50's / 60's Rock & Roll + Pop - Compact Discs (CD / CDS)
Ref NoFormatArtistTitleRecord LabelCatalog NoCovRecOfferExtra Info
12801CDLee Andrews & HeartsTeardrops - Best of..Black tulip2640 232EXEX7.001989 Holland
39496CDPaul AnkaThe Real.. Paul Anka (the ultimate collection)RCA victor888430 97222EXEX/EX5.002014 EU; 3 CD compilation; just very light wear on Gatefold Digipak: all 3 discs are in near Mint condition
13667CDAvonsBabyCollectablesCOLCD 9925SealedSealed7.002005 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
25309CDChuck BerryMaybelleneABMABMMCD 1244EXEX5.002000
13342CDJoe BrownOn stageJetJETCD 1002EXEX5.001991
13669CDRuth BrownTear drops from my eyes: A proper introduction toProperCD 2067SealedSealed6.002004 digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
13265CDJohnny BurnetteDreamin'/ Johnny BurnetteBGOBGOCD 329MintMint7.001996 CD reissue of '60 + 61 LP's
25310CDAce CannonBest ofCurbD2 77878MintMint6.001996 US compilation
38316CDChampsThe Early singlesAceCDCHD 525EXEX7.001996 compilation; 30 Great A & B sides: all in near Mint condition
13277CDChartsGreatest hitsCollectablesCOLCD 5029EXEX6.501992 US
13672CDCheckersWhite cliffs of Dover: The very best of..CollectablesCOLCD 2888SealedSealed10.002004 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
13278CDChordettesBorn to be with youAceCDCHD 836MintMint7.002002
13284CDCleftonesThe best of the CleftonesSequelNEMCD 603VGEX5.001990 Mild crease on front insert o/w EX: Disc is in near Mint condtion
13675CDCloversTing a ling: A proper introduction to..ProperCD 2029SealedSealed6.002004 digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
13290CDEddie CochranRock & roll TV showCarlton sounds30360 01212EXEX8.001997 from UK TV show 'Boy meets girl'
13291CDCrestsThe Crests sing 'All biggies'SundazedSC 6075EXEX6.501996 US
13296CDCuesThe Cues: East coast musicEast coastECM CD444MintMint7.00US
13320CDBobby DarinGreatest hitsWarnerOMCD 1108EXEX4.001995 Australia
13319CDBobby DarinSplish splash: Best of Bobby Darin - vol 1Atco75679 17942EXEX4.001991
31185CDBobby DarinThe Capitol yearsCapitolCDTRBOX 348EXEX/EX10.001995 3xCD; Discs EX/EX/EX with a few light marks; mild wear on card box
25800CDDetoursOn tourFoot tappingFT 015EXEX7.00CD-R sold at gigs; a few light marks on disc
13658CDDionRunaround Sue: The best of the restAceCDCH 915SealedSealed8.001998 sealed in shrinkwrap
25311CDDionSave the last dance for meCemaS21 56934EXEX6.001993 US
8203CDDion & BelmontsWish upon a star/ Alone with DionAceCDCH 945VGVG6.001990 issue of '60 LP's; case creases on front insert; a few marks - plays perfectly
13313CDFats DominoThe Fat manDiskySA 872 622EXM/EX7.001996 3 CD budget box; discs M/EX/M afew light marks disc 2
13310CDFats DominoThe fat man: 25 classic performancesEMI72438 52326EXEX5.001996 US
13309CDFats DominoThe originals - vol 3EMI7962 882EXEX5.001991 issue of 'A lot of Dominos' + 'Let the four winds blow' LP's
13648CDDominoesFeaturing Clyde McPhatter: 18 hits - vol 2KingKCD 5006SealedSealed6.001995 US; sealed in shrinkwrap - crack on case
13649CDDominoesFeaturing Jackie Wilson: 14 hits - vol 3KingKCD 5007SealedSealed6.501995 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
13456CDBilly Ward & Dominoes21 hits - vol 4KingKCD 5008EXEX6.001995 US; marks on disc - plays perfectly
13519CDBilly Ward & DominoesFeaturing Clyde McPhatter & Jackie WilsonKingKCD 733EXEX5.001988 US
29508CDLonnie DoneganThe Best of Lonnie DoneganKazEUK CD 919EXEX5.001994 26 track compilation; 2 small case marks f/cover
31404CDRal DonnerRip it up: 27 Rockin' hitsCanadian#241EXEX10.00Canada; Crease on front insert; light mark on disc
39222CDEverly brothersBoth sides of an evening / Instant partyWarner bros.9362 47870 2VGEX4.002001 EU reissue of '61 + '62 LP's; mild crease on front insert + some wear on card slipcase; a few mild marks on disc - plays perfectly
39420CDEverly brothersEverly brothers show (the)Collectors choiCCM 562EXEX8.002005 US CD reissue of '70 LP
