut; a few crackles
9102LPEmmylou HarrisProfile - The best of..Warner brosK 56570EXEX£7.001978 name on b/cover
14416LPEmmylou HarrisQuarter moon in a ten cent townWarner brosK 56443VGVG£5.001978 + inner; marks on vinyl - plays EX
8964LPEmmylou HarrisThe ballad of Sally RoseWarner bros925 2051EXEX£8.001985 German + inner; name on b/cover
14386LPEmmylou HarrisThirteenWarner bros25352EXEX£8.001986 US; cover Promo stamped
13789CDEmmylou HarrisAngel bandWarner bros7599 25585MintMint£5.001987
13793CDEmmylou HarrisBrand new danceReprise7599 26309EXEX£4.501990 a few marks - plays perfectly
13790CDEmmylou HarrisLuxury linerWarner bros7599 27338MintMint£5.00CD issue of '77 LP
13787CDEmmylou HarrisPieces of the skyWarner bros7599 27244EXEX£4.50CD issue of '75 LP
13788CDEmmylou HarrisProfile: The best of..Warner bros256 570EXEX£4.00CD issue of '78 compilation
12396CDEmmylou HarrisRed dirt girlGrapevineGRACD 103EXEX£6.002000
33570CDEmmylou HarrisStumble in to graceNonesuch7559 79805 2EXEX£4.002003 No card slipcase
13791CDEmmylou HarrisWhite shoesWarner bros7599 23961MintMint£5.00CD issue of '83 LP
31760CDHayman, Watkins, Trout & LeeHayman, Watkins, Trout & LeeFortuna popFPOP 79SealedSealed£7.50Sealed in shrinkwrap; Crack on case (a new case will be supplied)
206145Bobby HelmsStanding at the end of my worldBrunswick102969-VG£18.001957; 1 sided pink label DEMO
13895CDMike HendersonCountry music made me do itRCA07863 66324EXEX£5.001994 US promo
17138LPCarolyn HesterThis life I'm livingCBS realmRM 52338VGG£7.501966 mono; marks on vinyl - some clicks + crackles
14359LPHighway 101Highway 101Warner bros925 6081EXEX£8.001987 + inner
13794CDHighway 101 & Paulette CarlsonReunitedNC SerengetiNC 0101EXEX£4.001995 some light marks - plays perfectly
28086LPHighwaymenThe Spirit & the fleshUnited artistsULP 1107VGG£7.001965 mono; light wear on cover; some marks - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
8220CDHighwaymenThe road goes on foreverLiberty8280 9128EXEX£5.001995 Johnny Cash/ Willie Nelson/ Kristofferson/ Waylon Jennings
6729LPHillsidersOn the roadSRTLI 001EXVG£8.00Signed; some marks on vinyl + crackles
31150CDHillsiders15.25SuitbagHSD 36002EXEX£7.002 case marks f/cover
15830CDCarolyn HillyerOld silverhead (Songs & initiations of womanhood)Seventh waveHTWCD 04EXEX£6.001998
13795CDTish HinojosaTaos of TennesseeWatermelonCD 1008EXEX£6.001992 US
1545245Don Holiman & Sky pilot choirLetter to HanoiIPIIPI 1-VG£3.50US; plays ok w/some distortion
1952245Terri HollowellIt's too soon to say goodbyeCon brioCBK 156-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'Holding it gack, letting you go'
1952145Terri HollowellMay ICon brioCBK 150-EX£4.001978 US; b/w 'I wasn't there'; light warp
1825LPLarry HorsfordCross wordsShelterSRL 52003VGEX£8.001976 US + lyric sheet; sale cut
12185LPCisco HoustonThe Cisco specialTop rank30 028GF£12.001960 mono; 1cm has been cut off along openings of cover o/w looks great; 5 jumps + some clicks + crackles
1952345David HoustonHere's to all the hard working husbandsDerrickDRC 127-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'Next Sunday I'm gonna be saved'; light warp + mark
31136CDRay Wylie HubbardDangerous spiritsContinental SCCSCCD 1004MintMint£6.001997 Holland
8887LPStan HugillAboard the Cutty sarkGreenwich vil.GVRX 207EXEX/VG£12.001979 Double/Gatefold disc1 light warp + a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
2416345HumblebumsSaturday roundabout SundayBig TBIG 122-VG£5.001969 b/w 'Bed of mossy green'; small tear on b'side label; a few marks - plays well
6700LPHumblebumsFirst collection of merry melodiesTrans atlanticTRA 186EXEX£10.001969 a few light marks
10878LPHumblebumsThe new HumblebumsTrans atlanticTRA 201EXVG£10.001969 mark + light click side 2 tk2 o/w plays EX
31137CDRoger HumphriesFor your ears onlyEMPEMP 007CDEXMint£5.001996 case crease f/cover
3079545Ian & SylviaFour strong windsFontanaTF 426-G£5.001963 Handwritten white label sample record; b/w 'Long lonesome road'; sticker mark on a'side label; some marks on vinyl - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
8966LPHamish ImlachBefore & afterXtraXTRA 1059VGG£6.001967 mono; surface marks - plays ok w/some surface noise in places
8888LPHamish ImlachFine old English Tory timesXtraXTRA 1128VGVG£7.001972 some marks + clicks/crackles
9104LPHamish ImlachThe two sides of..Xtra1069VGG£6.001968 mono; surface marks - some clicks + crackles
18452LPIrish mistSecond time aroundLocoSRXT 82EXVG£8.001982 light wear on cover; some light crackles at start side1 o/w plays EX
17626LPIrish roversEmigrate! Emigrate!TaraTRS 53001EXEX£8.001973 US Gatefold; sale hole + some wear on corners of spine; light warp
20031LPIrish roversLiverpool LouMCAMUPS 353VGEX£8.001968
2668545Burl IvesA little bitty tearBrunswick05863-VG£5.001960 Red label Demo; b/w 'Shanghied'; pen mark on label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3083645Burl IvesCall my nameBrunswick05930-VG£3.001965 b/w 'My gal Sal'; mild dish warp o/w looks + plays EX
1557545Burl IvesFunny way of laughin'Brunswick05868-VG£3.001962 a few crackles
13759CDAlan JacksonGreatest hits collection (the)Arista07822 18801MintMint£6.001995
13797CDAlan JacksonHere in the real worldArista260 817EXEX£5.001989
13796CDAlan JacksonUnder the influenceArista07822 18892EXEX£6.001999
13757CDAlan JacksonWhat I doArista82876 63655EXEX£6.002004
13758CDAlan JacksonWhen somebody loves youArista07863 69335MintMint£6.502000
13798CDAlan JacksonWho I amArista74321 21768MintMint£6.501994
14360LPStonewall JacksonThe world of Stonewall JacksonColumbiaCG 31411EXEX/EX£12.001972 US Double/Gatefold
2634LPJacqueline & BirdieHold back the dawnFontanaTL 5212VGG£7.001964 surface noise; mono; Signed by Jacqueline McDonald
1426545Sonny JamesHeaven says helloCapitol2155-VG£4.001968 US; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1426445Sonny JamesHere comes Honey againCapitol3174VGEX£6.001971 US; sale hole
1426745Sonny JamesI'll keep holding on (just to your love)Capitol5375-VG£3.501965 US
1426645Sonny JamesIt's the little thingsCapitol5987-EX£5.001967 US
1942445Sonny JamesYoung loveCapitolCL 14683-EX£10.001957 b/w 'You're the reason I'm in love'; light warp + few light marks
14361LPSonny James#1CapitolST 629VGEX£10.001970 US; some ring wear; a few light marks
14419LPSonny James200 years of country musicCBS81504VGVG£6.501976 sticker mark f/cover o/w EX; a few crackles at start side 1 o/w plays EX
14363LPSonny JamesEmpty armsCapitolST 734VGVG£6.501971 US; ring wear f/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
14319LPSonny JamesIn prison, in personCBS82179EXEX£8.001977
14418LPSonny JamesSings the greatest country hits of 1972ColumbiaKC 32028VGEX£7.501973 US; some ring wear f/cover
14362LPSonny JamesThe sensational Sonny JamesCapitolST 804EXEX£10.001971 US; some light ring wear
14364LPSonny JamesTimberlineHilltopJS 6079EXVG£6.001969 Canada; sale hole + small sticker mark f/cover; some marks - plays well with some crackles
14388LPSonny JamesWhen the snow is on the rosesCBS65273VGEX£7.501972 orange label
70745Jamie's peopleEverybody wants to get to heavenGeminiGMS 015-EX£5.001970
34079LPBert JanschL.A. TurnaroundCharismaCAS 1090VGEX£35.001974 Hatter label; matrix no.s A-1U/B-1U; + lyric insert + 'Great Charisma gold chase' company inner (writing); light wear on cover; a few light marks
34080LPBert JanschSanta Barbara honeymoonCharismaCAS 1107EXVG£15.001975 Hatter label; light wear on cover; mark tk1 side2 - plays well with a couple of clicks
28389LPWaylon Jennings & Willie NelsonWaylon & WillieRCA victorPL 12686EXEX£8.001978 Textured sleeve; a few light marks
16384LPWaylon Jennings & Willie NelsonWW IIRCARCALP 6064EXEX£8.001982 UK disc issued in stickered US sleeve; sticker b/cover; a few light marks
27855LPJennings, Nelson, Cash & KristoffersonHighwaymanColumbiaFC 40056VGVG£7.501985 US; 2 edge splits on inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
27964LPJennings, Nelson, Cash & KristoffersonHighwayman 2ColumbiaC 45240EXEX£10.001990 US; in stickered shrinkwrap
13799CDJennings, Nelson, Cash & KristoffersonHighwaymanCBS463 1592MintMint£4.501988 'Memorry Pop shop' CD issue of LP
2608745Waylon JenningsNever been to SpainRCA victorRCA 2322-VG£3.001973 b/w 'Sure didn't take him long'; release date + 'A' written on label o/w looks + plays EX
1634545Waylon JenningsThe race is onA&M753-EX£20.001964 US Promo; '77' written on label
14389LPWaylon JenningsBlack on blackRCARCALP 3072EXEX£8.001982
12565LPWaylon JenningsFolk - CountryRCA intNL 90005EXVG£6.0080's reissue of '66 LP; some light marks - plays well w/some crackles
14390LPWaylon JenningsGood hearted womanRCAAYL1 3737EXEX£7.501978 budget reissue of '72 LP; Canada; sale cut; a few light marks
14438LPWaylon JenningsIt's only rock & rollRCARCALP 6078VGEX£6.501983 UK disc issued in stickered US sleeve
14400LPWaylon JenningsI've always been crazyRCA intINTS 5175EXEX£8.001981
14420LPWaylon JenningsOl' WaylonRCA victorPL 12317EXVG£6.501977 a few crackles o/w plays EX
16129LPWaylon JenningsSinger of sad songsRCA int.INTS 5020EXEX£7.001980 reissue of '70 LP; light wear on cover
