Blues - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
30556CDDave AlvinBlackjack DavidHightoneHCD 8091EXEX£5.001998 US; Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
31731CDBarcodesKeep your distanceBarcodes musicBM 01EXEX£8.002000 Promo; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
25224CDBlues corporationHolding onStepping out1001 BCEXEX£7.001995 a few light marks
33644CDZuzu BollinTexas bluesmanAntone'sANT 0018MintMint£10.001991 US
26937CDBig Bill BroonzyStayin' home with the bluesSpectrum537 945-2EXMint£4.001997 compilation; 2 case marks f/cover
26938CDClarence Gatemouth BrownPressure cookerAlligatorALCD 4745EXEX£7.001985 small mark on disc - plays perfectly
29634CDBob BrozmanLive nowRunning manCDRM 002EXEX£10.002001 recorded on tour of Australia & USA
26947CDLeroy CarrHurry down sunshineIndigoIGOCD 2016EXEX£6.001995 compilation
29564CDCatfish KeithCherry ballFish tailFTRCD 003MintEX£8.001993 US
29566CDCatfish KeithFresh catfishFish tailFTRCD 004EXEX£8.001995 US; 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
29563CDCatfish KeithJitterbug swingFish tailFTRCD 002EXEX£8.001992 US; 2 case marks f/cover
29565CDCatfish KeithPepper in my shoeFish tailFTRCD 001EXEX£6.001991 US; light crease on f/cover; a few light marks on disc
26961CDAlbert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny CopelandShowdownAlligatorALCD 4743EXEX£7.001985
26963CDJames Cotton blues bandHigh energySequelNEX CD 223EXEX£8.00Reissue of '75 LP
12113CDRobert CrayDon't be afraid of the darkMercury834 9232EXEX£4.501988
980CDRobert CrayWho's been talkin'Tomato269 6012EXEX£3.50 
13654CDBo DiddleyI'm a manCharlyCDCD 1019SealedSealed£3.001992 'Classic rock n roll series'; sealed in shrinkwrap - crack on case
11738CDDruce & JonesSongs from the silver band roomDustyDUSTY 001EXEX£5.002004 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
29980CDChris Duarte GroupTexas sugar / Strat magikSilvertoneORE CD 534MintMint£8.001994
31732CDKent DuChaineTake a little ride with meCadillac# 1414EXEX£15.001995 German; with Leadbessie; 2 small case creases on front insert; a few light marks on disc
33645CDTheodis EaleyStuck between rhythm & bluesIchibanICH 1185-2EXEX£8.001995 US; 2 case marks on front insert
5958CDTinsley EllisStorm warningAlligatorALCD 4823MintMint£6.001994 US
27033CDLowell FulsonHung down headMCA/ ChessCHD 9325EXEX£10.001991 US CD reissue of '70 LP; 2 case marks on f/cover
3403CDTerry GarlandTrouble in mindFirst warningPD 90666EXEX£6.001991
29567CDOtis GrandLive anthologyBliss streetBSCD 102EXEX£15.00Digitally remastered; a few light marks on disc
12399CDBuddy GuyBlues singerSilvertone82876 53468EXEX£6.002003 a few marks - plays perfectly
27065CDBuddy GuyDamn right I've got the bluesSilvertoneORE CD 516EXEX£4.001991 1 case mark on f/cover
31643CDBuddy GuyDamn right, I've got the bluesSilvertoneORECD 516EXEX£5.001991
27064CDBuddy GuySlippin' inSilvertoneORE CD 533EXEX£4.001994 s few light marks on disc
9257CDBillie HolidayThe essential recordingsMusic clubMCCD 095EXEX£3.501993 compilation
12506CDJohn Lee HookerChill outPoint blankVPBCD 22EXEX£5.001995 few light marks