39190CDEverly brothersFrom Nashville to HollywoodWarner bros.5046 75829 2EXMint8.002005 EU; remastered compilation; small crease on the front insert + just light wear on the card slipcase
39194CDEverly brothersGive me a futureVarese sara.302 066 681 2EXEX8.002005 US issue of 18 unreleased recordings from late 50's to early 60's; just a couple of light marks on disc
39221CDEverly brothersIt's Everly time / A date with the Everly brothersWarner bros.9362 47869 2VGVG4.002001 EU reissue of 2 1960 LP's: crease on front insert + wear on card slipcase: a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
39419CDEverly brothersSome heartsMercury832 520-2EXEX4.001988 West German; light crease on front insert; a few light marks on disc
39305CDEverly brothersThe Everly Brothers/ Fabulous style of the Evely..AceCDCH 932EXVG4.001990 CD reissue of '58 + '60 LP's; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
39196CDEverly brothersThe works: a 3 CD retrospevtiveRhino8122 79948 7EXEX/EX8.002007 3 CD set in Fatbox; all packaging is near Mint; Discs M/EX/EX+ with a few light marks on disc 2
39195CDEverly brothersToo good to be trueVarese sara.302 066 641 2EXEX8.002005 US issue of 18 unreleased recordings from the 1950's; just a couple of light marks on disc
13334CDFive keysThe five keysEast coastECM 555EXEX6.00US; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert: Disc is in near Mint condition
13476CDFive satinsThe Five satinsABMABMM 1263EXEX4.002000
13685CDFive satinsThe Original Master tapes collection - vol 1CollectablesCOLCD 7508SealedSealed8.002002 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
13686CDFive satinsThe original Master tapes collection - vol 2CollectablesCOLCD 7509SealedSealed8.002002 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
13336CDFlamingosRequestfully yours/ The sound of the FlamingosWest sideWESM 537EXEX7.001998
38317CDClinton FordRun to the door: The Piccadilly/Pye anthologyCastleCNDDD 502EXEX/EX6.002002 Double; 1 case mark on front insert: a few marks on discs
13477CDConnie FrancisSingles collection (the)Polygram TV519 1312EXEX3.501993 a few light marks
31696CDConnie FrancisSings Italian favouritesNot nowNOT2CD 620EXEX/EX4.002016 Double CD; light wear on card slipcase; a few light marks on discs
13782CDMickey GilleyChaising rainbowsAirborneACD 0103EXEX6.001998 US
13978CDGolden gate quartetLo mejor de Golden gate quartetHispa vox72438 28835EXVG/VG5.001994 Spain; Double; some marks - both discs play perfectly
13478CDRosco GordonLet's get highCharly R&BCD 213VGVG5.001990 some marks - plays perfectly; some case marks on edges of front insert o/w EX
38318CDBill HaleyBill haley & Friends vol 2: Legendary cowboy..HydraBCK 27120EXEX8.002003 German; all in near Mint condition
13355CDDon Haven & Hi-fi'sDon Haven & the Hi-fi'sCollectablesCOLCD 5319MintMint7.001990 US
17817CDRonnie HawkinsMr Dynamo/ Songs of Hank WilliamsCollectablesCOLCD 6221SealedSealed8.001999 US; sale hole
13370CDScreamin' Jay HawkinsLive at the Olympia, Paris 1998Loud sprecherLSD 021MintM/M8.001999 German; Double
13372CDHeartbeats/ Shep & LimelitesDaddy's homeRememberRMB 75044EXEX4.001992 Portugal; tracks by each band
28269CDHeartbeats/ Shep & LimelitesThe bset of the HeartbeatsSequelNEMCD 643EXEX6.001990 20 track compilation of '55-62 recordings; a few light marks
39511CDJohnny HortonThe best of Johnny HortonOne day musicDAY 2CD 321SealedSealed5.002017 Double CD in Gatefold card sleeve; Factory sealed in shrinkwrap; all in Mint condition; Unopened/Unplayed
13368CDJoe HoustonRockin' n boppin'SouthlandSCD 16EXEX8.002000 US; a few marks - plays perfectly
13377CDWanda JacksonCapitol country music makersEMICDEMS 1483EXEX4.501993
13378CDWanda JacksonRockin' with WandaMarginalMAR 045EXEX5.001996 Russian
39566CDWanda JacksonRockin' with WandaOne Day musicDAY 2CD 212EXEX/EX5.002013; 2xCD 50 track compilation: A few marks on front + back of Gatefold Digipak (VG+)
39565CDWanda JacksonRocking country styleJasmineJASCD 209EXEX/EX10.002012; 2xCD reissue of 4 LP's Day dreamin' (58)/ Rockin' with Wanda (60)/ There's a party goin' on (61)/ Right or wrong (61) all in Excellent condition with 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