14421LPWaylon JenningsSweet mother TexasRCAAHL1 7184EXVG£6.001986 US; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
5685LPWaylon JenningsThe ramblin' manRCA victorLSA 3196EXEX£8.001974
5684LPWaylon JenningsThis timeRCA victorAFL1 0539EXEX£10.001974
14443LPWaylon JenningsTurn the pageRCAPL 85428VGEX£6.501985
6622LPWaylon JenningsWaylon & companyRCAPL 84826EXEX£8.001983 German
4135LPWaylon JenningsWaylon & JessiRCARCALP 5017EXEX£8.001981
22042LPWaylon JenningsWaylon Jennings at JD'sSounds ltd1001EXEX£20.00US reissue of December '64 recordings; a few light marks
14442LPWaylon JenningsWhat goes around comes aroundRCAPL 13493EXVG£6.001979 some light wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
15845CDWaylon JenningsClosing in on the fireARK 21ELDCD 005SealedSealed£7.001998 sealed in shrinkwrap
14673CDWaylon JenningsClosing in on the fireArk 21ELDCD 005EXEX£5.001998 light water stain on cover; a few light marks - plays perfectly
1952445Sammy JohnsRag dollGRCGRC 2062-EX£4.001973 US; b/w 'Friends of mine'
770LPJohnstonsYe Jacobites by name'Contour2870 378EXEX£8.001969
1538145George Jones & Elvis CostelloStranger in the houseEpicEPC 8560EXEX£4.001981
22154LPMark Jones & Dave MaphisSecond generation NashvilleFlying highFH 7501VGVG£10.001978 US; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
13937CDGeorge Jones & Tammy WynetteOneMCAMCD 11248EXEX£4.001995
2424445George JonesWho shot SamMercuryAMT 1058-VG£15.001959 b/w 'Into my arms again'; some marks
27863LPGeorge JonesBlue moon of KentuckyLibertyEMS 1251EXEX£8.001987 compilation of '57-65 tracks; corner crease
27861LPGeorge JonesBurn the honky tonk downRounderP 16634EXEX£8.001983 US; a few light marks
27966LPGeorge JonesFirst time liveEpicFE 39899EXEX£8.001985 US; in stickered shrinkwrap
27965LPGeorge JonesGood old bibleGustoGT 0043VGEX£8.001978 US; light ring wear f/cover
27856LPGeorge JonesGreat George Jones (the)MercurySMWL 21003VGEX£12.001968 stereo; some yellowing b/cover o/w EX
14391LPGeorge JonesI am what I amEpicEPC 84627EXEX£8.001980
14444LPGeorge JonesJones countryEpicEPC 25733EXEX£7.001983
27864LPGeorge JonesKing of country music (the)LibertySLS 26 0042 1EXEX£8.001984 compilation of '62-64 tracks
27862LPGeorge JonesLive at Dancetown USAAce/ Del RioCH 156VGEX£8.001985 wear on cover
27857LPGeorge JonesMy CountryStatesideSSL 10283VGEX£10.001969 writing by titles b/cover; a few light marks
27860LPGeorge JonesMy very special guestsEpicEPC 32773EXEX£8.0080's issue of '79 LP
14445LPGeorge JonesOne woman manEpic4651 861VGEX£6.001989 sticker mark f/cover
14650LPGeorge JonesSalutes Hank Williams & Bob WillisLibertyEMS 1169VGEX£7.001986 compilation of '62 recordings
14657LPGeorge JonesStill the same old meEpicEPC 84949EXEX£8.001981
14423LPGeorge JonesThe BattleEpicEPC 81194EXEX£8.001976
14655LPGeorge JonesToo wild too longEpic460 8051EXEX£7.001987 some wear on cover
14656LPGeorge JonesWine coloured rosesEpicFE 40413VGEX£6.501986 US
13900CDGeorge JonesGeorge Jones collection (the)MCAMCD 70088EXEX£4.501999
13899CDGeorge JonesGospel collection (the)BNA17863 67063EXEX/EX£6.002003 Double
13897CDGeorge JonesHigh tech redneckMCAMCAD 10910MintMint£5.001993 US
13936CDGeorge JonesIt doesn't get any better than thisMCAUMD 80485EXEX£4.501998
13898CDGeorge JonesMy very special guestsEpic982 6552EXEX£4.501994 issue of '86 LP
13957CDGeorge JonesThe rock: Stone cold country 2001BNA07863 67029SealedSealed£6.002001 sealed
10262LPJSD BandTravelling daysCubeHIFLY 14EXVG£8.001973 a few marks - plays EX
33556LPJuggernaut string bandGreasy coatWildebeastWB 004VGVG£12.001980 US; small corner sale cut; a few marks - plays EX
17627LPSarah & Rita KeaneOnce I lovedCladdaghCC 4EXEX£15.001968 Ireland; mono; light wear on cover; some light marks
1141345Johnny KellyBlack velvet bandPye7N 17322-VG£3.001967
2311745Johnny KellyBlack velvet bandPye7N 17322-G£2.501967 Yellow 'A' label Promo; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
2158345Junior KellyDem no rememberKic for kic005-VG£3.002003 Jamaica; b/w Be happy - Lyricson; a few marks - plays EX
1952545KendallsPut it off until tomorrowOvationOV 1154-EX£4.001980 US; b/w 'Gone away'
26805LPGraham KendrickBreaking of the dawnDoveDOVE 36EXEX£15.001976 Gatefold; light wear on cover; a few marks
1607LPGraham KendrickFootsteps on the seaKeyKL 011EXVG£12.001973 with Gordon Giltrap; Some minor clicks
14424LPJerry KennedyJerry Kennedy & friendsMercurySRM1 692EXVG£7.501974 US; sale cut; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
14425LPKentucky headhuntersPickin' on NashvilleMercury838 7441EXEX£8.001989
13761CDKentucky headhuntersElectric barnyardMercury848 0542EXEX£6.001991
13760CDKentucky headhuntersRave onMercury512 5682EXEX£6.001993
2206745John KerrAt home in DonegalPye7N 17788-EX£7.001969 Yellow 'A' label Promo; b/w The hills of old Tirconaill
14426LPRusty & Doug KershawMore Cajun country rockBear familyBFX 15143VGVG£7.501984 German compilation of '55-61 tracks; ex library LP; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
13902CDSammy KershawCovers the hitsMercury088 170 1492MintMint£6.002000 US
13901CDSammy KershawPolitics religion & herMercury314 528 8932EXEX£5.001996 US
13903CDHal KetchumEvery little wordCurbCURCD 011MintM/M£7.501994 Double: ltd edition bonus 7 track CD
1952645Merle KilgorePacking & unpackingAshleyA 6000-EX£7.00US b/w 'Beyond my conscience & the door'
6644LPLouis Killen & Johnny HandleAlong the coaly TyneTopic12T 189EXEX£10.001968 blue label issue of '62 LP; mono; small tear f/cover; couple of light crackles
1952745Claude KingCotton DanTrueT 103-EX£5.001977 US; b/w 'I'll spend my lifetime loving you'
1836545Claude KingWolverton mountainCBSAAG 108-EX£10.001962
1953045Don KingI've got country music in my soulCon brioCBK 153-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'She's the girl of my dreams'
1952945Don KingLive entertainmentCon brioCBK 149-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'I must be dreaming'
1952845Don KingYou were worth waiting forCon brioCBK 142-EX£4.001978 US; b/w 'Don't get around much'
14446LPPee Wee KingBallroom KingDetour33 001EXVG£8.001982 compilation of '47-56 tracks; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
2606345Kingston trioAlly ally oxen freeCapitolCL 15327-EX£5.001963 Factory sample; b/w 'Marcell Vahine'; sticker mark on label
1557645Kingston trioWhere have all the flowers goneCapitolCL 15242-EX£4.001961
32322EPKingston trioGreenback dollarCapitolEAP1 20460VGG£4.001963 Mono; some marks - plays well with a few clicks on side 1
118EPKingston trioHere we go again !CapitolEAP3 1258VGVG£5.00 
8968LPKingston trioGoin' placesCapitolT 1564VGVG£7.001961 mono; sellotape on small edge split; some crackles
28647LPKingston trioNew frontierCapitolT 1809VGG£7.001962 Rainbow rim label; sellotape stains on edges b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
8967LPKingston trioNick - Bob - JohnBrunswickLAT 8597EXG£5.001964 mono; surface marks - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
9106LPKingston trioSold outCapitolT 1352VGVG£7.001960 US mono; stain along bottom edge of cover; some surface marks + crackles
9105LPKingston trioThe last month of the yearWorld recordST 564EXVG£6.001965 a few crackles
8889LPKipper familySince time immortalDambusterDAM 005EXEX£8.001984 a few crackles
31734CDDave KirkAlong the wayOblongOBLCD 052EXEX£8.002004
31735CDDave KirkMayflyOblongOBLCD 057EXEX£8.002007; 2 case creases on front insert
34160CDAlison KraussEvery time you say goodbyeRounderCD 0285VGEX£5.00CD reissue of '92 LP; Holland; with Union station; 8cm x 4cm sticker with name on back of front insert
34161CDAlison KraussNow that I've found you: A collectionRounderCD 0325EXEX£4.001995 compilation; a few light marks on disc
1953145Benny Kubiak & his fiddlesTulsa on a Saturday nightHomaBK 1-EX£4.001974 US; b/w 'Country concerto'
5928CDAnnabel LambFlowWay out westWOW CD04MintMint£6.001997
1953345Christy LaneI just can't stay married to youLSLS 169-EX£4.001978 US; b/w 'Rainsong'
1953245Christy LanePenny arcadeLSGRT 167-VG£2.501978 US; b/w 'Somebody's baby'; warp o/w EX
1953445Christy LaneSimple little wordsLSLS 172-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'He believes in me'; light warp
8826LPTim LaycockCapers & rhymesGreenwich villGVR 216VGVG£8.001980 warp - plays EX
1953545LeGardes (Tom & Ted)I can almost touch the feelin'4 Star77 090-EX£4.001979 US; Promo - same track both sides
1929945LettermenHurt so badCapitol2482-VG£3.501969 US; b/w 'Catch the wind'; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
3073445LettermenThe way you look tonoghtCapitolCL 15222-VG£3.001961 b/w'That's my desire'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1953645Bobby LewisWhat a difference a day madeRPARPA 7622-EX£4.001977 US; b/w 'I can feel it'
1421945Linda Gail LewisTurn back the hands of timeSmashS 2193-EX£5.001968 US
28087LPLimelitersFourteen 14K folk songsRCA victorSF 7581EXEX£12.001963 stereo; Black/Red spot label; a few light marks
8838LPLimelitersOur men in San FranciscoRCA victorRD 7550EXEX£12.001963 silver spot; mono
