80's / 90's Rock & Pop - Singles (45 / 12" / EP)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
24533453 Colours redThis is my HollywoodCreationCRE 277EXEX£5.001997 Ltd ed no. 1021; b/w 'Inside (live)'
1142245AHouse under the groundTycoonTY 2MintEX£10.001996
532845Abandoned poolsRemedyExtasyBUN 0407MintMint£4.002003
4033412"AB BandSet it onSir GeorgeSG 031-EX£20.00Plain white labels with 'Set it off - A 45 - A.D. Band' Handwritten on a'side label; plain white card sleeve; plays well
965912"Paula AbdulRush, rushVirginVUSTY 38EXEX£6.501991 picture disc; Gatefold; a few light crackles
1224312"AbigailSmells like teen spiritKloneKLONE 21-EX£6.50PROMO; company sleeve; light warp
1140945AbsalootGood lifeAudio visualAVV 004MintEX£3.001990
1060412"AcaciaSwayRadarscopeSCANT 20EXEX£6.501996 light wear on cover
466645Action transfersThe light (oh baby!)RewindREW 17EXVG£3.501984 light warp
3074945AD 2000Rhythm and chipsAshASH 007-VG£6.00b/w 'Don't play the disco'; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
3122545Adam & the AntsAntrapCBSA11 1738-EX£5.001981 Picture disc; b/w 'Friends'; light warp; a few light marks
3122445Adam & the AntsCartroubleDo itDUN 10EXEX£5.001980 b/w 'Kick!'; a few light marks + a couple of crackles
2439345Adam & the AntsZeroxDo itDUN 8-EX£5.001979 b/w 'Whip in my valise'; light warp; a few light marks
3701745Adam & the AntsZeroxDo itDUN 8VGEX£7.001979 b/w 'Whip in my valise'; some wear on opening f/cover; plays well
3122645Adam AntDesperate but not seriousCBSA11 2892-EX£5.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'Why do girls love horses'; a few light marks
2439445AdventuresFeel the raindropsChrysalisAD 1EXVG£3.001985 b/w 'Nowhere near me'; some crackles at start side 1
527345AdventuresMonday MondayPolydorPO 238EXMint£3.001993 PROMO
3730945AdventuresSend my heartChrysalisCHSP 2001GVG£3.001984 Silver vinyl in printed PVC sleeve (bottom edge has been cut off + some yellowing); b/w 'These children'; some marks - plays EX
2940312"AdventuresAnother silent day (extended remix)ChrysalisCHSP 12 2000-VG£8.001984 Picture disc; b/w 'Another silent day/ Happy depression'; plays well with a few clicks + crackles
600645AgnesDumbIslandIS 710MintEX£3.001998
600745AgnesHole in my headIslandIS 696MintMint£3.001998
3095645AhaThe sun always shines on TVFlexi records--VG£4.001985 FLEXI disc free with No1 magazine; 'Exclusive US dance mix' with a special message from Morten, Pal & Mags
2805612"AirheadCongratulations (Airhead society mix)KorovaKOW 45TXEXEX£10.001991 "Special fanzine bag" poster sleeve listed as 'Jefferson airhead'; b/w 'Something blue/ Congratulations (demo)'
1602512"AirheadRight nowKorovaKOW 49TGEXEX£8.001992 ltd ed. 'fanzine' Gatefold sleeve no. 0135; some light marks
3701845Airport & DeanCelebration (amongst strangers)PolydorPOSP 468VGEX£8.001982 b/w 'Imagination crimes'; some mild ring wear on cover; plays well
3701945Airstrip oneSocial foolsPolydorAIR 1VGEX£4.001982 b/w 'Social fools (part IV)'; some mild ring wear/creasing on cover; plays well
2439745AlarmKnife edgeIRSIRM 112EXEX£5.001986 Gatefold + insert; b/w 'Caroline Isenburg'
3075145AlarmRain in the summertimeIRSIRM 144EXEX£6.001987 Collectors edition in stickered card brown envelope + 2 postcards + sticker; b/w 'Rose beyond the wall'; a couple of crackles
2439645AlarmSold me down the riverIRSEIRS 123EXEX£4.001989 + 2 Prints; b/w 'Welsh version'; a few light marks
3075045AlarmSold me down the riverIRSEIRS 123EXEX£7.001989 Tri-fold PVC sleeve + 2 prints; b/w 'Gwerthoch fi I lawr afron'; a few light marks
3706312"AlarmSpirit of '76IRSIRMTD 109VGVG/EX£7.001985 5 Track Double pack b/w 'Where were you hiding/ Deeside/ Knocking on heavens door/ 61 guns (live)'; disc1, mark near start side1 - plays well
2929512"AlarmSpirit of '76IRSIRMTD 109VGEX/EX£8.001985 5 Track Double pack b/w 'Where were you hiding/ Deeside/ Knocking on heavens door/ 68 guns (live)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
962612"AlarmThe stand (+4)IRSSP 70504VGEX£5.001983 US
2999845AlfieNo needRegalREG 99EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Griselda's third husband'; light sticker mark top corner f/cover
2999945AlfieStuntmanRegalREG 87EXMint£4.002003 Clear vinyl; b/w 'Pneumenon'; new shop price sticker f/cover
3192045AlibiFriendsMagnetMAG 173VGEX£4.001980 b/w 'Hands off'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3000045Alkaline trioThis could be loveVagrantAK 31-EX£8.002003 Picture disc: one sided Promo in stickered PVC sleeve (edge split); light warp
2801345All about EveMartha's harbourMercuryEVEN 8EXVG£4.001988 b/w 'Another door'; light wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
3731045All about EveOur summerEdenEVEN 3EXEX£4.001987 Pluggers sticker b/cover; b/w 'Lady moonlight'; light wear on cover; plays well
151345All about EveSome finer dayMCAMCS 1706VGVG£3.001992
2801245All about EveWhat kind of foolMercuryEVEN 9EXEX£4.001988 b/w 'Gold and silver'; a few light crackles
473945Alternative radioFalloutPulseNUMB 6EXEX£4.001990
1224212"American heritageAmerican heritageRosewood unionUNION 006EXEX£10.001998 + insert; 7 track EP
864212"Anastasia screamedTornadoRoughneckHYPE 12TEXEX£7.501991
4041612"Android & Victor StogonovMy houseMaximum MinimumMAXMIN 055-EX£10.002007 b/w 'My techno' - Chris Liberator & Guy McAffer; plain white card sleeve; just a few mild marks - plays perfectly
2173045Angel interceptorPigeonhole pussycatOrgORGAN 002EXEX£5.001993 b/w Truth mahine; Paint splash cover
1145445AnnaIconGo discsGOD 90MintEX£4.001992
2912545AnnieI know your girlfriend hates meIsland1779587EXEX£4.002008 White vinyl; Poster cover in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Danny, Danny'
1786712"Another cinemaHallucination spires IIAltered statesAST 001VGVG£7.001984 b/w I had a bad dream last night/ Phase one; plays well with a few crackles
3214112"Another fine dayCutting branchesSix degrees657036 60041-VG£7.002001 White label Promo in plain stickered sleeve; Mixes by Coldcut & the Orb; b/w 'Scarborough fair'; plays OK w/some crackles
4032512"Ant & Lenny DeeIt's just a posh bit of codePower toolsPT 038-EX£15.002007 b/w Ant & D.A.V.E the Drummer; Plain black card sleeve (1 corner crease; mild dish warp o/w looks near Mint, plays perfectly
4032612"Ant vs DJ UrbanFact no: 909Power toolsPT 037-EX£8.002007 Original mix b/w DJ Urban remix; plain black card sleeve; a few light marks - plays perfectly
898612"Apollo four fortyStop the rock - Mint royale clubWhite labelSSR 10-VG£7.50Hand written white label; some marks - plays EX
1145545ApplesBeautiful peopleEpic6568 947EXEX£5.001991 'Photo booth mugshot' cover + inner
1145745ApplesEye wonderEpic5566 717EXEX£4.001991 small sticker mark f/cover
1145645ApplesStay people childEpic6573 637EXEX£4.001991
2439845ArnoldTwistCreationCRE 257EXEX£4.001997 b/w'Hillside'; light warp
3731945AshA life less ordinaryInfectiousINFECT 50SEXEX£10.001997 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Where is our love going/ What Deaner was talking about'; a few light marks - plays perfectly
3731445AshAngel interceptorInfectiousINFECT 27SEXEX£4.001995 Ltd edition no. 02845; b/w '5 AM eternal/ Give me some truth'; plays perfectly
3731345AshAngel interceptorInfectiousINFECT 27CEXVG£5.001995 Blue vinyl; Test pressing in stamped sleeve, plain silver labels; b/w 'Angel interceptor'; same track both sides, side 1 plays EX, side 2 plays well (VG) with a few crackles
3732245AshBurn baby burnInfectiousINFECT 99SEXEX£12.002001 b/w '13th Floor'; a few light marks - plays well
3732445AshEnvyInfectiousINFEC 119SEXEX/EX£10.002002 Double/Gatefold; Ltd edition 1201; b/w 'Bad karma blues/ I shall not die/ I don'r mind'; Disc 1 plays perfectly; disc 2, a few light marks - plays perfectly
3731545AshGoldfingerInfectiousINFECT 39SEXEX£5.001996 Clear/Gold glitter vinyl; Ltd edition no. 08221; b/w 'I need somebody/ Sneaker'; all in near Mint condtion, plays perfectly
3731645AshGoldfingerInfectiousINFECT 41S-EX£4.001996 Black label Juke box issue with large centre hole in plain white sleeve; b/w 'Oh yeah/ T-Rex'; plays well
3731845AshJesus saysInfectiousINFECT 59SEXEX£4.001998 b/w 'Taken out'; light wear on cover; plays perfectly
3731245AshKung fuInfectiousINFECT 21JEXEX£12.001995 Limited edition numbered (0710) wrap around sleeve; b/w 'Day of the triffids'; corner crease; plays perfectly
3732045AshNumbskullInfectiousINFECT 62SVGEX/EX£8.001999 Double/Gatefold; Red vinyl; Ltd edition no. 0318; b/w 'Blew/ Who you drivin' now/ Jesus says'; 2 small sticker tears f/cover o/w EX+; both discs play perfectly
3731745AshOh yeahInfectiousINFECT 41SEXEX£5.001996 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'T-Rex/ Everywhere is all around/ Oh yeah (Quartet version)'; plays perfectly
3000745AshOrpheusInfectiousASH 01EXEX£5.002004 Ltd ed no. 4708: Gatefold; b/w 'Everybody's happy nowadays'
3731145AshPetrolInfectiousINFECT 13SEXEX£15.001994; 500 only; b/w 'The little pond/ A message from Oscar Wilde & Patrick the Brewer'; plays well
3732145AshShining lightInfectiousINFECT 98SEXEX£12.002001 b/w 'Warmer than fire'; plays perfectly
3732345AshSometimesInfectiousINFEC 101SEXEX/EX£10.002001 Double/Gatefold; Ltd edition no. 1404; b/w 'So the story goes/ Skull full of sulphur'; Teenage kicks'; both discs play perfectly
3000645AshStarcrossedInfectiousASH 02EXEX£5.002004 Ltd ed no.1183; Gatefold; b/w 'Cool it down'
879612"Associates18 carat love affairBeggars banquetASC 3TEXEX£6.501982
2929712"AssociatesBreakfastWEAYZ 28TVGEX£6.501984 b/w 'Breakfast alone/ Kites'; light wear on cover; some light marks
3199845AthleteTwenty four hoursParlophoneATH 010EXEX£6.002005 Picture disc in oversized die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Stand in the sun/ Before tomorrow'
3000945AthleteYou got the styleParlophoneATH 006EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Hot sun pavement'; New price shop sticker f/cover; a few light marks on disc
803245AudiowebPersonal feelingMotherMUM 104MintEX£5.001996 numbered sleeve 1215
3001045Auf der MaurFollowed by the wavesEMIEM 635VGEX£4.002004 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Good news'; light sticker mark f/cover
371045AuteursChinese bakeryHutHUTG 41EXEX£6.001994 Gatefold; PROMO
371445AuteursChinese bakeryHUTHUT 41EXEX£5.001994 PROMO
3732645B-52'sChannel Z (remix/edit)RepriseW 9737XVGVG£5.001989 b/w 'Roam (edit)'; Ltd edition die-cut TV sleeve has some wear; a few marks - plays EX
2439945Baby FordOochy koochyRhythm king7B FORD 1EXVG£4.001988 b/w'Flowers'; die cut sleeve; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
3001445BabyshamblesDeliveryParlophoneR 6747EXEX£8.002007 Red vinyl + Poster print in Gatefold cover; b/w 'Torn'
3001145BabyshamblesJanie Jones (Strummerville)B-UniqueBUN 116-7EXEX£10.002006 b/w 'Statik remix'
3001845Badly drawn boyBorn againXLTNXL 016MintEX£4.002002 b/w 'There's a storm'
3001945Badly drawn boyYear of the ratXLTNXL 018EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'One plus one is one (live)'; New price shop sticker f/cover
3001745Badly drawn boyYou were rightXLTNXL 015MintEX£4.002002 b/w 'Last fruit'
2912745Liam BaileySo down, coldLionessBAILEY 3-EX£10.00Printed white label a'side/ blank label b'side
803145BallroomTake itMotherMUM 92EXEX£4.001997 couple of light marks
4034012"Afrika Bambaataa & Sonic soul forcePlanet rock (vocal)Tommy boyTB 823-VG£8.001982 US; Baby blue labels; b/w 'Instrumental'; plain white card sleeve; a few marks - plays well (EX)
3002045Gnarls BarkleyWho caresWarner musicWEA 413-EX£5.002006 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Gone daddy gone'; light warp
1611545Kathy BarnesIn the beat of a heartHandshakeWS8 70069-EX£3.001981 US Promo - same track both sides
2440045BarracudasSummer funWipe outZ 5VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'Chevy baby'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
323645BauhausSpiritBeggars banquetBEG 79PEXEX£8.001982 Picture disc in printed PVC sleeve
965712"Bauhaus4AD4ADBAD 312VGVG£5.001983 sellotape on small edge split; some marks - plays EX
3706412"BauhausBela Lugosi's deadSmall wonderTEENY 2VGEX£15.001979 b/w 'Boys'; 'T' written on side1 label; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
3251612"BauhausLagartija NickBeggars banquetBEG 88TVGEX£7.501982 light wear on cover
3706512"BauhausShe's in partiesBeggars banquetBEG 91TVGVG£7.001983 b/w 'Here's the dub/ Departure'; a few stains on cover; a few marks - plays well
4029312"B B & Q(I'm a) DreamerCooltempoWHITE 2-EX£8.001986 Promo; 'Vocal long version/ Dub mix/ Vocal short version/ Shep's dream version'; plain white card sleeve; some light marks - plays well
2503045BeastellabeastThe final mistakeGlue7UHU 009EXEX£5.00b/w 'Lucky nothing casino'
3465745Beastie boysFight for your rightDef jam650 4187VGEX£4.001987 b/w 'Time to get ill'; some wear on cover; a few light marks
1145845Beatnik filmstarsApathetic English swineLa di da036MintEX£7.001994
2440245Beatnik filmstarsKilling cowboysFlexiTRAN 004SealedSealed£8.001993 Clear flexi-disc in photocopied fold out cover + booklet sealed in poly cover; b/w 'Ganes space nightmare/ diseaser 3'; all looks in excellent condition
24401EPBeatnik filmstarsRevolt into styleLa-di-da026EXEX£8.001993 Orange vinyl; b/w Ruminants diseases/ Sing Elvis/ Coup de soleil
2290745BeckSissyneckgeffenGFS 22253EXEX£5.001997 b/w Feather in your cap; light sticker mark f/cover
3122745Belle starsIko IkoStiffBUYDJ 150-VG£4.001982 Blue 'A' label Promo; b/w 'The Reason'; Company sleeve; sticker tear on label; plays EX
2440445Belle starsIko ikoStiffBUY 150EXVG£3.501982 b'side label on both sides; b/w 'The Reason'; some marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
1555545Belle starsSweet memoryStiffPBUY 174-EX£5.001983 Picture disc
2925145Belle starsThe Clapping songStiffBUY 155VGVG£3.001982 b/w 'Blame'; light wear on cover; plays EX
2440545Belle starsThe Clapping songStiffBUY DJ 155-EX£5.001982 Demo; b/w 'Blame'
3122845Belle starsThe Clapping songStiffP-BUY 155-EX£6.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'Blame'; light warp
3224045Belle starsThe EntertainerStiffBUY DJ 187EXEX£5.001983 Promo; 'Ferret plugging' sticker b/cover; b/w 'The Spider"; a few light marks
2901912"Bell X1Flame (chicken lips mix)Island12IS 919 DJEXEX£10.002006 In company sleeve with printed cat no; b/w 'Flame (Chicken lips dub deluxe)
787912"BellyFeed the tree4ADBAD 3001EXEX£6.501993
788012"BellyGepetto EP4ADBAD 2018VGEX£5.001992 stain along bottom edge of cover
2035412"Bevis frondEar songReckless12 RECK 20EXEX£10.001990 b/w 4 tracks live in Copenhagen 11/8/90
2440645BibleHoney be goodChrysalisBIB 5VGEX£4.001989 + 4 postcards; b/w 'King Chicago (new version)'
965812"Big audio dynamiteMedicine showCBSTA 7181EXEX£6.001986
3251712"Big audio dynamiteThe bottom lineCBSXPR 1320-EX£8.001985 1 sided white label Promo in plain black die cut sleeve
3269312"Big CountryIn a big countryPhonogramCOUNT 312EXVG£5.001983 light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
1034045Big sound authorityThis house (is where your love stands)SourceBSA 1EXEX£4.001985 light warp
3465845BirdlandSleep with meLazyLAZY 17VGVG£4.001990 b/w 'Wanted'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
2855812"BirdlandEverybody needs somebodyLazyLAZY 24TEXEX£8.001991 Promo sticker b/cover; + small insert
34659EPBirdlandRock 'n' roll niggerLazyLAZY 20VGVG£5.001990 b/w Protection/ Roller coaster/ Fun fun fun'; some wear on Gatefold sleeve; plays well with a few crackles
2568EPBisThe secret vampire soundtrackChemical under.CHEM 003MintEX£4.001996
1140745Biscuit fan*******?URCBIF 001MintEX£6.00Japan
1145945Bitter springsAbsence makes the hair grow blonderTrade 2TRDSC 003EXEX£4.001996
2440745BivouacThinkingGeffenGFS 89EXEX£6.001995 ltd edition number 1641/2000; + 3 Promo postcards; b/w 'Familiar'
24408EPBivouacMarked & tagged EPElementalELM 205EXEX£7.001994 Ltd ed no. 501; + insert; 'And then she ate' b/w 'Art, science & making things'
1006745Black CrowesJealous againDef americanDEFA 4VGEX£4.001990 edge split on cover
1860212"Black CrowesRemedyDef americanDEFA 1612VGVG£10.001992 in metal tin (some wear); some marks - short click tk2 side 2 o/w plays EX with a few light crackles
2210812"Black grapeMarblesRadioactiveWRAXT 33VGVG£7.001998 Promo; small sticker tear f/cover; some marks - plays EX
3002445Black keysHave love will travelPat possum1130-7EXEX£15.002003 Holland; Yellow vinyl; b/w 'No trust/ The moan' John Peel session; lioght wear on cover
3002745Black rebel motorcycle clubStopVirginVUS 273EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'High/Low+'
3002545Black rebel motorcycle clubWeapon of choiceIsland173 2967SealedSealed£7.002007 Picture disc sealed with sticker on top opening of plain PVC sleeve; b/w '666 Conducer (acoustic)'
3002645Black rebel motorcycle clubWe're all in loveVirginVUS 279EXEX£6.002003 Orange vinyl; b/w 'Waiting here'; light wear on cover
1060512"BladeLyrical maniacRaw bassBLADE 1202EXEX£20.001989 a few light marks
2902212"James BlakeThe Wilhelm screamAtlasATLAS 031MintEX£8.002011 b/w 'What was it you said about luck/ Half heart full (old circular)'
228545BlamelessTown clownsChinaWOK 2046EXEX£6.001994 no. 359 of 500; short click on B side
2440945Blazer blazerCecil B DevineLogoGO 362VGEX£8.001979 b/w Warsaw/ 6 o'clock in the morning; some wear on cover; a few light marks
574712"Blind melonTones of home EPCapitol12CL 687EXVG£5.001992 light warp; plays EX
374112"Blind melonTones of home EPCapitol12CL 687EXEX£7.001992
3192145BlondieIsland of lost soulsChrysalisCHSP 2608-VG£5.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'Dragonfly'; a few light marks + crackles o/w plays EX
3096612"Blondie(I'm always touched by your) Presence dearChrysalisCHS 2217/12EXEX£7.001978 b/w 'Poet's problem/ Detroit'; small mark on bottom corner of spine
2569EPBlood sausageWhat law have I broken nowScrewWIJ 20VEXEX£5.00 
3732745Blood unclesCrashVirginVS 964EXEX£4.001987 b/w Caravan'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3192245Bloomsbury SetDress paradeStilettoSTL 15EXVG£4.501983 b/w 'Serenade'; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
574812"Blow upForever holidayCherry red12 103VGEX£10.001989 + photo + 15 pages A4 Promo info; sticker tear on front cover
2503245BlueskinsUser friendlyDominoRUG 161EXEX£4.002003 b/w 'Give me your hand/ Blue sneakers'
25031EPBlueskinsMagic rd EPDominoRUG 166EXEX/EX£5.002003 Double/Gatefold; light warp
3003245BluetonesFastboySuperior QualitBLUEO 18SEXEX£4.002003 b/w 'Liquid lips'; light wear on cover
3466045BlurThere's no other wayFoodFOOD 29VGEX£5.001991 Silver label; b/w 'Inertia'; light wear on cover
232412"BlurShe's so highParlophone12 FOOD 26VGVG£12.001990
232012"BlurThere's no other wayFood12 FOOD DJ 29VG£25.001991 DJ copy; Extended + Blur remix; Slight warp
1779612"BlurTo the endFood12 FOOD 50VGVG£6.001994 a few marks - plays EX
2441045B-movieRememberance dayDeramDM 437VGVG£5.001981 b/w 'Institution walls (remix)'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - a few crackles on b'side o/w plays EX
3856112"Bob's last hopeGodsendBLH musicBLH 001EXEX£10.001993 b/w 'Stoned/ Stoned love/ Godsent (the motorcycle boy)'; plays perfectly
2349845BodinesSkankin queens a thousand timesMagnetBOD 2VGEX£4.001987 b/w 'My remarkable mind'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2621545BolshoiAwayBeggars banquetBEG 158VGEX£4.001986 b/w 'Razzle dazzle'; writing on b/cover
3706612"Bombay bicycle clubOn track with SeatOn track w/SeatUMCP 017EXEX£40.002011 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'How can you swallow so much sleep/ shuffle/ Video games/ Leave it'; light dish warp - plays well
2441145Boo RadleysDoes this hurt?CreationCRE 128EXEX£5.001992 Ltd ed no. 2941; b/w 'Boo! Forever'
788212"Boo RadleysWake up BooCreationCRE 191EXEX£6.001995
3251812"Boomtown ratsHouse on fireMercuryMERX 91-VG£7.001982 White label Promo in stickered company sleeve; b/w 'Europe looked ugly'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1103112"Boomtown ratsLooking after no. 1MulliganLUNS 011EXEX£8.001977 Ireland; corner crease
2978512"BorgiaMandrakeHeidi ((HOS)12HOS 033-VG£10.001994 White label; b/w 'Belladonna'; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
4033512"Boriqva tribeTribal tools - vol 1IngomaINGOMA 04-EX/EX£15.002002 Double; white label Promo + Promo sheet (1 corner crease); a few creases on black card sleeve; just a few light marks - both discs play perfectly, designed not to play through between tracks, stylus has to be moved manually
1060612"BoutiqueStrawberries & creamTrade 212 TRDS 006EXEX£7.001996 light wear on cover
3003845Boxer rebellionPursuitPoptonesMC 5088SEXEX£8.002004 Signed by band b/cover; b/w 'World without end'; light warp
3732945Boys wonderGoodbye Jimmy DeanBoys wonderBW 1EXEX£10.001988 Plugger sticker b/cover; b/w 'Hot rod'; light wear on cover; plays well
3732845Boys wonderShine on meSireW 8195EXEX£5.001987 b/w 'Stop it'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
880812"Boys wonderNow what earthman?SireW 8293TVGEX£8.001987 a few light marks
3003945James Dean BradfieldThat's no way to tell a lieColumbia828768 615874EXEX£4.002006 b/w 'Lost again'; a few light marks
2982345Paul BradyNobody knowsFontanaBRADY 1EXG£2.501991 + Postcard; b/w 'Trouble round the bend'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays with some crackles
865112"Billy BraggHelp save the youth of AmericaGo discs870 3061MintEX£8.001988 Canada; 6 track EP; in shrinkwrap
898712"Billy BraggThe internationaleUtilityUTIL 11EXEX£7.001990 + insert; small sticker mark f/cover; a few crackles
28520EPBilly BraggBetween the warsGo-discsAGOEP 1VGEX£4.001985