13979CDSonny JamesThe Sonny side of rock 'n' rollComboF 3602EXEX6.001997 Italy; a few marks - plays perfectly
13438CDJohnny OtisCreepin' with the cats: Dig masters - vol 1AceCDCHD 325EXEX6.501991
13381CDLouis JordanFive guys named MoeCharlyQBCD 1MintMint4.001993
13414CDKnockouts/ GeniesThe Knockouts meet the GeniesCollectablesCOLCD 5920MintMint7.501998 US; tracks by both groups
13482CDLamplightersBo peepRegencyRR 130EXEX12.001998 Canada; cover & disc are in near Mint condition
13458CDBrenda LeeBrenda LeeWarner bros9264 392EXEX5.001991 US
13388CDBrenda LeeLove youMCAMCD 30492MintMint4.501993
13469CDJerry Lee LewisKiller countryMercury31452 65422EXEX6.001995 US
29509CDJerry Lee LewisLondon session with guest artists (the)LemonCD LEM 20EXEX7.002003 CD reissue of '73 LP
13651CDJerry Lee LewisOriginal Sun masters (the)FNM/ universeDCD 23090SealedSealed7.002002 Double CD sealed in shrinkwrap
3778CDJerry Lee LewisRockin' allnight longCharlyQSCD 6001EXEX4.501991
13529CDJerry Lee LewisRockin' my life awayTomato2696 612EXEX5.001989
13473CDJerry Lee LewisSun years - vol 2 (the)Saar41002MintMint5.002000
13483CDBob LumanLorettaSundownCDSD 068EXEX6.001990
13393CDFrankie LymonIt's Frankie Lymon & the TeenagersSequelNEDCD 287EXEX/EX7.501997 Double
13983CDFrankie LymonNot too young to dream: Undiscovered raritiesFireballXL5 CD4EXEX5.001998 some light marks - plays perfectly
13394CDCarl MannRockin' MannCharlyCPCD 8234EXEX5.001996
13632CDJanis MartinThe female Elvis: Complete recordings 1956-60Bear familyBCD 15406SealedSealed10.001987 German; sealed
8205CDMcGuire sistersDo you remember when/ While the lights are lowJasmineJASCD 601SealedSealed6.501996 reissue
8123CDMcGuire sistersThe ultimate collectionMarginalCDMAR 067EXEX6.001997 compilation
13396CDClyde McPhatterWith Billy Ward & his DominoesKingKCD 559EXEX5.001987 US
38319CDMoon MullicanI'll sail my ship aloneProperPVCD 106EXM/M10.002002 Double CD compilation
38320CDMoon MullicanShowboy special: The Early King sidesWestsideWESA 800EXMint8.002000 compilation: 2 case creases on front insert
13429CDRicky Nelson& the Stone canyon band: The essential collectionHalf moonHMNCD 031EXEX4.501998
13432CDRicky NelsonCountry musicEntertainersCD 336EXEX3.501994
13423CDRicky NelsonRicky/ Ricky NelsonEMI72435 32499VGMint5.002001 CD reissue of 57 + 58 LP's; crease on front insert
13430CDRicky NelsonRockin' with RickCharlyCPCD 8004MintMint5.001993
13489CDRicky NelsonRockin' with RickyAceCDCHD 85EXEX6.001996 some marks - plays perfectly
13431CDRicky NelsonThe best of Rick Nelson - vol 2EMI7952 192EXEX4.501991 US
13433CDSandy NelsonThe very best of Sandy NelsonEMI gold72435 90261MintMint4.002003
13436CDRoy OrbisonCombo concert: 1965 HollandOrbisonHCC 1965DMintMint6.501997
41294CDRoy OrbisonCryingMonument Legacy828768 55742EXEX5.002006 EU CD reissue of '62 LP + 4 Bonus tracks; a few marks on disc - plays perfectly
13434CDRoy OrbisonLonely & blue/ CryingMonument4749 562MintMint6.501993 CD reissue of 60 + 62 LP's
31704CDRoy OrbisonThe Very best of Roy OrbisonSony / BMG828768 12762EXEX4.002006 compilation
13437CDOriolesJubilee jive: Rockin' with the OriolesSequelNEMCD 766EXEX6.501996
13635CDPenguinsEarth angelAceCDCH 249SealedSealed8.001990 sealed in shrinkwrap
13492CDCarl PerkinsFriends, family & legendsMagnum forceCDMF 084MintMint5.001991
38321CDRoy "Boogie boy" PerkinsRam records 'Master of the trails' - vol 3AceCDCHD 619MintMint12.001996
13984CDRay PetersonTell Laura I love herGlobe22979VGVG5.001992 Case crease on front insert; some marks - plays perfectly
13364CDPlattersTheir greatest hits & finest performancesReaders digestRDCD 761-3MintM/M8.001994 3 x CD - all Mint
13578CDPresley/ Perkins/ JL Lewis/ CashThe million dollar quartetDressed to killMETRO 289MintMint3.001999
13559CDElvis PresleyAn afternoon in the gardenRCA07863 67457EXEX4.501997 live 10/6/072 Madison square garden; marks on disc - plays perfectly
