80's / 90's Rock & Pop - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
31495CD3 Colours redRevoltCreationCRECD 227EXEX£4.001999; 1 case crease on front insert; some light marks on disc
25833CDA HumanThird hand prophecyWall of sound54133 5657 2520SealedSealed£6.002008 sealed in shrinkwrap: card slipcase
14504CDOleta AdamsCircle of oneFontana846 3462EXEX£4.501990
30207CDRyan AdamsDemolitionLost highway170 333-2VGEX£4.002002 Crease on front cover
12498CDRyan AdamsGoldLost highway170 2622EXEX£5.002001; 1 mark - plays perfectly
40312CDRyan AdamsHeartbreakerCooking vinylCOOKCD 205EXEX£4.002000 plays perfectly
29518CDRyan AdamsLove is hellLost highway602498 623251EXEX£4.002004 case cease f/cover
31570CDRyan AdamsRock n rollLost highway986 132-4EXEX£4.002003; 2 case creases on front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
11532CDSRyan AdamsSo alive - CD 2Lost highway986 1611EXEX£3.002003
30188CDNat AdderleyWork songRiversideOJC20 363-2EXEX£6.00German CD reissue; Digipak
5942CDAdventuresThe sea of loveElektra960 7722EXEX£4.501988
31674CDSAfrika BambaataaPlanet rockTommy boyTBCD 823EXEX£12.001993 US issue; b/w 'Bonus beats/ Instrumental'; 1 case crease on front insert; some fading on spine; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11533CDAfroceltsSeedRealworldCDRW 111EXEX£5.002003
11296CDAgnes GoochBlindRevolution924 6732MintMint£6.001997 US; cover stamped promo
31571CDAimHinterlandGrand centralGCCD 112EXEX£4.002002; 1 case mark on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11333CDAirMoon safariVirginCDV 2848EXEX£5.001998
29520CDAirTalkie walkieVirginCDVX 2980MintM/M£4.002004 + Bonus DVD in stickered case
9852CDAirThe virgin suicidesRecord makersCDV 2910EXEX£5.002000
11534CDSAirPlatground loveVirginVSCDT 1764EXEX£3.002000
14505CDAir hammerSword of fireRiot clubRC 006EXEX£6.002005
14506CDA.K.A.s (are everywhere)White doves & smoking gunsSore pointSORE 015CDEXEX£6.002004
958CDAlabama 3Exile on Cold harbour LaneGeffenELM 40EXVG£5.001997 Reviewers copy
25321CDLos AlbertosInformation overloadLos AlbertosLA 100EXVG£5.002006 some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
2599CDAlice in the fieldsAnothr dayBMG434 062MintMint£5.001996
30170CDAlien ant farmTruantEltonal450 501-4EXM/M£4.002003 with Bonus DVD; 2 small case marks f/cover
18024CDAll jigged outWish hillHobgoblinHOBCD 1004SealedSealed£6.002006 digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
9895CDAloofSeeking pleasureEast west240 542EXEX£4.501998
31430CDAlphabeatThis is AlphabeatCopenhagen509995 203 9324EXMint£4.002008; 2 case creases on front insert
11535CDSAmazing Mr EHushArista105 552EXEX£3.001992 marks on disc - plays perfectly
31514CDAmerican Hi-fiThe art of losingMercury077 146-2EXEX£4.002003
11537CDSAmerican music clubJohnny Mathis' feetVirginVSCDT 1445EXEX£3.501993
11536CDSAmerican music clubWish the world awayVirginVSCDT 1512EXEX£4.001994
9896CDTori AmosUnder the pinkEast west825 672EXEX£4.501994
5121CDAmpersandMug of mischiefGolfHOLE 007MintMint£6.00 
12201CDStefan AnderssonWalk right onRecord stationSTAT CD42EXEX£5.001993
11668CDLeah AndreoneVeiledRCARADV 66897SealedSealed£6.00US PROMO; digipak; sealed in shrinkwrap
11538CDSLeah AndreoneYou make me rememberRCARDJ 61755EXEX£3.001997 US; Promo
9853CDAndroidsThe AndroidsUniversal038 4862EXEX£4.502003
3914CDAngel corpus christiWhite courtesy phoneAlmoMCD 11395MintMint£6.001995
11327CDSAnimal houseAnimal EPBMGBVCP 29026SealedSealed£10.002000 Japan; in shrinkwrap
31431CDAnnualsBe he meAce FuACE 045EXEX£4.002006 US
3915CDAnother girlIn the galaxyRCA669 622MintMint£7.001997 Promo in foldout Digipak
25841CDAphex twinCome to daddyWarpWAP 94 CDXEXEX£5.001997 a few light marks on disc
31432CDAphex twinI care because you doPMT seriesPMT 004EXEX£6.001995; 2 small case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
4511CDApollo four fortyElectro glide in blueStealth sonicSSX 2440EXEX£5.001997
11539CDSApplianceLand, sea & airMuteMUTE 266EXEX£4.002001 promo; Gatefold card cover
16663CDAqualungAqualungB-uniqueBUN 033EXEX£4.502002
6880CDAqualungAqualungB uniqueBUN 033EXEX£5.002002
11345CDAqualungStill lifeB-unique50466 96132MintMint£5.002003 reviewers copy
41307CDArcade fireFuneralRough tradeRTRAD CD219EXEX£4.002005 EU; Gatefold card sleeve + Foldout insert; just a few marks - plays perfectly
30549CDArchitecture in HelsinkiPlaces like thisTailem BendTBD 004JEXEX£4.002007 a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
33615CDArctic monkeysSuck it and seeDominoWIGCD 258SEXEX£4.002011 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
3916CDJane ArdenTime for mercyA&M540 0712MintMint£6.001993
4665CDA-R-E weaponsA-R-E weaponsRough tradeRTR 078EXEX£5.002003
31764CDArgonautsSixes and sevensOperando506500 1094 002SealedSealed£6.00Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap: some wear on shrinkwrap
11528CDCraig ArmstrongAs if to nothingVirginCDSAD 13EXEX£4.502002 some marks - plays perfectly
15819CDCraig ArmstrongPiano worksSanctuaryWENCD 225MintMint£6.002004
1711CDArrested development3 years 5 months & 2 days in the life of..CooltempoCCD 1929EXEX£4.001992
1712CDArrested developmentUnpluggedChrysalis321 994MintMint£4.501993
33616CDArt BrutBang bang rock & rollFierce pandaNONG 38CDEXEX£4.002005 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
3918CDArt of noiseThe best of ..ChinaWOLCD 1027MintMint£5.001992
12503CDArt of noiseThe ambient collectionChinaWOLCD 1012EXEX£5.001990
12500CDArt of noiseThe fun mixesChinaWOLCD 1023EXEX£5.001991
11541CDSArt of originNo slow rollin'ILL labelsIL 107MintMint£4.001992 US; card cover
11547CDArtful dodgerIt's all about the stragglersLondon85738 59092EXEX£5.002000
11346CDAshFree all angelsInfectiousINFEC 100CDEXEX£5.002001 couple of light marks - plays perfectly
16664CDAshMeltdownInfectious50504 6731 9721EXEX£5.002004
30208CDAshPromo only compilationInfectiousINFECT 71CDPEXEX£7.002000 10 track Promo; marks on disc - plays perfectly
973CDAshTrailerInfectious14 CDEXEX£4.001994
11542CDSAshGoldfingerInfectiousINFEC T39CDEXEX£3.001996 a few marks - plays perfectly
5134CDRichard AshcroftAlone with everybodyHUTCDHUT 63EXEX£5.002000
11543CDRichard AshcroftAlone with everybodyHutCDHUT X63EXEX£4.502000 a few light marks - plays perfectly
33557CDRichard AshcroftKeys to the worldParlophone00946 354520 20EXVG£2.502006 marks on disc - plays perfectly
11544CDSRichard AshcroftCheck the meaningHutCDHUT 161EXEX£3.002002
31110CDAt the drive-inIn/ Casino/ OutFearless/ V2VVR 1030272EXEX£4.001998 a few light marks on disc
16665CDAthleteTouristParlophone07243 5607 4026EXEX£5.002005
5096CDAudioslaveAudioslaveEpic510 1302MintMint£5.002002
12052CDAudioslaveOut of exileInterscope988 2468EXEX£4.002005 marks on disc - plays perfectly
16395CDAudioventDirty sexy knights in ParisAtlantic75678 35442EXEX£6.002002
11546CDSAudiowebPoliceman skankMotherMUM CD100EXEX£4.001998
11545CDSAudiowebSleeperMotherMUM CD78EXEX£4.001996
31622CDAuroraAurora: The AlbumEMI/ PositivaAURORA DJ001EXEX£5.002000 Promo in slimline case
2619CDAuteursNew waveHutHUT 7MintMint£6.501993
3176CDAuteursNow I'm a cowboyHutHUT 16EXEX£5.001994
30171CDAvett BrothersJ and Love and YouAmerican88697 350992EXEX£4.002009 US; some wear on card slipcase
30209CDAxehead journalTabloid rockCozmopolitanCOZMSC 003MintMint£4.002007
12202CDAztec cameraKnifeWEA2292 40483EXEX£4.50CD issue of '84 LP
11560CDB-52'sCosmic thingReprise7599 25854EXEX£4.501989
12053CDB-52'sGood stuffReprise926 9432EXEX£5.001992 US
11349CDB-52'sThe B-52'sIslandIMCD 1EXEX£4.501979
14508CDJohn BRedox - Catalyst reprocessedBetaBETA CD02EXEX/EX£6.502000 Double CD; Gatefold digipak; a few light marks
3986CDBabe the blue oxPeopleBMGRADV 668 442MintEX£6.001996 PROMO some marks on disc plays perfectly
3829CDBabybirdUgly beautifulEchoCD 11EXEX£4.501996
11548CDSBabybirdYou're gorgeousEchoECS CD26EXEX£3.501996 digipak
41308CDBabyshamblesShotters nationParlophone508 6202EXEX£4.002007 EU; just a few light marks - plays perfectly
31405CDBadly drawn boyAbout a boyXLTNXL CD152EXMint£4.002002; Soundtrack from the motion picture; light wear on card slipcase
8131CDBadly drawn boyHave you fed the fish yet ?XLCD 156MintMint£5.002002
11347CDBadly drawn boyThe hour of bewilder beastXLTNXL CD133EXEX£5.00 
1650CDVell BakardyGenuine liqua hitsAmerican943 060MintMint£5.001995 US PROMO
11550CDSBalloonTightrope walkerDedicatedHENRY 002CDEXEX£4.001992 digipak
9944CDBaltimoreIn loveSniffing rec inSRI 18EXEX£5.002000 Argentina; 6 track mini LP
11348CDBang on a canMusic for airportsPoint music536 8472MintMint£6.001998
8133CDBarenaked ladiesBorn on a pirate shipReprise463 712EXEX£5.001996
9892CDBarenaked ladiesStuntReprise469 632EXEX£4.501988 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11552CDSBarenaked ladiesCall & answerReprisePRO 1461EXEX£3.001999; 1 track Promo
11551CDSBarenaked ladiesJaneRepriseWO 262CDEXEX£3.001994 reviewers copy
16191CDGnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereWarner bros25646 32672EXEX£4.502006
30210CDBasement jaxxCrazy itch radioXLXLCD 205EXEX£4.002006 with plastic slipcase
16666CDBatsSilverbeetFlying nunFNCD 260EXEX£6.001993
31515CDBats for lashesTwo sunsEcho6930 202EXEX£4.002009
33038CDBe your own petBe your own petXLXLCD 193EXEX£4.002006 Digipak
33040CDBe your own petGet awkwardXLXLCD 334EXEX£4.002008 a couple of small marks on back of Digipak; a few light marks on disc
16494CDBeastie boysCheck your headCapitol7989 382EXEX£4.501992 some light marks - plays perfectly
16496CDBeastie boysHello nastyCapitol4957 232EXEX£5.001998 foldout digipak
33573CDBeastie boysTo the 5 boroughsCapitol72434 7331 01MintMint£5.002004 Enhanced CD
9854CDBeat crusadersAll you can eatPopkidPKD 017EXEX£5.002002 US
11558CDSBeautiful peopleNot necessarily stonedWhenWENX 1013EXEX£4.001996
11553CDBeautiful southBlue is the colourGo discs828 8452EXEX£4.001996
31406CDBeautiful southCarry on up the charts: The best of..Go discs828 572-2EXEX£4.001994 compilation; a few light marks on disc label
6879CDBeautiful southPainting it redGo discs548 3352MintMint£5.002000
11554CDBeautiful southQuenchGo discs538 1662EXEX£4.001998 couple of marks - plays perfectly
11555CDSBeautiful southPrettiest eyesGo discsGODCD 119EXEX£3.001994
42012CDBeckMidnite vulturesGeffen490 4852EXEX£4.001999 EU; just a few marks - plays perfectly
42011CDBeckMutationsGeffenGED 25184EXEX£4.001998 EU; just a few light marks - plays perfectly
17062CDBeckOdelayDGCDGCD 24823EXVG£3.501996 US; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
932CDSBeckDeadweightGeffen22293EXEX£6.001Tk PROMO card sleeve
11557CDSBeckDeadweightGeffenGFSTD 22293EXEX£3.501997 some light marks - plays perfectly
3922CDSBeckDevils haircutGeffenGFSXD 22183EXEX£5.001996
11556CDSBeckThe new pollutionGeffenGFSTD 22205EXEX£3.501997 some light marks - plays perfectly
31433CDBeesSunshine hit meWe love youAMOUR 6CDEXEX£4.002001; 2 small case marks on front insert
40317CDBelle and SebastianFold your hands child, you walk like a peasantJeepsterJPRCD 010EXEX£4.002000 plays perfectly
40283CDBelle and SebastianIf you're feeling sinisterJeepsterJPRCD 001EXVG£3.001996 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
40318CDSBelle and SebastianLazy painter Jane EPJeepsterJPRCDS 002VGVG£3.001997 4 track EP; 2 case marks on front insert; waving on rear insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11559CDSBellyNow they'll sleep4ADBAD 5003 CDEXEX£4.001995 digipak
9856CDBentley rhythm aceFor your ears onlyParlophone257 3226MintMint£5.002000
33039CDBetter than EzraDeluxeElektraCD 61784EXEX£4.001995; 2 case creases on front insert
11350CDBig audio dynamiteHigher powerColumbia477 2392EXEX£4.501994 few light marks - plays perfectly
16495CDBig audio dynamiteNo. 10 Upping St.CBS450 1372EXEX£4.00CD issue of '86 LP; a few light marks - plays perfectly
33172CDBig audio dynamiteOriginal album classicsColumbia886972 95542EXEX/EX£18.002008 5xCD Box set reissue of 5 albums; Discs are all in Excellent condition
31572CDBig head Todd & MonstersBeautiful worldRevolution2 24661 ABEXEX£6.001996 US Advance Promo in stickered company card sleeve; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11562CDBig head Todd & MonstersBeautiful worldRevolution924 6612EXEX£5.001997 US; cover stamped 'promo'
11561CDSBig head Todd & MonstersPlease don't tell herRevolutionPROCD 8758MintMint£4.001997 US Promo
13706CDBillysDream girl706 records701DEXEX£6.001992 Canada
30211CDBird and the beeThe Bird and the beeMetro blue09463 87246 29EXEX£4.002007 some marks - plays perfectly
4631CDChris BirkettMen from the skyDreamtimeDREAM 1EXEX£5.001992
3924CDBirthGotton boldHutCDHUT 58MintMint£6.002000
11294CDSBisDetourWiiijaWIJ 10CDMintMint£5.00PROMO; Digipak
11563CDSBisThe secret vampire soundtrack EPChemical u/gr.CHEM 003CDEXEX£4.501996
1649CDBjorkDebut1 little IndianTPLP 31EXEX£4.001993
8134CDBjorkHomogenic1 little IndianTPLP 71CDEXEX£5.001997
975CDBjorkPost1 little IndianTPLP 51EXEX£4.001995
8135CDBjorkTelegram1 little IndianTPLP 51CDTEXEX£5.001996
15853CDBjorkVespertine1 little IndianTPLP 101CDEXEX£5.002001
11565CDSBjorkHyperballad1 little Indian192TP 7CDEXEX£3.001996 some marks - plays perfectly
11564CDSBjorkIsobel1 little Indian172TP 7CDLEXEX£4.001995
31434CDBlack cat musicOctober NovemberLookoutLK 307VGEX£4.002004 US; Crease + sale hole on back insert
11351CDBlack CrowesThe southern harmony & musical companionDef american512 2632EXEX£5.001992
11295CDSBlack CrowesA conspiracyAmerican74321 24236MintMint£4.001994
11566CDSBlack CrowesHigh head blues - CD 1American74321 257 982EXEX£4.001995
11567CDSBlack CrowesHigh head blues - CD 2American74321 258 492EXEX£4.001995
2434CDSBlack CrowesOne mirror too manyAmericanIDAHO 01MintMint£5.001996 PROMO
11568CDSBlack CrowesWiser timeAmerican74321 272 672MintMint£4.001995
16189CDBlack eyed peasElephunkA&M986 0692EXEX£4.002003 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11569CDBlack grapeIt's great when you're straightRadioactiveRAD 11224EXEX£4.001995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11570CDSBlack grapeReverend Black grapeRadioacticeRAXTD 16EXEX£3.001995 a few marks - plays perfectly
31373CDBlack kidsPartie TraumaticAGAGUK 001CDEXEX£4.002008 Promo sticker on back of case; small crack on front of case
28287CDFrank BlackHoneyconbCooking vinylCOOKCD 341EXEX£5.002005 a few light marks on disc
33173CDSarah BlaskoAs day follows nightDew/ DramaticoDRAMCD 0059EXEX£5.002010 Digipak
5945CDBlind melonBlind melonCapitol796 5852EXEX£5.001992
17072CDBlind melonNicoCapitol72438 37451SealedSealed£6.001996 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
11571CDSBlind melonGalaxie - CD 1Capitol7243 8822 5625EXEX£4.001995
11572CDBlocIn the free zoneA&M75021 53432EXEX£5.001991 Promo
6878CDBlondieNo exitBeyond641 142EXEX£5.001999
25318CDBlondieNo exitBeyond74321 648732EXEX/EX£5.001999 Ltd edition with Bonus disc; a few light marks on discs
1724CDBlondieParallel linesChrysalis3211 9223EXEX£4.50CD issue of '78 LP; couple of marks
30172CDBlood brothersDrum, piano ..Artist direct80119 01070-2EXEX£4.002003 US; sale hole on barcode b/cover
11667CDBloody chiclettsPresenting.. Bloody chiclettsAriola74321 41406SealedSealed£7.001996 Canada; sealed in shrinkwrap
38387CDBlossomsBlossomsVirginCDV 3156EXEX£3.002016 mild wear on Gatefold card sleeve
25840CDBlue man groupAudioVirgin486 132EXEX£5.001999 US; light wear on digipak; a few light marks on disc
9941CDBlue statesNothing changes under the sunMemphis ind.MI 011CDEXEX£4.502001 small sticker mark on card cover; few light marks - plays perfectly
9945CDBlue water boyBlue water boySniffing rec inSRI 16EXEX£5.002000 Argentina
5946CDBlues travelerFourA&M540 2652EXEX£5.001994
9897CDBluetonesExpecting to flyParadoxBLUE CD004EXEX£5.001996
9273CDBluetonesReturn to the last chance saloonA&M540 8852SealedSealed£6.501998 sealed in shrinkwrap
11573CDSBluetonesCut some rugParadoxBLUE 005CDEXEX£4.001996
11575CDSBluetonesMarblehead JohnsonParadoxBLUE 006CDEXEX£4.001996
11574CDSBluetonesSolomon bites the wormA&MBLUED 007EXEX£4.001998
9898CDBlur13Food4991 292EXEX£4.501999
31435CDBlurLeisureFoodFOOD CD6EXEX£4.001991; a few light marks on disc
1648CDBlurParklifeFood829 194MintEX£4.001994
986CDBlurThe great escapeFood835 235EXEX£4.001995
11576CDSBlurGirls & boysFoodFOOD 47EXEX£8.001994
1750CDSBlurM.O.RFood884 656EXEX£3.001997
11579CDSBlurTenderFoodFOOD 117EXEX£3.001999 some marks - plays perfectly
11577CDSBlurThe Universal IIFoodFOOD 69EXEX£3.001995 a few marks - plays perfectly
11578CDSBlurTo the endFoodFOOD 50EXEX£8.001994
17063CDBo Kaspers OrkesterVilka tror vi att vi arColumbia512 6983EXEX/EX£6.502003 + bonus DVD; Gatefold digipak; some marks on audio disc - plays perfectly
32044CDBombay bicycle clubA different kind of fixIsland2777 330EXEX£4.002001 Digipak; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
8263CDBon JoviCross road - the best ofMercury522 9362EXEX£4.001994 compilation
8175CDBon JoviCrushMercury548 1722EXEX£5.002000 inc. extra tracks + 2 videos
16667CDBone-boxWorking the ribald ratioUglymanMAN6EXEX£5.002002
12054CDSBongwaterThe Peel sessions EPStrange fruitDE18 3542EXEX£5.001992 a few light marks - plays perfectly
5631CDBoo RadleysWake upCreationCDECD 179EXEX£4.501995 a few marks - plays perfectly
11581CDSBoo RadleysBarney (..and me)CreationCRES CD178EXEX£4.001994
11580CDSBoo RadleysFree HueyCreationCRES CD299EXEX£3.501998
11831CDSBoss HogI dig youGeffenGED 22098EXEX£3.501996
33171CDBoymerangBalance of the forceRegalREG 13 CDEXEX£5.001997 Die cut Gatefold Digipak; light wear on plastic slipcase
3925CDBracket4 wheel vibeCarolineFLAT 17MintMint£6.001995
5947CDBradShameSony473 5962MintMint£6.001993
29522CDPaul BradyOh what a worldRykoRCD 10490EXEX£4.002000
11832CDSPaul BradyNobody knowsFontanaPBCD 1EXEX£3.501991
4523CDBrand new heaviesBrother sisterFFRR828 5572EXEX£5.001994
16668CDBrand new heaviesHeavy rhyme experience - vol 1Acid jazz828 3352EXEX£4.501992 a few light marks - plays perfectly
8210CDBrand new heaviesShelterFFRR828 8902EXEX£5.001997 Card Gatefold sleeve; a few marks - plays perfectly
5948CDBrand new heaviesTrunk funk - The best ofLondon291 642EXEX£5.001999 compilation
11833CDSBrand new heaviesDream on dreamerffrrBNHCD 3EXEX£3.00 
11834CDSBrand new heaviesShelterffrrBNCDP 11EXEX£3.001997
11835CDSBrand new heaviesYou've got a friendffrrBNCDP 10EXEX£3.001997
12055CDBrand NubianFoundationArista07822 19024MintMint£6.001998
30212CDBraveryThe BraveryLoog988 0261EXEX£4.002005 2 small case marks f/cover
2233CDEdie Brickell & New BohemiansGhost of a dogGeffen19269MintMint£5.001990
12203CDMeredith BrooksBlurring the edgesCapitol72438 36919EXEX£5.001997
31436CDIan BrownSolarizedFiction9867 772EXEX£4.002004; 2 small case marks on front insert; a few lifght marks on disc
11836CDSIan BrownCorpsesPolydor569 6552EXEX£3.001998
11837CDSPeter Bruntell combinationI will I won'tAlmoALMOS 002EXEX£4.001995 digipak; reviewers copy
38514CDJeff BuckleyLive at l'OlympiaColumbiaCOL 503204 9EXVG£3.502001 Gateffold Digipak; marks on disc - plays perfectly
11838CDSJeff BuckleyEverybody here wants youColumbia665 7912EXEX£4.501998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11270CDSJeff BuckleySo realColumbia662 5432EXEX£5.001994 Australia
3782CDBuffalo TomBuffalo TomBeggars banquetBBQCD 126EXEX£5.001992 reissue of 1989 album
3783CDBuffalo TomSleepy eyedBeggars banquetBBQCD 177EXEX£5.001995
11841CDSBuffalo TomGoing undergroundIgnitionIGN SCD 16EXEX£3.501999 b/w 'Carnation' Liam Gallagher & Steve Craddock