3004045Brand newSic transit Gloria.. Glory fadedSore pointSORE 011SEXMint£30.002004 Pink vinyl (500 only); b/w 'Jaws theme swimming (demo)'; company sleeve with New price shop sticker f/cover
965112"Brand new heaviesShelterFFRR570 0991EXVG£5.001997 some marks - plays EX
3214612"Brand new heaviesYou are the universeLondon ffrrBNXDJ 9EXVG£7.001997 Promo in stickered company sleeve; 4 mixes; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2441245BrassyStraighten outCostermongerCOST 8EXVG£4.00Ltd ed no. 1835; b/w 'Right back'; warp - plays EX
2982445BraveryA honset mistakeLoog988 0264EXEX£4.002005 Red vinyl; b/w 'Hot pusuit (duet version)'
3004145BraveryFearlessIsland988 234-0EXEX£4.002005 b/w 'It's all I can do'
3004245Breed 77World's on fireAlbert musicJASUK 011EXEX£5.002004 Red vinyl b/w 'Un lugar segurd (a safe place)'; New price shop sticker f/cover
2441345Bette BrightHello, I am your heartKorovaKOW 3VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'All girls lie'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
527445BromideFool in my brainScratchySR 61657MintEX£4.001997
3004545BronxThey will kill us allWichitaWEBB 060SEXEX£8.002005 White vinyl b/w 'I got chills (live)'; New price shop sticker f/cover
865712"Buffalo TomCrawlMega discMD12 5276EXEX£8.001990 v.light warp
865612"Buffalo TomFortune tellerSituation twoSIT 77TEXEX£8.001991 light sticker mark f/cover
865512"Buffalo TomSodajerkBeggars banquetBBQ 20TEXEX£7.501993
865812"Buffalo TomTree houseBeggars banquetBBQ 25TEXEX£7.501993
3004745Tim BurgessI believe in the spiritPlay it again SPIASB 109 LTDEXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Oh my Corazon'; a few light marks
1496512"T Bone BurnettBehind the trap doorDemonVEX 3EXEX£7.501984 6 track mini LP
1496412"T Bone BurnettTrap doorSide effectsVEX 2EXEX£7.501984 6 track mini LP
3192345Billy BurnetteTear it upCBSA 1283VGVG£4.001980 White 'A' label Promo; b/w Blank company b'side label, plays 'Oh Susan'; a few light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3466245Kate BushSat in your lapEMIEMI 5201VGEX£4.501981 b/w 'Lord of the reedy river'
3466145Kate BushWowEMIEMI 2911VGVG£3.501978 b/w 'Full house'; plays ok with a few crackles
2441445BusterBartenderBuster1-VG£5.001993 b/w 'Stan the man'; warp - plays EX
3192545Butthole surfersPeel show 1988CitadelCIT 013-VG£8.001988 Australia; Unofficial release with Identical fake labels on both sides listing 'Stikapig'; a few light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX; NO cover
922945Butthole surfersThe hurdy gurdy manRough tradeRUS 97-3EXEX£7.001990 Yellow vinyl; reviewers copy
3733145Cabaret VoltaireThe Dream ticketSome bizzareCVS 2VGEX£4.001983 b/w 'Safety zone'; mild wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
803045CableGod gave me gravityInfectious45 SMintEX£4.001997 Foldout sleeve
2441645CableSeventyInfectiousINFECT 29WEXEX£5.001995 b/w 'Sports cars & devil worship'
2441745CableWhisper firing lineInfectiousINFECT 33SEXEX£5.001996 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Can't find my way home'
37332EPCairoBristol girl-CAR 01-VG£8.00Handwritten white label self released single; b/w 'Hollywood/ Adrian's song/ Return to forever' a few mild marks - plays EX
4041712"Captain Tinrib & Wayne ReidYou did itMad cowBSE 005-Mint£8.002007 Black/White coloured vinyl; b/w 'Midnight express' Riggsy & Dj Opel + 'Sour milk' M James & Riggsy vs J Hughes; issued in plain poly sleeve (some ring wear); plays perfectly
527645CarrieCaring sharing songIslandLC 0407MintMint£4.001998
802945CarrieMollyIslandIS 687EXVG£3.001998 a few marks - plays EX
474145CarrieThe birdsLa la landLAL 007MintMint£4.00 
3466545Carter USMDo re me, so far so goodChrysalisUSM 5EXEX£4.001992 b/w 'King rocker'; some light wear on centre of b/cover
3466445Carter USMRubbishBig catUSM 3EXEX£4.001990 b/w 'Alternative Alf Garnett'; some light marks
527745Cat BallouZed girlBionic vinylBV 002MintMint£4.001996
228645Catch25 yearsStiffBUY 209EXEX£4.001984
3075245CatchSomething for nothingEMIEMI 5091VGVG£10.001980 'A' label Demo; b/w 'Coming around again'; wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3251912"Catherine wheelCrankFontanaCW 512EXEX£10.001993 Picture disc; b/w 'Black metallic/ Painful thing'; bottom edge split on plain PVC sleeve
309312"Catherine wheelShe's my friendWilde clubWILDE 4EXEX£12.001991
2441845CecilThe most tiring dayParlophoneR 6490EXVG£4.001998 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'Sliphillclimb'; plays well with a few crackles
24403EPCee Bee BeaumontFor the male animal EPLittle teddyLITE 732EXEX£8.001995 Wormhole/ Cad drag 94/ Tramp gas/ Blackstock memorandum/ Roscoe roadkill
1095745CelebrationPost celebration dubKill cityKCR 1VGG£4.001983 small kink on disc - plays well
1141045Tracy ChapmanCrossroadsElektraEKR 95EXVG£2.501989 a few marks + crackles
971912"Tracy ChapmanCrossroadsElektraEKR 95TEXVG£4.001989 some surafce marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3707312"Tracy ChapmanFast carElektraEKR 73TEXVG£7.001988 b/w 'For you/ Behind the wall'; a few marks - plays well (EX) with just a couple of crackles
923445ChapterhouseSomething moreDedicatedSTONE 002EXEX£3.001990 reviewers copy
447512"ChapterhouseMesmeriseDedicatedHOUSE 001TEXEX£7.001991
600345CharlatansForeverUniversalMCS 40220MintVG£4.001999 + Poster; a few crackles at start of side 1 o/w plays EX
2441945CharlatansThe only one I knowDead dead goodSIT 70VGVG£4.001990 b/w 'Everything changed'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
922345CharlatansThenSituation twoSIT 74EXVG£5.001990 reviewers copy + A4 press release; a few marks - plays EX
3005045CharlatansUp at the lakeIsland986 643-0EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'I'll sing a hymn (you came to me)'; a few light marks
1518745CharlatansWeirdoSituation twoSIT 88EXEX£5.001992 + ltd edition print; small pen mark f/cover
176912"CharlatansThenSituationSIT 74TEXVG£5.001990; Chip on outer rim of LP plays EX
3214912"CharlatansYou're so pretty - We're so pretty (Low fidelity)MCA/ Universal12 PRETTY 1EXVG£10.002002 Promo in stickered plain white sleeve + A4 promo info/reaction sheet; b/w 'Album version'; some light marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3707412"Chase & StatusEnd credits VIPRammRAM 79P-Mint£20.002009 Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Is it worth it VIP'; plays perfectly
70145CheatersGroovin' with Mr BloeHolyroodHolly 008VGEX£3.001983
1224512"Chemical brothersSetting sunVirginCHEMS T4EXEX£6.501996 some light wear on cover
1717612"Chemical brothersThe Golden pathVirginCHEM IST 18EXEX£7.002003 featuring Flaming lips
3005245CherryfallsFor all my sinsIsland986 637-5EXEX£4.002004 Stickered 'Fingerprint' sleeve; b/w 'Do it yourself (demo)'; light sticker mark f/cover
2442045ChestAniseedFierce pandaNING 34EXEX£8.00b/w 'Nosebleed'
3005445ChikinkiAssassinator 13Island981 273-7EXMint£4.002003 Green vinyl; b/w 'Bus'; New price shop sticker f/cover
3005545ChikinkiHate TVIsland980 875-2EXEX£4.002003 b/w 'Fucking with our clothes on'; sticker mark on front cover of die cut sleeve; + inner
3005345ChikinkiLike it of leave itIsland980 622-5EXEX£4.002004 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Pervy song'; light wear on cover
2442345China dollChina dollGraduateGRAD 12VGVG£4.001981 b/w 'Jade'; plays well with a few crackles
2442445China drumFiction of lifeMantraMNT 21EXEX£4.001997 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Pull'; light warp
410612"ChunkEP - Sleeping body pileLazyLAZY 26TEXEX£8.001991
1146045Cinnamon SmithAngelMotherMUM 109MintEX£4.001998 Gatefold
527845Cinnamon SmithThe Uvver halfMotherMUM 103MintEX£4.001998 Gatefold + poster
3192645Alan Clayson & ArgonautsLast respectsClaysongsARG 36EXVG£7.001982 + insert; a few light marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
527945ClearlakeAlmost the sameDominoRUG 148MintMint£3.002003
3192745Johnny Clegg & SavukaGreat heartEMIEM 10EXEX£4.501987 b/w 'African sky blue'
3192845ClimeAll our livesTapirTPR 1-EX£20.00b/w 'Prove it'; M.I.S marketing + promotion sticker on label; a few light marks
2621645Close contactPhone meComaCUT 5-VG£3.001979 b/w 'Dearest'; company sleeve; a few crackles on b'side
3193045Cold fishLove me todayCBSA 2779VGVG£5.001982 b/w 'Strange boy'; plays well with a few crackles
3733345Colenso paradeFontana eyesFireBLAZE 11VGEX£4.001986 Pluggers sticker b/cover; b/w 'Here comes the night'; a few light marks - plays well
575012"Edwyn CollinsDon't shilly shallyElevationACID 4TEXEX£6.501987
3005945Colour of fireCut itRivermanRMU 001VSEXEX£4.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'Images of you'; New price shop sticker f/cover
2621745ColourboxBaby I love you so4ADAD 604EXVG£4.001986 b/w 'Looks like we're shy one horse'; light wear on cover; mild warp - plays EX
575412"ColourboxOfficial Colourbox world cup theme4 ADBAD 605EXEX£6.501986
575112"ColourboxThe moon is blue4 ADBAD 507EXEX£6.501985
2902712"CommonFinding forever: Album samplerGeffenCOM12 PRO2EXEX£8.002007 5 track Promo; 'Start the show/ Drivin' me wild/ Southside/ I want you/ Misunderstood'; light wear on cover
3193145CongressContract of faithEMICONGRESS 1EXEX£4.001987 Promo sticker b/cover; b/w 'Don't think love is to blame'; light wear on cover
2621945ConspiratorsWhen you walk in the roomZeroZER 9012-EX£5.001980 review copy; b/w 'Cross my heart'; light dish warp
4026812"ContaxThe Beats EPBackroomBRR 007-VG£20.002001 Promo sticker on label; 'Fack with the beats/ Great loss/ Surge'; plain white card sleeve; a few marks (VG+), plays well with just a few mild clicks + crackles o/w plays EX
4023812"Tony Cook & Party peopleOn the floor (rock it): Special DJ master mixHalf moonHM 1134-EX£8.001984 b/w 'Short version: Funkier mix'; black/white company sleeve (VG); plays well
2622045Cook da booksLow profileKitelandNNT 1-VG£4.00Couple of marks - plays well with a few crackles
972212"Norman CookWon't talk about itGo beatGODX 33EXEX£7.001989 a few light marks
972612"Julian CopeBeautiful love EPIsland12IS 483EXEX£6.001991 some light marks
972512"Julian CopeWorld shut your mouthIsland12IS X290EXVG£5.001986 some light marks - plays EX
2913145CordSea of troubleIslandCORDX 009-EX£5.002006 'Vinyl wood eco spacesaver Picture disc'; in stickered PVC sleeve
3215212"CorduroyMiniAcid jazzJAZZID 105TVGVG£8.001994 b/w 'Paper money/ Simon's tune'; a few marks - plays EX
2349945Corn dolliesBe small againMedium coolMC 008EXEX£6.001987 b/w 'In Bethpage'
2350045Corn dolliesForever StevenFarmFARM 001EXVG£5.001987 b/w 'About to believe'; light mark b'side - plays EX
3006445CornershopLessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky IIIWiiijaWIJ 129VGEX£4.002002 b/w 'Returning from the wreckage'; light wear on cover
3006645CornershopStagingWiiijaWIJ 130EXEX£4.002002 b/w 'Green P's'; a few light marks
3006545Cornershop presents Bubbley KaurTopknotRough tradeRTRADS 168EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Natch'; small sticker mark f/cover
2622145Cosmic cowboysOne night standGEMGEMS 48VGEX£5.001981 b/w 'Boys in the band'
3006745Cosmic rough ridersJusitfy the rainMeasuredMR COSMIC 3SEXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Take your time'; a few marks on f/cover
229445Elvis CostelloClublandF BeatXX 12VGEX£4.001980
141245Elvis CostelloFrom head to toeF beatXX 30EXVG£3.001982
4174245Elvis CostelloGood year for the rosesF-BeatXX 17-EX£4.001981 Solid centre; Company sleeve; b/w 'Your angel steps out of heaven'; plays well
229345Elvis CostelloI wanna be lovedF BeatXX 35EXEX£4.001984
228945Elvis CostelloLess than zeroStiffBUY 11VGVG£3.501977
229045Elvis CostelloMan out of timeF BeatXX 28EXVG£3.501982
3733445Elvis CostelloOliver's armyRadarscopeADA 31VGVG£3.001979 b/w 'My funny valentine'; some wear on cover; a few marks plays EX
69545Elvis CostelloStranger in the houseRadarSAM 83-EX£2.501978; Company sleeve
229245Elvis CostelloThe other side of summerWarner brosW 0025VGVG£3.501991 PROMO
2925245Elvis CostelloTokyo storm warning - part 1IMPIMP 007VGVG£3.501982 b/w 'Part 2'; small corner cut on cover; some marks - plays well
229145Elvis CostelloVeronicaWarner brosW 7558EXVG£3.001989
2884712"Elvis CostelloLet them all talk (extended remix)F-beatXX 33TEXVG£6.001983 b/w 'The flirting kind'; light wear on cover; a couple of clicks on side 2 o/w plays EX
2882112"Elvis CostelloMan out of timeF-BeatXX 28TEXEX£7.501982 b/w 'Town cryer/ Imperial bedroom'; a couple of small marks
37335EPElvis CostelloBaby plays aroundWarner bros.W 2949EXEX£5.001989 b/w 'Poisoned rose/ Almost blue/ My funny valentine'; plays well
1141145CousteauShe don't hear your prayerPalmPP7 70321MintEX£3.002000
634345CousteauThe last good day of the yearPalmPP7 74041MintMint£3.002000
2622245CoversToo hot to handlePolydorPOSP 233VGEX£5.001981 b/w 'Tinted windows'; some wear on cover
3802545Coward brothersThe People's limousineImpIMP 006EXEX£4.001985 b/w 'They'll take her love from me'; Die-cut sleeve; plays well
3733645Cowboys internationalToday todayVirginVS 326GVG£3.001980 b/w 'Fixation'; wear on cover/top opening; some marks - plays well
3007245Graham CoxonBittersweet bundle of miseryTranscopicR6637EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'My little girl'; small sticker mark f/cover
3007145Graham CoxonFreakin' outTranscopicR 6652EXEX£10.002004 Gatefold + Poster; b/w 'All over me'
2350145CrackerLowVirginVUS 80EXEX£5.001993 b/w 'Teen angst'; a couple of light marks
3007345CrackoutOut of our mindsHutHUT 170MintMint£5.002003 b/w 'You dumb truck (live)'
1111112"CraneBig seaWorkers p/timeELM 1TEXEX£8.001992 Colourblind (+ 3 tracks)
472112"CranesInescapable EPDedicatedCRANE 001TEXMint£7.501990
977012"Cranium HFNation of pinheads EPHydrogenDUKE 003EXEX£6.501992
634445CrashlandModern animalIndependientISOM 425MintMint£3.002000
528045CrashlandNew perfumeIndepen..ISOM 40SMintMint£3.002000
229645CreaturesRight nowPolydorSHE 2EXEX£4.001983
2805812"Credit to the nationTeenage sensation1 Little Indian124 TP12-EX£10.00Weed picture disc; '12" mix/ Radio unfriendly mix/ Tangled web/ Teen groove'; edge splits on stickered PVC sleeve
3193245Crowded houseDon't dream it's overCapitolCL 438VGVG£3.001986 b/w 'That's what I call love'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2290945Crowded houseIt's only naturalCapitolCL 661EXVG£3.501992 b/w Chocolate cake; light wear on coverlight warp; a few marks - plays EX
3702045Cruella de VilleThose two dreadful childrenGood vibrationsGOOD 1VGEX£12.001982 b/w 'Drunken uncle John'; mild wear on cover; plays well
1146145Crystal tripElevateFly agaricFLYA7 1003EXEX£7.00some light marks
1146345CubeIt happens to me all the timePolydor5613 267MintEX£4.001999
1146445CubeNatural millionairePolydor5611 137MintEX£4.001999
1111412"CubeShut up.. & get on the floorPolydorGEOR GE1EXEX£7.001998 George (+3 tracks)
11462EPCubeShut up & get on the floor EPPolydor569 9187MintEX£5.001998 Gatefold
257045CudOnce againA&MAM 0081EXVG£3.001992
348512"CudOh no won't doA&MAMY 829EXEX£7.001991
373812"CudRobinson Crusoe EPImaginary021 TEXEX£6.001990
600945CuffYellow madda cooli visionBlow upBU 012MintMint£4.001997
2442745Culture clubVictimsVirginVS 641VGVG£4.001983 Poster sleeve in stickered poly cover; b/w 'Colour by numbers'; some light marks - plays Ok w/some crackles
4174345CureThe Hanging gardenFictionFICS 15GEX£10.001982 Paper labels/ Solid centre; b/w 'Killing an arab'; heavy wear on cover; plays well
2882212"Buddy Curtess & GrasshoppersShoobee babyGyrate12 GY2VGVG£8.001985 'Remix/Inst/ Scooby doo/ Better be sure/ hypnotize me'; + cartoon insert; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
1224712"CurveBlacker three trackerAnxiousANXT 42EXEX£6.501993 Missing link, On the wheel, Triumph
447612"CurveFait accompliAnxiousANXT 36EXEX£7.001992
2913245Cut copyGoing nowhereModular987 571-8EXEX£4.002005 b/w 'Stars'
2902812"Cut copyHearts on fireModularMODVL 094-VG£7.502008 Black/White label a'side/ blank label b'side; in plain card sleeve; some light marks - plays EX
501512"Cypress hillHand on the pumpRuff house44 74106MintEX£7.001991 US in shrinkwrap
2013112"Cypress hillWhat's your numberColumbia674 6176MintMint£7.502004
3193345Dalis carThe judgement is the mirrorParadoxDOX 1VGVG£4.501984 b/w 'High places'; some wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
3007645Evan DandoStop my headSetantaSET 127EXEX£5.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'Shots is fired/ Intro'
3007845Dandy WarholsWe used to be friendsCapitolCL 843EXMint£8.002003 Yellow vinyl; b/w 'Minnesoter (thee slayer hippie mix)'; light wear on cover
3008445Dashboard confessionalRapid hope lossVagrant986 201-5EXEX£4.002004 Ltd ed no. 0696; b/w 'This is a robbery'; small sticker mark f/cover
3193445DataLiving inside meIlluminatedILL 21EXEX£5.001983 b/w 'A-O (no bungalow)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3008545DatsunsBlacken my thumbHellsquadHS 020EXEX£6.002004 b/w 'Not coming back'
3008645DatsunsHarmonic generatorHellsquadHS 012EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Freeze sucker (SBN session)'; a few light marks
3008745DatsunsIn loveHellsquadHS 007VGEX£5.002002 b/w 'Little bruise'; crease on bottom corner of cover
4026912"D.A.V.E. the drummer vs the AnxiousHydraulix 37HydraulixHYDR 037-EX£20.002007; 1 corner crease on original plain black card sleeve: vinyl is near Mint (EX+) with just a few light marks - Plays perfectly
3230645Charlie Da VinciGot to get you into my lifeGunAIM 003EXEX£6.001980 b/w 'I want to taste your oranges'; light wear on cover; some light marks
3009045Dead 60'sLoaded gunDeltasonicDLT 037EXEX£5.002005 Green vinyl; b/w 'Control this dub'
3008945Dead 60'sRiot radioDeltasonicDLT 025EXMint£8.002004 Signed by band f/cover; Yellow vinyl; b/w 'No good town'
3008845Dead 60'sYou're not the lawDeltasonicDLT 021MintEX£8.002004 Red vinyl b/w 'Too much TV (dub)'; New price shop sticker f/cover
528145Dead starDon't it get you downDiscordantSX 006MintMint£5.001997 ltd ed no. 965 sparkling vinyl
2443045Dead starI've got something to tell youDiscordantCORD S005EXEX£7.001997 Purple vinyl in Promo stickered plain white sleeve; b/w 'Going down'
2442945Dead starSex sellDiscordantCORDS 004EXEX£5.001996 Red vinyl; b/w 'Another sunny day'
474245Deadly humePassenger bluesPhantomPH 22MintEX£5.001986 Australia + insert
3215512"Salome De BahiaTaj Mahal (club mix/radio mix)YellowYP 172EXEX£8.002004 Stickered plain white sleeve; b/w 'Batucada fantastica/ Acappella loop'; in shrinkwrap; a few light marks
1224812"Deep ForestSunrise at AlcatrazColumbiaXPR 2028-EX/EX£8.001994 Double/Plain Gatefold sleeve; Promo; warp
1611745Debra DejeanGoosebumpsHandshakeHANDS 2-EX£3.001981 b/w 'After class'; light warp + a few light marks
1611645Debra DejeanGoosebumpsHandshakeWS8 5306-EX£4.001980 US Promo - same track both sides
1611845Debra DejeanStrange loveHandshakeWS9 02843-EX£3.001982 US Promo - same track both sides; a few light marks
3224145Del AmitriSpit in the rainA&MAM 589EXEX£4.001990 b/w 'Scared to live'; a few light marks
1146545Del AmitriWhen you were youngA&MAM 0132EXEX£3.001993
344012"Del AmitriMove away Jimmy BlueA&MAMX 555EXVG£8.001990 Ltd ed. Etched disc in printed PVC sleeve
1111712"Del AmitriMove away Jimmy blueA&MAMY 555EXVG£4.501990 some marks on b'side - couple crackles o/w plays EX
528245Delakota555Go beatGOB 14MintEX£4.001998
634545DelakotaC'mon CinicinnatiGo beatGOB 11MintEX£4.001998
2982645DelaysNearer than heavenRough tradeRTRADS 175EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Whenever you fall I die'
2622445Delta 5AnticipationRough tradeRT 041VGEX£8.001980 b/w 'You'
2622345Delta 5PowerlinesPREPRE 24EXEX£7.001982 b/w 'The heart is a lonely hunter'; light wear on cover
2622545Delta 5ShadowPREPRE 16-EX£6.001981 b/w 'Leaving'; company sleeve
1111912"DenimMiddle of the roadBoys ownBOIX 12EXEX£8.001992
1112012"Department SGoing left rightStiffBUY IT 118VGEX£5.001981 edge split on cover; a few light marks
3215612"DepartureAll mapped out (Y£$ remix)Parlophone12RDJ 6665-EX£7.002005 Promo in stickered plain balck sleeve; b/w 'The emporer machine dub'; some light marks
3966912"Depeche modeLeave in silence (Longer)Mute12 BONG 1GEX£6.001982 Textured sleeve; b/w 'Further extracts from: My secret garden/ Leave in silence'; repair to wear on edges of cover o/w looks VG; a few marks plays well
528345DeusSister dewIsland562 1067MintEX£4.001999 + poster
2458245DevoWhip itVirginVS 383VGVG£4.001980 b/w 'Snow ball'; cat no. written on b/cover; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
1104245Dexy's midnight runnersDance stanceOddballR 6028EXVG£4.001979 a few makrs - plays EX
2275845Dexy's midnight runnersGenoParlophone006 63744VGEX£4.001980 Holland; b/w Breakin' down the walls of heartache
1104345Dexy's midnight runnersThere, there my dearEMIR 6038EXEX£4.001980
229745DigI'll stay highRadio activeRAX 10MintEX£6.001994
457445DiggersPeace of mindCreationCRE 226MintEX£5.001996
924245Dinosaur JrThe wagonBlanco y negroNEG 48EXEX£6.001991
1112512"Dinosaur JrWhatever's cool with meBlanco y negroNEG 52TEXEX£7.501991 a few light marks
3009645Dirty pretty thingsDeadwoodVertigo170 2334MintEX£6.002006 ltd ed no. (0974); b/w 'Panic attack'
3009445Dirty pretty thingsTired of EnglandVertigo177 478-6-EX£5.002008 White vinyl issued in stickered plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Run fat boy run'
3009945Dirty pretty thingsTired of EnglandVertigo177 478-4EXEX£6.002008 Gatefold; b/w 'The Weekenders'
3009745Dirty pretty thingsWonderingVertigo170 5366MintEX£5.002006 b/w 'Chinese dogs (demo)'
3009845Dirty pretty thingsWonderingVertigo170 5354EXEX£6.002006 'London edition' Gatefold ltd ed no. (1411); b/w 'Last of the small town playboys (demo)'
353845Dirty strangersBathing bellesThrillTH 3MintEX£8.001989