13600CDElvis PresleyBlue HawaiiRCA07863 66959EXEX5.001997 issue 61 LP + bonus tracks
13560CDElvis PresleyBoston: 10th November 1971Grace053MintMint7.50CD-R recorded from mixing desk
13564CDElvis PresleyDallas seventy five: 6/6/75Lone starA 456MintMint8.00Sound board recording
13563CDElvis PresleyDallas: 28/12/76Grace063EXEX7.00CD-R
13562CDElvis PresleyEd Sullivan shows 1956-57 (the)Grace003EXEX7.00CD-R; some marks - plays perfectly
13604CDElvis PresleyElvis 56RCA07863 66856MintMint7.001996
13620CDElvis PresleyElvis at SunRCA82876 61308SealedSealed6.502004 sealed in shrinkwrap
30196CDElvis PresleyElvis' gold records - vol 2 (50 000000 Elvis fans)RCA07863 674632EXEX4.001997 CD reissue with 8 bonus tracks; light fading on spine; a few marks on disc
13580CDElvis PresleyEssential Elvis - vol 2: Stereo '57RCAPD 90250EXVG3.501988 marks on disc - plays perfectly
13589CDElvis PresleyEye of the hurricaneLaser light12788MintMint4.501996 US interview disc
13606CDElvis PresleyFever pitch: Hawaii '61Lone star171 103MintMint8.00 
14020CDElvis PresleyGirl happyRCA82876 50408MintMint12.002003 CD issue of '64 LP + bonus tracks in Gatefold 7" sleeve + 14 page booklet; Denmark
13608CDElvis PresleyGreat country songsRCA07863 66880MintMint6.501996
13572CDElvis PresleyHot night in Nevada - vol 2: 19/8/70Grace043EXEX7.00CD-R: International hotel, Las Vegas, midnight show
13603CDElvis PresleyI'm 10,000 years old: Elvis countryRCA07863 67929MintMint6.502000 issue of '71 LP + bonus tracks
13621CDElvis PresleyIn coversation with ElvisPlanet mediaPML 1140SealedSealed4.002002 sealed in shrinkwrap; 55-57 interviews
13625CDElvis PresleyIn the beginningLaser light12787SealedSealed4.501996 US; interview disc; sealed in shrinkwrap
14021CDElvis PresleyIt happened at the world's fairRCA82876 50409MintEX12.002003 CD issue of '62 LP + bonus tracks in Gatefold 7" sleeve + 12 page booklet; Denmark
13573CDElvis PresleyIt's midnight at the Hilton: 20/8/73Grace047MintMint7.50CD-R; Las Vegas Hilton, midnight show recorded with 2 mikes in showroom in stereo
13610CDElvis PresleyJailhouse rockRCA07863 67453MintMint6.501997 issue of '57 LP + bonus tracks
13612CDElvis PresleyKing of the western bop (the)Rev-olaCRREV 98MintMint6.002005
13622CDElvis PresleyLegendary Elvis PresleyAriola74321 78282SealedSealed8.002000 3 x CD sealed in shrinkwrap
13574CDElvis PresleyLove songs (Love me tender)RCA/ Ariola74321 12068EXEX3.501992 German repackage of 'Love me tender' 295052 in new cover
16135CDElvis PresleyLoving youRCA82876 77057SealedSealed12.002006 2 x CD reissue of '57 LP + bonus tracks in Gatefold 7" sleeve sealed in shrinkwrap; Denmark
38322CDElvis PresleyOn stage: February, 1970RCARPCD 1007MintEX20.001985 reissue of '70LP; Japan; NO obi strip: just a few light amrks on disc
16131CDElvis PresleyTodayRCA82876 63927SealedSealed12.002005 2 x CD reissue of '75 LP + bonus tracks in Gatefold 7" sleeve sealed in shrinkwrap; Denmark
13584CDElvis PresleyUltimate collection: Elvis countryRCA74321 68276MintMint5.001999
13585CDElvis PresleyUltimate collection: Elvis moviesRCA74321 68240MintMint5.001999
13583CDElvis PresleyUltimate love song collection: Always on my mindRCA74321 48984MintMint5.001997
13586CDElvis PresleyUnissued Elvis 1956-58 (the)KingKING 1EXEX/EX7.50Double
13587CDElvis PresleyUnsurpassed masters - vol 4: Vegas Hilton 13/12/75Yellow dog-EXEX7.00CD-R 10.15pm show
13446CDJohnny PrestonRunning bearBear familyBCD 15473MintMint7.501989 German
13447CDLloyd PriceSings his big tenCurbD277 654MintMint4.001994 US
13660CDLloyd PriceThe chronological Lloyd Price 1952-53Classics5100SealedSealed8.002004 France; sealed in shrinkwrap
31092CDLouis PrimaHis greatest hitsJasmineJASCD 327EXEX4.001994
13533CDBoots Randolph & Richie ColeYakety madnessLaser light15473VGEX3.501992 German; some wear on insert
13532CDBoots RandolphGreatest hitsZillion2610 452EXEX3.501998 Holland
13451CDRavensBe I bumble bee or notIndigoIGOCD 2127MintMint4.002000
13450CDRavensBirds of featherProperPVCD 126MintM/M6.002003 Double