11840CDSBuffalo TomI'm allowedBeggars banquetBBQ 30CDEXEX£5.001994 tri-fold digipak + 4 inserts; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11839CDSBuffalo TomSummerBeggars banquetBBQ 49CDEXEX£4.001995 digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11842CDSBushGlycerineInterscopeIND 80033EXEX£3.001995
29628CDKate Bush50 words for snowFish peopleFPCD 007EXVG£4.002011 Hardback cover with 16 page booklet; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
9871CDKate BushThe red shoesEMIEMD 1047EXEX£4.001993 few marks on disc - plays perfectly
29523CDKate BushThe Whole storyParlophone7464142EXEX£4.00CD issue of '86 LP
6893CDBernard ButlerPeople move onCreationCRECD 221EXEX£5.001998
11844CDSBernard ButlerStayCreationCRES CD281EXEX£4.001998 card sleeve + inner
11843CDSButterfly childBeajolais EPDedicatedCHILD 001CDEXEX£4.001994 reviewers copy; Gatefold card cover
5090CDDavid ByrneDavid ByrneSire455 582EXEX£5.001994
4760CDDavid ByrneRei momoSire925 9902EXEX£5.001989
31623CDC & C Music factoryGonna make you swearCBS467814 2EXEX£4.001990
16497CDCaesars39 minutes of bliss (in a meaningless world)VirginCDVIR DJX 205EXEX£6.002003 Promo 5 track sampler; digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
14510CDCaged babyWill see you nowSouthern friedECB 75CDEXEX£6.002005 reviewers copy
12584CDCallingCamino palmeroRCA74321 91610EXEX£5.002002
11845CDSCandyskinsHang myself on youUltimateTOPP 059CDEXEX£3.001997 a few marks - plays perfectly
30173CDCaned & AbleSmokeMalicious damagMD 631EXMint£4.002008 Digipak
40102CDCapercaillieSecret peopleSurvival Arista74321 16274 2EXEX£4.001993 German; 2 light case marks on opening of front insert; disc is near Mint (EX+)
14511CDCardigansGran turismoStockholm559 0812EXEX£4.501998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
14007CDMary Chapin CarpenterA place in the worldColumbia485 1822EXVG£3.001996 marks on disc - plays perfectly
12214CDMary Chapin CarpenterCome on, come onColumbia471 8982EXEX£5.001992
28289CDMary Chapin CarpenterPassionate kissesColumbia658996 5MintMint£4.001992 4 track CD single
31437CDPaul CarrackBlue viewsArk 21D2 10007 2EXEX£8.001997 US Advance Promo issued with info + track listing on rear insert and no front insert
34205CDPaul CarrackGood feelingCarrack UKPCAR CD21EXEX£10.002012 Signed by Paul Carrack on front insert; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
34204CDPaul CarrackRain or shineCarrack UKPCAR CD 22EXEX£10.002013 Signed by Paul Carrack on front insert
8173CDCarter USMPost historic monstersChrysalisCDCHR 7090EXEX£5.001993
16744CDCarter USMStarry eyed & bollock nakedChrysalis72438 28934EXEX£4.501994 a collection of b'sides; some marks - plays perfectly
14512CDNeko CaseBlack listedMatadorOLE 5692EXEX£6.002002
39216CDEva CassidyNightbirdBlix streetG 10209VGEX/VG£4.002015 2 x CD + DVD; some mild wear on Gatefold card sleeve; EX/EX/VG; both CD's are in Excellent condition; some marks on DVD
39428CDEva CassidyThe Best of Eva CassidyBlix StreetG2 10206EXEX£4.002012 EU; Gatefold card sleeve
8211CDCastAll changePolydor529 3122EXEX£4.001995 some marks - plays perfectly
5123CDCastMother nature callsPolydor537 5672EXEX£5.001997
11848CDSCastAlrightPolydor579 9272EXEX£4.001995
11851CDSCastFree mePolydor573 6492EXEX£3.001997 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11849CDSCastGuiding starPolydorCAST 3-EX£5.001 track Promo in clear plastic wallet; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11850CDSCastLive the dream - CD 2Polydor571 6852EXEX£4.001997 Digipak + poster
11847CDSCastSandstormPolydor577 8732EXEX£3.501995 few light marks - plays perfectly
11846CDSCastWalk awayPolydor576 2852EXEX£4.001996
4502CDCatatoniaEqually cursed & blessedBlanco y negro270 942EXEX£5.001999
11352CDCatatoniaInternational velvetBlanco y negro39842 08342EXEX£5.001998
11852CDCatatoniaInternational velvetBlanco y negro39842 08342EXEX£4.001998
12056CDSCatatoniaStone by stoneBlanco y negro09274 01009EXEX£4.002001 DVD single
11853CDSCatherine wheelBroken noseChrysalisCHSDJ 5086EXEX£4.001998 1 track Promo; a few light marks - plays perfectly
8136CDNick Cave & Bad seedsNo more shall we partMuteSTUMM 164EXEX£5.002001
3926CDCecilBombar DiddlahParlophoneCDPCS DJ7384EXEX£10.001996 PROMO Digipak
3927CDCecilSubtitlesParlophone8598 2125MintMint£6.001998
11854CDSCecilThe most tiring dayParlophoneCDRDJ 6490EXEX£4.001998 I track Promo; a few light marks - plays perfectly
5949CDCellLiving roomDGC24633MintMint£6.001994 US
12057CDCeremonyHang out your poetryGeffenGED 24523MintMint£6.001993
33041CDKasey ChambersThe CaptainEMI72435 20355 26EXEX£4.001999 Australia; 'Sample product' sticker on back of case
11858CDChapterhouseBlood musicDedicatedDEDCD 011MintMint£5.001993
11857CDSChapterhouseBlood music - album samplerDedicatedDEDCD 011AEXEX£6.00199; 4 track Promo
41765CDCharlatansBetween 10th and 11thSituation twoSITU 37CDEXVG£3.501992 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
14513CDCharlatansMelting potBeggars banquetBBQCD 198EXEX£4.501998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
30213CDCharlatansTellin' storiesBeggars banquetBBOCD 190EXEX£4.001997
41766CDCharlatansThe CharlatansBeggars banquetBBQCD 174EXEX£4.001995 just a few light marks - plays perfectly
33574CDCharlatansUs and us onlyUniversal/ MCAMCD 60069EXEX£4.001999
11864CDSCharlatansForever - CD 1UniversalMCSTD 40220EXEX£4.001999
11863CDSCharlatansForever - CD 2UniversalMCSXD 40220EXEX£4.001999
11859CDSCharlatansHow highBeggars banquetBBQ 312CDEXEX£3.501997 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11862CDSCharlatansMy beautiful friendUniversalMCSTD 40225EXEX£4.001999
11861CDSCharlatansNorth country boyBeggars banquetBBQ 309CDEXEX£4.001997
11860CDSCharlatansTellin' storiesBeggars banquetBBQ 318CDEXEX£3.501997
11865CDChemical brothersDig your own holeVirginXDUST CD2EXEX£5.001997
8137CDChemical brothersExit planet dustJunior boys ownXDUST CD1EXEX£5.001995
11866CDChemical brothersSurrenderVirginXDUST CD4EXEX£5.001999
11856CDSChemical brothersLife is sweet - CD 1VirginCHEMS D2EXEX£3.501995 card sleeve + inner; some marks - plays perfectly
3929CDSChemical brothersSetting sunVirginCHEM SD4EXEX£4.001996
8138CDEagle Eye CherryDesirelessPolydor5372 262MintMint£5.001997
8139CDNeneh CherryHomebrewCircaCIR CD25EXEX£4.501992
9946CDNeneh CherryManHutCDHUT 38EXEX£5.001998
30174CDChicks on speedWill save us allChicks on speedEFA 29901-2EXEX£4.00Light wear on Digipak; a few light marks on disc
29720CDChildhoodLacunaMatathonHA0019 CDEXEX£10.002014 Signed by band on card slipcase; a few light marks on disc
31088CDChristiansThe Best of the ChristiansIslandCIDTV 6EXEX£4.001993
16396CDChugSassafrasFlying nunFNCD 300EXEX£5.001994 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11867CDCircle of handsSeedDarfDARF 10001EXEX£5.001992 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31111CDCity and colourSometimesDine aloneHOFF 011CDMintMint£7.002005
11868CDSCity lixfind our loveAcid jazzJAZID 132CDEXEX£3.001996
31142CDClap your hands say yeahClap your hands say yeahWichitaWEBB 099CDMintMint£4.002005
30175CDClinicInternal wranglerDominoWIG CD78EXEX£4.002000
11870CDSClockhammerCarrotFirst warning72705 75778EXEX£5.001991 advance copy in plastic case
30214CDColdplayA rush of blood to the headParlophone72435 40504 28EXMint£3.002002
14515CDColdplayParachutesParlophone72435 27783EXEX£4.502000 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11353CDSColdplayThe blue room EPParlophoneCDR 6528VGEX£35.001999 digipak; chip on plastic tray; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11871CDSColdplayTroubleParlophoneCDRS 6549EXEX£5.002000 digipak; some marks - plays perfectly
16498CDLloyd ColeLloyd ColePolydor841 9072EXEX£4.501990
16192CDColey parkThe carpet starsShady laneSLCD 01EXEX£6.002003 7 track mini LP
4356CDGerald CollierGerald CollierRevolution924 6792EXEX£6.501998 US PROMO stamped on front cover
3784CDEdwyn CollinsGeorgeous GeorgeSetantaSETCD 14EXEX£4.501994
11872CDSEdwyn CollinsA girl like youSetantaZOP 003CDEXEX£3.001995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31752CDComing soonNew gridsKitchen musicKM 007SealedSealed£7.002007 Gatefold card sleeve sealed in shrinkwrap
14638CDConcrete blondeY los illegalsArk 2161668 10005SealedSealed£6.501997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; sale cut on spine
16193CDBobby Conn & Glass gypsiesThe homelandThrill jockeyTHR 137EXEX£6.002004 US
31751CDConnerHello graphic missileBroken horseBKH CD 011SealedSealed£7.00Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
11354CDCooper Temple clauseKick up the fire & let the flames break looseSonyH 850EXEX£10.002003 Asia; in card slipcase
16657CDCooper Temple clauseKick up the fire & let the flames break looseMorningMORN 36SealedSealed£7.502003 + bonus DVD disc; sealed in shrinkwrap
11666CDCopyrightLove storyVIK74321 50338SealedSealed£6.001997 Canada; sealed inshrinkwrap
41310CDCoralButterfly houseDeltasonic-VGEX£4.002010; 3 case creases on front insert o/w EX; just a few light markson disc - plays perfectly
9983CDCoralMagic & medicineDeltasonic512 5602EXEX£5.002003
16499CDCoralThe CoralDeltasonicDLTCD 006EXEX£5.002002
11873CDSCoralPass it onDeltasonicDLTCD P013EXEX£5.002003 1 track Promo in card sleeve (light sticker mark)
31143CDCordOther peoples lives aren't as perfect as they seemIslandCORD CD010MintMint£4.002006
12585CDCordouroyDead man catAcid jazzJAZID CD60EXEX£4.501992 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11874CDCordouroyHigh havocAcid jazzJAZID CD85EXEX£5.001993
967CDCordouroyOut of hereAcid jazzJAZID 107MintMint£4.501994
11876CDSCornershopBrimful of ashaWiiijaWIJ 81CDEXEX£3.001998 digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11877CDSCornershopSleep on the left sideWiiijaWIJ 80CDEXEX£3.501998 digipak
11875CDSCornflakeSummertimeRCA74321 46700EXEX£4.001997 shaped picture disc
16500CDCorrsIn blueAtlantic75678 33522EXEX£4.502000
6877CDCorrsTalk on corners (special edition)Atlantic809 172EXEX£5.001998
16669CDCorrsUnpluggedAtlantic7567 80986EXEX£4.001999
41334CDElvis CostelloThe very best of Elvis CostelloUniversal546 490-2EXEX/EX£4.001999 Double CD compilation; both discs play pefectly
8140CDElvis CostelloWhen I was cruelMercury586 8292EXMint£5.002002
11880CDSElvis CostelloLondon's brilliant parade EP - CD2Warner brosW0270 CD2EXEX£3.501993 some marks - plays perfectly; reviewers copy
11882CDCount basicMoving in the right directionSpray74321 31818MintMint£5.001996
11881CDCount basicThe remix hit collectionSpray74321 39706EXEX£5.001996
9274CDCounting crowsHard candyGeffen4933 662MintMint£6.002002
30177CDCounting crowsSaturday nights and Sunday morningsGeffen1749 847EXEX£4.002008 light wear on Gatefold Digipak; + 20 page booklet; a few light marks on disc
11883CDSCounting crowsRain kingGeffenGED 21951EXEX£3.501994
11884CDSCounting crowsRound hereGeffenGGED 21916EXEX£3.501994
2611CDCowboy junkiesPale sun, crecsent moonRCA168 082MintMint£6.001993 reviewers copy
31112CDGraham CoxonHappiness in magazinesAstralwerksASW 60387EXEX£7.002004 US; sale hole on barcode b/cover
33558CDGraham CoxonHappiness in magazinesTranscopic/ EMI577 5192EXEX£6.002004 Digipak; a few light marks on disc
16194CDCrackleAll I want is you/ StorysongsStorysongs150 0827EXEX£6.002001
39514CDCranberriesIn the endBMG53845 1232EXEX£4.002019 Digipak; just a few light marks on disc
11888CDSCranesAdriftDedicatedCRANE 005CDEXEX£3.501993 a few marks - plays perfectly
11886CDSCranesShining road - CD 1DedicatedCRANE 008CD 1EXEX£5.001994 CD 1 in double box
11885CDSCranesShining road - CD 2DedicatedCRANE 008CD 2EXEX£4.001994 Promo in card sleeve
29635CDSi CranstounSkinny jeansGalley musicGALLEY 110CDMintMint£10.002009
3957CDCrash test dummiesA worms lifeArista397 792MintMint£6.001996
11891CDCrash test dummiesA worms life - preview samplerAristaKCDP 51365EXEX£5.001996 Canada; Promo; 6 track sampler
3956CDCrash test dummiesGod shuffled his feetRCA201 522MintMint£6.001993 reviewers copy
3958CDCrash test dummiesThe ghosts that haunt meAristaARCD 8677MintMint£6.001991
11890CDSCrash test dummiesGod shuffled his feetRCA74321 23809EXEX£3.501994 a few light marks - plays perfectly; small sticker tear f/cover
11889CDSCrash test dummiesKeep a lid on thingsVikCTD 002EXEX£4.001998 1 track Promo
11893CDSCrash test dummiesMy own sunriseAristaRISE 01MintMint£4.001996 1 track Promo
11892CDSCrash test dummiesMy own sunriseAristaKCDP 51434MintMint£5.001996 Canada; 1 track Promo + 'interactive stuff'
4504CDCrashlandGluedIndepen- dienteISOM 18CDMintMint£6.002000
11894CDSCrazy gods of endless noiseInflateable geek EPBlindCRAZY 21EXEX£5.001994; 6 track EP
8214CDCreaturesA Bestiary ofPolydor5336 772EXEX£4.001997 some marks - plays perfectly
8268CDCredit to the nationTake dis1 little IndianTPLP 44EXEX£5.00 
2587CDBrendan CrokerThe great indoorsSilvertoneORE CD517MintMint£6.501991
11362CDSheryl CrowC'mon, c'monA&M493 2622EXEX£4.502002 reviewers copy; some light marks - plays perfectly
4632CDSheryl CrowSheryl CrowA&M540 5902EXEX£5.001996
9899CDSheryl CrowThe globe sessionsA&M540 9742MintMint£5.001998
18030CDSheryl CrowThe Globe sessions - Tour editionA&M541 0252EXEX/EX£7.001999 + bonus disc
12058CDSheryl CrowTuesday night music clubA&M540 1262EXEX/EX£20.001993 + Bonus 6tk disc 'Live Shepherds bush empire'; some light marks - plays perfectly
9275CDSheryl CrowTuesday night music clubA&M540 1262MintMint£5.001993
11896CDSSheryl CrowAll I wanna doA&M580 8432EXEX£4.001994
11897CDSSheryl CrowAnything but downA&M582 8272EXEX£3.501998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11899CDSSheryl CrowLeaving Las Vegas - CD 1A&M580 6452EXEX£10.001994 Promo; foldout digipak with space for CD 2
11900CDSSheryl CrowLeaving Las Vegas live - CD 2A&M580 6472EXEX£4.001994 Promo
11895CDSSheryl CrowMy favorite mistakeA&M582 7632EXEX£3.501998
11898CDSSheryl CrowRun baby runA&M31458 81632EXEX£10.001993 US PROMO; Gatefold card sleeve; single + LP versions;
11901CDSSheryl CrowStrong enough - CD 1A&M580 9212EXEX£7.001995 Promo; foldout digipak with space for CD 2
4507CDCrowded houseRecurring dream: The very best of..Capitol383 9629EXEX£5.001996
16220CDCrowded houseRecurring dream: The very best of/ + bonus live alCapitol852 2482EXEX/EX£7.001996 Double CD; some marks - both play perfectly
14516CDCrowded houseTogether aloneCapitol72438 27048EXEX£4.501993 a few marks - plays perfectly
14517CDCrowded houseWoodfaceCapitol793 5592EXVG£3.501991 marks on disc - plays perfectly
3184CDCrown heightsMore pricks than kicksAmerican438 312MintMint£6.501997
17064CDCrystal methodVegasOutpostOPRD 30003EXEX£5.001997 US; a few light marks
4626CDCudShowbizA&M540 2112EXEX£5.001994
11903CDSCudOne giant loveA&M580 7292 DJEXEX£3.501994 Promo
11902CDSCudOne giant love - CD 1A&M580 7292EXEX£5.001994 foldout digipak with space for CD 2
11904CDSCudSticks & stonesA&M580 5472EXEX£3.501994 Promo
33175CDJamie CullumInterludeIsland470 2475EXEX/EX£8.002014 CD + Bonus DVD 'Jazz a Vienne'; Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on discs
11905CDCunninghamsZeroed outRevolution924 6752EXEX£5.001997 US; cover stamped Promo
31407CDCunninghamsZeroed outRevolution2 24675 ABEXMint£5.001997 US Advance Promo in stickered card sleeve
11906CDSCunninghamsBottle rocketsRevolutionPROCD 8723MintMint£4.001997 US 1 track Promo
11907CDCureDisintergrationFiction839 3532EXEX£4.501989 a few marks - plays perfectly
31438CDCureThe CureGeffen9862 886EXEX£4.002004
11909CDSCureClose to me - remixFictionFICCD 36EXEX£3.501990 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11908CDSCureLovesongFictionFICCD 30EXVG£6.001989 marks on disc - plays perfectly
1021CDCurveCuckooAnxiousANXCD 81EXEX£4.001993
3959CDCurveCuckooAnxiousANXCD 81MintMint£6.001993
11910CDCurveCuckoo - 4 track album samplerAnxiousANXCD S81EXEX£6.001993 PROMO
15854CDCypress hillBlack SundayColumbia4740 752EXEX£4.501993
16501CDCypress hillIII - Temples of boomColumbia478 1272EXEX£4.001993 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11911CDSCypress hillI ain't goin' out like thatColumbia659 6902EXEX£3.501993 a few light marks - plays perfectly
6876CDDaft punkDiscoveryVirginCDVX 2490EXEX£6.002001 + plastic membership card
11912CDSDaisyheadSomething happensVirginVSCDG 1407EXEX£4.001992 digipak
4515CDDakota suiteSongs for a barbed wire fenceAmosCDLP 1MintMint£6.501998
12507CDDamnYouth styleRawfusionRAFCD 003SealedSealed£6.002004 sealed in shrinkwrap
16670CDDance 2 tranceMoon spiritsLogic74321 15706EXVG£4.001993 marks on disc - plays perfectly
14518CDDance with a strangerLook at what you've doneRCA74321 20572EXEX£5.001994
5950CDEvan DandoBaby I'm boredSetantaSETCD 114EXMint£6.002003
11914CDSEvan DandoStop my head - CD 1SetantaSETCD A127EXEX£4.002003
11915CDSEvan DandoStop my head - CD 2SetantaSETCD B127EXEX£4.002003 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11916CDSDandy WarholsBohemian like youCapitolCDCLX 823EXEX£3.002001
11917CDSDandy WarholsEvery day should be a holidayCapitolCDCL 797EXEX£3.501997
6532CDTerence Trent D'arbyIntroducing the hardline according to..CBS450 9112EXEX£4.001987
11918CDSDark starGraceadelica - CD 2HarvestCDEM 556VGEX£4.001999 light water stain on card sleeve + inner; a few marks - plays perfectly
9276CDDarknessPermission to landAtlantic5050 466EXEX£5.002003
6875CDDC BaseheadPlay with toysImago210 122EXEX£7.001992
25324CDDead can danceAion4ADCAD 0007 CDEXEX£6.001990 a few light marks on disc
25322CDDead can danceSpiritchaser4ADCAD 6008 CDEXEX£5.001996 a few light marks on disc
25323CDDead can danceToward the within4ADDAD 4015 CDEXEX£7.001994 a few light marks on disc
28304CDDeath from above 1979You're a woman, I'm a machine679679L 100 CDXEXEX/EX£10.002005 Double disc in Gatefold Digipak
3962CDDeath in VegasDead ElvisDeconsruct..HARD 22MintMint£6.001997
31439CDDeath in VegasThe Contino sessionsConcreteHARD 41CDMintMint£4.001999 with Card slipcase
11995CDSDeath in VegasAisha - CD 1ConcreteHARD 43CD1EXEX£4.001999 a few light marks - plays EX
11919CDSDeath in VegasAisha - CD 2ConcreteHARD 43CD2EXEX£4.002000 pen on inlay
11920CDSDeath in VegasRoccoConcreteHARD 14CDEXEX£4.001996
11921CDSDeath in VegasTwist & crawlConcreteHARD 26CDEXEX£4.001997
11355CDEtienne De CrecyTempovisionXLXLCD 141EXEX£6.002000
3045CDDeep dishJunk scienceDeconstruct74321 58034EXEX£5.001998
12504CDDeep seasonIsland monkeysJM two93025 200EXEX£4.001993 marks on disc - plays perfectly
12204CDDel AmitriChange everythingA&M395 3852 DJEXEX£6.001992 Promo
16671CDDel AmitriHatful of rain: the best of..A&M540 9402EXEX£5.001998
31440CDDel AmitriWaking hoursA&M397010 2EXEX£4.001990 Manufactured in Garmany; light crease on front insert
1030CDSDelakotaThe rockGo beatPRO 10EXEX£4.001998 PROMO card sleeve
40353CDDelaysEverything's the rushFiction1758391EXEX£8.002008 Signed by the band on the front insert: just a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
17820CDDelaysFaded seaside glamourRough tradeRTRAD CD114EXEX£5.002003
14620CDDelinquent habitsMerry go roundArk 21ARKCD 1004MintMint£5.002001
31441CDDelphicCollectionsPolydor3722 042EXEX£4.002013
11334CDDepartureDirt wordsParlophoneDIRTY 01EXEX£6.002005 Promo; card sleeve + inner
9278CDDepeche modeExciterMuteSTUMM 190EXEX£4.502001
11922CDSDepeche modeOnly when I lose myselfMuteLCD BONG 29EXEX£4.001998 Subsonic, Automator, Slater remixes
11923CDSDepeche modeOnly when I lose myselfMuteCD BONG 29EXEX£4.001998 b/w 'surrender' + 'Headstar'; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11924CDDesert eagle discsThe eagle has landedArista74321 59441EXEX£5.001998
1022CDDevoOh no it's Devo/ Freedom of choiceVirgin869 972EXEX£4.001993 issue of '80 & '82 LP's
41311CDDexy's midnight runnersSearching for the young soul rebelsEMI72435 25600 04EXEX£4.002000 20th Anniversary remastered reissue of '80 LP + 2 Bonus videos; a few mild marks - plays perfectly
