Comedy - Albums (LP / 10" / 78)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
37124LPWoody AllenStandup comicCasablancaMIM-2 8314VGVG/EX10.001979 Canada; Double LP reissue of '64-68 material; some wear on cover; disc1 plays well with just a couple of clicks; disc2 plays well
10749LPMichael BentineSquare bashingRCA intINT 1077EXVG7.001969 Green label issue of '67 LP; mono; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
33474LPBeyond the fringeBeyond the fringeParlophonePMC 1145VGVG10.001961 Mono; Black/Gold label; Alan Bennett/ Peter Cook/ Jonathan Miller/ Dudley Moore; small pin hole on openings of cover; light wear on cover; some marks - plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
1812LPWilfred Brambell & Harry H CorbettSteptoe & sonWorld recordST 962VGEX7.001963
22782LPJohn BirdThe Collected broadcasts of Idi AminXtraXTRA 1148VGVG10.001975 some wear on cover; a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
3983LPArchie CampbellArchie CampbellElektra7E 1075EXEX15.001976 US white label PROMO
9847LPGeorge CarlinA place for my stuffAtlanticSD 19326EXVG6.501981 US; some marks + crackles
4455LPJasper CarrottA pain in the armDJMDJF 20518EXEX8.001977 + inner
4454LPJasper CarrottCarrott in nottsDJMDJF 20482MintEX8.001976
5491LPCheech & ChongLos CochinosWarner brosBSK 3250EXVG10.001973 US; Die cut sleeve
12380LPCheech & ChongUp in smokeWarner brosWB 56674EXEX10.001978 German; Gatefold
29124LPChipmunksChipmunk punkExcelsiorXLP 6008SealedSealed8.001980 US; Sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale hole bottom corner of cover
37821LPBilly ConnollyCop yer whack for thisPolydor2383 310VGEX7.001974 Live at King's theatre, Glasgow; sticker mark top corner f/cover; a few light marks - plays well
37721LPBilly ConnollySolo concertTrans atlanticTRA 279VGG/VG5.001974 Double/Gatefold; sticker mark top corner f/cover + some wear; disc1 - plays w/some clicks + crackles; disc2 - plays well w/some crackles
5820LPBilly ConnollyWreck on tourPhillipsPHH 2EXEX7.001985 light warp
28623LPPeter Cook & Dudley MooreDerek & Clive LiveIslandILPS 9434VGEX7.501976 light wear on cover; a few light marks - a couple of crackles
22085LPPeter Cook & Dudley MooreOnce Moore with CookDeccaLK 4785EXVG10.001966 mono; light wear on cover; plays ok w/some crackles
14098LPBill Cosby200 MPHWarner brosWS 1757EXVG7.00US barcoded sleeve; small sale cut; some light marks - plays EX
9560LPBill CosbyI started out as a childWarner brosW 1567VGVG7.001965 mono; a few crackles
14177LPBill CosbyRevengeWarner brosW 1691EXVG7.501967 mono; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
5398LPBill CosbyWonderfulnessWarner brosWBX 27EXVG8.00 80's US reissue of '66 LP; plays well with a few light crackles
28394LPDavid DonaldsonThe English languageStagSTAG 1VGVG8.001977 light wear on cover; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
8279LPKenny EverettNaughty joke boxRelaxLAXLP 101EXEX8.001984 with various comedians
8280LPKenny EverettThe greatest adventure yet from captain KremmenCBS84761EXEX10.001980
10750LPFawlty towersAt your serviceBBCREB 449VGVG6.001982 issue of 'Death' & 'Fire drill'; mono; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
10751LPFawlty towersMrs Richards - Hotel inspectorsBBCREB 377EXVG6.001979 issue of '75 shows; mono; light warp + slight rumble
10752LPFawlty towersSecond sittingBBCREB 405MintEX8.001981 issue of 'The rat' + 'The builders'; in shrinkwrap; a few light marks
10753LPStan FrebergA child's garden of FrebergCapitolT777VGVG12.001957 South Africa; mono; some wear on cover; some marks + crackles
8726LPAlf GarnettSex & other thoughtsPyeNPL 18192VGG6.001967 mono; some surface marks - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
23809LPGlumsTake it from hereBBCREH 161EXVG8.001974 mono; some marks - plays EX
6826LPGoodiesThe Goodies greatestBradleysBRADL 1012EXEX8.001976 + insert
10755LPGoodiesThe new Goodies LPBradleysBRADL 1010EXEX8.001975 + insert
9848LPGoodiesThe world of the GoodiesDeccaSPA 416EXEX8.001973 some light marks