13502CDJohnnie RayCryBear familyBCD 15450EXMint7.501990 German; 1 case crease on front insert
13503CDJohnnie RayThe best of Johnnie RayColumbia484 0402MintMint5.001996
13971CDMarty RobbinsRuby Ann: Rockin' rollin' Robbins - vol 3Bear familyBCD 15569SealedSealed7.501991 German; sealed
38324CDMarty RobbinsRuby Ann: Rockin' rollin Robbins - vol 3Bear familyBCD 15569EXMint7.001991 German; cover is in near Mint condition
13844CDMarty RobbinsThe essential Marty Robbins 1951-82Columbia468 9092EXEX/EX7.001991 Double CD
13638CDRobinsCherry lipsFamous grooveFG 971 020SealedSealed10.001997 France; sealed
13402CDRobinsRock & rollGNP crescendoGNPD 9034MintMint8.001999 US
13639CDRoyalsThe Federal singlesAceCDCHD 1054SealedSealed8.002005 Featuring Charles Sutton & Hank Ballard; Sealed in shrinkwrap
38325CDSanto & JohnnySanto & JohnnyBlack tulip2636 424VGVG5.00German; case creases on front insert; a few marks on disc
13504CDJack ScottVol 1: Jack Scott/ Burning bridgesTNTCD 12107EXEX6.001991 CD issue of '58 + 64 LP's
13505CDJack ScottVol 2: What am I living for/ What in the world..TNTCD 12122EXEX5.001991 CD issue of 1960 LP's; a few marks - plays perfectly
11605CDShadowsSimply.. ShadowsPolydor833 6822EXEX4.001987
13536CDShirley & LeeThe legendary masters series - vol 1EMI792 7752EXEX6.501990 US
13661CDHuey 'Piano' SmithFor dancingEdselNEST CD924SealedSealed7.501999 issue of '61 LP; sealed in shrinkwrap
13407CDRay SmithShake aroundCharlyCPCD 8117MintMint6.001996
13539CDWarren SmithRockabilly legendCharlyCPCD 8119EXEX5.001995
13512CDSolitairesWalking along withAceCDCHD 383EXEX6.501992
13513CDSpanielsPlay it coolCharly R&BCD 222EXEX5.001990
13542CDSwan silvertonesGet your soul rightCharlyCD 221EXEX5.001990
1015CDVenturesGoldGoldGOLD 047EXEX4.001995 Dutch compilation
13551CDGene VincentBlue Jean bop/ Rocks & the Blue caps rollEMI72435 33632MintMint6.502001 CD issue of '56 + 57 LP's
13553CDVipers skiffle groupThe very best of..EMI gold72435 84078MintMint4.002003
38326CDMarty WildeThe Greatest hits: Born to rock n' rollUniversal984 7088EXEX4.002007 just a few light marks on disc
13050CDVarious artists20 Great doo wop recordingsCascadeCDROP 1008EXEX4.501992 a few light marks
12772CDVarious artists21st Century doo wopAceCDCHD 825MintMint7.502002 '26 modern clasics assembled by Ed Engel'
16402CDVarious artistsA million Dollars worth of doo wop - vol 15Live goldLG 7035MintMint7.001996
12878CDVarious artistsA story untold: 1955 the year of doo wopAcrobatADDCD 3015SealedSealed8.002006 Double CD sealed in shrinkwrap
12668CDVarious artistsAce 30'th birthday celebration: R'n'R & Doo wopAceCDCHK 1077EXEX6.002005
14451CDVarious artistsAcross the tracks - vol 2AceCDCHD 672SealedSealed8.001997 sealed in shrinkwrap
25313CDVarious artistsAs good as it gets: SkiffleDiskyDO 250522MintM/M5.002000 Double
12669CDVarious artistsBaby that is rock 'n' rollAceCDCHK 730MintMint6.001999
12906CDVarious artistsBack to Brooklyn: Vocal harmony group from TaurusDee jayDJCD 55049SealedSealed10.001997 German; sealed
30197CDVarious artistsBest of Blend rock n roll collection - vol IBlendBLEND 001EXEX8.0026 track compilation; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
30198CDVarious artistsBest of Blend rock n roll collection - vol IIBlendBLEND002EXVG7.0026 track compilation: some marks on disc - plays perfectly
30199CDVarious artistsBest of Blend rock n roll collection - vol IIIBlendBLEND 003EXEX8.0024 track compilation; 2 case marks f/cover; creasing b/cover
30200CDVarious artistsBest of Blend rock n roll collection - vol IVBlendBLEND 004EXVG7.0024 track compilation; 2 case marks f/cover; some marks on disc - plays perfectly
30202CDVarious artistsBest of Blend rock n roll collection - vol VIIBlendBLEND 007MintMint8.0024 track compilation
30201CDVarious artistsBest of Blend rock n roll collection - vol VIIIBlendBLEND 008EXEX8.0022 track compilation; some light marks on disc - plays perfectly
30154CDVarious artistsBest of Blend Rock 'n' roll collection Vol. VBlendBLEND 005EXEX10.0024 track compilation; Crease on f/cover