467445DistractionsBoys cryIslandWIP 6568EXEX£4.001980
2011745Divine comedyCome home Billy BirdParlophoneR 6630EXMint£4.002004
2903212"DJ ShadowI gotta rokk (Irn Minky swagger mix)IslandROKK 12-EX£10.002011 Promo; White vinyl; b/w 'Def surrounds us (Rockwell remix)'; mild warp
2903312"DJ ShadowThe DJ Shadow remis projectIslandREMIX PRO1-EX£15.002010 Promo in stickered plain black sleeve; 'Building staem with a grain of salt/ Stem/ Walkie talkie'
3252112"Doctor & MedicsSpirit in the skyIRSIRMTBVGVG£6.001986 Poster sleeve; surface tear b/cover + some wear; some marks - plays EX
2291145DodgyGood enoughA&M581 814-7VGEX£5.001996 Yellow vinyl; b/w Nutters; sticker mark f/cover + label
2903412"Dogs D'amourThe kid from KensingtonChina887582 1EXEX£10.001988 stock copy with Factory sample sticker b/cover; The kid from Kensington/ Everything I want/ The state I'm in'
2982745Thomas DolbyClose but no cigarVirginVS 1410EXEX£3.501992 b/w 'Neon sisters'; a few light crackles on b'side
528445DonHow freeLondonLON 405MintMint£4.001997
24431EPDonAlfie/ Georgie/ Curve/ TuesdaysLondonLON 392EXEX£5.001997 Die ciut sleeve + inner; light wear on cover
606845Done lying downCan't be too certainImmaterialDLD 003MintMint£4.001996
528545Done lying downChronic offenderImmaterialDLD 001MintMint£4.001995
528645Done lying downSepticAbstractABS 102MintVG£4.00Clear vinyl; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
606745Done lying downSo you driveImmaterialDLD 002MintMint£4.001995
3193545Dotti & DiplomatsMade in Hong KongMagnetMAG 171-EX£4.001980 b/w 'Making it hard enough'; Red pen mark on label
400212"DreadzoneThe warningCreationCRE 160TEXEX£7.001993
528745DriscollsThis is a different songTea timeTEA 06MintMint£5.001990
528845DrivenSecret policePolydor571 3507MintMint£4.001997
1146645DrugstoreSoberRoad runnerRR 22307MintMint£7.001998 Red vinyl
3215912"DrugstoreSolitary party grooverPIAS UKHONP 6-EX£8.001995 One sided Promo
1112912"DubstarI will be your girlfriend (the remixes)FoodFOOD DJ108EXVG£7.50PROMO; a few marks + crackles o/w plays EX
2920512"Duke spiritOn track with SeatOn track w/SeatUMCP 015EXEX£25.002012 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'Procession/ Surrender/ Don't wait/ Damage'; some light marks
2443345Ian Dury & BlockheadsSex & drugs & rock & rollStiff640 132VGVG£3.501977 France; b/w 'Razzle in my pocket'; name on label; some wear/stains on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2443245Ian Dury & BlockheadsSuperman's big sisterStiffBUY 100VGVG£4.001980 b/w 'You'll see glimpses'; cat no. written b/cover; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
1042645Ian Dury & BlockheadsWhat a wasteStiffBUY 135EXEX£3.501981 issue of '77/8 tracks; couple of marks
2842912"Ian DurySex & drugs & rock & rollStiff750 004VGVG£7.001977 France; b/w 'Sweet Gene Vincent/ You're more than fair'; some marks on vinyl - plays well
453812"Dust junkysNon stop operationPolydor571 9731MintEX£7.001997 + inner
2443545DylansMary Quant in blueSituation twoSIT 90VGVG£5.001992 some wear on Poster sleeve; b/w 'You won't last long without me'; a few marks - plays EX
1119812"DylansPlanet loveSituation twoSIT 81TEXEX£6.001991
528945Earl BrutusUniversal planIslandFRU 7MintMint£4.001998
3288245East 17Stay another day (A.S.A.D mix)LondonLONPD 354EXVG£4.001994 Picture disc in PVC sleeve with card insert; b/w 'Less sad mix'; small chip on rim - plays well
3288345East 17Steam (vapour eyes mix)LondonLONPD 353EXVG£4.001994 Picture disc in PVC sleeve with card insert; b/w 'Carter USM SW2 mix'; plays well with a few crackles
3466645EasterhouseCome out fightingRough tradeRT 204EXEX£4.001989 b/w 'New world in the morning'; release date sticker f/cover; crease top edge of cover; a few light marks
2010945Eastern laneI said pig on FridayRough tradeRTRAD S199MintEX£4.002004
2010845Eastern laneSaffronRough tradeRTRAD S156MintMint£4.002004
529045EatBleed me whiteFictionFICS 48MintEX£4.001993
529145EatShameFictionFICS 45MintMint£4.001992
447712"EatGolden egg EP part 2FictionFICXR 38EXEX£8.001992 Gatefold + poster
501612"Eat staticEpsylon EPUltimateBARK 009TEXVG/VG£8.001995 2x12" some surface marks; both play EX
1113112"Eat staticHybrid - remixedPalnet dogBARK 024TXEXVG£6.001997 some marks - plays EX
2443645Echo & BunnymenThe GameWEAYZ 134EXVG£3.001987 b/w 'Lost & found'; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
2272312"Echo & BunnymenLiveKorovaECHO 1VGEX£7.001981 + inner; Crocodiles/ Zimbo/ All that jazz/ Over the wall
427545EchobellyDark therapyFauveFAUV 8EXEX£6.001996 Gatefold; Blue vinyl
176712"EchobellyI can't imagine a world without meRhythm kingFAUV 2TMintMint£6.501994
1602612"EchobellyInsomniacFauveFAUV 1TEXVG£4.501994 marks on vinyl - plays EX
2913445Kathleen EdwardsWapuskZoe01143 2083 2SealedSealed£4.002011 US; b/w 'Change the sheets'; sealed in shrinkwrap
2443745808 StatePlan 9ZTTZANG 38EXEX£4.001993 b/w 'Olympic '93 (world mix)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2010645Eighties matchbox b-line disasterChickenNe death980 0072MintMint£6.002003 Picture disc in numbered (1546) sleeve
2010745Eighties matchbox b-line disasterMister mentalNo death981 5809EXMint£6.002004 Picture disc in numbered (2996) die cut sleeve
2913545Eighties matchbox b-line disasterPsychosis safariIsland019 609-7VGEX£6.002003 Picture disc; Ltd edition no. 1651; b/w 'Charge the guns (demo)/ Whack of shit'; some wear on card cover
2913645Eighties matchbox b-line disasterRise of the eagles (part 2 of Gatefold set)No death Island986 827-5-EX£6.002004 Gold vinyl issued in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Party pooper'
1084412"Electric sex circusSpanner badgeAltered statesASK 90EXEX£12.00Gatefold advent calender sleeve
2010345Electric sixRadio ga gaWarnerWEA 381-Mint£5.002004 Picture disc in stickered pvc sleeve
2012912"Electric sixDanger high voltageXLXLR 151EXMint£7.502002
2010245Electric soft paradeLosr yr frownSkye82876 569 487MintEX£4.002003 Ltd edition numbered (0259) sleeve; in shrinkwrap; few light marks
3010045Electric soft paradeThings I've done beforeBMG828765 58787EXEX£4.002003 White vinyl; Ltd ed no. 1203; b/w 'Summer's slow meander'; New price shop sticker f/cover; light wear on cover
3719945ElectronicDisappointed (7" mix)ParlophoneR 6311EXEX£4.001992 b/w 'Idiot country two (edit)'; light wear on cover; plays perfectly
3720045ElectronicGet the messageFactoryFAC 287/7VGEX£4.001991 b/w 'Free will'; mild wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
3081945ElectronicGetting away with itFacroryFAC 257/7VGVG£3.501989 Reviewers copy; b/w 'Lucky bag, edit'; light wear on cover; some marks - a'side - plays well
3181012"ElectronicGetting away with it - ElectromixFactoryFAC 257RVGVG£6.001989 'Vocal/ Nude mixes' b/w 'Lucky bag, Miami edit/ Original version'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2443845Energy orchardSailortownMCAMCA 1402EXEX£5.001990 Ltd ed no. 0528; Gatefold + lyric book; b/w 'Jesus Christ'; a few light marks
1786812"ErasureAlways (Capella club remix)MuteP12 MUTE 152-EX£10.001994 Promo; b/w 'Microbots trance dance mix'; company sleeve; a few light marks
3181112"ErasureBlue savannah (Der Deutsche mix II)MuteL12 MUTE 109EXEX£6.001990 Embossed sleeve; b/w 'No G.D.M/ Runaround on the underground'; light wear on cover
3181212"ErasureSometimesMute12 MUTE 51-EX£5.001986 Plain die-cut sleeve in shrinkwrap; b/w 'Sexuality/ Say what'; a few light marks
4042412"ErobiqueDiscodebutAcid jazzAJX 101T-EX£6.001999 'Green love/ Dummer camping/ XM'; Acid jazz Promo sticker on plain black card sleeve (some wear); just a few marks on side1 - plays well
2536212"EurithmicsSex crime (extended mix)VirginVSY728 12-EX£8.001984 Picture disc; b/w 'Single mix/ I did it just the same'; edge split on stickered PVC sleeve; a few crackles
1113612"Everything but the girlWalking woundedVirginVST 1577EXEX£6.001996 a few light marks + crackles
1146745Evil superstarsB.A.B.YParadoxPDOX 017EXEX£4.001998
2920612"ExampleOn track with SeatOn track w/SeatUMCP 010EXEX£25.002011 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'Stay awake/ Changed the way you kiss me; Natural disaster/ Boulevard of broken dreams'
1868312"ExtremeStop the worldA&MAMY 0096VGEX£7.501992 Box set; some wear on box; tears on 20 page booklet
1868412"ExtremeTragic comicA&MAMY 0156VGVG£7.501993 Box set; Picture disc in printed PVC sleeve + full size poster; wear on box; some crackles on side 2
3181312"ExtremeTragic comic (radio edit)A&MAMY 0156VGVG£6.001993 Picture disc in printed pvc sleeve (3 edge splits o/w EX); b/w 'Hole hearted/ Rise n shine/ Tragic comic (LP version)'; Light warp - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3466745FAB featuring M.C. no.6The Prisoner (free man mix)Brothers org.FAB 6EXEX£4.001990 b/w 'The Escape (Big Ben mix) inst.'; light wear on cover
529445Face to faceThe new wayB uniqueBUN 0277MintMint£4.002002
485745Fad gadgetOne mans meatMute033EXEX£4.001984
575512"Faith healersA picture of health EPToo pureEFA 17792EXEX£6.501991 a couple of light crackles
3331212"FaithlessSaturday 3AMCheekyCHEKXLP 503-EX/EX£10.001999 2x12" in stickered plain white sleeve; Promo; mixes by Jan Driver/ Paul Van Dyk/ Timewriters/ Nightmares on wax + others; some yellow spotting on cover; some light marks in discs
823512"FallCall for escape routeBeggars banquetBEG 120EVGVG£5.001984 some surface marks - couple of crackles o/w plays EX
1113812"Family catColour me greyBad girlBGRL 009TEXEX£7.501991 feat. PJ Harvey; light warp
2350245Family of free loveDays like theseVirginVS 1695VGEX£6.001997 Red vinyl; b/w 'Closer than you think'; corner crease on cover o/w EX
2903712"Fan deathA coin for the wellMercury0060252 7274416EXEX£7.502009 'Reunited/ Cannibal/ Power surge/ Sooon/ The sun will rise'
1779812"FarmGroovy trainProduceMILK 102TEXVG£5.001990 plays EX
1779712"FarmMindProduceMILK 105TVGEX£5.001991 a few light marks
529545Faruk GreenFaruk Green airlinesCopasetikCOPA 032MintEX£4.002002
1224912"Fatboy SlimEverybody needs a 303SkintSKINT 31EXEX£6.501997 some ring wear
3181412"Fatboy SlimSlash dot dashSkintSKINT 100EXVG£6.502004 b/w 'Close to home/ SDS (DJ Delite)/ Jingo la ba (Jon Carter & DJ Delite remixes)'; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays well with some crackles
2010145FeelingNever be lonelyIsland1705 008EXEX£4.002006 numbered (1359) sleeve; light warp
2010045Fenix TXThreesomeMCAMCS 40279EXEX£3.502002 Ltd edition nubered (0380) sleeve
2913745FightstarPalahniuk's laughterIslandIS 887/ 9870187VGVG£3.002005 b/w 'Mono'; very light warp; a few marks - plays EX
467145FilmstarsHere in LAEMIEMI 5038EXEX£4.001980
467045FilmstarsThe greatest story ever toldEMI5059EXVG£3.001980
2009945FinchLetters to youMCAMCS 40310VGEX£4.002003 + Poster; small surface tear on opening b/cover o/w EX
2009845Finger elevenGood timesWind up6744 817EXMint£5.002003 Clear vinyl; die cut numbered (1195) sleeve; light sticker mark f/cover
1877312"Tim FinnCarve you in marbleVirginVS 866 12EXVG£5.001986 light wear on cover; a few light crackles o/w plays EX
3733945Fire enginesCandyskinPop auralPOP 010-VG£4.001981 b/w 'Meat whiplash'; a few marks - plays well with just a couple of clicks
5296EPFirecrankFirecrank EPCopasetikCOPA 016EPMintEX/EX£5.002000; 2x45's; warp
1555645Fischer ZThe workerUnited artistsUP 36509-EX£6.001979 Picture disc
1146945FleasBest in bucksTrade 2TRDSC 008MintEX£4.001997
2443945FlinchSkin deepDiloDI 3EXEX£4.001995 b/w 'Spoonz'
2444045FluffyNothingVirginVSX 1614EXEX£5.001996 Part 1 of 2 part set; Gatefold; b/w 'Scream (live at CBGB's)'
2444145FluffyNothing (LP version)VirginVS 1614EXEX£4.001996 Part 2 of 2 part set; b/w 'I'm a boy'
2885312"FlukeElectric guitar (Vibrochamp)CircaYRTX 104VGEX£7.501993 b/w 'Hot tube + Superwound' mixes; light wear on cover
3193645Flying lizardsMoneyVirginVS 276-VG£3.001979 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Money B'; some marks - plays well with 1 small click on b'side
2913845FoeHot new trashStella mortosFOEDJ 1EXEX£12.002011 White label Promo 4 track EP; a few light marks
2444245FoilAre you enemy13th hourHOUR 10EXEX£6.001997 Red vinyl; b/w 'Goin' down'
3010245Foo fightersLowRCA/ Roswell828765 22567EXEX£8.002003 Ltd ed no. 0110; b/w 'Never talking to you again'; light wear on cover
977112"Forget me nots2 Fay Wray EPSony657 5436EXEX£6.001991
1621545Frank & WaltersThis is not a songGo-discsHOO 3EXVG£2.501992 couple of marks - plays EX
3181512"Frank & WaltersEP 3: happy bus manSetantaHOOX 2-VG£8.001992 Handwritten White tabel test pressing; b/w 'Humphrey/ The world carries on/ if you're still waiting'; some marks - plays EX
587612"Frank & WaltersHappy busmanGo discs869 6851EXEX£6.001992
2442145Frank ChickensBlue canaryKazKAZ 20EXVG£3.501984 b/w 'We are Frank Chickens'; some marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3734045Frank ChickensFujiyama mamaKazKAZ 10VGEX£4.001984 b/w 'We are ninja'; mild wear on cover; plays well
2442245Frank ChickensYellow toastFlying lecordsSYZZLE 1EXVG£3.501987 b/w 'One million hamburgers': light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
734612"Frankie goes to HollywoodRelax (sex mix)ZTT12 ZTAS 1EXEX£8.001983
2009345Franz FerdinandElanor put your boots onDominoRUG 234MintEX£4.002006
2009245Franz FerdinandMatineeDominoRUG 176EXMint£4.002004 light sticker mark f/cover
2009045Franz FerdinandMichaelDominoRUG 184EXEX£4.002004 light sticker mark f/cover
2008945Franz FerdinandThe fallenDominoRUG 219XMintEX£4.002006
2913945Franz FerdinandWalk awayDominoRUG 215EXEX£4.002005 b/w 'The Fallen (acoustic)'; light dish warp
2009145Franz FerdinandWalk awayDominoRUG 215MintEX£4.002005
2012712"Franz FerdinandMatineeDominoRUG 176TEXEX£7.502004 b/w 'Better in Hoboken' + 'Forty feet'
2012812"Franz FerdinandTake me out (Daft punk remix)DominoRUG 172T DAFTEXMint£15.002004
2444345FreeboyBut I amGroovy catGROOV 001EXEX£8.001997 Ltd ed. No. 158; b/w 'Freeboy'
25033EPFun lovin' criminalsThe grave & the constantChrysalisCHS 5031EXEX£4.001996 b/w 'Bombin' the L/ Blues for suckers'
2011245Funeral for a friendEscape artists never dieWarnerEW 283MintMint£5.002004 Clear vinyl; stickered sleeve
2444445FungusRebelFoodFOOD 125EXEX£4.501999 Ltd ed no. 1978 in 400g PVC stickered sleeve; b/w 'In the air'
3331312"FunkapolitanRun run runLondonLONX 006-EX£8.001982 Handwritten plain white label in plain black sleeve; b/w 'Run run (inst)/ Time & space'; some light marks
2982845FurtherRomanceFierce pandaNING 132VGEX£5.002002 b/w 'Yesterday's enemy/ radio edit'; light wear on cover
2011545FutureheadsSkip to the end67951011 43897-Mint£5.002006 Picture disc
2806012"GabrielleBaby I've changedGo beatGOPRO 153VGEX£7.501996 Promo; 'Ole' ruffneck sound/ Carl McIntosh/ D'note remix/ If you really cared (radio edit)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - short click at start of side1 o/w plays EX
2806112"GabrielleWalk on byGo beatGOPRO 159-EX£8.001996 Promo; b/w '45% Novocaine remix/ Boilerhouse mix/ Have you ever wondered'
2806212"GabrielleWhen a womanGo beatBOBX 27EXEX£7.502000 'Seb Fontaine/ Bini & Martini power mix/ Restless natives groove mix/ B+M XX large dub mix'
1147145GallianoSkunk funkTalkin' loudTLK 23EXEX£4.001992 a few lght marks
1147045GallianoWelcome to the storyTalkin' loudTLK 3EXEX£4.001990 couple of crackles
2444545Gang of fourI love a man in uniformEMIEMI 5299VGVG£3.501982 b/w 'The world at fault'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well with a few crackles
1147445GaragelandBeelines to heavenDiscordantCORD S012MintEX£4.001997
1147345GaragelandCome backDiscordantCORD S007MintEX£4.001997
601645GaragelandFingerpopsFlying nunFN 358MintMint£4.001996
1147245GaragelandNude star (the Moulder mix)DiscordantCORD S010MintEX£4.001997
529845Gay dadHarder fasterB uniqueBUN 0057EXEX£5.002001 Stickered PVC sleeve
529745Gay dadNow always & foreverB uniqueBUN 0047MintEX£5.002001 Stickered PVC sleeve
529945Gay dadTransmissionB uniqueBUN 0097MintMint£5.002001 Stickered PVC sleeve
2444645GelCatching antsCheCHE 84EXEX£6.001998 Speckled clear vinyl; b/w 'Argue/ Sparkly things'
530045Bob GeldofRoom 19 (Sha la la la lee)VertigoBOB 107MintMint£3.001992
606945GeneAs good as it getsPolydorCOSTS 14MintMint£4.001999
2885412"Gene loves JezebelDesire (come and get it)Beggars banquetBEG 173TEXEX£8.001986 b/w 'Sapphire scavenger/ A new horizon/ Message'
3378612"Gene loves JezebelThe motion of loveBeggars banquetBEG 192TDEXEX/EX£10.001989 Double/Gatefold
3734145General publicGeneral publicVirginVS 659VGVG£3.001984 b/w 'Dishwasher'; sticker tear f/cover; a few light marks - plays well
3734245General publicTendernessVirginVS 673GVG£2.501984 b/w 'Limited balance'; some staining on cover; a few marks - plays well with just a couple of clicks
427645GenevaBest regretsNudeNUD 315SealedSealed£6.001997 ltd edition 2911 of 5000
2444845GenevaNo one speaksNudeNUD 225EXEX£5.001996 Ltd ed no. 1544 of 2000; b/w 'What your shrink says'
2444745GenevaTranquillizerNudeNUD 285EXSealed£6.001996 Ltd ed no 1952 of 7000; sealed on opening; b/w 'Driftwood'
3734345GenieBlack rockStrobeJUMP 2VGEX£10.001988 Signed 'From Genie & Simon' in gold pen (smudged) on b/cover; b/w 'Some people (arre so real)'; light wear on cover; plays well
1807945Georgia satellitesBattleship chainsElektraEKR 58FEXEX/EX£6.001987 Double/Gatefold inc. bonus live 45 Red light/No money down; light wear on cover; light warp
806345GerlingDeath to the apple girlsInfectiousINF 82SEXEX£3.502000
806245GerlingEnter space capsuleInfectiousINF 83SEXEX£3.502000
2011345GlasvegasGeraldineSonyGOWOW 003MintMint£5.002008 Pt1 of 2 disc set; Blue vinyl; numbered (4782) sleeve
1147545God's boyfriendPondTrade 2TRDSC 011EXEX£4.001997
2914145GoldhawksRunning awayMercury272 6103SealedSealed£5.002009 Picture disc sealed in Ltd edition no. 0055 PVC sleeve; b/w 'Cold waters'
11476EPHolly GolightlyJiggy jiggy with..Vinyl JapanPAD 13MintMint£7.001994
2011445GomezCatch me upHutHUT 175EXMint£4.002004 + inner
2445145Ian GommCome onAlbionION 1VGVG£5.001978 b/w 'Darkest night'; hole in centre of cover; a few light marks - plays EX
2445245Ian GommSlow dancingAlbionDEL 10-VG£3.001980 b/w 'It don't help'; plays well with a few crackles
2011645Good CharlotteThe young & the hopelessEpic6745 437EXMint£6.002003 Turquoise vinyl; stickered sleeve
2008545GrandaddyI'm on standbyV2VVR 5024 607MintMint£4.002004
2008645GrandaddyNow it's onV2VVR 5022 247EXEX£4.002003
2278745GrandaddySummer here kidsBig catABB 1625EXEX£5.001998 b/w Levitz (birdless)/ My small love
4033912"Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5The MessageSugar hillSHL 117VGVG£8.001982 b/w 'Instrumental'; some wear/ring wear on cover; a few marks - plays well (EX)
676212"Grandmaster Melle Mel & Furious 5Beat streetSugar hillSHL 9659VGVG£6.001984 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
801245Green on redKeith can't readChinaCHINA 16EXMint£4.001989
2444945Green on redLittle things in life (7" edit)ChinaWOK 2001EXEX£5.001991 b/w 'Cherry kind'
467345Green on redTime ain't nothingMercuryMER 202EXVG£3.501985
886512"Clive Gregson & Christine CollisterI wouldn't treat a dogSpecial del.SPET 12003EXEX£6.501988
2445445Zaine GriffAshes and diamondsAutomaticK 17610VGEX£4.001980 b/w 'The Haunt'; some wear on cover
2445345Zaine GriffTonightAutomaticK 17547VGEX£4.001980 b/w 'This could mean everything'; some wear on cover
676112"Reggie Griffin & TechnofunkMirda rockSugar hillSHL 121-VG£6.001982 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
2445545Grim northern socialHoney1 little indian328 TP7EXEX£6.002003 b/w 'The grim northern social'
3181712"Groove armadaBut I feel goodZomba82876 551791EXVG£7.002002; Album/ Audio bullys Dr feelgood/ Murk dark n dirty dub' mixes; s few marks - plays well with a few crackles
972712"GrotusOpiate of the massesAlt. TentaclesVIRUS 148-VG£7.001994 stickered plain sleeve; some marks + a few crackles
2982945Gus GusCruzUnderwater-VGEX£3.502003 b/w 'Drums' - Mutiny; small tear on die cut sleeve
2445645GyresBreakSugarSUGA 7VEXEX£6.001995 Die cut sleeve + numbered (2125) inner + postcard; b/w 'Break; a few light marks
3734445Paul HaigHeaven sentDisques du crepIS 111VGVG£4.001983 b/w 'Running away'; some wear/yellowing on cover; a few marks - plays EX
3734545Paul HaigJusticeDisques du crepIS 138VGEX£4.001983 b/w 'On this night of decision'; a few light marks - plays well
2008445Albert Hammond Jr.101Rough tradeRTRAD S377MintEX£4.002006
2445745HangoversSohoRough trade45RHV 42EXEX£5.00Card cover with 'Singles club' sticker + insert; b/w 'Sorry'
4174445Happy MondaysStep on (Stuff it in mix)FactoryFAC 272/7EXEX£5.001990 b/w 'Step on (one louder mix)'; just a few marks - plays well
2445945Happy MondaysSunshine & love (7" edit)FactoryFAC 327/7EXEX£4.501992 b/w 'Staying alive'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2446045Happy MondaysW.F.L (Vince Clarke mix)FactoryFAC 232/7EXEX£4.501989 b/w Paul Oakenfold mix; light wear on cover; a few marks
2445845Happy MondaysWrote for luckFactoryFAC 212/7EXEX£4.501988 b/w 'Boom'; a few light marks
180612"Happy MondaysLazyitusFactoryFAC 222EXVG£5.001989 with Karl Denver; plays EX
3182112"Happy MondaysStep on (Stuff it in mix)FactoryFAC 272EXEX£7.001990 b/w 'One louder mix'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3181912"Happy MondaysTart tartFactoryFAC 176EXEX£8.001987 b/w 'Little matchstick Owen's rap'
2008345HappylifeThe way you hate meAlbertJASUK 006MintEX£3.502003
2008245Ed HarcourtThis one's for youHeavenlyHVN 140EXMint£7.002004 Ltd edition signed f/cover
2007945Charlotte HatherleySummerDouble dragonDD 2014MintEX£5.002004 signed f/cover
2173145HavenTil the endRadiateRDTS 6EXEX£4.002002 b/w May change; + inner
2007845HavenWouldn't change a thingRadiateRDTS 14MintEX£4.002004