1013CDDexy's midnight runnersThe very best of..Mercury846 460EXEX£4.001991 compilation
41312CDDexy's midnight runnersToo-rye-ayMercury542 961-2EXEX£4.002000 EU remastered reissue of '82 LP + 2 video tracks; 3 case creases on front insert; plays perfectly
11927CDSDharmasThree miles high - CD 1Rhythm kingDHAT 002 CD1EXVG£3.001996 card sleeve; marks on disc - plays perfectly
38389CDDiamond nightsPopsicleKemadoKEM 023VGVG£3.002005 some wear on Digipak; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
9272CDDidoLife for rentArista545 9822SealedSealed£6.002003 sealed in shrinkwrap
5124CDDidoNo angelArista832 742EXEX£5.002000
5951CDDied prettyTraceColumbiaCK 57301MintMint£6.001993 US
3963CDDigDigRadio activeRAD 10916MintMint£6.001993
11929CDSDiggersNobody's foolCreationCRES CD234EXEX£5.001996 Promo
11928CDSDiggersOK alrightCreationCRES CD259EXEX£5.001997 Promo
952CDSDiggersPeace of mind + 2CreationCRESCD 226EXEX£5.001996 Promo
3964CDDinky toysColour blindBMG165 742MintMint£6.001993
16672CDSDinosaur JrFeel the painBlanco y negroNEG 74CDEXEX£4.001994 a few marks - plays perfectly
38390CDCeline DionEncore un soirSony88985 343812EXVG£10.002016 Deluxe efition; Box + 26 page Booklet + Notebook + 6 Fabric Bracelets; lots of marks on Disc - plays perfectly
11340CDDire straitsAlchemy - LiveVertigo818 2432EXEX/EX£5.001996 2CD reissue of '83 LP
41316CDDire straitsBrothers in aemsVertigoMMTCD 1961EXVG£4.001996 South Africa; remastered reissue of '85 LP; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
5952CDDire straitsBrothers in armsVertigo824 4992EXEX£4.00CD reissue of '85 LP
12059CDDire straitsBrothers in armsVertigo824 4992MintMint£4.001996 CD reissue of '85 LP
39432CDDire straitsDire straitsVertigo800 051-2EXEX£4.00CD reissue of '78 LP; France; crease near opening of front insert; a few mild marks on disc
39214CDDire straitsLive at the BBCWindsong int.WINCD 072EXEX£8.001995; HMV new price sticker on front of Gatefold Digipak; Just a few light marks on disc
39495CDDire straitsLove over goldVertigo800 088-2EXVG£5.001980's West German CD reissue of '82 LP; a few marks on disc (VG+), plays perfectly
41317CDDire straitsMoney for nothingVerigo836 419-2VGVG£3.001988 West German; 2 case marks on front insert; a few marks - plays perfectly
39493CDDire straitsOn every streetVertigo510 160-2EXVG£4.001991 a few marks on disc (VG+), plays perfectly
40212CDDire straitsSultans of swing: The very best of Dire straitsVertigo538 0032EXEX/EX£6.001998 EU; Double HCCD; some mild wear on card slipcase: both discs are in near Mint condition
11930CDDisposable heroes of hiphoprisyHypocrisy is the greatest luxury4th & B'wayBRCD 584EXEX£5.001992 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11931CDDiveStillsRCA74321 13405EXEX£5.001993
9947CDDivine comedyA secret history.. The best of..SetantaSETCD 100MintMint£5.001999
8141CDDivine comedyA short album about loveSetantaSET CDL 036EXEX£18.001996 Ltd ed. Box (17703) Digipak + postcards
3785CDDivine comedyFin de siecleSetantaSETCD 057EXEX£5.001998
33559CDDivine comedyRegenerationParlophone531 7612EXVG£3.002001 2 small case marks on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
31552CDDJ CherInternational DJ Syndicate: Mix 2ReactREACTCD 103EXEX£5.001997 Various artists mixed by DJ Cher
9279CDDodgyFree peace sweetA&M540 5732EXEX£5.001996
2588CDDodgyHomegrownA&M540 2822EXEX£4.501994
11933CDSDodgyFound youA&M582 1332EXEX£4.001997
11932CDSDodgyGood enoughA&M581 8152EXEX£4.001996
2437CDSDodgyI need another (Dodgy EP)A&M580 3172 DJMintMint£6.001993 PROMO
11934CDSDodgyIf you're thinking of meA&M581 9992EXEX£3.501996 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11935CDSDodgyIn a roomA&M581 6252EXEX£3.501996
2438CDSDodgyLovebirdsA&MAMCD 177DJMintMint£6.001993 PROMO
2435CDSDodgyThe melod-epA&M580 6772MintMint£4.001994 reviewers copy
2436CDSDodgyWater under the bridgeA&MAMCD 196DJMintMint£6.001993 PROMO
31442CDDogsTurn against this landIsland987 124-2EXEX£4.002005; 2 case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
11937CDSDogstarQuattro formaggiZooPUPPY 01MintMint£3.501996 Promo
12622CDThomas DolbyAliens ate my BuickManhattan7480 752EXEX£4.501988 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
11938CDSThomas DolbyClose but no cigar - CD 2VirginVSCDT 1410MintEX£3.501992 card sleeve
3965CDDollopDeflatorMushroomRule 9MintMint£8.001995
11939CDSDominoThe mountainRoyal stablePR3 RUG 35CDEXEX£4.501995 Promo
11635CDDouble visionDouble visionAcid jazzJAZID CD104EXEX£5.001994
18038CDDovesLost soulsHeavenlyHVNLP 26CDSealedSealed£6.002000 sealed
38515CDDovesSome citiesHeavenlyHVNLP 50CDSVGVG/EX£4.002004 + Bonus DVD; mark on front of Gatefold Digipak; Some marks on CD - plays perfectly; a few light marks on DVD
18037CDDovesThe last broadcastHeavenlyHVNLP 35CDSealedSealed£5.002002 sealed; hinge broken on case
11940CDSDovesThere goes the fearHeavenlyHVN 111 CDRPEXEX£5.002002 PROMO; card sleeve; some light marks - plays perfectly
9948CDDown by lawFly the flagGo-kartGOK 053MintMint£6.001999 US
38518CDJason DownesWhite boy with a featherJive9230 452EXVG£3.002001 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
16195CDDraylonYou know wearStyl a discSADCD 001EXEX£6.501996
16673CDDreadzoneSecond lightVirginCDV 2778EXEX£4.501995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
8142CDDream warriorsSubliminal simulationEMI8303 452EXEX£4.501994 Canada; couple of marks - plays perfectly
33617CDDresden dollsYes VirginiaRoadrunnerRR 8081-5EXVG£5.002006 US; Gatefold Digipak; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11943CDSDrizaboneBrightest star - CD 14th & B'way854 1192EXEX£3.501994 Promo; digipak with space for CD 2
3163CDPete Droge & the SinnersFind a doorAmerican374 502MintMint£6.501996
2235CDPete Droge & the SinnersFind a doorAmerican374 502MintMint£6.501996
11944CDSPete DrogeIf you don't love me (I'll kill myself)American74321 25795MintMint£4.001995
31114CDDronesHavilahATP PtyATPRCD 31EXEX£5.002008 a few marks on Digipak
30215CDD12Devils nightInterscope493 079-2EXEX/M£4.002001 + Bonus disc; a few light marks on disc 1
3966CDDub pistolsPoint blankConcreteHARD 34LPMintMint£6.001998
11945CDSDub pistolsWestway EPConcreteHARD 25 CDEXEX£4.001997
957CDDubstarDisgracefulFood835 216EXEX£4.001995
11636CDSDubstarElevator song - the mixesFoodFOOD 80VGEX£3.001996 light water stain on cover; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11946CDSDubstarNo more talk - CD 2FoodFOOD S96EXEX£3.001997 digipak; some marks - plays perfectly
18039CDSDubstarStars EP (CD2)FoodCD FOOD S75SealedSealed£5.00Ltd edition in box + 3 postcards; sealed in shrinkwrap
26569CDDuckworthsMoonshineEat scratch fevCSF 001SealedSealed£10.002008 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
31408CDDuffyRockferry: Deluxe editionA&M179 009-0EXEX/EX£4.002008 Double CD; light wear on Gatefold Digipak
11949CDStephen DuffyDuffyIndolentDUFF CD003EXEX£5.001995
11947CDSStephen DuffySugar highIndolentDUFF 002CDEXEX£4.001995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
33042CDDuke specialSongs from the deep forestV2VVR 104 1442MintMint£4.002006
17065CDDuo live1st H.I.M.pressionsRedemptionRED REC 0301MintMint£6.002003 US
40352CDIan Dury & BlockheadsNew boots and pantiesCode 90NINETY 15EXEX£4.002006 EU CD reissue of '77 LP; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
31652CDDustedWhen we were youngGo beat543 638-2EXEX£4.002000 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
12060CDSteve EarleWe ain't ever satisfied (the essential collection)MCAMCD 10570MintMint£5.001992
11357CDEcho & BunnymenEvergreenLondon828 9052EXEX£5.001997
11950CDSEcho & BunnymenDon't let it get you downLondonLONCD 406EXEX£3.001997 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11951CDSEchoboyTelstar recoveryMuteMUTE 256EXEX£4.002000 reviewers copy; card sleeve + inner; a few light marks - plays perfectly
13707CDEddie the razorEddie the razorDeWolfeDWCD 0032MintMint£7.001988 'a survey of rock n roll, rock & boogie styles featuring guitar & piano'
31409CDEditorsAn end has a startKitchenwareKWCD 37EXEX£4.002007
30216CDEditorsThe Back roomKitchenwareKWCD 34EXEX£3.002005 a few light marks
14520CDEelsElectro shock bluesDream worksDRD 50052EXEX£5.001998 a few marks - plays perfectly
16674CDEggTravelatorIndochinaZENO 19CDEXEX£5.001998
11952CD18 WheelerTwin actionCreationCRECD 164P-EX£6.001994 PROMO in plain plastic case with stickered track listing
11954CDS18 WheelerCrabsCreationCRES CD232EXEX£3.001996 Promo; marks on disc - plays perfectly
11953CDS18 WheelerStayCreationCRES CD 249XEXEX£4.001997 reviewers copy
11591CDS18 WheelerThe hours & the timesCreationCRES CD219 XPMintMint£4.001997 PROMO
936CDS18 WheelerThe revealerCreationCRESCD 188EXEX£5.001994 Promo
970CDElasticaElasticaDeceptiveBLUFF 014EXEX£4.501995
11956CDSElasticaConnectionGeffenGED 21953MintMint£4.001994
11587CDSElasticaWaking upGeffenGED 21971EXEX£3.001995 mark on disc - plays perfectly
3786CDElectrafixionBurnedWarner06301 12482EXEX£5.001995
11958CDSElectrafixionNever - CD 1WEAWEA 022 CDXEXEX£5.001995 Digipak with space for CD 2
11957CDSElectrafixionZephyrWEAWE 759EXEX£3.001994 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31443CDElectric soft paradeHoles in the wallDBDB002 CDLPEXEX£4.002002
14521CDElectronicElectronicParlophoneCDPRG 1012EXEX£5.001994
12061CDElusivePressure dropHard handsHAND CD3EXEX£5.001997 some marks - plays perfectly
11336CDEmbraceIf you've never been awayHutCDHUT 68EXMint£5.002001
4351CDEmbraceThe good will outHutCDHUT 46MintMint£6.001998
4624CDEMFCha cha chaParlophone320 6322EXEX£5.001995
14522CDEMFSchubert dipParlophoneCDPCS 7353EXEX£5.001991
4625CDEMFStigmaParlophone803 4827MintMint£6.001992
14617CDEminemThe Eminem showAftermath493 2902EXEX£4.002002 a few marks - plays perfetly
14524CDEminemThe Marshall Mathers LPInterscope490 7612EXEX£4.502000 + bonus track 'Kids'; a few marks - plays perfectly
14523CDEminemThe Slim Shady LPInterscope490 5462EXEX/EX£6.001999 + bonus disc
11959CDEmperors new clothesWisdom & liesAcid jazzJAZID CD122EXEX£5.001995
30179CDEmpirionAdvanced technologyXL/WantedXLCD 117EXEX£4.001996
15820CDEnigmaThe screen behind the mirrorVirginDGVIR 100EXEX£6.502000 German; Gatefold digipak
14525CDEnyaA day without rainWEA8573 85986EXEX£5.002000
9901CDEnyaPaint the sky with stars - The best of..Warner bros208 952MintMint£5.001997
11358CDEnyaShepherd moonsWEA75572EXEX£5.001991
12062CDEnyaThe CeltsWEA4509 91167EXEX£5.001992 issue
12586CDEnyaThe memory of treesWEA0630 12879EXEX£5.00 
3968CDEnyaWatermarkWEA438 752MintMint£5.001988
1830CDErasureI say I say I sayMuteSTUMM 115EXEX£4.001994
16675CDErasureThe circusMuteSTUMM 35EXEX£4.001987
1005CDErasureThe two ring circusLCDSTUMM 35EXEX£4.001987
1713CDErasureWonderlandMuteSTUMM 25EXVG£3.501986
16658CDErobiqueDiscodebutAcid jazzAJXCD 123SealedSealed£7.001999 sealed in shrinkwrap
15821CDEskobar'Til we're deadV2VVR 1009 422EXEX£5.002002
11960CDSEspirituYou don't get meHeavenlyHVN 74CDEXEX£4.001997 digipak
11961CDMelissa EtheridgeYour little secretIslandCID 8042EXEX£4.501995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11964CDEve 6Eve 6RCA07863 67617EXEX£5.001998 US; a few light marks - plays perfectly
11965CDSEve 6Inside outRCA74321 60569EXEX£4.001998
8269CDEverclearSparkle & fadeCapitol8535 6025EXEX/EX£7.001995 + Bonus live disc
4508CDEverlastWhitey Ford sings the bluesTommy boyTBCD 1236MintMint£6.001999
11962CDSEverlastI can't moveTommy boyTBCD 2177EXEX£4.002000 US; 1 track Promo
11337CDEverything but the girlAmplified heartBlanco y negro0630 10453EXEX£5.001994
31444CDEverything but the girlIdlewildBlanco y negro243840 2MintMint£4.001988 Manufactured in Germany
11963CDEverything but the girlLove not moneyBlanco y negro240 6572EXEX£4.501985
11967CDExtremeIII sides to every storyA&M31454 00062MintMint£5.001992 US; Promo
11966CDSExtremeStop the worldA&MAMCD 0096EXEX£3.001992
33560CDFaithlessOutrospectiveBMG/ Cheeky74321 865552EXEX£4.002001 a few light marks
9914CDFaithlessOutrospectiveCheeky862 802EXEX£5.002001 card sleeve; some light marks on disc
31445CDFaithlessSunday 8pmCheekyCHEK CD 503EXEX£4.001998
25325CDJason FalknerCan you still feelElektra7559 62205 2EXEX£6.001999
8143CDFall458489 - A sidesBeggars banquetBEGA 111EXEX£5.001990 compilation
30217CDFall45849 A SidesBggars banquetBBl 111 CDEXVG£4.001990 compilation; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
41447CDFallHip priest and kameradsSituation twoSTU 13CDVGEX£7.001988; SITL 13CD cat no. on disc; creasing on rear insert o/w EX; plays perfectly
41452CDFallThe light user syndromeJetJETCD 1012EXEX£5.001996 Case mark on front insert; a few marks - plays perfectly
38391CDFall out boyAmerican beauty / American psychoIsland/ DCD2006025 47168733EXEX£4.002015 Gatefold card sleeve, 8 page booklet + diisc are all near Mint with just a few light marks on disc
11969CDSFarmLove see no colourEnd product658 8682EXEX£3.001992 a few light marks - plays perfectly
3177CDPerry FarrellRevWarner bros475 442EXEX£5.001999; Tracks by Janes addiction, Porno for pyro's & solo
11972CDFatboy SlimBetter living through chemistrySkintBRASS 2CDEXEX£4.501996
9902CDFatboy SlimHalfway between the gutter & the starsSkintBRASS 20CDMintMint£4.502000
16502CDFatboy SlimPalookavilleSkintBRASS 29CDEXEX£4.002004 a few light marks - plays perfectly
30219CDFatboy SlimThe Greatest hits: Why try harderSkintBRASSIC 40CDLEXEX/EX£5.002006 with Bonus DVD; light wear on tri-fold Digipak; a few marks on DVD
11268CDFatboy SlimYou've come a long way, babySkintBRAS 11CDEXEX£4.001998 a few light marks
11970CDSFatboy SlimRight here right nowSkintSKINT 46CDEXEX£3.001999
11971CDSFatboy SlimThe Rockafeller skankSkintSKINT 35CDEXEX£3.001998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31698CDNewton FaulknerHand buily by robotsUgly truth88697 113062MintMint£4.002007
4526CDFaultlineCloser colderLeafBAY 12CDEXEX£5.001999 card sleeve
5098CDFeederPolytheneEchoECHCD 19MintMint£6.001997
5097CDFeederSwimEchoECHCD 38MintMint£6.002001 + 5 bonus tracks + 2 enhanced videos
4350CDFeederYesterday went too soonEchoECHCD 28EXEX£6.001999 reviewers copy
31446CDFeelingTwelve stops and homeIsland9857 881EXEX£4.002006; 1 case crease on front insert
9949CD59 times the painEnd of the milleniumBurning heartBHR 085EXEX£5.001998 Sweden
33577CDFilthydukesNonsense in the darkPolydor Fiction178 9542EXEX£4.002009
16676CDSFinnAngel's heapParlophoneCDRS 6421EXEX£4.001995 CD1 of a 2 part set issued in double case; a few light marks - plays perfectly
16677CDSFinnSuffer neverParlophoneCDRS 6417EXEX£4.001995 CD1 of a 2 part set issued in double case
29629CDNeil FinnOne NilParlophone532 0392EXEX£4.002001 some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
11973CDSNeil FinnShe will have her wayParlophone72438 85640EXEX£3.501998; 4 track issue
11974CDSNeil FinnShe will have her way - CD 1ParlophoneCDRS 6495EXEX£3.501998 some light wear on digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
34148CDTim FinnTry whistling thisParlophone72434 95139 21EXVG£3.501998 A few marks - plays perfectly
11975CDSFiresideKilotinAmericanSTAR 3942EXEX£5.001996 digipak
30180CDFischerspoonerFischerspooner's #1Ministry soundFSMOS CD1MintMint£4.002000 Gatefold Digipak in card slipcase
31448CDFlaming lipsClouds taste metallicWarner bros.9362 45911 2MintEX£4.001995 Manufactured in Germany; a few light marks on disc
31447CDFlaming lipsTransmissions from the satellite heartWarner bros.9362 45334 2MintEX£4.001993 Manufactured in Germany
2586CDFlowerheadKa-bloom!Zoo110 442MintMint£6.001992 US
2585CDFlowerheadThe peoples fuzzZoo110 592MintMint£6.001995 US
33161CDFluxMirrorFlux familySPDL 05SealedSealed£15.00NEW: Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap: 2012
11976CDFlysHoliday manTrauma74321 62150EXEX£5.001998
25326CDFoalsAntidotesTransgressiveTRANS 071 CDEXEX£5.002008
11977CDSFoilReviver geneMuteHOUR 13EXEX£5.001997 reviewers copy; digipak
41335CDBen Folds FiveRockin' the suburbsEpic504063 2EXEX£4.002001 EU; plays perfectly
41318CDBen Folds FiveSongs for SilvermanEpicEPC 517012 2EXEX£4.002005 plays perfectly
5082CDBen Folds FiveWhatever & ever amen550 musicBK 67762EXEX£5.001997
11978CDSBen Folds FiveBattle of who could care less - CD 1Epic664 2302EXEX£3.001997 some marks - plays perfectly
11979CDSBen Folds FiveBattle of who could care less - CD 2Epic664 2305EXEX£3.501997
31705CDFoo fightersEchoes, silence, patience & graceRCA88697 15500 2EXEX£4.002007 a few light marks on disc
33176CDFoo fightersIn your honourRCA82876 70193 2EXEX/EX£4.002005 Double; a few light marks on discs
6873CDFoo fightersThere is nothing else left to loseRoswell716 992EXEX£7.001999 Gatefold card sleeve
8144CDJohn ForteI, JohnTransparent500 182EXEX£6.002002
9978CDForwardWe need the truthHG factHG 132SealedSealed£6.50Japan; sealed in shrinkwrap
31691CDFour star MaryThrown to the wolvesMSGMSGCD 10103EXVG£3.501999 US; 1 case mark on front insert; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
11980CDSFour star MaryPainSpitfieSPITX S249MintMint£4.002001 digipak
13708CDJohnnie Fox & HuntersLook at that moonSpindriftSPIN 4MintMint£6.502000
5433CDJohn Foxx & Louis GordonCrash & burnMetamaticMETA 005CDEXEX£5.002003
25299CDFrankLife by the hourDumbo191774 1EXEX£4.002003 US; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
31410CDFrayHow to save a lifeEpic88697 07161 2EXEX£4.002007
2629CDFreewheelersWaitin' for GeorgeAmerican279 682EXEX£5.001996
11359CDFrenteMarvin the albumMushroomTVD 93367EXEX£6.001994
31411CDFriendly firesFriendly firesXLXLCD 383 SEXEX£4.002009 with Bonus track
8145CDFun lovin' criminals100% ColombianChrysalis4970 562EXEX£5.001998
34140CDFun lovin' criminalsMimosaEMI/ DiFontaine7243 523 45922EXMint£4.001999
11981CDSFun lovin' criminalsBig night outChrysalisCHSS 5101EXEX£4.001998 digpak + band poster
9950CDFun peopleAngustia, no, noSlide chorusSCM 07MintMint£5.002000 Argentina
31968CDFuneral for a friendCasually dressed & deep in conversationInfectious25646 09472EXEX£4.002003 a few marks on stickered case
31969CDFuneral for a friendMemory and humanityJoin usJOINUS 003EXMint£4.002008; 1 case crease on front insert
31776CDFurslideAdventureMeanwhile72438 40598 20MintEX£8.001998 US; Hardback cover + 20 page booklet
3969CDFury in the slaughterhouseBrilliant thievesSPV44762 CDEXEX£5.001997
14519CDFuture sound of LondonDead citiesVirginCDVX 2814EXEX£5.001996 some marks - plays perfectly
8146CDGabrielleDreams can come true - Greatest hits vol 1Go beat589 3742MintMint£5.002001
9951CDGabrielleRiseGo beat549 7522EXEX£4.502001
9282CDGalliano4Talkin loud532 8112EXEX£5.001996
6891CDGallianoThe plot thickensTalkin' loud522 4522EXEX£4.501994 few marks on disc; plays perfectly
31449CDGallowsOrchestra of wolvesIn at deep endIATDE 032EXEX£4.002006; a few light marks on disc
31450CDGang gang danceSaint DymphnaWarpWARP CD171EXEX£4.002008; a few light marks on disc
16196CDGarbageBeautiful GarbageMushroomMUSH 95CDEXEX£5.002001
18023CDGarbageGarbageMushroomD 31450EXEX£5.001995
11982CDSGarbageStupid girlMushroom74321 35200EXEX£3.001995
9952CDGas drummersProud to be nothingSlide chorusSCM 03MintMint£6.002000 Spain
31778CDGay dadLeisure noiseLondon 90556 103-2EXEX£8.001999 Signed by band on front insert
12063CDBob GeldofThe vegetarians of loveMercury846 2502EXEX£4.001990 some marks - plays perfectly
4635CDGeneOlympianCoster mongerGENE 1CDMintMint£6.001995
16678CDSGeneBe my light, be my guideCoster mongerCOST 2CDEXEX£4.00a few light marks - plays perfectly
11983CDSGeneWhere are they now? - CD 1Polydor573 7752EXEX£4.001997