13214CDVarious artistsBig apple doo wopPazzazz2PAZZ 051EXMint5.002004 Double CD
12907CDVarious artistsBrooklyn's doo wop sound: Aljon masters - vol 1Dee jayDJCD 55040SealedSealed8.001996 German; sealed
13015CDVarious artistsBrooklyn's doo wop sound: Aljon masters - vol 2Dee jayDJCD 55041EXEX7.001996 German
12908CDVarious artistsBrooklyn's doo wop sound: Aljon masters - vol 3Dee jayDJCD 55055SealedSealed10.001997 German; sealed in shrinkwrap
12958CDVarious artistsBuffalo bop: Teenage favoritesDee jayBBCD 55015EXEX6.501994 German; few light marks + some light damage to booklet
13168CDVarious artistsCanadian memorial tribute to the King (A)Stage door15081 7112 602EXEX5.001997 Canada; some marks - plays perfectly
12749CDVarious artistsClass & Rendezvous vocal groupsAceCDCHD892MintMint7.502003
12750CDVarious artistsCoast to coast: Vocal groupsAceCDCHD 594EXEX7.001996 'from the vaults of Speciality'
12631CDVarious artistsCrazy 'bout an automoblileAceCDCHD 990MintMint7.502004 'Cruisin favourites of the 50's + 60's'
13017CDVarious artistsCrazy man crazy: The roots of rock 'n' rollGreat voicesGVC 2013MintM/M6.502004 Double CD
13141CDVarious artistsCuca records rock 'n' roll storyClassicsCD 703MintMint8.00Sweden
16404CDVarious artistsCuca: Elemental instrumentalsAceCDCHD 1044SealedSealed8.002005 sealed in shrinkwrap
12880CDVarious artistsDancin' & romancin'SnapperSNAD 543 CDSealedSealed7.502005 Double CD; sealed; '54 original doo wop ballad & jump classics'
38513CDVarious artistsDoo wop & jiveCoast to coastCCCD 003EXEX6.0030 track compilation; some marks - plays perfectly
25301CDVarious artistsDoo wop classics: Only youPrismPLATCD 1409SealedSealed5.002008; 26 track compilation; sealed in shrinkwrap
12742CDVarious artistsDoo wop dinerCollectablesCOLCD 0238SealedSealed25.002003 US import; 3xCD in gatefold digipak sealed in shrinkwrap
13095CDVarious artistsDoo wop diner - vol 3CollectablesCOLCD 6325EXMint6.502002 US; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
13032CDVarious artistsDoo wop dudes - vol 2: Smoochin' in New YorkCharlyCDGR 174EXEX4.501997
13029CDVarious artistsDoo wop dudes - vol 3: Jumin' in ChicagoCharlyCDGR 175EXEX4.501997 couple of light marks
13030CDVarious artistsDoo wop dudes - vol 5: Rockin' in New YorkCharlyCDGR 198MintMint5.001997
12900CDVarious artistsDoo wop jukebox - Remember thenGolden starsGSS 5370SealedSealed8.002004 Portugal; 3 CD box sealed in shrinkwrap
12886CDVarious artistsDoo wop junctionAcrobatACMCD 4000SealedSealed8.002003 sealed in shrinkwrap
28270CDVarious artistsDoo wop sound - vol 1: Street corner harmonyVarese saraband302 066 174 2EXMint8.002000 US 16 track compilation
28271CDVarious artistsDoo wop sound - vol 2: Street corner harmonyVarese saraband302 066 175 2MintEX7.002000 US 16 track compilation
13034CDVarious artistsDynamite doo wops & rockin' groupsARC59115EXEX7.00 
13057CDVarious artistsExplosive doo wops - vol 2Dee jayDJCD 55022EXVG5.001994 German; some marks - plays perfectly
12760CDVarious artistsFifties: R&B vocal groupsAceCDCH 212MintMint6.501987
12887CDVarious artistsFive C's & other great groups on United - Tell meDelmarkDE 776SealedSealed10.002004 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
13152CDVarious artistsFor sentimental reasons: 28 doo wop classicsInstantCDINS 5059MintMint5.001991
12990CDVarious artistsFour star recordsFour starFSCD 004MintMint7.00 
11606CDVarious artistsFrankie Laine & friendsHallmark311 122EXEX3.001999 compilation
13154CDVarious artistsGirls, girls, girlsGolden ringGRCD 1721 1001MintMint6.50Spain; songs about girls
12718CDVarious artistsGolden age of American rock n roll: Bubbling underAceCDCHD 1050SealedSealed8.002006 Special 'Bubbling under' edition; sealed in shrinkwrap
12719CDVarious artistsGolden age of American rock n roll; NoveltyAceCDCHD 980SealedSealed8.002003 special novelty edition; sealed in shrinkwrap
13994CDVarious artistsGolden age of rock 'n' roll - 1960 (the)Readers digestRCCD 1231EXEX/EX7.001995 Triple CD all EX; some marks disc 3 - plays perfectly; crack on case