4736LPLa LionettaDanze e ballate dell 'area Celtica ItalianaShyzahSLN 3304wVG£8.00Italty + inner; some surface noise
13821CDLittle TexasBig timeWarner bros945 2762MintMint£5.001993 US
13822CDLittle TexasFirst time for everythingWarner bros7599 26820MintMint£5.001992
13820CDLittle TexasLittle TexasWarner bros9362 46095MintMint£5.001995 small sale hole
10997EPA L LloydEngland her folk songsCollectorJEB 8EXVG£7.001962 a few crackles
3294545Hank LocklinPlease help me, I'm fallingRCARCA 1188-EX£4.001960 b/w 'My old home town'
1557745Hank LocklinWe're gonna go fishin'RCA victorRCA 1305-VG£3.001962 a few crackles
11414EPHank LocklinIrish songs, country styleRCA victor(E)RCX 7150EXVG£7.001964 Irish disc issued in UK sleeve; some marks + crackles
9107LPHank LocklinHank LocklinRCA camdenCDN 5101EXVG£7.001962 mono; some yellowing b/cover
1545LPAlan LomaxGreat American balladsHMVCLP 1192VGG£5.001958 mono; Surface noise; sellotape on cover
16043LPLouvin brothersMy baby's goneStetsonHAT 3028EXEX£10.0080's reissue of '60 LP; mono; some light marks
13905CDPatty LovelessClassicsEpic494 3662MintMint£5.001999
13907CDPatty LovelessGreatest hitsMCAMCAD 10653MintMint£4.501993 US; sale hole back cover
13906CDPatty LovelessStrong heartEpic499 6872EXEX£6.002000
3083745LudlowsEnniskillen dragoonsPye7N 17319-EX£4.001967 b/w'The foggy dew'; BBC Gramophone library + Hospital stamps on labels; a few light marks
11416EPLudlowsThe sea around usPyeNEP 24252EXVG£5.001966 some ring wera on cover; some marks + crackles
6598LPPat Lynch & AirchordsThe Irish soldierMarble archMAL 1175EXEX£8.001970 mono
1953745Rebecca LynnMinstrel manScorpionSC 0559-EX£4.00US b/w 'He loves me all to pieces'
14331LPWarner MackThe prince of country bluesSundownSDLP 056EXVG£7.001987 warp - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1792445Josh MacRaeDo it yourselfPye7N 15384-EX£4.001961
2548745Josh MacRaeMessing about on the riverPye7N 15319-VG£3.501961 b/w 'High class feeling'; 'Richard' written on label; some marks - plays well
10284LPJim MageeanOf ships.. & menGreenwich vill.GVR 203EXEX£10.001979
1953845Maines BrothersAmarillo highwayCountry roadsCRE 004-EX£3.001981 b/w 'That's alright mama'
8713LPPaddy Maloney & Sean PottsTin whistlesCladdaghCC 15EXEX£8.001974 Ireland; light warp
2049045Barbara MandrellTonightABCAB 12362-G£2.001977 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
7968LPMaraImagesPlant lifePLR 070EXEX£15.001984; couple of light marks
2206845Margo & KeynotesOnce a dayPye7N 17758-EX£8.001969 Yellow 'A' label Promo; b/w The old house
17761LPBenny MartinCountry musics sensational entertainerRealmRM 174VGEX£10.001963 mono; name b/cover; a few light marks
9094LPTony MaudeAlmost trueAutogramALLP 805EXEX£12.00German; mark on side 2
13910CDMcBride & RideHurry sundownMCAMCAD 10787EXEX£5.001993 US
1953945Dale McBrideGet your hands on me babyCon brioCBK 158-EX£4.00US b/w 'I know the feeling'
1954045Dale McBrideGetting over you againCon brioCBK 151-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'She makes love feel good'; light warp
15508LPCW McCallBlack bear roadMGM2315 354EXEX£8.001975
26326LPCW McCallWildernessPolydorPD-1 6069VGEX£8.001976 US; Gatefold; light wear on cover
26327LPDelbert McClinton & Glen ClarkDelbert & GlenCleanCN 601VGEX£18.001972 US; Gatefold; sale cut on spine; some light marks
2485445Delbert McClinton???? PeopleTrident--G£10.00Acetate; some damage to labels (titles unreadable); a few marks - plays OK w/some surface noise
14365LPDelbert McClintonLive from AustinAlligatorAL 4773EXEX£8.001989 some wear on cover
23685LPDelbert McClintonLove rustlerABCABCL 5217VGEX£8.001977 sticker mark + tear front cover
23686LPDelbert McClintonPlain' from the heartCapitolST 12188VGEX£8.001981 US; small sale cut; small sticker mark b/cover; light warp
13825CDDelbert McClintonClassics - vol 2CurbD2 77668EXEX£3.501994 US
31796CDDelbert McClintonDelbert McClintonCurbCURCD 008MintMint£6.001994 issue
13823CDDelbert McClintonDelbert McClintonCurbCURCD 008MintMint£5.001993
13824CDDelbert McClintonHonky tonk 'n bluesMCAMCAD 10933EXEX£4.501994 US a few marks - plays perfectly
13826CDDelbert McClintonThe best of: The millenium collectionMCA30902MintMint£3.502003
16044LPCharlie McCoyHarpin' the bluesMonumentMC 6629VGVG£7.001975 US; corner sale cut; some light marks - plays EX
1169LPCharlie McCoyStone fox chaseMonumentMNT 81866EXEX£8.001976
14447LPMel McDanielLet it rollCapitolST 12402EXVG£6.001985 US; some light wear on cover; plays EX
14332LPMel McDanielStand upCapitolST 12437EXVG£6.001985 US; plays EX
1954245Ronnie McDowellAnimalScorpionSC 0553-EX£5.001978 US; with The Jordanaires; b/w 'I just wanted you to know'
1954145Ronnie McDowellHere comes the reason I liveScorpionGRT 159-EX£5.001978 US; b/w 'Travelin' wanderin' man'
1422045Ronnie McDowellThis is a hold upScorpionSC 0560-VG£3.001978 US; a few marks -plays EX
1954345Ronnie McDowellThis is a holdupScorpionSC 0560-EX£5.001978 US; b/w 'The bridge washed out'; light warp'
13827CDRonnie McDowellCountry dancesCurbD2 77628MintMint£5.001993 US
13831CDRonnie McDowellGreatest hitsCurbD2 77676MintMint£5.001994 US
13832CDRonnie McDowellThe best of..CurbD2 77254EXEX£4.501990 US
13834CDReba McEntireFor my broken heartMCAMCD 10400EXEX£5.001991
13838CDReba McEntireGreatest hits - vol 2MCAMCD 10906MintMint£5.001993
13836CDReba McEntireRead my mindMCAMCD 10994MintMint£5.001994
13833CDReba McEntireRebaMCAMCAD 42134EXEX£5.001988
13837CDReba McEntireSo good togetherMCAMCD 70097MintMint£6.001999
13835CDReba McEntireStarting overMCAMCD 11264EXEX£5.001995
13911CDReba McEntireThe last one to knowMCAMCAD 42134EXEX£4.501988 some light marks - plays perfectly
9832LPWes McGheeLong nights & banjo musicTerrapinTRP 7861EXEX£8.001978 + insert; a few light marks
10263LPWes McGheeZacatecasTRPTRP 286EXEX£8.001986 + inner
28141LPArty McGlynnMcGlynn's fancyMint julepJULEP 16EXEX£15.001980 light wear on cover
13913CDTim McGrawA place in the sunCurb566 1122EXEX£5.001999
13912CDTim McGrawNot a moment too soonCurbCURCD 010EXEX£5.001994
1557845Rod McKuenSoldiers want to be heroesWarner brosWB 8013-EX£4.001970
10264LPMen they couldn't hangNight of a thousand candlesDemonFIEND 50EXEX£8.001985
11229LPMen they couldn't hangThe Domino clubSilvertoneORE LP512EXEX£8.001990 + inner; light sticker mark f/cover
22155LPMen they couldn't hangWaiting for BonaparteMagnetMAGL 5075VGEX£7.501988 + inner; light warp
1831545Roger MillerKing of the roadPhilipsBF 1397-VG£2.501965 some crackles
2206945Roger MillerYou don't want my loveRCA victorRCA 1454-VG£5.001965 issue of '60/1 tracks; green 'A' label Demo; b/w Every which-a-way; marks on vinyl - a few crackles o/w plays EX
14333LPRoger MillerGolden hitsMercurySMWL 21010EXEX£10.001965 stereo
14427LPRoger MillerOff the wallWindsongFL 12337VGEX£7.501977
15875LPRoger MillerThe 3rd time aroundFontanaSFL 13014EXEX£10.002nd pressing of '65 LP; couple of marks
15019LPRoger MillerThe 3rd time aroundPhilipsBL 7676VGVG£8.001965 mono; writing b/cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
15758LPRoger MillerThe return of Roger MillerPhilipsBL 7669EXEX£12.001964 mono
14448LPRonnie MilsapGreatest hitsRCAPL 13772EXEX£7.001980 compilation of '73-78 tracks
14651LPRonnie MilsapGreatest hits - vol 2RCAPL 85425EXEX£7.001985
14449LPRonnie MilsapImagesRCA intINTS 5179EXEX£7.001981
14653LPRonnie MilsapKeyed upRCAPL 84670EXEX£7.001983 restickered (RCALP 6077) sleeve; corner crease
9200LPMississippi deltaFrom the delta to the washSweet folk & coSFA 094VGVG£7.001977 sticker tear f/cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
1954545Price Mitchell & Jerri KellySavin' it all for youGRTGRT 029-EX£6.001975 US; b/w 'Mr & Mrs untrue'
28088LPBill MonroeBluegrass specialBrunswickLAT 8579EXEX£15.001963 mono
33092LPGeorge MoodyCountry roadsRavenKS 1017EXEX£10.001975 Signed 'To Hilda love George Moody' on back cover
8839LPMoonshinersBreak out!StatesideSL 10137EXVG£8.001965 mono; some surface marks & clicks + crackles
30560CDChristy MooreThe time has comeWEA2292 40150 2EXEX£4.001987 German; a few light marks - plays perfectly
14313LPLester "Roadhog" Moran & Cadillac cowboysAlive at the Johnny Mack Brown high schoolMecurySRM 1708EXVG£8.001974 US; sale hole; warp - plays well with a few crackles
13840CDLorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawI finally found someoneBMG74321 84834MintMint£5.002001
13839CDLorrie MorganGreatest hitsBNA07863 66508MintMint£5.001996 US
13914CDLorrie MorganTo get you: Greatest hits collectionBNA74321 74763EXEX£4.502000 a few light marks - plays perfectly
1954645Lorrie & George MorganI'm completely satisfied with you4 StarCS 1040/ 1001-VG£3.001979 US; collector series; b/w 'From this moment on'; warp o/w EX
26801LPRoy MoriceGolden west saxFog eyeFEA 1001VGEX£10.00Canada; light wear on cover; a few light marks
33519LPMountain line10,000 Horse powerXtraXTRA 1147VGVG£8.001975 some wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
9135LPMoving heartsMoving heartsWEAK 583 87EXEX£8.001981 Gatefold
3263545Mr FoxLittle womanBig TBIG 135-EX£8.001970 b/w 'Join us in our game; a few light marks