11984CDSGene loves JezebelJosephinaSavage74785 50024EXEX£4.001992 Promo; crease on digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
993CDGeraldine fibbersThe Geraldine fibbersHut840 193EXEX£5.001994 PROMO
13709CDGhostridersBack to haunt youLittle devilLD 666EXEX£6.001999 CD-R
11985CDGiant killersGiant killers - Album samplerMCAWMCST 40033EXEX£4.001996 4 track Promo album sampler; digipak
9283CDBeth Gibbons & Rustin manOut os seasonGo beat0665 742MintMint£6.502002
11283CDGin blossomsNew miserable experienceFontana395 4032EXEX£4.501992 few light marks - plays perfectly
11987CDSGin blossomsFollow you downA&M581 5072EXEX£3.501996 digipak
11986CDSGin blossomsHey jealousyFontanaGINCD 3EXEX£3.001993
31753CDGlassCouples therapyPlant8939-2SealedSealed£7.00Digipak sealed in shrinlwrap
38393CDGo ! TeamThunder, lightning strikeMemphis ind.MI 040 CDXEXEX£3.502005
14527CDGo-betweensOceans apartLo-maxCD 007EXEX£5.002005 reviewers copy
3167CDGod lives underwaterEmptyAmerican295 182MintMint£6.501995
11988CDSGod lives underwaterGod lives underwater EPAmerican74321 27117MintMint£6.501995 6 track EP
11989CDSGoldbugWhole lotta loveAcid jazzJAZID 125CDEXEX£3.501995
9915CDGoldfrappFelt mountainMuteSTUMM 188EXEX£5.002000 card sleeve
11990CDSGoldfrappPilotsMuteRCD MUTE 267EXEX£4.002001 1 track Promo; some marks - plays perfectly
30558CDGoldrushDon'r bring me downVirginCDV 2959EXVG£4.002002 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
30559CDGoldspotTally of the yes menFontana1724 869EXEX£4.002007 light wear on card slipcase
11338CDGomezBring it onHutCDHUT 49EXEX£5.001998
3180CDGomezLiquid skinHut848 2182MintMint£6.001999
11992CDSMatthew Good bandRaygunEMIPDJ 81843EXEX£4.001996 card sleeve
13711CDGood rockin' toniteHavin' some times with..BSM-EXEX£5.00CD-R
31521CDGooseBring it onSkintBRASSIC 42CDEXMint£6.002006 Printed front case
4595CDGorillazGorillazParlophone5311 3803MintMint£5.002001
11994CDSGorillazNineteen two thousandParlophoneCDR 6559EXEX£3.002000 couple light marks - plays perfectly
31522CDGouranga powered bandBe free boogie--EXEX£8.00 
14528CDGouranga powered bandTryin' to get freeGouranga-EXEX£6.50a few marks - plays perfectly
2236CDGrandaddySophtware slumpV21012 252MintMint£6.502000
42013CDGrandaddyUnder the western freewayBig catABB 152CDEXVG£3.501998 Hype sticker on case; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
11993CDSGrant Lee BuffaloMockingbirdsSlashLACDP 49EXEX£4.001994 digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
18031CDPeter GrantTraditionalFMI/ Universal173 0336EXEX£5.002007
16306CDDavid GrayA new day at midnightIHT50504 66165 824EXEX£4.502002
14529CDDavid GrayLife in slow motionIHT976 627MintMint£5.002005
31451CDDavid GrayLost songs 95-98IHTIHTCD 002EXMint£5.002000 Hardback Digipak with Booklet
9284CDDavid GrayWhite ladderIHT85738 29832EXEX£4.501998
11996CDSDavid GrayBabylon - CD 1East westEW215 CD1EXEX£4.002000
11997CDSDavid GrayPlease forgive meEast westEW219 CDEXEX£4.002000
12064CDMacy GrayOh how life isEpic494 4232EXEX£4.001999 a few light marks - plays perfectly
4506CDMacy GrayThe IDEpic504 0899EXEX£5.002001
11297CDGreen apple quick stepWonderful virusMedicine74321 16571MintMint£6.001993
11998CDSGreen apple quick stepDizzyMedicine217 779MintMint£3.501995 US; card sleeve
31144CDGreen dayBullet in a bibleReprise9362 49466 2EXM/M£6.002005 with Bonus DVD; Mild wear on Gatefold Digipak
2839CDGreen on redThis time aroundChinaWOLCD 1019MintMint£6.001989
4623CDTom GreenwoodFeatures from a featureless placeBrokenBRPTG 4MintMint£6.001994
3831CDGridevolverDeconstruct227 182MintMint£6.001994
3830CDGridMusic for dancingDeconstruct276 702MintMint£6.001995 reviewers copy
9953CDSGridDiabloDeconstruc.308 402EXEX£5.001995 card sleeve
38394CDGroove armadaLittle black bookModa blackMB 042 CDEXEX/M£10.002015 Double CD in Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc 1
2612CDGroove collectiveWe the peopleGiant stepIMP 11632MintMint£6.001996
12000CDGrooversChargedPolydorPOCH 1694EXEX£6.001998 Japan; a few light marks - plays perfectly
31116CDGuillemotsFrom the cliffsFantastic plastFPCD 015EXEX£4.002006 Digipak
31452CDGuillemotsThrough the windowpanePolydor987 782-4EXEX£4.002006; 1 case mark on front insert; a few light marks on disc
12001CDGun0141 632 6326A&M540 7232EXEX£6.001997 reviewers copy
12006CDSGunDon't say it's over - CD 1A&M580 7552EXEX£5.001995 Promo; foldout digipak with space for CD 2
12004CDSGunDon't say it's over - CD 1A&M580 7552 DJEXEX£4.001994 Promo
12005CDSGunThe only one - CD 1A&M580 9552EXEX£5.001995 Promo; foldout digipak with space for CD 2
12003CDSGunThe only one - CD 2A&M580 9532EXEX£4.001995 promo
12002CDSGunWord up - CD 1A&M580 6652EXEX£4.001994 promo
12007CDSGunWord up - CD 2A&M580 6672EXEX£5.001994 Promo; foldout digipak with space for CD 1
12008CDGuru JoshInfinityDeconstrct.PD 74701MintMint£5.001990
31412CDHaddawayThe AlbumCoconut74321 18320 2MintMint£5.001993 Manufactured in Germany
4510CDJames HallPleasure clubGeffenGED 24911MintMint£6.501996
9917CDHappy MondaysBummedElektra960 8542MintMint£5.001989 US
9918CDHappy MondaysHallelujahFactoryFACD 260EXEX£5.001990 - 7 tracks
6872CDHappy MondaysPills 'n thrills & bellyachesFactoryFACD 320EXEX£4.501990
8147CDHappy MondaysSquirrel & G-men 24hr party people..Factory520 0122EXEX£5.001992 issue of '87 LP
9981CDHard upsAlone in the crowdSlide chorusSCMSealedSealed£6.502001 Spain; Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
31754CDHard upsAlone in the crowdSlide chorusSCMSealedSealed£6.502001 Spain; Digipak; Sealed in shrinkwrap
31453CDHard-fiStars of CCTVNecessary505046 786912 7EXEX£4.002005
12010CDBen HarperBurn to shine - samplerVirginSAMP VUS 160EXEX£6.001999 5 track Promo in card sleeve + inner
41319CDBen HarperFight for your mindVirginCDVUS 93EXVG£3.501995 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
18032CDBen HarperThe will to liveVirginCDVUS 128EXEX£4.501997 small tear on booklet
15822CDAlvin Youngblood HartTerritoryHannibalHNCD 1431MintMint£6.501998 US
34003CDKristian HartingSummer of crushEx O MainstreamEOM 75VEXMint£6.502015 German; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve
965CDPJ HarveyIs this desire?Island8076 524EXEX£4.501998
2841CDPJ HarveyRid of meIsland514 6962EXEX£5.001993
11360CDPJ HarveyTo bring you my loveIslandCID 8035MintMint£5.001995
33568CDTaylor HawkinsRed light feverRCA/ Coat tail88697 684982SealedSealed£4.002010 Sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
33578CDRichard HawleyColes cornerMuteCD STUMM 251EXEX£4.002009
3833CDHaze & shuffleGet your hazeArista187 312MintMint£6.001993
12011CDSHaze & shuffleWhatch 'ya do with meAristaASCD 2628MintMint£5.001993 US 1 track Promo; printed case
3834CDHeadstonesTeeth & tissueMCAMCD 81005MintMint£5.001996
11285CDHeadswimTense momentsCrush/ epic476 9902EXEX£6.001994 digipak
2843CDJeff HealeyCover to coverArista238 882MintMint£6.501995
2842CDJeff HealeyFeel thisArista120 872MintMint£6.501992
2220CDSJeff HealeyCruel little numberAristaASCD 2467MintMint£6.001992 US 1 track PROMO
12012CDSJeff HealeyStuck in the middle with youArista74321 26927EXEX£4.001995 card sleeve; a few light marks - plays perfectly
12013CDSJeff HealeyWhile my guitar gently weepsArista663 622EXEX£4.001990
31677CDHeartbeatAround the housePhonographyGRAPH CD01EXEX£5.001998 with Dani Siciliano; Gatefold Digipak; some light marks - plays perfectly
933CDSHeavy stereoMouse in a hole + 2CreationCRESCD 230PMintEX£6.00Promo card sleeve
12014CDNona HendryxSkin diverPrivate music260 045EXEX£5.001989 reviewers copy
12015CDSKristin HershEcho4ADBAD 9007EXEX£4.501999 digipak
12016CDHigh fidelityDemonstration - 5 track album samplerPlastiqueFAKE 3XEXEX£5.001998 Promo in card sleeve
12017CDSHigh fidelityCome again (part 1)PlastiqueFAKE 2XEXEX£3.501998 1 track Promo in card sleeve
5953CDLauryn HillThe Miseducation of..Columbia489 8432EXEX£4.501998
12018CDSHoarseDiamondRCARDJ 64805 2EXEX£4.001997 US Promo; Gatefold card cover + sticker
31755CDLauren HoffmanChoreographyFargoFA 0079SealedSealed£7.002005 France; Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
9285CDHoleCelebrity skinGeffenGED 25164EXEX£5.001998
1740CDSHoleAsk for itCaroline1470-2EXEX£3.001995
5099CDJools HollandHop the wagWarner859 492EXEX£5.002000
12398CDJools HollandSmall world - Big band - vol 2: more friendsWarner09274 94192EXEX£4.502002 some marks - plays perfectly
6840CDJools HollandSmall world big bandWarner426 562EXEX£5.002001
11590CDSJools HollandWaiting gameColiseumTOGA 013CDEXEX£3.001996 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11299CDHootersOut of bodyMCAMCD 10753MintMint£5.001993
11286CDHootie & BlowfishCracked rear viewAtlantic7567 82613EXEX£4.001994
12019CDHootie & BlowfishFairweather JohnsonAtlantic7567 82886EXEX£4.501996 some light marks - plays perfectly
14530CDHootie & BlowfishMusical chairsAtlantic831 362EXEX£5.001998 US
9954CDHorace goes skiingYeah right surePop kidPKD 013EXEX£5.002002 US
33619CDHormonesWhere old ghosts meetV2VVR 1001 652EXEX£4.001998; 2 small case marks on front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
40129CDBruce HornsbyA night on the townRCAPD 82041EXEX£4.001990 UK/EU issue; all in near Mint condition
5957CDBruce HornsbyHarbour lightsRCA661 142EXEX£5.001993
5955CDBruce HornsbyHarbour lightsRCA661 142MintMint£10.001993 PROMO card/plastic box + insert
40130CDBruce HornsbyScenes from the southsideRCAND 90492EXEX£4.001990 UK/EU CD reissue of '85 LP
34005CDLars HorntvethPookaSmall town s.sSTS 079CDEXEX£5.002004 Norway
14623CDHouse of 909Soul rebelsPaganCD 1003MintMint£6.001997
14668CDHouse of 909The children we werePaganCD 1008MintMint£6.001997
31664CDHouse of loveThe House of loveCreationCRELP 034 CDEXEX£6.001988 No barcode; a few creases on front insert; some light marks on disc
14637CDHousey doingzDoing itPagan61868 42001SealedSealed£6.501997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
4514CDHovercraftExperiment belowMute90802MintMint£6.501998 Digipak
28258CDHowlerAmerica give upRough tradeRTRADCD 640SealedSealed£5.002011; New; sealed in stickered shrinkwrap
31523CDH2SO4Machine turned bluesReconRECON CD007EXEX£4.001999
33620CDHue & CryOpen soulBlairhillBLAIR 1EXEX£5.002008 Gatefold Digipak; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
12020CDSHuge babyVoodooFocusFOCUS 15CDEXEX£3.001995
11361CDJohn HughesWild ocean14th floor50504 67403 222MintMint£6.002004 reviewers copy
3836CDHunkHunkGeffenGED 24955MintMint£6.001996
971CDHunters & collectorsDemon flowerMushroomRMD 53410EXEX£7.001994 Reviewers copy
8265CDSHurricane #1Step in to my worldCreationCRES CD253EXEX£4.001997 card sleeve
12065CDHydraSpooky weirdnessPolydor533 1262EXEX£4.501997 some marks - plays perfectly
18033CDIdlewild100 broken windowsFoodFOOD CD32EXEX£5.002000
31374CDIglu & Hartly& Then boomMercury1778 764EXMint£4.002008 Promo sticker b/case; crack on front of stickered case
11300CDJames IhaLet it come downHutCDHUT 47EXEX£5.001998 few light marks - plays perfectly
12066CDIncubusA crow left of the murderEpic515 0472EXEX£4.502004 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31454CDIncubusMorning viewEpic504061 9EXEX£4.002001
4516CDInflatable sharksSee you on the iceSpring boardIS 001MintMint£6.50 
11287CDInnocence missionInnocence missionA&MCDA 5274EXEX£5.001989
3837CDInspiral carpetsLifeMuteDUNG 8CDEXEX£5.001990
3838CDInstant KarmaGrammyGoldrushNUG 004EXEX£5.001996
6871CDINXSElegantly wastedMercury534 6132EXEX£4.501997
38396CDIron & wineThe Creek drank the cradleSub popSPCD 600MintEX£4.002002 US; disc is near Mint
38397CDIron & wineThe Shepherd's dogSub pop25646 97669EXEX£4.002007 all in near Mint condition
31145CDChris IsaakSan Francisco daysReprise9362 45116 2EXEX£4.001993
31524CDThe ItOn top of the worldBig life843751 2EXEX£5.001990
31978CDBon IverFor Emma, forever ago4ADCAD 2809 CDEXEX£5.002008 a few light marks on disc
38398CDBon IverFor Emma, forever ago4 ADCAD 2809 CDEXEX£6.002008 all in near Mint condition
3839CDJWe are the majorityA&M517 7102MintMint£6.001992 PROMO
16503CDJackopierceBringing on the weatherA&M540 2232EXEX£5.001994
9286CDJoe JacksonStepping out - The very best of..A&M397 0522EXEX£4.501990
12205CDJacksoulAbsoluteAriola74321 38621EXEX£5.001996 Canada; small sale hole on spine
5089CDJacobitesJacobitesMammothMR 00842EXEX£6.001993 CD issue of 1982/3 tracks
12023CDSJaleNot happy (14.8.93 EP)Sub pop08331 03EXEX£5.001993
9904CDJamesGold motherFontana848 5952EXEX£4.501990
16679CDJamesLaidFontana314 514 9432MintMint£4.501993 US
11589CDSJamesSit downFontanaJIMCD 8EXEX£3.001991 reviewers copy
16680CDJamiroquaiA funk odysseySony504 0692EXEX£4.002001 some light marks - plays perfectly
14531CDJamiroquaiEmergency on planet earthSony474 692EXEX£4.501993
31699CDJamiroquaiHigh times: Singles 1992-2006Sony886970 19962EXEX£4.002006 a few light marks on disc
11288CDJamiroquaiTravelling without movingSony483 9992EXEX£4.001996
12027CDSJamiroquaiAlright - CD 2Sony664 2355EXEX£3.501997
12031CDSJamiroquaiDeeper underground - CD 1 (mixes)Sony666 2182EXEX£3.001997
12030CDSJamiroquaiHalf the manSony661 0035EXEX£3.501994
12029CDSJamiroquaiStillness in timeSony662 0252EXEX£3.001995 a few light marks - plays perfectly
12025CDSJamiroquaiSupersonicSony667 8392EXEX£3.501999
12026CDSJamiroquaiVirtual insanitySony663 6132EXEX£3.501996
12028CDSJamiroquaiVirtual insanity - CD 2Sony663 6135EXEX£3.001996 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31624CDJanes addictionStraysCapitol192 1980EXEX/M£5.002003 CD with Bonus DVD; some light marks on CD
11301CDJayhawksTomorrow the green grassAmerican74321 23680MintMint£6.001995
12032CDSJayhawksBig starAmericanLOUIS 01EXEX£5.001997 Promo; digipak
12033CDSJayhawksBlueAmerican74321 25797MintMint£4.501995
4630CDJazzkantineHeiss & fettigRCA315 252EXEX£6.501995
12022CDJazzkantineJazzkantineAriola74321 23287EXEX£5.001994 Gatefold card sleeve + booklets; some light marks - plays perfectly
11529CDWyclef JeanThe carnivalColumbia487 4422EXEX£4.501997 few light marks - plays perfectly
13713CDSJellybeanDemo CDCD-R-EXEX£3.50CD-R 3 track Demo
4637CDJellyfishJellybuttonCharismaCDCUX 3EXEX£5.001990
4638CDJellyfishSpilt milkCharismaCDCUS 20EXEX£5.001993 a few light maks; plays perfectly
14532CDJeppJeppHutCDHUT 48EXEX£5.001998
12035CDSJeremy daysJulie thru the blindsPolydor889 4783EXEX£6.001989 3" CD + gig leaflet; reviewers copy
12034CDSJeremy daysRome wasn't built in a dayPolydor873 0403EXEX£6.001989 3" disc; reviewers copy
33043CDJesus JonesDoubtFoodTOCP 6562EXEX£10.001991 Japan; Card slipcase, Obi + 28 page booklet
11339CDJesus JonesLiquidizerFood7932 382EXEX£5.001989
11289CDJewelSpiritAtlantic7567 80946EXEX/EX£8.001999 + Bonus 5tk disc - Live in Madrid '99
11588CDSJewelHandsAtlanticAT 0055EXEX£3.001998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31980CDJimmy eat worldClarityCapitol539 6160EXMint£4.001999 small crack on front of stickered case
31979CDJimmy eat worldJimmy eat worldSKG music450 348-2EXEX£4.002001 a few light marks on disc
31970CDJimmy eat worldStatic prevailsCapitol72435 39615 03EXEX£4.001996 a few light marks on disc
31700CDJack JohnsonOn and onIsland980 708-7EXEX£4.002003 Gatefold Digipak; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
12036CDFreedy JohnstonThis perfect worldElektra7559 61655EXEX£5.001994
4629CDJan JohnstonNaked but for liliesA&M540 2422EXEX£6.001994 reviewers copy
12037CDSJan JohnstonAliveA&M580 6852 DJEXEX£4.001994 Promo; digipak
31520CDJoy formidableThe big roarCanvasback7567 88335 3EXEX£4.002011
3840CDJuantripBalmy under the stormF com..13701 1020MintMint£7.001999
12038CDSJuiceIf I knewFelineFR 05EXEX£3.502003
31526CDGary JulesTrading snakeoil for wolfticketsSanctuarySANDP 252EXEX£4.002003 Digipak
16681CDJunior SeniorD-d-don't don't stop the beatMercury067 9202EXEX£5.002003
33981CDKaiser chiefsOff with their headsB-uniqueBUN 144 CDEXEX£4.002008 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31146CDKaiser chiefsYour truly, angry mobB-uniqueBUN 122CDMintMint£4.002007
31625CDKasabianEmpireSony828767 849927EXEX£4.002006
31573CDKasabianVelociraptorColumbia886979 33502EXEX£4.002011 some light marks - plays perfectly
33622CDKasabianWest Ryder pauper lanatic asylumSony8869 7518 312EXEX£4.002009 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31780CDNiamh KavanaghFlying blindArista74321 255412MintMint£6.001995
12068CDKeI amRCA74321 35258EXEX£6.001996
12067CDSKeStrange worldRCAKE 001EXEX£4.001995 4 tk Promo; a few light marks - plays perfectly
38399CDKeaneCause and effectIsland779 1606EXVG£4.002019 Gatefold card sleeve; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
17614CDKeaneUnder the iron seaIslandCID 8167EXEX£5.002006
17790CDKeithRed threadLucky numberLUCKY 007CDSealedSealed£6.50Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
3161CDBrian KennedyA better manBMG409 132MintMint£6.001996
12041CDSBrian KennedyLife, love & happiness - CD 1RCA74321 409 912MintMint£3.501996
12042CDSBrian KennedyLife, love & happiness - CD 2RCA74321 409 922MintMint£3.501996
12040CDSBrian KennedyPut the message in the box - CD 1RCA74321 462 262MintMint£3.501997
12039CDSBrian KennedyPut the message in the box - CD 2RCA74321 262 272MintMint£3.501997
16682CDAlicia KeysThe diary of Alicia KeysJ records82876 586 202EXEX£4.502003
31574CDKid KoalaCarpal tunnel syndromeNinja tuneZEN CD34EXEX£4.002000 Digipak + 36 page Booklet; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
16683CDKilljoysA million sunsMushroomD 31274EXEX£5.001994
12069CDKiloWorth the waitOlikOLIK CD01EXEX£6.001996 few light marks - plays perfectly
13715CDJJ King & CoolersStop messin' aroundIce cubeCD 01EXEX£4.501999 CD-R 6 track EP
31719CDKing Pleasure & Biscuit boysHey Puerto RicoBig bearBEAR CD46EXEX£5.002006 a few light marks on disc
28308CDKing prawnFried in LondonMoon skaMOON CD 061EXEX£6.002001
13714CDThe KingGravelandsChrysalis72434 98004EXEX£5.001998
30221CDKings of LeonYouth & young manhoodHand me downHMD 27JCEXEX£3.502003
12043CDKojakCrime in the cityPro-zak trax547 9832EXEX£5.001999
12044CDKonkreteNine songsLeicesterKCD 001EXEX£6.001998
9919CDKosheenResistArista880 812EXEX£5.002001
9920CDDiana KrallA night in ParisVerve065 3692EXEX£5.002002
29528CDDiana KrallA night in ParisVerve065 369-2EXMint£5.002002
17791CDDiana KrallAll for youImpulseIMP 11642SealedSealed£6.501996 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
9955CDDiana KrallLove scenesImpulseIMP 12342EXEX£5.001997 Gatefold card sleeve
34149CDDiana KrallQuiet nightsVerve060257 049359EXEX£4.002009 light wear on back insert; very small crack on back of case; a couple of light marks
9956CDDiana KrallThe girl in the other roomVerve9862 063EXEX£5.002004
27253CDDiana KrallThe look of loveVerve549 846 2EXEX£5.002001
31455CDLenny KravitzCircusVirginCDVUS 86EXEX£4.001995
4738CDLenny KravitzLet love ruleVirginCDVUS 10EXEX£4.501989
12070CDSLenny KravitzAre you gonna go my way - CD 1VirginVUSDG 65EXEX£3.501993 digipak with space of CD 2; some marks - plays perfectly
11637CDSLenny KravitzAre you gonna go my way - CD 2VirginVUSCD 65EXEX£4.001993
12045CDSLenny KravitzFly awayVirginVUSCD 141EXEX£3.001998
31456CDKubbMotherMercury987 0767EXEX£4.002005; 2 case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
3841CDKula shakerKColumbiaSHAKER 1CDKEXEX£10.001996 Digipak + insert
3972CDKula shakerKColumbiaSHAKER 1CDMintMint£5.001996
12048CDSKula shakerGovinda - CD 1ColumbiaKULA CD5EXEX£4.001996
12047CDSKula shakerGovinda - CD 2ColumbiaKULA CD5KEXEX£5.001996 card cover + inner + poster
3971CDSKula shakerHey dudeColumbiaKULA CD4KEXEX£6.001996 card sleeve + inner
31706CDSKula shakerHush (CD-2)ColumbiaKULA CD6KEXEX£4.001997 Card sleeve + Inner + Poster; a few light marks on disc
