Blues - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
2296745Duster BennettBright lights, big cityBlue horizon57 3154-EX30.001969 'A' label advance copy; b/w Fresh country jam; number sticker on label
1997545Blues brothersEverybody needs somebody to loveAtlanticA 7912EXEX3.001990 few light marks
1099045Blues bustersSweetest thingDynamicDYN 117-VG5.001976 radio station promo; couple of crackles o/w plays EX
2668445Sonny BourgOh mon be beLa LouisianneLL 8163-EX6.00US b/w 'Blue Monday'
3886EPBig Bill Broonzy & Josh WhiteBig Bill Broonzy & Josh WhiteBravoBR 368VGG5.001965 2 tracks each; some surface noise
20463EPBig Bill BroonzyMississippi blues - volume 2Pye nixaNJE 1015GG4.001956 sellotape marks on edges of cover; sticker mark + initials f/cover; marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
25094EPBig Bill BroonzyMississippi blues - volume 2Pye nixaNJE 1015VGG4.001956 some laminate peel + water stains on cover; marks on vinyl - plays with clicks crackles
3473245Robert CrayNight patrolMercuryCRAY 6VGEX4.001988 b/w 'More than I can stand'; some wear on cover
2477045Cyril DaviesCountry line specialPye int.7N 25194-VG15.001963 b/w 'Chicago calling'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1945145Bo DiddleyBo DiddleyEric239-EX4.0070's US reissue of '55 + '57 tracks; b/w Dale hawkinns 'Suzie-Q'
126145Bo DiddleyBo Diddley is a loverPye int7N 25227-EX10.001963
126045Bo DiddleyHey, good lookingChessCRS 8000-G2.501964 some light surface noise
1928745Bo DiddleyOoh babyChecker1158-VG6.001966 US; b/w 'back to school'; warp; some marks - plays EX
487345Bo DiddleySay manChecker931-EX12.00US Blue label reissue of 1959 45
487245Bo DiddleySay man, back againChecker936-VG18.00US Maroon/Silver label b/w She's alright
487145Bo DiddleyWalkin' & talkin'Checker951-VG18.00US maroon/Silver label b/w Crawdad
487645Bo DiddleyWrecking my loveChecker1168-EX7.00US Blue label issue
3791045Champion Jack DupreeBa' la foucheBlue horizon57-3152-VG25.001969 4-prong centre; b/w 'Kansas city'; some mlight marks - plays well (EX)
2477145Lowell FulsonBlues painKentK 489-VG10.001968 US; b/w 'Mellow together'; sale hole; sticker tear on label; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1945245Lowell FulsonTeach meJewel820-EX10.001971 US issue of '65 tracks; Promo; b/w 'Man of motion'
2477245Buddy GuyI'm gonna keep it to myselfChess2022-VG10.001969 US; b/w 'I suffer with the blues';small sale hole; a few marks - plays EX
3727145John Lee HookerDimplesStatesideSS 297-VG8.001964 b/w 'I'm leaving'; some marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2328845John Lee HookerI love you honeyStatesideSS 341-EX18.001964 Factory sample; b/w Send me your pillow; a few light marks
1936645Lightnin' HopkinsPlay with your poodleJewel807-EX15.001970 US issue of '65 45; b/w 'Breakfast time'; light warp
7281EPLightnin' HopkinsPortraits in blues - vol 1StoryvilleSEP 416EXG7.00some surface marks - plays ok with some clicks + crackles
1945345Howlin' WolfEvilCadet concept7013-EX12.001969 US; b/w 'Tail dagger'; sale hole; light warp
505045Howlin' WolfMary SueChess2081-EX6.00US sale hole; warp
1557145Lonnie IrvingPin-ball machineMelodisc45/ 1546-G12.001960 marks on vinyl - plays ok w/some clicks + crackles
1099145Elmore JamesDust my bluesSueWI 335-VG22.001964 "36" written on label; some marks + a few crackles
2477445Elmore JamesIt hurts me tooEnjoy2015-VG10.001965 US; b/w 'Pickin' the blues'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1928845Jimmy JohnsonSpecial builtMagnum732-EX10.00US b/w 'Pt.2';.light warp
2435445Albert KingCold feetStaxSN 20243VGVG12.001969 Spain; b/w 'You sure drive a hard bargain'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
1945445Albert KingCrosscut sawAtlantic584 099-VG6.001967 b/w 'Down don't bother me'; warp - plays EX
2477645Albert KingCrosscut sawAtlantic584099-EX15.001967 b/w 'Down don't bother me'; a few light marks