996CDJohn Lee HookerWanderin' bluesCastleCD 189EXEX£4.001994 Compilation
3213CDHowlin' WolfSmokestack lightningCharlyINS 5037MintMint£5.001990 compilation
1726CDElmore JamesThe storyDéjà vuCD 24MintMint£4.001989 Italian compilation
1727CDBlind Lemon JeffersonThe storyDéjà vuCD 29MintMint£4.001989 Italian compilation
9258CDBilly Jenkins & Blues 002MintMint£6.002000
2454CDLuther "Guitar junior" JohnsonGot to find a wayTelarcCD 83445SealedSealed£6.001998 enhanced CD
34004CDBB King & Eric ClaptonRiding with the KingReprise9362 47612 2EXVG£3.002000 German; marks on disc - plays perfectly
27087CDAlbert KingLive wire/ Blues powerStaxCDSXE 022EXEX£12.00CD reissue
9974CDBB KingBB boogie - The RPM years 1950-3BirdlandBLB 204EXEX£6.002003 digipak + 16 page booklet
27090CDBB KingKing of the blues: 1989MCAMCLD 19214MintMint£6.001988
9260CDBB KingLucille & friendsMCAMCD 33008MintMint£5.001995
27093CDFreddy KingHideawayBlues encoreCD 52041EXEX£8.001996 a few light marks on disc; 1 case mark on f/cover
2593CDTaj MahalSenor bluesPrivate821 512EXEX£6.001997
8163CDTaj MahalShoutin' in keyHannibalHNCD 1452EXEX£4.502000 some marks - plays perfectly
33613CDGary MooreBlues for GreenyVirginCDV 2784EXVG£4.001995 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
33972CDSEmmett North Jr.The GrooveNorthstar music-EXEX£6.00US 'Radio mix/ Club mix/ Jazz FM mix'
2609CDCalvin OwensTrue blueRCAPD 75320MintMint£6.501992
12118CDMark PercyNo smoke without fireMPMP002EXEX£6.00 
3827CDBonnie RaittLonging in their heartsCapitol814 2720MintMint£6.001994
3804CDBonnie RaittLuck of the drawCapitol796 1112EXEX£4.501991
3828CDBonnie RaittRoad testedCapitol8360 7723MintMint£6.001995
4662CDRising sonsFeaturing Taj Mahal & Ry CooderColumbia472 8652MintMint£6.501992 issue of '64 recordings
29559CDMichael RoachCypress groveStellaSTCD 007EXEX£6.002003
1728CDSherman RobertsonI'm the manIndigoCD 2005EXEX£6.001993
31792CDSherman RobertsonI'm the manCode blue4509 95726 2MintMint£7.001993
27157CDOtis RushRight place, wrong timeEdselED CD 220EXMint£10.001987 CD reissue
29569CDChris SmitherUp on the lowdownHightoneHCD 8060MintMint£7.001995 US
27194CDSonny Terry & Brownie McGheeThe 1958 London sessionsSequelNEX CD 120EXEX£7.001990 a few light marks on disc; some light fading on bottom edge of cover; 2 small case marks f/cover
13548CDBig Joe TurnerGreatest hitsSequelRSACD 809EXEX£5.001994
3212CDJimmie VaughanDo you get the blues ?Artemis504 5332EXEX£6.502001
29618CDT-Bone WalkerThe Original sourceProperBOX 38EX£15.002005 4 CD + 44 page booklet; Discs M/M/M EX a few light marks disc 4; light wear on box
9261CDMuddy WatersMaster of the bluesPennyPYCD 712EXMint£4.002000 compilation
14483CDVarious artistsDelmark records: 45 years of jazz & bluesDelmarkDD 903EXEX/EX£6.501998 US Double CD
31793CDVarious artistsDerby records story (the)AcrobatADDCD 3001EXEX/EX£8.002008 Double CD compilation of 1949-1954 tracks
8164CDVarious artistsGiants of country blues guitar - vol 1 (1967-91)Wolf120 911EXEX£5.00Austria; couple of marks - plays perfectly

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