4029112"Mark HawkinsHolidays in the sun EPMosquitoMSQ 022-VG£10.002004 Plain white label Promo with hand written cat no. on b'side label; 'Spooky truth/ Anon/ Anon (Michael Forswaw mix)/ Gossip monger'; a few marks - plays well (EX) with just a few light crackles
3200045Gemma HayesLet a good thing go (album version)SourceSOUR 046EXEX£4.002002 b/w 'Pieces of glass (radio session version)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
15512"Jeff HealeyI think I love you too muchArista613 280EXVG£5.001990 some marks - plays EX
3734645Heaven 17Crushed by the wheels of industry (part 1)VirginVSY 628-EX£4.001983 Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Part 2'; plays well
832112"John Hegley & PopticiansI saw my dinner on TVGlass fishOOZE 2TEXEX£8.001988
2007745Hell is for heroesRetreatEMIEM 619EXMint£6.002003 Grey vinyl
3734745Hey elasticaParty gamesVirginVS 599VGVG£3.001983 b/w 'Elastica chant no.2'; some waer on cover; some marks - plays OK w/some crackles
1933512"High beesSome indulgenceSupreme int.85-8EXEX£6.50 
604245The HighBox set goLondonLONG 286EXVG£4.001991 Gatefold; a few light crackles o/w EX
474345The HighMore..LondonLON 297EXVG£3.001991 gatefold; 1 pressing fault jump o/w EX
2983045The HighTake your timeLondon FFRRLON 280VGEX£4.001990 b/w 'Bombay mix live'; some ring wear on cover; a few light marks
348612"The HighBox set goLondonLONX 261EXMint£7.001990
2621845HigsonsConspiracyWaapWAAP 2EXVG£6.001982 large centre hole; name written on label + top opening of cover; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2930412"HigsonsMusic to watch boys byUprightUPT 9EXVG£6.501984 light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
454012"HigsonsPush out the boatWAAP universalWAAP 4VGEX£6.001983
2007545HissBack on the radioPolydorLC 00309MintMint£5.002003 White vinyl
2007645HissClever kicksPolydorLC 00309EXVG£3.002003 Blue vinyl; marks on b'side - few clicks + crackles o/w plays well
2503445HissTriumphPolydor065 778-7EXEX£5.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'Street research'
2007345HivesTwo-timing touch & broken bonesPolydor986 8352EXEX£6.002004
2007445HivesWalk idiot walkPolydor986 7039MintMint£6.002004 White vinyl
2007245Holiday planWasting timeIslandIS 845EXEX£4.002004
474545Jools Holland & Sam BrownTogether againIRSEIRS 170EXEX£4.001991
3260345Jools HollandBumble boogieA&MAMS 8111VGEX£5.001981 'A' label Promo; b/w 'That don't matter to me'; light wear on cover
474445Jools HollandHoly cowIRSEIRS 141EXEX£4.001990
1095845Holloway allstarsHollowayA-ztecHOL 1EXEX£8.00Signed by Greg Carmichael
2007145Home grownYou're not aloneDrive-thruEAT 034SMintEX£3.002003
2446145Hong Kong syndikatToo muchE & FEF 1EXEX£4.001987 b/w Inst; a few light marks - a few light crackles
2446345Hoodoo gurusWhat's my sceneBig timeCHS 3123EXEX£4.001987 b/w 'Heart of darkness'
2446245HookerThe FearSacredSacred 002EXEX£4.001996 b/w 'Pressure'
2007045Hope of the StatesEnemies/ FriendsSony/ Seeker674 2577EXEX£6.002003 Numbered (1297) sleeve; light sticker mark f/cover
2006945Hope of the StatesNehemiahSony675 2477EXEX£7.002004 Heat reactive sleeve
2006845Hope of the StatesThe red the white the black the blueSony674 9927MintEX£4.002004 die cut sleeve; mark on b'side
530145HopperOh my heartlessFactory tooFAC2 12MintEX£4.001997
2914445HorrorsShe is the new thingLoog1735628MintEX£10.002007 b/w 'Sister Leonella'; a few light marks
923645HorseThe speed of the beat of my heartCapitolCL 566EXEX£3.001990 reviewers copy
922845Horses without headsWhat's your namePolydorURB 63EXEX£3.501990
3182412"House engineersGhost house (Haunted house mix)Syncopate12SYG 8-VG£7.501987 Promo; Green vinyl; Side 1 label on both sides; b/w 'Haunted house edit/ Jack the ripper mix/ Jackapella'; edge split on plain pvc sleeve; some light marks - plays OK w/some crackles
2446445House of loveBeatles & the StonesFontanaHOLG 4EXEX£6.001990 Ltd ed no. 7381 Flower Gatefold sleeve + poster; b/w 'Love IV'; light wear on cover
3734945House of loveShine onFontanaHOL 3VGEX£4.001990 b/w 'Allergy'; mild wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
3734845House of painNeverFontanaHOL 1VGVG£3.501989 b/w 'Soft as fire'; light stain top corner of cover; a few light marks - couple of crackles o/w plays EX
1142445How many beans make fiveSweet tortureLa di da010EXVG£3.501990 France; light warp + a few marks - some crackles on b'side
530245Danielle HowleFrogSimple machinesSMR 27MintMint£4.001994 US; Clear vinyl
601845HuckleberryMoroccoCopperCOPP 55MintEX£4.001998
530345HuckleberryThe lives of the saintsCopperCOPPS 6UPMintMint£4.001998
3735045Human leagueBeing boiledFastFAST 4GVG£3.001980 Red/Yellow label reissue of '78 45' 4-prong centre; b/w 'Circle of death'; fading + wear along top opening of cover o/w VG; a few light marks - plays well with a few crackles
2914545HumanziLong time comingFiction987 689-7EXEX£4.002006 b/w 'Fix the cracks (Channel one remix)'
1147945HummingbirdsWord gets aroundRoo artRART 4EXEX£4.001990
2006645Hundred reasonsFalterColumbia673 1457EXEX£6.002002 Orange vinyl in numbered (0086) stickereed pvc sleeve
2006745Hundred reasonsSilverColumbia672 6647MintMint£6.002002 Clear vinyl in numbered (0953) sickered pvc sleeve
2006445Hundred reasonsThe great testColumbia674 3767EXEX£4.002003; numbered sleeve/ 0654
2006545Hundred reasonsWhat you getColumbia674 5497EXVG£3.002004 light sticker mark f/cover; small crack on rim - plays EX
2446545Hurricane #1Rising sunCreationCRE 303EXEX£4.001998 b/w 'The price that we pay (acoustic)'; a few light marks
2446745Hybirds24HeavenlyHVN 78EXEX£4.001997 b/w 'Where I want to be'; some marks
2446845HybirdsSee me throughHeavenlyHVN 80EXEX£4.001998 b/w 'Good'
2446645HybirdsStrandedHeavenlyHVN 75EXEX£4.001997 b/w 'Morning song'
6010EPHypotheticalsHypotheticals EPKitten--EX£3.001999 plain sleeve
2914645I blame CocoDarkstarCocoCOCO 701-EX£4.002007 b/w 'Instrumental'; a few light marks
3413512"I.C.B.M.Red armageddonReactionary beaARM. 1EXEX£12.001992 Red vinyl; plain label with 'Reactionary beats' sticker; light sticker mark f/cover; a few small marks - a couple of crackles
2446945IcebreakerPiano magicDebutDEBT 001 SPEXEX£5.001998 Clear vinyl; + insert; b/w Instrumental
3735145Icicle worksEvangelineBeggars banquetBEG 181VGVG£3.001987 b/w 'Everybody loves to play the fool'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
257145Icicle worksHollow horseBeggars banquetBEG 119EXVG£4.001984 foldout sleeve; plays EX
2350345Icicle worksLittle girl lostBeggars banquetBEG 215EXEX£4.001988 b/w 'Tin can'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
1139445Icicle worksLove is a wonderful colourBeggars banquetBEG 99EXVG£2.501983 couple of crackles o/w plays EX
923145Icicle worksMelanie still hurtsEpicWORKS 101EXVG£3.001990 reviewers copy; a few light marks - plays EX
2370645Icicle worksWho do you want for your loveBeggars banquetBEG 172VGVG£3.501988 b/w 'Understanding Jane (live)'; plays well with a few crackles on b'side
1119912"Icicle worksBirds fly (whisper to a scream)Situation twoSIT 22TEXEX£6.501983
1115512"Icicle worksBirds fly (whisper to a scream)Beggars banquetBEG 108TEXEX£5.001984 a few light marks
474645Identity crisisEloiseFMRFMR 1EXEX£4.00 
2006145IdlewildA modern way of letting goParlophoneR 6598EXEX£5.002003 ltd ed no. 0513; edge splits on stickered pvc sleeve
2006345IdlewildLive in a hiding placeParlohoneR 6587MintEX£5.002002 ltd edition no. 0808 in stickered pvc sleeve
3193745ImposterPeace in our timeImposterTRUCE 1-VG£4.001984 Elvis Costello; b/w 'Withered & died'; a few marks - plays OK w/some crackles
1148045ImprintsIt's overJammyJRS 821EXVG£4.001982 light wear on opening of cover; a few crackles
2005945IncubusMegalomaniacEpic6476 467EXEX£4.002004 Red vinyl; light sticker mark f/cover; small chip on edge of rim
2006045IncubusTalk shows on muteEpic674 9027EXEX£6.002004 Yellow vinyl
2447045Indians in MoscowMirandaKennickKNK 1002EXEX£6.001983 b/w 'Naughty Miranda'; light wear on cover
2914745Interparty systemDie tonight live foreverIsland1785759EXEX£5.002008 White vinyl; Promo sticker over barcode b/cover; b/w 'Reverof evil, thginot eid'
2447145InmatesDirty waterRadarRAD 17450GVG£4.001979 German; b/w 'Danger zone'; writing on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2447245InmatesLove got meRadarADA 50VGEX£4.001980 b/w 'Jealousy'; wear on cover
474745InmatesThe walkradarADA 47EXEX£4.001979
2447345Inspiral carpetsHow it should beMuteDUNG 22EXEX£5.001993 Ltd ed no. 2981; b/w 'It's only a paper moon'; a few light marks
3720145Inspiral carpetsPlease be cruelMuteDUNG 15EXEX£4.001991 b/w 'The wind is calling your name'; light wear on cover; plays perfectly
2447545Inspiral carpetsShe comes in the fallMuteDUNG 10EXEX£5.001990 b/w 'Sackville'
2806612"Inspiral carpetsCaravanMuteDUNG 13TEXEX£8.001991 b/w 'Caravan (What? noise rethink/ Skidoo (full length)'
2885012"Inspiral carpetsCommercial rain (rub-a-dub mix)MuteDUNG 10REXEX£7.501990 b/w 'She comes in the fall/ Hog/Battered mix/ Dubville'; light wear on gatefold cover
977312"Inspiral carpetsDragging me downMutDUNG 16TEXVG£5.001992 + print; light warp - plays EX
2884912"Inspiral carpetsMoveCowDUNG 6TVGEX£7.501989 b/w 'Out of time/ Move in'; light wear on cover
24476EPInspiral carpetsIsland head EPMuteDUNG 11VGVG£5.001990 + Newsletter 6; Biggest mountain/ Gold top/ weakness/ I'll keep it in mind; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
3735245International rescueLife in an elevatorCowboy citySHOE 2VGVG£7.001984 b/w 'Mr Whippy'; mild crease along top opening; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2447745InterviewYou didn't have to lie to meVirginVS 249VGEX£5.001979 b/w 'That kind of boy'; some wear on cover; a few light marks
3082045INXSShining starMercuryINXDJ 18VGEX£6.001991 Advance DJ copy; 1 sided disc; sticker mark f/cover
4042212"Takaaki ItohLast darknessBlack codes expBCODES 007-VG£8.002006 Spain; 'Going with the flow' Takaaki Itoh/ Mark Broom remix/ Gunjack, Christian Varela remix; creasing on Black Codes company sleeve; some marks on vinyl - plays well (EX)
2447845It's immaterialDriving away from home (Jim's tune)SirenSIREN 15EXEX£4.001986 b/w 'Trains, boats, planes'
3200245It's Jo and DannyA.N.D.Double snazzyNAZZY 4VGEX£5.002003 Green vinyl; b/w 'Kiss my shadow'; bottom edge split on hand stamped plain white sleeve
3200145It's Jo and DannyLet it happenDouble snazzyNAZZY 5VGMint£5.002003 Orange vinyl; b/w 'King Creosote remix'; light sticker mark on Hand stamped plain white sleeve with barcode sticker
2447945Jack RubiesFoolish boyLushLUSH 1EXEX£4.00b/w 'Here comes love'; light wear on cover; a few marks
2904112"Jacknife LeeFear of nothingGrazeGRAZE 006EXEX£7.002004 1 sided disc with etched side2
3754112"Joe JacksonThe harder they comeA&MAMSP 7536EXEX£6.001980 b/w 'Out of style / Tilt'; a few light marks - plays perfectly
24480EPJaguarsThe JaguarsRidgemountRMR 33-009EXEX£8.001988 a few crackles on a'side
3205245JameliaSee it in a boy's eyesParlophoneR 6635-VG£4.002004 Pictue disc issued in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'JD rework'; a few light marks - a few clicks side 1 o/w plays EX
3735345JamesSoundFontanaJIM 9VGVG£4.001991 Silver moulded labels; b/w 'All my sons'; light wear on cover; some mild marks - plays EX
1226212"JamesComeFontanaJIM 612EXVG£4.501990 marks on vinyl - plays well
3183912"Colin JamesJust came backVirginVUSTX 24EXVG£7.001990 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Chicks n cars/ Cross my heart/ Down in the bottom'; light wear on cover; light warp; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1779912"JamiroquaiBlow your mindSony659 2976EXEX£6.001993 light wear on cover; a few light marks
3184012"JamiroquaiEmergency on planet earthSony659 578-6VGVG£6.001993 b/w 'Extended version/ If I like it I do it (acoustic version)/ Revolution 1993 (demo)'; tear on opening of f/cover; some marks on side 2 - a few crackles o/w plays EX
587812"JamiroquaiHigh timesSony665 3706EXEX£6.501997 light creasing on cover; edge warp
180712"JamiroquaiWhen you gonna learnAcid jazzJAZID 46TEXVG£6.001992 plays EX
3205345Janes addictionTrue natureParlophone553 2797-EX£6.002003 Picture disc issued in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Been caught stealing (live)'
2914845Japanese voyeursMilk teethFiction275 4863EXEX£10.002010 Signed by band on front cover; Pink vinyl; + inner; b/w 'Godzilla'
2370745Jason & ScorchersWhite liesEMI americaEA 192EXEX£5.001985 b/w 'Are you ready for the country'; light wear on cover
2448245Jason & ScorchersWhite liesEMI america006 200583 7EXEX£5.001985 Spain; b/w 'Still tied'
2914945Leon Jean-MarieScratchGrand schemeCSR 001EXEX£4.002007; Card sleeve in barcoded PVC sleeve; b/w 'Make it right'; a few light marks
1148145JellyfishI wanna stay homeCharismaCUSS 4EXEX£4.001991
1142145Jesus & Mary chainApril skiesBlanco y negroNEG 24FEXVG/VG£8.001987 Double/Gatefold; light warp + some light marks - both play EX
2448345Jesus & Mary chainDarklandsBlanco y negroNEG 29VGVG£4.001987 Gatefold; b/w 'Rider/ on the wall'; small tear f/cover; a couple of clicks on b'side o/w plays EX
3391845Jesus & Mary chainHead onBlanco y negroNEG 42VGVG£5.001989 no.1 of 4; b/w 'In the black'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
2448545Jesus & Mary chainSidewalkingBlanco y negroNEG 32VGEX£4.001988 b/w 'Taste of Cindy (live in Detroit)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2448445Jesus & Mary chainSome candy talkingBlanco y negroNEG 19VGVG£4.001986 b/w 'Psychocandy/ Hit'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2211312"Jesus & Mary chainHappy when it rainsBlanco y negroNEG 25TEXEX£7.501987 corner crease
2448645Jesus loves youSweet toxic love (Deliverance mix)VirginVS 1449EXEX£4.001992 b/w Karaoke mix; a few light marks
3200345JetBring it on backAtlanticATO 263 X-Mint£5.002006 Picture disc in barcoded plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Where are all my good friends
3205445JetCold hard bitchElektraE 7607EXEX£6.002004 b/w 'Move on (live at Brixton academy)'; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
3200445JetPut your money where your mouth isAtlanticATO 258EXEX£5.002006 Pink vinyl; b/w 'Snap your fingers (Barbados demo)'
3200545JetPut your money where your mouth isAtlanticATO 258 X-Mint£6.002006 Picture disc in barcoded PVC sleeve; b/w 'The night is yours'
2013212"JetLook what you've doneElektraE 7527 TMintEX£8.002004 Gatefold
3200645Jetplane landingI opt outSmall town USSTA 016EXEX£5.002004 Handwritten white label; b/w 'Sequel/ Brothers, sisters'; Limited edition no. 193/500; small light sticker mark top corner f/cover
3200745JJ 72Always and foreverLakota673432 7EXVG£3.502002 Turquoise vinyl; b/w 'Wicked game (single version)'; chip on rim - plays perfectly
3200845JJ 72FormutaeLakota673159 7EXVG£3.502002 Red vinyl; b/w 'Dream'd in a dream'; crack on rim - plays EX
1555745Jo BoxersBoxerbeatRCABOXP 1-EX£6.001983 square picture disc
2176545Jo BoxersJealous loveRCABOXX 4EXVG£3.001983 b/w She's got sex; a few marks - plays EX
3259112"Joe 90 & Dr FontGhostownFull effectFERT 116-VG£7.501995 Single sided stamped white label Promo; a few marks - plays EX
604345David JosephYou can't hide (sure is pure remix)4th B'wayBRW 277MintMint£3.001993
3200945Mark JosephLady lady14th FloorMJM 05EXMint£4.002005 White vinyl; + Poster; b/w 'Moody blues (acoustic)'; light sticker mark f/cover
3735645Joy divisionKomakinoFactoryFAC 28-VG£5.001980 Flexi disc; b/w 'Incubation/ As you said'; 1 Dent on playing surface of disc - plays well with just a few clicks
3735445Joy divisionTransmissionFactoryFAC 13VGVG£12.001979 repress; a few creases on Textured sleeve; matrix no.s A-2/B-1; b/w 'Novelty'; a few marks - plays EX
4200712"Joy divisionLove will tear us apartFactoryFAC XXIII XISealedSealed£12.002020 EU reissue of '80 12" b/w 'These days/ Love will tear us apart'; Factory sealed in shrinkwrap; all in Mint condition; Unopened/Unplayed
4029412"J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.Strong islandB-BoyBB 20/100-EX£10.001987 US; Date but no barcode on label; 'Vocal/ Instrumental/ Nu skool (vocal)'; Company sleeve in opened shrinkwrap (some mild wear on openings); just a few light marks - plays well
3205645Kaiser chiefsEveryday I love you less and lessB-uniqueBUN 194-7EXEX£7.002007 Picture disc in die-cut sleeve; b/w 'The letter song'
3205845Kaiser chiefsEverything is average nowadaysB-uniqueBUN 125-7MintMint£5.002007 b/w 'I like to fight'
3205745Kaiser chiefsI predict a riotB-uniqueBUN 096-7EXEX£7.002005 b/w 'Sink that ship'; Gatefold; light sticker mark f/cover; small corner crease
3205545Kaiser chiefsThe Angry mobB-uniqueBUN 132-7X-Mint£10.002007 Limited edition 1 track Gnasher Picture disc issued in stickered PVC sleeve
2920812"Kaiser chiefsOn track with SeatOn track w/SeaUMCP 012MintEX£40.002011 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'Kinda girl you are/ Starts with nothing/ Little shocks/ I gotta feeling'; a few ligh marks
2915245KeaneThe Night sky {for warchild}Island1751091EXEX£4.002007 + Poster; b/w 'Put it behind you (Ffrisco mix)'; small mak on front cover and Poster
2863812"Keep it darkIt's Christmas y'all at APTBowtieKD 0001EXVG£6.501986 Gatefold + Insert + Party invite; a few light marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
607045KhayaDo the thingSLLONE 07MintMint£3.001999
2915345Kid adriftA4 in ecstacyIsland2756060MintEX£4.002010 b/w 'Carson Lennox'
2982545Kid Creole & CoconutsStool pigeonZE/ IslandPWIP 6793-VG£4.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'In the jungle (remix)'; a few marks - plays OK w/some crackles
2915445KillersSpacemanVertigo1797986-Mint£12.002008 Ltd edition Low numbered (0064) Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Tidal wave'
2915545KillersThe world we live inVertigo2707364-Mint£15.002008 Ltd edition Low numbered (0029) Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; Single sided
2013412"KillersSmile like you mean it (Ruff & Jam eastside mix)Lizard kingLIZARD 015YMintVG£7.00200f b/w 'Mr Brightside (Thin white duke dub mix)'; some marks - plays EX
2013312"KillersSomebody told me (Mylo mix)Lizard kingLIZARD 014XMintEX£10.002005 b/w The Glimmers Gyprock mix
530745KillsFuck the peoplePrivate press.BUG 153-Mint£30.002002; 1 sided DEMO; no label
2594312"King SwampIs this love (12" remix)VirginKSW 1-12VGVG£6.501989 b/w 'Glow (Deterrant mix)'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles o/w plays EX
3720245KingmakerStained and sinking fast-KING 001-EX£6.001992 Single sided flexi-disc available by mail order or at gigs; plays well
2998145Kirlian effectArmadillo botafogoCarrere49857VGVG£8.00France; b/w 'Chacha emotionnel'; a few marks - plays well w/some crackles
921245Kiss the skyVoodoo chileFast forward92 A/B-VG£3.00Promo; a few crackles
3735745KlaxonsClap clap soundPRT7P 290VGVG£2.001983 b/w 'Rippie dance'; sticker stain top corner f/cover + both labels; plays EX
2904412"KlaxonsMagick SMD mixRinseRINSE 001TEXEX£10.002006 1 1 sided disc with etched b'side in stickered PVC sleeve
2806712"KLFWhat time is love (live at trancentral)KLF commsKLF 004XVGVG£8.001990 b'side matix no. KLF 004X-B; b/w 'Techno gate mix'; plays well with a few crackles
2667745Lee KosminYou can doParlophoneR 6031-EX£4.001980 Demo; b/w 'Slow motion'; a few light marks
2904512"KoudlamSee you allLuv luv luv2745270EXEX£10.002000 b/w 'Tonight'
4030812"KoxboxToo pureBloom room rel.BR 030VGEX£8.001997 b/w 'Too pure (T.I.P. remix)'; one small tear on opening b/cover; plays perfectly
4171645KraftwerkThe ModelEMIEMI 5207VGVG£4.001981 b/w 'Computer love' (listed as A'side on labels); 4-prong centre; Orange/Yellow cover; sticker mark f/cover; a few marks - plays well
2594412"KrautsThe KrautsModellMO 05/ EJ 1672EXEX£12.001987 German 4 track EP; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2925345Lenny KravitzAre you gonna go my wayVirginVUS 65VGVG£4.001995 b/w 'My love'; some wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
3201445Lenny KravitzCaliforniaVirginVUS 294EXMint£5.002004 Orange vinyl; b/w 'Mr cab driver (Live fron sessions@aol)'; light sticker mark top corner f/cover
800945Lenny KravitzI build this garden for usVirginVUS 17EXEX£3.001990 some v.light marks
801145Lenny KravitzLet love ruleVirginVUS 26EXEX£4.001990
680812"Lenny KravitzAlways on the runVirginVUST 34EXVG£5.001991 some surface marks; plays EX
2885612"Lenny KravitzBlack velveteen (remixes by Apollo 440)VirginVUSTDJ 146EXEX£10.001999 Promo in Stickered plain die cut card sleeve; 12" dub mix/ 12" inst/ 7" mix; a few light marks
177012"Lenny KravitzLet love ruleVirginVUSTG 26EXVG£5.001990 Gatefold; plays EX
177112"Lenny KravitzMr cab driverVirginVUST 20EXEX£6.001990
4028412"Kruder & DorfmeisterG-StonedG-StoneG-STONE 001VGEX£50.001993 Austria; 'Austro mechana' rights society credit on both labels; 'Definition/ Deep shit pt1 & pt2/ High noon/ Original bedroom rockers'; some ring wear + edge wear/creases on cover; plays well with just a few mild crackles
3466945KrukutzLove insuranceEcstasyXTC 11-VG£3.501985 b/w Instrumental; a few marks - plays well
2919645LadyhawkeParis is burningModularMODVL 097MintEX£10.002008 + Poster; b/w 'Alex Gopher remix'
2904712"LadyhawkeMy deleriumModularMODVL 109MintEX£8.002008 Promo; 'Bag hop pop/ Sunship/ Sugardaddy/ My delerium (Toddla & Ross Orton remix)'
923745La'sThere she goesGo discsGOLAS 5EXEX£8.001990 reissue of '88 45; reviewers copy; a few light marks
1472512"La'sThere she goesGo discsGOLAS 512EXEX£8.001990 white picture sleeve reissue; a few light marks
1472412"La'sTimeless melodyGo discsGOLAS 412EXVG£6.001990 some light wear on Purple sleeve; marks on vinyl - plays well with some light crackles
2211412"La'sTimeless melodyGo discsGOLAS 412EXEX£10.001990 b/w Clean prophet/ Knock me down/ Over; purple sleeve