37442LPGoodiesThe world of the GoodiesDeccaSPA 416VGG12.001973 Signed 'Goody wishes from Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie' on f/cover; sellotape on top + bottom edges of cover + some wear b/cover; marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) with a few crackles
18772LPGoonsFirst men on the GoonParlophonePMC 7132EXEX10.001970 issue of 'Foiled by president Fred' (55) + 'Robin Hood & his merry men' (56); mono; a few light marks
1173LPGoonsGoon againParlophonePMC 7062EXEX12.001968 mono; Black/Yellow label
10761LPGoonsGoon show greatsParlophonePMC 7179MintEX8.0070's issue of 7.2.56, 8.1.59 + '67 excerpts; mono; in shrinkwrap
10756LPGoonsGoon.. but not forgottenParlophonePMC 7037EXEX10.001967 Yellow/Black label; mono; a few light marks
12602LPGoonsThe best of the Goon shows - no. 2ParlophonePMC 1129EXEX10.001970's issue of '60 LP; mono
36896LPGoonsThe best of the Goon shows - no.2ParlophonePMC 1129VGVG8.001960 Black/Gold label; mono; yellowing b/cover; plays well with just a few clicks + crackles
3740LPGoonsThe best of the GoonsParlophonePMC 1108EXVG8.001959 Black/Yellow label; mono; a few light crackles
17773LPGrumbleweedsGrumbleweeds allbumNorth westNWG 76104VGVG7.501976 signed b/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
25881LPDavid GunsonWhat goes up might come downBig BenBB 00.12VGEX10.001982 sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
33771LPArnold Gutbucket bandChurch streetAshASH 001EXEX12.001978 Signed 'To Keith, love & curried custard, Arnold Gutbucket'; a few light marks
28225LPTony HancockA tribute to Tony HancockWorld recordST 897EXVG7.0060's issue; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
8728LPTony HancockAmericans hit town/ Unexploded bombBBCREB 423EXVG7.001981 issue of 18/3/58 + 25/2/58 shows; mono; a few crackles o/w plays EX
12577LPTony HancockBlood donor/ Radio hamPyeNPL 18068EXVG7.501961 mono; some crackles
15068LPTony HancockBlood donor/ Radio hamMarble archMAL 872EXVG7.001968 mono issue of 1/10/61 shows; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3577LPTony HancockHancocks war/ Christmas clubBBCREB 526EXVG7.001984 issue of 13/5/58 + 22/12/59 shows; mono
3591LPTony HancockScandal magazine/ Last of the McHancocksBBCREB 451EXEX8.001982 issue of 28/1/58 + 24/2/57 shows; mono
3592LPTony HancockSid's mystery tour/ Poetry societyBBCREB 394EXEX9.001980 issue of 24/11/59 + 8/12/59 shows; mono
3593LPTony HancockSleepless night/ Fred's pie stallBBCREB 485EXEX9.001983 issue of 3/6/56 + 10/11/59; mono
10762LPTony HancockThe Lift - Twelve angry menBBCREB 260EXEX8.001976 issue of 16.6.61 + 16.10.59 shows; mono
33733LPTony HancockThe world of Tony HancockDeccaPA 417EXEX8.0070's Boxed Decca label issue of '65 LP; Mono; 'The missing page/ The reunion party'; light crease b/cover
8727LPTony HancockThis is HancockGolden guineaGGL 0206EXVG8.001963 reissue of '60 LP; "Wild man of the woods" + "Sunday afternoon"; some crackles; mono
3425LPTony HancockUnique HancockBBCREB 150MEXEX8.001973 Highlights LP; Gatefold mono
31857LPHeebee Geebees439 Golden greatsH.B.G.B.TWITS 101VGVG7.501981 or 'Never mind the originals here's the Heebee Geebees'; + inner; wear on cover; sticker mark f/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well
32699LPLenny HenryStand up ... get downChrysalisCHR 1484EXEX7.001984 + inner
12578LPHoffnungTimeless HoffnungBBCREB 87MEXVG10.001970 mono; some marks - plays well w/some clicks
31916LPBarry HumphriesHousewife superstarCharismaCAS 1123VGVG8.001976 Plain White label test pressing; Some wear on one piece rough cut sample front & back cover; small chip on rim; some marks on vinyl - plays OK with a few clicks + crackles
8729LPJohn InmanAre you being served sir?DJMDJLPS 468EXVG8.001975 some crackles
28395LPIvor BiggunThe Winkers album (misprint)Beggars banquetBOPA 1VGVG8.001978 light sticker mark f/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few light clicks at start side 1
