Comedy - Albums (LP / 10" / 78)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
10749LPMichael BentineSquare bashingRCA intINT 1077EXVG7.001969 Green label issue of '67 LP; mono; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
33474LPBeyond the fringeBeyond the fringeParlophonePMC 1145VGVG10.001961 Mono; Black/Gold label; Alan Bennett/ Peter Cook/ Jonathan Miller/ Dudley Moore; small pin hole on openings of cover; light wear on cover; some marks - plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
1812LPWilfred Brambell & Harry H CorbettSteptoe & sonWorld recordST 962VGEX7.001963
22782LPJohn BirdThe Collected broadcasts of Idi AminXtraXTRA 1148VGVG10.001975 some wear on cover; a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
3983LPArchie CampbellArchie CampbellElektra7E 1075EXEX15.001976 US white label PROMO
9847LPGeorge CarlinA place for my stuffAtlanticSD 19326EXVG6.501981 US; some marks + crackles
4455LPJasper CarrottA pain in the armDJMDJF 20518EXEX8.001977 + inner
4454LPJasper CarrottCarrott in nottsDJMDJF 20482MintEX8.001976
5491LPCheech & ChongLos CochinosWarner brosBSK 3250EXVG10.001973 US; Die cut sleeve
12380LPCheech & ChongUp in smokeWarner brosWB 56674EXEX10.001978 German; Gatefold
29124LPChipmunksChipmunk punkExcelsiorXLP 6008SealedSealed8.001980 US; Sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale hole bottom corner of cover
5820LPBilly ConnollyWreck on tourPhillipsPHH 2EXEX7.001985 light warp
28623LPPeter Cook & Dudley MooreDerek & Clive LiveIslandILPS 9434VGEX7.501976 light wear on cover; a few light marks - a couple of crackles
22085LPPeter Cook & Dudley MooreOnce Moore with CookDeccaLK 4785EXVG10.001966 mono; light wear on cover; plays ok w/some crackles
14098LPBill Cosby200 MPHWarner brosWS 1757EXVG7.00US barcoded sleeve; small sale cut; some light marks - plays EX
9560LPBill CosbyI started out as a childWarner brosW 1567VGVG7.001965 mono; a few crackles
14177LPBill CosbyRevengeWarner brosW 1691EXVG7.501967 mono; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
5398LPBill CosbyWonderfulnessWarner brosWBX 27EXVG8.00 80's US reissue of '66 LP; plays well with a few light crackles
28394LPDavid DonaldsonThe English languageStagSTAG 1VGVG8.001977 light wear on cover; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
8279LPKenny EverettNaughty joke boxRelaxLAXLP 101EXEX8.001984 with various comedians
8280LPKenny EverettThe greatest adventure yet from captain KremmenCBS84761EXEX10.001980
10750LPFawlty towersAt your serviceBBCREB 449VGVG6.001982 issue of 'Death' & 'Fire drill'; mono; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
10751LPFawlty towersMrs Richards - Hotel inspectorsBBCREB 377EXVG6.001979 issue of '75 shows; mono; light warp + slight rumble
10752LPFawlty towersSecond sittingBBCREB 405MintEX8.001981 issue of 'The rat' + 'The builders'; in shrinkwrap; a few light marks
10753LPStan FrebergA child's garden of FrebergCapitolT777VGVG12.001957 South Africa; mono; some wear on cover; some marks + crackles
8726LPAlf GarnettSex & other thoughtsPyeNPL 18192VGG6.001967 mono; some surface marks - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
23809LPGlumsTake it from hereBBCREH 161EXVG8.001974 mono; some marks - plays EX
6826LPGoodiesThe Goodies greatestBradleysBRADL 1012EXEX8.001976 + insert
10755LPGoodiesThe new Goodies LPBradleysBRADL 1010EXEX8.001975 + insert
9848LPGoodiesThe world of the GoodiesDeccaSPA 416EXEX8.001973 some light marks
18772LPGoonsFirst men on the GoonParlophonePMC 7132EXEX10.001970 issue of 'Foiled by president Fred' (55) + 'Robin Hood & his merry men' (56); mono; a few light marks
1173LPGoonsGoon againParlophonePMC 7062EXEX12.001968 mono; Black/Yellow label
10761LPGoonsGoon show greatsParlophonePMC 7179MintEX8.0070's issue of 7.2.56, 8.1.59 + '67 excerpts; mono; in shrinkwrap
10756LPGoonsGoon.. but not forgottenParlophonePMC 7037EXEX10.001967 Yellow/Black label; mono; a few light marks
3740LPGoonsThe best of the GoonsParlophonePMC 1108EXVG8.001959 Black/Yellow label; mono; a few light crackles
12602LPGoonsThe best of the Goons - no. 2ParlophonePMC 1129EXEX10.001970's issue of '60 LP; mono
17773LPGrumbleweedsGrumbleweeds allbumNorth westNWG 76104VGVG7.501976 signed b/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