2905012"Late of the pierThe bears are coming remixesEMI520 3401EXEX£10.002008 + inner + glasses; stock copy with EMI info sticker f/cover; 'Original/ Emporer machine/ Beyond the wizzards sleeve/ Jaokim remixes'; corner crease on cover
2935045Andde LeekMove on (in your Maserati)Beggars banquetBEG 42VGVG£4.501980 b/w 'Rubin decides'; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
807945LemonheadsConfetti (remix)AtlanticA 7430EXEX£5.001992 promo sticker b/cover
530845Less than JakeAll my best friends are metalheadsGolf7HOLE 027MintEX£4.001998 warp
3206645Less than JakeShe's gonna break soonSireW 606EXEX£4.002003 b/w 'The brightest bulb has burned out (with Billy Bragg)'
3201545LevellersCome onEagleEHAG 7001VGEX£5.002002 Green vinyl; German; b/w 'Welcome to tomorrow'; some wear on openings of cover
589912"LevellersBelaruseChinaWOKT 2034EXVG£5.001994 Gatefold
881012"LevitationCoppelia EPUltimateTOPP 003TEXEX£7.001991
590312"LevitationWorld aroundRough tradeR 2850EXEX£7.001992 a few marks on b'side
3252412"Huey Lewis & NewsThe heart of rock & rollChrysalis8V8 42795-EX£8.001984 US; Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'I want a new drug/ Workin' for a livin' '
2940512"Donna LewisFool's paradiseAtlanticSAM 3051-VG/EX£10.001997 Promo; Double; b/w Various mixes; in stickered die-cut company sleeve; a few marks - both discs play EX
3696945LFOLFO (The Leeds warehouse mix)Warp7 WAP 5VGEX£5.001990 b/w 'Track 4'; some wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
601245Life's addictionJesus coming in for the killFFRRF 294MintEX£4.001997
3735845Virna LindtAttention StockholmCompact org.AVT 1VGVG£7.001981 b/w 'Episode 1'; some light marks - plays EX
2448845LinoleumSirensFierce pandaNING 93EXEX£8.00No 332; Die cut sleeve; b/w 'I'm in love with a German film star'
531045LispLong way to climbMushroomMHR 005MintEX£4.001995 + inner
808045Little mothersYes !IslandIS 752EXEX£4.001999
1140345Living colourLove rears it's ugly headEpic6565 937MintMint£3.001990
11483EPLiving colourGlamour boysEpicLCL G6EXEX£6.001988 Gatefold
1152245LKD.I.AFruitionFRU 4MintEX£3.001997
607145LKYouFruitionFRU 8EXEX£3.001998
3224245LobeJust let it goTalismanTAL 3-EX£7.001992 b/w 'I can't hear you'; a few light marks
607245LodgerSmall changeIslandIS 713MintEX£3.001998
2211612"Lo-fidelity allstarsLo fi's in IbizaSkintSKINT 72XEXEX£7.00b/w Dub; stickered company sleeve
2211512"Lo-fidelity allstarsVision incisionSkintSKINT 33XEXEX£7.001998 b/w Many tentacles pimping on the keys; die cut sleeve
589812"LoftUp the hill & down the slopeCreationCRE 015TEXEX£7.001985
3075345Lone justiceI found loveGeffenGEF 18FVGVG/VG£7.001987 b/w 'If you don't like rain'; + bonus live 45 'Sweet Jane b/w 'Don't toss us away'; light wear on Gatefold sleeve; some light marks - both discs play EX
2448945Lone justiceWays to be wickedGeffenA 6218EXEX£3.501985 b/w 'Cactus rose'
3201645LongviewIn a dream (Demo - alt. Vocal)14th Floor14FLR 06VSealedSealed£6.002004 White vinyl; Gatefold + Poster sealed in shrinkwrap; b/w 'River'
3201745LongviewIn a dream (full version)14th Floor14FLR 06MintMint£5.002004 Gold vinyl; Gatefold + Poster; in shrinkwrap
1095945LookI am the beatMCAMCA 647EXEX£3.001980 a few light marks
2934945LookalikesCan I take you home tonightRivaRIVA 22VGVG£4.501980 b/w 'Radio/ Don't cry for me'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays Ok with a few crackles
1518845Lords of the new churchDance with meIRSPFP 1022EXVG£2.501983 couple of marks - plays EX
3207145Lost prophetsA town called hypocrisyVisible noiseTorment 88MintEX£6.002006 b/w 'Still falling (demo version)'
3201945Lost prophetsLast summer (radio edit)Visible noiseTORMENT 44EXEX£4.002004 Red vinyl; b/w 'Boys don't cry'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3201845Lost prophetsWake up (make a move)Visible noiseTORMENT 41MintMint£4.002004 b/w 'Start something (BBC radio 1 live)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3967512"Lost witnessRed sun risingMinistry of souMOS 133EXEX£12.001999 'Lange remix/ Dusk till dawn remix/ Balearic mix'; light wear on cover; vinyl is near Mint (EX+) with just a few light marks - plays perfectly
3803945Lotus eatersIt hurtsSylvanSYL 5VGVG£3.001985 b/w 'The Evidence'; some ring wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
3207245Courtney LoveMonoVirginVUS 283EXMint£10.002004 Pink vinyl; b/w 'Fly'; new price shop sticker f/civer
3804045Lene LovichNew toyStiffBUY 97EXVG£3.001981 b/w 'Cats away'; light ring wear on cover; some marks on side1 - plays well (EX)
531145Lucha libreLucha libre vs Heavy Q connectionChampion shipDFI 97MintEX£4.00I side each
3252512"Lucy showExtended playPiggy bankBANX 888EXEX£8.001984 'The price of love/ Resistance/ See it goes/ Is it'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2915845LyrebirdsCloserChess clubCC 024EXVG£5.002009 with Compliments slip; b/w 'Human symphony'; some marks - a couple of crackles at start of b'side o/w plays EX
977512"M PeopleHow can I love you moreDeconsruct.PT 44856 DJ-EX£6.00PROMO a few light marks
1216712"M PeopleLove rendezvousDeconstrct.VOUS 001-EX£6.001995 Promo; company sleeve; a few light marks
2978612"MacattackArt of drumsBaad12 HIPNO 1-VG£8.001986 White label Promo with A4 release sheet; 'Dance mix/ Original rap/ DC street rap/ Instrumental'; light warp; some marks - plays well
1148445Pinkie MacLure & Mr WillsCamouflageTongue masterTONG 004MintEX£3.00a few light marks
604545Mad CarsonStupidKayakPADD 001MintEX£4.001996
1770545Madder roseStopSeedSEED 14EXEX£4.001995 US
841245MadnessCardiac arrestStiffBUY 140EXEX£3.501981 a few light marks
841345MadnessDriving in my carStiffPBUY 153-VG£4.001982 Picture disc; some light crackles
841445MadnessEmbarassmentStiffBUY 102EXEX£3.501980
841645MadnessHouse of funStiffBUY 146EXEX£3.501982 a few light marks
2503545MadnessHouse of funStiffP-BUY 146-EX£6.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'Don't look back'
841845MadnessIt must be loveVirginVS 1405EXEX£3.001992 issue of '82 tracks; b/w "Bed & breakfast man"; a few light marks
841745MadnessIt must be loveStiffBuy 134EXEX£3.501981 b/w "Shadow on the house"; a few light marks
842745MadnessMadness (is all in the mind)StiffBUY 169EXVG£3.001983 plays EX
841945MadnessMichael CaineStiffBUY 196EXEX£3.501984
3804145MadnessOne better dayStiffBUY 201VGEX£4.001984 b/w 'Guns'; some wear on cover; plays well
2503645MadnessOur houseStiffP-BUY 163-EX£5.001983 Picture disc; b/w 'Walking with Mr Wheeze'; light warp
842345MadnessOur houseStiffBUY 163EXVG£2.001982 edge warp; a few crackles o/w plays EX
842445MadnessReturn of the Los Palmas 7StiffBUY 108VGVG£3.001981 Cartoon sleeve; sellotape on cover
842545MadnessReturn of the Los Palmas 7StiffBUY 108EXEX£3.501981 Kitchen sleeve
842645MadnessThe sun & the rainStiffBUY 192EXEX£3.501983
842945MadnessWings of a doveStiffBUY 181EXEX£3.501983
1863912"Madness(Waiting for) The ghost trainVirginJAZZ 9-12EXEX£7.001986 a few light marks
4082512"MadnessThe Return of the Los Palmas 7StiffBUT-IT 108VGEX£10.001981 White Nutty boys label; + 24 page comic; 'My girl/ That's the way to do it/ Swan lake (live from Dance craze)'; some wear on edges of cover; a few light marks - plays perfectly
955412"MadnessTomorrow's just another dayStiffBUY IT 169EXEX£7.001983
2176645MadonnaCrazy for you (remix)SireW 0008EXEX£4.001991 b/w Keep it together
2259012"MadonnaExpress yourselfSire9212 250EXEX£8.001989 US; in shrinkwrap; a few marks
732812"MadonnaHolidaySireW 9405TEXEX£10.001985 reissue of '83 12" cross earring p/sleeve
1084512"MadonnaLike a virgin (US dance remix)SireW 9210TEXEX£7.001984
3252812"MadonnaMad - Mega - Donna mixOn-u soundMD 01-G£5.001989 US b/w 'Everybody/ Attraction remixes'; 2 small jumps near start side1 o/w plays EX
3207345Magic numbersI see you, you see me (live Shepherds bush empire)HeavenlyHVN 156EXEX£5.002006 White vinyl; b/w 'There is a light that never goes out'; a few light crackles
2449145MainstreamPrivilegeNudeNUD 32SEXEX£4.001997 Ltd ed no. 281/1000; b/w 'All in all'; light wear on cover
2905112"MalakaiEP 1Island1743257MintVG£7.502007 + red inner; light warp - plays EX
3331512"Manchild (fearuring Kelly Jones)The Cliché's are true1 Little Indian176TP 12 P1-EX£8.002000 White label Promo in plain white sleeve with handwritten Promo 1 sticker; 'Extended mix/ Utah saints mix/ Gentleman mix'; some light marks
3331612"Manchild (fearuring Kelly Jones)The Cliché's are true1 Little Indian176TP 12 P2-VG£7.002000 White label Promo in plain white sleeve with handwritten Promo 2 sticker; 4 remixes; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3202045Manic street preachersFound that soulSony670833 7MintVG£4.002001 Ltd edition no. 0141; b/w 'The masses against the classes (live 31/12/99)'; small chip on rim; a few marks - plays EX
1621745Manic street preachersLove's sweet exileColumbia657 5827VGEX£4.001991
3804245Manic street preachersVerses from the Holy bibleNME/EpicMAN1CVGVG£3.001994 Single sided flexi-disc sampler given free with NME; some wear on opening of cover; small kink on vinyl - plays well
3202145MansunSlipping awayParlophoneR 6650EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Getting your way'; new price shop sticker top corner f/cover
229945MantarayInsomniacs dream Dead dead goodGood 25EXMint£6.001994 orange vinyl
607345MantarayPatient manFontanaMAN 2MintMint£4.001997
2492812"Moon MartinX-ray visionCapitol12CL 237EXVG£7.001982 b/w 'Deeper (into love)'; light wear on cover; some light marks - plays EX
3293445Marvin & Paranoid androidMarvinPolydorPOSP 261EXEX£6.001981 b/w 'Metal man'
3694445Dave Mason & Rod EdwardsFive circlesPolydorPOSP 491-G£2.501982 b/w '909'; warp - plays perfectly
323112"Masters of realityCandyDef AmericanDEFAM 112EXMint£20.001988 PROMO
4041912"MaterialAmerican songsCelluloidCEL 6596VGEX£10.001981 France; 'Ciquri/ Detatched/ Discourse/ Slow murder'; wear/ring wear on cover + mild sticker stain top corner b/cover; plays well
4041812"MaterialReductionRedRS 1212GEX£10.001981 Italy; b/w 'A.O.A'; sticker mark top corner f/cover + top & bottom corners b/cover + side1 label; ring wear + general wear on cover; plays perfectly
2919145Imelda MaySpecial edition promotional box setDeccaIMBOX 1EXEX£30.002010 Ltd edition 0475 White vinyl 'Psycho b/w My baby left me' (2741939), mild dish warp, plays perfectly; + DVD + Postcard + Badge all in 7" box; small split on opening hinge of box
3230845Mayfair charm schoolMontague terraceEl /Cherry redGPO 19VGVG£6.001986 France; b/w 'Little black dresses'; plays well with a few crackles
3202245McAlmont & ButlerFallingChrysalisCHS 5141EXEX£7.002002 b/w 'Theme from McAlmont & Butler live'; light wear on cover; some light marks
590212"Ian McCullochCandleland (the second coming)Easr westYZ 452TGEXEX£6.501990 Gatefold
3467045Malcolm McLarenDuck for the oysterVirginMALC 4VGEX£3.501983 b/w 'Legba'; light wear on cover
531245Ian McNabbIf love was like guitarsThis way upWAY 211MintEX£4.001992 PROMO
607445Ian McNabbI'm gameQuicksilverWAY 1211MintMint£5.001993 PROMO + postacard
1120612"John Cougar MellencampSmall townRivaJCMXD 5EXEX/EX£8.001985 Double/Gatefold
2905312"Memory tapesBicycleLoogLOOG 003VGEX£8.002009 b/w 'Plain material/ Bicycle (Horrors cosmic dub)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
1148645MenswearDaydreamerLaurelLAU 5EXEX£5.001995 Gatefold
3202545Mercury revAcross yer oceanV2VVR 5031 037-EX£7.002005 Picture disc in plain poly sleeve wiith new price shop sticker; b/w 'Tennessee blues'
531345MericsImaginary girlfriendTrash citySMUT 005MintMint£3.00 
3804345MessiahTemple of dreamsKickin'KICK 12SVGVG£3.501992 b/w 'You're going insane'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with just a few crackles
2983245MicrodisneySinger's Hampstead homeVirginVS 1014EXVG£3.501987 b/w 'She only gave in to her anger'; plays well with a few crackles
2983145MicrodisneyTown to townVirginVS 927VGEX£3.501987 b/w 'Little town in Ireland'; light wear on cover
1115712"MicrodisneyTown to townVirginVS 927 12EXVG£5.001987 a few light crackles o/w plays EX
2915945Midnight lionAll greatness stands firmLocks & keys2772524VGVG£3.502001 Ltd edition no 0031; b/w Plastic'; light stain on cover; Warp - plays EX
6001EPMighty asylumHeader magnet EPScratchedTMA 1MintMint£4.00 
1120712"Mighty lemon dropsLike an angelDream worldDREAM 5EXEX£6.501985 a few light marks
1115812"Mighty lemon dropsThe Janice Long sessionStrange fruitSFNT 004EXEX£8.001987
2905412"MikaGrace Kelly: RemixesIsland1721085EXEX£8.002007
2905512"MikaRelax, take it easy: RemixesIsland1706314EXEX£8.002006 a few light marks
1120812"Robert MilesChildren (remix)PlatipusPLAT 18-VG£6.501995 b/w vocal + guitar mixes; spine split on company sleeve; marks on vinyl - a few clicks o/w plays EX
2916145MillionaireI'm on a highPiasPIASB 173-7EXEX£6.002005 Signed on front cover; b/w 'Starmeat'
3207545Mint chicksBlue team go !Fierce pandaNING 151MintMint£6.002004 Green vinyl; b/w 'Post no bills'; new price shop sticker f/cover
977412"Miss WorldThe first female serial killerAnxiousANX 1001TEXEX£6.501992
29833EPMissed her blissPan-AmPimpAH 43697/8EXVG£7.002002 Ltd ed no. 091/200; 'Ex-champion/ Lapstyle/ The trusty Romano'; light creasing on top edge of cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
3722245MissionBeyond the paleMercuryMYTH 6VGEX£4.001988 b/w 'Tadeusz'; a few creases on cover; plays well
3207645MissionEvangelinePlaygroundPGND 001MintM/M£10.002004 Double/Gatefold sealed in shrinkwrap; 1 Pink vinyl, 1 Blue vinyl
2468945MissionTower of strengthMercuryMYTH 4VGVG£3.001988 b/w 'Fabienne/ Breathe'; light wear on cover; a couple of marks on b'side - plays EX
2469045MissionWastelandPhonogramMYTH B2VGEX/EX£12.001987 2x45's in box; ltd ed no. 7021; + 4 badges + 5 photos + 1 insert + 2 x christmas cards; light warp + some light marks on disc 1
1226612"MobyHymnMuteP12 MUTE 161EXVG£7.501994 Promo; warp - plays EX
673912"MobyMove - The EPMute12 MUTE 158EXVG£6.001993 some light surface marks; plays EX
151545Mock turtlesStrings & flowersSirenSRN 144EXEX£4.001991
3352345MogwaiFriend of the nightPiasPIASX 064SEXEX£5.002006 b/w 'Fresh crown'; light wear on cover
2916245MonaShooting the moonZion noiz2777707EXEX£6.002011 US in printed company sleeve with barcoded poly sleeve; b/w 'No sunshine'
2910812"MonarchyLove get out of my wayThe Exchange-EXEX/EX£15.002010 2x12" 33 1/3 one sided acetates (of Mercury 2741977 release); in 'The Exchange mastering studios' plain white card sleeve
454112"Monk & CanatellaI can water my plantsCup of teaCOT 020EXVG£6.00A few light marks: plays EX
230045Tiny MonroeVHF 855VLaurel1MintEX£6.00Sealed numbered (498) fold out sleeve
2916345Willy MoonYeah yeahLuv luv luv3700 853-EX£7.002010 Plain white label Demo; b/w 'Sinden remix'; mild dish warp
1148745MooseSuzanneHutHUT 5EXEX£4.001991
1114412"MooseCool breeze EPHutHUTT 5EXVG£5.001991 some marks + a few crackles o/w plays EX
1114312"MooseJack (+3)HutHUTT 3EXVG£6.001991 some marks - plays EX
2921012"James MorrisonOn track with SeatOn track w/SeatUMCP 011MintEX£25.002011 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'I won't let you go/ Slave to the music/ Person I should have been/ Love is a losing game'
3202645MorrisseyI have forgiven JesusAttackATKSE 011MintEX£6.002004 b/w 'No one can hold a candle to you'; new price shop sticker f/cover; a few light marks
3202745MorrisseyLet me kiss youAttackATKSE 008EXEX£6.002004 b/w 'Don't make fun of daddy's voice'; new price shop sticker f/cover
2449245MorrisseySuedeheadHMVPOP 1618VGEX£12.001988 b/w 'I know very well how I got my name'; some light wear on cover; small tear on centre of label
3207945MorrisseyYou have killed meAttack/ Sanct.ATKSE 017EXEX£6.002006 b/w 'Good looking man about town'
2168445MotelsDays are okCapitolCL 16149-EX£3.001980 b/w Slow town
2168345MotelsTotal controlCapitolCL 16113VGVG£3.001979 b/w Love don't help; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2168245MotelsWhose problemCapitolCL 16162VGEX£3.501980 b/w Cry baby
671012"Mother earthHope you're feeling betterAcid jazzJAZID 55T-VG£12.00Hand written white label test pressing; a few v.light crackles o/w EX
469745MothmenWadadaDo itDUN 19VGVG£4.001981
3202845MotorhomesIt's alrightEpic/ Sony669000 7EXEX£4.002000 Ltd edition no. 1739; b/w 'Sober (demo)'
808145MoverKick the beamParadoxMOVE 001X-EX£3.001997 plain cover with card info strip; a few marks
2905812"Roisin MurphyYou know me betterEMI12EMIDJX 741VGMint£7.002008 Promo info + large 01 stickers f/cover; light wear on cover
2905912"Roisin MurphyYou know me betterEMI12EMDJ 741EXM/M£10.002008 Double + inners; Promo info + large 02 stickers f/cover
3203245MusicThe truth is no wordsHutHUT 164-EX£5.002003 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'What's it for'
2906012"Music go musicJust meMercury2728061-Sealed£8.002009 Picture disc sealed in PVC sleeve; b/w 'Leo Zero remix'
2906112"Music go musicWarm in the shadowsMercury271 629-3EXEX£7.002009 b/w 'Instrumental'
1472612"My jealous godEverything about youRough tradeRTT 288EXEX£7.001990 + A4 press release
3203345MyloValley of the dollsBreastfedBFD 010EXVG£4.002004 Hand stamped white label + white cover; b/w 'Continental love'; new price shop sticker f/cover; a few light marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
4042112"NarcThe Narc EPMad cowBSE 006-Mint£10.002007 Black/White vinyl; 'Buckshot boogie/ New York style/ Full scale riot/ Sound system error'; issued in plain poly inner (some ring wear); plays perectly
669912"Natural scientistTerminal velocity EPDentalMOLAR 1VGVG£7.00 
2916545N-DubsFeva Las VegasLRC-EXEX£5.002007 Picture disc; Signed on 7" card insert in PVC sleeve
3720345Neds atomic dustbinHappyFurtive656680 7EXEX£4.001991 b/w 'Twenty three hour toothache' light wear on cover; plays perfectly
454412"Neds atomic dustbinHappyFurtive6566806EXMint£6.001991
1226712"Neds atomic dustbinKill your televisionChapter 2212 CHAP 48EXEX£6.001990 + inner; a few light marks
454312"Neds atomic dustbinNot sleeping aroundFurtive658 3866EXEX£6.001992 + inner
3738312"Neds atomic dustbinThe Ingrediants EPChapter 2212 CHAP 47EXVG£5.001990 'Aim/ Plug me in/ Grey cell green/ Terminally groovie'; a few marks - plays well (EX)
454212"Neds atomic dustbinThe ingrediants EPChapter 22CHAP 47MintEX£6.001990
3208245New found gloryAll downhill from hereDrive-thruMCS 40367-EX£7.002004 Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Broken sound'
3968212"New model armyNo restEMI12 NMA(D) 1VGVG/VG£8.001985 b/w 'Heroin'; + Limited edition Bunus disc (PSLP387) Live Brixton GLC festival '84 'No greater love/ The price/ Vengeance': NO poly sleeve/Hype sticker; some marks on both discs - both play well (EX/EX)
1216812"New model armyPurityEMI12NMA 11EXVG£5.001990 reviewers copy; a few crackles start side 1 o/w plays EX
3467145New orderTemptationFactoryFAC 63VGG£3.001982 b/w 'Hurt'; some marks side1 plays well; side2 some clicks at start o/w plays well
3968312"New orderEverythings gone greenfactory BeneluxFBNL 8GEX£10.001981 Belgium; b/w 'Cries and whispers/ mesh'; matrix no.e FBN 8-1/ 8-2; damage along top edge of cover; a few light marks - plays well
2886012"New orderJetstreamLondon 90NUOX 14EXEX£8.002005 some light marks
1121112"New orderStateFactoryFAC 153EXEX£6.001986 + inner; corner crease; a few light marks
2536812"New orderTemptationFactoryFAC 63VGEX£8.001982 a few small stains on cover o/w EX; a couple of crackles
1780112"New orderThe perfect kissFactoryFAC 123EXEX£6.00+ inner; light wear on cover; a few light marks
1780012"New orderThieves like usFactoryFAC 103EXEX£6.501984
3968512"New orderTouched by the hand of godFactoryFAC 193GEX£6.001987 b/w 'Touched by the hand of dub'; + inner (EX); wear on openings of cover o/w VG; just a couple of marks - plays well
3968412"New orderTrue faithFactoryRAC 183GEX£6.001987 B/w '1963'; + inner (EX); damage along top edge of cover o/w VG; plays well
1780212"New orderTrue faith (remix)FactoryFAC 183REXEX£7.001987 + inner
531545New York city backlashGod bless WilsonFever soundsFEV 001MintEX£3.001998
2916645New young pony clubIce creamModularMODVL 061-EX£5.002007 Picture disc in stickered poly sleeve; b/w 'Popular computer remix'
2916745Noah & the WhaleOld JoySecret 7S 77-EX£50.002012; 1 sided disc issued in plain white sleeve; a few light marks
3203445NOFX13 StitchesFat wreck chordFAT 661-7EXEX£10.002003 US; Gold marble vinyl; b/w 'Glass war'; light wear on cover
3203545No hope in New JerseySoberInfectiousNOHOPE 01EXEX£6.002004 Ltd edition no. 799/1000; Fold-out sleeve; b/w 'Narcolepsy'; a few light marks
2916845NoisettesDon't upset the rhythmVertigo1799200-Mint£5.002009 Ltd edition Low numbered (0030) Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Atticus'
2449345Northern uproarLivin' it upHeavenlyHVN 52EXEX£5.001996 Ltd ed no. 3069; b/w 'Goodbye/ In my world'
4082612"NorthsideMy rising starFactoryFAC 298EXEX£7.001990 b/w 'Instrumental'; just light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays perfectly
1602812"NorthsideShall we take a tripFactoryFAC 268VGVG£5.001990 spine split; some marks - plays EX
607545Not from thereJuanita's cocktail partyInfectiousINF 75SMintMint£4.001999
3242845Ocean colour sceneGolden gate bridgeSanctuarySANSE 244EXEX£6.002003 b/w 'The day we caught the train (live)'; new price shop sticker on front of die-cut sleeve; a few light marks
3232745Ocean colour sceneI just need myselfSanctuarySANSE 159EXEX£6.002003 Die cut sleeve; b/w 'I wanna see the bright lights'
3242745Ocean colour sceneMake the dealSanctuarySANSE 219EXEX£6.002003 b/w 'I just need myself'; new price shop sticker on front of die-cut sleeve; a few light marks
3242645Ocean colour sceneThis day should last foreverSanctuarySANSE 380EXEX£6.002005 b/w 'Move things over (inst.)'