7974LPLaurel & HardyAnother fine messUnited artistsUAG 30010EXVG7.001976 dialogue & songs from '32-35 films; Gatefold; mono; some crackles
12192LPSteve MartinA wild & crazy guyWarner brosK 56573EXVG6.001978 Gatefold + inner; warp; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
8400LPRay MartineWith Ray MartineGolden guineaGGL 0254EXVG8.001963 mono; 4 pin holes on cover; a few crackles
10763LPBob MelvinCloser baby, don't fight itCapitolT 1575EXEX10.001961 mono; a few light marks + crackles
9850LPMax MillerThat's nice MaxiePyeNPL 18064EXVG8.001961 mono
9851LPMax MillerThe cheekie chappiePyeNPL 18079EXVG8.001962 mono; some marks + crackles
33734LPSpike Milligan with Jeremy TaylorLive at Cambridge universityMFPMFP 50408EXEX8.001978 reissue of '74 LP; a few light marks - a couple of clicks side 1
28645LPSpike MilliganBridge on the river WyeParlophonePMC 1190VGVG8.001962 Black/Gold label; mono; with Peter Sellers, Jonathan Miller & Peter Cook; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
8281LPSpike MilliganMuses with MilliganDeccaLK 4701VGVG8.001965 mono; some crackles
32194LPSpike MilliganUnspun socks from a chicken's laundrySpikeSPIKE L1VGEX8.001982 2 light sticker marks f/cover + some wear
8282LPWarren Mitchell & CastTill death us do partMarble archMAL 112EXVG7.00Issue of '66 LP "Intolerance" + "Swearing"; mono; some crackles
33463LPWarren Mitchell & CastTill death us do partPyeNPL 18154EXVG10.001966 Mono; Flipback sleeve; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
15119LPMonty PythonAnother Monty Python recordCharismaCAS 1049EXEX12.001970 + inner + 3 inserts
3622LPMonty PythonLife of BrianWarner brosK 56751EXVG7.001979 + inner; some surface noise
8730LPMonty PythonMonty Python & holy grailCharismaCAS 1103EXVG7.001975 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
37822LPMonty PythonMonty Python Live at Drury LaneCharismaCLASS 4VGVG6.001974 UK issue with sleeve manufactured in Holland; Hatter label; sticker mark top corner f/cover o/w EX; 2 clicks near start tk1 side1 o/w plays EX
22739LPMonty PythonMonty Python's contractual obligation albumCharismaCAS 1152EXVG7.001980 + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
4142LPMonty PythonMonty Pythons flying circusBBC22073EXVG8.001970 US; a few light crackles
37128LPMonty PythonMonty Python's previous recordCharismaCAS 1063VGVG/EX10.001972 + Bonus flexi-disc 'Teach yourself Heath' (EX, plays well); Hatter label; plain inner; some marks on LP - plays well (EX)
17578LPEddie MurphyComedianCBS25760EXVG7.001983 Holland; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
37823LPNot the nine o'clock newsHedgehog sandwichBBCREB 421EXEX7.001981 a few light marks - plays well
37824LPNot the nine o'clock newsNot the nine o'clock newsBBCREB 400EXEX7.001980 Mono; light wear on cover; plays well
37826LPNot the nine o'clock newsThe memory kinda lingersBBCREF 453EXEX/EX10.001982 Double/Gatefold; 4th series & Live on stage; both discs play well
33875LPTom O'ConnorAlright mouthStag musicSG 1006 SVGVG8.001974 small sticker tear b/cover; a few marks - plays OK with a few clicks + crackles
28696LPJackson PaineThe Explosive sounds of Jackson PaineWarner bros.WS 8048EXEX12.001961 stereo; light wear on cover; a few crackles at start of side1
29710LPDon PaulinDon Paulin livePolydor184 073VGVG8.00German; 'Salvage' stamped on label + b/cover; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
36585LPRichard Pryor & Redd FoxxDown and dirtyLaffA 184EXVG7.001975 US issue of previously released material; some marks - plays well
37125LPCarl Reiner & Mel Brooks2000 years with..World pacificWP 1401VGG7.001960 US; mono; some marks on vinyl - plays OK (VG) w/some clicks + crackles
3590LPRound the HorneThe Best of..BBCREH 193EXEX10.001975 excerpts from 1st series 1965; mono
14769LPPeter Sellers, Spike Milligan & Harry SecombeHow to win an election (or not lose by much)PhilipsAL 3464VGEX15.001964 mono; stain b/cover + corner scuff; a few light marks