25881LPDavid GunsonWhat goes up might come downBig BenBB 00.12VGEX10.001982 sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
33771LPArnold Gutbucket bandChurch streetAshASH 001EXEX12.001978 Signed 'To Keith, love & curried custard, Arnold Gutbucket'; a few light marks
28225LPTony HancockA tribute to Tony HancockWorld recordST 897EXVG7.0060's issue; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
8728LPTony HancockAmericans hit town/ Unexploded bombBBCREB 423EXVG7.001981 issue of 18/3/58 + 25/2/58 shows; mono; a few crackles o/w plays EX
15068LPTony HancockBlood donor/ Radio hamMarble archMAL 872EXVG7.001968 mono issue of 1/10/61 shows; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
12577LPTony HancockBlood donor/ Radio hamPyeNPL 18068EXVG7.501961 mono; some crackles
3577LPTony HancockHancocks war/ Christmas clubBBCREB 526EXVG7.001984 issue of 13/5/58 + 22/12/59 shows; mono
3591LPTony HancockScandal magazine/ Last of the McHancocksBBCREB 451EXEX8.001982 issue of 28/1/58 + 24/2/57 shows; mono
3592LPTony HancockSid's mystery tour/ Poetry societyBBCREB 394EXEX9.001980 issue of 24/11/59 + 8/12/59 shows; mono
3593LPTony HancockSleepless night/ Fred's pie stallBBCREB 485EXEX9.001983 issue of 3/6/56 + 10/11/59; mono
10762LPTony HancockThe Lift - Twelve angry menBBCREB 260EXEX8.001976 issue of 16.6.61 + 16.10.59 shows; mono
33733LPTony HancockThe world of Tony HancockDeccaPA 417EXEX8.0070's Boxed Decca label issue of '65 LP; Mono; 'The missing page/ The reunion party'; light crease b/cover
8727LPTony HancockThis is HancockGolden guineaGGL 0206EXVG8.001963 reissue of '60 LP; "Wild man of the woods" + "Sunday afternoon"; some crackles; mono
3425LPTony HancockUnique HancockBBCREB 150MEXEX8.001973 Highlights LP; Gatefold mono
31857LPHeebee Geebees439 Golden greatsH.B.G.B.TWITS 101VGVG7.501981 or 'Never mind the originals here's the Heebee Geebees'; + inner; wear on cover; sticker mark f/cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well
32699LPLenny HenryStand up ... get downChrysalisCHR 1484EXEX7.001984 + inner
12578LPHoffnungTimeless HoffnungBBCREB 87MEXVG10.001970 mono; some marks - plays well w/some clicks
31916LPBarry HumphriesHousewife superstarCharismaCAS 1123VGVG8.001976 Plain White label test pressing; Some wear on one piece rough cut sample front & back cover; small chip on rim; some marks on vinyl - plays OK with a few clicks + crackles
8729LPJohn InmanAre you being served sir?DJMDJLPS 468EXVG8.001975 some crackles
28395LPIvor BiggunThe Winkers album (misprint)Beggars banquetBOPA 1VGVG8.001978 light sticker mark f/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few light clicks at start side 1
7974LPLaurel & HardyAnother fine messUnited artistsUAG 30010EXVG7.001976 dialogue & songs from '32-35 films; Gatefold; mono; some crackles
12192LPSteve MartinA wild & crazy guyWarner brosK 56573EXVG6.001978 Gatefold + inner; warp; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
8400LPRay MartineWith Ray MartineGolden guineaGGL 0254EXVG8.001963 mono; 4 pin holes on cover; a few crackles
10763LPBob MelvinCloser baby, don't fight itCapitolT 1575EXEX10.001961 mono; a few light marks + crackles
9850LPMax MillerThat's nice MaxiePyeNPL 18064EXVG8.001961 mono
9851LPMax MillerThe cheekie chappiePyeNPL 18079EXVG8.001962 mono; some marks + crackles
33734LPSpike Milligan with Jeremy TaylorLive at Cambridge universityMFPMFP 50408EXEX8.001978 reissue of '74 LP; a few light marks - a couple of clicks side 1
28645LPSpike MilliganBridge on the river WyeParlophonePMC 1190VGVG8.001962 Black/Gold label; mono; with Peter Sellers, Jonathan Miller & Peter Cook; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
8281LPSpike MilliganMuses with MilliganDeccaLK 4701VGVG8.001965 mono; some crackles
32194LPSpike MilliganUnspun socks from a chicken's laundrySpikeSPIKE L1VGEX8.001982 2 light sticker marks f/cover + some wear
33463LPWarren Mitchell & CastTill death us do partPyeNPL 18154EXVG10.001966 Mono; Flipback sleeve; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
8282LPWarren Mitchell & CastTill death us do partMarble archMAL 112EXVG7.00Issue of '66 LP "Intolerance" + "Swearing"; mono; some crackles
15119LPMonty PythonAnother Monty Python recordCharismaCAS 1049EXEX12.001970 + inner + 3 inserts
3622LPMonty PythonLife of BrianWarner brosK 56751EXVG7.001979 + inner; some surface noise