16400CDVarious artistsGolden groupsAceCDCHD 515EXEX7.001993
25814CDVarious artistsGreasy rock 'n' roll - vol 10BlakeyCDGR 10EXVG5.002002 marks on disc - plays perfectly
12780CDVarious artistsGreat googa mooga - vol 1SequelNEMCD 907EXEX7.001996 from King records & it's federal/ DeLuxe subsidiaries
13096CDVarious artistsGreat groups of the fifties - vol 3CollectablesCOLCD 5039EXEX5.001994 US; some marks - plays perfectly
12898CDVarious artistsGreat ladies of Doo wop: sung by 25 vocal groupsCollectablesCOLCD 7513SealedSealed10.002002 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
12642CDVarious artistsHarlem holiday: N.Y rhythm & blues - vol 2CollectablesCOLCD 5052EXEX7.001993 US; 2 small case marks on opening of front insert
13100CDVarious artistsHarlem rock 'n' blues - vol 2CollectablesCOLCD 5209MintMint7.001995 US
12782CDVarious artistsHerb Abramson's Festival of groupsSequelNEMCD 839EXEX7.001997 New York doo wop 1965-66: All in near Mint condition
12991CDVarious artistsHi records: The early years - vol 1Cream/HiHIUK CD127EXEX7.001987
13155CDVarious artistsHightone records: The first 10 yearsHightoneHCD 2001EXEX6.001994 US
12992CDVarious artistsHistory of Dot records - vol 2: Come go with meVarese sara..VSD 5687EXEX5.001996 US 14 track compilation
13156CDVarious artistsHot harmony groups - vol 1: That's the rhythmAcrobatACRCD 204EXEX4.502003
13157CDVarious artistsHot harmony groups - vol 2: Viddle de vopAcrobatACRCD 205MintMint5.002003
13169CDVarious artistsIt's now or never:The tribute to ElvisMercury524 0722EXEX5.001994
38327CDVarious artistsJiving Jamboree 3AceCDCHD 848EXEX8.002002 compilation; 2 case creases on front insert; disc is near Mint with just a couple of light marks
12645CDVarious artistsJukebox R&BAceCDCHD 335MintMint6.001991
13041CDVarious artistsLamp records story - vol 2Gold dustGDRCD 2002MintMint7.001994 US
12725CDVarious artistsLater Jin singles: The promised landAceCDCHD 1004SealedSealed8.002004 sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
12768CDVarious artistsLegendary Dig masters - vol 4: Vocal groupsAceCDCHD 569MintMint7.501994 'Shoo be doo bee'
31770CDVarious artistsLegendary Dig masters - vol 4: Vocal groupsAceCDCHD 569MintEX7.001994 'Soho be doo be'
12647CDVarious artistsLegendary Dig masters - vol 5 group harmony & jumpAceCDCHD 759EXEX7.002000
12993CDVarious artistsLet's go rock & roll;The Sparletones plus..GemaCD 500EXEX6.00 
33608CDVarious artistsLondon American doo wop: 1959-1961One dayDAY2CD 163VGEX/EX6.002012 Double CD: Gatefold Digipak; crack on one of the clear plastic trays; a few marks on discs - both play perfectly
12787CDVarious artistsLotta boppin' (& plenty screamin' too)SequelNEMCD 921MintMint7.501997 'Roulette rock 'n' roll - vol 4'
13103CDVarious artistsMemories of Times square record shop - vol 5CollectablesCOLCD 5176EXEX6.001993 US
12737CDVarious artistsModern vocal groups - vol 6AceCDCHD 817SealedSealed8.002001 sealed in shrinkwrap; crack on case
13043CDVarious artistsMoney honey: Rise of the black vocal group 1951-53IndigoIGOD CD 2547MintM/M6.502004 Double CD
12790CDVarious artistsMore rockin' doo wopSequelNEMCD 767MintMint7.501996
13135CDVarious artistsNashville rock 'n'rollStomper timeSTCD 13MintMint8.002001 The Murray Nash recordings
25314CDVarious artistsRed hot rockabilly - part 1DiskyDC 885782MintMint4.001999; 30 track compilation
25315CDVarious artistsRed hot rockabilly - part 2DiskyDC 885932MintMint4.001999; 31 track compilation
25316CDVarious artistsRed hot rockabilly - part 3DiskyDC 885962MintMint4.001999; 31 track compilation
31166CDVarious artistsRemember then.. 30 Original doo-wop classicsPolygram TV516 792-2EXEX3.001994 2 small case marks f/cover; a few light marks on disc
13166CDVarious artistsRhythm 'n' blues - vols 1 & 2BGOBGOCD 466EXEX6.501999 CD reissue of 'The end of an era(69)' + 'sweet n greasy (70)' LP's
14453CDVarious artistsRide daddy ride (& other songs of love)Charly R&BCD 272EXEX6.001991 compilation of '47-52 tracks; Canada