2806812"Ocean colour sceneYesterday today!PhfftFITX 002EXEX£10.001991 b/w 'Another girl's name/ Fly me/ No one says'
2899645Hazel O'ConnerEe-I-adioAlbionDEL 2VGVG£8.001979 Signed 'Love Hazel O'Conner' on front cover; b/w 'Time is free'; a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
1149045Oliver brothers inc.Can you take the pressure on brotherNew eclipseNE 011EXEX£4.001989
531645OobermanBlossoms fallingIndependi..ISOM 265MintEX£4.001995
3232945OpenClose my eyesPolydor981 723-9EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Get away'
2503845OpenNever enoughPolydor986 878-1EXEX£7.002004 b/w 'The silent hours'; a couple of marks
2806912"Opus IIII talk to the wind (extended mix)PWL int.PWLT 235EXEX£6.501992 b/w 'Sea people'; short click near end of side 1
3259212"Orange lemonThe TexicanIdlersWAR 018-VG£7.001998 US 2nd pressing; some marks - plays EX
2536912"OrbLittle fluffy cloudsBig life865 139-1VGEX£10.001991 US; light wear on cover
3348312"OrbPerpetual dawnBig lifeBLR T46VGEX£8.001991 'Solar flare extended mix/ Star 6 & 7 8 9 Phase II/ Ultrabass 1'; some wear on cover
1217112"William OrbitBarber's adagio for stringsWEAWEA 247TEXEX£5.001999
4031912"OrbitalChimeFFRRFX 135VGVG£20.001990; Side 2 labels on both sides; b/w 'Deeper'; mild wear on cover (VG+); some mild marks - plays well (EX)
590612"OrbitalChime (JZJ Bacardi remix)FFRRRXR 135EXVG£8.001990 b/w JZJ oh ya mix; a few light crackles o/w EX
3243245Ordinary boysI luv uB-UniqueBUN 118-7EXEX£4.002006 b/w 'I luv u (she's stolen u mix)'; light wear on cover
3233245Ordinary boysLonely at the topB-UniqueBUN 112-7XEXVG£4.002006 b/w 'Boys will be boys (live at Brixton academy)'; light warp - plays EX
3233045Ordinary boysSeasideB-UniqueWEA 379MintEX£4.002004 b/w 'How do you sleep?'
3243045Ordinary boysTalk talk talkB-UniqueWEA 377MintEX£5.002004 b/w 'Dreaming in colour (dubmix)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3243145Ordinary boysWeek in week outB-UniqueWEA 372MintEX£5.002004 b/w 'Lies'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3233145Ordinary boys vs Lady SovereignNine2fiveB-UniqueBUN 105-7MintEX£4.002006 b/w '9 to 5 (Ordinary boys remix)'; a few marks
3233345OrsonAin't no partyMercury174 8218-EX£5.002007 Picture disc in stickered poly sleeve; b/w 'Get with the program'; a few light marks
3233445OthersThis is for the poorPoptonesMCS 50905EXEX£8.002004 Signed by band b/cover; b/w 'How I nearly lost you'; new price shop sticker b/cover
3968612"OutrageTall 'n' handsomeClub for lifeECFL 001-VG£5.001994 Stickered white label; 'Short n stumpy mix b/w Original'; a few light marks - plays well (EX)
2350445Painters & dockersBasia !Big timeBTS 1448EXEX£8.001985 Australia; b/w 'Virgin child'; light sticker mark f/cover
531745PaleShut up venusA&MAM 0095EXEX£3.001992
2537012"Palm skin productionsYear of the muppet EPFreerangeFR 071EXEX£6.502006
3233545Panic at the discoBut it's better if you doDecaydanceATO 242XEXEX£10.002006 Red vinyl; b/w 'I write sins not tragedies'; light wear on cover
3233645Papa roachGetting away with murderGeffen986 3646-Mint£6.002004 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Anxiety'
2916945PapermapsReunion-PM01MintEX£10.002011 Limited edition no. 225 of 300; b/w 'Banana republic'
1149145ParachuteOn god's shouldersRenegadeRENV 7101EXEX£4.00 
531845Paradise motelCalling youInfectious46SMintMint£4.001997
531945Paradise motelDriveInfectious695MintEX£4.001999 + Mogwai mix
604645Paradise motelHollywood landminesInfectiousINFECT 68SMintMint£4.001998
808345Paradise motelWatch illuminumInfectiousINF 53SEXEX£4.001998
3253012"Andrea ParkerMelodious ThunkMo waxMW 040EXEX£8.001996 a few light crackles at very start side 1
4042512"Parlour talkVacation (Vocal / instrumental versions)Acid jazzAJX 111T-EX£6.001989 b/w 'Old, new & blue (vocal/instrumental versions)'; + A4 Press release; stickered plain black card sleeve (some wear); plays well
4029512"Patchwork manRetribution: The remixesWorld musicWMD 003-VG£7.001996 Promo; 'Avinit guv'nors mix/ Luke Pepper mix'; stickered plan black card sleeve; some mild marks - plays well (EX)
1149245PawJessieA&M580 5607EXEX£4.001993
1149345Pearl jamSpin the black circleEpic6610 367-EX£5.001994 stickered company sleeve
1787112"Pearl jamJeremyEpic658 2586EXVG£15.001992 Picture disc; card insert in plain PVC sleeve; a few crackles o/w plays EX
532045PecadiloesInitial transmission EPFine artFINE 001SMintMint£4.001997
1149445PeleMegalomaniaM&GMAGS 20EXEX£4.001992
2801445PerceptionFeed the feeling (edit)Talkin' loudTLK 17EXEX£4.001992 b/w 'Three times a maybe' K-creative; light wear on cover
1139545Pere UbuBreathFontanaUBU 4MintEX£4.001989
1114612"PerplexerAcid folkDEFEEF 100EXEX£5.001994 a few light marks
824312"Pet shop boysDomino dancingParlophone12RS 6190EXEX£6.001988 Van sleeve + inner; name on b/cover; a few marks
3739012"Pet shop boysIt's a sin (Disco mix)Parlophone12R 6158EXVG£4.001987 b/w 'You know where you went wrong/ It's a sin (7" version)'; a few marks on b'side - plays EX
977612"Pet shop boysLove comes quicklyParlophone12R 6116EXEX£15.001986 large picture labels; die cut white sleeve; light warp
2807012"Pet shop boysOpportunities (Shep Pettibone master mix)Parlophone12R 6129VGVG£25.001986 Promo with signed black die cut sleeve; b/w 'Opportunities reprise/ 12" mix/ Was that what it was S.P mix'; a few marks - plays well
3739112"Pet shop boysSo hard (Extended dance mix)Parlophone12R 6269VGVG£4.001990 b/w 'It must be obvious/ So hard (Dub mix)'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
735412"Pet shop boysWest end girlsParlophone12RA 6115-EX£8.001985 Shep Pettibone mastermix; plain black sleeve
3738912"Pet shop boysWest end girls (Dance mix)Parlophone12R 6115EXVG£4.001985 b/w 'A man could get arrested/ West end girls'; light wear on cover; a few mild marks - plays EX
2449445Pix PickfordLong dropUnited artistsUP 36536GVG£4.001979 White vinyl in window picture sleeve; heavy creasing on sleeve; plays OK w/some crackles
3968712"Mauro PicottoKomodo (save a soul)NukleuzVCRTDJ 85VGEX/EX£7.002000 DJ Promo Doublepack; 'Rob Searle remix/ Tea mix/ Nick Sentience remix/ Mauro Picotto private mix'; some wear + mild sticker mark f/cover; both discs play well
607645PillboxChronic JackMGRGOG 003MintMint£3.001997
3233845Pink greaseFeverMuteMUTE 304EXMint£4.002004 b/w 'Killer killer'; light wear on cover
3243445Pink greaseThe pink G.R.EASEMuteMUTE 316-Mint£6.002004 Picture disc issued in plain poly sleeve; b/w 'I don't wanna be a dumb shit'
607745PitchshifterUn United kingdomMCA40214MintMint£4.001999 Blue vinyl
3720445PixiesPlanet of sound4ADAD 1008EXEX£6.001991 b/w 'Build high'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
3243845PlaceboBecause I want youElevatorFLOOR 26EXMint£6.002006 + inner; b/w 'Ladytron remix'
3234045PlaceboEnglish summer rainElevatorFLOOR 21EXEX£8.002004 b/w 'This picture (Junior Sanchez remix)'; + inner; new price shop sticker on f/cover
3243545PlaceboSpecial needsElevatorFLOOR 19EXMint£10.002003 + inner; b/w 'English summer rain'; light sticker mark f/cover
3234145PlaceboThis pictureElevatorFLOOR 18EXEX£8.002003 b/w 'Where is my mind (XFM live version)'; light wear on cover
3233945PlaceboTwenty yearsElevatorFLOOR 24EXEX£8.002004 b/w 'Detox five'
3969712"Play deadBreak / Blood stainsClay12 CLAY 31GVG£5.001984 b/w 'Blood, stains, pleasure'; surface tears front + back cover; small tear on opening b/cover; some wear on edges (scruiffy); some marks on vinyl - plays well (EX)
3969612"Play deadBurning down (Mezcal mix)TanzTANZ 2GEX£6.001985 b/w 'Still in chains/ Burning down' ; damage to cover caused by shrinkwrap sticking to it when removed; Plays perfectly
3969912"Play deadConspiracyClay12 CLAY 40VGEX£7.001984 France; b/w 'Silent conspiracy/ Conspiracy (Saigon mix)'; repair to damage along top edge of cover; plays perfecttly
3969112"Play deadIn the beginning - The 1981 singlesJungleJUNG 26TVGEX£8.001986 'Poison takes a hold/ Introduction/ TV eye/ Final epitaph'; some wear on cover; small pressing fault tk1 both sides - plays well
3969812"Play deadIsraelClay12 CLAY 35VGEX£7.001984 France; b/w 'Solace (extended version)'; some wear along top edge of cover; plays perfectly
3969412"Play deadPropaganda (1984 mix)JungleJUNG 17GEX£6.001984 b/w 'Sin of sins (1984 mix)'; repair to damage along top edge of cover o/w looks VG; plays perfectly
3969212"Play deadShineSituation twoSIT 28TVGEX£7.001983 b/w 'Promise/ Gaze'; some wear on cover; plays well
3969512"Play deadThis side of heavenTanzTANZ 1GEX£5.001985 b/w 'Serious mix/ Last degree'; repair to damage along top edge of cover + on bottom of front cover; just a few marks - plays well
2449545PoguesIf I should fall from grace with godPogue MahoneFG 1VGEX£5.001988 Red vinyl; b/w 'Sally MacLennane'; light wear on cover
3739212"PoguesFiestaStiffFG2 12EXEX£5.001988 b/w 'South Australia/ Sketches of Sapin'; a few light marks - plays well
2930612"PoguesPoguetry in motionStiffBUT IT 243EXVG£7.501986 'London girl/ A rainy night in Soho/ The body of an American/ Planxty Noel Hill'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
532145Poisonous little creaturesHeadActionARC 2EXEX£4.001989
257245PoliceCan't stand losing youA&MAMS 7381EXEX£5.001979 Blue vinyl
2370845PoliceDon't stand so close to meA&MAMS 7564VGEX£5.001980 some wear on Poster picture sleeve; b/w 'friends'
324245PoliceFall outIllegalIL 001EXEX£8.001979 reissue of 1977 '45 Green/black sleeve
3697045PoliceMessage in a bottleA&MAMS 7474VGEX£5.001979 Green vinyl; b/w 'Landlord'; crease on f/cover; plays well
3082345PoliceRoxanneA&MAMSVGEX£5.001979 Blue vinyl reissue of '78 45; b/w 'Peanuts'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
2449645PoliceThe beds too big without youA&MAMPP 6001/EVGEX£4.001980 Blue vinyl; from 'Police pack'; b/w 'Truth hits everybody'; a few marks
3739512"PoliceKing of painA&MAMX 176EXEX£5.001984 b/w 'Tea in the Sahara'; very small mark f/cover + light wear; a few light marks - plays well
3326212"PoliceRoxanneA&MAMS 7348VGG£6.501978 b/w 'Peanuts'; some wear on cover; some marks on vinyl - plays well (VG) with some crackles
3739412"PoliceSynchronicity IIA&MAMX 153EXEX£5.001983 b/w 'Once upon a daydream'; a few light marks - plays well
3739312"PoliceWrapped around your fingerA&MAMX 127EXEX£5.001983 b/w 'Someone to talk to/ Message in a bottle (live version)/ I burn for you'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
532345PookaMean girlTrade 2TRDS 009MintEX£3.001997
3234245Poppy fields45 rpmSnapper musicSMAS 7 056EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'It's not unusual'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3323012"PortisheadSour timesGo-beatGODX 116VGVG£8.001994 b/w 'Sour sour times/ Lot more/ Sheared times'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
327745Positive noiseWaiting for the seventh manStatikSTAT 15EXVG£3.001982
2449745PresenceAll I seeRealityLOL 2VGEX£4.001991 b/w 'Distortion'; light wear on cover
2906912"PresetsMy peopleModularMODVL 076EXEX£8.002008 light wear on cover
2906812"PresetsThis boy's in loveModularMODVL 087EXEX£8.002008 'Lifelike remix/ Original/ K.I.M edit/ Jori remix'
2449845PretendersStop your sobbingRealARE 6VGEX£5.001979 b/w 'The Wait'
3234345Primal screamCountry girlColumbia82876 834 2777EXEX£7.002005 b/w 'Gimme some truth'
3720545Primal screamHigher than the sunCreationCRE 096EXEX£6.001991 b/w 'Higher than the sun (American spring mix)'; plays well
4032012"Primal screamLoaded EPCreationCRE 070TVGVG£10.001990 b/w 'I'm losing more than I'll ever have/ Ramblin' Rose (live NYC)'; light wear on cover (VG+); a few marks (VG+), plays perfectly
1780412"PrimevalsThe Peel sessionsStrange fruitSFPS 014VGEX£7.001986 a few light marks
230145PrimitivesSick of itBMGPB 42947EXEX£3.001989
3326312"PrimitivesLead me astrayRCA/BMGPT 45346EXEX£7.001992 b/w 'Slip away/ Earth thing (live)'
936945PrinceAlphabet St.Paisley parkW 7900EXEX£4.001988 in stickered PVC sleeve
1140245PrinceGirls & boysPaisley parkW 8586EXEX£3.501986 some light ring wear on cover; a few light marks
936845PrinceI could never take the place of your manPaisley parkW 8288EXEX£4.001987
931545PrinceI wish u heavenPaisley parkW 7745EXEX£4.001988
3388245PrinceLet's go crazy (edit)Warner bros.W 2000VGVG£3.501983 b/w 'Take me with you'; some ring wear + small tear on centre of cover; a few marks - plays EX
1139945PrinceMountainsPaisley parkW 8711EXEX£4.001986
937045PrinceNew power generationPaisley parkW 9525EXEX£4.001990
1139845PrincePaisley parkPaisley parkW9052EXEX£3.501985 couple of marks
1034245PrincePartymanWarner brosW 2814EXEX£3.001989 a few light marks
354045PrincePeachPaisley parkW 0210EXEX£4.001993
1139645PrincePurple rainWarner brosW 9174MintEX£4.001984
1034345PrinceThe arms of OrionWarner brosW 2757EXVG£2.001989 light warp; a few crackles
3391945PrinceUptownWarner bros.WBS 49559GVG£6.001980 US; b/w 'Crazy you'; tear top corner of cover + some wear; a few marks - plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
1139745PrinceWhen doves cryWarner brosW9286EXEX£4.001984
322012"Prince1999Warner brosW 9896TEXVG£15.001983
3708812"Prince1999 (full length version)Warner bros.W 1999TVGG£5.001984 b/w 'Little red Corvette (full length version)'; some wear on top opening of cover; some marks - mark a a few clicks at start side1 o/w plays well
1472712"PrinceGirls & boysPaisley parkW 8586TVGVG£4.501986 price sticker f/cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
1787312"PrinceGlam slam (remix)Paisley park921 0050VGVG£5.001988 edge split on stickered PVC sleeve; some marks - plays EX
677612"PrinceMountainsPaisley parkW 8711TEXEX£8.001986 a few marks on rim
1787412"PrinceNew power generationPaisley parkW 9525TEXEX£6.001990 a few light marks
1787212"PrinceWhen doves cryWarner brosW 9286TVGVG£5.001984 light wear on cover; some marks - plays EX
2613745ProdigyCharly (Alley cat mix 7" edit)XLXLS 21-EX£8.001991 b/w Original mix
532445Profondo RossoOpen plan goNeatNEAT 69MintMint£4.001995 Red vinyl
2449945PromiseAway awayInner visionIVS 3EXEX£4.001984 b/w 'The Retreat'; corner crease
2211912"PropellerheadsSpybreakWall of soundWALLT 029EXEX£7.001997 b/w Velvet pants/ Clang
3234445Proud MaryVery best friendSour mashJDNC 004EXEX£6.002001 b/w 'Stay forever'; light wear on cover
2450145Psychedelic fursDumb waitersCBSA 1166EXVG£10.001981 Playable sleeve; b/w 'Dash'; a few marks - disc + cover both play EX
1034445Psychedelic fursHeartbreak beatCBS650 1837EXEX£3.001986
2450245Psychedelic fursSister EuropeCBSCBS 8179VGVG£4.001980 b/w 'xxxx'; light wear on cover; a few marks - a few crackles on b'side
2450045Psychedelic fursWe love youEpicEPC 8005VGVG£5.001979 b/w 'Pulse'; some marks - plays well
3709412"Psychedelic fursHouse (Flashback mix)CBSFURS T5EXVG£5.001989 b/w 'Watchtower/ House (long version)'; Promo sticker b/cover; some marks - plays well (EX)
3709212"Psychedelic fursPretty in pinkCBSA13 1327VGEX£5.001981 b/w 'Mack the Knife/ Soap commercial'; some wear on die-cut black sleeve; a few light marks - plays well
3709512"Psychedelic fursUntil she comesEast WestYZ 587TVGEX£6.001991 b/w 'Make it mine/ Sometimes/ Until she comes (Hugh Padgham remix)'; mild wear on cover; plays well
2450445Public enemyBring the noiseDef jam651 3357EXVG£4.001987 b/w 'Sophisticated'; a few marks - plays EX
3709612"Public enemy911 Is a jokeDef jamDEF 655837 5-EX£7.001990 Stickered die-cut company sleeve; b/w 'Son of Public enemy/ Bring the noise/ Rebel without a pause'; plays well
1061712"Samuel PurdeyLucky radioGood soundsGS 2001EXVG£4.501996 light wear on cover; warp - plays EX
532645PuressenceAll I wantIslandIS 722MintEX£4.001998
2925545QuestionsPrice you payRespondKOB 702VGEX£4.001983 b/w 'The groove line'
2925445QuestionsWork and playRespondRESP 7EXVG£4.001982 b/w 'Saved by the bell'; light wear on die cut sleeve; some marks - plays EX
2930712"QuestionsPrice you payRespondKOBX 702VGVG£7.501983 b/w 'The groove line/ Price you pay (inst)'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
3467445Paul Quinn & Edwyn CollinsPale blue eyesSwamplandsSWP 1VGEX£4.001984 b/w 'Burro'; a few light marks
3235645R.E.MLeaving New YorkWarner bros.W 654EXEX£6.002004 Picture disc; b/w '(Don't go back to) Rockville (live)'; light sticker mark f/cover
3234745RaconteursHandsXL/ Third manXLS 236 BEXEX£5.002006 b/w 'It ain't easy (live)'; '3 for £3' offer sticker f/cover; a few light marks
3234645RaconteursSteady as she goes (acoustic)XL/ Third manXLS 229 BEXVG£5.002006 b/w 'Call it a day'; '3 for £3' offer sticker f/cover; some light marks - plays EX
604745RadishSimple sincerityMercuryMER 498MintMint£4.001997
1787512"Railway childrenSo right (Laylow mix)-VSTX DJ 1289EXVG£7.50Plain white label DJ Promo; some marks - plays EX
2504045Rain bandEasy riderTemptationTEMPT 003EXEX£4.002003 ltd ed no. 1186; b/w 'Domestic terrorist'; + inner; light warp
2503945Rain bandKnee deep and downTemptationTEMPT 007EXVG£3.502003 ltd ed no. 0824; b/w 'Desert song'; + inner; a few marks - plays EX
3413612"Ramming speedWhen you walk in the roomProtoENA(T) 115-VG£7.001994 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Master mix/ Instrumental'; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
3234845RaptureSister saviour (radio edit)DFA/ Mercury981418EXEX£4.002003 Ltd ed no. 0753; b/w 'Echoes (DFA remix)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3234945RasmusGuiltyPlaygroundMCS 40376-EX£5.002003 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'First day of my life (XFM radio session)'
3332012"RasmusPeaktime trackBolshiBLST 19-VG£7.001998 in Die-cut company sleeve; b/w 'Mothafuckin' beats'; a few marks - plays EX
3244245RaveonettesHeartbreak strollColumbiaRAVEO 009MintEX£7.002003 Green vinyl; b/w 'The Christmas song'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3235045RaveonettesThe great love soundColumbiaCK 90353EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'I get sick'; a few light marks
608945Raw NovembreOur houseAggressiveAGR 3-EX£4.001990 France
3235345RazorlightAmericaVertigo170 5367EXEX£5.002006 Ltd ed no. 3638; b/w 'Wilfred Owen (demo)'
3235245RazorlightBefore I fall to piecesVertigo171 4374EXVG£4.002004 b/w 'Boy's don't cry'; pressing fault stain b'side vinyl; light edge warp - plays EX
3244545RazorlightGolden touch (full length)Vertigo986 6835EXEX£6.002004 Ltd edition no. (1528); light wear on Gatefold sleeve; b/w 'Dean, take your time'; some light marks
3244645RazorlightRip it upVertigo981 4044VGMint£5.002003 White vinyl; Ltd edition no. (0062); b/w 'Here it comes'; mild wear on cover
3235145RazorlightRip it upVertigo986 9078EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Don't go back to Dalston'
3244445RazorlightRock 'n' roll liesVertigo980 0414EXEX£8.002003 Ltd edition no. (0288)' b/w 'In the city'
3244345RazorlightStumble & fallVertigo981 6398EXEX£5.002004 Ltd edition no. (2979); b/w 'We all get up'; small corner crease
3235445RazorlightVice (full length radio mix)Vertigo986 7757VGVG£4.002004 Ltd ed no. 3101; b/w 'Golden touch'; 1cm tear on opening b/cover; some blue ring wear f/cover; a few marks - plays EX
3370412"Rebels without a causeNaked lunchElectric eyeEES 17VGEX£8.001986 Italy; 12" 5 track Mini album; + insert; some wear on cover
230345Red guitarsBe with meOne wayOW 1MintVG£3.00Reviewers copy; light click A side
3244745Red hot chili peppersHump de bumpWarner bros.W 763-Mint£8.002007 Picture disc issued in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'An opening'
2458445Red hot chili peppersTaste the pain (LP version)EMI USA10MT 85VGVG£10.001990 ltd ed no. 4789; Square disc; b/w 'Show me your soul/ Castles made of stone'; light wear on cover; plays well
532745ReddkrossMess aroundIslandWAY 6011MintMint£4.001997
2617945ReefEnd/ Choose to liveSony S2XPS 274-EX£5.001995 1 Sided Flexi disc; plays well
3235545ReefGive me your love (album version)Sony673164 7EXVG£4.002002 Red vinyl; Ltd edition no. 0858; b/w 'Say what you want/ Thank you baby'; a few clicks on b'side o/w plays EX
3332112"ReegsChorus of the lostImaginaryMIRAGE 012EXEX£10.001989 + A4 Promo insert; b/w 'Pond life/ Start to see (inst)'
4026612"Reflekt featuring Delline BassNeed to feel loved (12" club mix)Positiva12 TIVDJ 213EXEX£125.002004 b/w 'Thrillseekers remix'; light wear on cover; vinyl is in near Mint condition (M-) plays perfectly
1149645REMShiny happy peopleWarner brosW 0027EXEX£5.001991
1149545REMThe one I loveIRSIRM 178EXEX£5.001991 2nd reissue of '87 track; b/w 'Crazy'
1787612"REMCan't get there from hereIRSIRT 102EXVG£6.501985 some light marks - plays EX
1787812"REMLosing my religionWarner brosW 0015TEXEX£6.501991 a few light marks
1787712"REMSupermanIRSIRMT 128EXVG£7.001986 some marks - plays EX
808445Remy zeroGramaryeGeffenUN 102EXEX£4.001999
607845Remy zeroProphesyGeffen497 1987MintMint£4.001999
2450545ReverbDown tonightBadlandsBAD7 006EXEX£7.001995 Promo; + insert; b/w 'Melting into you'; some creases on cover
978312"Revolting cocksYou often forgetWax traxWAXUK 022VGVG£6.001986 a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
454512"Revolver4.~HutHUTT 7EXEX£7.001991
454612"RevolverCrimson don't ever leaveHUTHUTT 9EXEX£7.001991
2917045Rex the dogPrototypeHundehausHUND 001SEXEX£3.502005 b/w 'Casio remix'
2450345Rip rig & panicBob Hope takes risksVirginVS 468VGVG£4.001981 b/w 'Hey Mr E/ A gran grin with a share of a smile'; some wear on cover; a few marks - plays well
2910912"River kidsThe Seed 2.0River kidsRIVERKIDS 1-EX£6.002010 Stamped white label; b/w 'Deliverance'; a few light marks
2921112"Rizzle kicksOn track with SeatOn track w/SeatUMCP 013EXEX£25.002011 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'Down with the trumpets/ Stop with the chatter/ When I was a youngster/ Daydream'
3231045B.A. RobertsonKool in the kaftanAsylumK 12427VGVG£4.001980 b/w 'Baby I'm a bat'; some wear on Fold-out sleeve; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2899745Tom RobinsonRikki don't lose that numberCastawayTR 2VGVG£8.001984 Signed 'Tom Robinson, look at that make up!' b/cover; b/w 'Cabin boy' ; light wear on cover; plays well with a few crackles
2917145RomanceDance with the devilFictionROMANCE 1-EX£5.002012 Picture disc in PVC sleeve with red wax seal on black ribbon; b/w 'Invincible'
2450645Rose of avalancheAlways thereFireBLAZE 18EXVG£4.001986 b/w 'Waiting for the sun'; light wear on cover; a few crackles o/w plays EX
2894612"RoyksoppPoor LenoWall of soundWALLT 073EXEX£8.002001
2212112"RoyksoppSparks (Murk downtown Miami mix)Wall of soundWALLT 084VGEX£6.002003 b/w Roni Size mix/ Instumental; some ring wear; a few marks