12046CDSKula shakerMystical machine gunColumbiaKULA 22CDXEXEX£5.001999 card sleeve + inner + poster
11638CDSKula shakerTattva (lucky 13 mix)ColumbiaKULA CD1EXEX£5.001995
3842CDKyndShakedownGo go girlGOGO 004EXMint£7.001998 Ballbearing case
4640CDL7Bricks are heavySlash828 3072EXEX£6.001992
15856CDLag wagonHossFat wreck chordFAT 5322EXEX£6.00US
14533CDLaidbackFrequency delinquencyRumourBOLSH CD1EXEX£5.002002
31118CDLambchopNixonCity slang20152 2EXEX£4.002000 a few light marks on disc
4639CDPaul LanskyRideBridge9103EXEX£6.002000
12049CDPatty LarkinPerishable fruitHigh streetHD 9752EXMint£7.001997 advance promo; clear case with stickered track listing on front
33561CDLa'sThe La'sGo discs828 202-2EXVG£3.50Some marks on disc - plays perfectlu
33044CDLa'sThe la'sGo discs549 566-2EXEX£4.002001 Digitally remastered CD reissue of '90 LP with 5 bonus tracks
16504CDSLa'sTimeless melodyGo discsLASCD 4EXEX£5.001990 reissue
31457CDLast shadow puppetsThe age of understatementDominoWIGCD 208SEXEX£4.002008
33045CDBen LeeAwake is the new sleepNew westNW 6070EXEX£4.002005 US; light wear on Digipak + pen mark on barcode
14534CDTommy LeeTommyland: The rideSPV80000 917MintMint£10.002005 Promo in slimline case
14535CDLeftfieldLeftismColumbiaHAND CD2MintMint£5.001995
12587CDLeftfieldLeftismColumbiaCK 67231EXEX£4.501995
9857CDLeftfieldRhythm & stealthHard handsHAND CD4MintMint£4.501999
31527CDLeilaCourtesy of choiceXLXLCD 135EXEX£4.002000 Light wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
12050CDSLemon treesThe way I feelOxygenGASPD 2EXEX/EX£5.001992 2xCD; some wear on foldout cover
31458CDLemonheadsCar button clothAtlantic/ Tag7567 92726 2EXEX£4.001996
3175CDLemonheadsCome on feelAtlantic825 372MintMint£6.001993
1714CDLemonheadsIt's a shame about RayAtlantic84260EXEX£4.501992
11785CDSJulian LennonGet a lifeVirginVSCDG 1398EXEX£3.501992 digipak
14536CDKristian LeontiouSome day soonPolydor987 0765EXEX£4.502005 a few light marks
11786CDSLevellersHope St.ChinaWOKCD 2059EXEX£4.001995
38401CDZoe LewisSmall is tremendousWildflowerWFL 1306EXEX£5.002005 US; just a few light marks on disc
31459CDLexie mountain boysSacred vacationCarparkCAK 43EXEX£4.002008
31626CDLibertinesUp the bracketRough tradeRTRADE CD065EXEX£4.002002
31460CDLibertinesUp the bracketRough tradeRTRADE CD065EXEX£4.002002; case crease on front insert
9858CDLighthouse familyWhatever gets you through the dayPolydor589 4242EXEX£4.502001
8149CDLightning seedsDizzy heightsEpic486 6402EXEX£4.501996
5101CDLightning seedsLike you do..The best of..Epic489 0342EXEX£4.001997
9287CDLightning seedsTiltEpic4962 632EXEX£5.001999
3843CDLionrockAn instinct for detectionDeconstruct154 2812MintMint£6.001996
3844CDLionrockCity deliriousConcrete32 LPCDMintMint£6.001998
11583CDSLionrockPacket of peaceDeconstruct74321 14437EXEX£4.001993 reviewers copy
11584CDSLionrockRude boy rockConcreteHARD 31CDMintMint£4.001998
11585CDSLionrockRude boy rockConcreteHARD 31CD DJ-Sealed£5.001998 PROMO sealed with sticker in plain cover
11582CDSLionrockShe's on the trainDeconstruct74321 49876MintMint£4.001997
11639CDSLionrockWet roads glistenDeconstr.74321 48462EXEX£4.001997
16505CDLiquid soulMake some noiseARK 21494 4622EXEX£5.001998
14625CDLiquid soulMake some noiseArk 21494 4622MintMint£6.001998
25839CDLittle man TateAbout what you knowV2VVR 104 1722EXEX£5.002007
14537CDLiveSecret samadhiRadioactiveRAD 11590EXEX£4.001997 some marks - plays perfectly
11787CDLiveThrowing copperRadio activeRARD 10997EXEX£5.001994 US; promo sticker f/cover
11279CDLiving colourStainEpic472 8562EXEX£4.501993 European edition (2 bonus tracks)
972CDLiving colourTimes upEpic466 920EXEX£4.001990
33562CDLondon elektricitySyncopated cityHospitalNHS 142 CDEXEX£5.002008 some wear on card slipcase; case crease f/insert
11788CDLone justiceLone justiceGeffen924 0602EXEX£4.001985
33623CDLonestarLonely grillBNA67762 2REEXEX£4.001999 US; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
38402CDLong blondesCouplesRough tradeRTRAD CD 464EXEX£3.002008 a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
31575CDLongviewMercury14th Floor50466 8862EXEX£4.002003 a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
8410CDLooperThe SnareMuteSTUMM 195MintMint£5.002002
12206CDLove JonesPowerful pain reliefZoo72445 11095EXEX£5.001995 US; small sale hole b/cover
4622CDLove spit loveLove spit loveImago210 552MintMint£6.001994
11291CDLowcraftManticoreDisco volanteDVA 5001EXMint£8.001999 PROMO
38403CDLower than AtlantisChangingIsland370 7796EXEX/EX£10.002012 Deluxe edition with bonus DVD; all in near Mint condition
2626CDLowpassFear of the floodRCA410 012MintMint£6.501996 in slipcase
14539CDLushLovelife4ADCAD 6004EXEX£5.001996
12074CDM PeopleBizarre fruitDeconstrut.74321 24081EXEX£4.001994
9906CDM PeopleFrescoBMG524 902EXEX£4.501997
6870CDM PeopleNorthern soulDeconstruct.1117 772EXEX£4.001992
14543CDM PeopleThe best of M peopleBMG74321 61387EXEX£4.501998
31461CDKirsty MacCollTropical brainstormV2VVR 1009 872MintEX£4.002000; a few light marks on disc
34009CDTristian MacKayOut along the wireBattered hatBHRCD 001EXEX£5.002011 Digipak; a few light marks on disc
1012CDMadeBedazzlerMCA11616EXEX£5.001997 US
11292CDMadnessDivine madnessVirginCDV 2692EXEX£4.001992 compilation
38404CDMadnessOui oui si si ja ja daLuvky sevenCOOKCD 573XSealedSealed£6.002012 Digipak sealed in stickered shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
5960CDMadonnaEroticaMaverick451 542MintMint£4.501992
11281CDMadonnaGreatest hits volume 2 - GHV 2Maverick9362 48000EXEX£4.502001
1010CDMadonnaI'm breathlessSire7559 26209EXEX£4.001990 Music from Dick Tracy
9905CDMadonnaMusicWarner bros478 652EXEX£4.002000
15947CDMadonnaRay of lightMaverick9362 468 472EXEX£4.001998 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11789CDSMadonnaLike a prayerSire7599 21189EXEX£3.001989
31462CDMagic numbersThe Magic numbersHeavenlyHVNLP 53CDEXEX£4.002005
33567CDMagic numbersThe Magic numbersHeavenlyHVNLP 53 CDXSealedSealed£5.002005 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
31463CDSMalakaiEP.1Island1743 134EXMint£5.002007 6 track EP; Promo sticker on back of Digipak
11330CDMichelle Malone & Drag the riverRelentlessAristaARCD 8630SealedSealed£6.501990 US; in shrinkwrap; sale hole on rear of case
11790CDManic street preachersEverything must goEpic483 9302EXEX£4.501996
3788CDManic street preachersGeneration terroristsColumbia471 0602MintMint£5.001992
8150CDManic street preachersThe holy bibleEpic477 4212EXEX£4.501994
11364CDManic street preachersThis is my truth tell me yoursEpic491 7036MintMint£5.001998
11791CDSManic street preachersYou stole the sun from my heartEpic666 9532EXEX£3.501999 card sleeve + inner
2844CDAimee MannWhateverImago210 172MintMint£5.001993
998CDMansunAttack of the grey lanternParlophone855 791EXEX£4.001997
31576CDMansunSixParlophone496 7232EXEX£4.001998 a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
11792CDMantarayThe reds & the bluesFontana534 2052EXEX£5.001997 a few light marks - plays perfectly
25835CDIda MariaFortress found my heartWaterfallWRLCD 0901SealedSealed£5.002008 sealed on opening
11302CDMarionThis world & bodyLondon828 6952EXEX£5.001995 couple of marks - plays perfectly
31464CDMarmaduke DukeDuke pandemonium14th Floor825646 911431EXEX£4.002009
11365CDBen Marvin & Warren BennettZoo keeperWafflesWM3EXEX£6.00 
11303CDMassRushing blood perfumeAbstract soundsABT 090CDEXEX£6.001991
1715CDMassive attackMezzaineCircaCD 4EXVG£4.001998
9957CDMassive attackProtectionWild bunchWBR CD2EXEX£4.501994
33963CDMassive attack v Mad professorNo protectionWild bunchWBRCD 3EXEX£4.001995
13716CDMatchboxRockabilly rebelsMagnet45099 18822EXEX£4.00Compilation
11293CDMaterialThe third powerAxiom261 562EXEX£4.001991 a few marks - plays perfectly
11794CDDave Matthews bandBefore these crowded streetsRCA07863 67660EXEX£5.001998
12505CDDave Matthews bandEverydayRCA07863 67988EXEX£5.002001 in card slipcase
13718CDMavericksThe best of the MavericksMercury170 1202EXEX£4.501999
13717CDMavericksWhat a crying shameMCAMCLD 19353EXEX£4.501994
3173CDMavis trainsSarabandaStranger tract.STRCD 001MintMint£6.001999
31413CDMaximum styleStylin'RCA/ Parousia74321 47675 2EXMint£4.001997 small corner cut on front insert
1647CDMcAlmont & ButlerSound of..HutCD 32EXEX£4.501995
29584CDShawn McDonaldRipenSparrowSPD 11569EXEX£4.002006 US; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly; 1 case mark f/cover
31721CDMaria McKeeYou gotta sin to be savedGeffenGED 24508EXEX£5.001993 German; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
31467CDSarah McLachlanAfterglowArista82876 59671 2EXEX/EX£5.002003 Double CD
31465CDSarah McLachlanSolaceArista261 955MintMint£4.001991 Manufactured in Germnay
31466CDSarah McLachlanSurfacingArista18970 2MintMint£4.001997
929CDSIan McNabbFire inside my soul + 3This way upWAY 3355MintMint£8.00"Head like a rock" album sampler PROMO
1752CDSIan McNabbYou must be prepared to dreamThis way upWAY 3199EXEX£4.501994 Digipack; Plug copy
41320CDTom McRaeLust like bloodDB74321983512EXEX£4.002003 EU; plays perfectly
16506CDTom McRaeTom McRaeDBDB001 CDLPEXEX£5.002000
12071CDMe Phi MeOneRCA74321 12437MintMint£6.001992
17066CDMedeski, Martin & WoodShack-manGrama visionGCD 79514EXEX£5.001996 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
14541CDMellowDragonflyatmosph..067 4422EXEX£6.002002 Soundtrack to 'CQ'; reviewers copy
11305CDKatie MeluaCall off the searchDramaticoDRAM CD002EXEX£5.002003
11797CDMenswearNuisanceLaurel828 6762EXEX£5.001995
31577CDNatilie MechantTigerlilyElektra7559 61745 2EXEX£4.001995 Manufactured in Germany; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
2455CDMercury revDeserter's songsV2MintMint£25.001998 US PROMO; Card sleeve with custom stamp
6889CDMercury revSee you on the other sideBeggars banquetBBQCD 176EXEX£5.001995
9288CDMethods of mayhemMethods of mayhemMCA112 0202MintMint£6.001999
31468CDSMetrosLast of the lookers1965 RecordsOLIVE CD051EXEX£4.002008 b/w 'Education pt.1/ Last of the lookers (video)'; Digipak; some light marks on disc
31469CDMewMew and the glass handed kitesSony82876 722942VGEX£4.002005 a few marks on front of Gatefold card cover
11306CDMexico '70The dust has come to stayBig popBP 01102EXEX£6.001994 US; small tear on inlay
33624CDMidnight juggernautsDystopiaEMI/ Siberia50999 2066 8129EXVG£3.502008 marks on disc - plays perfectly
16684CDMighty mighty bosstonesDevil's night outRoadrunnerRR 93582EXEX£5.001993
9872CDRobert MilesDreamlandOverdanceORA 20659EXEX£4.501996 France; few marks - plays perfectly
16685CDMilk & honey bandBoy from the moonUgly manMAN 4EXEX£6.002001
12072CDMillencolinHome from homeBurning heartBHR 150EXEX£4.502002 Gatefold digipak; some marks - plays perfectly
11798CDMillenia novaSlow e-motion sightseeingVirginCDVIR 108EXEX£5.001999
3846CDMilltown brothersSlinkyA&M75021 5346MintMint£7.501991 PROMO
3845CDMilltown brothersValveA&M540 1322 DJMintMint£7.501993 PROMO
11799CDMissionCarved in sandMercury842 2512EXEX£5.001990
11800CDMissionGrains of sandMercury846 9372EXEX£5.001990
5102CDMr BonxThe rough with the smoothRed sealRS 0001EXEX£6.002000
33992CDMobyMore fast songs about the apocalypseLittle idiotIDIOT 057 CDMintMint£6.002017
11801CDSMobyHoneyMuteMUTE 255EXEX£3.002000 promo
11802CDSMobyNatural blues - remix ; CD 2MuteMUTE 251EXEX£3.502000
9860CDModjoModjoUniversal589 3012MintM/M£6.002001 Double/Bonus disc
16197CDMogulMogulWretchedWRMOG 2EXEX£6.002005
4641CDMogwaiCome on die youngChemical undergCHEM 033EXEX£5.001999
41321CDMogwaiYoung teamChemical under.CHEM 106CDEXEX/EX£5.00Double; remastered reissue of '97 LP + 'Mogwai Young team appendix' CD: no card slipcase; all in near mint condition, plays perfectly
38406CDMohairSmall talkEar candyECYCD 027EXEX£4.002005 all in near Mint condition
5961CDMoistSilverChrysalis830 5992EXEX£5.001994 Canada
11803CDSMolokoSing it backEchoECSCD 82EXEX£3.001999
29620CDMonsoonMandalaOntario arts844667 032963SealedSealed£8.002014 Canada; Gatefold Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
1031CDSMontrose avenueShe's looking for meColumbiaXPCD 924VGEX£4.001997 1 TK PROMO Card sleeve
1032CDSMontrose avenueShine..ColumbiaXPCD 1000VGEX£4.001998 1TK PROMO card sleeve
3848CDMoodswingsLive at LeedsArista186 312MintMint£6.001994 reviewers copy
3847CDMoodswingsMoodfoodArista111 702MintMint£6.001992 reviewers copy
12073CDMoodswingsPsychedelic atessenArista74321 44217MintMint£5.001997
11805CDIan MooreIan MooreCapricorn942 0182EXEX£5.001993 US
11804CDIan MooreModernday folkloreCapricorn420 382EXEX£5.001995 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
11307CDJohn MooreDistortionPolydor847 1092EXEX£6.001990
15857CDMorcheebaBig calmIndochina3984 22244EXEX£5.001998
33046CDMorcheebaCharangoChina0927 46802 2MintEX£4.002002
2237CDMorcheebaFragments of freedomChina840 272EXEX£6.002000; inc. CD rom
5084CDMorganOrganizedSource2630 325EXEX£6.002000
12588CDMorgenrothJourney through harmoniaKosmoKOS 001EXEX£5.001996
11806CDAlanis MorissetteJagged little pillMaverick9362 45901EXEX£4.001995 a few marks - plays perfectly
31707CDAlanis MorissetteSo-called chaosMaverick9362 48773 2MintEX£4.002004
9921CDAlanis MorissetteSupposed former infatuation junkieMaverick470 942EXEX£5.001998
9290CDAlanis MorissetteUnder rug sweptMaverick479 882EXEX£5.002002
33178CDMorning runnerWlderness is paradise nowParlophone094635 609721EXEX£4.002006 small crack on front of stickered case
38516CDJim MorrisWater linesFish head musicFHM 1015EXEX£8.002005 US; mild wear on Digipak; a few light marks on disc
9292CDMorrisseyBona dragParlophoneCDCLP 3788EXEX£4.501990 some marks - plays perfectly
38407CDMorrisseyLive at Earl's courtAttackATKCD 014MintMint£7.002005 sealed in shrinkwrap; Unopened/ unplayed
34007CDMorrisseyYou are the quarryAttackATKDX 001EXEX/EX£5.002004 with Bonus DVD; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve
31738CDSMorrisseyPregnant for the last timeHMVCDPOP 1627EXEX£4.001991 4 track EP; a few light marks on disc
31781CDMoShangChill dynastyOnse plataONSE 102EXEX£8.002006 Digipak
33179CDMosquitosSunshine baratoBar noneBRNCD 162EXEX£7.002004 US; Gatefold Digipak
2845CDMother earthPeople treeAcid jazzCD 83EXEX£6.001993
11274CDMother earthYou have been watchingFocusFOCUS CDMintMint£6.001995
11640CDSMother earthFreethinker EPAcid jazzJAZID 116CDEXEX£5.001995
3171CDMother hipsBack to the grottoAmerican254 512MintMint£6.501994
3789CDBob MouldWorkbookVirginPRCD BOBMintMint£12.001989 PROMO; Digipak + glued insert
11807CDAlison MoyetEssexColumbia475 9552EXEX£4.001994 a few light marks - plays perfectly
41767CDMudhoneyPiece of cakeReprise9362 45090-2EXVG£4.001992 German; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
31529CDMudvayneLost and foundEpicEPC 519353 2EXEX£4.002005
31578CDMull historical societyLossWarner09274 13072EXVG£3.002001 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
3849CDMuluSmells like a sharkDedicatedDEDCD 033EXEX£5.001997
9293CDMundyJelly legsSony3CDEXEX£5.001996 reviewers copy
15838CDAdrian MunseyIncognitoMusic infinityINF 101SealedSealed£8.002004 2 x CD Gatefold digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
31530CDMurder by deathIn bocca al lupoCooking vinylCOOK CD391EXEX£4.002006; 1 case crease on front insert
31470CDMuseAbsolutionEast west50504 66858 726EXEX£4.002003
31708CDMuseBlack holes & revelationsA&EHDL 3002 CDXEXEX£4.002006 Mild wear on Gatefold Digipak; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
11808CDMuseFeelin' goodTasteMUSE 18EXEX£15.002001 PROMO in printed clear plastic case; b/w 'Hyper music'
33579CDMuseHullabalooTaste5050466 888723EXEX/EX£4.002003 Double CD; a few light marks on discs
30222CDMuseOrigin of symmetryTaste505046 6847621EXEX£4.002001 manufactured in Germany
11809CDMuseShowbizMushroomMUSH 59 CDEXEX£4.001999 a few light marks - plays perfectly
38517CDMuseThe 2nd lawWarner bos.825646 568802EXVG£3.002012 mild wear on Gatefold card sleeve; some mild marks on disc - plays perfectly
31749CDMuseThe ResistanceWarner bros.825648 74347EXEX£4.002009 a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
11810CDSMusicBreakin'VirginVSCDT 1894EXEX£3.002005
5962CDMutton birdsNatureVirginCDVIR 39MintMint£7.001995 PROMO
31471CDKate NashMade of bricksFiction1743 143EXEX£4.002007
11811CDNearly godNearly godDurban poisonDPCD 1001EXEX£5.001996
33047CDNeds atomic dustbinAre you normal ?Sony Soho sq472633 2EXEX£4.001992
11812CDNelsonBecause they canGeffenGED 24525EXEX£5.001995
14544CDShara NelsonWhat silence knowsCooltempoCTCD 35EXEX£4.501993 a few marks - plays perfectly
14545CDNew orderThe best of New orderLondon828 5802EXEX£4.501994 a few light marks - plays perfectly
29621CDNight street bandAmber dawnC in 2 music5602990 001132SealedSealed£8.002013 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
12075CDNight trainsSleazeballAcid jazzJAZID CD98EXEX£6.001994
31472CDNine inch nailsFurther down the spiralInterscopeIMCD 8041EXEX£5.001995
33580CDNine inch nailsPretty hate machineIsland/ TVT848 358-2EXEX£5.00CD reissue of '89 LP; a few light marks on disc
33626CDNine inch nailsThe Downward spiralIsland522 126-2VGEX£5.001994 Slimline case + 28 page booklet in card slipcase; some wear on slipcase; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
33625CDNine inch nailsThe FragileNothing/ Island490 473-2VGVG/VG£6.001999 Double; some wear on Gatefold Digipak; some marks on discs - both play perfectly
31701CDNirvanaIn UteroGeffenGED 24536EXEX£4.001993 a few light marks on disc
11814CDNirvanaIn uteroGeffenGED 24536EXEX£4.501993
12589CDNirvanaUnplugged in New YorkGeffenGED 24727EXEX£4.501994 a few light marks - plays perfectly
1751CDSNirvanaCome as you areGeffenGED 21715EXEX£3.001992
11813CDSNirvanaHeart shaped boxGeffenGFSTD 54EXEX£4.501993 a few light marks - plays perfectly
1741CDSNirvanaIn bloomGeffenGFSTD 34EXEX£4.001992 Gatefold card sleeve
38408CDNiyazNine heavensSix degrees657036VGEX/M£10.002008 US Double CD; mild wear on Gatefold Digipak
12207CDNoaCallingGeffenGED 24965MintMint£5.001996
31375CDNoah & the WhaleLast night on earthMercury276 0096EXEX£4.002011
9958CDNobodysLess hits moe titsHopelessHR 6592EXEX£6.002001 US
6868CDNorthern uproarNorthern uproarHeavenlyHVNLP 12CDEXEX£5.001996
9294CDNotting hillbilliesMissing.. presumed having a good timeVertigo842 6712EXEX£4.501990 couple of marks - plays perfectly
987CDGary NumanBest of 1978-83Beggars BanquetBEGA 150EXEX£5.001993 Double CD
4512CDNutFantanicityEpicNUT CD3EXMint£6.001996 Card sleeve with foldout inner
12119CDOasisBe here nowCreationCRECD 219EXEX£4.001997 some light marks - plays perfectly
12590CDOasisDefinitely maybeEpicCEK 66431EXEX£4.501994 Canada
34010CDOasisDig out your soulBig brotherRKIDCD 51EXEX£3.502008 a few light marks
30223CDOasisDig out your soulBig brotherRKIDCD 51EXEX£3.502008 a few light marks
31475CDOasisDon't believe the truthBig brotherRKIDCD 30EXEX£4.002005
31474CDOasisFamiliar to millionsBig brotherRKIDCD 005EXEX/EX£5.002000 Double CD; light crease on front insert; a few light marks on discs
31473CDOasisHeathen chemistryBig brotherRKIDCD 25EXEX£4.002002; a few light marks on disc
41768CDOasisInterview disc & Fully illustrated bookSound & mediaSAM 7023EXEX£5.001996 in opened shrinkwrap; all in near Mint (EX+/EX+) condition, plays perfectly
9907CDOasisStanding on the shoulder of giantsSony4968 442MintMint£4.502000
33048CDOasisStop the clocksBig brotherRKID CD 36EXEX/EX£4.002006 Double CD; small crack on stickered case
30224CDOasisThe MasterplanBig brotherRKIDCD 009EXEX£4.002000 a few light marks
5103CDSOasisD'you know what I meanCreationCRESCD 256MintMint£3.001997 Digipak
9862CDSOasisStop crying your heart outBig brotherRKIDS DVD24EXEX£3.502002 inc. DVD documentary pt 2