12867CDVarious artistsRock & roll with piano - vol 7CollectorCLCD 4475SealedSealed8.00Holland; sealed; crack on case
13245CDVarious artistsRock 'n' rollMembran223 002EXEX/EX6.002005 German 10 x CD in CD size box; all discs EX
12652CDVarious artistsRockabilly shakeoutAceCDCH 191MintMint7.501992 reissue of '86 compilation + 9 bonus tracks
13170CDVarious artistsRockfile - vol 41: The original singlesLine music1000 41EXEX7.001997 German
31772CDVarious artistsRockin' at the drive-inCar recordsCDCAR 100MintMint8.001998 28 track compilation
13081CDVarious artistsRockin boppin ladies - vol 6SabamLAD 001EXEX6.50a few light marks
12795CDVarious artistsRockin' doo wop - 1954-64SequelNEMCD 692MintMint7.501994
12796CDVarious artistsRockin' is not our businessWest sideWESA 830EXEX7.001998 '20 crazy covers of rockin' R&B classics 1950-58'
12656CDVarious artistsRoots of Doo wop - Savoy vocal groupsSavoy jazzSVY 17181MintMint6.002003 US
12897CDVarious artistsRumbleCollectablesCOLCD 5060SealedSealed8.001993 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
13006CDVarious artistsSavoy chart bustersSavoy jazzSVY 17198EXEX5.002003 US; samsh hits from Savoy catalogue
12798CDVarious artistsSaxophony: Jubilee honkers & shoutersSequelNEMCD 748EXEX7.001995
12769CDVarious artistsShoo be doo be doo wopAceCDCHK 733MintMint6.501999 'Group harmaony sounds of 50's America'
29624CDVarious artistsSolid strollLucky galSTRCD 01EXMint10.0028 track compilation; 2 small case marks f/cover
29625CDVarious artistsSolid stroll - vol. 3Lucky galSTRCD 03MintMint10.0027 track compilation
29626CDVarious artistsSolid stroll - vol. 4Lucky galSTRCD 04MintMint10.0026 track compilation
28274CDVarious artistsSolid stroll - volume 2Lucky galSTRCD 02MintMint10.0025 track compilation
13109CDVarious artistsSpotlite on Josie records - vol 2CollectablesCOLCD 5465EXEX7.001993 US
13112CDVarious artistsSpotlite on Roulette records - vol 2CollectablesCOLCD 5467EXEX7.001993 US
12746CDVarious artistsSurefire hits on Central AvenueAceCDCHD 884SealedSealed8.002003 The South central R&B scene; sealed in shrinkwrap
28275CDVarious artistsTeen beat: Hip chicks and hot mamasTeen beatTBCD 252MintMint7.0026 track compilation
28277CDVarious artistsTeen beat: Play it coolTeen beatTBCD 151MintMint10.0025 track compilation
28276CDVarious artistsTeen beat: The livin' endTeen beatTBCD 353MintMint8.0025 track compilation
12662CDVarious artistsTeen town USAYeaahYEAAH 7EXEX6.501999 'Rare American recordings from 50's & early 60's'
12663CDVarious artistsTeen town USA - vol 2YeaahYEAAH 11MintMint7.502002 'Rare American recordings from the 50's & early 60's'
14004CDVarious artistsTeen town USA - vol 3YeaahYEAAH 18EXEX6.502002 'Rare American recordings from the 50's & early 60's
12660CDVarious artistsTeenage crush - vol 2AceCDCHD 701EXEX7.001999
12661CDVarious artistsTeenage crush - vol 3AceCDCHD 790EXEX7.002000
12743CDVarious artistsTeenage crush - vol 4AceCDCHD 1015SealedSealed8.002004 sealed in shrinkwrap
11607CDVarious artistsUltimate doo wop clllection (the)SequelNEMCD 618EXEX5.001992 compilation of '52-61 tracks; few light marks - plays perfectly
13013CDVarious artistsVery best of doo wop (the)MVTVMVTV 1CDMintM/M6.001996 Double CD
12773CDVarious artistsVoices of AmericaAceCDCHD 416EXMint7.501996 'Vocal harmony groups - then & now'; light creasing on front insert
13128CDVarious artistsWCBS FM101.1: Anniversary album - the 50'sCollectablesCOLCD 2514EXEX6.501997 US; 25th anniversary of New York's oldies station
13181CDVarious artistsWe wrote 'em & we sing 'emHowzatROAR CD1EXEX4.00 
12921CDVarious artistsWest coast rock & roll - vol 1VSOP#88 CDSealedSealed10.001994 US; sealed in shrinkwrap
12774CDVarious artistsWop ding a lingAceCDCHD 739MintMint7.501999 'Classic doo wop from Bob Shand's Time, Shad & Brent labels'
28273CDSVarious artistsCharly originals: Rock & roll originalsCharlyCDS 8EXEX4.001989 France; 5 track compilation; a few light marks on disc

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