3220110"Peter SellersThe Best of SellersParlophonePMD 1069VGVG7.001958 Mono; some light marks - a few clicks tk4 side2 o/w plays EX
10313LPPeter SellersSongs for swingin' SellersParlophonePMC 1111EXVG8.001959 Black/Gold label; mono; some yellowing of cover; some crackles
16068LPAllan ShermanFor swingin' livers onlyWarner brosW 1569EXVG7.50Canada; mono; sale hole; in shrinkwrap; a few crackles o/w plays EX
36872LPMrs ShufflewickA drop of the hard stuffDeccaSKL 5155-VG15.001973 Handwritten Pink label Factory sample in plain white sleeve; 'Live at the New black cap' listed on label; matrix no.s ZAL 12593/4 P; some marks - plays well with a few light crackles
12381LPSmothers brothersIt must have been something I saidMercuryMG 20904VGVG10.00US mono; some wear on cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
25777LPSons of SidThe Full blifterUltimate hypeUH 5747EXEX12.001987
12391LPSpike JonesThat old black magicRCA starcallHY 1006EXEX8.001975 mono
4143LPDavid SteinbergDisguised as anormal personElektraEKS 74065VGVG8.001970 US; a few light crackles o/w EX
5306LPSteptoe & sonMore junk from..Golden guineaGGL 0278EXVG7.001964 mono; some surface noise
10765LPSteptoe & sonSteptoe & sonHallmarkHMA 238EXVG6.0070's issue of '62 clips from 'Gentle art of totting' 'Bird' 'Choppers for sale' 'Holiday'; some crackles
5379LPSteptoe & sonSteptoe & sonGolden guineaGGL 0217EXVG7.001962 mono; some crackles
10314LPRichard StilgoeLive performanceEMI/ One upOU 2184EXEX8.001977 reissue of '70 LP + 2 bonus tracks
36897LPTV SeriesThat was the week that wasParlophonePMC 1197EXEX12.001963 Black/Gold label; mono; plays well
10766LPTwo RonniesThe best of..TransatlanticTRA 328EXEX8.001976 songs from their shows
6709LPTwo RonniesThe Two RonniesSt. Michael2172 0501EXEX8.001976 mono
10767LPTwo RonniesThe Two RonniesBBCREB 257EXVG6.501976 issue of '73-5 sketches; mono; some marks - 1 jump + some crackles
6764LPTwo RonniesThe Two Ronnies - vol 3BBCREB 331EXEX8.001978 mono
9122LPTwo RonniesTwo Ronnies - vol 2 - Me & himBBCREB 300EXVG7.001977 mono; a few marks + crackles
10768LPPeter UstinovThe Grand prix of GibralterRiverside12 833VGVG8.001960 mono; small edge split
40797LPPeter UstinovThe many voices of...BBCRBT 102EXEX8.001973 Mono reissue of '69 LP; laminated f/cover; light wear on cover; plays well
10269LPRusty WarrenLays it on the lineGNP CrescendoGNPS 2081EXEX10.001974 US; light wear on cover
39764LPKenneth WilliamsOne over the eightDeccaLK 4393VGVG8.001961 Mono; Original casr recording; heavy wear on front opening, mild water stain + general wear on cover; warp + just a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
10769LPKenneth WilliamsThe world of..DeccaSPA 64EXEX12.001970
36586LPFlip WilsonThe Flip Wilson showLittle DavidLD 2000VGVG7.001970 US; small sale cut on opening of die-cut Gatefold sleeve; a few mild marks- - plays well with a few clicks
18680LPYou don't have to be Jewish playersWhen you're in love the whole world is JewishMCAMCL 1670VGEX7.5080's reissue of '66 LP
12579LPVarious artists20 Golden gigglesEMINTS 125EXVG6.00Light warp; plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
10770LPVarious artistsComedy specialBBCREH 294EXEX8.001977 highlights from BBC comedy shows '55-75; mono; couple of crackles
6564LPVarious artistsFor adults onlySurpriseILP 1008EXVG6.00'60's mono; Barth, Russell, Williams,Starr, Pulley, Dell; vinyl scruffy; some clicks & surface noise
10771LPVarious artistsFun at one (radio 1)BBCREB 371EXEX8.001979 comp os '61-9 clips as featured on lunch time show; mono
33735LPVarious artistsLaughing stock of the BBC (the)BBCLAF 1VGEX7.001982 Mono; light sticker mark f/cover; some wear on cover
7581LPVarious artistsLive at JongleursSpartanJONG 1EXEX10.001987 a few light marks
29491LPVarious artistsPrivate eye's golden years of sound: 1964-1970LyntoneLYN 2746EXVG8.001973 mono; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
37827LPVarious artistsSecret policeman's other ball (the)SpringtimeHAHA 6003EXEX7.001981 plays well

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