2212012"RoyksoppWhat else is thereWall of soundWALLT 111VGEX£6.502005 b/w Thin white duke/ Trentmoller/ Vitalic remixes
2907312"Rumble stripsGirls & boys in loveIsland1745160-Mint£7.502007 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; 'Hot chip/ Devil's gun/ Divide/ Sugar shameless/ Marc Leaf' remixes
2917345Run DMCKing of rock4th & BroadwayBRW 56EXEX£5.001985 b/w 'Jam-master Jay'
3802645Run DMCWalk this wayLondonLON 104EXVG£4.001986 b/w 'Instrumental'; light ring wear; a few mild marks - plays well (EX)
4035512"Run DMCMy Adidas / Peter PiperLondonLONX 101VGG£4.001986 b/w Instrumental versions; mild wear on cover (VG+); marks on vinyl - plays well (VG+) with just a few light crackles
6079EPSacred heartsLove bomb EPTea timeTEA 09MintEX£5.001990
3224345Sad caféEvery day hurtsRCALB 13-EX£5.001980 'Record year' Promo; b/w 'Noel Edmunds introduces Record year & The day they remembered'
2450745Saint EtienneHobart pavingHeavenlyHVN 29EXEX£4.001993 b/w 'Who do you think you are'; a few light crackles
960245Saint EtiennePale movieHeavenlyHNV 37EXEX£4.001994
3245245Saint EtienneSoft like meMantraMNT 78EXEX£6.002003 b/w 'Gimp crisis'; light wear on cover
3332412"Saint EtiennePale movieHeavenlyHVN 3712EXEX£8.001994 b/w 'Stentorian dub/ Secret knowledge/ Trouser assassin mix/ Lemonentry mix'
532945SaladCardboy kingIslandIS 656MintMint£3.001997
1149745SaladYour maIslandIR 103MintEX£6.001994 + poster in PVC stickered cover
2450845Salon musicHunting on ParisMobile suit corCORP 3VGVG£5.001981 b/w 'Sa ka na' Lizard; small edge split on cover; a few crackles on b'side o/w plays EX
2450945SalvadorEvergreens beat the winterBedroomPILO 001-Sealed£5.001999 b/w 'In the closet'; sealed on opening; stickered plain sleeve
2451045Sammy(Kings of the) Inland empireFireBlaze 80EXEX£5.001995 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Teen tour'
3332512"Scapegoat waxAisle 10 (Hello Allison)HollywoodSAM 00635-VG£7.502002 Promo; some marks on stickered plain black sleeve; 'Dub pistols vocal mix/ Pistols dub mix b/w Aim remix vocal/ Aim remix inst'; a few light marks - plays well with a few crackles
2350545Scarlet partyEyes of iceParlophoneR 6060VGEX£6.00193 Clear vinyl; b/w 'Another world'; some wear on opening
2917445Scars on BroadwayThey sayInterscope1778332SealedSealed£7.002008 Ltd edition Low numbered (0004) Picture disc sealed in PVC sleeve; b/w 'Hungry ghost'
3203845Scissor sistersLand of a thousand wordsPolydor171 2489EXEX£7.002006; 8" Square one sided Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve
2935812"Scissor sistersComfortably numbPolydor981 388-4-EX£8.002003 Picture disc in Stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Hughes & Spier remix/ Tommie Sunshine remix'
2935712"Scissor sistersFilthy/ GorgeousPolydor986 980-1-EX£8.002004 Picture disc in Stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'I love you - see you next Tuesday mix/ Paper faces main mix'
2935912"Scissor sistersLauraPolydor981 278-7-EX£8.002003 Picture disc in Stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Laura (City hi-fi vocal mix)/ Available for you'
2936112"Scissor sistersMaryPolydor986 828-0-EX£8.002004 Picture disc in Stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Laura (City hi-fi remix)'
2936012"Scissor sistersTake your mamaPolydor986 627-8-EX£7.502004 Picture disc in Stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'The backwoods discotheque/ Take your mama (remix)'; light warp
1602912"Scorpio risingIf..Chapter 22CHAP MLP62EXVG£6.001991 6 track mini LP; marks on vinyl - plays well
3231145Robin Scott with African pioneersCrazy Zulu (London mix)10TEN 26EXEX£5.001984 b/w 'Nairobi mix'
600045Scott 4I've been tamedSatelliteSTL 004-7EXEX£5.001998 2nd pressing of '97 single
3709712"Screaming custardLurvePauls mums F/RPMFRR 3EXEX£10.001990 'Love stuff/ Ashtray/ A mouth and a brain/ wear that'; + A4 insert (some yellowing); light wear on cover; plays well
3332612"Screaming targetWho killed King TubbyMango12 MNG 754EXEX£7.001990 b/w 'WKKT (screaming dub)/ Tona MC (the singing lesson)'; a few light marks
258212"Screaming treesDollar billEpic6591 796MintMint£8.001992 Orange vinyl; In shrinkwrap
293512"Screaming treesTangiersNative12NTV 34EXEX£6.001988
2451145Scritti polittiFaithlessRough tradeRT 101VGVG£4.001982 b/w Part 2; some wear on opening; a few marks - plays EX
3075445Scritti polittiWood beezVirginVSY 657-VG£5.001984 Picture disc; b/w 'Version'; light warp - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
3332812"SealNewborn friendZTTSAM 1446-VG£7.001995 Limited edition UK Promo in stickered plain white sleeve; 'Brothers in rhythm/ Ronin/ Friend for life mix/ Album version'; some marks - plays well
2350645SeamLatashaCheCHE 32EXEX£7.001995 White vinyl; b/w 'Mellow noise U.S.A'
2451245Secret goldfishPunk droneCreeping bentBENT 032EXEX£6.001997 b/w Scientific support dept "Kipper Lynch'; in stickered die cut singles club sleeve; + postcard
3350412"Secret knowledge vs. YouthThe McLaren mixesNo12 NO 700-EX£7.501994 in stickered plain black sleeve
4030312"Secret lifeSpanish LullabyNo fixed abodeNFA 001-G£6.001991 Plain white label Demo; 'Dub b/w Instrumental'; plain white card sleeve; some marks on vinyl (G+), plays well (VG) with just a few mild clicks + crackles
1149845See see riderStolen heartLazyLAZY 27EXEX£4.001991
2983445SenseiPillow talkScannerSEN 01VGEX£6.001985 Signed by band on back cover; b/w 'Pillow talk (Canterbury mix)'; 4 small spots f/cover
1084712"Senseless thingsEasy to smileEpic657 6956EXEX£7.001991 + colour print
3350512"Senseless thingsEverybody's goneEpic656 9806EXEX£6.501991 b/w 'Mystery train/ I'm on black and white'; light wear on cover
3350612"Senseless thingsHold it downEpic657 9266VGEX£6.501992 + Ltd edition numbered (6050) Jamie Hewlett print; b/w 'Crucial juvenalia/ splitting hairs'; light wear on cover; some light marks on side 1
3350812"ShamenMake it mine (remix)1 Little Indian46 TP 12LEXEX£7.001990 'Evil Ed/ Outer limits/ Progen/ Land of Oz/ Micro minimal'
3350712"ShamenProgen1 Little Indian36 TP 12VGVG£6.501990 b/w 'Light span'; corner crease + some wear on cover; some light marks - a few light crackles o/w plays EX
502012"ShamenUniversalMoksha03TC-EX/EX£10.001998 2x12"
34675EPShamenBoss drum (Beatmasters radio mix)1 Little indian88 TP7VGEX£4.001992 4 track EP; light wear on cover
230445Shed SevenMarkPolydorYORK 1EXMint£12.001994 numbrered (489) Green vinyl
3245445Shed SevenWhy can't I be you ?TasteTMV 5004EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Hanging on the outside'
176512"Shop assistantsSafety net53rd & 3rd112EXEX£7.001986
3467645Shrine of eightPerfect crime (we all hurt inside)MolesMRCL 1VGEX£4.001989 b/w 'All those eyes'; Plug sticker f/cover + folded A4 Promo insert; light wear on cover
502112"Shy reptilesHigh desireFontanaTILE 212EXVG£5.001989 a few light crackles on B'side
4034412"Sidi Bou SaidThree sidesUltimateTOPP 017TVGEX£5.001993 b/w 'Romp/ Wild'; some wear on cover; vinyl is near Mint, plays perfectly
3333012"Sigue sigue sputnikLove missile F1-11 (Extended version)Parlophone12 SSS 1EXEX£6.001986 b/w 'Dance mix/ Hack attack'; a few light marks
2451345Silicon teensJudy in disguiseMuteMUTE 004VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'Chip 'n roll'; bottom edge split; some light marks - plays well with a few crackles
3721445Silicon teensJust like EddieMuteMUTE 008VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'Sun flight'; mild wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well (EX)
2451445Silicon teensSun flightMuteMUTE 008VGVG£5.001980 b/w 'Just like Eddie'; some wear on cover; plays well
3235845Simple kidTruck on2M2M 007 SVGEX£4.002003 Blue vinyl; b/w 'If'; new price shop sticker f/cover
32887EPSimply redMontreux EPEast westYZ7 16DJEXVG£4.001992 Promo; Pluggers sticker f/cover; Gatefold; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles
3333112"SinclairI want you backG&QGQUS 001-VG£6.001992 in plain black sleeve; b/w 'I want you back (Acappela style)'; some marks - plays well w/some crackles
3720645Sisters of mercyLucretia my reflectionMerciful releasMR 45VGVG£6.001988 b/w 'Long train (1984)';light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well (EX)
1780612"Sisters of mercyNo time to cryMerciful rel.MR 335TVGEX£7.001985 some light marks
799012"Sisters of mercyTemple of loveMerciful rel.MRX 027EXEX£6.501983 couple of light marks
245154560ft dollsHappy shopperIndolentDOLLS 005EXEX£6.001996 Ltd ed no.3059; Grey vinyl; b/w 'Afterglow'
3235945SkinTrashedEMIEM 622VGMint£4.002003 Brown vinyl; b/w 'The girl who never cries'; crease on 2 corners of cover
3467745SkunkOne manSkeletonSK 1EXEX£5.001989 b/w 'next week; light wear on cover
3333312"SkydogsHere it comesPlastic surgeryPS 2EXEX£10.001990 + insert; b/w 'Right now/ Cos I don't love you/ bad liquid head'; light wear on cover
4040012"SkydogsPsychotic EPPlastic surgerySURGERY 3VGEX£8.001990 + insert; mild wear on cover; plays perfectly
3333212"SkydogsPsychotic EPPlastic surgerySURGERY 3VGEX£8.001990 + insert; light wear on cover
3236245Sleepy JacksonGood dancers (album version)VirginDINS 265EXMint£4.002003 b/w 'Hymn #1/ Raindrop'; new price shop sticker f/cover; a few light creases on cover
3236145Sleepy JacksonThis dayVirginDINS 267EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Tonight you will change'
3236045Sleepy JacksonVampire racecourseVirginDINS 261EXEX£4.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'Glasshouses'
1630945SMASHBarrabas (piloted)Sub popSP 276EXEX£10.001994 Green vinyl; picture sleeve issued in die cut mailer
2807312"Smiley & PJRaps my occupationShut up & danceSUAD 3EXEX£8.00b/w '£20 to get in/ £10 to get in (Rave/ Radio mixes)'
2451645SmithereensA girl like youEnigmaENV 15EXEX£4.001989 b/w 'Cut flowers'
3688612"SmithsShoplifters of the world uniteRough tradeRTT 195EXG£5.001986 b/w 'London/ Half a person'; Pink inner; Dish warp + some marks - plays well (EX)
3236445Snow patrolSet the fire to the third barFiction171 4442MintMint£8.002006 featuring Martha Wainwright; b/w 'Chasing cars (live)'
3236645Snow patrolSpitting gamesFiction980 9351MintMint£7.002003 White vinyl; b/w 'Steal'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3236345Snow patrolSpitting gamesFiction986 712-7EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Wow (acoustic)'; new price shop sticker f/cover; some light marks
2917545Snow patrolTake back the cityPolydor Fiction1784829SealedSealed£5.002008 Ltd edition no 0220 sealed in shrinkwrap; b/w 'Lillica Libertine remix';
1226812"SolexThe 198$$ProgeriaPRG 005MintEX£6.501990's US + insert; in shrinkwrap
3245645Something corporateIf you see Jordan (clean radio edit)Drive-thruMCS 40324-Mint£8.002003 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Bad days'
3245745Something corporatePunk rock princessDrive-thruMCS 40315-Mint£8.002002 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Forget December'
790012"Sonic youthKool thingGeffenGEF 81TEXEX£6.001990 a few v.light marks
790412"SoundgardenThe dat I tried to liveA&M580 5951EXEX£8.001994 Etched vinyl; No stencil; light wear f/cover
923245Soup dragonsI'm freeRaw TVRTV 9EXEX£3.001990 reviewers copy
3467845Soup dragonsMother universeBig lifeBLR 30VGVG£3.001990 b/w 'Dream-E-4 ever'; a few marks - plays EX
2212312"Soup dragonsCan't take no moreRaw TVRTV 123 DJ-EX£8.001988 White label Promo in plain stickered sleeve; b/w Whitewash/ Purple haze live
4034212"Soup dragonsI'm freeBig life Raw TVRTV 9TVGEX£6.001990 b/w 'Lovegod dub'; a few creases along edges of cover; vinyl is near Mint, plays perfectly
2212412"Soup dragonsThe majestic headRaw TVRTV 125VGEX£6.001988 b/w 4-way brain; small top edge split
2451845SourpussScientific celebritySlinkySLINK 001EXEX£6.001995 b/w 'Part time virgin/ Would I kill for you, honey'
2451945Southwest experimental pop bandSkinnySwarf fingerSF 001EXEX£5.001995 b/w '20th century tack'
1149945SovereignI would be mad to leave youTabitha musicTAB 8EXEX£3.001990
3245845SpaceSuburban rock 'n' rollRandmRAMS 001EXEX£7.002004 Red vinyl; b/w 'Camerman'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3245945SpanDon't think the way they doislandIS 846-Mint£5.002004 Picture disc issued in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Dive mother fu*ker'
4150012"Spandau balletTrueChrysalisSPANX 1EXVG£5.001983 Paper labels; b/w 'Lifeline (remix for USA)/ Lifeline (Acapella)'; mild wear on cover; some light marks (VG+), plays perfectly
2917645Sam Sparro21st Century lifeIsland178 051 3EXEX£4.002008 b/w 'No end in sight'
2907712"Sam SparroBlack and goldModus vivendiB&G 12 PRO1SealedSealed£8.002008 Promo Gold vinyl sealed in shrinkwrap; b/w 'Sally/ Black & gold (Russ Chimes remix)'
808645SpearmintA week awayHitbackBACK 4EXEX£3.501997
2452145SpectrasonicFlytrapBadlandsBAD7 003EXEX£7.001995 b/w 'Takeaway'
515612"SpeekaIn the swim EPUltimate dilemaUDR 034MintMint£6.002000
2452045SpillageStickety boneFortunateBJS 4EXEX£6.001997 Ltd ed no. 102/1000; + insert + postcard + letter; b/w 'Recipe page, poor quality tattoo'
3236745SpiritualizedDo it all over again (album version)SpacemanOPM 008EXEX£5.002002 b/w 'Rock & roll (instrumental)'
454712"SpitfireTranslucent EPEveEVER 3TEXEX£8.001991
2168545Split enzI got youA&MAMS 7546EXEX£3.501979 b/w Double happy
2452245Split enzOne step aheadA&MAMS 8146EXEX£5.001981 Laser etched disc in die cut sleeve; b/w 'In the wars'
3771312"Split enzMy mistakeChrysalisCHS 2170-12VGEX£5.001977 Green label; b/w 'Crosswords/ The woman who loves you'; mild wear on cover; plays perfectly
3971012"Spoiled & ZigoMore & moreToyboxTOY 001-VG£8.001999 Handwritten white label; 'Vocal mix b/w Unvocal mix'; some marks - plays well (EX)
2452345Spy 51SlowFierce pandaNING 43EXEX£6.001998 b/w 'Stungun'
230645SqueezeThird railA & M580 3347EXMint£4.001993
3236845John SquireJoe LouisNorth countryNC 001EXEX£5.002002 b/w 'Home sweet home'; a few light marks
1805312"StairsWeed busGo discsGODX 63EXEX£15.001991
2212712"StairsWeed busGo discsGODX 63EXEX£12.001991 mono; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3237045StandsOutside your doorEchoECS 151EXEX£5.002004 Ltd edition no. 1534; b/w 'When this river rolls over you; Die cut sleeve; new price shop sticker f/cover
634745StarclubLet your hair downIslandIS 532MintMint£3.001992
4032712"StargardWear it out (re-edit)NoidROR 1-EX£10.001995 b/w 'Cocomotion (re-edit versions 1 & 2) - El Coco; plain white card sleeve; near Mint (EX+), plays perfectly
3246145StarsailorBorn again (radio edit)EMIEM 632EXMint£6.002003 b/w 'At the end of a show'; light sticker mark f/cover
3237145StarsailorSilence is easyEMIEM 625EXEX£5.002003 Ltd edition no. 2032; b/w 'She understands'; light wear on cover; new price shop sticker f/cover
2538212"StatelessBringin' me down (original mix)FreerangeFR 033EXEX£6.502003 b/w 'Stateless 80's house mix'
2917745Paul SteelYour lossPolydor1741969 8EXEX£4.002007 b/w 'Shaun Lee's my mate remix'
2452445StenBoys are wired wrongMintMINTY 13EXEX£6.00Ltd edition one sided 7"
575712"Martin Stephenson & DainteesBoat to BoliviaKitchen wareSKX 27VGVG£5.001986 a few v. light crackles
575812"Martin Stephenson & DainteesCrocodile cryerKitchen wareSKX 25VGVG£5.001986 warp; a few crackles o/w plays EX
3246545StereophonicsVegas two timesV2VVR 5019177EXEX£6.002001 b/w 'Vegas two times (live)'
3237645StillsChanges are no good (album version)679679 L 072EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Changes are good (4 track demo)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3237445StillsLola stars and stripes679679 L 036EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Lola stars and stripes (4 track demo)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3237545StillsStill in love song679679 L 026EXVG£4.002003 b/w 'Killer bees'; new price shop sticker f/cover; some marks on side1 - plays EX
3246745StillsStill in love song (album version)679679L079EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Extended remix'; small corner crease; new price shop sticker f/cover
360012"Sting(If youlove somebody) Set them freeA&MAMDJ 3EXEX£25.001994 Ltd edition 1 sided DJ PROMO
375212"StingIf you love somebody set them freeA&MSTING DJ12EXEX£15.001994 PROMO; soul power remixes
3897212"Stone rosesFools goldSilvertoneORE T 13VGEX£20.001989 Silver/Black labels; matrix no.s A-1/AA-2; b/w 'What the world is waiting for; mild wear on cover (VG+); plays well (EX+)
3897312"Stone rosesOne loveSilvertoneORE T 17EXEX£15.001990 A-side Red label/Silver print; B-side Green label; Silver print; b/w 'Something's burning'; cover is EX+; juat a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
575912"Stone temple pilotsPlushAtlanticA 7349TEXEX£6.501993
3237745Joss StoneRight to be wrongRelentlessREL 13EXEX£6.002004 b/w 'Jet lag (acoustic)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3246845Joss StoneSuper duper love (are you diggin on me) pt1RelentlessREL 4EXEX£8.002004 new price shop sticker on stickered plain brown die-cut sleeve; b/w 'It's a man's man's world (live)'
2452645Stony SleepAbsurdBig catABB 141SEXEX£4.001997 in '1997 collectors series' die cut sleeve; b/w 'Spooky fruit
2538312"Robert StraussThe Empire strikes back EPFreerangeFR 057EXEX£7.002005
2452745StrengthBreaking heartsSophisticated n112 185-EX£3.001989 Red vinyl; b/w 'Heartbeat'; a few light crackles on b'side
3247145Strokes12:51 (album version)Rough tradeRTRADES 140EXEX£8.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'The way it is (home recording)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
2921312"Tinchy StryderOn track with SeatOn track w/SeatUMCP 002EXEX£25.002010 'On track with Seat direct to disc' series; 'In my system/ Second chance/ Gangsta/ Game over'
2852245Studio 68Double decker busCosmic rec co.COSMIC 001EXEX£8.001991 b/w 'How to succeed in the music business'
2291245SuedeMetal MickeyNudeNUD 35EXEX£5.001992 b/w Where the pigs don't fly; a few light marks
1807845SuedeStay togetherNudeNUD 9SEXVG£3.001994 light wear on cover; warp - plays well with a few crackles
533245Henry SugarMetrolandORPORPS 98-Mint£3.001998
1061912"Sugarboat vs. SufiBack to bedSecret agantAGENT 001EXEX£6.501996
576012"SugarcubesColdsweat1 Little Indian12TP 9EXEX£7.001987 corner crease on cover
3247745SugarcultBouncing off the wallsEpitaph1121-7EXMint£6.002003 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Over now'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3247845SugarcultStuck in AmericaEpitaph1106-7MintEX£5.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'No action'
4036912"Sun electricSun o'loccoWAY/ Mr ModoMWS 020TVGVG£8.001990 'kama sutra/ Space therapy/ Orbital therapy parts 1,2,3,4' versions; spine split; light sticker mark f/cover; a few marks - plays well with a few clicks + crackles on side2
293612"SundaysCan't be sureRough tradeRTT 218EXEX£7.001989
533345SunflowersDaydreamTea timeTEA 08MintMint£4.001990
533445SunhouseAnimalIndepend..ISOM 135MintMint£4.001998
2908112"Sunshine undergroundPut you in your placeCity rockersROCKER 331-EX£10.002005 1 sided hand stamped white label
1062012"Super chargerWe rockChinaIDO 56TEXEX£6.001997 v.light warp
3248045Super furry animalsGolden retrieverSony/ Epic673906 7-EX£10.002003 Ltd edition no (3651) Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve: b/w 'Summer snow/ Blue fruit'
3248345SupergrassKiss of lifeParlophoneR 6638EXMint£5.002004 Clear vinyl; b/w 'We dream of this'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3248245SupergrassRush hour soulParlophoneR 6612EXMint£5.002003 Green vinyl; b/w 'Everytime'
2452845SweeneyThe Kazoo songRotatorRRSV 112EXVG£5.001997 b/w 'Rock'; light wear on cover; some light marks - a couple of crackles o/w plays EX
3310212"SwervedriverRave downCreationCRE 088TEXEX£12.001990 b/w 'She's beside herself/ Afterglow/ Zed head'
947245SwingersBe my babyMagnetMAG 202-EX£3.501981 pen on label; light warp
230545David SylvianTaking the veilVirginVS 815EXVG£3.001986
808745SymposiumAverage manInfectiousINF 52SMintEX£4.001998
808845SymposiumFairweather friendInfectiousINF 44SEXEX£4.001997
3248445Taking back SundayA decade under the influenceVictoryVR 236EXEX£5.002004 US; Blue vinyl in open card sleeve; b/w 'Your own disaster'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3002345Billy TalentThe EX (album version)AtlanticAT 0173-EX£8.002004 Picture disc issued in barcoded plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Try honesty (acoustic)'; a few crackles on b'side
2168745Talking headsOnce in a lifetimeSireSIR 4048VGEX£3.501980 b/w Seen & not seen; a few light marks
3123345Talking headsRadio headEMIEMD 1VGVG/VG£7.001987 Double/Gatefold; b/w' Hey now/ Radio head: Movie/ Extended remix edit versions'; some wear on cover; both discs play EX
3333812"Talking headsHey now (extended remix)EMI12EM 1VGVG£6.001987 b/w 'Hey now (movie version)/ Radio head (LP version)/ Hey now (Milwaukee mix)'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
4034312"Talking headsWild wild lifeEMI12 EMI 5567EXEX£6.001986 b/w 'People like us (movie version)/ Wild wild life (LP version)'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays well
354245Teardrop explodesSerious dangerFontanaDROP 1EXEX£4.001990
3237845Teenage fanclubDid I sayPoolsidePOOLS 5EXEX£8.002002 b/w 'The cabbage'; new price shop sticker f/cover
447812"Teenage fanclubThe conceptCreationCRE 111TEXEX£8.001991
447912"Teenage fanclubWhat you do to meCreationCRE 115TEXEX£8.001992 + Poster
2350745Telstar poniesMaps & starchartsMayking recordsBLAZE 74EXEX£10.001994 White label test pressing; b/w 'Thanks but no thanks Mr Dulli'
3124545TemptationsLady soulMotownZB 40849EXEX£6.001986 b/w 'A fine mess (title song)'
533545Ten speed racerListen to bitsRed flagRF 02VSMintEX£3.002002
53364510 StoreyFantasiseMayhemMAY 0001MintMint£3.001997
2452945TennerWhere do you come fromFierce pandaNING 97EXEX£5.002000 b/w 'Sofa magic'
3334012"TerrorvisionMiddlemanTotal Vegas12 VEGAS 7VGEX£8.001994 Limited edition Copper coloured vinyl + Poster (EX); b/w 'Surrender/ The Passenger'; some wear on cover
3326512"TexasIn our lifetime (Jules disco trip mix)MercuryMERDJ 517-EX£8.001999 Promo in plain black sleeve; b/w 'Return to the dub mix'
4034512"TexasIn our lifetime (Jules disco trip mix)MercuryMERDJ 517-EX£8.001999 Promo in plain white card sleeve; b/w 'Return to the dub mix'
2453045That petrol emotionBig decisionPolydorTPE 1EXEX£4.001987 b/w 'Soul deep'
1150145The TheGravitate to meEpicEMU 9EXEX£4.001989
2453145The TheUncertain smileSome bizzareEPC A2797EXEX£6.001982 b/w 'Three orange kisses from Kazan'; a few light marks
2932012"The TheHeartlandEpicTRUTH T2VGEX£7.001986 b/w 'Flesh & bones/ Born in the New S.A.'