1954845Anne MurrayLove songCapitol3776-EX£2.501973 US; b/w 'You can't go back'
1954745Anne MurrayYou won't see meCapitol3867-VG£2.501974 Canada; b/w 'He thinks I still care'; few light marks + crackles o/w plays EX
24146LPAnne MurrayKeeping in touchCapitolSN 16082EXEX£8.001980 US Budget-line reissue of '76 LP; a few light marks
24147LPAnne MurrayTalk it over in the morningCapitolSN 16080EXEX£8.001980 US Budget-line reissue of '71 LP
28263CDAnne MurrayBoth sides nowHallmark703922SealedSealed£4.002002 Israel; New - sealed in shrinkwrap
3079645Bill NashReady to take my chancesEarthriderE 278-VG£4.00US b/w 'I still remember singing rock 'n' roll'; a few marks - plays well
28089LPNashville string bandStrung upRCA victorLSP 4553EXEX£10.001971 US; sale cut on bottom edge of cover; a few light marks
1399LPWillie Nelson & Roger MillerOld friendsCBS32195EXEX£8.001982
5799LPWillie Nelson & Ray PriceSan Antonio roseCBS84358EXEX£8.001980
27870LPWillie NelsonBeautiful Texas 1836-1986Bear familyBXX 15256VGEX£8.001986 German; sellotape mark top edge of cover; a few light marks
16385LPWillie NelsonCity of New OrleansCBS26135VGEX£6.001984 + inner; sticker tear f/cover
27866LPWillie NelsonCountry music concertRCA victorLSP 3659VGVG£12.001966 US; small sticker f/cover; sellotape mark bottom edge of cover; a few marks - plays EX
27867LPWillie NelsonFamily bibleMCA/ SongbirdMCA 3258/ 37167VGEX£8.001980 US; Disc 37167 issued in MCA 929 stamped cover; light wear on cover; a few light crackles
27970LPWillie NelsonHoneysuckle RoseCBS22080VGEX/EX£10.001980 soundtrack; Double/Gatefold; light wear on cover; a few light marks
16386LPWillie NelsonMe & PaulCBS26363EXEX£7.501985 Holland; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
5686LPWillie NelsonTougher than leatherCBS25063MintEX£8.001983
27868LPWillie NelsonTroublemaker (the)Columbia L/StarKC 34112VGEX£8.001979 US budget line reissue of '76 LP; light wear on cover
27969LPWillie NelsonWillie and family liveColumbiaKC2 35642VGEX/EX£10.001978 US Double/Gatefold; Columbia details blacked out at factory on cover + labels; sticker tear f/cover
27871LPWillie NelsonWillie Nelson's greatest hits & some that will beCBS88567EXEX/EX£12.001981 Double/Gatefold
13801CDWillie NelsonIt always will beLost highway60249 86242 03MintMint£6.502004
13800CDWillie NelsonMoonlight becomes youColumbia475 9452MintMint£6.001993
33206CDWillie NelsonShotgun WillieAtlantic7262-2EXEX£12.00US CD reissue of '73 LP
2311845New Christy minstrelsRun wild, run freeCBS4369-VG£5.001969 White 'A' label Demo; b/w My girl; number sticker on labels; light warp; a few light marks - plays EX
26266LPNew Christy minstrelsOn tour through MotortownCBSS 63338VGG£7.001968 stereo; some yellowing b/cover; some marks - 45 second click tk2 side1 o/w plays well
33520LPNew Christy minstrelsPresenting: the New Christy minstrelsCBSSBPG 62175EXEX£10.001962 Stereo; Orange label; Flipback sleeve; light wear on cover; a few light marks
6570LPNew Christy minstrelsThe wandering minstrelsCBSBPG 62586EXVG£7.001965 mono; some crackles
8890LPSimon NicolBefore your timeWoodwormWR 010EXEX£10.001986
27939LPNitty gritty dirt bandWill the circle be unbroken - volume 2UniversalUVL2 12500EXEX/EX£15.001989 US; Double + inners
5929CDNitty gritty dirt bandGreatest hitsCurbD2 77357EXEX£4.501990 US
13941CDNitty gritty dirt bandThe rest of the dreamMCADMCG 6106EXEX£4.501990
20032LPDick NolanFisherman's boyRCA camdenCAS 2576EXVG£7.001972 Canada; in shrinkwrap - some light wear on opening + yellow spotting; marks on vinyl - few light crackles o/w plays EX
10285LPOakenshieldAcross the narrow seasAcornOak 1EXEX£18.001982
2049145Oakridge boysCome on inABCAB 12434-G£2.001978 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
2049245Oakridge boysCryin' againABCAB 12397-G£2.001978 US Promo; same track both sides; hairline crack - plays EX
15980LPOakridge boysAmerican madeMCAMCA 5390EXEX£7.501983 US + inner; corner crease on cover; a few marks
15979LPOakridge boysChristmasMCAMCA 5365SealedSealed£10.001982 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
15978LPOakridge boysStep on outMCAMCF 3271EXEX£8.001985
10283LPOakridge boysYou'll never walk aloneShowcaseSHLP 143EXVG£7.001986 compilation; light warp - a few crackles o/w plays EX
1810LPDanny O'KeefeO'KeefeSignpostSG 4252VGEX£9.001972 sticker tear on back cover
17839LPDanny O'KeefeThe O'Keefe fileWarner brosPRO A760VGVG£6.001979 US compilation; Promo; some wear on cover; marks on vinyl - plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
1557945Buck OwensSam's placeCapitolCL 15501-G£3.001967 'A' label Demo; light sticker mark on label; marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some surface noise
18058LPBuck OwensBuck Owens in LondonCapitolEST 232VGVG£7.501969 sticker tear b/cover; some marks - plays EX
22156LPBuck OwensThe Guitar playerCapitolST 2994VGVG£8.001968 Rainbow rim label; plays EX
13917CDBrad PaisleyPart IIArista74321 85438MintMint£6.002001
18027CDBrad PaisleyTime well wastedArista82876 69642EXEX£8.002005 Promo + card slipcase; sale hole b/cover
13916CDBrad PaisleyWho needs picturesArista74321 74260MintMint£6.001999
12116CDLee Roy ParnellEvery night's a Saturday nightArista07822 18841EXEX£5.001997 US Promo
13841CDLee Roy ParnellLove without mercyArista07822 18684MintMint£5.001992 US
13842CDLee Roy ParnellTell the truthVanguardVCD 79589EXEX£5.002001
12117CDLee Roy ParnellWe all get lucky sometimesArista07822 18790EXEX£5.001995
1954945Dolly PartonBaby I'm burnin'RCAPB 11420-EX£3.001978 US; b/w 'I really got the feeling'; plain stickers over dog logo on labels
13918CDDolly PartonEagle when she fliesColumbia457 8542EXEX£4.501991 some light marks - plays perfectly
13942CDDolly PartonSomething specialColumbia480 7542EXEX£4.501995
18207EPLes Paul & Mary FordWhither thou goestCapitolEAP 1559VGVG£18.00US; writing b/cover; plays well with a few crackles
15129LPLes Paul & Mary FordThe Fabulous Les Paul & Mary FordCBS realmRM 52302VGVG£7.001966 mono; plays well with a few crackles
29573CDTom Paxton & Anne HillsUnder American skiesAppleseed1052EXEX£12.002001 US: Signed by Tom Paxton & Anne Hills 'To Wendy 24/5/02'; a few marks - plays perfectly
2802145Tom PaxtonThe last thing on my mindMAMMAM 153-VG£4.001976 Demo; b/w 'Saturday night'; a few light marks - plays OK w/some crackles
8116LPTom PaxtonEven a gray daySundownSDLP 027EXEX£12.001985 signed on b/cover; a few crackles
5222LPTom PaxtonHow come the sunRepriseREP 44129EXVG£6.001971 German; light warp; click TK 3 side 2 + a few crackles
14765LPTom PaxtonIn the orchardCherry lanePIPLP 711EXEX£8.001985
8102LPTom PaxtonPeace will comeRepriseK 44182EXEX£10.001972 Gatefold; couple of light marks
3367LPTom PaxtonRamblin' boyElektraEKL 277VGVG£10.001966 UK disc in US sleeve; mono
8096LPTom PaxtonRamblin' boyElektraK 42003VGEX£8.00Butterfly label reissue of '66 LP; sale cut; couple of light crackles
25704LPTom PaxtonSaturday nightMAMMAMS 1003EXEX£10.001976 light wear on cover
8115LPTom PaxtonSomething in my lifeMAMASR 1012EXVG£7.001975 + insert; some crackles
33729LPTom PaxtonThe Compleat Tom Paxton: Recorded liveElektraK 62004VGEX/EX£12.001972 Butterfly label; Double/Gatefold; light wear on cover
16387LPJohnny PaycheckArmed & crazyEpic35444EXVG£7.001978 US; 1 click + few light crackles o/w plays EX
16048LPJohnny PaycheckBiggest hitsEpicEPC 32305EXEX£8.001982
16047LPJohnny PaycheckMr Hag told my storyEpicEPC 84847EXEX£8.001981
18542EPEddie PeabodyThe man with the banjoLondonRED 1034VGVG£6.001955 tri centre; tears on opening; plays ok w/some crackles
29487LPPentangleHistory bookTransatlanticTRA SAM 23VGEX£10.001972 compilation; light wear on textured sleeve; name on label; some light marks - a few light crackles
33598CDPentangleBasket of lightCastleESM CD 406EXEX£6.001996 CD reissue of '69 LP
5930CDPermanent cureBottledSwom381 0006MintMint£6.501993
33986CDPermanent cureLiveSwom38100 21VGEX£7.001995 case creases on front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
1008945Peter Paul & MaryBlowin' in the windWarner brosWB 104-VG£3.001963 some surface noise
1009045Peter Paul & MaryI dig rock & roll musicWarner brosWB 7067-EX£4.001967 a few crackles on b'side
206245Peter Paul & MaryLeaving on a jet planeWarner brosWB 7340-VG£3.001969 Click on 'B side
2311945Peter Paul & MaryOh, rock my soulWarner brosWB 136-EX£4.001964 b/w Pt.2; a few light marks
1008845Peter Paul & MaryThe house songWarner brosWB 5798-VG£3.001967
21734EPPeter Paul & MaryPeter, Paul & MaryWarner brosWEP 6114EXEX£6.001963
25412LPPeter Paul & MaryA song will riseWarner brosWS 1589VGEX£12.001964 Stereo; Gold label; some yellowing on opening b/cover; some light marks
25413LPPeter Paul & MaryPeter, Paul & Mary AlbumWarner brosW 1648VGVG£8.001966 mono; Gold label; some light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
24986LPPeter Paul & MaryTen years together: the best of..Warner brosWS 2552EXEX£10.001970 Orange label
12186LPBill PhillipsCountry actionMCAMUPS 357EXVG£7.001968 a few crackles o/w plays EX
13883CDPirates of the MississippiDream youLiberty7803 792EXEX£5.001993 US