71245Albert KingCrosscut sawAtlantic584 099-EX10.001967
1945545Albert KingDrowning on dry landStaxSTA 0034-G2.001969 US; sale hole; hairline crack - plays EX
505445Albert KingThe hunterAtlantic2604-VG5.00US b/w as years go passing by; a few light crackles on b'side o/w EX
2477745BB KingBetter not look downMCAMCA 515-VG3.501979 b/w 'Happy birthday blues'; plays well w/some clicks + crackles
1945645BB KingHummingbirdABC11268-EX6.001970 US; b/w 'Ask me no questions' sale hole; a few light marks
1039645BB KingInto the nightMCAMCA 947EXVG3.001985 warp - plays EX
17321EPLeadbellyRock island lineRCARCX 146EXVG10.001959 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1945745Lightnin' SlimMy babeExcelloEX 2320-EX10.001971 US; b/w 'Good morning heartaches'
1945845Little Willie JohnBill BaileyKing5850-EX10.001964 US; b/w 'My love will never change'; sale hole
2331045Louisiana RedI'm too poor to dieGloverGP 3002-EX10.00US b/w Sugar hips; light warp
207445Lonnie MackWham !StatesideSS 226-EX12.001963
1008745Taj MahalGive your woman what she wantsDirection58 4586-VG4.001969 a few crackles o/w plays EX
1830245Jimmy McCracklinThe walkChessREDZ 7100EXVG2.501989 reissue; a few crackles o/w plays EX
151745Larry McCrayMe & my babyPointblankPOB 2VGVG3.001990
37270EPMemphis SlimThe world's foremost blues singerSummitLSE 2041GVG7.001964 Yellow/Brown staining b/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1929045Milwaukee SlimMrs R JayBlue townBTS 3235-VG4.00US b/w 'Barefootin'; warp - few crackles o/w plays EX
1929245McKinley MitchellThe end of the rainbowChimney ville10219-VG4.001979 US; b/w 'You know I've tried'; sale hole; few light marks - plays EX
2477845Gary MooreToo tired (featuring Albert Collins)VirginVS 1306EXEX4.001990 b/w 'Texas strut'
1929345Johnnie MorrisetteChains of loveConvoy517-VG8.001964 US; b/w 'Brick'; plays well with a few crackles
3231945Bob Pearce blues bandI'm a bluesmanWhite elephantRIOCHEP 1EXEX8.001981 'Easy baby/ Leyland boogie/ Fool no more/ I'm a bluesman'
1929445Jimmy ReedDon't think I'm throughVee JayVJ 709-VG7.001966 US Promo; b/w 'When girls do it'; few light marks - plays ok w/some crackles
109945Jimmy ReedHard walkin' HannahCanyon#38-EX10.00US
405845Jimmy ReedI'm gonna help youTripTR 45-EX7.00US reissue b/w Mary Mary
71345Jimmy ReedShame shame shameCharlyCTD 105EXMint4.001980; Triple dynamite series
2845645Jimmy ReedShame, shame, shameStatesideSS 330-G4.001964 reissue of '63 45; b/w 'Let's get together'; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - plays OK w/some clicks + crackles
17322EPBessie SmithEmpress of the bluesPhilipsBBE 12202EXVG12.001958 some light marks - plays EX
17323EPBessie SmithJazz gallery: Bessie SmithPhilipsBBE 12360EXVG10.001960 light warp - plays well with a few crackles
34733EPSonny Terry & Brownie McGheeSonny Terry & Brownie McGheeVocalionEPV 1274VGVG10.001964 Fully laminated flipback sleeve; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1929545Titus TurnerGet down off the trainTurboTU 007-VG7.00US; b/w 'Saga of Pete Latimore'; few marks + light crackles o/w plays EX
1929645Titus TurnerYour lovin' is killin' me babyMaggie609-G4.00US b/w 'You took me to the cleaners'; Hairline crack - plays EX
2477945Muddy WatersMy John the conquer rootChessCRS 8001-EX20.001964 b/w 'Short dress woman'
1929745Junior WellsLeave my woman aloneBlue rockB 4075-VG5.001969 US; b/w 'I can't stand no signifying'; marks on vinyl - plays well with a few crackles
2328945Jimmy WitherspoonI will never marryStatesideSS 325-EX15.001964 Factory sample; b/w I'm coming down with the blues
1929845Johnny WyattThe bottom of the topMagnum45 733-VG12.001966 US; b/w 'Pt.2'; plays well with a few light crackles
2574912"Various artistsIt's great to be richRed lightnin'RELP 12 0045EXEX10.001983 5 track mini LP

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