2932112"The TheInfectedEpicTRUTH T3VGEX£7.001986 b/w 'Infected (energy mix)/ Disturbed'; light sticker mark f/cover; a few light marks
576312"The TheSlow train to dawnEpicTENSE T1EXEX£6.501986
3347912"Theatre of hateDo you believe in the West worldBurning RomeBRRT 2VGVG£6.001982 some marks - plays well
922045Therapy ?Church of noiseA&M582 5387EXEX£5.001998 Red vinyl
608245Therapy ?Sectarian taxi #1A&M582 5527MintEX£4.001998
3334112"ThirstThe enemy withinTenTENX 379VGVG£6.001991 b/w 'Dub/ Liquid'; small tear on top opening of cover o/w EX; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
3248645Thirteen sensesThru the glassVertigo981633 4EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'No other life is attractive'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3379212"Thompson twinsSugar daddyWarner bros.W 2819 TP-VG£8.001989 Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; some marks - plays well
680912"Thousand yard stareComeuppance EPStifled aardvarAARDT 007EXEX£7.001992
571212"Thousand yard stareKeepsake EPStifled aard..AARD 004EXEX£7.001991 + insert
571112"Thousand yard stareSeason stream EPStifled aardv..AARD 005TEXEX£7.001991
3334212"Thousand yard stareVersion of me EPStifled ardvarkAARDT 012EXEX£8.001993 Limited edition no. 003331; Clear vinyl
1788212"Thrashing dovesBeautiful imbalanceA&MTDOVE 12EXEX£6.001987 some light marks
1788112"Thrashing dovesMatckstick flotillaA&MAMY 325EXEX£6.001986 a few light marks
1788312"Thrashing dovesThe grinding stone (let me climb your ladder)A&MTDOVE 212EXEX£6.001987 light sticker mark f/cover
25066453 to the powerThunderbirds are go (pressure mix)FABP 1-EX£5.00Picture disc; b/w 'Vision mix'
3237945ThrillsBig surVirginVS 1852EXMint£5.002003 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Your love is like Las Vegas (acoustic)'
3238045ThrillsDon't steal our sunVirginVS 1864EXMint£5.002003 Green vinyl; b/w 'The one I love (radio 1 session)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3238145ThrillsSanta Cruz (you're not that far)VirginVS 1862EXEX£5.002003 Deep red vinyl; b/w 'Don't play it cool (original version)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3248845ThrillsWhatever happened to Corey HaimVirginVS 1876MintMint£5.002004 b/w 'A city of long nights (acoustic)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
2453445TigerRaceTrade 2TRDS 004EXVG£4.001996 b/w 'Honey friends'; light wear on cover; warp - plays EX
2413245Tanita TikaramTwist in my sobrietyWEAYZ 321EXEX£3.001988 b/w 'Friends'
2381945Timbuk 3The future's so bright I gotta wear shadesIRSIRM 126VGVG£3.001986 b/w 'I'll do alright'; small tear f/cover + some wear; a few marks + crackles
2453545Time zoneWorld destructionVirginVS 743VGVG£5.001984 featuring John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays EX
230745Toad the wet sprocketAll I wantColumbia658 3317EXEX£4.001992
69945TouristsSo good to be back home againLogoTOUR 1EXEX£4.001980
3224445TouristsSo good to be back home againRCALB 18-EX£5.001980 'Record year' Promo; b/w 'Noel Edmunds introduces Record year & The day they remembered'
3238245Towers of LondonAir guitarTVTTOL 4EXM/M£10.002006 Double; Blue vinyl + Bonus Air guitar Picture disc; Gatefold + Printed PVC sleeve; b/w 'Satellite song'
3248945Towers of LondonAir guitarTVTTOL 4XEXMint£5.002006 Picture disc in printed PVC sleeve; b/w 'The woman I love (demo)'
3238345Towers of LondonFuck it upTVTTOL 2EXMint£5.002005 Clear/Pink vinyl; b/w 'City of hell'
3311612"TracieThe house that Jack builtRepondKOBX 701EXVG£5.001983 b/w 'Tracie talks/ The house that Jack built instrumental'; mark on side 2 - plays EX
2453645Transcendental love machineUnityHydrogen dukeDUKE 1EXEX£5.001992 Fold out poster sleeve in stickered poly cover; b/w 'Joanne says'
3326612"Transcendental love machineThe silver atomic EPHydrogen dukeboDUKE 002VGEX£7.001992 'Unity mix b/w Indie head mix/ Joanne says'; some wear on cover; a few light crackles
1150245Transglobal undergroundTemple headDeconstruct.PB 44895EXEX£4.001991
3238445TransplantsDiamonds and gunsHellcat1107-7-Mint£8.002003 Picture disc; some wear on stickered poly sleeve; b/w 'Tall cans in the air'
3249045TransplantsDJ, DJ (album version)Hellcat1113-7-EX£8.002003 Picture disc; some wear on stickered poly sleeve; b/w '89 Scratch gangstaz remix'
3238545TravisLove will cpme throughIndependienteISOM 84 SEXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Good for nothing'; light wear on cover
3238645TravisOffenderIndependienteISOM 78 SEXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Definition of wrong'
3249145TravisWalking in the sunIndependienteISOM 88 SEXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Bring me round'; light wear on cover
3334412"TrickyAftermath4th & Broadway12 BRW 288EXEX£7.501993 'Hip hop blues/ I could be looking for people remix/ Version 1'; some light marks
3334512"Tricky vs. GravediggasThe Hell EP4th & Broadway12 BRW 326EXEX£8.001995 Orange vinyl; corner crease on cover
2168945Tubeway armyThat's too bad (Double pack)Beggars banquetBACK 2VGEX/EX£7.001979 reissue of 1st 2 45's BEG 5+8; Double/Gatefold; b/w Oh I didn't say/ Bombers/ Blue eyes/ OD receiver; light wear on cover
3238745Turin brakes5 Mile (these are the days)SourceSOUR 089EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Self help (WFUV acoustic version)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3249245Turin brakesPain killerSourceSOUR 068EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Little brother (demo); very light dish warp
1062112"12 RoundsPersonally EPPolydor5754 951EXVG£7.001996 light warp; some marks + couple of crackles o/w plays EX
324934520-20'sShoot your gunHeavenly724534 955976EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Weight off me'; new price shop sticker f/cover
634845Twin HazeyMusclePolydor575 4807EXEX£4.001996
3334612"Tyrrel corporationThe BottleCooltempoTYRX 1EXEX£7.001992 b/w 'Another bottle/ The bottle (the Bukowski mix)'
2454045U211 O'clock tick tockIslandWIP 6601-VG£7.001980 company sleeve; b/w 'Touch'; plays well with a few crackles
3467945U2Better than the real thingIslandIS 525VGVG£3.001991 b/w 'Salome'; wear on cover; some marks - plays well with a few crackles
2454145U2GloriaIslandWIP 6733VGVG£6.001981 b/w 'I will follow (live)'; some wear on cover; plays well
2504345U2Interview disc---VG£6.00Picture disc; Newcastle 1/3/83; Warp - plays well
3231245U2The FlyIslandIS 500VGVG£4.001991 b/w 'Alex desends into hell for a bottle of milk/ Korova 1'; mild dish warp; a few marks - plays well
2794912"U2Angel of HarlemIsland12IS 402EXEX£7.001988 b/w 'A room at the Heartbreak hotel/ Love rescue me'; light wear on cover
2538412"U2DesireIsland12ISG 400EXEX£7.001988 light wear on Gatefold;
3253812"U2New year's day (long version)Island12 WIP 6848-EX£5.001983 Plain black die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Treasure/ Fire/ A window/ A day without me'
3253712"U2Pride (in the name of love)Island12 IS 202-EX£5.001984 Plain black die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Boomerang I + II/ 4th of July'; a few light marks
3254012"U2Sunday bloody SundayIsland600 820 213EXVG£5.001983 German; b/w 'New year's day/ Two hearts beat as one'; some marks - plays EX
3253312"U2The FlyIsland12 IS 500EXEX£8.001991
3253612"U2The Unforgetable fireIsland12 IS 220EXG£4.001984; 'The three sunrises/ The unforgetable fire/ A sort of homecoming/ Love comes tumbling'; light wear on cover; some marks - plays well (EX) with a coupke of crackles
3971212"U2Two hearts beat as one (club version)Island12 IS 109VGVG£6.001983 b/w 'New year's day (US remix)/ Two hearts beat as one (US remix)'; mild wear on cover; some marks - plays well
2014312"U2Vertigo (Jacknife Lee 12")Island12IS 878EXEX£8.002004 b/w 'Vertigo (Jacknife Lee 7")'
2629612"U2When love comes to town (with BB King)Island12IS 411EXEX£7.501989 b/w 'Dancing barefoot/ Kingdom mix/ God part II'
3253512"U2Wide awake in AmericaIsland90279 1AEXEX£7.001985 US; b/w 'Bad/ A sort of homecoming (live)/ The three sunrises/ love comes tumbling'
3253912"U2With or without youIsland12 IS 319-VG£5.001987 Plain black die-cut sleeve; b/w 'Luminous times/ Walk to the water'; some light marks - plays EX
2169045UB40Dream a lieGraduateGrad 10VGVG£3.001980 b/w The earth dies screaming; a few marks - plays EX
3326712"UkraniansOi DivichinoCooking vinylFRY 019TEXVG£6.501991 Ltd edition no. 2231; b/w 'Kolyadka/ Zavtra/ Serstem I dusheyu'; light wear on cover; a few marks - plays well with a few crackles
2212612"Ultra vivid sceneMercy seat4ADBAD 906VGEX£10.001989 Die cut sleeve; b/w Codine/ H like in heaven/ Mercy seat
2453745UltrasoundFloodlit worldNudeNUD 41SEXEX£5.001999 Ltd ed no. 0557; b/w 'Death of drag racer'
2453845UltrasoundStay youngNudeNUD 35SEXEX£6.001998 Ltd ed no. 1820/3000 + poster; b/w 'Underwater love story'
3697145UltravoxHymnChrysalisCHS 2657EXEX£6.001982 Clear vinyl; b/w 'Monument'; light wear on cover; plays well
3288845UltravoxLamentChrysalisUV 2VGEX£4.001984 Clear vinyl; b/w 'Heart of the country (inst)'; Gatefold; sticker mark/tear f/cover
3241EPUltravoxRetroIslandIEP 8EXEX£6.001977 live
2453945Unbelievable truthHigher than reasonVirginVS 1676EXEX£4.001998 Ltd ed no. 0340; b/w 'Who's to know'; a few crackles
3334812"Urban speciesReligion and politics EPTalkin' loudTLX 23VGEX£8.001997 small tear on opening of cover; a few light marks
1150345UserGrowing up in EnglandUser groupU-1EXEX£4.001997
3334912"Utah saintsPower to the beatsEchoECDJ 1031VGEX£7.002000 Promo 1 of 3; light wear on cover; some light marks
3335012"Richard ValentineCome back loverSleeping bagSLX 40132-VG£7.001988 Test pressing from Speciality records corp; 33 1/3 12"; Handwritten white sleeve; '1988 club vers/ Done properly dub/ radio vers/ Bonus beats/ Hard club vers/ Oriental club vers/ Percapella'; some marks - plays OK with a few clicks + some crackles
533745Vanity setJump in the graveTongue master001MintEX£3.001999
2918045Various crueltiesNeon truthAlmanacAGBC 2-EX£15.002011 Hand stamped white label + white sleeve; + Photo; b/w 'She is the one'
608345VastFreeMushroomMUSH 79SEXMint£4.002000
2918145Eddie VedderBetter daysMonkey wrench275 1192EXVG£8.002010 Ltd edition Low number 0014/5000; b/w 'The Augusteum' Dario Marianelli; some light marks - plays EX
3468045Suzanne VegaMarlene on the wallA&MAM 309EXEX£4.001985 b/w 'Small blue thing'; light wear on cover
1140045Suzanne VegaWhen heroes go downA&MAM 0158EXVG£2.501993 some light marks - plays EX
3335112"Suzanne VegaBlood makes noiseA&MAMYDJ 0112-VG£7.001992 Promo in stickered plain black sleeve; Clivilles & Cole remixes; a few marks - plays well w/some crackles
2936212"Velvet revolverSlitherRCA82876 633311-EX£12.002004 Picture disc in plain PVC sleeve; b/w 'Set me free'
2454345VentFixerPolydor575 328-7EXEX£5.001996 Blue vinyl; b/w 'Kissing the mirror'; light wear on cover
2454445Tom VerlaineA town called WalkerFontanaFTANA 1EXEX£4.001987 b/w 'Smoother than Jones'; small sale hole on cover
3249445VerveLove is noiseParlophone50999 2354 2570EXEX£7.002008 b/w 'Let the damage begin (live)'; light wear on Gatefold cover; light dish warp
2852345Victims of pleasureWhen you're youngP.A.MVOP 1EXEX£12.001980 b/w 'If I was/ Sporting pastimes'; + tour date insert
3238945VinesRideHeavenlyHVN 137EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Drown the baptists'; new price shop sticker f/cover; light mark side2 - plays perfectly
3238845VinesWinning daysHeavenlyHVN 139EXEX£5.002004 b/w 'Landslide (demo)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3075645ViolinskiSave meJetSJET 146-VG£4.001979 Blue vinyl Promo in company sleeve; b/w 'Cricket bloody cricket'; light dish warp; a few marks - plays well
2370945Virgin danceAre you ready (for that feeling)Probe plusPP 5VGEX£6.00b/w 'Facts'; some ring wear
2925645VisagePleasure boysPolydorPOSPP 523-EX£5.001982 Picture disc; b/w 'The anvil'
635045VitroMentally dullIndepend..ISOM 4SMintEX£3.001997
1836245VolunteersIf you ain't scaredLogoGO 351EXEX£5.001979 Demo
23780EPJohn WalkerFirst flightParavelPRVL 01EXG£5.001982 Signed b/cover; some clicks + crackles on side 1 o/w plays well
2371045Wall of voodooFar side of crazyI.R.SIRM 111VGEX£4.001986 b/w 'Wrong way to Hollywood'
3239045WarlocksShake the dope outMuteMUTE 305EXEX£5.002003 b/w 'Caveman rock'; light wear on cover
2350845Was not wasAnything can happenFontanaWAS 5EXEX£4.001988 b/w 'The death of Mr Ping pong'; light wear on cover
2064145Baby WashingtonJust can't get you out of my mindPeoplePEO 105-EX£7.001973 b/w 'You (just a dream)'; light warp
2908812"We are scientistsChick lit remixesVirginVSTDJ 1971-EX£8.002008 White label stamped Promo in black card sleeve with info sticker; Danger TV remix/ Danger TV dub/ Matt Helding remix
2350945We know where you liveDon't be too honestHMDHMD 001 6VGEX£5.00b/w 'Confessions of a thug/ Excuse me?'; a few light marks
2454545Weather prophetsShe comes from the rainWEAACID 1EXEX£4.001987 b/w 'Wide open arms'
2454645Wedding presentNobody's twisting your armReceptionREC 009EXEX£4.001988 b/w 'I'm not always so stupid'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
4037012"Wedding presentDallianceRCAPT 44496EXEX£7.001991 b/w 'She's my best friend/ Niagara'; mild wear on cover; plays well
576512"Wedding presentNobodys twisting your armReceptionREC 009 12EXMint£6.501988
576612"Wedding presentThis boy can waitReceptionREC 003 12EXEX£7.001986
2454745WeekendersIneligantly wasted in papas penthouse pad..Blow upBLOW UP 003EXEX£7.001995 b/w 'Miles away/ Watching the clock'; light wear on cover; a few light marks
3249745WeezerBeverly hillsGeffen988 1793-EX£6.002005 Picture dsic in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Butterfly (live)'
1780812"WendysThe sun is gonna shineFactoryFAC 289-EX£15.00Hand written white label Demo
4150112"WhamBad boysInnervisionTA 3143VGVG£5.001983 b/w 'Bad boys (instrumental)'; some creases on cover; a few mild marks (VG+), plays perfectly
4150212"WhamClub TropicanaInnervisionTA 3613GVG£6.001983 matrix no.s A2/B3; b/w 'Blue (armed with love)/ Club Tropican (instrumental)'; water stain/creasing on cover; some mild marks - plays well (EX)
2454845Whipping boyTwinkleColumbia661 3717EXEX£5.001995 Clear vinyl; b/w 'A natural'; small sale cut on cover
3239245Whirlwind heatPink (alternate version)XLXLS 177EXEX£8.002004 b/w 'Fume'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3250245White stripes7 Nation armyXLXLS 162EXEX£15.002003 b/w 'Good to me'
3239345White stripesConquestXLXLS 320VGMint£6.002007 White vinyl; large centre hole; b/w 'Honey, we can't afford to look this cheap'; light wear on cover
3250145White stripesI just don't know what to do with myselfXLXLS 166EXEX£7.002003 b/w 'Who's to say'
3239545White stripesIcky thumpXLXLS 277VGM/M£15.002007; White vinyl; 1 sided etched discs in Gatefold sleeve with bonus Red vinyl 'Rag & bone' disc; small tear on bottom corner of cover
3239445White stripesIcky thumpXLXLS 277EXEX/EX£15.002007 Double with NME bonus 'Rag & bone' disc with etched b'side; Red vinyl; Gatefold; light wear on cover
2918745White stripesRag and boneXLXLS 277 NMEEXSealed£7.002007 Single sided etched Red vinyl in sealed Gatefold sleeve given away free with the NME 6/6/07; some light wear on cover
3250445White stripesThe hardest button to buttonXLXLS 173EXEX£8.002003 b/w 'St. Ides of March'; new shop price sticker f/cover
3250345White stripesThere's no home for you hereXLXLS 181EXEX£10.002004 b/w 'I fought piranahs/ Let's build a home'; new price shop sticker on front of die-cut sleeve
3193845WhiteoutVan songSilvertoneORE DJ 67-G£4.001994 'A' label Promo; b/w 'Rocks off'; marks on vinyl (scruffy) - plays well
4040112"WhodiniThe haunted house of rockJiveJIVE T 34VGEX£7.001983 Green vinyl; 'Exteneded version/ Haunted mix/ Vocoder version/ Acapella'; mild wear on cover (VG+); plays well with just a few crackles at start side1
533945WiltOpen armsMushroomMUSH 75SMintEX£4.002000
534045WiltRadio discoMushroomMUSH 71SMintMint£4.002000
3239145Winnebago dealmanhuntFierce pandaNING 139-EX£5.002003 Red vinyl; plain poly sleeve; b/w 'Klugman'
809045WitnessHijackerIslandIS 758MintEX£4.001999 + insert
575612"Jah WobbleBetrayalVirginVS 237 12VGEX£6.501980
3239745Wolfman feat. Peter DohertyFor loversRough tradeRTRADS 177EXEX£12.002004 b/w 'Back from the dead'; some light marks
3250645WolfmotherJoker & the thiefWolfmother171 5493EXEX£5.002006 b/w 'Where eagles have been (live at Lollapolooza)'; light sticker mark f/cover
230845WonderstuffCirclesquarePolydorGONE 10MintMint£4.001990
2886212"WonderstuffCaught in my shadowPolydorGONEX 12VGEX£7.001991 + Inner; b/w 'Gimme some truth (live)/ Extended version'; light wear on cover
565512"WonderstuffDon't let me down, gentlyPolydorGONEX 7EXEX£6.501989 + inner
565612"WonderstuffGive, give, give me more, more, morePolydor871 4451EXEX£6.501988 US
2886112"WonderstuffWelcome to the cheap seats EPPolydorGONEX 14EXEX£8.001992 Gatefold + inner; b/w 'Me, my mom, my dad & my brother/ Will the circle be unbroken/ That's entertainment'
1788412"WoodentopsYou make me feelRough tradeRTT 179EXVG£5.001988 some marks - plays EX
3720845World of twistSons of the stageCircaYR 62EXVG£4.001991 b/w 'Life and death (remix)'; light wear on cover; mild mark on b'side - a few crackles at very start side1 o/w plays well (EX)
2454945World of twistThe StormCircaYR 55VGEX£6.001990 b/w 'She's a rainbow'; small surface tear f/cover o/w EX; a few light crackles
454912"World of twistThe stormCircaYRT 55EXVG£5.001990 a few light crackles on B'side
1150445World partyShip of foolsEnsignENY 606EXEX£5.001987 Gatefold
2925745World partyWay down nowEnsignENYB 634SealedSealed£4.001992 Sealed in shrinkwrap with Badge causing creasing on cover + possible warp; b/w 'Watching and waiting'
2455045YachtsBox 202RadarscopeADA 42VGVG£4.001979 b/w 'Permanent damage'; light wear on cover; a few light marks - plays EX
4189012"YazooOnly you (extended version)Mute12 MUTE 020VGEX£7.001982 Extended version on label, play time 3.05; b/w 'Situation (extended version)' play time 5.25; matrix no.s A1/B1; cover VG+ with mild sticker mark f/cover o/w EX; plays perfectly
3239845Yeah yeah yeahsMapsDress up/ Poly.981 147-1EXEX£15.002003 b/w 'Countdown/ Miles away (Peel session)'; new price shop sticker f/cover
3250845Yeah yeah yeahsPinDress-up/ Poly980 808-6VGEX£7.002003 Red vinyl; b/w 'Rich/ Mr you're on fire Mr'; long spine split on cover
2918845Young buffaloCatapilahYoung & lost clYALC 0057MintEX£5.002010 Die cut sleeve; b/w 'Only we can keep you from harm'; a few light marks
3240045Young heart attackStarlite (radio edit)XLXLS 191EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'We're desperate'; new price shop sticker f/cover; light wear on cover
3239945Young heart attackTommy shotsXLXLS 183EXEX£4.002004 b/w 'Get it hot'; new price shop sticker f/cover; light wear on cover
3250945Young knivesTerra firmaTransgressiveTRANS 056X-EX£5.002007 Picture disc in stickered PVC sleeve; b/w 'Back to back'
2909012"YuckRubberPharmacy2752775EXG£7.002010 b/w 'The base of a dream is empty/ Dark magnet'; Dish warp + small warp spot on vinyl - plays well with a light rumble on side1
3468145YukaWho would believe a young manCheapskateCHEAP 19GVG£3.001981 b/w 'Perfection of self'; '39 written b/cover; wear on cover/top edge; some marks - plays well
3331112"Dweezil ZappaMy guitar wants to kill your mamaChrysalisCHS 12 32347VGVG£7.001988 b/w 'Nasty bizness/ Electric hoedown'; a few marks - plays EX
70045Mark ZedMy calculators rightGunAIM 002EXEX£6.001980; + insert
2455145Jo Jo Zep & FalconsAll I wanna doWEAK 79149EXEX£4.001980 b/w 'Thin line'; light wear on cover
2455245Zerra oneForever and everMercury884 619-7EXEX£4.001986 Holland; Factory sample; b/w 'You are my friend'
2005445ZutonsAlways right behind youDeltasonicDLT 076EXMint£4.002008 numbered/ 1110
2005245ZutonsConfusionDeltasonicDLT 030-EX£6.002004 Picture disc in numbered (2575) pvc sleeve; light warp
2005545ZutonsDon't ever think (too much)DeltasonicDLT 026MintEX£4.002004
2005745ZutonsOh Stacey (look what you've done)DeltasonicDLT 053EXEX£4.002006
2005645ZutonsRemember meDeltasonicDLT 024EXEX£4.002004
2005145ZutonsWhy won't you give me your loveDeltasonicDLT 046-Mint£6.002006 Picture disc
11505EPVarious artistsDeceptively enormousSt HelensSHMC 1EXEX£6.00That man, Hubba hubba, Mr Strettles piano, Redo Zebri
20050EPVarious artistsDrive-thru UK invasion tour 2004Dive-thruEAT 040SEXMint£6.002004 Yellow vinyl; numbered/ 0624
5341EPVarious artistsLa di da samplerLa di da004MintVG£4.001989 How many beans make 5/ John Cunningham/ Jason Smart/ Said liquidator; some crackles
24553EPVarious artistsSounds Blasts EP1Sounds blastsBLASTS 1EXEX£4.001988 Iggy Pop/ Fishbone/ Dan Reed network/ Blue aeroplanes
24554EPVarious artistsSounds/EMI rock showdown - USA v UKEMI americaSHOW DOWN1-EX£4.501986 Jason & Scorchers/ Phantom rocker/ Saxon/ Escape club

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