13920CDPirates of the MississippiWalk the plankCapitol795 7982EXEX£5.001991 US; a few marks - plays perfectly; sale cut on spine
17762LPPlanxtyPlanxtyPolydor2383 186VGVG£8.001973 Ireland; plays EX
28090LPMalcolm Price trioWay down townDeccaLK 4665EXEX£15.001965 unboxed Decca label; mono
1955045Ray PriceMisty morning rainMonument45-290-VG£2.501979 US; b/w 'We can't build a fire in the rain'; warp - plays EX
1955145Charley PrideIs anybody goin' to San Antone'RCA447 0867-EX£3.0070's US 'Gold standard series' reissue of '69/70 tracks; b/w 'Wonder if I could live there anymore'; few light marks
12362LPCharley PrideMake mine countryRCA victorLSA 3049EXVG£6.001972 some marks - plays well
16643LPMaddy PriorChanging windsChrysalisCHR 1203VGVG£7.501978 a few crackles o/w plays EX
16642LPMaddy PriorWoman in the wingsChrysalisCHR 1185EXEX£12.001978 + insert; a few light marks + crackles
29970CDMaddy PriorWoman in the wingsBGOBGOCD 215MintMint£7.001994 CD reissue of '78 LP
1955245Jeanne PruettPlease sing satin sheets for meIBCIBC 0002-EX£4.00US b/w '(I'm gonna) Love all the leavin' out of you'
1634645Curly PutmanMy elusive dreamsABC10934-VG£3.001967 US; some light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
16045LPRattlesnake AnnieCountry livin'RattlesnakeRR 2020EXEX£8.001985 US; light wear on cover
16388LPRattlesnake AnnieRattlesnake AnnieCBS460 0441EXEX£8.001987
13921CDCollin RayeAll I can beEpic468 8852EXEX£4.501991
13961CDCollin RayeLive at Billy Bob's, TexasSmith music50302SealedSealed£6.502004 US; sealed in shrinkwrap - crack on case
13922CDCollin RayeLove songsEpicEK 62182MintMint£5.002000
4447LPRed WyngFirst flightEmerald GemGES 5003EXEX£9.001978
15983LPJerry ReedA good woman's loveRCA victorAPL1 0544VGEX£8.001974 US; sale cut; sticker tear f/cover
15986LPJerry ReedBird (the)RCA victorAHL1 4529EXEX£8.001982 US
26329LPJerry ReedJerry ReedRCA victorLSP 4750VGEX£8.001972 US; sale cut; some wear on cover; some light marks
26330LPJerry ReedJerry Reed - LiveRCA victorAHL1 3453EXVG£8.001979 US; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
14766LPJerry ReedKo-Ko JoeRCA victorLSP 4596EXEX£8.001971 US; sale cut; a few light marks
15982LPJerry ReedLord, Mr FordRCA victorAFL1 0238VGEX£8.001973 small sticker tear f/cover
27456LPJerry ReedNashville undergroundRCA victorLSA 6056VGEX£8.001972 small sticker tear on text of back cover
15981LPJerry ReedOh what a womanRCA camdenCAS 2585EXEX£8.001972 US; sale cut
26331LPJerry ReedTexas bound and flyin'RCA victorAHL1 3771EXEX£8.001980 US; light wear on cover
27455LPJerry ReedThe Unbelievable guitar & voice of Jerry ReedRCA victorLSA 3040VGEX£8.001971 light wear on cover
26328LPJerry ReedWhen you're hot, you're hotRCA victorLSA 3036VGEX£10.001971
13843CDJerry ReedGuitar manRCA camden74321 41500MintMint£4.001996
20033LPDel ReevesFriends & NeighborsUnited artistsUAS 6789VGVG£8.001971 US; some wear on cover; few crackles o/w plays EX
2612745Jim ReevesA letter to my heartRCARCA 1293-G£3.001962 Green label Demo; b/w 'Adios amigo'; mark + writing on label; marks on vinyl - plays OK with a few spots of light distortion on b'side
1800845ReiversDown in the minesTop rankJAR 283-EX£5.001960 a few light marks
28406LPJohn RenbournThe Lady and the unicornTransatlanticTRA 224VGG£7.501970 light water stain bottom corner of cover; some marks on vinyl- plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
16050LPCharlie RichLonely weekendsSun6467 003EXEX£8.001969 'Golden treasure series'
16049LPCharlie RichLonely weekendsCharlyRC 30004EXEX£10.001980 compilation of 58-60 tracks; mono
27874LPCharlie RichThe Best yearsMercuryMGS 27078VGVG£10.00Canada; Black label/Silver print; mono; light wear on cover; plays OK w/some crackles
15809LPCharlie RichThe many new sides of Charlie RichPhilipsBL 7695EXEX£20.001965 mono; a few light marks
27873LPCharlie RichThe many new sides of Charlie RichSmashMGS 27070VGEX£15.001965 US mono; light wear on cover; a few light marks
4136LPJeannie C RileyHarper valley PTAPolydor583 716EXEX£12.001969
13923CDLeann RimesLeann RimesLondon8573 80512EXEX£4.001999
1955345Tex RitterThe Americans (a Canadians opinion)Capitol3814-VG£3.001974 US; b/w 'He who is without sin'; plays well with a few crackles
11690CDDennis RobbinsBorn readyGiant924 5432EXEX£5.001994 US; cover promo stamped
2313845Jimmie Rodgers(My friends are gonna be) StrangersDotDS 16694-EX£6.001965 Advance 'A' label Promo copy; b/w Bon soir mademoiselles; number stickers on label; a few light marks
17294LPJimmie RodgersA legendary performerRCA victorPL 12504VGEX£7.501978 die cut sleeve + 12 page booklet + inner; light yellowing of cover o/w EX; a few light crackles
16046LPJimmie RodgersNever no mo' bluesRCANL 90009EXEX£8.0080's German reissue of '56 LP; mono; some light marks
6519LPJimmie RodgersThe folk song world of..PhillipsFN 5EXVG£10.001961 Australia; mono; a few crackles o/w plays EX
1955545Johnny RodriguezLove put a song in my heartMercury73715-EX£3.001975 US; b/w 'Steppin' out on you'; 2 sale holes; a few light marks
1955445Dann RogersLooks like love againIAIAS 500-EX£4.001978 US; b/w 'Lucy'; warp
10286LPDavid Rogersfarewell to the rymanAtlanticSD 7283EXEX£8.001973 US; sale cut; small sticker mark f/cover
3459LPKenny RogersRuby, don't take your love to townRepriseRS 6352VGVG£8.001969 US as First edition; edge split
2057245Sally RogersGone too farD1317-EX£5.00US b/w 'Night life'
26332LPArt RosenbaumFive string banjoKicking muleSNKF 101VGVG£12.001973 a few light crackles o/w playsb EX
3383LPLeon RosselsonPalaces of goldAcornCF 249VGEX£12.001975 small tear on opening
3446LPLeon RosselsonThe word is hugga mugga lugga humbugga boom chitTrailerLER 3015EXEX£12.001971 with Roy Bailey & Martin Carthy
33098LPRufaroRufaroPilgrimPLM 432VGEX£10.001977 Laminated sleeve; light wear on cover; a few light marks
13845CDRun C&WInto the twangy first centuryMCAMCAD 10727MintMint£5.001993 US
29681LPIan RussellWandering country boyPolydor583 027VGVG£8.001968 Stereo; some scuff marks on f/cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
5809LPMarc SavoyOh what a nightArhoolie5023EXEX£8.001981 US; light warp; some light ring wear
27971LPJohn SchneiderTake the long way homeMCAMCA 5789EXEX£8.001986 US; a few light crackles
27876LPEarl ScruggsAnniversary special - volume 1CBS80821VGEX£10.001975 Stickered sleeve; light wear on cover; a couple of crackles
27875LPEarl ScruggsThe Earl Scruggs revue - volume 2CBS/ ColumbiaPC 34090VGVG£8.001976 CBS stickers over Columbia on labels + cover; some wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
27972LPCurly Seckler & Nashville grassTake a little timeCMHCMH 6241VGEX£8.001980 US; a few light marks - a few light crackles
12405CDPeggy Seeger & Irene ScottAlmost commercially viableGolden eggGRADE 2EXEX£7.001995 Promo; a few marks - plays perfectly
2323LPPeggy SeegerDifferent therfore equalBlackthorneBR 1061EXEX£14.001979 + inserts
3224945SeekersA world of our ownColumbiaDB 7532-EX£4.001965 Factory sample; b/w ;'Sinner man'
3264245SeekersDays of my lifeColumbiaDB 8407-EX£4.001968 b/w 'Study war no mre'
3224845SeekersThe carnival is overColumbiaDB 7711-VG£3.501965 Torn Factory sample sticker on label; b/w 'We shall not be moved'; some marks - plays EX
8577EPSeekersHits from the SeekersColumbiaSEG 8496EXVG£3.501966 a few crackles
8576EPSeekersThe SeekersColumbiaSEG 8425EXEX£5.001965
13802CDRicky Van SheltonGreatest hits plusColumbiaCK 52753EXEX£5.001992 US
13803CDRicky Van SheltonLove & honorColumbia477 6802MintMint£6.001994
15020LPSilkie & JJRoad sweet roadAbra cadabraABC 2005EXEX£12.001977 + inner; signed b/cover
4446LPDev Singh & Gaynor JenkinsThe reason I like youRampurR101EXG£7.001977 plays OK with some surface noise
30655LPAsher Sizemore & Little JimmieMountain ballads and old hymnsDeccaDL 74785VGVG£1.001966 US Promo; Stereo; corner crease on cover; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
16054LPRicky SkaggsKentucky thunderEpic465 1441EXEX£7.501989 a few creases along spine
2057145Bobby SmithDo you wanna make loveAutumnRPA 7623-EX£4.001977 US; b/w 'Too turned on'
20034LPConnie SmithThe best of Connie SmithRCA victorLSA 3055EXEX£8.001972 orange label
15988LPRay SmithThe country sideCharlyCR 30175VGEX£7.501979 a few light crackles
2057645Sammi SmithThe letterCycloneCYS 104-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'It's a day for sad songs'; light warp
2057545Sammi SmithWhat a lieCycloneCYS 100-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'It's not my way'
16389LPSammi SmithNew winds - All quadrantsElektra6E 137EXEX£8.001978 Butterfly label; US; sale cut
13924CDSammi SmithThe best of Sammi SmithVarese sara.VSD 5574EXEX£4.501996 US; a few light marks - plays perfectly
5688LPAdrian SnellListen to the peaceDoveDOVE 51EXVG£8.001978 Gatefold; a few light crackles o/w EX
3069145Hank SnowOld ShepRCARCA 1151-VG£5.001959 b/w 'The last ride'; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
18208EPHank SnowCountry guitar - vol 4RCARCX 116GVG£4.501958 tri centre; sellotape repair on 2 tears on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