8730LPMonty PythonMonty Python & holy grailCharismaCAS 1103EXVG7.001975 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
22739LPMonty PythonMonty Python's contractual obligation albumCharismaCAS 1152EXVG7.001980 + inner; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
4142LPMonty PythonMonty Pythons flying circusBBC22073EXVG8.001970 US; a few light crackles
17578LPEddie MurphyComedianCBS25760EXVG7.001983 Holland; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
33875LPTom O'ConnorAlright mouthStag musicSG 1006 SVGVG8.001974 small sticker tear b/cover; a few marks - plays OK with a few clicks + crackles
28696LPJackson PaineThe Explosive sounds of Jackson PaineWarner bros.WS 8048EXEX12.001961 stereo; light wear on cover; a few crackles at start of side1
29710LPDon PaulinDon Paulin livePolydor184 073VGVG8.00German; 'Salvage' stamped on label + b/cover; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
10764LPRichard PryorWantedWarner bros2BSK 3364EXVG/VG8.001978 US Double/Gatefold; couple marks on opening; light warp; 1 jump tk1 side 4 o/w both play EX
3590LPRound the HorneThe Best of..BBCREH 193EXEX10.001975 excerpts from 1st series 1965; mono
14769LPPeter Sellers, Spike Milligan & Harry SecombeHow to win an election (or not lose by much)PhilipsAL 3464VGEX15.001964 mono; stain b/cover + corner scuff; a few light marks
3220110"Peter SellersThe Best of SellersparlophonePMD 1069VGVG7.001958 Mono; some light marks - a few clicks tk4 side2 o/w plays EX
10313LPPeter SellersSongs for swingin' SellersParlophonePMC 1111EXVG8.001959 Black/Gold label; mono; some yellowing of cover; some crackles
16068LPAllan ShermanFor swingin' livers onlyWarner brosW 1569EXVG7.50Canada; mono; sale hole; in shrinkwrap; a few crackles o/w plays EX
12381LPSmothers brothersIt must have been something I saidMercuryMG 20904VGVG10.00US mono; some wear on cover; some marks - plays ok w/some crackles
25777LPSons of SidThe Full blifterUltimate hypeUH 5747EXEX12.001987
12391LPSpike JonesThat old black magicRCA starcallHY 1006EXEX8.001975 mono
4143LPDavid SteinbergDisguised as anormal personElektraEKS 74065VGVG8.001970 US; a few light crackles o/w EX
5306LPSteptoe & sonMore junk from..Golden guineaGGL 0278EXVG7.001964 mono; some surface noise
10765LPSteptoe & sonSteptoe & sonHallmarkHMA 238EXVG6.0070's issue of '62 clips from 'Gentle art of totting' 'Bird' 'Choppers for sale' 'Holiday'; some crackles
5379LPSteptoe & sonSteptoe & sonGolden guineaGGL 0217EXVG7.001962 mono; some crackles
10314LPRichard StilgoeLive performanceEMI/ One upOU 2184EXEX8.001977 reissue of '70 LP + 2 bonus tracks
10766LPTwo RonniesThe best of..Trans atlanticTRA 328EXEX8.001976 songs from their shows
10767LPTwo RonniesThe Two RonniesBBCREB 257EXVG6.501976 issue of '73-5 sketches; mono; some marks - 1 jump + some crackles
6709LPTwo RonniesThe Two RonniesSt. Michael2172 0501EXEX8.001976 mono
6764LPTwo RonniesThe Two Ronnies - vol 3BBCREB 331EXEX8.001978 mono
9122LPTwo RonniesTwo Ronnies - vol 2 - Me & himBBCREB 300EXVG7.001977 mono; a few marks + crackles
10768LPPeter UstinovThe Grand prix of GibralterRiverside12 833VGVG8.001960 mono; small edge split
10269LPRusty WarrenLays it on the lineGNP CrescendoGNPS 2081EXEX10.001974 US; light wear on cover
10769LPKenneth WilliamsThe world of..DeccaSPA 64EXEX12.001970
18680LPYou don't have to be Jewish playersWhen you're in love the whole world is JewishMCAMCL 1670VGEX7.5080's reissue of '66 LP
12579LPVarious artists20 Golden gigglesEMINTS 125EXVG6.00Light warp; plays ok with a few clicks + crackles
10770LPVarious artistsComedy specialBBCREH 294EXEX8.001977 highlights from BBC comedy shows '55-75; mono; couple of crackles
6564LPVarious artistsFor adults onlySurpriseILP 1008EXVG6.00'60's mono; Barth, Russell, Williams,Starr, Pulley, Dell; vinyl scruffy; some clicks & surface noise
10771LPVarious artistsFun at one (radio 1)BBCREB 371EXEX8.001979 comp os '61-9 clips as featured on lunch time show; mono
33735LPVarious artistsLaughing stock of the BBC (the)BBCLAF 1VGEX7.001982 Mono; light sticker mark f/cover; some wear on cover
7581LPVarious artistsLive at JongleursSpartanJONG 1EXEX10.001987 a few light marks
29491LPVarious artistsPrivate eye's golden years of sound: 1964-1970LyntoneLYN 2746EXVG8.001973 mono; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles

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