Comedy - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
1041045Steve AllenWhat is a wife?Vogue coralQ 72126-VG4.001956 some crackles
3484645Barron KnightsCall up the groups (medley)ColumbiaDB 7317-EX4.001964 b/w 'Call up the groups (medley)'; small sticker mark on label
2301845Barron KnightsCome to the danceColumbiaDB 7375-EX5.001964 Factory sample; b/w Choose me tonight; a few marks
2301945Barron KnightsPop go the workersColumbiaDB 7525-EX5.001965 Factory sample; a few marks
2301745Barron KnightsThe house of Johann StraussColumbiaDB 7427-EX5.001964 Factory sample; b/w She's the one; a few light marks
937345Wilfred Brambell & Harry H CorbettSteptoe & son at Buckingham palacePye7N 15588-VG3.501963 light warp
2000945Bernard BresslawMad passionate loveHMVPOP 522-VG3.001958 plays ok w/some crackles
1801645ChipmunksAll my lovingLibertyLIB 10170-G1.501964 marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2601245ChipmunksAll my lovingLibertyLIB 10170-EX6.001964 Factory sample; b.w 'Please please me'
3729945ChipmunksRudolph the red-nosed reindeerLibertyLIB 10054-VG3.001962 b/w 'Jingle bells'; some marks - plays well (EX)
2601145ChipmunksSupercali fragilistic expialidocousLibertyLIB 55773-EX6.001965 Factory sample; b/w 'Do-re-mi'
2302045John CleeseThe Ferret song from the 1948 showPye7N 17336-VG6.001967 BBC library stamp on labels; b/w Rhubarb tart song; number sticker on labels; a few marks - plays EX
4097545Peter Cook & Dudley MooreGoodbyeeDeccaF 12158-VG4.001965 b/w 'Not only but also' - Dudley Moore trio; 'Pat D' written on labels in pencil; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2486445Peter Cook & Dudley MooreGoodbyeeeDeccaF 12158-VG6.001965 b/w 'Not only but also' - Dudley Moore trio; a few marks - plays well
7072EPPeter Cook & Dudley MooreBy appointment - Royal variety performanceDeccaDFE 8644EXEX10.001965 small tear b/ cover opening; couple of crackles
2985245Bernard CribbinsGossip calypsoParlophoneR 4961-VG3.501962 b/w 'One man band'; a few light marks - plays well with a few crackles
1855345Bernard CribbinsRight said FredParlophoneR 4923-VG2.501962 some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
7134EPBernard CribbinsThe hole in the groundParlophoneGEP 8859EXEX12.001962 couple of marks
2985445Charlie DrakeI'm too heavy for the light brigadeParlophoneR 5143-EX5.001964 Factory sample; b/w 'The reluctant tight rope walker'
1995845Charlie DrakeNaughtyParlophoneR 4675-VG3.501960 plays well with a few crackles
2985345Charlie DrakeSplish splashParlophoneR 4461-VG3.001958 b/w 'Hello, my darlings'; '19' written on label + small sticker tear; light dish warp; a few marks - plays EX
1041145Tom EdwardsWhat is a teenage girl?Vogue coralQ 72236-G3.001958 mark + some clicks
949145Dick EmeryIf you love herPye7N 17644-VG3.001969 a few crackles
944645Bruce ForsythThe oh-be joyfulsPiccadilly7N 35086-EX4.001962
34848EPStan FrebergAny requestsCapitolEAP1 496VGVG4.001955 light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2314445Gang showWhen the band playsHMVPOP 1361-EX4.001964 Factory sample; b/w All dressed up; small sticker mark on label; light warp; a few light marks
1102245GoonsThe ying tong songDeccaF 10780-VG7.001956 tri centre; small sticker mark on label; a few marks + crackles
14223EPGoonsThe GoonsDeccaDFE 6396EXVG10.001956 a few crackles
20462EPTony HancockHighlights from 'The Blood donor'PyeNEP 24175EXVG6.001963 issue of '61 recording; plays well with a few clicks + crackles
18343EPTony HancockLittle pieces of HancockPyeNEP 24146EXEX6.001961 a few light marks
3087345Benny HillWhat a worldPye7N 15974-EX5.001965 b/w 'I'll never know'; light sticker mark on label