18209EPHank SnowCountry guitar - vol 7RCARCX 142VGVG£7.001959 tri centre; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
9833LPHank SnowSings your favorite country hitsRCA victorRD 7741EXVG£7.501965 mono; some crackles
13847CDHank SnowRCA country legendsBuddha74465 99789MintMint£6.002001
1422145Jo-el SonnierTear stained letterRCA83047 RA-EX£5.001987 US Promo - same track both sides
10287LPJo-el SonnierCajun lifeRounder3409MintEX£10.001980 US in shrinkwrap
31138CDJo-el SonnierCome on JoeRCA6374 2RMintMint£7.001987 US
11230LPSouthern ramblersYesterday's goneSweet folk & coSFA 006VGVG£6.501974 marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2057745Red SovineColorado cool-aidGustoGTE 101-EX£5.001979 US; b/w 'The days of you & me'
2174845Red SovineTeddy bearStardaySD 142-VG£2.501981 b/w Daddy; plays well with a few crackles
27185CDDavy SpillaneA place among the stonesColumbia476 9302EXEX£5.001994 1 case mark on f/cover
1955645Joe StampleyI'm still loving youDotDOA 17485-EX£5.001973 US; b/w 'The weatherman'
1955745Joe StampleySoul songDotDOA 17442-VG£3.001972 US; b/w 'Not too long ago'; a few marks - plays EX
13460CDFrankie StarrElevator boogieBear familyBCD 15990EXEX£6.501996 German; some light marks - plays perfectly
13851CDStatler brothersGospel favoritesHeartlandHD 2012MintMint£5.001992 US
13848CDStatler brothersHomeMercury31451 47442MintMint£5.001993 US; sale hole back cover
13849CDStatler brothersWords & musicMercury31451 22752MintMint£5.001992 US; sale hole back cover
10288LPJoe SteadLive at the Whittlebury folk clubSweet folk & coSFA 007VGVG£10.001974 signed b/cover; stain b/cover; some crackles
28091LPRed SteagallParty dolls and wineCapitolST 11056VGVG£8.001972 US; sale hole; a few marks - plays EX
478145Steeleye spanAll around my hatChrysalisCHS 2078-EX£3.001975
1151745Steeleye spanSails of silverChrysalisCHS 2479EXEX£4.001980 a few light marks
477845Steeleye spanSomewhere in LondonFlutterbyFLUT 1VGVG£4.001988 plays EX
8095LPSteeleye spanAll around my hatChrysalisCHR 1091EXEX£10.001975 + insert
4735LPSteeleye spanAlmanackCharismaCS 12EXVG£8.001973 issue of '69-72 tracks; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
8930LPSteeleye spanBelow the saltChrysalisCHR 1008EXEX£10.001972 Green label; Gatefold
32097LPSteeleye spanCommoners crownChrysalisCHR 1071VGVG£8.001975 Green label; some wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
32098LPSteeleye spanNow we are sixChrysalisCHR 1053EXVG£8.001974 Green label; light wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
31987LPSteeleye spanOriginal mastersChrysalisCJT 3VGEX/EX£12.001977 Double/Gatefold; some yellowing on inners; light wear on cover
17763LPSteeleye spanParcel of roguesChrysalisCHR 1046EXVG£7.501973 Gatefold; a few crackles o/w plays EX
32096LPSteeleye spanPlease to see the kingMooncrestCREST 8VGVG£8.001976 reissue of '71 LP; light creasing on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
4733LPSteeleye spanRocket cottageChrysalisCHR 1123EXVG£7.001976 a few marks on vinyl
4734LPSteeleye spanTempted & tiedDoverADD 9EXVG£7.001989 + inner; plays OK with a few crackles
1642CDSteeleye spanA stack of..EmporioCD 668MintMint£4.001996 1973/75 recordings
33987CDSteeleye spanThe Best of Steeleye spanChrysalisCDP 32 1467 2EXEX£4.00CD reissue of '84 compilation; Case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
2197445John StewartJuly, you're a womanCapitolCL 15589-VG£5.001969 Green 'A' label Demo; b/w Shackles & chains; plays ok w/some crackles
31037LPJohn StewartThe Lonesome picker rides againWarner bros.WS 1948VGVG£8.001971 US; Green label; corner sale cut; light warp - plays EX
33490LPAlan StivellA l'OlympiaFontana6399 005EXVG£10.001972 Light wear on fully laminated sleeve; a few marks - plays EX
136LPAlan StivellE LagonnedFontana9101 500EXVG£8.00 
137LPAlan StivellRenaissance of the Celtic harpPhillips6414 406EXVG£8.001971 some light surface noise
13853CDDoug StoneFaith in me, faith in youColumbiaCK 64330MintMint£5.001995 US; sale hole back cover
13852CDDoug StoneI thought it was youEpic468 8222MintMint£5.001991
31091CDR B StoneThe Drifters windMiddle mountainMMM 0593SealedSealed£12.00US Sealed in shrinkwrap
13804CDGeorge StraitEasy come easy goMCAMCAD 10907MintMint£5.001993 US
13806CDGeorge StraitHonky tonk villeMCA11402MintMint£6.002003 US
13809CDGeorge StraitLatest greatest Straitest hitsMCA170 1002EXEX£5.002000
31139CDGeorge StraitOcean front propertyMCAMCAD 5913EXEX£4.001987 US; 1 case crease f/cover
13854CDGeorge StraitPure countryMCAMCD 10651EXEX£4.501992 from film soundtrack; couple of marks - plays perfectly
13805CDGeorge StraitSomething specialMCAMCAD 5605MintMint£5.001995 US
13807CDGeorge StraitSomewhere down in TexasMCA44602MintMint£6.002005 US
13808CDGeorge StraitThe very best of.. 1981-87MCAMCLD 19367MintMint£5.001998
27877LPStrangersMerle Haggard Introducing my friend the StrangersCapitolST 445EXEX£12.001970 Lime green label; US; small sale hole; in shrinkwrap; a few light marks
14962LPStringbandLegacyLookLKLP 6559EXEX£10.001981
13856CDMarty StuartLove & luckMCAMCAD 10880EXEX£5.001994 US
13857CDMarty StuartMatry StuartMCAMCD 11237EXEX£5.001995
13855CDMarty StuartThis one's gonna hurt youMCAMCAD 10596EXEX£5.001992 US
2377845Nat StuckeyMental revengePaula1230-VG£6.001970 US; b/w 'Waitin' in your welfare line'; small sticker mark on label; a few marks - plays EX
1955845Peggy SueThe love song & the dream belong to meDoor knobDK9 102-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'Rainy day lovin"
1812745Billy SwanI can helpMonumentSMNT 2752-VG£2.001974 large centre hole; writing on labels; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2799645Billy SwanI can helpMonumentMNT 2752EXEX£4.001975 Italy; b/w 'Ways of a woman in love'; light wear on cover
30656LPBilly SwanI can helpMonumentMNT 80615VGEX£7.501974 small sticker tear + sale hole f/cover o/w EX
30657LPBilly SwanRock 'n' roll moonMonumentMNT 69162EXEX£8.001975
33993CDDave Swarbrick & Simon NicolIn the clubTalking elephanTECD 160SealedSealed£7.002010 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
8892LPDave SwarbrickFlittin'SpindriftSPIN 101VGVG£6.501983 creases/ripple on cover; some crackles
12363LPSwift jewel cowboysChuck wagon swingTopic/ StringSTR 806EXEX£10.001979 issue of '39 recordings; mono
31046CDJune TaborA quiet eyeTopicTSCD 510MintEX£6.001999 a few light marks on disc
31045CDJune TaborRosa mundiTopicTSCD 532EXMint£5.002001; 2 small case marks f/cover
8177CDTabsDawnTabsCD 001EXEX£6.001995
32768LPTalismanPrimrose dreamsArgoZFB 33VGVG£8.001972 light wear on cover; some marks - plays well w/some crackles
17764LPTannahill weaversTannahill weavers IVPlant lifePLR 028EXEX£10.001981 Gatefold
2602045Tartan ladsSon of a Scottish soldierWaverleySLP 547-EX£5.001973 Demo; b/w 'Here's to the Gordons'
3458LPChip TaylorChip Taylor's last chanceWarner brosK 56036EXEX£10.001976 Holland
30603LPChip TaylorSome of usWarner bros.K 56077VGVG£8.001974 Burbank label; sellotape tears along top edge of cover; biro mark b/cover; small stickers on labels; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
31140CDEric TaylorEric TaylorWatermelonWMCD 1040MintMint£10.001995 Holland
13861CDTexas tornadosThe best of..Reprise9362 45511MintMint£5.001994
30620LPBJ ThomasB.J.ThomasMCAMCA 2286SealedSealed£10.001977 US 'Produced for Holland' stamp f/cover, export sticker b/cover; Sealed in shrinkwrap; 2 top corner creases on cover
12187LPHank ThompsonGolden country hitsCapitolT 2089VGVG£8.001964 mono; marks on vinyl - plays well w/some crackles
16390LPHank ThompsonSongs for roundersStetsonHAT 3052VGEX£8.0080's reissue of '59 LP; small top edge split on cover o/w EX
1955945Paul ThompsonThe old manCamilleRW 82003-EX£4.00US b/w 'What's happened to true love'
13862CDPam TillisGreatest hitsArista07822 18836MintMint£6.001997
13863CDAaron TippinUltimateRCA82876 57263MintMint£6.002004 US
9110LPTom & SmileyThe bluegrass soundBoulevard4081EXVG£7.501972 a few clicks/crackles
14270LPTompall & Glaser brothersLovin' her was easierElektra5E 542EXEX£7.501981 US; a few light marks
33982CDEmiliana TorriniFisherman's womanRough tradeRTRAD CD1785VGVG£4.002005; 1 CD fixing plastic lug missing on Digipak; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
13864CDTractorsFarmers in a changing worldArista07822 18878MintMint£6.001998
3797CDTractorsThe TractorsArista187 282MintMint£5.001994
18764LPTravellersIntroducing the TravellersEpicBN 26013EXEX£10.00Canada; stereo; 3 light marks side 1
13925CDRandy TravisForever & ever: The best of..Warner bros9548 33461VGEX£4.501995 small tear on insert; some light marks - plays perfectly
13926CDRandy TravisNo holdin' backWarner bros925 9882EXEX£4.501989
13927CDRick TrevinoLooking for the lightColumbiaCK 66771MintMint£5.001995 US; sale hole back cover
31184CDKatie TrickettThe next timeDemonFIEND CD768MintMint£5.001995
13866CDTravis TrittDown the road I goColumbia499 6882EXEX£5.002000
13867CDTravis TrittThe restless kindWarner bros9362 46304EXEX£5.001996
13965CDTravis TrittTroubleWarner bros945 0482SealedSealed£7.001992 US sealed in shrinkwrap