9923CDOcean colour sceneB-sides seasides & freeridesMCAMCD 60034EXVG£6.001997 Digipak + 16 page booklet in card slipcase; lots of marks on disc - plays perfectly
14546CDOcean colour sceneMarchin' alreadyMCAMCD 60048EXEX£4.501997
9295CDOcean colour sceneMosley shoalsMCAMCD 60008EXEX£4.501996
9959CDOcean colour sceneOcean colour sceneFontana512 2692EXEX£10.001992
17821CDOcean colour sceneOne from the modernIsland546 6692EXEX£4.501999
5106CDSOcean colour sceneBetter dayMCAMCSTD 40151EXEX£4.001997 Digipak
5104CDSOcean colour sceneHundred mile high cityMCAMCSTD 40133EXEX£4.001997 Digipak
11815CDSOcean colour sceneProfit in peaceIsland--EX£7.001999 CD-R DEMO b/w 'I am the news'; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
5105CDSOcean colour sceneTravellers tuneMCAMCSTD 40144EXEX£4.001997 Digipak
11331CDOctopusFrom A to BFoodTOCP 8975SealedSealed£10.001996 Japan; in shrinkwrap
5107CDOliveExtra virginRCA392 302MintMint£7.501996 Card box
1002CDOne lady ownerThere's only weCreationCRECD 245EXEX£10.001999 PROMO
33965CDOne selfChildren of possibilityNinja tuneZENCD 94EXEX£4.002005 Gatefold Digipak + card slipcase; some light marks on disc
12625CDOrbUF OrbIslandIMCD 219EXEX£5.001992
14547CDOrchestral manoeuvres in the darkThe OMD singlesVirginCDV 2859EXEX£5.001998
5088CDBeth Orton4 Songs from "Central reservation"HeavenlyHVNLP 22CDPEXMint£10.001999 PROMO album sampler; card sleeve
8151CDBeth OrtonTrailer parkHeavenlyHVN LP17EXEX£5.001996
5087CDSBeth OrtonShe cries your nameHeavenlyHVN 68CDMintMint£5.001997 Digipak
5085CDSBeth OrtonSomeones daughterHeavenlyHVN 65 CDEXMint£8.001997 Digipak
5086CDSBeth OrtonToch me with your loveHeavenlyHVN 64CDEXMint£8.001997 Digipak
9908CDJoan OsborneRelishMercury526 6992EXEX£5.001995
4621CDOut of my hairDrop the roofRCA348 372EXEX£5.001996
8152CDOutsideThe rough & the smoothDoradoDOR 043EXEX£5.001995
12076CDOverlordsAll the naked peopleArista74321 20982EXEX£5.001994
9982CDOzric tentaclesAfterwishSnapperSMDCD 219EXEX/EX£5.001998 Double; some marks on disc 1 - plays perfectly
4642CDPapa roachLove hate tragedyDream works450 3672EXEX£6.002002 + 2 bonus tracks
12077CDParadise nowTiny little fishDown street74321 40786EXEX£6.001997 Promo
31147CDParamoreBrand new eyesAtlantic75678 95804EXEX£4.002009 a few light marks in disc
12078CDPaulPaulGravityCD 2MintMint£6.001995
41769CDPavementWowie zoweeMatador9 45898-2EXMint£5.001996 US; plays perfectly
31476CDCharlie PeacockWest coast diaries - volume 1SparrowSPD 1262EXEX£5.001990 Canada; a few light marks on disc
31477CDCharlie PeacockWest coast diaries - volume 3SparrowSPD 1264EXEX£5.001990 Canada; 2 small case creases on front insert; a few light marks on disc
1745CDSPearl jamGoEpic659 795EXEX£3.001993
3535CDSPearl jamJeremyEpic658258 2EXEX£15.001992 picture label
11816CDPeleThe sport of kingsM&GMAGCD 1043EXEX£5.001993
16198CDPenpushersLast vestige of holismIncorporealINCO 001EXEX£5.002002
12079CDJonathan PerkinsSnake talkAnxiousZD 74814EXEX£5.001990
14548CDPersona non grataChanges are comingDupond & Dupont1957EXEX£6.002005 CD-R with signed business card
11817CDPeshayMiles from homeIsland546 2652EXEX£5.001999
16686CDPestAll fall outNinja tuneZEN CD110EXEX£5.00 
4349CDPet shop boysDisco 2Parlophone2810 520EXEX£5.001994
31478CDPet shop boysFundamentalParlophone362 8592EXEX£4.002006; 2 small case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
31479CDPet shop boysReleaseParlophone538 1502EXEX£4.002002
11818CDPet shop boysVeryParlophonePCSD 143EXEX£4.001993 orange plastic case; marks on disc - plays perfectly
40354CDPeter Bjorn and JohnPeter Bjorn and JohnWichitaWEBB 129 CDEXEX£4.002007 CD reissued of 2002 album; plays perfectly
31532CDMadeleine PeyrouxBare bonesDecca/ Rounder6132 732EXEX£5.002009 Small tear on corner of card slipcase; a few light marks on disc
1004CDSam PhillipsCruel inventionsVirginVS 86213EXEX£4.001991 US issue
31148CDPhoenix foundationBuffaloMemphis ind.MI0170 CDEXEX£4.002010 light wear on Digipak; a few light marks on disc
11366CDPhuzStudio one sessionsPrivate-EXEX£6.006 track Demo
31480CDPigfishCreosote the babyMmi/ Delta loopDLPR 2002EXMint£5.001999 US; some creasing on b/cover
6867CDPixiesTrompe le monde4ADCAD 1014MintMint£6.001991 reviewers copy
31627CDPlaceboBlack market musicHut/ VirginCD FLOOR X13EXEX£4.002000
11819CDPlaceboWithout you I'm nothingHUT7243 84653EXEX£4.501998 some marks - plays perfectly
11367CDPlaidNot for threesWarpWARP CD54EXEX£4.501997 some marks - plays perfectly
33049CDPlan BIll manorsAtlantic/ 679505310 522 1721MintMint£4.002012
31481CDPlan BThe defamation of Strickland BanksAtlantic /679505186 5847 120EXEX£4.002010; 1 case mark on front insert
31482CDPlan BWho needs actions when you got words6795101 14979 2EXMint£4.002006 light wear on card slipcase o/w all Mint
11369CDPoguesIf I should fall from grace with godWEA2292 44493MintMint£5.001988
11820CDPoguesPeace & loveWEA246 0862EXEX£4.001989 some marks - plays perfectly
6866CDPoguesThe Best of the PoguesWarner754 052MintMint£5.001991
11368CDPoguesThe very best of..WEA8573 87459EXEX£5.002001
33627CDPoliceReggatta de blancA&M394 792-2EXEX£3.50France; CD reissue of '79 LP; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
41770CDPondPondSub popSP 186bEXVG£4.001993 US; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
4618CDPop will eat itselfThe looks or the lifestyleRCA102 652MintMint£6.501992
38409CDGregory PorterLiquid spiritBlue note060245 709 1208EXEX/EX£4.002014 Deluxe edition with bonus DVD; all in near Mint condition
16507CDPortisheadDummyGo beat828 5222MintMint£5.001994
4348CDPortisheadRoseland NYC - LiveGo beat559 4242EXEX£6.501998
14626CDPresenceAll systems gonePaganCD 1010MintMint£6.001999
11821CDPressure cookerPressure cooker 2KPMKPM 426EXEX£5.002000
11310CDPretendersThe isle of viewWEA0630 12059MintMint£5.001995
11309CDPretendersViva el amorWEA39842 71522MintMint£5.001999
16687CDPrimal screamPrimal screamCreationCRECD 054EXEX£5.001989
38410CDPrimal screamScreamadelicaCreationCRECD 076VGEX£3.00CD reissue of '91 LP; stickered case; crease on front insert; disc is in near Mint condition
11822CDPrimal screamVanishing pointCreationCRECD 178EXEX£5.001997
31628CDPrimal screamXTRMNTRCreationCRECD 239EXEX£4.002000
8264CDSPrimal screamJailbirdCreationCRES CD145EXEX£3.501994
31483CDPrinceAround the world in a dayWarner bros.925 286-2EXEX£4.00CD issue of '85 LP; Manufactured in Germany; 2 case marks on front insert; a few light marks on disc
3400CDPrinceDiamonds & pearlsWarner bros253 792EXEX£5.001991
14612CDPrinceEmancipationNPG72438 54982EXEX/EX£6.001996 3xCD; some marks on discs - all play EX
992CDPrinceGraffiti bridgePaisley park927 493VGEX£4.001990 Sale cut on case
29630CDPrinceMusicologyNPG/ ColumbiaCOL 517165 9EXEX£4.002004 Gatefold digipak + 28 page booklet; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
16508CDPrincePrince & New power generationPaisley park9362 45037EXEX£5.001992 Gold Symbol on case
31629CDPrincePurple rainWarner bros.7599 25110 2MintMint£4.00CD reissue of '84 LP; Manufactured in Germany
9909CDPrinceThe hits 1Paisley park454 312EXEX£4.501993
9863CDPrinceThe hits 2Paisley park454 352EXEX£4.001993
2238CDPrinceUn 2 the joy fantasticArista148 242MintMint£6.501999
16509CDSPrinceThe beautiful experienceNPG00602 12NPGEXEX£6.001994 'The most beautiful girl in the world' + 6 mixes
11311CDProdigyMusic for the jilted generationXLXLCD 114EXEX£4.501994
31709CDProdigyMusic for the jilted generationXLXLCD 114EXEX£4.001994
11823CDProject pitchforkChakra redCandyland852 5942EXEX£5.001997 German
41437CDSProlapsePull thru' BarkerCherry redCD CHERRY 133EXEX£6.001994 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
25305CDPromise ringWood/ WaterAnti86617-2SealedSealed£8.002002 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
11824CDSPropellerheadsTake CaliforniaWall of soundWALLD 024EXEX£3.001996
9296CDPsychePsy complexFluxCD 01EXEX£4.501994 a few marks - plays perfectly
3955CDPsyched up JanisSwellReplay532 0312EXEX£5.001995
33180CDPsychedelic fursMidnight to midnightSony BMG886971 33702EXEX£8.002007 CD reissue of '86 LP
31484CDPulled apart by horsesTough loveTransgressiveTRANS 134EXEX£5.002012 Gatefold card sleeve; a few light marks on disc
995CDPulpA different classIsland524 165EXEX£4.001995
11269CDPulpHis 'n' hersIslandCID 8025EXEX£4.001994 a few marks - plays perfectly
16510CDPulpWe love lifeIsland586 5402EXEX£4.502001
31710CDSPulpMis-shapesIslandCID 620EXEX£4.001995 a few light marks on disc
31534CDPuressenceOnly foreverIslandCID 8064EXEX£4.001998
925CDSPuressenceCasting lazy shadowsIslandCIDDJ 641MintMint£5.001996 1 TK PROMO
1753CDSPuressenceThis feelingIsland572 208EXEX£3.001998
8212CDFinley QuayeMaverick A strikeEpic4887 582EXEX£4.501997 couple marks - plays perfectly
33628CDQueens of the stone ageRInterscope490 683-2EXEX£4.002000 a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31630CDQueens of the stone ageSongs for the deathInterscope493 435-2MintMint£4.002002 Limited edition with 2 Exclusive tracks
11825CDSQueens of the stone ageNo one knowsInterscopeQOTSA 4EXEX£4.002002; 1 track Promo
5963CDQuicksandSlipPolydor517 6852EXEX£6.001993 US
33050CDRaconteursBroken boy soldiersXLXLCD 196EXEX£4.002006
16688CDRadioheadKid AParlophoneCD KIDA1EXEX£5.002000
33181CDSRadioheadMy iron lung EPParlohoneC2 58274EXEX£5.001994 small spine cut on Digipak
8162CDSRadioheadPop is deadParlophoneCDR 6345EXEX£30.001993
41771CDSRadioheadStreet spirit (fade out) CD2Parlophone72438 82522 25EXEX£4.002000 b/w 'Banana co/ Molasses'; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
33051CDRae & ChristianSleepwalkingGrand centralK 7096 CDEXEX£4.002000 Digipak
31535CDCorinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey Rae: Special editionGood grrove00946 386081 27EXM/M£5.002007 with Bonus disc; A few marks on card slipcase; 2 case marks on front insert
4347CDRage against the machineRage against the machineEpic4722 242MintMint£6.501992
31485CDRakesCapture / ReleaseV2707 3276 2EXEX£4.002005
29500CDRampExchangeChameleon-SealedSealed£5.002007 sealed in shrinkwrap
9924CDRaptureEchoesDFA/ Vertigo9865 447EXEX£5.002003
31756CDRaptureThe Rapture !K7 Tapes!K7 TapesIK 1229 CDSealedSealed£7.00Digipak sealeed in shrinkwrap
38411CDRa Ra riotBeta loveBarsukBARK 134EXEX£3.002013; mild wear on card slipcase; disc is near Mint with just a couple of light marks
4041CDEddi ReaderCandyfloss & medicineBlanco y negro151 202EXEX£5.001996 some marks on disc plays perfectly
3973CDEddi ReaderEddi ReaderBlanco Y negro961 772MintMint£5.001994
2848CDEddi ReaderMirmamaRCAPD 75156MintMint£5.501992
31537CDEddi ReaderSimple soulRough tradeRTRADE CD011EXEX£4.002001
16766CDRed hot chili peppersBy the wayWarner bros93624 81402EXEX£4.502002 a few light marks - plays perfectly
33563CDRed hot chili peppersOne hot minuteWarner bros.9362 45733 2EXEX£4.001995 German; Stickered case; a few light marks on disc
33052CDRed hot chili peppersStadium arcadiumWarner bros.44222 2EXEX/EX£4.002006 Double CD; a few light marks on discs
9297CDRed hot chili peppersWhat hits?EMI7947 622MintMint£5.001992 compilation
9960CDRedbankMachines disregard my pronounKeithKEITH 003EXEX£5.002000
15858CDAlex ReeceSo far4th & BroadwayBRCD 621EXEX£5.001996
12212CDDan Reed networkThe heatMercury848 8552EXEX£4.001991 some marks - plays perfectly
9864CDReefGetawaySony498 8912EXEX£4.502000
1716CDReefGlowSony486 940EXEX£5.001997
4648CDREMDead letter officeIRSCDA 70054EXEX£5.001987 compilation
4647CDREMGreenWarner bros257 952EXEX£4.501988
9298CDREMMonsterWarner bros9362 45740EXEX£4.501994
4646CDREMMurmurIRSCDMID 129EXEX£4.00CD issue of 1983 LP a few marks: plays perfectly
11828CDREMSingles collectedIRS24382 96422EXEX£4.501994 compilation; Italy
11370CDREMThe best of REMIRS713 1282EXMint£4.001991 small crease on front insert
31487CDREMUpWarner bros.9362 471122MintMint£4.001998
1744CDSREMShiny happy peopleWarner brosW 0027EXEX£3.001991
5081CDRentalsReturn of the RentalsMaverick460 932EXEX£6.001995 reviewers copy
5109CDRepublicaRepublicaDeconstruct536 332EXEX/EX£6.001996 + Bonus 6 track live CD
3808CDRepublicaRepublicaDeconstruct410 522MintMint£5.001996
1717CDRepublicaSpeed balladsDeconstr..610 462EXEX£4.501998
34290CDReverend & MakersThe state of thingsWall of soundWOSO 15CDMintMint£5.002007 Sealed in shrinkwrap: Unplayed
33582CDGruff RhysHotel shampooOvni turnstileOVNI 003EXEX£4.002001 light wear on Digipak
4518CDRialtoRialtoChinaWOLCD 1086MintMint£6.001997
31539CDDamien RiceO14th Floor505046 6877 420EXEX£4.002003 EU issue; Stickered Gatefold card sleeve
33583CDDamien RiceO14th Floor5050466 478856EXEX£4.002004 Crease inside Gatefold card sleeve
941CDSRideI don't know where it comes from + 3CreationCRESCD 189EXEX£6.001994 Promo
11829CDRMBWidescreenLow spirit74321 57314MintMint£5.001998
31540CDRocket from the cryptLive from camp X-RayVagrant910 377-2EXEX£6.002002; 1 case crease on front insert
12080CDRocket from the cryptScream Dracula screamElementalELM 34CDEXEX£5.001995
9299CDRocket scienceContact highEat sleepEAT 003EXEX£6.002003 card gatefold sleeve
4522CDRollerconeRollerconeSirkusSIRK 004EXEX£6.002001 + card slip case
4616CDHenry RollinsThe boxed lifeImago210 092MintM/M£10.001992 2CD of spoken word performance
18034CDRooneyCalling the worldGeffen174 0013EXEX£5.002007 crack on case
12081CDRootsThings fall apartMCAMCD 11948EXEX£5.001999
17822CDRootsThings fall apartMCAMCD 11948EXEX£5.001999
11280CDRoots manuvaRun come save meBig dadaBDCD 032EXEX£5.002001 in card slipcase
12591CDRoyksoppMelody AMWall of soundWALL CD027EXEX£4.502001 few light marks - plays perfectly
14675CDRozakVulnerablePaunch-SealedSealed£6.502002 sealed in shrinkwrap
1718CDRubySalt peterCreationCRECD 166EXEX£5.001995
14550CDRudimentary confusionThe epic preview-EP 01EXEX£6.002004 5 track CD-R
33053CDRumerSeasons of my soulWarner bros.505249 825 7522EXEX£4.002010
31632CDRun DMCGreatest hits 1983 - 1998ProfileFILE CD 474EXEX£4.001998 a few light marks on disc
12082CDRunrigAmazing thingsChrysalisCDCHR 2000MintMint£5.001993
8284CDSabres of paradiseHaunted dancehallWarpWARP CD26EXEX£5.001994 some marks - plays perfectly
31579CDSadeDiamond lifeEpicEPC 481178 2EXEX£4.00CD reissue of '84 LP; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
9910CDSadeLove deluxeEpic4726 262EXEX£4.501992
40351CDSadeLovers rockEpic500766 2EXVG£3.002000 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
12215CDSadeThe best of SadeEpic477 7932EXEX£4.001994 a few marks - plays perfectly
31489CDSafri duoEpisode IIUniversal013 746-2EXEX£5.002001
9721CDSaint EveElixirWarner TL22241EXEX£5.002004
11371CDSt GermainTouristBlue note72435 33671EXEX/EX£6.502000 few marks on bonus disc - plays perfectly
33629CDSt VincentSt. VincentLoma VistaUNIW 40354EXEX£6.002013 Gatefold card sleeve; some light markson disc - plays perfectly
4649CDSandalsRite to silenceOpen toe828 4882EXEX£6.001994
3179CDSandsThe sandsMCAMCD 33280MintMint£6.501995
31580CDNitin SawhneyHumanV2VVR 1021 852EXVG£3.502003; 2 case creases on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
34029CDScenesBeigeSound o FinlandSOFCD 032EXVG£4.002014 Finland; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
31782CDScissor sistersTa-Dah: Special Singapore editionPolydor1705 091MintMint£4.002006 Singapore
31490CDScouting for girlsScouting for girlsEpic88697 155192EXEX£4.002007
14661CDScratch massiveEnemy & loversWarner490 520EXEX£5.002003
11372CDScreaming treesDustEpic483 9802EXEX£5.001996
9300CDSealSealZTT962 562EXEX£5.001994
3974CDSealSealZTT745 572EXEX£4.501991
41322CDSeasick SteveDog house musicBronzeratBRO4EXEX£4.002066 Digipak; plays perfectly
33585CDSeasick SteveI started out with nothin' ..Warner bros.825648 941537EXEX£4.002008 Digipak
31376CDSeasick SteveMan from another timeWarner music505186 56158 28EXEX£4.002009 Gatefold card cover
41323CDSeasick SteveMan from another timeAtlantic5051865 615828EXEX£4.002009 EU: all in near Mint condition, plays perfectly
12083CDSeerAcross the borderAriola74321 25361EXEX£5.001995
9925CDSegalAudience of oneSegal03328EXEX£5.001999 Demo album
3393CDSelfSubliminal plastic motivesZoo111 162MintMint£6.501995
6865CDSemisonicFeeling strangely fineMCAMCD 11733EXEX£5.001998
3386CDSenserStacked upUltimate540 2312MintMint£6.001994
14551CDSequoiaEbb & flowHigh desertHDM 002EXEX£6.002005 reviewers copy
14012CDBrian SetzerThe Brian Setzer collection '81-88EMI72435 22538EXEX£5.001999
14011CDSBrian SetzerJump jive an' wailInterscopeIND 95601MintMint£3.001998
4615CD700 milesSeven Hundred milesRCARDJ 62684MintMint£7.001993 US PROMO
11830CDSeven Mary threeAmerican standardMammothD 31504EXEX£6.001995
3809CDShakespears sisterHormonally yoursLondon828 3752EXEX£4.001992
31384CDRich ShaperoDawn remembersOutside reading-SealedSealed£5.002011 US; New: Digipak Sealed in shrinkwrap
16689CDRich ShaperoThe Ram: Wild animusToo far94455 00100EXEX£7.002006 US; Digipak + 32 page booklet
29501CDRich ShaperoThe Ram: Wild animusToo far94455 00100SealedSealed£4.002006 US Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
11660CDShaverUnshaven - Live at Smiths olde barZoo72445 11104SealedSealed£6.001995 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale hole
18028CDShearwaterPalo SantoMatadorOLE 7572EXEX/EX£8.002007 US; Double CD; Gatefold digipak in card slipcase
14662CDShed SevenA maximum highPolydor531 0392EXEX£5.001996
963CDShed SevenChange GiverPolydor523 615EXEX£4.001994
5965CDBim ShermanWhat HappenedMantraMNTCD 1012EXEX£5.001998 reviewers copy
31739CDShitmatHang the DJWrong musicWNG 011CDEXEX£5.002006
9961CDShivareeI oughtta give you a shot in the head..Odeon382 4625EXEX£5.001999
9979CDShort term diaryBetween timid & TimbuktuHeel turnHTM 002SealedSealed£6.50Sealed in shrinkwrap
33584CDShortwave setReplica sun machineWall of soundWOS 030 CDEXEX£4.002008
3811CDSilencersBlues fo BuddhaRCAPD 71859MintMint£6.001988 reviewers copy
3810CDSilencersDance to the holy manRCAPD 74924MintMint£6.001991
31722CDSilverchairDiorama (special edition)ElevenELEVEN CD8SPMintMint£5.002002 Australia; + Card slipcase
17823CDSilverchairNeon BallroomColumbia493 3092EXEX£4.501999 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31633CDSimple mindsGlittering prizeVirginSMTVD 1EXEX£4.001992 compilation of '81-92 tracks
14552CDSimple mindsIn the city of lightVirginCDSM 1EXEX/EX£6.501987 Double CD; some marks on case
38519CDSimple mindsIn the city of lightVirginCDSM 1EXM/EX£6.001987 Double CD; mild wear on Fatbox; + 16 page booklet
9940CDTalvin SinghHaIsland548 4972EXEX£4.502001 couple of marks - plays pefectly
31491CDSir Mix-A-LotChief boot knockaAmerican9 45540 2EXMint£6.001994 US: Gold Promo stamp on front cover
28227CDSir Mix-A-LotMack daddyAmerican74321 248472MintMint£7.001992 German
28293CDSir Mix-A-LotReturn of the bumpasaurausAmerican74321 37244 2MintMint£7.001996
28294CDSir Mix-A-LotSeminarDef American926 969-2MintMint£7.001989 US
28226CDSir Mix-A-LotSwassAmerican74321 248452MintMint£7.001988 German
12084CDSister 7This the tripArista07822 18835MintMint£6.001997
29346CDSSisters of mercyMoreMerciful releasMR47 CDXEXEX£10.001990 German; Tri-fold 12" sleeve; b/w 'More (8.30)/ You could be the one'; light wear on cover; a few few marks on non playing surface of disc - plays perfectly
33586CDSix by sevenThe way I feel todayMantraMNTCD 1027EXEX£4.002002
5966CD16 HorsepowerSecret southGlitter houseGRCD 480EXEX£6.00 
9938CDRoni Size ReprazentNew formsTalkin' loud534 9342EXEX£4.501997 some marks - plays perfectly
2849CDSkiploaderFrom can through stringGeffenGED 24830MintEX£5.501996
5967CDSkunk AnansieParanoid & sunburnt1 little IndianTPLP 55CDEXEX£5.001995