934045Benny HillWhat a worldPye7N 15974-VG3.501965 a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
40986EPGerard HoffnungHoffnung at the Oxford unionDeccaDFE 8682EXVG4.001968 a few marks - plays well (EX)
3701345HystericsFive tracks of laughterKaKA 5-VG3.001981 writing on labels; some marks - plays well (EX)
3484745Ivor BiggunThe Winker's song (misprint)Beggars banquetBOP 1-VG3.501979 b/w 'Readers wives'; a few crackles on b'side
1547845Master singersThe highway codeParlophoneR 5428-EX4.001966 some light marks
1855445Medwin, Bresslaw, Bass & FysonThe Army gameHMVPOP 490-G1.501958 plays w/some light surface noise
3791245Monty PythonMonty Python's tiny black round thingCharisma/ Sono.SON 1259-VG3.001974 Flexi disc free with NME; 'Election '74' b/w 'The Lumberjack song'; plays OK with a few clicks + crackles
4172845Monty PythonPython on songCharismaMP 001VGVG/VG5.001976 Double/Gateffold; some wear on cover; disc1 - some marks, plays well; disc2 - some marks, plays well with just a few crackles
1771745Morecambe & WiseBoom oo yatta-ta-taHMVPOP 1240-VG3.001963 some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3087445Morecambe & WiseBoom oo yatta-ta-taHMVPOP 1240-EX6.001963 Factory sample; b/w 'Why did I let you go'
18555EPBob NewhartThe button down mind of Bob NewhartWarner brosWEP 6031EXEX6.501960 a few light marks
24865EPBob NewhartThe Button down mind on TV - vol 1Warner brosWEP 6118VGVG4.501962 tear on opening f/cover; a few marks - plays well
2486645P VertStickballHaphazardHYME 1-SVGVG6.00Same track both sides; wear on cover; some marks - plays well
3087545Lance PercivalIf I had wingsParlophoneR 5417-EX6.001966 Factory sample; b/w 'My girl, my Shirl'
3484945Mike SarneCome outsideParlophoneR 4902-EX4.001962 b/w 'Fountain of love'; sticker mark on label
2001045Mike SarneHello lover boyParlophoneR 5090-G3.001963 marks/vinyl scruffy - plays ok w/some crackles
3229845Terry ScottJuanita bananaPye7N 17093-EX5.001966 b/w 'I like birds'
1716345Peter Sellers & Sophia LorenGoodness gracious meHMVPOP 2018-EX4.0080's HMV Golden greats series b/w 'Grandpa's grave'
3485045Peter Sellers & Sophia LorenGoodness gracious meParlophoneR 4702-VG3.501960 b/w 'Grandpa's grave'; sticker mark on label; a few marks - plays EX
1855645Peter SellersAny old ironParlophoneR 4337-G1.501957 some surface noise
3229945Peter SellersPuttin' on the smileParlophoneR 4605-VG4.001959 b/w 'My old Dutch'; some marks - plays well
3087645Allan ShermanShine on Harvey Bloom (shine on harvest moon)Warner bros.WB 5725-EX5.001965 Release date stamped on label; b/w ''Your mother's here to stay (love is here to stay)'; '696' stickers on labels + company sleeve
18344EPSteptoe & sonThe facts of lifePyeNEP 24169EXEX8.001963 a few light marks
2302345Andy StewartDr FinlayHMVPOP 1454-VG4.001964 Factory sample; b/w Oh what a celidh; a few marks side 2 - plays EX
4097645Stanley UnwinGoldilocksPye7N 15436-VG8.001962 b/w 'The saucy apprentice'; some marks + light dish warp - plays well with justv a few crackles
2330445Ian WallaceThe GorillaParlophoneR 5121-EX5.001964 Factory sample; b/w Dame trotty peg
24867EPKenneth WilliamsKenneth WilliamsDeccaDFE 8548GG3.001961 tear on opening + b/cover; some yellowing on cover; some marks - 1 jump tk1 + some clicks tk4 o/w plays well
30805EPKenneth WilliamsRambling Syd Rumpo in concertParlophoneGEP 8965VGVG7.501967 Black/Yellow label; name + address written on b/cover; a few marks - plays EX
30806EPKenneth WilliamsRambling Syd Rumpo in concet - vol 2ParlophoneGEP 8966EXVG8.001968 Black/Yellow label; small spot of wear on opening f/cover; a few marks - plays EX

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