16055LPTroubadour singersGreenback dollarCoronetCXS 265VGVG£8.00US stereo; plays well with a few crackles
20036LPErnest TubbSay something nice to SarahDeccaDL7 5345VGVG£8.001972 US sample copy; ring wear on cover; few light marks + crackles o/w plays EX
31094CDErnest TubbThe Texas troubadourProperPROPER BOX54MintM/M£7.002004 4xCD Box set + 48 page booklet: Discs M/M/M/M
1956045Tanya TuckerI'm the singer, you're the songMCAMCA 508-Mint£3.001979 b/w 'Not fade away'
13929CDTanya TuckerCountry classicsEMI72435 27034MintMint£5.002000
13928CDTanya TuckerLizzie & the rainmanCottageCDCOT 108EXEX£4.001992 some light marks - plays perfcetly
13869CDTanya TuckerSoonLiberty72438 27577EXEX£5.001993
33219TapeTanya TuckerStrong enough to bendCapitolTCEST 2069EXEX£5.001988
31795CDTraven Tucker'Till the day I dieRaventone#1114MintMint£8.002006 US
13946CDShania TwainShania TwainMercury514 4222EXEX£4.001993
9111LPUmps & downsThe moon's in a fitTopic12TS 416VGEX£8.001980 small tear on opening; a few light marks
2049345Conny Van DykeI'll never make it easyABC DotDOA 17524-VG£3.001974 US Promo; b/w 'He's my lover'; plays well with a few crackles
1956145Kin VassyMakes me wonder if I ever said goodbyeIAIAS 502-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'Fort worth featherbed'; light warp'
13930CDRhonda VincentTrouble freeGiant74321 30733MintMint£5.001996
15539LPPorter Wagoner & Dolly PartonJust the two of usRCA victorLSA 3023VGEX£7.001971 a few light marks
2251345Josie WaleMy special prayerJammys2243/4-VG£7.001987 Jamaica; b/w Version; gold pen on run out groove + label side 1; plays EX
13870CDClay WalkerIf I could make a livingGiant74321 25017MintMint£5.001994
2432845Jerry Jeff WalkerLA FreewayMCAMUS 1205-VG£3.501973 b/w 'Charlie Dunn'; a few marks - some crackles on b'side
31095CDJerry Jeff WalkerChristmas gonzo styleRykodiscRCD 10312MintMint£6.001994 US
31096CDJerry Jeff WalkerNavajo rugRykodiscRCD 10175EXEX£6.001991 2 small case ceases on f/cover
2049445Jerry WallaceI wanna go to heaven4 star5 1035-VG£2.501978 US; b/w 'After you'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2057845Jerry WallaceYours love4 Star5 1036-EX£4.001979 US; b/w 'There she goes'
13947CDSteve WarinerFlower that shattered the stone: The best of..Half moonHMNCD 028EXEX£4.501998
31100CDVan WarrenDaddy's fiddleHawkHAWKCD 192EXMint£6.001994 US; light crease on front insert
16644LPWatersonsThe WatersonsTopic12T 142VGVG£10.001966 blue label; mono; sticker tear on label; some marks - plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
29974CDWatersonsFor pence and spicy aleTopicTSCD 462EXMint£6.001993 CD reissue with bonus tracks
13871CDDale WatsonBlessed or damnedHightoneHCD 8070EXEX£5.001996 US
31098CDDale WatsonI hate these songsHightoneHCD 8082EXEX£6.001997 US; Sale hole on barcode b/cover
18454LPDoc & Melre WatsonLonesome roadUnited artistsUAS 30135EXEX£10.001977
31099CDDoc & Melre WatsonThen and now / Two days in NovemberSugar hillSHCD 2205MintMint£6.001994 US reissue of '73 + '74 LP's
1956245Gene WatsonListen they're playing our songStoneway1165-EX£7.00US b/w 'I'm not strong enough'
15989LPGene WatsonBeautiful countryCapitolST 11715VGVG£7.001977 US; some light ring wear; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
15990LPGene WatsonHeartaches, love & stuffMCA/ CurbMCA 5520EXEX£8.001984 US
15880LPGene WatsonLittle by littleMCAMCF 3213EXEX£8.001984
15950LPGene WatsonPaper RosieCapitolEST 11597EXVG£7.001977 few marks - plays well with a few crackles
15876LPGene WatsonReflectionsCapitolSW 11805EXVG£7.001978 US; some creasing on cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
15946LPGene WatsonShould I come homeCapitolST 11947VGVG£6.001979 US; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
194545Bobby WayneRiver manPye int7N 25315-EX£20.001965 white label PROMO
10999EPWeaversTravelling with the Weavers - no.1Top rankJKP 2005EXVG£6.001959 a few crackles
2297245Houston WellsAnna MarieParlophoneR 5099-EX£12.001964 Factory sample; b/w Moon watch over my baby
2297345Houston WellsBlue of the nightParlophoneR 5226-EX£8.001965 Factory sample; b/w Coming home
2297445Houston WellsTeach me little childrenCBS3572-EX£10.001968 White 'A' label Demo; b/w Does my ring hurt your finger; writing on label; sticker tear; a few light marks
32250EPHouston WellsRamonaParlophoneGEP 8914EXVG£40.001964 Factory sample; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
16391LPKitty WellsGreatest hitsMCAMCA 121EXEX£7.501980 US reissue of '68 compilation
18059LPKitty WellsMy big truck drivin' manMCAMUP 341EXEX£8.001968 mono; a few light marks
10290LPWhipper snapperTSUBOWPSWPS 002EXEX£12.00Signature on b/cover
13931CDJoy Lynn WhiteWild loveColumbia474 8022EXEX£5.001994
13885CDLari WhiteBest of Lari WhiteRCA07863 66994MintMint£5.001997
13884CDLari WhiteLead me notRCA07863 66117MintMint£5.001993 US
15991LPWhitesGreatest hitsMCA/ CurbMCA 5717EXEX£8.001986 US; few creases on cover
1735310"Slim WhitmanSlim Whitman & his singing guitarLondonHAPB 1015EXG£18.001954 Gold print; mono; disc looks nice - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
11035LPSlim Whitman15th anniversary albumLibertyLBS 83039EXVG£7.001967 a few marks + couple crackles o/w plays EX
10716LPSlim Whitman25th anniversary concertUnited artistsUAG 29488EXVG£7.001973 Gatefold + 6 page booklet; some marks + crackles
11232LPSlim WhitmanCool waterLibertyLBS 83109EXVG£6.501968 plays well with a few crackles
11036LPSlim WhitmanCountry songs/ city hitsLibertyLBS 83022EXEX£8.001969 reissue of '64 LP; light warp; couple of marks
11231LPSlim WhitmanHappy streetLibertyLBS 83182EXEX£8.001969
10881LPSlim WhitmanIrish songs the Whitman wayLibertyLBS 83019EXVG£7.001968 a few marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
10880LPSlim WhitmanYodelingLibertyLBS 83021EXVG£7.001968 reissue of '64 LP; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
14141LPBob Willis/ Asleep at the wheelFathers & sonsEpicBG 33782VGEX/EX£12.001974 US Double/Gatefold; 2 sides each; some wear on cover
1422245Hank Williams JrThe American dreamElektra769 960W-EX£3.001982 US
15996LPHank Williams JrAre you sure Hank done it this wayWarner bros240 5181VGEX£7.501984
15998LPHank Williams JrAt the Country storeCountry storeCST 020EXVG£5.001985 compilation; some marks - plays EX
16058LPHank Williams JrEarly years (the)Warner bros925 5141EXEX/EX£10.001986 US; Double
15993LPHank Williams JrFamily traditionElektra6E 194EXEX£8.001979 US
4974LPHank Williams JrFive-OWarner bros925 2671EXEX£8.001985 + inner
15997LPHank Williams JrGreatest hits IIIWarner bros925 8341EXEX£7.501989 light wear + sticker mark f/cover
16056LPHank Williams JrHabits old & newElektra6E 278EXEX£8.001980 US; a few light marks
15994LPHank Williams JrHigh notesElektraELKK 52384EXEX£8.001982 a few light crackles
15995LPHank Williams JrMajor movesWarner bros925 0881VGEX£7.501984 US + inner; small sticker tear f/cover o/w EX
16392LPHank Williams JrMan of steelWarner bros23924VGEX£7.001983 US; sale cut; a few light marks
15945LPHank Williams JrRowdyElektra6E 330EXEX£8.001981 US; small sale cut; some light marks
27883LPHank Williams JrStanding in the shadowsPolydor835 132-1 Y-2EXEX/EX£10.001988 US Double; a few light marks + crackles
16393LPHank Williams JrStrong stuffElektra60223EXEX£8.001983 US; light wear on cover
16057LPHank Williams JrThe new southElektra5E 539EXEX£8.001981 US reissue of '77 LP; sale cut
15877LPHank Williams JrThe Pressure is onElektra5E 535EXEX£8.001981 US
15992LPHank Williams JrWhiskey bent & hell boundElektra6E 237EXEX£8.001979 US
15948LPHank Williams JrWild streakWarner bros925 7251EXEX£8.001988 + inner; some creasing along spine
13875CDHank Williams JrBorn to boogie - vol 15CurbD2 77918EXEX£4.501998 US
13877CDHank Williams JrGreatest hitsCurbCURCD 014EXEX£4.501994
13874CDHank Williams JrHog wildCurbCURCD 015MintMint£5.001995
13873CDHank Williams JrMan of steelCurb923 9242MintMint£5.00US CD issue of '83 LP
13876CDHank Williams JrPure HankWarner bros926 5362EXEX£5.001991 US; sale cut on spine
27975LPHank WilliamsFirst recordings (the)Country music fCMF 007EXEX£10.001986 US issue of 1946 demos; light wear on cover
25414LPHank WilliamsGreatest hits - vol 2MGMACB 118EXEX£7.5070's compilation; a few light marks
27976LPHank WilliamsHey good lookin': Dec 50 - Jul 51Polydor831 634-1 Y-2VGEX/EX£12.001987 US Double/Gatefold; mono; light wear on cover; a couple of crackles
27879LPHank WilliamsI ain't got nothin' but time: Dec 46 - Aug 47Polydor825 5841 Y2EXEX/VG£12.001985 US Double/Gatefold; small mark tk5 side4 - plays EX
27978LPHank WilliamsI won't be home no more: Jun 52 - Sept 52Poydor833 752-1 Y-2VGEX/EX£12.001987 US Double/Gatefold; mono; light wear on cover; a couple of crackles
27882LPHank WilliamsI'm so lonely I could cry: Mar 49 - Aug 49Polydor825 557-1 Y-2EXEX/EX£15.001986 US Double/Gatefold; mono
32215LPHank WilliamsIn Memory of Hank WilliamsMGMC 8020EXEX£15.001966 Mono
27974LPHank WilliamsJust me and my guitarCountry music fCMF 006VGVG£8.001985 US; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