14553CDSkunk AnansiePost orgasmic chillVirginCDVX 2881EXEX£5.001999 digipak
9311CDSkunk AnansieStoosh1 little IndianTPLP 85CDEXEX£5.001996
969CDSkunkhourFeedAcid jazzJAZID 136MintMint£5.001995
16511CDSkunkhourSkunkhourAcid jazzJAZID CD113EXEX£6.001995
12085CDSleeperSmartIndolentSLEEP CD007EXEX£4.001995 some marks - plays perfectly
2445CDSleeperSmartIndolentCD 007EXEX£4.501995
1832CDSleeperThe it girlIndolentCD 012MintMint£4.501996
14554CDSlingbacksAll pop, no starVirginCDV 2816EXEX£5.001996
5968CDSloanTwice removedDGCDGCD 24711MintMint£7.001994 US; PROMO
3813CDSmall factoryFor if you cannot flyQuigleyQUIGD 6MintMint£6.001994
935CDSSmallerIsBetterBET 1CDEXVG£4.00PROMO card sleeve
33054CDSmashing pumpkinsAdoreVirgin/ HutCDHUTX 51EXEX£4.001998 a few light marks on disc
11739CDSmashing pumpkinsZeroHutHUTCD 73EXEX£5.001996
1754CDSSmashing pumpkinsAva adoreHutCD 101EXEX£3.001998
28228CDSSmashing pumpkinsPerfectHutHUTDX 106EXEX£4.001998 3 track CD single
25333CDSmithsRankRough tradeROUGH CD126EXEX£7.00CD issue of 1988 LP; a few light marks on disc
4613CDSnapThe madman's returnLogic128 512MintMint£6.001992
4614CDSnapWelcome to tomorrowAriola223 842MintMint£6.001994
4612CDTodd SniderSongs from the daily planetMCAMCD 11067EXEX£6.001994
25306CDSnow patrolEyes openPolydor9853 179SealedSealed£5.002006 sealed in shrinkwrap
2222CDSSoft cellSay hello wave goodbye '91MercurySOFCP 1MintMint£10.001991
31972CDSoilScarsJ records80813 20022 2EXEX£4.002001; 2 case creases on opening of front insert
991CDSolid gold hellSwingin' hot murderFlying nunFNCD 298EXEX£5.001994 Reviewers copy
33587CDSomething for KateBeautiful sharksMurmurMATTCD 085EEXEX/EX£6.001999 Australia; + Bonus multi-media disc; a few light marks on CD
3814CDSonic youthSisterGeffenGED 24514MintMint£7.001994
4513CDSoul asylumLet your dim light shineColumbia480 3202EXEX£5.001995
14555CDSoul asylumWhile you were outRoad runnerRR 90962EXEX£5.001993
14677CDSoul family sensationNew waveEpicZK 47986EXEX£5.001991
8155CDSoul II soulVolume IV - The classic singles '88-93VirginCDV 2724EXEX£4.501993
8154CDSoul waxMuch against everyone's advicePias010 CDEXEX£5.002000
12087CDSoultansLove, sweat & tearsCoconut74321 444 672-EX£5.00In house promo; stickered CD + photo copied track listing; a few light marks - plays perfectly
2851CDSoundgardenLouder than love/ Badmotor fingerA&MCDA 24118MintM/M£7.501993 2CD issue of '89 + '91 LP's
3815CDSoundgardenSuperunknownA&M540 2152MintMint£6.001994
2440CDSSoundgardenBlack hole sunA&M580 6212EXMint£5.001994 CD1 of 2CD set in double box
9865CDSSoundgardenPretty nooseA&M581 6212EXEX/EX£7.001996 2xCD set in card slipcase + poster
2225CDSSoundgardenSpoonmanA&M580 539MintMint£6.001991; 4 track PROMO
33630CDSoundtrack of our livesOrigin Vol. 1Warner Telegram5050 467 149120MintVG£3.002004 some marks on disc - plays perfectly
4345CDSourPilotSo you areSCD 666MintMint£6.501999
8153CDSpaceSpidersGutGUT CD1EXEX£4.001996
3816CDSpaceTin planetGutGUT TIN5EXEX£10.001998 metal tin + insert
1029CDSSpace monkeysAcid house killed rock & rollFactoryFACD 2.43EXEX£4.001997 Promo
1828CDSparklehorseVivadixie submarine transmission plotParlophone832 816EXEX£5.001995
3817CDSparklerWicker parkRevolutionPROCD 8601MintMint£7.001997 PROMO
5127CDSpearheadChocolate supa highwayCapitol560 9626EXEX£5.001997
31546CDSpearheadHomeCapitolCDEST 2236EXEX£5.001994
3818CDSpectreThe missing two weeks (covert dubs)BMG296 552SealedSealed£7.501996 sealed
2852CDSpiritualized electric mainlinePure phasededicatedDEDCD 017EXEX£6.001995
33564CDSharleen SpiteriThe Movie songbookMercury272 2307EXEX£4.002010 a few light marks on disc
2853CDSplit enzThe best of..A&MCDMID 175MintMint£6.001987 compilation
31492CDSpookyOpenSpookySPOOKY CD003EXEX/EX£5.002007 Double CD; Promo sticker on back of case
30183CDJohn SquireTime changes everythingNorth countryNCCDS 001EXEX£4.002002 Hardback Gatefold cover + 18 page booklet
11740CDLisa StansfieldSo naturalAristaLS 001EXEX£6.001993 PROMO; fold out card sleeve
16512CDStarsailorLove is hereChrysalis72435 35350EXEX£4.502001
9301CDStarsailorSilence is easyEMI590 0072MintMint£5.002003
11741CDSStarsailorLullabyChrysalisCHSDJ 5151EXEX£4.002001 1 track promo in card sleeve
11742CDSteel pole bath tubScars from falling downSlash828 6852EXEX£5.001995
11744CDMartin Stephenson & DainteesSalutation RoadFFRR828 1982EXEX£5.001990 a few marks - plays perfectly
11743CDMartin StephensonYogi in my houseDemonFIEND CD762EXEX£5.001995
11747CDStereo MC'sConnectedIslandBRCD 589EXEX£4.001992 a few marks - plays perfectly
41772CDStereolabDots and loopsDuophonicD-UHF CD17EXVG£6.001997 Some marks - plays perfectly
29631CDStereophonicsDecade in the sunV2178 0699MintMint£4.002008 compilation
9302CDStereophonicsJust enough education to performV21015 832EXEX£5.002001
30225CDStereophonicsLanguage, sex, violence, other?V2VVR 1031052EXEX£3.502005
16199CDStereophonicsPerformance & cocktailsV2100 4492MintMint£5.001999
16690CDStereophonicsYou gotta go there to come backV2VVR 1021 902EXEX£4.502003
12089CDSStereophonicsA thousand trees (acoustic EP)V2VVR50 00448EXEX£12.001997 digipak
11745CDSStereophonicsJust lookingV2500 5303EXEX£3.001999 a few marks - plays perfectly
12088CDSStereophonicsPick a part that's newV2VVR50 06773EXEX£4.001999
11746CDDave StewartDave Stewart & Spiritual cowboys - 5 tk samplerRCADSSC 2EXEX£10.001990 PROMO 5tk sampler with interview
989CDSting10 Summoner's talesA & M540 075EXEX£4.001993
29534CDStingSacred loveA&M9860619EXEX£5.002003 SACD; a few marks on Digipak: a few light marks on disc
11748CDStingThe soul cageA&M396 4052EXEX£4.001991 some marks - plays perfectly
2446CDStone rosesSecond comingGeffenGED 24503EXEX£4.501994
8215CDStone rosesThe complete Stone rosesSilvertoneORECD 535EXEX£4.001995 compilation; a few marks - plays perfectly
31634CDStone rosesThe complete Stone rosesSilvertoneORECD 535EXEX£4.001995 Compilation
40282CDStone rosesThe Stone RosesSilvertoneORE CD 502EXEX£4.001990's EU CD reissue of '89 LP; light crease on front insert; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
9926CDStone rosesTurns into stoneSilvertoneORE CD521EXEX£4.501992
31493CDStone temple pilotsStone temple pilotsAtlantic75678 26072EXEX£4.001994 a few light marks on disc
16293CDJoss StoneThe soul sessionsRelentlessCDREL 2EXEX£5.002003
11749CDStoney sleepMusic for chameleonsBig catABB 138CDMintMint£6.001997
11750CDStraitjacket fitsMeltArista261 908EXEX£5.001990
2227CDSStrangeloveIs there a place? EPFood881 8112MintEX£4.001994
11751CDStray catsBack to the alley - The best of..Arista260 963MintMint£5.001990 compilation of '81-3 tracks
38414CDStreebeckWithout a baedekerNSMANSMA 001SealedSealed£4.002006 Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
40350CDStrokesFirst impressions of earthRough tradeRTRAD CDX 330EXVG£3.502006 mild wear on die-cut Gatefold Digipak; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
41325CDStrokesRoom on fireRCA82876 569692EXVG£3.002003 EU; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
16513CDSubterraneansFlowSub. Ent.SUB 2CDEXEX£6.002000 CD-R
1719CDSuedeComing upNude6CDEXVG£4.001996
1720CDSuedeDog man starNude3CDEXEX£4.001994
3790CDSuedeHead musicNude14CDEXEX£4.501999
8271CDSugarFile under easy listeningCreationCRECD 172MintMint£5.001994
11373CDSuggsThe lone rangerWEA0630 12478EXEX£5.001995
11374CDSum 41All killer no fillerIsland548 6622EXEX£4.502001
12090CDSum 41Half hour of powerMercury542 4192EXEX£4.502001 11 track mini LP
31090CDSun brothersThe Sun brothersShattered songsSSLCD 0001SealedSealed£8.002004 Sealed in shrinkwrap
31785CDSun PauloElectric wisdom sound systemMalicious damagMD 633EXEX£6.002008 Digipak
2854CDSuper deluxeFamousLuminousLUXCD 003MintMint£6.001996
3819CDSupercuzJudy get downGroove town666 722MintMint£5.001995
3820CDSupergrassIn it for the moneyParlophone8552 282MintMint£5.001997
33055CDSupergrassSupergrassParlophone72435 22056 22EXEX£4.001999 a few light marks on disc
11752CDSSupergrassAlrightParlophoneCDR 6413EXEX£4.001995
3821CDSupergrooveBack spacerRCA395 302EXEX£5.001996
14663CDSupernaturalsIt doesn't matter any moreFoodFOOD CD21EXEX£5.001997
11753CDSupreme beings of leisureDivine operating systemPalmPALM 20872EXEX/EX£6.002002 + bonus disc in Gatefold card sleeve; some wear on cover; few light marks on disc1 - plays perfectly
4610CDSurrender DorothySerumMCA70010MintMint£6.001996
33184CDSwan diveSwan diveCompass7 4285 2EXEX£5.002000 US
11754CDSwayMmm.. Prepare to be swayedMCAMCD 33381MintMint£5.001995
2855CDMatthew Sweet100% funZoo110 812MintMint£6.501995 US
2601CDMatthew SweetAltered beastZoo110 502MintMint£6.501993 reviewers copy
16691CDMatthew SweetSweet in lowZooZP 17157-EX£6.501995 US Promo 8 track sampler in plain card cover
3401CDSweetmouthGoodbye to songtownRCAPD 74971MintMint£6.501991 Feat. Brian Kennedy
13723CDSwing catsSwing catsSnapperSMACD 819EXEX£5.001999 featuring Slim Jim Phantom & Lee Rocker
28230CDSylk 130When the funk hits the fanVUMSYLK CD1EXEX£7.001997; 1 case mark f/cover
33565CDDavid Sylvian & Robert FrippThe first dayVirginCDV 2712EXEX£5.001993 light crease on f/insert; a few light marks on disc
11755CDSymposiumOn the outsideInfectious74321 56084MintMint£5.001998
31494CDTaking back SundayLouder nowWarner bros.9362 494242EXEX£4.002006; Stickered front case
33588CDTaking back SundayWhere you want to dieVictoryVR 228MintMint£4.002004 US
40122CDTalking headsLittle creaturesEMICDP7 46158 2EXEX£4.001985 no barcode
40121CDTalking headsThe Best of - Once in a lifetimeEMICDEMD 1039EXEX£4.001992 compilation
33185CDTalltonesTalltonesATSCD 0745EXEX£8.002011 Austria; Digipak; a few light marks on disc
4604CDJames Taylor quartetSupernatural feelingBig lifeBLR CD21EXEX£5.001993
3169CDTeenage fanclubGrand prixCreation480 4922MintMint£5.001995
31635CDTenacious DTenacious DEpicEPC 507735 2MintMint£4.002002
3934CDTerrorvisionFormaldehydeTotal vegas7812 4627EXEX£5.001993
8156CDTerrorvisionHow to make friends & influence peopleTotal vegasVEGAS CD2EXEX£5.001994
3933CDSTerrorvisionPerseveranceTotal Vegas882 7032EXEX£5.001996 CD1 of 2CD set in foldout gatefold cord sleeve; some marks on disc doesn't affect play
31548CDTexasGreatest hitsMercury060249 84878 15EXMint£4.002000 Recyclable Digipak
6864CDTexasThe hushMercury538 9722MintMint£5.001999
8222CDThe TheMind bombEpic463 3192EXEX£4.001989 a few marks - plays perfectly
14669CDTherapy ?ShamelessArk 21ARKCD 1007EXEX£5.002001 Digipak
14640CDTherapy ?So much for the ten year plan: 1990-2000Ark 21ARKCD 1001XSealedSealed£6.502000 light wear on sealed gatefold digipak
9927CDTherapy ?TroublegumA&M540 1962EXEX£5.001993
3211CDThin lizzard dawnThin lizzard dawnRCA669 642SealedSealed£6.501996 US sealed
4344CDThird eye blindThird eye blindElektra620 122EXEX£6.501997
38416CDThirty seconds to MarsThis is warVirgin509999 65111 21EXMint£3.002009; cover is in near Mint condition
934CDSThree colours redThis is my HollywoodCreationCRESCD 277EXEX£4.001997 PROMO
4525CD310The dirty ropeLeafBAY 6CDEXEX£6.001999 card sleeve
31496CDThrillsLet's bottle BohemiaVirginCDV 2986MintMint£4.002004
9303CDThrillsSo much for the cityVirginCDV 2974MintMint£5.002003
14556CDThrowing musesUniversity4ADCAD 5002EXEX£6.001995
1001CDThrumRifferamaFireCD 38EXEX£5.001994 PROMO
1755CDSThrumHere I amFire70 CDMintMint£3.501994; Plug copy
1756CDSThrumSo gladFire67 CDMintMint£3.001993
29532CDTiger lilliesShockheaded PeterNVC Arts3984 26522 2EXMint£5.001999 light wear on card slipcase
11756CDTanita TikaramAncient heartWEA243 8772EXEX£4.501988
31725CDTimbuk 3Eden alleyIRSIRSD 42124EXVG£5.001988 US; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
33187CDTimbuk 3Edge of allegianceIRSIRSD 82015EXEX£7.001989 US; case crease on front insert
17825CDToad the wet sprocketDulcineaColumbia476 5102EXEX£5.001994
11662CDJeremy TobackPerfect flux thingRCA669 762SealedSealed£6.001997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale hole on case
30553CDMarques ToliverLand of CanAanBella unionBELLA CD346EXVG£4.002013 Gatefold card sleeve; Marks on disc - plays perfectly
11757CDLe ToneLe petite hababCreationCRECD 250EXEX£6.001999
8157CDMartina Topley-BirdQuixoticindepend..ISOM 34CDEXEX£5.002003
14557CDToploaderMagic hotelSony508 4712EXEX£5.002002
2856CDToploaderOnka's big mokaSony494 7809EXEX£5.002000
17826CDTragically hipPhantom powerUniversalUMSSD 81083EXEX£6.001995 Canada; digipak
12598CDTransglobal undergroundDream of 100 nationsNationNR 021CDEXEX£4.501993 some marks - plays perfectly
9304CDTravisThe man whoIndepend.ISOM 9CDEXEX£5.001999
11759CDSTravisComing around - CD 1Independ.ISOM 45MSEXEX£3.002000
3174CDTreeOverflowLushCD 001MintMint£6.001997
11661CDA Tribe called questBeats, rhythms & lifeJive01241 41587SealedSealed£5.001996 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale hole + crack on case
15859CDTrickyPre millennium tension4th & BroadwayBRCD 623MintMint£5.001996
14559CDTrojansRebel bluesGaz's rockin'CDGAZ 010EXEX£6.501993
31497CDJohnny TruantThe repercussions of a badly planned suicideUndergrooveUGCD 607MintMint£4.00 
31124CDTune-yardsBird-brains4ADCAD 2928CDEXEX£5.002009
15824CDTurin brakesThe Optimist LPSource7243 5306 9629EXEX£5.002001
11760CDTwenty fifth of MayLenin & McCarthyArista262 951EXEX£5.001992
33589CDTwo door cinema clubTourist historyKitsuneCDA 025MintMint£4.002010
11375CDTydeTwiceRough tradeTRADE CD088MintMint£6.002003
31125CDChris TyeSomewhere down the lineHeadwrecker-VGEX£7.002006 small tear near spine top corner of Digipak; light sticker mark f/cover
11762CDU2Achtung babyIslandCID U28EXEX£4.001991 a few light marks - plays perfectly
16200CDU2All that you can't leave behindIsland548 0953EXEX£5.002000 in card slipcase
31581CDU2How to dismantle an atomic bombIslandCIDU 214EXEX£3.002004 a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
14664CDU2OctoberIslandCID 111EXEX£5.00CD issue of '81 LP; barcoded rear sleeve
959CDU2PopIslandCIDU 210EXEX£4.501997
16692CDU2Rattle & humIslandCID U27EXEX£4.001988 a few light marks - plays perfectly
12091CDU2The best of 1980-1990IslandCIDU 211EXEX£4.001998 compilation
31714CDU2The Joshua treeIsland842 298-2EXVG£3.00French CD issue of '87 LP; crease on front insert; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
5969CDU2The Unforgettable fireIslandCID 102EXEX£4.00CD issue of '84 LP; barcoded rear sleeve; some marks on disc label
1742CDSU2Sweetest thingIslandCIDX 727EXEX£3.001998
31414CDUB40Labour of loveVirginDEPCD 5EXEX£4.001991 CD reissue of '83 LP; 1 case crease on front cover
31636CDUB40Labour of love IIIDEB/ VirginDEPCD 18EXEX£4.001998; 2 small case marks on front insert
11761CDUgly kid JoeMenace to sobrietyMercury528 2822EXEX£5.001995
8158CDUrban speciesBlanketTalkin' loud558 7762EXEX£4.501998
4652CDV3Photograph burnsOnion312 642MintMint£6.501996
14561CDVacationBand from world war zeroEchoECHCD 59EXEX£6.002004
31549CDAlex ValentineA short album about loveStruck dumbSTRUNB 8888EXMint£4.002008
33188CDVampire weekendModern vampires of the cityXLXLCD 556EXEX£4.002013 Card slipcase
28296CDVampire weekendVampire weekendXLXLCD 318MintMint£4.002008 in card slipcase
31550CDVandalsThe QuickeningNitro15806-2EXEX£4.001996 US
14665CDSuzanne VegaNine objects of desireA&M540 5832EXEX£5.001996
11763CDVeilAimless targetCD-R demo-EXEX£6.00CD-R demo; a few marks - plays perfectly
4608CDVelvet bellyThe landingRCA340 822MintMint£6.501996
11764CDVerveA northern soulHutCDHUT 27EXEX£4.501995
4503CDVerveA storm in heavenHutHUT 10MintMint£6.001993
33566CDVerveForthParlophone50999 2355 8427EXMint£4.002008 Gatefold card cover
31971CDVerveForthVirgin50999 2355 8427EXMint£4.002008 light wear on Gatefold card cover
1644CDVerveUrban hymnsHutCD 45MintMint£5.001997
12092CDSVerveThe drugs don't workHutHUT DX88EXEX£3.001997 digipak; marks on disc - plays perfectly
31498CDViewBread and circusesSony/ 196588697 850992EXEX£4.002011
11765CDSVinesHighly evolvedHeavenlyHVN 112 CDRPEXEX£5.002002 1 track Promo in card sleeve; a few light marks - plays perfectly
33032CDFredo ViolaThe TurnBecauseBEC 5772 438SealedSealed£6.002008 France; CD + DVD; Digipak sealed on shrinkwrap
4651CDVerve pipeVillainsRCA668 092EXEX£6.001996
11659CDWailing soulsLive onZoo72445 11108SealedSealed£6.001995 US; sealed in shrinkwrap; small sale hole
8159CDRufus WainwrightPosesDream works450 2372MintMint£6.002001
33631CDRufus WainwrightWantGeffen958 7273EXEX/EX£6.002005 Double; a few marks on discs - both play EX
14562CDRufus WainwrightWant oneDream works450 5041EXEX£5.002003 a few light marks - plays perfectly
11766CDWakelandMagneticGiant924 6282MintMint£5.001995 US
38420CDWalking on carsEverything this wayVirginCDV 3143SealedSealed£5.002016 Card sleeve sealed in shrinkwrap
31499CDWallflowersBringing down the horseInterscopeIND 90055EXEX£4.001996; light crease on front insert
11672CDSteve WarinerDriveArista18721SealedSealed£5.001993 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
33966CDWarpaintWarpaintRough tradeRTRAD CD680EXEX£6.002014 + Poster; light wear on Gatefold card sleeve; some light marks on disc
38421CDWashingtonI believe you liarMercury2744 633EXEX£6.002010 Australia; all in near Mint condition
3832CDGrover Washington JnrMy wild lifeZero hourUND 01100MintMint£6.001995
11767CDWatchmenBrand new dayMCAMCD 81009MintMint£5.001996
11768CDWatchmenIn the treesMCAMCD 11105MintMint£5.001994
11769CDWaterboysRoom to roamEnsignCCD 1768VGEX£4.001990 a few marks - plays perfectly; light stain b/cover
4653CDWaterlilliesTemptedSire455 392EXEX£6.001994
33189CDMike WattThe secondman's middle standEasy actionEAR 005EXEX/EX£10.002005 CD + DVD
38422CDWe are scientistsLive in UK 24 April 2008: Shepherds Bush EmpireConcert live-EXEX/EX£12.002008 Double CD; just a few light marks
33590CDWe are scientistsWith love and squalorVirginCDVUS 270EXEX£4.002005
31149CDWe are the oceanGo now and liveHassleHOFF 120CDAEXEX£4.002011 light wear on die cut Gatefold Digipak; a few light marks on disc
29727CDWeakerthansLeft and leavingBad tasteBTR 41EXEX£7.002000 light creasing b/cover; a few light marks on disc
11771CDCassell WebbHouse of dreamsChinaWOLCD 1025MintMint£5.001992
31670CDWedding presentBizarroRCA/BMGPD 74302EXEX£5.001989; 2 case marks on front insert
4607CDWedding presentHit parade 1First warning757 112EXEX£6.001992
41773CDSWedding presentMontrealCooking vinylFRYCD 053VGEX£4.001997 mild waving on die-cut card sleeve; in shrinkwrap; + green inner; just a few light marks - plays perfectly
33632CDWeird warIf you can't beat 'em, bite 'emDrag cityDC 251 CDMintEX£7.002004 US: a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
9305CDChuck E WeissExtremely coolRykodiscSRRCD 41EXEX£6.001999
14563CDKevin Welch & DanesMillionaireDead reckoningDEAR 0021EXEX£7.002001 signed on inside of booklet
3822CDWendysGobbledy gookFactoryFACD 285EXEX£5.001991
33031CDRoger WestLe meme moiAcid tongue + GATG 003SealedSealed£10.00France; Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
31500CDWestcott & RodwayAll in good timeBKOBKO CD4EXMint£4.002007
9867CDWhirlpoolLiquid glassRevelationREV 52MintMint£5.001996 US
16693CDWhirlwind heatDo rabbits wonder?XLXLCD 167EXEX£6.002003
28231CDWhite rabbitsFort nightlySay heySH 011EXEX£6.002007
33190CDWhite stripesIcky thumpXLXLCD 271MintMint£4.002007
4605CDJames WhiteJames White's flying demonsInfinite zero9430872SealedSealed£7.001996 US sealed in shrinkwrap
9306CDWhitlamsEternal nightcapPhantomBYOA 7EXEX£5.001997 Australia
4602CDWild orchidWild orchidRCA668 942SealedSealed£7.50US PROMO sealed in Digipak
4343CDWillard Grant ConspiracyFlying lowSlow riverSRRCD 35EXEX£6.50 
33591CDKathryn Williams & Neill MacCollTwoPlaygroundPGMLCD 93EXEX£7.002008 Sweden; some light marks - plays perfectly