27979LPHank WilliamsLet's turn back the years: Jul 51 - Jun 52Polydor833 749-1 Y-2EXVG/VG£10.001987 US Double/Gatefold; mono; light wear on cover; discs play well with a few clicks
27977LPHank WilliamsLong gone lonesome blues: Aug 49 - Dec 50Polydor8331 633-1 Y-2VGEX/EX£12.001987 US Double/Gatefold; mono; light wear on cover + small mark f/cover
27881LPHank WilliamsLost highway: Dec 48 - Mar 49Polydor825 554-4 Y-1EXEX/EX£15.001986 US Double/Gatefold; mono
27880LPHank WilliamsLovesick blues: Aug 47 - Dec 48Polydor825 551 Y2EXVG/VG£10.001985 US Double/Gatefold; light wear on cover; a few light marks - a few clicks side1 o/w plays well; disc2 plays EX
32214LPHank WilliamsThe Lonesome sound of Hank WilliamsMGMC 811EXVG£20.001959 Mono; 'C' written on b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
27878LPHank WilliamsThere's nothing as sweet as my babyMount oliveMO 1153EXEX£10.001980's issue of previously unissued recordings; Denmark
33437CDRobin WilliamsonThe Iron stoneECMECM 1969EXMint£7.002006 German; light wear on card slipcase o/w all packaging is Mint
14702LPBob WillisThe Tiffany transcriptions - vol 1 (1946-7)EdselED 321EXVG£7.501982 mono; light sticker mark f/cover;plays well with a few crackles
13878CDBob Willis24 Greatest hitsPolydor827 5732MintMint£5.00US issue of 1977 compilation
13886CDKelly WillisKelly WillisMCAMCD 10789MintMint£5.001993
31LPTerry WilsonTerry WilsonCoralCPS 85EXEX£8.001972
15023LPMartin Winsor & Redd SullivanHosts of the Troubadour with friendsDeaconDEA 1045EXEX£8.001971 a few light marks
13950CDTrisha YearwoodEverybody knowsMCAMCD 11512MintMint£5.001996
13949CDTrisha YearwoodThe song remembers whenMCAMCD 11024MintMint£5.001994
33769LPYettiesDorset is beautifulArgoZFB 38EXEX£10.001972 some light marks
5031LPYettiesWorld of the YettiesArgoSPA 436EXEX£8.001975 compilation
13810CDDwight YoakhamBlame the vainNew westNW 6075EXEX£6.002000 US digipak
13814CDDwight YoakhamBuenas noches from a lonely roomReprise925 7492MintMint£5.001988
3798CDDwight YoakhamDwight liveReprise945 9072MintMint£5.001995
13815CDDwight YoakhamThe very best of..Rhino8122 78964MintMint£5.002004
13812CDDwight YoakhamThis timeReprise93624 52412EXEX£5.001993
20037LPYork BrothersThe York Brothers sing 24 songsKing944VGVG£10.00US mono; some ring wear; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
18378LPFaron YoungThe Best of Faron Young - vol 2MercurySRM1 1130EXEX£7.001977 compilation of '72-6 recordings; some light ring wear; v.light warp
1956345Steve YoungSeven bridges roadCountry roadsCRE 005-EX£3.501981 b/w 'Don't think twice'
3219810"Various artistsWestern musicCapitolK 60 665VGVG£8.001961 German; Mono; small sticker tear b/cover o/w EX; a few marks - plays well with a few mild clicks
10299LPVarious artists20 Bluegrass originalsGustoGD 5028XEXVG£6.001978 US; small sticker tear f/cover; some marks - plays EX
5802LPVarious artistsAbbey tavern traditional balladsAbbey tavernATP 102EXVG£10.001970 Ireland; some surface noise at start of side 2 o/w EX
12365LPVarious artistsAll around bluegrass - 20 of the bestRCA intINTS 5188EXEX£8.001982 compilation; a few crackles
17628LPVarious artistsBanjo jamboree spectacularRealmRM 182VGEX£8.001963 mono; writing b/cover; a few light marks
10291LPVarious artistsBen & Jerry's Newport folk festival '88 liveAlcazarALC 105EXEX£8.001989 Canada; warp
15024LPVarious artistsCajun gold - vol 3GoldbandGRLP 7776EXVG£6.501976 US; warp - plays EX
10717LPVarious artistsContemporary guitar samplerTrans atlanticTRA SAM14EXVG£7.001969 a few light marks + crackles o/w plays EX
10292LPVarious artistsEarly days of bluegrass - vol 1Rounder1013EXEX£10.001974 issue of '50's recordings + 12 page booklet; a few light marks + crackles
10293LPVarious artistsFeed the folkTempleFTP 01EXEX£8.001985 + insert; a few marks
10294LPVarious artistsFingers on fireLondonHAB 8205EXEX£10.001964 mono; a few light marks
10265LPVarious artistsFolk philosophyTalismanSTAL 5019EXEX£18.001971 a few crackles
10295LPVarious artistsFolkways - A vision sharedCBS460 9051EXEX£10.001988 tribute to Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly; Gatefold + inner
17901LPVarious artistsGreat moments of vinyl historySpecial del.SPM 1009EXVG£7.001988 some marks tk4 side 1 - a few crackles o/w plays EX
17630LPVarious artistsHere's to the IrishTrans atlanticTRA SAM1EXEX£10.001968 mono; some light marks
15759LPVarious artistsHillbilly rockMagnum forceMFLP 034EXEX£12.001985 a few light marks
10296LPVarious artistsHootenannyCooking vinylGRILL 003EXEX£10.001990
10883LPVarious artistsIron muse (the)Topic12T 86VGG£6.001963 Blue label; + insert; mono; plays well with some clicks + crackles
15813LPVarious artistsLegend of Jesse James (the)A&MAMLK 63718EXEX£8.001980 Gatefold
29488LPVarious artistsListen here (a Transatlantic sampler)TransatlanticTRA SAM 2EXEX£12.001968 mono; light wear on cover; a few light marks - a few light crackles
27884LPVarious artistsLouisiana hayride Saturday nightLouisiana h/ridLP 973EXEX£10.0080's issue of '48-66 recordings
15814LPVarious artistsMemphis honky tonk hillbillyAceCH 168VGVG£7.00mono; sticker mark + wear on cover; writing b/cover; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
18455LPVarious artistsMidnight jamboreeBrunswickLAT 8401EXEX£12.001962 mono
15879LPVarious artistsNashville country rock vol 2: Hillbillies on speedReditaRLP 116EXEX£12.00Holland; mono
15882LPVarious artistsNashville country rock vol 3: Steppin' out tonightReditaRLP 121EXEX£12.00Holland; mono
9834LPVarious artistsNashville steel guitarLondonHAB 8028EXEX£12.001962 mono
33460LPVarious artistsNewport folk festival - volume 1Top rank35/070VGG£8.001960 Mono; top + bottom edge splits + a few small stains on cover; marks on vinyl - plays OK (VG) with a few clicks + some crackles
10297LPVarious artistsOld time fiddle classicsCounty507EXEX£8.00US; a few light marks + crackles
11233LPVarious artistsOperators specialsString/ TopicSTR 807EXEX£8.001979 issue of '36-49 Western swing tracks; mono; a few light marks
1085LPVarious artistsPicture ragsTrans atlanticSAM 26EXMint£12.001970
10298LPVarious artistsRounder bluegrass specialRounderPA 3065EXEX£10.00Japan; a few light marks
18456LPVarious artistsSaturday night at the Grand ole opryBrunswickLAT 8520EXEX£15.001963 mono
25415LPVarious artistsSea songs & shantiesTopicTPS 205VGVG£8.00Topic sampler no.7; mono; light wear on cover; some light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
12366LPVarious artistsStompin' at the Honky tonkTopicSTR 805EXEX£10.001978 mono; Western swing in Houston '36-41
28885LPVarious artistsSwallow records Louisiana Cajun special no.2AceCH 166VGEX£10.001986 compilation of '59-73 recordings; mono; light wear on cover; a few light marks
26333LPVarious artistsThat Dobro sound's goin' 'roundGustoSLP 340EXG£6.001975 US reissue of '68 compilation; light warp; a few marks - some crackles on side 2
16646LPVarious artistsTil things are brighterRed rhinoREDLP 88EXVG£7.001988 tribute to Johnny Cash; some light marks - plays EX
10300LPVarious artistsWay down south in DixieMorning star45005MintEX£10.001980 US issue of 20-30's (some surface noise on original) recordings + 8 page booklet; in shrinkwrap; light warp
29712LPVarious artistsWelcome to music city USACBSBPG 62867VGVG£8.001966 Orange label; Mono; 2 pin hole on cover; a few marks - plays EX
10301LPVarious artistsWestern swing blues, boogie & honky tonk - vol 7Old timeyOT 122MintEX£8.0080's US issue of 40-50's recordings; in shrinkwrap; a few crackles
10302LPVarious artistsWhere would you rather be tonightSunriseA 40111MEXEX£20.001986
15815LPVarious artistsWhite mansionsA&MAMLX 64691EXG£6.001978 Gatefold + inner + 28 page booklet; small stain botton edge of cover; plays ok w/some surface noise in places
13967CDVarious artistsCafé NashvilleDouble gold372 1012SealedSealed£4.002000 Double sealed in shrinkwrap - crack on case
13887CDVarious artistsCommon thread: The songs of the EaglesGiant74321 16677EXEX£6.001993
25848CDVarious artistsContemporary music from Ireland - vol 7Arts councilCMC CD07SealedSealed£10.00Promo; Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
12813CDVarious artistsDressed in black: A tribute to Johnny CashDualtoneIDLCD 19EXEX£6.502002
2457CDVarious artistsHey, this thing might just workAristaASCD 2820EXEX/EX£25.001995 US 4CD PROMO of the Arista/ Nashville roster
13880CDVarious artistsJukebox cowboyVinyl junkieVJCD 003EXEX£5.001997
8178CDVarious artistsKings of cajun - vol IIMusic clubMCCD 116EXEX£4.001993
31086CDVarious artistsMidwinterFree reedFRQCD 30EXM/M£30.002006 4xCD Box set + 138 page booklet; Discs M/M/M/M
31161CDVarious artistsMoonshine murder mountains & mudflatsThames deltaMUD 001CDEXMint£7.002008 Promo; Songs & tunes from the Leigh folk festival 2008
13881CDVarious artistsNFL countryCastle130-2MintMint£5.001996 US
28245CDVarious artistsReal country 2ZYXCR 81411 0MintM/M£8.002002 Double CD compilation; German
28246CDVarious artistsRig rock deluxeUpstart025EXEX£4.001996 16 track compilation
13888CDVarious artistsSkynyrd fryndsMCAMCD 11097EXEX£5.001994 covers of Lynyrd skynyrd songs

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