962CDVictoria WilliamsThis Moment in Toronto with …Mammoth7567 92642EXEX£8.001995 Promo
5971CDWesley WillisFeel the powerAmerican422 752MintMint£6.501996
31501CDAmy WinehouseBack to blackIsland171 304 1EXEX£4.002006; a few light marks on disc
3178CDWire trainNo soul no strainMCAMCD 10604EXEX£6.001992
3792CDJah WobbleTake me to godIslandCID 8017MintMint£6.501994
12024CDSJah WobbleThe sun does rise EPIslandCID 587VGEX£4.501994 sticker tear on front of digipak
4500CDWolfgang pressFunky little demons4ADCAD 4016MintM/M£20.001994 includes free remix CD
11772CDWonderstuffConstruction for the modern idiotPolydor519 8942EXEX£4.001993 a few light marks - plays perfectly
31502CDWonderstuffEscape from rubbish islandIndependentIRL 020EXEX£5.002004 Gatefold Digipak
1000CDWorld of leatherJesus christ superstoreCakeCD 17EXEX£4.001995
999CDWorld of leatherSt. Mark's placeCakeCD 15EXEX£4.001994
5972CDWorld partyBangEnsign321 9912EXEX£5.001993
5095CDWorld partyEgyptology (6 track album sampler)ChrysalisWPCD DJ002MintEX£10.001997 PROMO a few marks on disc; plays perfectly
997CDWorld partyGoodbye JumboEnsignCDP32 1654EXEX£4.001990
12093CDSWorld partyGive it all away - CD 1+2Ensign09463 24903 22EXEX/EX£5.001993 CD 1+2 in double box; some marks on discs - both play perfectly
11773CDWu-Tang clanEnter the Wu-Tang (36 chambers)RCA74321 20367EXEX£4.501993 some light marks - plays perfectly
2627CDWu-Tang clanWu-Tang foreverLoud674 852MintM/M£7.501997 2CD with slipcase; PROMO
31786CDWYO'sThrow your arms up to heavenZumaZUMA CD100EXEX£4.002007 light wear on Digipak; a few light marks on disc
29728CDYeasayerAll hour cymbalsWe are freeWRF 002EXEX£4.002007 Digipak; a few light marks on disc
11774CDYellow monkeyPunch drunkardFun houseFHCF 2412EXEX£5.001998 Japan; some marks - plays perfectly
11775CDSusumu YokotaCat, mouse & meHart houseHHCD 022VGEX£5.001996 crack on printed case; a few marks - plays perfectly
31503CDZero 7When it fallsUltimate dilemaLCO 1557EXEX£4.002004
38520CDZilla projectThis one's for the president-TZP 001EXSealed£8.002014 crack on rear of case o/w all in in Mint condition: sealed in shrinkwrap; unopened/ unplayed
11776CDZodiac mindwarpThe best ofSpectrum554 1792EXEX£4.001997
31504CDZutonsWho killed the ZutonsDeltasonicDLTCDX 019MintMint£4.002004
31582CDZwanMart star of the seaMartha's music9362 48436 2EXVG£3.002003; 2 case marks on front insert; marks on disc - plays perfectly
31506CDVarious artists80's GrooveMinistry soundMOSCD 230EXEX/EX£6.002010 3xCD set in Gatefold Digipak; EX/EX/EX all 3 discs are in Excellent condition
14564CDVarious artistsA life in the year of DeconstructionDeconstruct.74321 13141EXEX£5.001993
31428CDVarious artistsA Taste of LaFace: International samplerLaFace-VGVG£5.008 track label sampler; creases on front insert; a few marks on disc
29732CDVarious artistsA Tribute to Tori Amos: Songs of a goddessCleopatraCLP 1053-2VGEX£5.002001 US; marks on front of Digipak
31419CDVarious artistsAcoustic chillExtreme musicXCD 113EXMint£12.002005 Extreme music library; not for sale to general public
33030CDVarious artistsAddicted to bass 2013Ministry of souMOSCD 322SealedSealed£6.002013 3xCD in Gatefold Digipak; Sealed in shrinkwrap
14565CDVarious artistsAmbient 2: Imaginary landscapesVirginAMBT 2EXEX/EX£6.501993 Double CD; crack on case
9980CDVarious artistsAnti folk vol 1 - songs around the campfireHeelturnHTM 006SealedSealed£6.50Sealed in shrinkwrap
14618CDVarious artistsApolloR&SAMB 926CDEXVG£4.001993 marks on disc - plays perfectly
11777CDVarious artistsApricot - 3 years of house explorationsApricot74321 45398MintM/M£6.501997 2xCD
11778CDVarious artistsArista samplerAristaSPEC 001EXEX£5.00PROMO; marks on disc - plays perfectly
38423CDVarious artistsAsian collection (the)Sony888837 40792SealedSealed£8.002015 3xCD; Gatefold Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap: Unopened/ unplayed
17827CDVarious artistsAt the Forum - volume 4StalkerATF4 SR008EXEX£6.002006 CD-R
31415CDVarious artistsBar M: The AlbumVirginVTDCDX 352EXEX/EX£4.002000 Double CD; Mixed by Lucci & Buff; some wear on card slipcase
12209CDVarious artistsBeat clubAriola74321 350332MintMint£6.001996 Canada; 'celebration of new Canadian dance music'
12512CDVarious artistsBest of BuddhaBar de luneLUNE CD15EXEX/EX£6.002002 Double CD in box; some marks - both discs play perfectly
11779CDVarious artistsBeyond worldsA&M548 0392EXEX£6.001993 US PROMO; A&M sampler
31505CDVarious artistsBig beat anthemsMinistry soundMOSCD 288EXEX/EX£5.002012 Double CD + card slipcase
14639CDVarious artistsBig beat conspiracy: BBC 1Pagan61868 42010SealedSealed£7.001998 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
31416CDVarious artistsBMG: Trade marketing monthly samplerBMGTRADE 3-EX£5.00January 1999 13 track Promo in clear plastic sleeve
31425CDVarious artistsBrit rockExtreme musicXCD 096MintEX£12.002004 Extreme music library; Not for sale to general public
16695CDVarious artistsCafé mambo: Ibiza 2005ITHMAMBO 02CDEXEX/EX£6.002005 Double CD in Gatefold digipak
12210CDVarious artistsCalling all angelsArton19530EXEX£5.001992 Israel
14630CDVarious artistsCam del mar: Ibiza sunsetPaganCD 1011MintMint£5.002000 mixed by Rob Da Bank
14566CDVarious artistsCars - FashionAtmosphereATV 03MintM/M£10.00Double CD in Gatefold digipak
31551CDVarious artistsCaution! Hot tipsDedicatedDEDCD 010EXEX£5.001993; 2 small case marks on front insert
11780CDVarious artistsChill out room 2Columbia495 1862EXEX/EX£5.001999 Double
14567CDVarious artistsClubland 04 (24 hour clubbers paradise)AtmosphereATMOS CD178MintMint£7.00Gatefold digipak
14568CDVarious artistsConcrete: Structurally soundConcreteHARD 21 LPCDEXEX£5.001996
31583CDVarious artistsCream anthems: Spring 2002VirginVTDCDX 442EXEX/EX£4.002002 Double CD + card slipcase; a few light marks on disc 1 - plays perfectly
31417CDVarious artistsCulture clsahArista74321158772MintMint£4.001993
14569CDVarious artistsDance culture U.KClub mastersZIPCD BX6EXEX/EX£10.001998 4 CD box - all discs EX
18020CDVarious artistsDance nation 4ministry of souDNCD 4EXEX/EX£5.001997 Double CD in card slipcase; crack on case
17828CDVarious artistsDance nation 5Ministry of so.DNCD 5EXEX/EX£5.001998 Double CD; mixed by Pete Tong & Boy George; light wear on card slipcase; a few light marks - both play perfectly
14685CDVarious artistsDanny Rampling love groove dance partyMetropoleLG CD2EXEX/EX£5.001996 2xCD in box; marks on discs - both play perfectly
25298CDVarious artistsDarkest hour (the)CleopatraCLP 0029-2EXEX£6.001997 US: A collection of Gothic & Industrial cover versions: light wear on digipak
14571CDVarious artistsDecoded & danced up rhythms of deconstructionDeconstruct.PD 74855EXEX£5.001990
14572CDVarious artistsDeconstruction classics: A history of dance musicDeconstruct.74321 12990EXEX/EX£6.501995 Double CD
11781CDVarious artistsDeep dish - TorontoGlobal undergr.GU 025CDEXEX/EX£6.002003 Double; some marks - both play perfectly; in card slipcase
11782CDVarious artistsDelicatessen 4Cooking vinylGRILL CD019EXEX£4.502002 a few marks - plays perfectly
41460CDVarious artistsDial M for MerthyrFierce pandaNONGCD 02EXEX£6.001997 compilation
31418CDVarious artistsDiscover PangeaPangea540 249-2EXEX£5.001994
4596CDVarious artistsDoing it rightDemonZNIP 502EXEX£6.001996 compilation of Demon artists
14573CDVarious artistsEast coast projectNarural respon.74321 30715EXEX£6.001995 'A journey through the sound of Edinburgh'
14574CDVarious artistsElectric undergroundAtmosphereATMOS CD176MintMint£7.00Gatefold digipak
14576CDVarious artistsEssential chilloutBeechwoodESSE CD26EXEX/EX£5.002000 Double CD
9939CDVarious artistsEssential elements 7EDMNR70 3019EXEX£4.50some marks on disc - plays perfectly
31594CDVarious artistsFolk electronicaExtreme musicXCD 107EXEX£15.002005 Extreme music library; 1 track by Dweezil Zappa; a few light marks on disc - plays perfectly
31427CDVarious artistsFrog selectionDMM938-2MintMint£5.001995 Italy
14578CDVarious artistsFull on - Edition oneDeconstruct.74321 12803EXEX£5.001993
31553CDVarious artistsFull steam ahead: Arista's in store sampler 1990AristaASCD 2140EXMint£7.001990 US Promo; small drill hole on rear insert
33633CDVarious artistsFunky house classicsMinistry soundMOSCD 207EXVG/VG£5.002010 3xCD in Gatefold Digipak; some marks on discs - all play perfectly
14615CDVarious artistsGatecrasher: Disco-techSonyINC 11CDEXVG/VG£5.001999 Double CD + card slipcase; some marks on discs - both play perfectly
14613CDVarious artistsGatecrasher: Global sound systemSonyINC 12CDEXVG/VG£5.002000 Double CD + card slipcase; marks on discs - both play perfectly
14579CDVarious artistsGo pop (shiny pop & quirky rock)AtmosphereATMOS CD180MintMint£7.00Gatefold digipak
14614CDVarious artistsGods kitchen divineLondon85738 31602EXVG/VG£5.002000 Double CD + card slipcase; some marks on discs - both play perfectly
5111CDVarious artistsGothic sounds of Nightbreed (label sampler)NightbreedCD 010MintMint£7.001996
15952CDVarious artistsGrand lounge: Downtown downtempoGrand hosp.GHGL 7544EXEX£6.002002 US; Gatefold digipak; a few light marks - plays perfectly
31507CDVarious artistsGreece is the wordRCAKNOSSOS 1VGEX£4.001997 Promo; some creasing con card Digipak
5130CDVarious artistsGreetings from uncle SamColumbia474 1202EXEX£5.001993
14581CDVarious artistsHard beats & chilled groovesAtmosphereATMOS CD173MintEX£7.00'Urban living from the sofa to the street'; Gatefold digipak
29537CDVarious artistsHear music: XM Radio sessions - vol 1RhinoOPCD 7804EXEX£12.002005 US 'Recordings from XM satellite radio channel'; Tracy Chapman/ Jewel/ Jason Mraz/ John Butler trio/ James Blunt; light wear on Digipak
4521CDVarious artistsHelpGo discs828 6822EXEX£5.001995 in aid of War child
14582CDVarious artistsHigh in a basementHeavenlyHVNLP 14CDEXEX£5.001996 'Sounds from the UK underground'
14583CDVarious artistsHippy house & happy hop 2Acid jazzJAZID CD54MintMint£5.001992
14584CDVarious artistsHistory of trance - vol 1KickinKICK CD18EXEX£4.501995
14585CDVarious artistsHistory of trance - vol 2: The TripKickinKICK CD22EXEX/EX£6.001995 Double CD
14586CDVarious artistsHistory of trance - vol 3: MainliningKickinKICK CD30EXEX/EX£6.001995 Double CD
14587CDVarious artistsHonor them all: mothers against drunk drivingWindham hill01934 11339EXMint£5.001998 US; sale hole b/cover
14679CDVarious artistsIbiza 99: The year of trance - vol 2Global TVRADCD X150EXEX/EX£5.001999 Double CD in digipak + water filled PVC cover; some marks - both play perfectly
14631CDVarious artistsIn at the deep endPaganCD 1001MintMint£6.001997 mixed by Miles Holloway & Elliot Eastwick
14619CDVarious artistsIn:House music - vol 1A&M540 0992 DJEXEX£5.001993 Promo; a few marks - plays perfectly
31426CDVarious artistsIndie rock 3Extreme musicXCD 122EXEX£12.002006 Extreme music library; Not for sale to general public
4594CDVarious artistsIt's a Shifty disco thing - vol 1Shifty disco9801MintMint£6.001998; 1st 12 singles released by Shifty disco
14590CDVarious artistsJBO: A perspective 1988-98JBOJNR10 01782EXEX/EX£7.501998 Double CD; Promo
17067CDVarious artistsJoin the G-move: Compilation '98RCA74321 58201MintM/M£6.001998 Double
14591CDVarious artistsJourney into ambient groove - phase 2 (a)Quango524 2242EXEX£6.501995
29622CDVarious artistsKama sutra loungeWorld musicWMCD 012SealedSealed£8.002010 Double; Gatefold Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
2447CDVarious artistsKey notes (A&M sampler)A&M849 3472MintMint£10.001991 Fold out card digipack PROMO
31508CDVarious artistsK-Klass: Remix & additional productionDeconstruction74321 34280 2EXMint£4.001996; 2 case marks on front insert
11784CDVarious artistsLadyfest UK 2003Beards037 CDEXEX£6.002003
14592CDVarious artistsLet the four winds blow - vol 1A&M513 5202EXEX£7.001992 Promo 8 track A&M sampler; digipak
10116CDVarious artistsLogical progression - level 2Good lookingGLRCD 002XVGEX/EX£5.001998 Double CD; tear on G/fold card sleeve in card slipcase + booklet; some marks on discs - plays perfectly
31787CDVarious artistsLuscious grooves: The dark sideSample lab-EXEX/EX£10.00AU-WV-EX-HN-RF Windows / Mac; 3 Discs in Gatefold Digipak all in Excellent condition EX/EX/EX
16514CDVarious artistsLush chilled themesAtmosphereATMOS CD159EXEX£7.00Digipak
14594CDVarious artistsMafia & Fluxy presentsRCA74321 20997EXEX£5.001994
31590CDVarious artistsMasked beauty in a sea of sadnessGoth industryGIRCD 614VGVG£8.001994 US; 2 case creases on front insert; marks on disc - plays perfectly
33634CDVarious artistsMinistry of sound: The Annual - Millenium editionMinistry soundANNCD 99LEXEX/EX£6.001999 Double CD in Hardback Digipak + 44 page booklet; light wear on cover; a few marks on discs - fully play tetsed - both play perfectly
14596CDVarious artistsMinistry of sound: The annual 2Ministry of s.ANNCD 96EXEX/EX£7.001996 Double CD in leather bound digipak; a few light marks
16515CDVarious artistsMinistry of sound: The annual IVMinistry..ANNCD 98EXEX/EX£7.001998 Double CD in leather bound digipak; a few light marks
12400CDVarious artistsMOM - music for our mother oceanSurfdogINTD 90062SealedSealed£7.001996 US; digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
38424CDVarious artistsMusic from the Glastonbury filmGlast phono socRECYCLE 01EXEX/EX£8.002006 Double CD in Gatefold Digipak; just a few mild marks on disc 2
31429CDVarious artistsMusic to floss your ears withRCARJC 66967 2EXEX£5.001996 US Promo 12 track sampler; a few marks on disc
3172CDVarious artistsNo alternativeArista187 372MintMint£6.501993; 18 tracks inc. Pavement, Uncle Tupelo & Smashing pumpkins
31424CDVarious artistsNu Acoustic 2Extreme musicXCD 117MintMint£12.002005 Extreme music library; not for sale to general public
14632CDVarious artistsPagan offeringPaganCD 1007MintMint£6.501998 mixed by Derrick Carter; + card slipcase
14597CDVarious artistsPlayPolygramSACD 185EXEX£5.001990 US Promo; 16 track sampler; a few marks - plays perfectly
14680CDVarious artistsPolydor summer 1990 sampler: In future - IF2PolydorIF 2EXEX£6.001990 Promo; some light marks - plays perfectly
31586CDVarious artistsPolydor: DMC 1990 SamplerPolydorGROOVE 1EXEX£5.001990 11 track Promo in slimline case; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
29587CDVarious artistsPsychedelic experience vol. 2 (the)ChakraDCD 089 5562EXVG/VG£6.001999 Double CD in Gatefold Digipak; some marks on discs - both play perfectly
14598CDVarious artistsRave & cruise: Beyond the horizon '97Kosmonaut74321 47688EXEX£5.001997 mixed by Tom Novy
14599CDVarious artistsRCA records portfolioRCARDJ 66000EXEX/EX£7.001992 US Promo; Double CD 35 track sampler in Gatefold card sleeve
14589CDVarious artistsRCA: Hear us now - Spring/ summer '98RCARJC 67614MintMint£5.001998 US Promo; 17 track sampler
14588CDVarious artistsRCA: Jambalaya jam '96RCARJC 66827EXEX£6.501996 US Promo; 12 track sampler
14500CDVarious artistsRCA: Stirring up a stormRCARJC 66953SealedSealed£6.001996 US Promo sampler; sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
14681CDVarious artistsRenaissance worldwide: SingaporePassionRENWW 2CDEXEX/VG£6.001998 3xCD some marks on discs - all play perfectly; some wear on card slipcase
31422CDVarious artistsRevolution: HookedRevolutionPRO CD 8654EXEX£6.001997 8 track US Promo sampler in card sleeve
31421CDVarious artistsRevolution: Stuff (mostly Demos)RevolutionPRO CD 8300EXEX£7.001996 US 12 track Promo; light wear on black card company sleeve
14501CDVarious artistsRhythm formula redefined - vol 2Hi bias74321 20398SealedSealed£6.001994 Canada; sale hole on case; sealed in shrinkwrap
14601CDVarious artistsSeattle.. the dark sideAmerican945 3822EXEX£5.001993 US; Rhyme cartel records compilation; sale hole on cover
14667CDVarious artistsSelected ambient works - vol 2WarpWARP CD21EXVG/VG£5.001994 Double CD; marks on discs - both play perfectly
14602CDVarious artistsSerialement votreConcrete74321 519 312EXEX£6.501997
16516CDVarious artistsSigned sealed delivered 1VirginVVSAM 22EXEX£4.001994 some light marks - plays perfectly
17068CDVarious artistsSigned sealed delivered 3VirginVVSAM 24EXEX£5.001994
31420CDVarious artistsTake that & satayRCAPENANG 1EXEX£5.001995 10 track Promo label sampler in card sleeve
14629CDVarious artistsTerry Francis presents architecturePaganCD 1005MintMint£6.001997
14671CDVarious artistsTerry Francis presents Architecture - vol 2PaganCD 1009EXEX£5.001997
14670CDVarious artistsTerry Francis presents Architecture - vol 2PaganCD 1009MintMint£6.001997
12401CDVarious artistsThis is Fort ApacheMCAMCAD 11179SealedSealed£7.001995 US; digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
14603CDVarious artistsThis year in IbizaWarner8573 80037EXEX/EX£4.501999 Double CD; a few marks
29580CDVarious artistsToolroom Knights (mixed by Forza)ToolroomTOOL 183SealedSealed£6.002012 3xCD in Gatefold Digipak sealed in shrinkwrap (light shelf wear); 'A journey through the world's finest house music'
33593CDVarious artistsToolroom knights (mixed by Tocadisco & Chris lake)ToolroomTOOL 094EXEX/EX£7.002010 Double CD; light wear on Gatefold Digipak
12593CDVarious artistsTotally wired 10Acid jazzJAZID CD72EXEX£5.001993
14604CDVarious artistsTotally wired 10Acid jazzJAZID CD72EXEX£6.001993
14682CDVarious artistsTotally wired SwedenAcid jazzJAZID CD103EXEX£6.001994
14605CDVarious artistsTrade - volume 4EMIFVR CD5EXEX/EX£7.001997 3 CD box; all discs EX, a few marks on disc 3
14606CDVarious artistsTrance nation threeMinistry of s.TNCD 3EXEX/EX£6.002000 Double CD + card slipcase
16697CDVarious artistsTrans Europe express 4BMGTEEX CD4EXEX/EX£6.00Double; a few light marks - plays perfectly
14672CDVarious artistsTribal UK: Chronology 1993-96PaganCD 1004MintM/M£6.501998 Double CD
14678CDVarious artistsTribal UK: Chronology 1993-96PaganCD 1004EXEX/EX£6.001998 Double CD
14607CDVarious artistsTribute to Hard core logo (a)Hard core logo74321 42086EXEX£6.001996 Canada
31593CDVarious artistsTrip hopExtreme musicXCD 033EXEX£10.00Extreme music library: 3 case creases on front cover; a few marks - plays perfectly
31683CDVarious artistsTriptoniteJDJ/V2JDJ CD14EXEX/EX£8.001997 'Journeys by DJ' series vol 14; 3xCD (EX/EX/EX) in die cut plastic case; Jason Moore/ Tomislav/ Andrew Galea; a few marks on dsic - all 3 play EX
14609CDVarious artistsUrban flavasAtmosphereATMOS CD177MintMint£7.00Gatefold digipak
14610CDVarious artistsUrban theory presents.. MeltdownUrban theoryURB CD004EXEX/EX£6.002001 Double CD; compiled by Ross Allen
14683CDVarious artistsVeni, vidi, vici: Venezia '94BMGRDJ 66430EXEX£6.001994 BMG sampler; promo
9307CDVarious artistsVery best of MTV unpluggedUniversal583 5452EXEX£5.002002 in card slipcase
9868CDVarious artistsVoice of the homelessMCAMCAD 11191EXEX£5.001994 US Promo
14641CDVarious artistsWelcome to the future - vol 4Pagan61868 42007SealedSealed£7.001997 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
9308CDVarious artistsWoodstock '94A&M540 3222EXEX/EX£7.001994 double CD + 2 booklets
14611CDVarious artistsXen cutsNinja tuneZEN CD49EXEX/EX£6.002000 Double CD
11783CDSVarious artistsDope is importantFierce pandaNNG 70CDEXEX£7.501999 6 track EP
31380CDSVarious artistsSerialement votre - Episode 1BMGBM 120SealedSealed£5.001997 France; card sleeve sealed in shrinkwrap; 3 tracks
31584CDSVarious artistsSerialement votre - Episode 2BMG FranceBM 20EXEX£5.001997 France; 'Pret pour teleportation'; Card sleeve; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
31585CDSVarious artistsSerialement votre: Episode 3BMG FranceBM 120EXEX£5.001997 France; 'Mission accomplished'; Card sleeve; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly

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